Top 30 Toilets Quotes

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Hate American toilets with only toilet paper and no bid
Hate American toilets with only toilet paper and no bidets.

Shenaz Treasury
My favorite affirmation when I feel stuck or out of sorts is: Whatever I need is already here, and it is all for my highest good. Jot this down and post it conspicuously throughout your home, on the dashboard of your car, at your office, on your microwave oven, and even in front of your toilets!

Wayne Dyer
I’d find it demeaning to be cleaning toilets.

Jack Kevorkian
People don’t want to hear about me having leather walls or gold toilets.

Kevin Hart
If people want to write about my mum’s bathroom in her house, all I have to tell you is that 15 years ago, we were cleaning toilets in Stonebridge and getting breakfast out of the vending machine. If anybody deserves to be happy, it’s my mum.

Raheem Sterling
I’ve always had jobs with hierarchies – wherever I worked, like McDonald’s, or cleaning toilets. It’s always been hard.

Yung Lean
I don’t like to use toilets – ever.

Mike Patton
I’ve worked at this film festival in Telluride called the Telluride Film Festival. Been there since 2002. I used to make popcorn. I was an usher. Cleaned toilets, everything. Grew up there as a kid.

Barry Jenkins
If your catchphrase has appeared in men’s toilets, then you know you’ve made it!

Matt Berry
My mom cleaned toilets for a long time, and she’d seen a lot of terrible things, but she was still the strength of our family. And there are women like that all across the country – all around the world – who show that type of fortitude.

Dwayne Johnson
Under Swachh Bharat initiative, the government has built nine crore toilets.

Ram Nath Kovind
I would dream of going up to the ‘New York Times’ and asking them if I could please be a copy boy or let me scrub the toilets or something like that. But I couldn’t rise to those heights.

Frank McCourt
Why do I continue making movies? Making movies is better than cleaning toilets.

Klaus Kinski
When you look at the actual data on technological innovation, one thing you see is that what I call the ‘low-hanging fruit’ has been exhausted. So radio, flush toilets, electricity, and automobiles – a lot of very basic inventions – have spread to almost all households.

Tyler Cowen
My classmates could see I was not similar. So they made me their scapegoat. They hit me or locked me in the toilets. During the break, I would take refuge in the chapel, or I would arrange to stay alone in the classroom.

Yves Saint Laurent
My mum was working as a cleaner at some hotels to make extra money so she could pay for her degree. I’ll never forget waking up at five in the morning before school and helping her clean the toilets at the hotel in Stonebridge.

Raheem Sterling
I did an internship at the Ardent theatre company in Philly after dropping out of college. I was earning $165 a week building sets and cleaning the toilets. Cleaning toilets is a good way of getting in touch with your creativity. That’s when you find out if you got anything going on in your head.

Jill Scott
I’ve found that it’s actually more of a disability to be tall than short. I have no problem fitting into plane toilets etc, and the adaptations made for wheelchair users – such as the lowering of bank machines – work for me as well.

Warwick Davis
I started at Nottingham Forest cleaning toilets and scrubbing the shower floors.

Patrick Bamford
As a wheelchair user, I am utterly obsessed with toilets, and all my friends know it. A simple invitation to the pub is consistently followed by, ‘Do you know if they have an accessible toilet?’

Stella Young
The toilets at a local police station have been stolen. Police say they have nothing to go on.

Ronnie Barker
In 2014, I heard Modi ji speak about toilets. For the first time, I saw a prime minister with such an outlook. I was impressed.

Ravi Kishan
Availability of water is critical for sanitation projects. Without water, toilets can’t be kept clean. Places where there is no drinking water, water for toilets becomes complicated.

Sudha Murty
Schools across India do not have teachers, libraries, playing grounds and even toilets. I do not want to see empty classrooms, empty libraries. I do not want to see cattle grazing on fields meant to be cricket or football grounds.

Sachin Tendulkar
I used to always sit in church looking out the windows at the boys, wondering if I could make an excuse to go out and, you know, go to the bathroom because all the outdoor toilets. But anyhow, I was only going out to see the boys.

Dolly Parton
We were called The Toilets originally – we were flushed with success.

Mike Peters
Once you’ve figured out how to wait on people and clean toilets, it makes you very mindful of how you treat the people who are serving you.

Garth Brooks
Toilets are the best place for awards.

Tom Walker
Today you can go to a gas station and find the cash register open and the toilets locked. They must think toilet paper is worth more than money.

Joey Bishop
I started my career buying and owning single-family houses, and I know that’s a really tough job. Toilets break. Trees fall. There are so many things that can go wrong. Land, on the other hand, is cheap to manage. It’s painless, really. All you have to do is pay your taxes, and that’s it.

David Lichtenstein