Top 33 Instant Gratification Quotes

We have collected the best Instant Gratification Quotes by famous authors including Tim Cope, Chuck Hogan, Mitch McConnell, Judith Krantz, Ryan McGinley and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I don't think patience is something that any of us grow
I don’t think patience is something that any of us grow up with in a large dose. It’s a world of instant gratification.

Tim Cope
I love my Kindle, but there are many books that I need to physically own. I think having the choice makes all the difference. Instant gratification – buying a book digitally and owning it sixty seconds later – really is a revolutionary act.

Chuck Hogan
The Senate is not the sort of place where instant gratification, I should say, is very likely.

Mitch McConnell
On the one hand, shopping is dependable: You can do it alone, if you lose your heart to something that is wrong for you, you can return it; it’s instant gratification and yet something you buy may well last for years.

Judith Krantz
I know that my mind is so A.D.D., and I want instant gratification – and photography can provide me with that – but at some point, I want to make an independent feature.

Ryan McGinley
When you are a rock star in front of 20,000 people, you receive instant gratification. A rock star on tour is a king in his domain.

Gene Simmons
The public is usually slow to catch on to new things, and it’s important that musicians stick to their guns and not look for that instant gratification.

Greg Ginn
The phenomena of taking photos and sharing them isn’t new, but with Instagram being mobile, both have become cheaper and faster, producing the instant gratification of knowing how our shots look in our palms.

Mary Pilon
Unlike writing a book, which can take several years, baking is instant gratification.

Jenna Blum
The people who founded America, who fought for its freedom, did not look to anyone else to get them out of their troubles. They took matters into their own hands and answered only to God and their peers. In today’s world, sacrifice and hardship are not in the everyday language, and instant gratification is foremost.

Ann Rinaldi
Instant gratification is bringing this planet to its knees.

Giles Coren
Instant gratification takes too long.

Carrie Fisher
More and more, I find that I love doing comedies; that instant gratification that you get on stage when they laugh at you feels really good.

Taylor Louderman
When I was writing my dissertation, I wrote about Freud and the process of sublimation, which is when you learn to stop breast-feeding, or stop going to the toilet whenever you want to. It’s about learning to repress a desire for instant gratification.

Bat for Lashes
I think it’s kind of nice, in this day and age of instant gratification, that you have to wait for something.

Julian Ovenden
We want people on the Internet to go to Imgur for their viral image fix. And what’s so awesome about images vs. videos is that instant gratification.

Alan Schaaf
Given the choice between instant gratification and the lasting satisfaction of earning the esteem of someone you respect and admire, all but the most small-minded would choose the latter.

Mark Goulston
We are often too late with our brilliance. We are on time delay. The only instant gratification comes in the form of potato chips. The rest will find us by surprise somewhere down the road maybe as we sleep and dream of other things.

Richard Schiff
The budgets are much higher now, it costs more to make a movie and the kids that go to see them are into instant gratification. They want things bigger and bigger. I don’t make those kind of movies. I make movies about relationships.

Jerry Weintraub
As we get past our superficial material wants and instant gratification we connect to a deeper part of ourselves, as well as to others, and the universe.

Judith Wright
Fame introduced me to a world of instant gratification and decadence I hadn’t seen before.

Jesse Metcalfe
We’re used to the characteristics of social media – participation, connection, instant gratification – and when school doesn’t offer the same, it’s easy to tune out.

Adora Svitak
Kindness is not about instant gratification. More often, it’s akin to a low-risk investment that appreciates steadily over time.

Josh Radnor
We live in a time where there’s a required instant gratification from audiences. That’s a fun challenge in terms of putting together this teaser, picking and choosing how much you’re actually giving away.

Josh Trank
Music is instant gratification in its purest form.

Greg Iles
I need instant gratification.

Barbra Streisand
Hip-hop is an instant gratification, winners and losers circle, and often those who are losing give up after three or four, five years.

Now most of ‘Alice’ isn’t really a political social commentary, but I think a big message is here is that the culture we’re involved in is fascinated with very quick fixes and instant gratification.

Caterina Scorsone
People want stardom or fame or whatever – instant gratification as opposed to learning one’s craft, which, when I was starting out, was the most important thing: that you are as fully equipped for your job or your art as possible.

Joshua Sasse
We got instant gratification when we would slip in one of our own songs and people would cheer. We started getting a lot of gratification from writing.

Gord Downie
In a repressed society, artists fulfil a sense of harking back to instant gratification, or immediate expression, by doing things that function on the edge of society, or outside of what is conventionally accepted.

Bat for Lashes
I think my generation is obsessed with instant gratification. We want everything now, now, now.

Dakota Fanning
I think I definitely enjoy recording, but I think it’s more fun to go out and perform live, because it’s like instant gratification, you know? You feel the response immediately.

Chris Daughtry