Top 33 Subtleties Quotes

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You can't instruct an audience to laugh, but what you c
You can’t instruct an audience to laugh, but what you can do is read well and understand the spirit and subtleties, if there are any, in the dialogue.

Tommy Lee Jones
Just to get a job is always really exciting to me. I do feel there’s a lot left for me to learn about movies, the subtleties of acting.

Sebastian Stan
You can’t hold back. You can’t think of the subtleties of playing. You just have to get out and really bare it all, and hopefully you don’t fall off the plank. And if you do, hey, pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again.

Malcolm McDowell
There are no subtleties in a war zone. I think that’s why comedy does so well there. It goes right for the gut. So those punch lines start penetrating the bullet-proof vests.

Jeff Ross
There are really so many subtleties of meaning and observation that very often are not expressed by writers.

Joachim Frank
I wonder if anyone else has an ear so tuned and sharpened as I have, to detect the music, not of the spheres, but of earth, subtleties of major and minor chord that the wind strikes upon the tree branches. Have you ever heard the earth breathe?

Kate Chopin
I like garish things: I like the 1970s and 1960s, and country music – that big-hair look. I don’t go for nudes or beiges. My hair’s naturally black – I bleach it. I don’t go for subtleties.

Roisin Conaty
When you’re on stage, you’re playing to whoever is in the back of the room, and TV and film is so much more detailed and nuanced, but I think that’s what I always wanted to do. As much as I love theater and musical theater and would love to do it again, I really love the subtleties of film and theater acting.

Shannon Purser
Whether I’m doing a routine where I want to move people, or if I want to feel moved myself, I definitely tap into those moments where it’s not just dancing or movement. It might just be a hand gesture or just a slow look, or even just the way you slightly tip your head forward. These subtleties speak volumes.

Derek Hough
If you want to truly take in the subtleties and detail of your favorite records, then enjoy them the same way you would a movie. Make music an event, not a side dish.

Anthony Fantano
It’s good to do something different than the subtleties of ‘The Office’ all the time.

Craig Robinson
In general, men are wired to notice obvious signs that convey interest in mating – a warm smile, for example – and ignore other subtleties, like if your lipstick is faded.

Helen Fisher
When you’re doing lots and lots of episodes and you’re playing the same character, it’s great because you really get to know the character and it becomes a really fast style and you find subtleties in it.

Misha Collins
When I’m making a big movie, I miss and appreciate all the subtleties that come with making a smaller film that is more intimate, more personal.

James Wan
It’s the subtleties of a ballad that truly make it beautiful – and it’s all in the way you present it to the listener.

Natalie Cole
I always say, ‘Let your experiment speak to you.’ What I mean by that is I – actually, we, or, at least, I’m not smart enough, actually, to guess how nature is working, but by looking and doing the right experiments and paying close attention to the subtleties of it, you start to catch on.

Roderick MacKinnon
Film is a medium of clear lines and broad strikes – which can be fantastic – but compared to the subtleties and nuances of a novel, it doesn’t even get close.

William Boyd
I like repressed characters. That gives me a lot of freedom to make a lot of different choices through subtleties.

Jeremy Renner
I respect the fact that a director has studied the text and the road map of work before us, the subtleties, interconnections, underpinnings… His job is to paint the entire picture and knows all the colors that have to be in it.

Ruby Dee
I had to learn a lot on ‘Victorious’ because I had never done multi-camera before. It’s like music: You need to be on it, and there’s no room for subtleties.

Avan Jogia
Dad was pretty solid. He had great grooves and there was occasional moments of sheer brilliance with fills and things, but in general, the sheer brilliance is the simplicity, how much groove, how much feel he had, all the subtleties that we miss.

Jason Bonham
I think a lot of fans don’t know MMA that well. They don’t understand the subtleties.

Ben Askren
I still want to direct. That’s my main love, and that comes from being obsessed with subtleties and people.

Riley Keough
‘Piku’ was driven by subtleties. Most films come with the padding of the sound, the visual, the drama.

Deepika Padukone
I never thought of Kim Basinger in terms of age. For me she embodies woman with her subtleties and intricacies. She’s sensual and intellectually engaging, elegant with a very strong personal style.

Camilla Belle
I think that sexiness should be in the subtleties.

Rachel Zoe
I’ve learned to really appreciate the courtside position and the art of picking up certain subtleties. Player expression you can’t see from a camera angle, or the booth.

Pam Shriver
I wanted to develop a guitar style where phrases and lines get there just in the nick of time, like with Curtis Mayfield and Steve Cropper. Subtleties mean so much, and there is a stunning beauty in them.

Robbie Robertson
I am a novelist. I traffic in subtleties, and my goal in writing a novel is to leave the reader not knowing what to think. A good novel shouldn’t have a point.

Teju Cole
When I started doing arenas, because of the screens, I was back to getting the reaction of a very small room. If I say something and raise my eyebrow, everyone sees it. So people were laughing at the subtleties that they weren’t getting in the theatres. It was really strange.

John Bishop
Kim’s’ gave me my first opportunity to portray an Asian character with significant story arcs and subtleties that most Western Asian actors can only dream of. The show was integral in allowing me to find my voice and shape the perspective and platform that I now have.

Simu Liu
Don’t be too clever for an audience. Make it obvious. Make the subtleties obvious also.

Billy Wilder
We have a lot of heroes. We have Asian heroes, we have Asian American heroes, men, women, of all ages, and not all of them do martial arts. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their own arcs, their own stories, their own subtleties and nuances. And I think that’s what’s important.

Simu Liu