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I feel like if I had my personality but was an OB/GYN,
I feel like if I had my personality but was an OB/GYN, you would be psyched. You’d be like, ‘My chatty, pop-culture-interested but plainspoken, wants-to-talk-about-clothes but serious-minded doctor.’ I feel like I would clean up with patients. That’s kind of a cocky thing to say.

Mindy Kaling
As climate change moves from a model of the future to the reality of the present, health care systems across the country are facing a difficult set of questions. What are doctors supposed to do when wildfires, rising floodwater or other natural disasters threaten their ability to provide care for patients?

Tatiana Schlossberg
I love the opportunity to help my patients, to work with them to find the best course of action to get them healthy and to give them the information they need to stay healthy.

Ami Bera
When medical students focus on helping others, they’re able to weather the slings and arrows of long hours and devastating health outcomes: they know their colleagues and patients are depending on them.

Adam Grant
When death is imminent and dying patients find their suffering unbearable, then the physician’s role should shift from healing to relieving suffering in accord with the patient’s wishes.

Marcia Angell
Under Obamacare – which placed 159 federal agencies, commissions, and bureaucracies between patients and doctors – patients not only face dramatically higher health care costs, they’ve also lost the power to choose the options right for them.

Kevin Brady
I treated as few patients as I could as a medical student, and I never practiced medicine.

Severo Ochoa
Hospice is such a tremendous thing. Patients seem to reach an inner peace.

Harmon Killebrew
I was good at being a doctor; my patients liked me. At times people trust you with things they wouldn’t tell their spouses. It was a real privilege.

Khaled Hosseini
My generation are the neurotic ones. Therapists’ offices all over the world are full of patients blaming their parents for their own failings.

John Bishop
All the asylum clothing is made by the patients, but sewing does not employ one’s mind. After several months’ confinement the thoughts of the busy world grow faint, and all the poor prisoners can do is to sit and ponder over their hopeless fate.

Nellie Bly
Economists specialize in pointing out unpleasant trade-offs – a skill that is on full display in the health care debate. We want patients to receive the best care available. We also want consumers to pay less. And we don’t want to bankrupt the government or private insurers. Something must give.

Sendhil Mullainathan
That made me think I could contribute more to society by looking at people on the autopsy table and feeding back the findings so that lots of people could benefit, rather than just treating patients one at a time.

Michael Baden
To fans of British Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Chilcot report should be read as a kind of Rorschach test – those experiments psychiatrists sometimes use to determine what their patients imagine they are seeing in the shapes of inkblots.

Terry Glavin
It is important to note that most of the patients in Ohio’s mental health facilities have never committed crimes. They are institutionalised because they have lost touch with reality and are having problems functioning unaided in the community.

Louis Theroux
In the past, men created witches: now they create mental patients.

Thomas Szasz
When I’m thanked by patients who recover, I truly feel the significance of our research.

Tasuku Honjo
It is very clear that the present system of innovation for medicines is very inefficient and really somewhat corrupt. It benefits shareholders over patients; it produces for the rich markets and not for the poor and does not produce for minority diseases.

John Sulston
My commitment to human rights has always been the core of my work in Congress, as I am legislating for those unhoused, for those protesters often criminalized for their beliefs, and for those patients in need of universal care.

Cori Bush
When I taught writing classes to psychiatric patients, I met people whose stories of manic highs and immobilizing lows appeared to be textbook descriptions of classic bipolar disorder. I met other patients who had been diagnosed with myriad disorders. No doctor seemed to agree about what they actually suffered from.

Siri Hustvedt
Even top caliber hospitals cannot escape medical mistakes that sometimes result in irreparable damage to patients.

Carl Levin
There’s a classic medical aphorism: ‘Listen to the patient; they’re telling you the diagnosis.’ Actually, a lot of patients are just telling you a lot of rubbish, and you have to stop them and ask the pertinent questions. But, yes, in both drama and medicine, isolated facts can accumulate to create the narrative.

Jed Mercurio
We are spending most of our time in American health care fixing the mistakes that either we in the profession are causing or our patients are, without recognizing it, causing to themselves.

Mehmet Oz
Our role is to develop techniques that allow us to provide emergency life-saving procedures to injured patients in an extreme, remote environment without the presence of a physician.

Chris Hadfield
When I became ill, I started to experience what my patients had suffered under my care.

Kent Brantly
I don’t believe the government should determine what a woman does in this area any more than it should tell a chief executive how to run a company. Personal and family matters, relationships between doctors and patients should not be within the purview of government.

Christine Todd Whitman
A smartphone links patients’ bodies and doctors’ computers, which in turn are connected to the Internet, which in turn is connected to any smartphone anywhere. The new devices could put the management of an individual’s internal organs in the hands of every hacker, online scammer, and digital vandal on Earth.

Charles C. Mann
Reasoning based on cost has been strenuously resisted; it violated the Hippocratic Oath, was associated with rationing, and derided as putting a price on life… Indeed, many physicians were willing to lie to get patients what they needed from insurance companies that were trying to hold down costs.

Ezekiel Emanuel
I was destined to work with dying patients. I had no choice when I encountered my first AIDS patient. I felt called to travel some 250,000 miles each year to hold workshops that helped people cope with the most painful aspects of life, death and the transition between the two.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Sometimes when you get sick and you go to the doctor, it can feel like you didn’t get your money’s worth if you don’t come away with a pill. I’ve had many, many conversations with patients who I’ve cared for over the years about why it’s actually in some cases better not to go home with antibiotics.

Vivek Murthy
Too often, patients without a primary doctor go to expensive hospital emergency rooms for nonurgent care.

Charles Boustany
A true legislative alternative to ObamaCare would support physician ownership of independent medical practices, and preserve local competition between doctors and choice for patients.

Scott Gottlieb
Many medical students, like most American patients, confuse science and technology. They think that what it means to be a scientific doctor is to bring to bear the maximum amount of technology on any given patient. And this makes them dangerous.

Alice Dreger
In the State House, we fought to protect reproductive freedom for all Mainers – I’ll continue to fight for patients and providers in the Senate.

Sara Gideon
If we are going to keep patients safe, then we have to make sure that doctors are able to learn from mistakes.

Jeremy Hunt
If I get hit by a bus tomorrow, my patients will not even be postponed. Another surgeon would step in and take over. The reason to do research and writing is that it at least makes me feel not entirely replaceable. If I didn’t write, I don’t know if I would do surgery.

Atul Gawande
Black patients were treated much later in their disease process. They were often not given the same kind of pain management that white patients would have gotten and they died more often of diseases.

Rebecca Skloot
Patients who have suffered appalling medical negligence, abused children ignored by social services, mistreated residents of care homes – they have all been given a voice by the Human Rights Act.

Emily Thornberry
I would like the Medical Society to be one of the resources for information about the influences that have an impact on our patients and our practices.

Samuel Wilson
I wasn’t afraid of treating Ebola patients in the isolation unit. That was the safest job. But seeing patients in the clinic, seeing patients in the emergency room, being in the community – those things gave me pause.

Kent Brantly
I have been told by hospital authorities that more copies of my works are left behind by departing patients than those of any other author.

Robert Benchley
As a young physician in the mid-’80s, caring for people who had contracted H.I.V., I lost two of my patients to suicide at a time when the virus was doing very little harm to them. I have always thought of them as having been killed by a metaphor, by the burden of secrecy and shame associated with the disease.

Abraham Verghese
Meeting forensic patients for the first time could occasionally be an unnerving experience. They often came across as mild and gentle people, but the details of the crimes were harrowing in the extreme.

Louis Theroux
Research shows that if patients believe they are taking the real drug, they are more confident of improving and, so, improve even if they are actually on the placebo. Conversely, if they suspect they are taking the placebo, their expectancy of improvement declines, and so does their improvement.

John Cornwell
Federal laws against kickbacks bar pharmaceutical companies from directly giving money to patients for co-payments on the drugs they make.

Alex Berenson
We have thousands of patients and family members who are dealing with dual devastation, cancer and the hurricane.

Greg Anderson
Patients want to be seen as people. For me, the person’s life comes first; the disease is simply one aspect of it, which I can guide my patients to use as a redirection in their lives. When doctors look at their patients, however, they are trained to see only the disease.

Bernie Siegel
Patients who are being kept alive by technology and want to end their lives already have a recognized constitutional right to stop any and all medical interventions, from respirators to antibiotics. They do not need physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia.

Ezekiel Emanuel
Now, as Global Ambassador for Starlight Children’s Foundation, which brightens the lives of poorly children, I visit hospitals and tell stories to the young patients. Sometimes I read. Sometimes I draw.

Tony DiTerlizzi
I got interested in the emotions after studying patients who had lost the ability to emote and feel under certain circumstances. Many of those patients also had major impairments in their ability to make decisions.

Antonio Damasio
Take MediCal and Medicaid patients. All people have a right to quality care and they will teach you as much or more as your insurance and cash patients do.

Steven Gundry
If doctors just spent more time with their patients so they felt more reassured, that might help.

Irving Kirsch
Patients are becoming aware that they’re being taken for a ride by big pharma companies. They charge high prices and have never cared for India’s healthcare. There are 23 million cases of cancer every year and India has a fair share of that.

Yusuf Hamied
African Americans make up about 13 percent of the U.S. population but comprise 32 percent of patients treated for kidney failure, giving them a kidney failure rate that is 4.2 times greater than that of white Americans.

Xavier Becerra
As a nurse, I’ve seen firsthand the harmful effects of patients not being able to afford their lifesaving medications.

Cori Bush
Patients have the right to help themselves.

James Heywood
Psychoanalysts are not occupied with the minds of their patients; they do not believe in the mind but in a cerebral intestine.

Bernard Berenson
Primary care providers and community health centers can do more to provide the full range of reproductive healthcare in their clinics. In turn, reproductive health providers should also look to expand their services to cover patients’ primary care concerns.

Leana S. Wen
With access to professional coaching and support around the clock, patients will feel more empowered to manage their own physical wellbeing.

Frans van Houten
You know, cancer is bipartisan. I mean, there are so many people whose lives are touched and changed by cancer that people are willing to work together to find cures, find solutions, make lives better for cancer patients. So I think people put politics aside. This isn’t a political thing. This is a life issue.

Jill Biden
‘The Who’ created the Daltrey/Townshend Center at UCLA for teenage hospital patients with cancer. It’s the only one of its kind.

Nolan Sotillo
Things look especially bleak for common killers such as diabetes and heart disease. Those ailments clearly have a genetic component. But when scientists survey genes looking for which mutations patients have in common, they come up empty.

Sam Kean
In Illinois, community, migrant, homeless and public housing health centers operate 268 primary care sites and serve close to 1 million patients every year.

Jan Schakowsky
Antibiotics are so pervasive that they are often prescribed preemptively, as soon as patients report symptoms, before a diagnosis is made.

Bill Maris
L.A. – talk about a cruel city: Patients are forcibly removed from hospitals.

Michael Moore
I was doing general medicine and during residency, I moonlighted at a psychiatric hospital and became very interested in the medical care of psychiatric patients.

Drew Pinsky
My deceased patients have taught me over the years to believe in the glass half full, to make good use of the time we have, to be generous – that was their lesson for the Uber-mind, and it was free. ‘Do that,’ they said, ‘and then perhaps death shall have no dominion.’

Abraham Verghese
Why do physicians prescribe powerful antibiotics? Generally not because our patients ask for them. Most people who come in with a sore throat would be just as happy leaving my office with a prescription for Chloraseptic as clarithromycin.

Scott Gottlieb
With tens of thousands of patients dying every year from preventable medical errors, it is imperative that we embrace available technologies and drastically improve the way medical records are handled and processed.

Jon Porter
In my book, ‘Let Patients Help,’ one chapter is titled ‘Let patients vote on what’s worth the cost.’ That’s sensible, right? In other industries, consumer preference is a key determinant in prices.

Dave deBronkart
I was drawn to medicine because I’m fond of serving. In college, we go to the orphanage every week, see patients first-hand.

Sai Pallavi
Residents of my district continue to stress to me that they want health care decisions to be made by patients and doctors, not by the government and insurance companies.

Tim Walberg
In a majority of hospitals, in a majority of places, it is the nurses that are on the frontlines. They’re the ones working every moment with the patients to ensure that they do well.

Deborah Birx
Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity. The sedentary nature of much of modern life probably plays a significant role in the epidemic incidence of depression today. Many studies show that depressed patients who stick to a regimen of aerobic exercise improve as much as those treated with medication.

Andrew Weil
We need a significant amount of market stability, not for the insurance companies, but to ensure patients can get access to the care they want.

Tom Price
Curious patients are more receptive to new ideas, and those who engage their health practitioners in a dialogue are much more likely to adhere to these recommendations.

Dean Ornish
With the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, we are taking bold action to level the playing field for American patients and taxpayers. This legislation is one that I am proud to have voted for, and the House can be proud to have passed. It is essential to save the lives of Americans and improve our quality of life.

Jeff Van Drew
Many of the patients in military and veterans hospitals require long stays, which can place a large financial hardship on families who don’t live near the hospital, which is very common.

John Delaney
I always say now it’s the indifference that kills patients in the field and different populations. We have to break our indifference towards the suffering of people elsewhere.

Joanne Liu
We will empower patients as well as health professionals. We will disempower the hierarchy and bureaucracy.

Andrew Lansley
I have treated many hundreds of patients. Among those in the second half of life – that is to say, over 35 – there has not been one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life.

Carl Jung
The physician’s duty is not to stave off death or return patients to their old lives, but to take into our arms a patient and family whose lives have disintegrated and work until they can stand back up and face – and make sense of – their own existence.

Paul Kalanithi
Hospitals should be paid to keep patients out of the hospital, not for signing up more and more patients.

Matthew Heineman
Great writers arrive among us like new diseases threatening, powerful, impatient for patients to pick up their virus, irresistible.

Craig Raine
As the Ebola virus continued to consume my patients, I witnessed the horror this disease visits upon its victims, the intense pain and humiliation of those who suffer with it.

Kent Brantly
So it’s been a slow process and it’s taken some patience. That’s why patients are called patients I think – patience is required.

Bowie Kuhn
The Food and Drug Administration works to protect the interests of all patients and provide them with reliable information about the potential effects of treatments. But government rules should not stand in the way of potentially lifesaving therapies for those who do not have much time or any other options.

Alex Azar
The journalist cannot create his subjects any more than the analyst can create his patients.

Janet Malcolm
Managers of hospitals over the years have been increasingly recruited from outside the health service, and although their experience of running a supermarket chain might allow them to balance the books, it does not mean they have any insight into how a ward should be managed and patients best served.

Jo Brand
There is an enormous amount of options that a physician can provide today, right down from curing patients, treating patients, or providing patients with psychic solace or pain relief. So, in fact, the gamut of medical intervention is enormous.

Siddhartha Mukherjee
Half a psychiatrist’s patients see him because they are married – the other half because they’re not.

Arnold H. Glasow
I remember once I read a book on mental illness and there was a nurse that had gotten sick. Do you know what she died from? From worrying about the mental patients not being able to get their food. She became a mental patient.

Ornette Coleman
I want to help AIDS patients.

The more choices we give patients affected by depression, the better we will serve them.

Carlos Santana
As a doctor, I saw firsthand the problems many patients face finding a doctor, navigating the system, and paying their health care bills.

Charles Boustany
There are no bona fide treatments available for embryonic stem cells. There is nothing in the laboratory, and there is certainly nothing in the clinics available to patients.

Michael C. Burgess
I think legislation needs to put an end to doctors profiting on businesses to which they can funnel patients – that is business, not medicine. If you try to call it medicine, then it is corruption. Without legislation, it will keep happening.

Abraham Verghese
We have a duty to ensure that patients don’t have to worry whether they’ll be dropped from their coverage if they get sick. Small business owners shouldn’t have to break the bank to provide coverage to their employees. And families should not be forced into bankruptcy because of a medical crisis.

Jeff Merkley
Epilepsy is a disease in the shadows. Patients are often reluctant to admit their condition – even to close family, friends or co-workers – because there’s still a great deal of stigma and mystery surrounding the disease that plagued such historical figures as Julius Caesar, Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll.

Lynda Resnick
If we can validate our scientific bets in the clinic, if we can bring valuable new treatments to patients that need them, that will be our ultimate measure of success.

Vivek Ramaswamy
Because I’ve been so blessed with a background in nursing and spent so much time with patients at a really intimate, vulnerable time in their lives, the one lesson I’ve learned is that you never turn down a challenge where you can keep your creative integrity and your heart and soul and your sense of self.

Bonnie Hunt
Pay-for-procedure or fee-for-service reimbursement rewards doctors and hospitals for volume – not keeping patients healthy or being efficiency. Pay-for-Performance is clearly one tool that can change the incentives to reward quality.

Ron Wyden
We have the sense that medical students come to medicine with a great capacity to understand the suffering of patients. And then by the end of the third year they completely lose that ability, partly because we teach them the specialized language of medicine.

Abraham Verghese
Lets take away the incentives to do ‘to’ patients and instead create incentives to do ‘for’ patients, to be ‘with’ patients. We don’t need to do comparative effectiveness trials to see if that works; we can just ask patients.

Abraham Verghese
If we include hedonistic philosophy in hospitals, the lives of patients suffering from cancer would be much, much better.

Michel Onfray
I am a spiritual person. I’m a Catholic. I treat my patients, the dead patients, as live patients. I believe there is life after death. And I talk to my patients. I talk to them, not loudly but quietly in my heart when I look at them. Before I do an autopsy, I must have a visual contact with the face.

Bennet Omalu
These core principles – helping patients, preventing medical errors, promoting best practices and improving quality – are the reasons that health IT is featured in both the 2012 Republican platform and 2012 Democratic platform.

Sheldon Whitehouse
There was never a need to call the Army in Mumbai. I am proud of the administration which rose to the challenge and set up jumbo field hospitals for treatment of coronavirus patients in the city.

Uddhav Thackeray
It’s important right now to continue to have your patients contact their senators and their congresspeople to say we have a problem. We want you to help solve it, we want you to be involved.

Charlie Norwood
I think, in picking a doctor, you should focus less on the degree and more on their knowledge, bedside manner, communication, and patients’ experiences.

Mikhail Varshavski
When patients reject official advice and proved medicine, they become more susceptible to quackery.

Carl Hart
Covid-19-affected patients cannot be orphaned.

Barkha Dutt
Certain types of cancer patients are finally being cured thanks to immunotherapy.

Tasuku Honjo
Despite heated political debates on the future of our health care system, there is bipartisan agreement that health IT can be a powerful tool to transform and modernize the delivery of health care in our country. Health IT is about helping patients and their loved ones.

Sheldon Whitehouse
The mind controls so much of the body. We are much more than flesh and blood; we are complex systems. Patients do better when they have faith that they’re going to do better. That’s why I always tell my patients and their families not to neglect their prayers. There’s nobody I don’t say that to.

Ben Carson
Having been an oncologist and having cared for scores, if not hundreds, of dying patients, when you don’t have a treatment that can shrink the tumor and the patient will die, it’s a very difficult conversation. It’s emotionally draining.

Ezekiel Emanuel
The hero’s journey is, you know, one of the oldest story arcs that we have. And it’s one, I think, that’s especially projected onto cancer patients.

Suleika Jaouad
The interesting thing about the miracle berry in chemo patients is that it actually straightens out their taste buds, whereas for you and I, it blocks our bitter and sour receptors. For them, it straightens them out to taste food as it normally tastes.

Homaro Cantu
Illness and death are not optional. Patients have a right to determine how they approach them.

Marcia Angell
Once an effective drug is approved to treat a deadly condition, introducing a second drug to treat the same disease can be hard. It’s tough to recruit patients with a debilitating disease for a clinical trial when a proven medicine is already available.

Scott Gottlieb
I want to make sure that our bio-similars capture a huge market share and help cancer patients around the world, which we are already doing in the developing world because we didn’t have access to these drugs. Biocon enjoys a large reputation of giving them high-quality cancer drug.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
For most people, chemotherapy is no longer the chamber of horrors we often conceive it to be. Yes, it is an ordeal for some people, but it wasn’t for me, nor for most of the patients I got to know during my four months of periodic visits to the chemo suite.

Geraldine Brooks
If, over time, patients don’t go to some services, then progressively they become less viable, so you do arrive at a point where the conclusion is: ‘These are the right services for the future, and this is capacity we don’t need.’

Andrew Lansley
Congress should let HRSA release its guidance and analyze its impact before making changes to the 340B program that would harm safety-net hospitals and our vulnerable patients.

Gene Green
People and organizations other than doctors increasingly are assuming power to decide which medications to prescribe or procedures to undertake. More and more, decisions about personal healthcare are no longer made by the treating physicians in consultation with their patients, and based on the doctors’ expertise.

Bob Barr
Too few nurses puts patients at risk. It also risks the mental and physical health of the nurses we do have, as the fewer staff there are on a ward, the harder it gets to pick up the pieces.

Susanna Reid
I have seen doctors, in good faith, leave patients on steroids for years, thinking they are doing right. A friend of mine was on steroids for so long, she has severe osteoporosis.

Mary Ann Mobley
We’re all crazy and the only difference between patients and their therapists is the therapists haven’t been caught yet.

Max Walker
Patients deserve increased price transparency and affordable care, particularly as the system shifts significant costs to them.

Heather Bresch
Patients know in a heartbeat if they’re getting a clumsy exam.

Abraham Verghese
HIV/AIDs patients depend on highly trained, specialized physicians. Each and every patient has a unique combination of retrovirals they depend on to keep them alive.

David Mixner
Why are cancer patients so hard to buy for? This question always puzzles me. When people are healthy, things are so simple, including gift buying. A jaunt to the local mall or a day in front of the TV watching QVC can be just enough for all the loved ones on your list.

Jenna Morasca
We can trust our doctors to be professional, to minister equally to their patients without regard to their political or religious beliefs. But we can no longer trust our professors to do the same.

David Horowitz
To help inform my work in Congress, I consistently need to gather information about the healthcare challenges facing Central Virginia patients, providers, and local officials on the ground.

Abigail Spanberger
When we harness the ability to turn connections into data and then into knowledge, we can empower citizens, patients, and professionals to prevent disease, avoid or better manage health crises, and even save lives.

Tae Yoo
Most drugs sold in the U.S. are produced outside of the country, and if we can ensure supply-chain safety for these drugs, introducing more of them to the market quicker could mean major differences in the price of drugs, quality of life for patients, and for some Americans the difference between life and death.

Mike Braun
Putting aside competitive interests for a new kind of collaboration, Maryland pioneered a real-time encounter notification service to alert primary care doctors when their patients are hospitalized.

Martin O’Malley
We sometimes think that the best doctors are the ones who have the most specialized knowledge or the fanciest degrees, but in fact, study upon study, including one published in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine,’ show that the best doctors are the ones who also know how to connect with their patients.

Shawn Achor
By visiting patients in their home, by helping them come to terms with their illness, I could heal when I could not cure.

Abraham Verghese
By offering individuals ownership and control of their health care coverage, we return control to the patients; and that is exactly where it should be.

Chris Chocola
It’s unconscionable that cancer patients get the wrong diagnosis 30 percent of the time and that it takes so long to treat them with appropriate drugs for their cancer.

Patrick Soon-Shiong
I think the way we think about cancer, the way we treat cancer, has dramatically changed in the last century. There is an enormous amount of options that a physician can provide today, right down from curing patients, treating patients or providing patients with psychic solace or pain relief.

Siddhartha Mukherjee
The physicians of one class feel the patients and go away, merely prescribing medicine. As they leave the room they simply ask the patient to take the medicine. They are the poorest class of physicians.

I had gone through a mother having dementia in the last couple of years of her life. She was in a nursing facility in my little hometown area of northern Illinois, so I got to see a lot of other patients there in various stages of the disease. I had a firsthand exposure to it in a pretty big way.

Joan Allen
Compassionate doctors sometimes lie to patients about the severity of their condition, and it is not always wrong to do so.

Richard Dawkins
Encouraging wellness and prevention helps improve quality of life and can lower costs, too. I saw too many patients who had poor health because of their decisions, but too often, all they needed was a doctor to help point them in the right direction.

Charles Boustany
He who studies medicine without books sails an uncharted sea, but he who studies medicine without patients does not go to sea at all.

William Osler
In medical school, it’s quite possible to get taught that you can diagnose everybody and treat everything. But then you get out in the real world and find that for most patients walking through your door, you have no idea what’s causing their symptoms.

Barry Marshall
Consciousness surely does not depend on language. Babies, many animals, and patients robbed of speech by brain damage are not insensate robots; they have reactions like ours that indicate that someone’s home.

Steven Pinker
There are several patients – there are thousands of patients, tens of thousands of patients, that carry either a stimulator in the brain or in the periphery, in the inner ear, to restore neurological functions or to control diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

Miguel Nicolelis
I have always made a distinction between healing and curing. To me, ‘healed’ represents a condition of one’s life; ‘cured’ relates strictly to one’s physical condition. In other words, there may be healed quadriplegics and AIDS patients, and cured cancer patients who are leading unhealthy lives.

Bernie Siegel
Scientists have established huge numbers of links between particular diseases and snippets of DNA, but in the great majority of cases, this has not yet been translated into treatments that can help cure patients. These treatments will come – tomorrow, or the day after.

Charles C. Mann
We’ve seen the benefits of expanded telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of making sure access to care is available if patients have to stay at home. That value won’t go away when the pandemic ends.

Mikie Sherrill
Value in medicine depends on information – as I said in ‘Let Patients Help,’ ‘People perform better when they’re informed better.’ It follows that to make patients and families more effective in care, they need to know more.

Dave deBronkart
They can become very irritated. They can become very aggressive. Not all Alzheimer’s patients are that way, but many are. My mother was very difficult. She had extreme mood changes and would become fearful.

Yasmin Aga Khan
The stronger ties between primary care providers and the patients they serve will produce better outcomes and allow for more sustainable healthcare spending.

Tony Tan
Patients are empowered by having better access to their own health information, and then by owning their own data.

Elizabeth Holmes
I totally deplore the notion of an M.D. giving pills to patients – a medical doctor giving psychological or psychoactive change agents to another person.

Timothy Leary
Most Americans probably have no idea how hostile anti-abortion sidewalk counseling outside clinics can be. There’s a reason pro-choicers volunteer to escort patients as they make their way past angry crowds to the clinic door.

Katha Pollitt
The 2 million people who work in the NHS and social care are also themselves patients and users. I know they all want to treat patients and users the way they and their families would want to be treated and that is the purpose of our reforms.

Patricia Hewitt
Doctors and patients need as much data as possible to make an informed decision about what treatment is best.

Ben Goldacre
People spending more of their own money on routine health care would make the system more competitive and transparent and restore the confidence between the patients and the doctors without government rationing.

Ben Carson
The more I removed vegetables that have lots of seeds, such as cucumbers and squash, the better my patients felt, the more weight they lost, and the more their cholesterol levels improved.

Steven Gundry
Keep a watch also on the faults of the patients, which often make them lie about the taking of things prescribed.

I want to relax for a while, maybe go back to my medical practice. I got a lot of old patients waiting for me.

Tan Cheng Bock
My mother was a trained nurse, and she’d tell me that patients would fight as they were administered anaesthetic, grappling to get the gas mask off their face.

Maeve Binchy
Having been a caregiver more times than I care to count, ‘StandWith’ lets caregivers and patients easily update their community and post targeted tasks that community members can accept.

Yael Cohen
Patients reported that their psychedelic sessions were an invaluable experiential training for dying.

Stanislav Grof
Life is difficult. Not just for me or other ALS patients. Life is difficult for everyone. Finding ways to make life meaningful and purposeful and rewarding, doing the activities that you love and spending time with the people that you love – I think that’s the meaning of this human experience.

Steve Gleason
The best therapists can do with sadness, anger, and anxiety is to help patients live in the more comfortable part of their set range.

Martin Seligman
Studies show that Avastin can prolong the lives of patients with late-stage breast and lung cancer by several months when the drug is combined with existing therapies.

Alex Berenson
Hospitals feel like they need to increase prices to make up for treating patients that don’t pay their bills or that are not having insurance supporting them.

Mikhail Varshavski
I’m not the typical doctor that gives patients what they want. I don’t do that. I try to give them what I want as long as they’re okay with that. I know what’s going to match their face.

Paul Nassif
But no conversation between doctor and patient can magically turn an uninsured patient into an insured one. Doctors are just as helpless as patients when it comes to solving the problems of the uninsured.

Suleika Jaouad
The fact is, many poor patients visit ERs simply because they don’t have a family doctor.

Scott Gottlieb
Losing so many patients certainly was difficult, but it didn’t make me feel like a failure as a physician, because I had learned that there was so much more to being a physician than curing illness. That’s not the most important thing we do. The most important thing we do is enter into the suffering of others.

Kent Brantly
My mother was all about unconditional love, and I don’t think we give that to our patients a lot. At the end of the day, what they really need you to do is to look at them in the eye and say, ‘I’m here for you. I’m going to make sure this works out.’

Mehmet Oz
It’s OK for China to invent cancer drugs that cure patients in the United States. We want them to catch up. But as the leader, we want to keep setting a very, very high standard. We don’t want them to catch up because we’re slowing down or, even worse, going into reverse.

Bill Gates
Patients would be better off if states were able to tailor the benefits that Medicaid covers – targeting resources to sicker people and giving healthy adults cheaper, basic coverage.

Scott Gottlieb
I am about to get involved with the biggest cancer hospital in Norway. They are building a fitness center to work with patients. I will be a consultant.

Grete Waitz
But I like it when my patients are impressed not knowing that I was an Olympian.

Debi Thomas
I’m training to become a giggle doctor. It’s a kind of hospital clown who changes the atmosphere on the ward and helps recovery. It’s about making patients laugh but also much more.

Nina Conti
A doctor can only treat patients. A doctor can only help the people who are shot or who are injured. But a politician can stop people from injuries. A politician can take a step so that no person is scared tomorrow.

Malala Yousafzai
Peter Breggin, an American psychiatrist, had been criticising SSRIs since the early 1990s. He wrote ‘Talking Back to Prozac’ (1995) to repudiate psychiatrist Peter Kramer’s ‘Listening to Prozac’ (1993) – a bestseller which claimed that Prozac made patients ‘better than well.’

John Cornwell
Today, all patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude’s are treated without regard for the family’s ability to pay. Everything beyond what is covered by insurance is taken care of, and for those without insurance, all of the medical costs are absorbed by the hospital.

Marlo Thomas
Crohn’s patients differentiate their diet. You know, what I can handle and tolerate, another person couldn’t, and what they can, I can’t.

Mike McCready
A large percentage of my father’s patients were African-American.

Greg Iles
As many citizens can attest, the U.S. is a great place to get sick, but a terrible place to stay well. This requires a shift in the way both doctors and patients approach health maintenance and disease prevention.

Rob Wittman
Using medicine in the service of cosmesis is generally bad for patients, bad for doctors, and bad for democracy. The only exceptions are when we know the intervention will actually reduce suffering, as with a primary cleft lip repair.

Alice Dreger
I’d like to continue researching cancer for a while so that this immunotherapy will help save more cancer patients than ever before.

Tasuku Honjo
We are trained to be medical doctors first and if you have to put neurosurgery aside to deal with the most vulnerable and susceptible patients, then that’s what we’ll do.

Myron Rolle
Around a quarter of cancers eventually spread to the brain. As people live longer, their risk of developing cancer increases; as cancer survival rates improve, their risk of developing secondary tumours in the brain increases. We can therefore expect increasing numbers of brain-tumour patients.

Sheila Hancock
As a practicing neurologist, I can tell you first hand that working with Parkinson’s patients offers clinical challenges. But from an emotional perspective, this disease can border on overwhelming.

David Perlmutter
I not only play at the prestigious classical concert halls like Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center, but also hospitals, churches, prisons, and restricted facilities for leprosy patients, just to mention a few.

Ji-Hae Park
We know, in Wales or in England – you simply can’t trust Labour on the NHS. In England, we are delivering for patients while Labour just use the NHS as a political football. We won’t let them; we’ll always fight for the NHS.

Andrew Lansley
Consider radiology. Technology is going to reduce the use of those machines because doctors aren’t going to need to send patients two or three times for radiology. They’re going to have access to what the previous specialist took. There’s also going to be devices that are coming out that are much less costly.

Bruce Broussard
Most patients enter a doctor’s office or hospital as if it were a Mayan temple, representing an ancient and mysterious culture with no language in common with the visitor.

Tom Brokaw
You have in the U.S. around two million new diagnoses of cancer a year, and 13 million survivors, so you have about 10,000 patients that require analysis every day. That’s about five petabytes that need to be transmitted and computed on a daily basis.

Patrick Soon-Shiong
Nurses serve their patients in the most important capacities. We know that they serve as our first lines of communication when something goes wrong or when we are concerned about health.

Lois Capps
Ever since I got to know how easily skin donation can save the lives of serious burns patients, I have felt strongly about the issue.

Paresh Rawal
Cancer has taught me a lot of things. Maybe it is the best thing that has happened to me. I can’t say right now, but maybe some years down the line, I would realise. When I was taking chemotherapy, there were a lot of elderly patients, and that would inspire me. I thought, ‘If they can be cured, why can’t I be?’

Yuvraj Singh
Reducing MRSA infections is critical because these bacteria are difficult to treat and are common in healthcare settings, especially among ICU (intensive care unit) patients.

Tom Frieden
I have to tell you as a doctor, 25 years of practice, not as a politician using talking points, as somebody who has taken care of Medicare patients, we can make it a lot better.

John Barrasso
Twenty million more have Chronic Kidney Disease, where patients experience a gradual deterioration of kidney function, the end result of which is kidney failure.

Xavier Becerra
I use music in the operating room to help create a healing environment for patients and staff. There is a reason that certain heart rates are healthy and certain beats of music heal and relax us.

Bernie Siegel
We will hold Planned Parenthood accountable for knowingly endangering their patients by providing illegal abortions at a facility that was not properly licensed nor prepared to handle an emergency.

Matt Bevin
There is survival behavior, and doctors need to learn from patients who do not die when they are supposed to, instead of saying, ‘You’re doing very well, so keep doing whatever you are doing.’ They should be asking what their patient is doing and pass the information to other patients.

Bernie Siegel
I’m trying to knock the medical profession into accepting its responsibilities, and those responsibilities include assisting their patients with death.

Jack Kevorkian
Depression can seem worse than terminal cancer, because most cancer patients feel loved and they have hope and self-esteem.

David D. Burns
Despite the growing evidence of health benefits associated with coffee consumption, I still don’t recommend my patients drink it – not because it’s not healthy, but because there are even healthier choices.

Michael Greger
Many ALS patients end up fading away quietly and dying. For me, this was not OK. I did not want to fade away quietly.

Steve Gleason
American patients deserve more access to quality, affordable health care.

Lucy McBath
I hear from patients who say their doctor said, ‘If you want to take Vitamin C, go ahead and do it. It won’t harm you, and it may do you some good.’ More and more physicians are getting convinced about the value of large doses of Vitamin C.

Linus Pauling
My goals over the decade include to develop new drugs to treat intractable diseases by using iPS cell technology and to conduct clinical trials using it on a few patients with Parkinson’s diseases, diabetes or blood diseases.

Shinya Yamanaka
As a doctor who took care of patients for 25 years, I saw the problems with America’s health care system every day.

John Barrasso
We’ve been finding that when you empower engineers, scientists, and coders, they respond by creating new tools to empower physicians, patients, and parents.

Kathleen Sebelius
Reducing the price of AIDS drugs gave me so much satisfaction that I’ve been thinking what else I could do. One day, I thought, ‘Let’s look at cancer and see how we can spare cancer patients’ unnecessary suffering.’

Yusuf Hamied
There’s something universal about illness… Whether you like it, at some level all patients are saying, ‘Daddy, Mommy, help me, tell me it’s going to be alright.’

Abraham Verghese
Researches tested a new form of medical marijuana that treats pain but doesn’t get the user high, prompting patients who need medical marijuana to declare, ‘Thank you?’

Jimmy Fallon
Meditation is a practice that is considered mainstream: The NFL uses it, the NBA uses it, heart patients use it. It’s very easy to consider yourself a meditator and not be too alternative-minded.

Laura Dern
Appearing on TV as a plastic surgeon showcases your talents and that increases demand. We’re very busy. The negative thing is that sometimes patients think you can work magic, which, of course, you cannot.

Paul Nassif
Of all the arguments against voluntary euthanasia, the most influential is the ‘slippery slope’: once we allow doctors to kill patients, we will not be able to limit the killing to those who want to die.

Peter Singer
Patients who trust their doctors and have a psychological expectation of getting better could trigger a reaction in their body.

Irving Kirsch
Doctors and hospitals should be paid for keeping their patients well. Paying them for doing more tests and surgeries creates bad incentives.

Richard Thaler
What we’re really trying to do is level out the health care system. It has gotten so one-sided as more and more people have been put into managed care; in fact, about 70 percent of the patients in the country.

Charlie Norwood
This is something we’re seeing more, especially with patients from outside of this country. They love body modification, they love having things done that we don’t do in this country. For example, putting pubic hair on your eyelashes. What practitioner in this country would do something that ridiculous?

Paul Nassif
In fast moving fields like cancer, where doctors tailor treatments based on evidence that’s constantly evolving, two years can be an eternity of waiting to learn about important science. For some patients, that interval can be fatal.

Scott Gottlieb
My dad, who is a heart surgeon, works with many adult patients who did not take good care of their bodies in their formative years. He is able to teach them how to break old eating and exercise habits and reshape their bodies, but not without a great deal of resistance.

Daphne Oz
Once the notion of depression had begun to dominate the diagnostic armamentarium, it became but a matter of time before patients with relatively mild disorders of mood or anxiety would be entered into it.

Sherwin B. Nuland
You are going to share in the most intimate parts of your patients’ lives. You will share in their moments of tragedy. But you will also share in their moments of greatest joy.

Kent Brantly
Many different relationships among patients, doctors, and drugs are possible and desirable. As in so many other areas of life, the Internet encourages experimentation. Questionnaire-based pharmacies operate between the traditional prescription and over-the-counter models.

Virginia Postrel
I’m happy to say that I am in remission. That R word is something critically important to cancer patients, especially in a disease like myeloma. But I never lose sight of the fact that there is another R word called relapse.

Kathy Giusti
I don’t want doctors and patients to be having to – having to literally ration care, take away that relationship by having the government come in and interfere.

Steve Scalise
Since I do not believe that there should be different recommendations for people living in the Bronx and people living in Manhattan, I am uncomfortable making different recommendations for my patients in Boston and in Haiti.

Paul Farmer
Civil and political rights are critical, but not often the real problem for the destitute sick. My patients in Haiti can now vote but they can’t get medical care or clean water.

Paul Farmer
Google is one of the most incredible breakthroughs that we have today. Yes, it can scare a lot of patients, thinking we’re all dying because we look up something on Google. But there’s also a lot of anecdotal information from parents, firsthand accounts of what they did for their own child.

Jenny McCarthy
I did a show called ‘Wonderland’ a few years back, and I was fortunate enough to spend a full-on two weeks – I’m talking 13-15 hours a day – with the doctors and patients at Bellevue in New York. That served me well for ‘Durham County.’

Michelle Forbes
One of the shortcomings of our medical system is that doctors have very little time with their patients.

Eula Biss
Good physicians are rarely dispassionate. They agonize and self-doubt over patients.

Siddhartha Mukherjee
Affordability is critical so that patients have access to medicines. At the same time, it’s also important that we have the kind of incentives that allow us to do the kinds of studies that we need to do to go after these diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Kenneth Frazier
Because ALS is underfunded, patients have had no option but to fade away and die. That is not OK.

Steve Gleason
Underperforming hospitals or units should accept that they have to improve the service they offer or that patients, quite properly, will go elsewhere.

Andrew Lansley
At the age of 16, my father’s father dropped dead of a heart attack. And I think it changed the course of his life, and he became fascinated with death. He then became a medical doctor and obviously fought death tooth and nail for his patients.

Sally Mann
I understand what it’s like to go to hospitals and there’s no medicine, and the best thing you have to give the patients is compassion.

Sharon Stone
As patients and consumers, we are better informed today about our health care than any previous generation.

Patricia Hewitt
Only the patients have to take off their clothes. I think I’m pretty safe.

Sherry Stringfield
In the first speech I delivered as health secretary, I made one thing perfectly clear: we need a cultural shift in the NHS: from a culture responsive mainly to orders from the top down to one responsive to patients, in which patient safety is put first.

Andrew Lansley
Providing patients and consumers with solid information on the cost and quality of their healthcare options can literally make the difference between life or death; and play a decisive role in whether a family or employer can afford healthcare.

Timothy Murphy
I know what’s it’s like to grow up with ADHD and how important it is for parents, caregivers and patients, to have access to accurate information.

Ty Pennington
As a small-business owner who kept costs low and health care premiums flat for 10 years in my company, I know firsthand that transparency is the trick to reducing the skyrocketing health care costs that are burdening patients, employers, and our state, local, and federal governments.

Mike Braun
HealthWell is just one of several foundations that assist patients in making their insurance co-payments for expensive drugs.

Alex Berenson
If I’m serious about patients and their GPs being able to have more control of their health care, I can’t have a top-down system that imposes restrictions on the services they need.

Andrew Lansley
Life is a terminal condition. Were all going to die. Cancer patients just have more information, but we all, in some ways, wait for permission to live.

Kris Carr
Drugs should be available for cheap prices for patients.

Pinarayi Vijayan
Medicare is immune from the competitive pressures that force private insurers to pay attention to what patients and doctors want.

Virginia Postrel
Sometimes the media gives us the impression that we are terminal patients, because of problems of global warmth or the ozone layer. And the people, they don’t understand that they can could change this situation for the better if they could act locally in a city.

Jaime Lerner
Over the years, HIV/AIDS activists and their allies have been pioneers in creating new frontiers in the medical establishment. Through their efforts, the FDA drug approval procedures were reformed so promising new therapies could reach desperate patients quicker.

David Mixner
Patients describing the benefits of prayer often talk about how it provides a sense of well being.

Armstrong Williams
The smuggling and distribution of misbranded drugs and medical devices of uncertain foreign origin has the potential for serious harm to patients.

Dana Boente
Once we as doctors are entrusted with the well-being of our patients and their children, it is our duty to take action, to be selfless, and fulfill our obligation to the service of others. I did so willingly, and it brought me great joy throughout my professional career. However, I always had a desire to do more.

Phil Gingrey
One fateful morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I shouldn’t be operating on patients and then teaching them to eat to avoid me in the future; I should teach them to eat so that I wouldn’t have to operate on them in the first place!

Steven Gundry
Our strategy is focused on driving better outcomes for patients and higher productivity for hospitals.

Frans van Houten
Whether we’re too embarrassed or shy – or worried that a discussion about cost might affect the quality of our care – it’s clear that both doctors and patients need to do more communicating.

Suleika Jaouad
I weighed 193 pounds and had three chins. I couldn’t get up before 9 a.m. and never saw patients before 10. I decided to go on a diet.

Robert Atkins
We have really good data that show when you take patients and you really inform them about their choices, patients make more frugal choices. They pick more efficient choices than the health care system does.

Donald Berwick
Patients can often be discharged from hospital, then re-admitted a few days later with complications.

Chris Toumazou
Cancer makes people think about mortality. It scares your friends and family. And many cancer patients, consciously or otherwise, try to buffer bad news with a dose of positivity.

Suleika Jaouad
For-profit does not belong in a taxpayer-funded health system. For-profit means cutting medical services to patients, and payments to providers, to preserve profits.

Mimi Kennedy
Patient autonomy is paramount to the oath that we take when we enter the profession of medicine. That is why I am appalled when the federal government gets between my patients and their right to the full range of medical information and complete access to health care.

Ami Bera
I mean being a writer is like being a psychoanalyst, but you don’t get any patients.

Al Alvarez
There are two things panic patients hate to do. They hate to take medication – and they hate to go to doctors. They hate to come to grips.

Earl Campbell
Health care providers can follow guidelines for responsible painkiller prescribing and talk with their patients about the risks and benefits of taking prescription painkillers.

Tom Frieden
I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m not treating patients.

John Malkovich
He told me he was working as an interpreter in a doctor’s office in Brookline, Massachusetts, where I was living at the time, and he was translating for a doctor who had a number of Russian patients. On my way home, after running into him, I just heard this phrase in my head.

Jhumpa Lahiri
PBMs claim they help patients by negotiating lower prices from drug manufacturers. But the fact is PBMs rarely, if ever, pass those savings on to patients.

Tommy Tuberville
I do not practice clinical medicine and hence do not treat individual patients. My career is in medical science.

Robert Jarvik
It goes without saying that the desire to accomplish the task with more confidence, to avoid wasting time and labour, and to spare our experimental animals as much as possible, made us strictly observe all the precautions taken by surgeons in respect to their patients.

Ivan Pavlov
I wanted to show people that doctors are humans, too. It’s important for us to be around other people – that way, we can understand our patients better rather than just walking into a room, barking orders, and walking out.

Mikhail Varshavski
I initially became a trainer in 2002 to help people shape their bodies, to help them look the way they wanted to look. This would reflect the way I was living. I was focusing on the exterior. Then in 2003/4, I had a paradigm shift. I started a business for bariatric patients, pre- and post-gastric bypass.

Jessie Pavelka
Even that was all consumed after two days, and the patients had to try to choke down fresh fish, just boiled in water, without salt, pepper or butter; mutton, beef, and potatoes without the faintest seasoning.

Nellie Bly
When you have multiple patients on life support, you don’t pull the plug on one just to save another.

Suzan DelBene
Meaningful health reform needs to provide incentives for physicians and other health professionals to teach their patients healthy ways of living rather than reimbursing primarily drugs and surgical interventions.

Dean Ornish
More than half of the complaints that patients bring to their doctors are emotional in origin. Most often, they include troubled or absent connections with loved ones.

Robert J. Waldinger
The Patients’ Bill of Rights is necessary to guarantee that health care will be available for those who are paying for insurance. It’s a part of the overall health care picture.

Debbie Stabenow
In general, certain conclusions are possible from these data. They fail to prove that psychotherapy, Freudian or otherwise, facilitates the recovery of neurotic patients.

Hans Eysenck
As a physician, I would never encroach upon the religious freedoms of my patients.

Ami Bera
The mind and body are not separate units, but one integrated system. How we act and what we think, eat, and feel are all related to our health. Physicians should be capable of teaching this behavior to patients.

Bernie Siegel
Every single cancer is a genetic disease. Not necessarily inherited from your parents, but it’s genetic changes which cause cancer. So as we sequence the genomes of tumours and compare those to the sequence of patients, we’re getting down to the fundamental basis of each individual person’s cancer.

Craig Venter
Dialysis does not make patients well. It simply postpones their deaths.

Virginia Postrel
The whole country is one vast insane asylum and they’re letting the worst patients run the place.

Robert W. Welch, Jr.
We are glad to tie up with a humanitarian organization, which is being promoted by Prince Abdul Aziz. This partnership will greatly help in assisting needy renal-failure patients by supplying them equipment, medicines and other medical supplies, while encouraging and supporting scientific research.

Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi
Nineteen percent of doctors say that they’d be able to give their patients a lethal injection. But they also went on to say that the patient would have to be really, really behind on payments.

Jay Leno
When I entered the field in July 1958 I believed what they told me about radiation risks. I spent much effort reducing the dose to patients in radiology.

John Cameron
Obamacare does not allow patients to buy insurance across state lines, which would dramatically increase competition and lower costs. It does not allow small business-associated health plans. It limits low-cost health savings accounts options.

Stephen Moore
Everybody makes money for a living, but most of us actually do something that has a point, in addition to just making money. We examine and treat patients, we teach students, we draw up contracts and wills, we write for newspapers, magazines, and web sites, we clean floors, or we serve meals.

Barry Schwartz
As my mentor in Medical School, Dr William Strong taught me: Never wear a white coat; it separates you from a fellow human being. I never have from that day on. You are your patients guide, counselor, and defender, not their ruler and dictator.

Steven Gundry
The work of a psychotherapist involves being empathic and insightful with one’s patients without getting too lost in their painful stories to be helpful.

Pamela Stephenson
The treatment of patients with contaminated blood has been described as one of the most tragic episodes in the history of the NHS.

Ruth Rendell
Using prescription drug monitoring programs is an important step in identifying patients who may be improperly using prescription painkillers.

Tom Frieden
My job as a physician is to make sure I have provided my patients with the best options to make the decisions that affect their lives.

Ami Bera
Medicines are unusual commodities. Important drugs can save the lives and protect the health of millions. Their consumption can bring huge benefits, by helping patients to avoid infection and preventing serious damage to the economies of families, nations and even humanity at large.

Thomas Pogge
Smartphones can relay patients’ data to hospital computers in a continuous stream. Doctors can alter treatment regimens remotely, instead of making patients come in for a visit.

Charles C. Mann
Life had stopped for her a long time ago. She was so out of touch with her feelings that she had no joy in her life and no concept of the fact that she could be wrong. She delivered her care of her insane patients in a killing manner, but she was convinced she was right.

Louise Fletcher
Patients with fatal diseases are fighting for their lives every day while real, meaningful, life-extending treatments sit on the shelf just beyond their reach.

Mike Braun
I only worked theater jobs, but they were all really silly when I first graduated. I was a line monitor at ‘Spamalot,’ which means I got there at 8 A.M. and told people how much the tickets were for standing room. I was an NYU Medical School fake patient, to teach doctors how to talk to patients.

Lauren Worsham
In 15 years, we’ve raised $225 million, sequenced the myeloma genome, and opened 45 trials of 23 drugs – six approved by the FDA – which have doubled the life span of multiple myeloma patients. I’ve taken both Velcade and Revlimid, which we helped develop.

Kathy Giusti
Every year, nearly two-thirds of the approximately 200,000 patients in need of a bone marrow transplant will not find a marrow donor that matches within their families.

Nathan Deal
What is clear is that stalking can happen to anyone. Doctors are targeted by patients, people in the public eye are watched by obsessed fans, and ex-wives are followed by former husbands.

Amber Rudd
With Alzheimer’s patients, you have to be very careful what you say when you’re looking at them over their bed. Because once in a while, they understand it.

Nancy Reagan
President Trump has exposed the dirty secret of drug pricing: There is a shadowy third player in the transaction between patients and their pharmacists: middlemen who have taken a big kickback from the drug manufacturer, which may or may not be reflected in patients’ out-of-pocket costs.

Alex Azar
It’s like doctors can’t save all their patients, but, on balance, Bain under Gov. Romney created well over 100,000 jobs, which is certainly more than has been created in the Obama administration because we’re down over 500,000 over the last three-and-a-half years.

Jim Talent
I do mean this – I had the good fortune of being around a number of Alzheimer’s patients in the last three years of my mother’s life. She was in a care facility that was devoted to just people with memory-loss issues. I found those people engaging and generous in ways that I had not imagined.

James Rebhorn
Please, let patients help improve healthcare. Let patients help steer our decisions, strategic and practical. Let patients help define what value in medicine is.

Dave deBronkart
We know how to stop Ebola: by isolating and treating patients, tracing and monitoring their contacts, and breaking the chains of transmission.

Tom Frieden
As a physician, I’m somewhat an advocate of patients. How come, before Mike Webster, no NFL player was told or knew that there was an intrinsic risk of brain damage from playing football?

Bennet Omalu
For me, I think that there’s a lot missing from the recovery or the post-diagnosis side of treating patients. Once the diagnosis is made, I feel that care drops off tremendously, even though it is precisely the time that a patient needs help the most, even if they are not verbalizing it.

Susannah Cahalan
I know patients who bring a dozen roses to the doctor’s office. And, boy, the next visit, nobody forgets that. You come in and hey – ‘Here’s the lady who brought the roses’ vs. ‘Here’s the lung cancer.’

Bernie Siegel
I was a very efficient doctor. I would get rewarded with a lot more patients. By the end of my medical career, I had maybe 2,000 patients in my practice.

Ken Jeong
Robots may cut down on infection and mean a consultant can see more patients, but wouldn’t you rather meet the doctor than a machine?

Robert Winston
We can create more affordable coverage options for all Americans and help patients with pre-existing conditions – without forcing any satisfied Americans to lose coverage they like – through high-risk pools and reinsurance options.

Charles Boustany
As an emergency physician, I have seen my patients forgo needed treatment because they are afraid they will lose their jobs.

Leana S. Wen
By keeping my hand in that, it’s the way I keep learning. The main way you learn in medicine is by practicing and working with patients.

Andrew Weil
The bulk of my learning – if I may call it such – has come within the past three months, after I became a part of the fragile body of patients who make up an AIDS hospice. Here, surrounded by teams of supportive nurses, attentive doctors, and interns, one gently comes upon his own strengths and shortcomings.

Lance Loud
Not much shocked me. You know, I worked in a home for Alzheimer’s patients and my dad used to be really into murders and stuff, so I saw dead bodies. It desensitised me to a lot of things.

Ellie Goulding
I had seen AIDS patients in India and Africa, and knowing that people were dying even though drugs existed that could help them was shattering for me.

Yusuf Hamied
There’s a great deal of suspicion and misunderstanding about IT among practicing doctors. One hears things like, ‘I don’t want to be turned into a data entry clerk, and I don’t want some machine between me and my patients.’

Mitch Kapor
We recognize the significant burden on patients from continued, rising insurance premiums and being forced increasingly to pay the full list price for medicines at the pharmacy counter.

Heather Bresch
In medical school, students are immersed in the realm of medical ethics. It’s where new doctors study, learn right and wrong, ask tough questions, and discuss things like end of life care, genetic testing, and patients’ rights. In lots of ways, it’s the most important part of being a compassionate and competent doctor.

Ralph Northam
Our interaction as patients with the NHS should be on the basis that there’s a presumption that all information is shared with us.

Andrew Lansley
Wearable technology will tell us how well we are sleeping and whether we need to exercise. Sensors in the street will help us avoid traffic jams and find parking. Telemedicine applications will allow physicians to treat patients who are hundreds of miles away.

John T. Chambers