Top 333 Instagram Quotes

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I'm going to become like a gymnast. I watch online, on
I’m going to become like a gymnast. I watch online, on Instagram, these gymnast influencers, and that’s where I want to get.

Bryson DeChambeau
Way back in 2008, when the iPhone was new and Instagram was a gleam in Kevin Systrom’s eye, I was involved in creating a service called CrowdFire. It was a way for fans at a festival (the first was Outside Lands) to share photos, tweets, and texts in a location and event specific way.

John Battelle
Instagram really gives me a chance to be creative.

Frankie Grande
A lot of young kids like myself use Instagram because it has swag – it’s more personal, and your friends generate it.

Theophilus London
I love @love.watts on Instagram!

Tierra Whack
A lot of times, what people see is what they hear or what’s on your Instagram.

Evan Ross
I love Instagram – I don’t actually go on Twitter and tweet; I just connect it through my Instagram account. I think it’s a good way of getting stuff out there and connecting with people.

Behati Prinsloo
I was always the last one on Facebook, Instagram – everything.

Lele Pons
Follow me on Instagram.

When I think of ‘Instagram models,’ I say you have to take baby steps. You cannot just walk straight onto the runway.

Alek Wek
It is extremely gratifying to see success like exhibited by the founders of Instagram!

Dan Pena
‘Instagram’ Direct is a really interesting feature because it’s grown significantly since we launched it. People continue to use it to communicate more privately.

Kevin Systrom
If you really want to make a difference you don’t do it via Tweet, via Facebook, via Instagram – you get down, you understand what the facts are and then you offer a path forward.

Lori Lightfoot
On my iPhone 3GS, I use ‘Instagram’, ‘Twitter’ and ‘Touch’.

Jan Koum
I just got really into this one girl on Instagram and had her paint little pineapples on my nails during shooting.

Abbi Jacobson
People should see my work and think beyond what I am on daily basis, on Twitter, Instagram, or the perception they have of me in their heads.

Soni Razdan
I never really knew my 12-inch-long tweezer tongs were special until I started getting 50 Instagram DMs a day about them. Dont you all have these? Well, you should.

Sohla El-Waylly
Thanks to my fans for support on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Alexandre Pato
I was more active pregnant than I ever was not pregnant. I was doing Body By Simone five days a week. That definitely helped me shed the weight after giving birth. But it’s all smoke and mirrors, too. People on Instagram forget that you’re showing them what you want them to see. We have filters.

Chrissy Teigen
When my alarm goes off between 6 to 6:30 A.M, the first thing I do is reach for my phone. I look at Twitter to see the headlines. It’s become my news aggregator. Then I check my Instagram.

Eva Chen
I’m not one of these average reality people that are permanently doing Instagram posts, I break the mould, I break the Internet.

Gemma Collins
Instagram is a 24-hour online magazine. You can see everything you like non-stop, and it has certainly had an effect on the makeup industry.

Anastasia Soare
I scroll through Instagram and Twitter, and whenever I see something that speaks to me, I take a screenshot to save it for red carpet inspiration. Sometimes, if I see an outfit I like on the street, I’ll take a picture, too. References are so important.

Ally Brooke
I really started to enjoy Instagram more recently because it’s something that shows people what I’m doing and what I’m going through, but it’s so simple. I don’t have to come up with something witty; it’s just a funny photo, and you can be as artistic or as plain Jane as you want.

Alex Morgan
Photos were seen as the most private type of content, and ‘Instagram’ really flipped that on its head and said photos can be really public.

Kevin Systrom
What I try to do on my Instagram is provoke discussion and share environmental and sustainability messages.

Aidan Gallagher
Some people are totally fine with just checking Instagram once a day and then putting their phone down. But with me… self regulation is very difficult and it’s a battle.

Sasha Spielberg
When ‘Game Of Thrones’ came out, lots of interviews were coming in, and people asking me to do certain things which would push me out there. Like this whole Instagram and Twitter thing – getting more followers doesn’t bother me at all.

Bella Ramsey
I had a bunch of paintings around at my house, and someone said to me, ‘Why don’t you just put them on Instagram? Why don’t you show people these?’ And I didn’t want to – it was just something else I would have to do. But eventually, I was like, ‘What’s the harm?’ And the response was so insane!

Alison Mosshart
Whether you’re a woman, a transwoman, a person of color, I feel like Instagram is really important for the creation and framing of the self.

Hari Nef
I’m up all night, and then next thing you know, it’s the morning, and I’ll sleep, like, three hours. I’m a night owl. I’m usually in the studio at night working, and then I get home, I’m on my phone looking at Instagram pictures and buying stuff.

Christina Milian
I’m always getting texts asking why I’m not responding on Instagram or Facebook, and I’m like, ‘It’s not me. You’re writing to some stranger.’

Travis Fimmel
The Internet Treasure companies tend to go public rather than get acquired, although there are clear exceptions, like Instagram, YouTube, Skype and PayPal.

Bing Gordon
Instagram is amazing, and I enjoy sharing photos there. However, I don’t think it is where my photos will go to live.

Harper Reed
Sadly, it seems as if there is no longer any real history. Just momentary reactions to events that disappear like sky-writing with items like Twitter, texts, Meerkat, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Mike Barnicle
My brain has so many qualities that do not work with social media. I’m an overthinker, I’m overly private, and those two personality traits just do not work when it comes to Instagram.

Nikita Dutta
On average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their ‘Instagram’ feed. What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible.

Kevin Systrom
I love Meredith Monk, and with Instagram, I get a chance to see if she has a cat, and what’s she reading.

Devendra Banhart
I don’t check any Web sites daily, but I love Instagram.

Kendall Jenner
I want to be on ‘Love Island’ because I want to show how toned I’ve gotten and I also want to increase my Instagram following and get a clothing deal with Uniqlo.

Gregg Wallace
There are a lot of young swimming fans that are on Instagram, so I try to respond or post things that they like.

Katie Ledecky
Instagram is a place for businesses to build their business.

Marne Levine
I get stuff every single day whether that be comments on my Instagram photos, or tweets about a tweet that I put out. Just tweets that they make in general to just pick on me, make me feel bad about myself, belittle me or anything. It’s not good.

Rhea Ripley
I want people who visit my Instagram account to realize how hard I’ve worked for everything I have now.

Liza Soberano
Engagement is the most important thing about Instagram, and you can lose it if you miss a day.

Lele Pons
My Snapchat and my Instagram probably get more views than every magazine out there.

Jonathan Cheban
There’s almost an element of selfies that is like photo therapy. People look upon themselves in a picture and then they critique themselves without knowing so, and that’s what’s happening on mass on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Nigel Barker
I feel social media can be very distracting, unhealthy, and harmful to one’s self-confidence. I don’t even log on to it on my phone except when I post something on Instagram.

Rupi Kaur
I got my Gucci nails done for a photo shoot. After the shoot I would be on Snapchat and Instagram​ and everybody was hitting​ me up about i​t.​ ​Eventually that turned into kids sending me photos of them getting Gucci nails.

Mod Sun
My fans are incredible. Don’t you dare talk bad about me on my Instagram, because my fans will come out, and they will eat you alive.

Ashley Graham
If I’m going to see people, I won’t wear heavy makeup. It’s not attractive on me. When you see those pictures on my Instagram, they are usually for when I’m doing a photo shoot or an interview.

Kylie Jenner
I definitely get inspiration from the ‘gram. I mean, Instagram is Google, essentially. I love looking at pictures of beautiful women.

I’m not on Twitter, but I am on Instagram and follow Lena Dunham and Usher.

Michelle Dockery
I hit Instagram and Twitter as soon as I wake up. And then I check my texts and emails. It’s funny that I check social media before I check my email.

Guillermo Diaz
I’m not one of these new supermodel girls on Instagram in bikinis. I’m different, but that’s okay.

Zelda Williams
I like to communicate on my Instagram page with people: use it as a window to my world.

Brad Goreski
On my Instagram, my boyfriend will take pictures of me, or someone else will take a picture of me, and they’re like, ‘What is wrong with her? She looks sick.’ And I’m like, ‘No I just don’t have two hours of hair and makeup, you guys.’

Troian Bellisario
I follow 50 people on Instagram who are these humongous families, like five or six kids or whatever, and I just think it’s adorable and so cute.

Eva Amurri
I think we are becoming more obsessed about getting a certain amount of likes on our Twitter and Instagram accounts rather than actually living a proper, real, honest and organic life.

Ben Fogle
In the beginning, editorial always inspired my beauty looks, but we’re living in a primarily digital age, and Instagram is a great source – as is Pinterest – to find brilliant ideas that spark new ideas in me and the talented makeup artists I work with.

Tommy Dorfman
I think that everybody on my Instagram are lovely. These people are wonderful, like these kids… it’s just unconditional love, and it’s really sweet.

King Princess
For some reason, many designers are in fashion, but they don’t love women. I love women, and I follow my clients on Instagram.

Edgardo Osorio
I find it funny when women share makeup-free selfies on Twitter or Instagram, and it’s such a huge deal.

Caroline Wozniacki
Some people like it, some people not. I did an Instagram poll where I asked: man-bun or not, and no man-bun won. And I’m trying to follow what the people want. But sometimes I go out of the line and go back to my man-bun.

Ricky Rubio
The truth is, in this age of Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat, we know way too much about athletes – and it’s their fault.

Billy Crystal
Instagram and Twitter are the best ways to let people in on what I do – not only basketball, but having fun with my friends too.

Andre Drummond
‘Instagram’ is an app that only took 8 weeks to build and ship but was a product of over a year of work.

Kevin Systrom
Over time, we look forward to introducing new advertising experiences and business experiences on Instagram.

Marne Levine
I’m like a big kid. But it’s not like a called myself the Instagram King. I put up what people want to see and that just happened.

Dan Bilzerian
I’ve learned a lot from having a public Instagram, especially from my commenters, who have, in turn, taught me a lot about myself.

Cazzie David
Rupi Kaur is an author and poet who posts the most beautiful, thought-provoking excerpts on her Instagram.

Vick Hope
There are times that I see comments on Instagram and Twitter – if you are bashing my character on television, that is fine. I am totally cool with that. I’m a bad guy for a reason. You are supposed to hate me, but when you disrespect me or my work or myself as a character as me personally, that is not okay.

Alexa Bliss
Even as Instagram defines our visual moment, we use the app’s filters to travel backwards in time, to make our images resemble the Polaroids of yore by casting them literally in a different, more nostalgic light.

Mary Pilon
My kids tell me to Instagram, so I do that. I have a few thousand followers.

Lee Daniels
Instagram has really changed the travel industry.

Tom Anderson
I think Instagram made me more aware that there’s actually people that care about what we do, and that we have fans. So that kind of showed me that maybe the people that follow me every day, and are commenting on my pictures, would want to wear the dress I’ve worn.

Toni Garrn
I think writing is an act of remembrance, I think that Instagram is an act of remembrance, and I think curating a show is an act of memory, too.

Hilton Als
My friends are all about Instagram and all about Snapchat.

EJ Johnson
If you have time to get your pet rabbit its own Instagram account, you have time to at least tweet about something important.

Jameela Jamil
People make careers off of Instagram. So in that sense, it’s really good, and you can put yourself out there and be open.

Ella Mai
Your Instagram shouldn’t have 35 pictures from the same event.

Frankie Grande
Instagram has said plenty of times that I’m pregnant, Instagram has said a lot of things about me that are not true, so I don’t even know where that’s coming from.

Cardi B
Most of the photos I take I don’t post, so Instagram is not my thing. I like to edit them, make them look good, and keep them for myself.

Manu Ginobili
I’ve met someone on Instagram, and I developed this like, ostensibly intimate relationship with them, and then, turns out, they weren’t who they were.

Noah Centineo
I don’t tend to do a whole Instagram theme. I like to capture the moment in front of me and make it look as good as possible!

Connor Franta
When you think about the guys who started Twitter, and the Google guys, and the Facebook guys and the Napster guys, and the Microsoft guys, and the Dell guys and the Instagram guys, it’s all guys. The girls, they’re being left behind.
It’s funny because I was looking back on my Instagram,, and I saw that I had a bunch of feminist posts but that was all before ‘Handmaid’s Tale.’

O. T. Fagbenle
I just try to take a positive approach with my social media, with my Instagram. I just want people who go to my page to kinda feel inspired.

Storm Reid
I love that our engineers are first and foremost ‘Instagram’ users.

Mike Krieger
When you open up ‘Instagram,’ you need to know that you’re seeing the real Tony Hawk, the real Taylor Swift, the real Burberry.

Kevin Systrom
The most habit-forming products are intra-day behaviors. We take out Snapchat or Instagram or Pinterest multiple times a day.

Nir Eyal
I was the first candidate to announce my run on Instagram. So that was kind of cool.

Elise Stefanik
The literary world has to compete with YouTube, Instagram, PlayStation, Xbox, Hulu.

Jason Reynolds
The phenomenon of Instagram poets – who are also, to be fair, Tumblr poets and Pinterest poets – has been one of the more surprising side-effects of the selfie age.

Michelle Dean
In the past, people have looked at photos as a record of memory. The focus has been on the past tense. With Instagram, the focus is on the present tense.

Kevin Systrom
If you’re posting pictures to platforms like Instagram or Twitter, be selective about the one you post. If I’m capturing a sunset, I’ll take at least 10 pictures. I’ll then filter them using other apps, enhance them. Then, I really pick the best image of perhaps 30.

Coco Rocha
We’re trendsetters, first to welcome brilliant inventions into our lives, from the microwave meal to Instagram. Britain is a nation of Uber-riding, Deliveroo-eating, Airbnb-ing freedom fighters.

Liz Truss
There are a lot of people on Instagram desperately trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Eva Chen
A hot dog cut up with ketchup is, like, lunch for me, so I just think it’s funny to Instagram it. I just don’t want to put that much effort into cooking.

Lisa Hanawalt
‘Instagram’ is great if you want to share photos, but you’re not that technical. Or, if you’re not interested in sharing publicly, ‘Instagram’ becomes a place where you can not only consume photos and videos from musicians, or whoever, but send them directly to your friends.

Kevin Systrom
In a way, Instagram is a space where I edit and show what I want to show. But at some point, I thought, ‘Am I really this person?’ People like my shiny look, but to me, I’m a much different person than her.

HoYeon Jung
I really love Instagram for the artwork.

Brian Tyree Henry
Instagram is my edit of my life.

Kendall Jenner
I get the weirdest comments on Instagram.

I covered Halsey’s song once at a concert in Japan, and she’s commented on a few of my Instagram posts and it like, shocked me. So maybe one day we could get together, and that would be a dream come true because I love her voice; and she seems like the sweetest person ever.

Facebook and Instagram are both really popular with teens, both in the U.S. and globally across the world. I think what you’re starting to see is that there are all these different ways that people want to share and communicate.

Mark Zuckerberg
I’ve had a lot of trolling on Instagram, things I can’t even repeat on air. The biggest shock was when it was hand-delivered to the Hippodrome theatre before I went on air. Hand-written.

Shirley Ballas
People forget that Instagram is there for fun, and I try not to lose sight of that. It’s not as serious as everyone thinks it is.

Stella Maxwell
I think honest lyrics help somebody say, ‘I was struggling with this, but if Jon goes through that, too, and if Jon’s telling me that his life isn’t as good as it seems on his Instagram,’ that helps somebody in their day to day.

Jon Bellion
People post things on Instagram that they know people are going to like.

Lili Reinhart
Calling ‘Instagram’ a photo-sharing app is like calling a newspaper a letter-sharing book, or a Mozart grand era symphony a series of notes. ‘Instagram’ is less about the medium and more about the network.

Kevin Systrom
People are following me because they want to see pictures of me. So why is Instagram editing them?

Chelsea Handler
I’m hopelessly addicted to Instagram.

Sam Fender
Twitter and Tumblr and Vine and Instagram and Facebook and Myspace, all these things are social media tools that we were all told we had to have, and what we’re realizing is that, no you don’t! No you don’t.

Alec Baldwin
The major reason why Instagram works is that you can follow anyone out there and start following their photos immediately.

Kevin Systrom
One of the things that technology has is a direct relationship with its users. We talk about newspapers. But the biggest newspapers in the world right now are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram.

Chris Sacca
In my view, we need to break up Facebook from Instagram and the other potential competitors that Facebook bought up.

Zephyr Teachout
Instagram is kind of a big lie at the end of the day.

Megan McKenna
I started my own chat show on Instagram, that also takes time. Then, I have also been singing and painting. I actually enjoy the down time that I get.

Sayani Gupta
Every day when I wake up, I check Instagram.

Jessica Williams
I’m always trying to respond to my Instagram direct messages, even if they’re a little weird. I’ll have a Q&A on Snapchat and talk to everyone.

Chloe Kim
I’m so flattered that at 69, people are booking me and finding me on Instagram.

Maye Musk
Brands, musicians, and public figures were among the first to embrace video on ‘Instagram’, and we’ve been impressed with how brands have extended their reach with video ads.

Kevin Systrom
You could have the thickest skin but Instagram and Twitter still affect you. It makes you envious, even if you’ve got everything you could ever want.

Oliver Sykes
When I joined Instagram, I began sharing my raw photos along with my raw and honest thoughts and feelings.

Iskra Lawrence
Any images that I’ve had retouched, I look at them, and I think, ‘Oh I actually don’t want that.’ That’s why I don’t share them on Instagram.

Iskra Lawrence
Beto O’Rourke may think he wants to be president, but I am here to help him recognize the truth: What he really wants to be is an Instagram model.

Kat Timpf
I’m not a big social media guy, I have no Twitter accounts, I don’t have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, I don’t do any of that stuff.

Doug Pederson
Instagram is a perception game.

Nina Agdal
Never forget when posting something on Instagram that it lasts forever. Instagram is embarrassing enough as is, so be careful. A post might not embarrass you in this moment, but it’s likely to in the future. So don’t only think about yourself; think about your future self.

Cazzie David
I have been a big fan of Coco Rocha’s for many, many years. I have seen her walk in runway shows, pose like no other in photo shoots, and naturally follow her every move on Twitter and Instagram.

Brad Goreski
Snapchat’s ramp reminded us of another mobile app Benchmark had the good fortune to back at an early stage: Instagram.

Mitch Lasky
Since the founding of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other mainstays of what technology writers have come to call ‘the social Web’ or ‘Web 2.0,’ a sizable portion of humanity has learned to be together while apart, sacrificing intimacy for control and spontaneity for predictability.

Walter Kirn
Like anyone else, I can fall into these massive Instagram holes and start comparing myself to other people.

Adwoa Aboah
As a journalist and longtime photographer, I love Instagram and the connection it gives me to my friends and family as I journey afar or for me to view their lives from my perch back home.

Mary Pilon
Our goal is really to make sure that ‘Instagram’, whether you’re a celebrity or not, is a safe place and that the content that gets posted is something that’s appropriate for teens and also for adults.

Kevin Systrom
I’m so fascinated by the influence of social media on fashion. I’ve seen so many artists on Instagram, up and comers you would have never known otherwise.

Edward Enninful
If I read something on the news that really irritates me, I get my rageful venting out on Twitter. I’m more of my light side on Instagram.

Jonathan Van Ness
I love watching TV, I probably spend too much time on my phone, but it’s probably not very good for your mental health is it? It indulges some of your worst personality traits, like staring at other people’s lives on Instagram for hours on end.

Natasia Demetriou
Now every person edits the story they tell about themselves, carefully ensuring what the world looks at – whether it’s over Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Om Malik
The thing about Instagram and fashion is that is has absolutely taken down the sense of the velvet rope and has pulled the curtain aside on the entire experience that used to be for a select 100 people in the world. Now it is there for millions of people to consume.

Eva Chen
If I’m being honest that’s something that I think to myself every time I go on Instagram – ‘Look how skinny she is, I wanna be that skinny’, and it’s horrible.

Esme Creed-Miles
People are so over what they did yesterday, they don’t even sit and discuss what made it a great time. They’d have to be reminded by their Instagram, after 52 weeks, and it’s like ‘Oh, I remember that now.’

I don’t Tweet or Twat. I’m not on Instagram or Facebook.

Miriam Shor
In the Digital Age, recorders also tend to be oversharers, and with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, they can do so on a grand scale.

Graydon Carter
Before I put ‘Blue Lights’ out, I deleted my Instagram and everything and started again.

Jorja Smith
It’s definitely a good way to stay in touch with your fans. The main reason I really use Instagram is because I want to hear their thoughts and what would they like to happen and see if I can make that happen. Which is a really nice way of being in touch with them all around the world.

Tom Holland
I do believe that Instagram has put a stake in the ground and we’re growing more quickly than anyone. Is there something in there we could do to make it a multi-billion dollar business? I think we can figure out something along the way.

Kevin Systrom
I don’t go looking for the post-match team pictures posted by players on Instagram, but usually, someone ends up showing them to me, or I notice them when they get printed in the newspapers.

Paul Scholes
Every camera shoots horizontal, right? So we’re all super used to framing things with lots of horizontal room. We’ve seen this new wave of Snapchat stories and Instagram stories where people are actually framing for and recording in vertical. Whether it’s better or not is debatable.

Marques Brownlee
I’m on Instagram, and all my fans on my Instagram are basketball fans – like 90 percent.

JaVale McGee
Today, when you look at social media, you see that the narrative can be overtaken by people just from Twitter and Instagram. I know when Ferguson was going down those first few nights, I was watching feeds on the ground on Twitter, not CNN.

Ava DuVernay
Instagram is just something I like to do. I feel it’s the best way to portray who you are.

Dawn Richard
Today, models are able to share industry news, trends, and communicate with fans through Twitter, Instagram and blogs. So in a way, our position as models is way more personable and relatable.

Karlie Kloss
For me, Instagram had become a place where I could image myself the way I found myself.

Hari Nef
Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – I steer away from them. They’re alienating us socially as well as bringing us together.

John Hillcoat
I remember, when we were starting Tinder, we were like, ‘We’re going to be the next Instagram!’ I remember sending my parents emails being like, ‘We got 300 members!’

Whitney Wolfe Herd
I watch everything online… I consume so much media through Instagram and Facebook, too.

Shenaz Treasury
Oh, Instagram stresses me out on a very deep level!

I sent a message to Drake telling him he should follow me on Instagram, then two minutes later someone tweeted at me saying that he had followed me and I went to see if he actually had and he did. When I posted a video, he sent me a message after saying, ‘Congrats King,’ and I think I lost it, I was so excited.

Alphonso Davies
If you look at my Instagram, girls are just beating down my door for tips or a job or mentorship. I can’t hire every single one of them. My story is one thing that gives them hope. It’s an unconventional story with anecdotes, commonsense advice and a big dose of permission to figure things out for yourself.

Sophia Amoruso
The problem with Instagram is people aren’t portraying their real selves.

Vogue Williams
I’m an avid Instagram user, and I do it myself.

Elise Stefanik
I’m at the beach all the time. I surf. I fish. I dive. These things on Instagram are really my life with my buddies doing my normal day-to-day stuff. I happen to be shirtless a lot.

Scott Eastwood
I like Instagram – I love pictures, I just don’t take them very often.

Cecily Strong
Mustard saw my Instagram probably, like, August of 2015. He just reached out to me by DM on Instagram.

Ella Mai
I’m always on Instagram! I’m like an Instagram stalker.

Bella Thorne
I’m a true fighter, not an Instagram fighter.

Ryan Garcia
Twitter’s more fast-paced. Instagram, it’s more, like, lifestyle and posting very specific, cool pictures.

Cameron Dallas
I love Instagram! I like LaLa Anthony and Rihanna’s photos. They always have great photos.

Keke Palmer
I love Instagram and Facebook.

Ray J
I find Instagram interesting to the extent that new royal families are born and die there, such as The Kardashians of L.A.

Maurizio Cattelan
One of my favourites on Instagram is @dublin_zoetrope. He does these musical theatre/Meryl Streep/Glenn Close memes that are truly hysterical. He’ll take a regular photo of them and create an entire storyline, and it makes me cackle out loud.

Bianca Del Rio
My true social media passion is making creepy short movies on Instagram.

Jenny Lewis
‘Instagram’ is a media company. I think we’re about visual media. I explain ourselves as a disruptive entertainment platform that enables communication through visual media. I don’t think it’s just photos.

Kevin Systrom
Instagram was created because there was no single place dedicated to giving your mobile photos a place to live and to be seen.

Kevin Systrom
I’m not on any social media. I know people who have met on Twitter and through Facebook. I had a friend, someone liked her photos on Instagram, and they started direct messaging each other and went out on a date! That’s so foreign to me.

Cristin Milioti
And if I have kids one day, I can tell them that I was famous on Instagram, which is really funny, and they will think that I’m really lame. Everything is temporary.

Jessica Barden
Video is just exploding on Instagram – motion is the new filter. We’re going to help people use visuals to tell their stories.

Marne Levine
If I want to shoot my daily look, I just put it on Instagram – not on the Web site.

Chiara Ferragni
My newly acquired title of being an uncle boy was this a special one life-changing it even made my Instagram bio.

Valentin Chmerkovskiy
A thing that I’m always worried about doing is putting an image of myself on my Instagram or somewhere else that looks perfect, because that’s not who I am, and that’s not what I want to preach.

Petra Collins
I guess just being more known is the biggest change, getting noticed in public and having a lot of followers on Instagram and things like that. Just a crazy new life.

Darci Lynne Farmer
Sight by Jessie Greengrass was put up on Instagram by an acquaintance, so no one actually recommended it to me personally and yet it had a profound effect on me. The book deals with the conflicting emotions brought to the surface when you are deep in the throes of your ‘child-bearing’ years.

Phoebe Fox
Throughout my career I have developed a thick skin against verbal abuse, justifying it as just ‘part of the game’ but the time has come for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to consider regulating their channels, taking responsibility for protecting the mental health of users regardless of age, race, sex or income.

Chris Smalling
I want to know who my client is. I see her on Instagram, but it’s another thing to get to chat with her.

Edgardo Osorio
To tell you the truth, I used an Instagram filter called Ginza to share a snippet of the song – I simply left the name in the caption in case anyone wanted to use the same filter. But everyone started calling the song ‘Ginza.’

J Balvin
I do find Twitter to be more negative than Instagram. Instagram is not so bad. I think it’s because of the pictures and see a face where on Twitter people forget we are human beings.

Gail Kim
Technology moves so fast and social media moves so fast because everyone wants the new thing, but also, everyone wants to be where their parents are not. Once the mom got a Facebook and a Twitter and an Instagram, I don’t want to be there anymore.

Ansel Elgort
Everyone has some secret and some source of pain or sadness and I just said mine first and then everybody went after me. I get it every day in my Instagram direct messages, people thanking me for talking about depression and telling me how it helped them.

Neal Brennan
So all I really seen my whole life is just Myspace and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.

Lil Tracy
I’m on Instagram more than any other social platform.

Emily Weiss
You want to have the perfect balance of hot and funny on your Instagram, but you never want too much of either… Don’t try to add humility to your blatant ‘hot’ posts through a half-hearted attempt at being funny. You look good; just own it.

Cazzie David
Twitter is an extension of every dumb thought I have, firing it off – Instagram is a little more methodical.

Phoebe Bridgers
I had a hard enough time in high school, fitting in without having to keep up with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – all these ways you have to keep up your image.

Amanda Crew
I always separate myself from reviews, but tweets and Instagram comments, they go directly to my phone. It’s hard to keep up.

Skylar Astin
With Instagram and Twitter, you’re constantly looking at other people and comparing yourself to them, and it’s just not beneficial. There is always going to be someone skinnier or prettier or with better skin, and that same girl you’re looking at is comparing herself to someone else.

Brittany Snow
Really, we’re just taking people and shifting them from taking photos anyway to taking them on ‘Instagram’.

Kevin Systrom
‘Instagram’ can engage generations of people that may not be on Facebook yet. I think that’s true with ‘WhatsApp,’ and I think that will be true with things like Oculus.

Kevin Systrom
When I started Instagram, I kind of just did what I like to do or to show the things I like, whether it be sneakers or weird flowers, have the little drops of myself and my style kind of fluidly throughout. That was really helpful in starting and carving out my own place.

Paloma Elsesser
I’m skilled in the Twitter and Instagram sense of the social media verse.

Victoria Justice
As users flock to Vine, Snapchat and, previously, Instagram, the social platforms are challenged to continue to be the primary provider of these services to the growing army of smartphone users.

Keith Teare
The internet business model changed dramatically. You would never have an Uber, you would never had an Instagram, if you didn’t have a connected computer in your pocket that didn’t also have a camera or a GPS.

Steve Mollenkopf
I don’t follow other fashion blogs, but I do follow other fashionistas on Instagram. Many of them are my friends; it’s really cool: they can inspire me, and they’re also my friends. I also look for inspiration in the street; there are so many fashionable women walking around.

Chiara Ferragni
I wouldn’t follow me on Instagram.

Scott Rogowsky
Every once in a while I need a break from Instagram; like six hours long.

Huda Kattan
I’m pretty much on all social media, but Instagram is the coolest, and I use it the most because I take a lot of pictures and I like to post them, but I link them all to each one.

Lexi Thompson
I’ve seen so many people on Instagram lose all of their followers because they were doing constant collaborations. They were only getting paid $100 dollars per post. That doesn’t make any sense.

Jake Paul
If my Instagram or Twitter has gotten people to try healthy supplements or enjoy a new form of fitness and feel better about themselves, then that’s pretty rad.

Seth Rollins
I like to compare ‘Instagram’ to the Library of Congress.

Kevin Systrom
I think there are a lot of really positive aspects to social media for novelists. Even though our work is pretty solitary, through Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and Instagram and blogging in general, we’re better able to connect directly with readers.

Holly Black
Every morning, I make myself a cappuccino with a drawing in the foam. I post them to Instagram with the hashtag #christiecappuccino.

Christie Brinkley
People put their voice everywhere. All through Instagram comments. As minuscule and kind of stupid as that is, at the same time, it’s dope. People really feel like, ‘I have to say something,’ which is sometimes a little much, but like, ‘Go ahead, man. Speak away.’

Mac Miller
Facebook captures examples of inequality and makes them available for endless replay. Twitter links the voiceless to newsmakers. Instagram immortalizes the faces and consequences of discrimination. Isolated cruelties are yoked into a powerful narrative of marginalization that spurs a common cause.

Stacey Abrams
I’ve never really been into social media – I don’t have a Facebook; I don’t do Twitter or Instagram or anything.

Facebook and Twitter and Instagram are excellent ways to keep in touch with the audience and maintain your image an actor.

Alice Ripley
Julius Sharpe and his wife are extremely loving parents, and because I follow them on Instagram, I always see them, you know, building forts in their living room with their daughters, and doing this and that.

Will Sasso
I might have added zeros to my bank balance and followers to my Instagram account, but apart from that, I still lead a middle-class lifestyle.

Vikrant Massey
I know how I shop and how I am inspired to buy things, and the majority of it is from Instagram. I look at people like Yasmin Sewell and Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller, as well as the countless models that have really cool street style, for inspiration all the time.

Eva Chen
I remember asking one of my agents, like, ‘Hey, is this Instagram thing good for models, or is it bad?’ And they said, ‘No. Keep doing it. Heidi Klum, or whoever, has millions of followers, and that doesn’t hurt them.’ So, I kept with it. I think it definitely helped.

Charlotte McKinney
I kind of came about at the same time as Instagram, and it becomes, like, your portfolio. When people search who you are, they search Instagram, and I feel like people aren’t even using Google anymore.

Justine Skye
I feel like, if you have a big platform, please use it for great… just like me, just like a bunch of people are. It takes two seconds. It’s not gonna mess up your Instagram feed, you can do it.

Skai Jackson
I’m not hard to find. I’m on Snapchat and Instagram every day.

Nick Diaz
I mainly use Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Those are my three.

Finn Wolfhard
It’s not that Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter aren’t really great mediums – let’s be honest; technology allowing us to be able to contact people around the world is fantastic – but it’s also so detrimental.

Katherine Langford
My Instagram doesn’t cover my insecurities, my lack of self-confidence, that week I spent crying… there’s a question of whether I should be sharing that online.

Amanda Gorman
I feel like somebody who just is very understanding is my biggest thing – timing is a major issue for me – but also funny! Obviously I want someone really cute and fun and fresh for good Instagram pictures and that just makes me really happy.

James Charles
As far as putting stuff on social media, I think Instagram is really cool because I like the visual aspect. You’re taking pictures, and you can put a filter on them, and it’s super creative.

Ross Lynch
I was doing Facebook comedy videos; then I moved over to Instagram, and then I hopped on Twitter. That is where I really was a master. That was the first place where I could go viral.

Lil Nas X
People think I’m consuming all the time, based on my Instagram feed, but I know how to eat and how to pair. I might post the heaviest osso bucco of all time, but I’m not showing the carrots I’m having on the side rather than having a whole other big dish of something.

Chrissy Teigen
I don’t think life is this Instagram fairytale everyone makes it out to be. Life is super heavy.

Ashlyn Harris
Sure, to an extent it’s true that I probably would be just some random girl on Instagram if wasn’t for my parents and I am fully aware of that.

Chloe Madeley
I might find out about a songwriter and start following them on Instagram. Within a day, we might be hanging out and feeling out whether we can work together.

Frank Dukes
Read each tweet about 95 times before you send it. Look at every Instagram post about 95 times before you send it.

J. J. Watt
I fell in love with Instagram.

Huda Kattan
I don’t think it’s going to come as a shock to anyone, but Garrett and I have decided to end our engagement. Garrett and I came to this decision after many conversations. It wasn’t just something we just arrived at one night. It wasn’t based solely off of one Instagram post or somebody else’s opinions or comments.

Becca Kufrin
Selling a lifestyle – whether it’s a brand or an Instagram post – which teaches not just girls but people that your value is defined by what you look like is the most appalling thing that I could think of, especially as a woman.

Kat Von D
I think people are feeling more artistic and creative with something like Instagram that makes editing easy. That’s a good thing for sure.

Tom Anderson
A lot of the earliest ‘Instagram’ celebrities took really beautiful photos. But you’re starting to see a change where it’s not about beauty; it’s about the story that you tell.

Kevin Systrom
My friends had to convince me to get a Twitter and Instagram.

We were doing a gig in Spain and yet again had four hotel rooms that never get used. We always share a bed. So we’re all in bed together and we’ve all got wind. And we thought it would be funny to put it on Instagram. Farting on cue.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock
People look at Instagram and say they want money, they want this, they want that.

Marko Arnautovic
I’m a serial scroller, and whenever I have a minute to spare, you’ll find me on my phone scrolling through Instagram.

Ananya Panday
You know, it’s annoying we all get a lot of negative comments on Instagram, Twitter and stuff, but you know what? We’re working hard and enjoying life.

Jonathan Cheban
My overall plan for Instagram is to continue to create a tool that will inspire people to use their visual voice.

Marne Levine
I’ve always followed this page on Instagram called the Sausage Dog Hotel.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson
If you go on my Instagram, you’re not going to see the same content you’ll see on my YouTube. Instagram has become the new magazine. It’s much more editorial and about perfect moments that are captured. Snapchats are funny, real moments that you want to share. On YouTube, it’s more structured, more storytelling.

Michelle Phan
I actually have Robert Kardashian blocked from my Instagram.

Blac Chyna
I don’t have social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, nothing. I don’t receive information. That’s why my head, my face, looks younger than I really am.

Mauricio Pochettino
I’ve been told that having an Instagram account will help me book more roles, get more endorsement deals. It makes you more of a brand. But I’m not interested. I want to build my fan base through movies and movies alone.

Miles Teller
You just want to play. You don’t think about the money, how many followers you’ve got on Instagram. You just want to make it. You don’t understand the demands, how intense it is at times – the scrutiny you’re going to get.

Ashley Cole
I don’t tweet. I prefer face-to-face communication and sometimes Instagram.

Elizabeth Jagger
I Instagram and tweet a lot about my dog. I think he is one of the most interesting things about my life right now. All my motherly instincts go toward this dog. I love the dog.

Alexandra Daddario
The notion of what is public and what is private has been dissolved. My children see documentaries; they see Instagram. Everyone is very open: it has become less taboo to expose lives.

Karl Ove Knausgard
The only difference between Benito and Bad Bunny is 16 million followers on Instagram. And the money that Bad Bunny has in the bank. Benito had, like, $7. The numbers are different, but I’m still the same. Even my insecurities remain the same.

Bad Bunny
What we do with the Magic, it’s not just for a picture or an Instagram post; it’s about helping kids’ lives and having them tell their parents that an NBA player told him something that will stick with them. It’s all about the impact that we can make with these kids’ lives.

Tobias Harris
I’m the worst. I get on my Instagram, put up a picture of my face looking all cheekbones and blue steel, and get massive dopamine hits when I see the likes come in.

Sam Fender
Mostly for social media, Twitter or Instagram becomes so much more fun when you can be boastful and say whatever you want. You can be so full of yourself and ridiculous when you’re a heel.

Becky Lynch
We put something on Instagram, and it gets reposted, and it’s everywhere, and a minute later it’s gone, over. I don’t see that as a negative thing; it’s the way my mind works, too.

Jonathan Anderson
I get messages all the time on Twitter and Instagram from people back home telling me that they have bought a Wolves shirt. It’s amazing that it can happen.

Raul Jimenez
I’m an artist, so I love the graphic design of Instagram.

Pierce Brosnan
There is absolutely a side of me that people don’t know. I’m not myself on Snapchat or Instagram. That’s totally not me.

Kylie Jenner
I still wear makeup, but I’m no longer hiding behind pot after pot of foundation or endless filters on Instagram.

Georgia Toffolo
On my Instagram, lots of people tag me in photos of just dudes with beards, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I met Chet Faker’ and I’m like, ‘That doesn’t even look like me.’

Chet Faker
If you’re a priority artist, then you get an amazing amount of exposure and money thrown. If you are more niche, then it’s not necessarily the way forward. If you want Instagram followers and fame, then the major labels are still really great for that.

I follow so many beauty bloggers on Instagram.

Kat Graham
Women are important storytellers who help connect the Instagram community to what’s happening in the world.

Marne Levine
If I go on summer vacation, I’d make a funny video about it for YouTube. For Instagram I’d show the gorgeous pictures. Snapchat is for the little side moments, like the hotel room, the food. Twitter is for whatever thoughts that come to mind about the vacation.

Eva Gutowski
Can I bond with people and live for 39 days without my Instagram account? Probably! But the real question for me is this: can I be happy doing that?

John Morrison
I think when people let their inhibitions go, they’re so fun and so free. I think we all have it within us, but the world, your job, responsibilities, stupid stuff you have to do as a grownup, Instagram, makes you feel like you always have to be cool, and I like any opportunity where you don’t have to always be cool.

Jeannie Mai
It’s not all Instagram worthy!

Busy Philipps
I love Instagram. I like taking pictures. I’ve always been into that ever since cellphones had that capability.

Kyle Carpenter
Instagram is not a place for tone or irony.

Mary H.K. Choi
It’s even rougher for the kids today because they have social media – it’s as if they’re being interviewed every moment of the day even when they’re just interviewing themselves, putting out a tweet or an Instagram post.

Dante Basco
The power’s in the people, more so because we have platforms that we can control, like Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, where we can deliver straight. If you’re building a fanbase, it’s in your hands; it’s not monopoly. You can do it.

Jessie Reyez
Kevin Systrom of Instagram used to work for us as a consultant in the early days of Mint. I knew him a long time ago. Maybe I could have gotten in there. But with photo sharing, I don’t know if there’s an obvious business model. I don’t think there’s a competitive, sustainable advantage.

Aaron Patzer
In the digital age, there are a million and one ways to find out what someone you fancy is doing – but remember, they can see when you’re watching their Instagram stories. If you fall deep into a hole of snooping, resist flicking through the digital diaries of their exes, or at least learn to cover your tracks.

Adwoa Aboah
I don’t follow anybody. I just flip through whatever Instagram sends me. I like to keep my algorithm pure, so I only ever like pictures of art. It’s a rabbit hole for me because I’m a total voyeur.

Marilyn Minter
I have never joined the Facebook world because, to be truthful, social media scares me to death. It is kind of crazy how huge that world is, so I have never joined Facebook, but I do have Instagram and Twitter.

Bindi Irwin
When I’m putting some communication out on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, I think that it’s helping me, my brain, you know, because it’s always somehow stimulated by people who are sending things to me. And it works both ways. It’s great. My brain is very happy about it.

Yoko Ono
I think I use writing as a catharsis. I feel sometimes that I’d like to share that with people, so Instagram becomes a vehicle.

Noah Centineo
I think Instagram at its best is where you feel like you’re getting the most authentic version of the person on the other side of the camera. Someone who does this wonderfully well is Lena Dunham.

Kevin Systrom
Instagram is my 401k.

Nick Wooster
I’ve become close with Masoud Esmaeilpour and consider him a friend. We send each other messages from time to time on Instagram, checking in to see how the other is doing. Whenever I see him, he’s always a gentleman, giving me tips about my next opponent. There is a tremendous amount of respect in our friendship.

Jordan Burroughs
I really look up to Ashley Graham and how she promotes her body and flaunts it. She’s beautiful and stunning, and I’m not going to say I love her body on Instagram and talk about it poorly in my personal life.

Lili Reinhart
Whenever I Instagram or Vine something of myself, I like to go extreme and be crazy and silly.

Tyler Posey
You guys have probably seen acai bowls on Instagram or at trendy coffee shops or wherever. They’re a great source of energy, nutrient-rich, and a good way to get a ton of fruit into your diet. Plus, they shake up the normal breakfast routine and are as easy as smoothies to make.

Brad Leone
Instagram is an app, it is not a realistic representation of anyone’s life – do not base your idea of what your body, hair, face, vacation, relationship or meal should be like according to what you see on it.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda
I definitely think we’re living in a world or generation where we need constant gratification and adoration with Instagram and likes, and we base everything on attention.

Colleen Ballinger
I don’t look at negative comments because my parents and family don’t let me. My big sister controls my Instagram, and my big brother controls my Twitter. I also don’t really Google myself or anything like that.

Millie Bobby Brown
I like to Instagram my dogs! I also get excited to post behind-the-scenes photos from when I was filming something.

Halston Sage
I mainly use Instagram and Twitter to be able to interact with fans and talk to them, and then Snapchat is the app I use to interact with my friends.

Noah Schnapp
I usually try not to be trendy and go with what everyone is wearing. Although when I am looking for inspiration, I will check out Instagram stories. I usually look at what people are wearing in Europe. They’re fashion-forward.

DeAndre Hopkins
It’s a bit harder being on TV. I would be open to finding dates through Facebook or Instagram though, does that count? I do love flicking through profiles on my friend’s dating apps though!

Laura Whitmore
Everybody is continuously connected to everybody else on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on Reddit, e-mailing, texting, faster and faster, with the flood of information jeopardizing meaning. Everybody’s talking at once in a hypnotic, hyper din: the cocktail party from hell.

Maureen Dowd
I wasn’t a big fan of Instagram at first. I felt it was watering down the way music is perceived ’cause it made things seem more normal.

It’s hard to tell if fashion will hold on to its ‘exclusive’ attitude, or change completely. Only time and Instagram will tell.

Masaba Gupta
I don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of that stuff.

Joe Thornton
I love fame. I love being written about. I don’t really mind if people think I’m a bad writer, if they don’t understand my weird Instagram performance art or they find my long captions annoying. That’s part of the package of being in the public eye, and honestly I find it exhilarating.

Caroline Calloway
There are those who build careers and companies just out of being popular on Instagram, but there’s nothing behind them.

Margot Robbie
Instagram doesn’t leave a lot of room for nuance.

Brigette Lundy-Paine
I have never been attracted to increasing my popularity or hireability by being on Instagram.

Katherine Langford
Try scrolling through a regular teenager’s Facebook or Instagram posts, everything is captioned with borrowed words or lyrics from songs, without any filters whatsoever and many times without quotation marks, because we all know what the millenials have done with punctuation.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda
Online, I would never friend a random cute guy on Facebook or start liking his pictures on Instagram – even if I had a crush on him. But with Tinder, it’s like following or friending each other at the same time. The risk of revealing your feelings is removed.

Whitney Wolfe Herd
If I scroll down my Instagram replies, the tenth one down features a racist emoji – which is not unusual. So I follow the protocol, which is to block the user and report the message under the category of ‘hate speech and symbols.’ Then I am told that an emoji with a monkey and a banana is not considered racist.

Troy Deeney
I stay current and draw inspiration from Fashion Week in New York as well as just by scrolling through Instagram. The runways are always a good sign of what’s to come, but I also get tons of ideas from real girls on the street.

Elaine Welteroth
Instagram to me is just all about fun.

Vogue Williams
Most photo apps before asked something of the users. They said, ‘You produce, act, and perform.’ ‘Instagram’ said, ‘Let us take care of the secret sauce.’

Kevin Systrom
If you get your teeth cleaned on Instagram live, it shows that you’re just out of touch. That doesn’t make you relatable or cool. It just makes you weird.

Dan Crenshaw
I got rid of my Instagram and had a flip phone for two years. I only started one after a friend told me someone was impersonating me.

Tye Sheridan
If someone on Instagram sees that a friend is in a harmful situation, they can report it.

Marne Levine
Some might see me on Instagram or Twitter and think otherwise, but when you really get to know me, I’m a likable guy. So that’s why I think that people are drawn to me.

Gervonta Davis
Especially with Instagram, I feel reluctant to make all the photos beautiful because I don’t necessarily want to send this message that life is perfect and your avocado toast is always going to be beautifully lit. I want readers to feel like the Man Repeller page is real and kind of dirty. Messy.

Leandra Medine
I love the immediacy of Instagram. My feed really is my train of thought. If I’m really excited about something, I’ll just put it up.

Jonathan Anderson
If you ever plan to run for office, if you’re a teenager, remember everything you do, every tweet, every Facebook posting, every picture you put on Instagram will be there forever for journalists and politicians – for your competition to dig up.

Rick Smolan
You know, when I was little, I actually did want to be an actor. But I only wanted to play myself. So Instagram is sort of perfect for me.

Caroline Calloway
I think it’s hard to compare ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’. Twitter has a more mature business.

Kevin Systrom
I think social media is… really cool in the sense that I don’t think that a writer like me would’ve found a readership if maybe Instagram wasn’t there.

Rupi Kaur
People say to me, ‘What do you think your mother would think about this new world with Instagram?’ And I pause and I just say, ‘Well, she really was the queen of Instagram because she was more photographed than anyone else.’

Sean Hepburn Ferrer
I am entitled to my privacy. People say, ‘No, you’re not entitled to your privacy because you married a famous person and you have Instagram.’ Well, that’s not really true.

Hilaria Baldwin
‘Instagram’ is definitely becoming a new entertainment source for people day after day.

Kevin Systrom
I like Instagram because it makes me stop to take in the world.

Sarah Rafferty
In 2010, the night before we launched ‘Instagram v1’, my co-founder Kevin and I bet on how many people would download the app its first day in the wild.

Mike Krieger
I started hearing Snapchat in the same context as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That got me curious.

Mitch Lasky
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other economic and social platforms are not trying to build businesses, they are trying to build countries. Countries with laws, law enforcement, borders, and economic policy.

Hank Green
We need to be smarter than our smart phones and realize the people we are with are more important than the people we aren’t with, and way more important than the strangers we hope will tweet and like and share and Instagram whatever we’re sending out into the cybersphere.

Regina Brett
In the age of social media and dating apps, so many people are able to hide behind their Instagram page or their Raya page or Facebook. And it’s like, ‘Let’s set something up! I want to meet face-to-face.’ And ‘Take Me’ was about, ‘Are you going to take me out? Do I have to be the first person to make the move?’

AJ Michalka
The name Rico Nasty came from Instagram.

Rico Nasty
I enjoy Instagram because it is a visual medium platform, with more photographs.

Ishaan Khatter
We’re all getting in trouble on Twitter – just get off and use your Instagram.

Sean Baker
I like the two worlds coming together in the Internet space, which is so up for grabs… It all struck me when I heard about Twitter and Instagram, how it’s like notes you pass in class. If someone’s passing you a note, you really should be doing something else, and instead you’re like, oh, ‘What are you doing?’

Parker Posey
I feel that, every day, God molds me into someone that He wants me to be. So if that means just, like, talking to teammates and helping them out, or, like, every so often I’ll post a Bible verse on Twitter or Instagram.

Laurie Hernandez
I just started using this app called Wine and Dine. It’s like Instagram, but only for food. You post what you’re eating and follow your friends, and then you can say, ‘I wanna try that,’ and so when you go on your ‘wanna try’ list, it’ll tell you where it is.

Gigi Hadid