Top 342 Frustrating Quotes

We have collected the best Frustrating Quotes by famous authors including Shane Carruth, Greg Rutherford, Lee Isaac Chung, Louise Linton, Toyah Willcox and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

It's interesting because I don't ever want to ask a bet
It’s interesting because I don’t ever want to ask a better question than I can answer, if that makes sense. I find that frustrating as a viewer. Compelling questions, while not easy, are easier than compelling answers.

Shane Carruth
I seem to be the ‘luckiest’ athlete around – and that’s one of the most frustrating things. You compete against a vast array of people and train your whole life for those moments.

Greg Rutherford
What I noticed is that the lens from which people want to look at ‘Minari’ is just from that Asian-American angle. And I think that can end up being very frustrating. Because the craft of the film, and this film itself, is meant to embody a lot of different things.

Lee Isaac Chung
What is frustrating is to have others question my motivation, my ethics, and my history.

Louise Linton
Growing up with dyslexia and struggling in the classroom because of it, I know how infuriating and frustrating it can be to be treated wrongly as though you’re of below par intelligence.

Toyah Willcox
It’s frustrating at times when you think you’ve earned a chance to play on the field and you’re over there sitting on the bench. That’s not the kind of player I am. I’m the kind of player who wants to be out there on the field and needs to contribute every minute of every game.

Freddy Adu
The thing that was fascinating and frustrating about Pac was that he clearly knew better than to go down the gangster road that he went down. Pac knew – and he was right – that thug energy could be redirected into fearless positivity.

Cheo Hodari Coker
For the longest time people were like, ‘Oh you play soccer, what else do you do?’ Cause they couldn’t believe that you could just be women’s professional athlete. That’s really frustrating because it’s almost devaluing your actual skill and ability.

Tobin Heath
When it’s deep into the season and you’re not playing well, it’s frustrating. This is when it’s time to revisit some basics.

Keegan Bradley
What is frustrating people, me included, is that democratic action affects elections but what we get then from political leaders is greenwash.

James Hansen
It’s been frustrating that people only saw me as a ‘featured artist’ for a while, but in terms of making an album, it’s been quite a nice, unpressurised environment to write songs and pick the best ones.

Becky Hill
It’s frustrating when people question your integrity.

Luther Strange
Dragon’s Lair’ we played a lot as kids. It’s a fun game to look at – it’s not a very fun game to play. Everyone who played it as a kid had the same experience: It’s outrageously expensive, it looks really cool, it draws you in like a magnet, and then it just takes your money and is very frustrating.

Matt Duffer
It’s not so much frustrating, it’s just that if you don’t know when you are going to play, how do you focus on a game? That’s part of football, though, and if you are going to be at a big club you have to deal with it.

Shaun Wright-Phillips
I have heard of ‘Green Street’-dedicated birthday parties, a website dedicated only to the clothing. It has no end. If you hashtag #greenstreet or #greenstreethooligans, you cannot go a day without people saying it’s their favourite movie. It’s frustrating because it’s a massive hit, but nobody gives it credit.

Lexi Alexander
Having to re-articulate your values and, most importantly, your rights, is something that can be quite tiring and frustrating. However, I am meticulous and tenacious and will continue to do so, because I believe it’s what’s right. I believe it’s what I should be doing.

Sinead Burke
The government was built on compromising. And it’s frustrating as hell.

Blake Farenthold
I figured managing people was obvious – I’d tell someone what they needed to do and they’d do what I wanted. It turns out that’s not the case. It was frustrating at first.

Jon Oringer
I would never crawl into a secret space to avoid the frustrating things.

Shaun King
The most frustrating thing for me as a singer is that people have pinpointed me as an actress who suddenly woke up one day and decided that I wanted to sing.

Marla Sokoloff
The day my film ‘Dum’ released, it was available on pirated DVDs and VCDs. They showed the movie on cable channels. It was pathetic. It was so frustrating.

Vivek Oberoi
I’ve really got no complaints about the way I played, just extremely frustrating with the putter and I’m sure there’s a lot of other players saying the same thing except the guy who’s going to win the golf tournament.

Greg Norman
In ‘True Grit,’ we had a vulture, a trained vulture… that was a pain and that was – even by vulture standards – probably a stupid vulture, and that was frustrating.

Ethan Coen
Everyone needs an objective, and everyone needs a goal, and it was frustrating just kind of being at a standstill.

Robert Whittaker
It is extremely frustrating if you are in your 20s and you want to embark on having a family and you’re struggling to meet people.

Joanna Coles
We’d like to have immediate answers to all of our questions. I think medicine in particular. I found it frustrating as a physician sometimes to not be able to tell someone exactly why something was happening to them. There are still so many mysteries in medicine.

Laurel Clark
One thing I love about America is that I’m not boxed in by my upbringing here. England is still so class-based that there are certain roles that I just won’t go for. I’m a middle-class boy and I won’t go for the scruffy working-class role, which is frustrating, and here I can play anything.

Tom Payne
I think, in general, the sport’s frustrating because I think it’s one of only a few sports in the world where you’ve got so many other variables. Not taking anything away from the winner, but the best man doesn’t always win. I think part of that makes the sport really exciting, and part of it makes it heartbreaking.

Daniel Ricciardo
I really enjoy doing the action stuff, but you have to be careful about who you say yes to with the action stuff ’cause some people want to do it but don’t know how, and then it just becomes incredibly frustrating.

Philip Winchester
You’re going to have twenty years as host of the ‘Today Show,’ and eighteen of those years are going to be so unbelievably fantastic that you’re going to think you’re living in a fantasy world. And one or two of those years is going to be incredibly frustrating and challenging.

Matt Lauer
It’s a lot easier to act when the writing is good. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out ‘Well, why did I say this next?’

Anna Kendrick
How frustrating would it be if you’re the president of the United States, and every single time you turn on the TV on most of the channels, they’re misconstruing what you say?

Ainsley Earhardt
The frustrating thing about ‘Friday Night Lights’ is I know a lot more people would respond to the show if they saw it.

Jason Katims
It is intensely frustrating. The longer you live, the more interesting life gets, and yet many of the parts involve carrying trays and putting lamb chops down in front of the leading man.

Juliet Stevenson
It’s frustrating not to play well.

Gary Woodland
When one is young, aspiring to play for the country, doing well, any hindrance, like injury or being out of form, can be frustrating and a cause of annoyance or even anger. But once you have a close encounter with death, you realise the real value of life.

Yuvraj Singh
In my career, I finished in second place six times. I played on teams that were in it to the very end. It’s frustrating.

Dave Martinez
I believe that good television should be challenging and frustrating and maddening and thrilling. If you just want to see people who look like you and think like you and do what you would do in any given situation, you’d have to stop looking at TV and start looking in a mirror. But would that be as much fun?

Shonda Rhimes
I was incredibly voluptuous, and it was frustrating as a young woman to not find things that fit well and made me feel celebratory of my body.

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss
I hate moaning comics, but I do find it very frustrating when I switch on BBC Four or BBC Two to find they’re repeating some piece of crap sitcom. I think: Why don’t they show mine? Not because I’d make any money, it would just be nice for it to be shown.

Sean Lock
I avoid listening to too many people’s comments about my script. I have learned to take in what is of use. It’s too frustrating looking at somebody’s notes who didn’t get what you were doing. If somebody says, ‘This stinks, and here are all the reasons,’ that’s not going to help you.

Melissa Mathison
When I was starting out, I thought I would go into comedy and there would be a mentor, like the Philip Seymour Hoffman character in ‘Almost Famous,’ in my life, and there just wasn’t. It was really frustrating for me because I desired that so much.

Mike Birbiglia
There’ve been moments where I just was tired of being in L.A. It was very difficult. I mean, you’re constantly rejected. And that’s OK, it’s just really frustrating for me, because I try to read scripts and projects that have really great, deeper, meaningful qualities to them.

Missy Peregrym
For me, I’ve struggled with that when auditioning. Sometimes I get the feedback that I’m not white enough or I’m not black enough, and that can be really frustrating in that sense.

Sarah Jeffery
I think there’s something really freeing about improv, that it’s a collective, creative, in-the-moment piece. That’s really exciting and really frustrating, because it’s there and gone.

Tatiana Maslany
Working with children has done well for me. I don’t find them intolerable or frustrating. They’re just fun, full of energy, and happy to be there.

Beck Bennett
It’s just really frustrating how people are just so selfish in this industry. It makes me very angry.

Indya Moore
Somehow we have to be able to indicate to our audience that we know how frustrating it is when the answers they are hearing are necessarily the answers that the person speaking them believes.

Emily Maitlis
You feel the music needs something but you don’t know what. So you start searching, fitting, measuring, trying. Every time you try another angle. And sometimes that’s frustrating, especially if you don’t come up with something for three days.

Beth Gibbons
Doing interviews can sometimes mess up my head. It makes me feel dirty. It’s frustrating how the press recycles a quote to death.

Juliana Hatfield
I don’t think there’s room in video games for people to bring an ego. It’s very frustrating for any actor to have someone who’s a celebrity take over your place. Like the ‘Uncharted’ film, they’re trying to find someone to play Nathan Drake. And it’s like, why do they not think of us? We do this.

Nolan North
But I have been avoiding talking about what I’m doing now because it’s frustrating for people to hear about things that aren’t available yet.

John Frusciante
Being a Filipino actor in Hollywood, the most frustrating part of landing roles in Hollywood is definitely the limited roles available and the lack of diversity.

Dante Basco
When I was young, I took classical ballet lessons, but I wasn’t very good at it. It was really frustrating because I wanted to be good at it. When I stopped having lessons, I began to dance and improvise, and I felt more comfortable.

Christine and the Queens
From what I’ve experienced so far, I’d say the traffic in L.A. is frustrating. You spend a lot of time driving your car for an audition that could last just three minutes.

Vincent Rodriguez III
We may not imagine how our lives could be more frustrating and complex – but Congress can.

Cullen Hightower
Unfortunately, the experience on has been highly frustrating for many Americans. These problems are unacceptable.

Todd Park
There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing cynics sit there and say, ‘Well, nobody can make any more money because Microsoft and Intel own everything.’ Is the software industry mature, or is it embryonic? I would say it’s embryonic. There will be a hundred more Microsofts, not just one.

Michael J. Saylor
It’s kinda frustrating to play on an injury, not certain what’s the problem.

Kevon Looney
I’m hanging in there, trying to spend as much quality time with my wife and kids as possible, and though it’s very frustrating to know I won’t beat the cancer, there’s a great satisfaction in knowing that I’m walking off the field with no regrets.

Randy Pausch
As thrilling as it was, speechwriting is ultimately frustrating for someone who wants to be a writer.

David Frum
A. J. Allmendinger is really hard to pass. He races really, really hard for every position. And you know, that’s his right. But it’s very frustrating at times.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
The problem is that Americans use the state as a moral compass. For libertarians, it is often frustrating to explain that advocating the decriminalization of x is not synonymous with endorsing x.

David Harsanyi
That’s the other thing about working on movies, the commitment is years. That’s one thing that’s so frustrating about the process is that it goes on and on and on for years.

Thomas Lennon
I’m not a fast writer, and I find the process of writing a first draft to be painful and frustrating. Usually, I start with a character, a premise, and some image that gives me a particular feeling.

Holly Black
It’s frustrating sometimes: as an athlete, you’re thrust into the spotlight, and you know, I think this team has always done a really amazing job of understanding that we have this incredible platform; let’s do something good with it.

Megan Rapinoe
I know what I’m going to write for the next three years. It’s frustrating, because if I get a good new idea, I have to put it aside.

Bruce Coville
The most frustrating part of working in TV and film is that you have to convince someone to let you make what you want; in comics you can do whatever you want and for 1% of the budget of TV and film.

Paul Scheer
It’s amazing how uncreative some people can be in this industry. They look at you and go, ‘She’s not right for the role’… but you’ve got to give someone a chance to show they’re an actress. It’s very frustrating.

Eleanor Tomlinson
Knowing what I knew about Russia, as much as I loved the music and was fascinated by the songs and the whole idea of it, I knew it would be a very lengthy and frustrating process.

Marc Almond
It’s frustrating to not be able to wear the same dress twice, so I don’t have a go-to dress like all girls do. Renting is definitely going to be my new fashion obsession.

Nikki Reed
I am more than a black guy. I am a person, I’m storyteller, I’m a son, I’m a friend, so I am all those things, so it is frustrating, to a degree, to be limited by other people’s perceptions of me, but at the same time, it is true that I am a black guy, and, you know, it’s like I’m rooted in but not bound by.

Justin Simien
Yes, there are moments when it’s frustrating where you can’t put the ball where you want it and you make mistakes.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
For most governors, we find the United States Senate or the United States Congress very frustrating at the slow pace in which they act. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of discipline and organization to what they do.

Dave Heineman
You hit those valleys sometimes and it’s really frustrating. It’s like getting stuck in traffic on the freeway. But there’s not much you can do about it.

Jason Bateman
I believe that love between people is the greatest life-giving force in the world. It’s intensely frustrating and inevitably makes a fool of you, but you can’t stop going back to it, and it’s pretty much the defining experience of a human being.

Sebastian Faulks
For the first six years of my career, I was relegated to those girl-next-door, sweet, cheerleader kind of roles, and it was really frustrating for me because you don’t have to do much acting.

Erika Christensen
Television is a business and, financially speaking, they have decisions and considerations that go far beyond the creative merit of the show. But at the same time, you’d like to believe in a man’s word. When he shakes your hand and says he’s going to stay with it, and doesn’t, it’s really frustrating in a way.

Adrian Pasdar
When I posted the 8,500 words on what Twitter should be, I wanted to make clear this wasn’t a vision statement for the future. What was so frustrating about it is that’s what it should’ve been already.

Chris Sacca
You can finish the day’s filming or the whole shoot or watch something months later and think you could have done it so much better. It’s frustrating.

Natasha Little
I have thought about the next steps, and you know, they still don’t know that I can dance. They don’t know it, and it’s frustrating me because I feel that it’s an edge that I have, and I’m not talking about I took this hip hop class, I’m talking about this is how people actually know me.

Naima Adedapo
Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he’s talking about.

Sam Ewing
As a member of the audience I don’t like it that I can’t see what’s going on in the eyes and in the face and in the most subtle responses of a performer when I’m more than a few rows back. I find it very frustrating.

Daniel Day-Lewis
While I played Ranji Trophy for five years, I used to be asked, ‘When are you playing for the nation?’ – a question which I didn’t have any answer to. I kept playing before I got my first break in 1996; those five years were indeed frustrating.

Rahul Dravid
For me, I know that people always expect me to be perfect, so when I’m not perfect, it’s really frustrating. I’m really hard on myself and want things to work out right away.

Sunisa Lee
Sometimes it is tough and frustrating to sit on the bench.

Adebayo Akinfenwa
It’s very frustrating when you don’t always get the right kind of rub – you watch tennis and know if you play better than the other guy, you win. But that’s the game we play. It can create mini-upsets.

Neil Robertson
It is frustrating that religion in general includes components that treat women as a support system for a man rather than a leader or equal player in the relationship.

Ana Kasparian
Golf is a very, very frustrating game.

Jason Day
When you’re not winning in your last couple of years, it gets frustrating because where’s your motivation?

Paul Pierce
It’s frustrating when you don’t feel like you help the team like you should, but at the end of the day there’s going to be ups and downs and it’s how you react.

Adam Thielen
You don’t always get to work as much as you like, because I’m waiting to find things that I care about. Sometimes that’s frustrating.

Laura Dern
Being just an actor would be quite frustrating.

Shenaz Treasury
When you have a new coach, a couple new guys, and a young team, the frustrating part throughout the year is the up and down.

Luol Deng
I always try to find a less frustrating way to look at things.

Andrew W.K.
What’s really frustrating with movies is the lack of improvement.

William Hurt
I’m sure it’s one of the most frustrating aspects of human experience for all of us, that when we tell someone who’s hurt us that they’ve hurt us, they tend to react with anger because they feel guilty, and we know we also get angry when we feel guilty.

Joshua Oppenheimer
I guess I don’t come to the work without baggage. I have an idea of what I want my pictures to look like in my head, and if they don’t match up, I find it frustrating.

Graeme Base
When there’s a lot of talk about a team that should or could be winning things, and it’s not happening, it can become a little bit frustrating.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
Whether you have locs, natural hair, wear a relaxer, or rock wigs and weaves, thinning edges can be a frustrating issue.

Franchesca Ramsey
When you’re losing, and you’re losing again, and you’re losing 3… 4… 5 games in a row, it can be frustrating.

Sue Bird
I just want a big HBO special or a network or somebody willing to get behind my work and promote it. The most frustrating thing for me is to have this successful act that resonates across the country, and the network guys just don’t get it. Everyone sees it except them. I want to leave a mark.

Gary Owen
I think it can be quite frustrating at times for anyone playing out of position, but you’ve just got to deal with it.

Danny Welbeck
Making art in big cities is often frustrating and difficult. It’s why artists are drawn to smaller places.

Robert Lepage
Any time you roll up a corner and you have a safety standing behind him helping out the corner, it’s frustrating for any player.

Cris Carter
I do enjoy walking, but there’s got to be a goal at end of it. It’s one of the reasons I hate treadmills. All that jogging and going nowhere – it’s too frustrating.

Rhys Darby
The lows have been frustrating, and very challenging times, but the highs have been phenomenal.

Lance Stroll
One of the most frustrating parts about songwriting for me is production, but it makes me want to get better at it and ends up being one of the most rewarding parts of it.

Brendon Urie
My career’s been a steady, interesting, weird, frustrating, fun journey at all different times.

Elizabeth Reaser
It’s something that black men still go through to this day, which is women clutching their purses, hitting the lock button on store, or just basic attitudes. And even as a U.S. congressman, as a black man, it is very, very frustrating, and you build up an internal anger about it that you can’t act on.

Cedric Richmond
It’s incredibly frustrating to constantly read scripts where you’re the girlfriend who is there to further the man’s storyline.

Phoebe Fox
Having to go back and forth between school and filming would sometimes be frustrating because I loved school. It was my chance to be around other people my age. But when you’re leaving school to go to a set that’s filled with kids your age, then it’s fine.

Alexa Vega
As no one knew much about my mental illness, a lot of people had the attitude that I had the capability to ‘kick it’ and get better instantly. This was the most frustrating attitude for me.

Andy Behrman
Not playing is frustrating; you want to play in every game. But it’s the life of a keeper. You’d rather be on the pitch than off.

Robert Green
At times those skills were really hard to do because not only was I having to contend with the camera, but I was having to learn these new skills and the ball was always kind of doing what you didn’t want it to do. So it got a little bit frustrating at times but we got there.

Parminder Nagra
I’ve been a good 3-point shooter, but I’ve been a better midrange shooter my whole career, so it was definitely frustrating to try to figure out that balance.

Khris Middleton
Don’t get me wrong, some of the mis-informed articles I have read over the last few weeks have been incredibly frustrating, but for my part I fully appreciate the opportunity I have been given and want to grasp it firmly.

Adam Rickitt
It’s frustrating when you make the efforts but the conditions are not there to make a great tournament.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
What is frustrating is being told that no matter how hard I’ve worked, it counts less than my appearance. Although if you’re not considered conventionally attractive, that also becomes an issue: you know, you’re a feminist because you couldn’t get a man.

Gloria Steinem
For me the printing process is part of the magic of photography. It’s that magic that can be exciting, disappointing, rewarding and frustrating all in the same few moments in the darkroom.

John Sexton
Not to play is frustrating, and I don’t accept it, but I do the best I can to try to play.

Wayne Bridge
In ‘D.A.R.Y.L.’ there was a part where I had to freeze to death, and they didn’t even use it. It can get kind of frustrating. But I don’t regret that I decided to become an actor. Besides, if I don’t like it at any time, I can stop.

Barret Oliver
It was so frustrating to see ulcer patients having surgery, or even dying, when I knew a simple antibiotic treatment could fix the problem.

Barry Marshall
I don’t think college athletes are given enough time to really take advantage of the free education that they’re given, and it’s frustrating because a lot of people get upset with student-athletes and say, ‘They’re not focused on school and they’re not taking advantage of the opportunity they’re given.’

Richard Sherman
Prosthetic makeup is always frustrating.

Peter Jackson
I have a form of Parkinson’s disease, which I don’t like. My legs don’t move when my brain tells them to. It’s very frustrating.

George H. W. Bush
I feel I’m such a big part of that insecurity that some girls might have because of my job, that girls think they have to be that picture. And even boys, they think that that picture exists, and it’s so frustrating because I don’t look like that picture – I wake up not looking like that picture.

Doutzen Kroes
Not being in the playoffs is frustrating.

Marcus Mariota
The pricing of a pharmaceutical product is opaque and frustrating, especially for patients.

Heather Bresch
I’ve always thought I crossed this really weird gap between the pop world and some slightly more left-field singer-songwriter music, but everyone’s always comparing me with Ed Sheeran. It’s frustrating.

Ben Howard
If there’s nothing for me to do as an actress, then that’s frustrating. I’d rather go work at a menial labour job, where I can actually get my hands dirty.

Robin Wright
I don’t feel like I make sense in the world. I don’t feel like I look right. I don’t feel like I act right or do right. It’s very frustrating to me that I just walk around with this all the time.

Perfume Genius
My strength as a singer is my versatility. I find it really frustrating when I’m only expected to show off. The music industry is awash with female acrobats. What happens to the song, and treating it for its sake and not as an ego example?

Alison Moyet
For more than three years, I’d been part of a complex and frustrating dance as my nonfiction, fact-based material was translated from book to movie by scriptwriters whose visions, goals and sensibilities often were quite different from mine.

A’Lelia Bundles
The whole gun debate needs to be infused with a discussion about manhood. It’s frustrating to hear debates about gun rights vs. gun control, and yet very few people say what’s hidden in plain sight: It’s really a contest of meanings about manhood.

Jackson Katz
Homemaking is whatever you make of it. Every day brings satisfaction along with some work which may be frustrating, routine, and unchallenging. But it is the same in the law office, the dispensary, the laboratory, or the store. There is, however, no more important job than homemaking.

James E. Faust
Knowing lots of answers but being a millisecond slow on the buzzer is indeed very frustrating.

Ken Jennings
If it’s not a high-concept movie, if you’re not having outer space people come down and blow stuff up, then there’s a pool of 15 to 20 male actors and 10 to 15 female actors. And if you don’t get one of them, you really need to reexamine your budget and the story you’re trying to tell. It’s frustrating.

Ryan Fleck
I’ve never asked for a transfer anywhere, but I’ve been constantly moving around. It’s frustrating.

Peter Crouch
The things that get under my skin are when the premise of a question is based on inaccurate information, misleading information. That can be frustrating.

Jen Psaki
It’s very frustrating not being on the air.

Bruce Boxleitner
It’s frustrating; terrorism is rare and largely ineffectual, yet we regularly magnify the effects of both their successes and failures by terrorizing ourselves.

Bruce Schneier
I don’t like to sound immodest, but I believe in what I can do. Sometimes it’s been frustrating because I haven’t gotten to bat; if you’re on the bench, and an unimaginative person doesn’t see you as right for a certain role, you don’t get the chance to hit the home run.

Martin Landau
It gets frustrating when my male counterparts are questioned about their game or performance, whereas I am fielding questions on gender stereotypes and my ability to stay committed to the game on account of my gender.

Smriti Mandhana
It must be awfully frustrating to get a small raise at work and then have it all eaten by a higher cost of commuting.

Ben Bernanke
I wanted to be cleared up about that Lost Weekend. I’ve heard enough of the myth. It was frustrating, but I let it go.

May Pang
It was frustrating that young people, through no fault of their own, were listening to terrible $2 ear buds. You can’t get good sound out of those.

Jimmy Iovine
It’s pretty frustrating waiting for anything.

Drew Pomeranz
I think every girl should have a tailor in her phone. It’s part of why we beat ourselves up, or why shopping is so frustrating and hard: we have this assumption that when you take something off the rack, it will fit you.

Kerry Washington
I did some sports. It was a bit frustrating. I wasn’t the greatest sports person.

Tim Burton
I can understand in some sense, having played the character, how unimaginably frustrating it is for people to tell you that you can’t love who you love, because you ain’t going to change it, and so they have to get out of your way.

Piper Perabo
I am really excited for Brooksy. Some of the things he does in training just puts a smile on your face and I want the supporters to see that. It’s been a frustrating couple of years for him. But having a fit David Brooks is beneficial to us and we will get him on the grass as much as we can.

Rob Page
This unthinking assumption of moral virtue on the Left is frustrating. I saw someone on Facebook talking about capitalist scum, he was angry and thought it was OK because his anger was righteous.

Richard Coles
I think women, we are very interesting. We have a lot to say, and sometimes it’s frustrating how all the lead parts are for men.

Ana de Armas
I’ve always been active – outdoors, on the beach, playing – and so to go home and have to sit on my couch and relax… it’s frustrating. Sometimes, you just have to really shut yourself down.

Landon Donovan
It can be a bit frustrating to always get the soft-rock stamp.

Jose Gonzalez
Revising a screenplay is much more frustrating than revising a song because you have to read through the entire work again while you are changing stuff. It is a lot easier to edit a song.

Kelly Jones
What was frustrating about Armageddon was the time I spent not doing anything. It was a big special effects film, and I wasn’t crazy about pretending I was in outer space. It feels ridiculous.

Steve Buscemi
It’s frustrating and difficult to go out there every night as an underdog, knowing you’re probably going to lose, knowing you still have to play hard to prove yourself to your teammates, coaches and higher-ups that you’re still valuable.

John Collins
Investigative pieces tend to be great stories because they haven’t been told before. The process can be frustrating and stressful, but the result is often deeply rewarding.

Mina Kimes
I don’t typically have a social life, I don’t have a family, and I will stay up all night, every night, for days on end, to solve something that I think is solvable. And it’s very frustrating sometimes, because I know that I’m like that, and it’s not always a positive result.

Shane Carruth
The thing I find frustrating about rock music is, how different can you make an acoustic drum kit sound, an electric guitar and vocals?

In the ’80s, it was difficult and frustrating to appear in the theater and TV again, even though I had some successful shows and hit records. Now, I have to say, the ’90s are the best decade of my life. I’ve done the best work and, in a funny way, I’m enjoying the most success… more than in the ’70s.

David Cassidy
They’re definitely having their moment now because they know how to work the system, and I know I have to be that way, too, in order to succeed. But it’s never been more frustrating for me.

Rose McGowan
It was both exciting and frustrating to work with an orchestral group.

Ken Hensley
As I continue to believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are the key drivers to our economic future, it’s frustrating to hear such little cogent discussion around it.

Brad Feld
I think one thing Liberty finds frustrating is a lot of this business is conducted through the media. That’s something they’re not used to with American sport. There’s that constant comparison of America sport and franchises verses Formula One – American sport works in America, it doesn’t work globally.

Christian Horner
I am a little older and understand the nature of the business – the older you get the more your skills supposedly diminish, but I think I am getting wiser in how to use my physical skills. That’s the frustrating part when you put so much heart and desire into things and feel like you are not wanted.

Randy Moss
What’s so fascinating and frustrating and great about life is that you’re constantly starting over, all the time, and I love that.

Billy Crystal
To me, emails are a little bit frustrating. I think that the telephone is much preferred because you get the sound of the voice and the interest and everything else you can’t see in an email.

T. Boone Pickens
ECW was the most fun for me artistically. And then, WWE, it was also very fun, but that was part of it. It was also a very stressful, monotonous schedule. There was a lot of politics, adjusting to that, and I am not a politician, and I don’t play those games. So that was very frustrating for me as well.

Rob Van Dam
A relationship is just a giant grey thing. Just beautiful and also frustrating. And it involves everything.

Cristin Milioti
We know we need civilization and laws and procedures, but isn’t it frustrating? Wouldn’t it be great if we could just do what we needed to do?

Lee Child
It’s easy to get a theatrical release that shows in one theater for a week. But there’s no advertising, and no one sees the movie. It’s hard to get a real theatrical release. The distribution of independent films is, to me, extraordinarily frustrating.

Jason Blum
The most frustrating thing about injuries is that they take so bloody long to heal.

Jason Statham
You come in on practice squad and you know you’re not going to play in the game, you know you’re not going to get any reps. It’s frustrating… you don’t want to just practice your whole life. You want to practice to play.

Danny Amendola
I grew up at the very tail end of the vinyl era, and at the time, I remember, we couldn’t wait for CD to come along because vinyl was so frustrating. You would buy the record, take it home, and it would have a scratch, and you would have to take it back again.

Steven Wilson
The frustrating part of being an artist is that I can do a whole interview, and all most people are going to see is the headlines. As artists, we should be able to write our own headlines.

Writing is the most frustrating, but it’s something that I’ve always done.

Larry Wilmore
Sports and music are the same thing to me. When done wrong, they are really frustrating; when done right, they can change your day.

George Stroumboulopoulos
The frustrating part is knowing that you’ve done it before, knowing that you can play, but then your game starts going down the wrong path and you lose confidence. It’s so easy to just start slipping away.

Tommy Fleetwood
It is a very frustrating thing to be the face of a creative project and yet essentially have zero creative control over that project. Essentially, you’re a pawn in the system.

Evangeline Lilly
Having your competitiveness and your desire as an athlete called into question is, for sure, frustrating.

Christian Yelich
As a native Staten Islander, it is very frustrating commuting to Manhattan.

James Murray
I think the most frustrating thing is when people… sometimes people are a bit lazy and they don’t listen to something, and they’ll just say you sound like something else and it’s quite clear that you don’t, I think that’s frustrating.

Ben Howard
This is a frustrating sport. There are a lot of emotions involved.

DeMarcus Cousins
For a novelist, no matter what, it’s a complete work, even if it’s not published. But if you write a screenplay, and it’s not performed, then it’s a sad and frustrating experience.

Susan Isaacs
It’s just so frustrating when you’re in a supporting role because you only get to express a part of yourself.

Harry Dean Stanton
People have their image of you or their ideas about who you are, and it can be frustrating.

Teddy Geiger
Football’s no different from any other workplace. If you’re not doing the job you think you’re capable of, it’s frustrating. And I’m aiming for the stars. I’m not content with being in the shadows.

Daniel Sturridge
Washington can be a frustrating place.

Chris Murphy
To be used in a part without depth is a frustrating feeling, when you know you have something to give.

Jacqueline Bisset
Kicking field goals is frustrating to me.

Kyler Murray
Once you start saying, ‘Let’s talk political, my own politics, my own aspirations,’ it can become not just distracting in that it takes time, but it can become confusing and frustrating, and is this now a political agenda or a governmental agenda.

Andrew Cuomo
I didn’t read at all until I was 12. I just couldn’t. It was too frustrating.

Ahmet Zappa
I think that when a film does its job, it poses questions rather than gives answers. It should act as a frustrating counselor who, at your bidding for advice, says, ‘What do you think?’ I think that’s some of what the culture critic Greg Tate meant by art leaving a ‘metaphysical stain.’

Aunjanue Ellis
I have always had confidence and known what I am capable of. So it is frustrating when you are not showing everyone.

Ben Chilwell
Women are far and away the bigger consumers of fiction than men, but men are still far and away the more reviewed, the more critically esteemed, the more respected. That can get frustrating.

Jennifer Weiner
Reading computer manuals without the hardware is as frustrating as reading sex manuals without the software.

Arthur C. Clarke
I run into a lot of ignorance and stupidity. It gets really frustrating, but you have to take yourself out of it and realize what’s happening in the bigger picture.

Carmen Carrera
The thing I find frustrating about rock music is, how different can you make an acoustic drum kit sound, an electric guitar and vocals? It’s very stuck, whereas with electronic music, new sounds are being created.

When you sign for a new club, you just want to play, and when injury stops you, it is frustrating.

Jack Rodwell
I’m very opinionated, and when you’re put in a position where you’re getting the storylines that are not necessarily what’s cranking at the back of your mind, or digging at the potential of your character and you have to sit on your hands, that’s frustrating.

Matthew Davis
England was very frustrating in the Seventies for anyone who was trying to wake up. It was visible in punk, in clothes, and in the revival of mods and rockers fighting. All kinds of things were going on that just weren’t individual to myself.

Genesis P-Orridge
It’s frustrating that my body can’t do what my mind wants it to do sometimes. But worrying or complaining about it isn’t going to fix anything.

Greg Oden
But it’s funny growing up, because everyone treats you – as twins growing up, everyone treats you like you’re one person a lot of times, which can be frustrating. But then I think we embraced that when we were young.

Drew Scott
There are so many misconceptions about me, and it gets frustrating no matter how thick skinned.

Tamara Ecclestone
We will vote down a blind Brexit. This isn’t about frustrating the process. It’s about stopping a destructive Tory Brexit. It’s about fighting for our values and about fighting for our country.

Keir Starmer
There are times when the only access I have to the truest person that I am is when I’m alone and trying to solve a sentence. It’s exciting, even when it’s frustrating, even when I can’t do it right.

Elizabeth Gilbert
When you really can’t affect something, you almost don’t wanna wish too hard, because it’s just frustrating.

John Oates
Yes, it is frustrating to listen to those who foment fear, suspicion and intolerance, who don’t know the mistakes of history, and are in the midst of repeating them. Have faith that the character of the American people as a whole is such that, in the end, we will choose not to drink this brand of soiled milk.

Jeh Johnson
I think I’m a terrible researcher. I find it very boring and frustrating, but the things you can find are better than what I could imagine. And when you find them, it’s wonderful, and they don’t feel artificial.

Andrew Sean Greer
The road to freedom must be uphill, even if it is arduous and frustrating.

Andrew Goodman
The studio part, to me, can be pretty laborious. You’re inside for hours on end and can be pretty frustrating to get the sound you hear in your head to come out of those speakers.

Mike Love
I never got used to getting hurt and watching games on the bench. So, it’s a little frustrating for me to sit there and watch my guys go out there and play every day.

Matt Kemp
A lot of work is going in, and it’s not paying off. And it’s becoming very frustrating for me.

Matt Harvey
I am a role model now, young people see what I am at present. People look up to me now I am playing for Burnley and it is frustrating that what happened in the past gets brought up to look like it is the present.

Andre Gray
It’s frustrating that you only have one or two, maybe three drivers that you can root for who are winning.

Kevin Magnussen
A little girl who finds a puzzle frustrating might ask her busy mother (or teacher) for help. The child gets one message if her mother expresses clear pleasure at the request and quite another if mommy responds with a curt ‘Don’t bother me – I’ve got important work to do.’

Daniel Goleman
The frustrating part of being a movie actor is waiting in your trailer to do two takes of a scene you’ve prepared for two months.

Jesse Eisenberg
Music can be so disturbing and frustrating. I mean the business side of it. The actual making music part is fun, but the business side of it is just so out of control, has nothing to do with anything.

Dweezil Zappa
The fact that my mother was on television every week while I was young was occasionally awkward, and often frustrating.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
One of the frustrating things for people who miss the first rally in a bull market is that they wait for the big correction, and it never comes. The market just keeps climbing and climbing.

Martin Zweig
I think acting can be very frustrating, and there’s no experience that doesn’t make you a better actor.

Rebecca Hall
It’s always frustrating when you drop the ball. But you’ve got to go back out there, and you’ve got to put that play in the back of your head and keep on going.

Rob Gronkowski
The most frustrating thing for musicians who want to play stuff from the new album is when everyone goes out to buy a beer.

Joe Elliott
I had the most frustrating thing happen when I was trying to find a label. I sent my album to this indie label, and they were like, ‘We already have two girls on the label. I’m so sorry, we just can’t take your project.’

Margo Price
It’s been frustrating. Since I’ve broken into the top five, I’ve seen the politics of fighters dodging fights, cherry picking fights and this that and the other.

Jimi Manuwa
Obviously there aren’t many opportunities for someone who looks like me to walk in fashion shows. It’s incredibly frustrating.

Tess Holliday
There’s nothing more frustrating than pulling on your favorite jeans – only to see there’s a bit of extra bulge above the waist.

Denise Austin
I’ve been to almost every country in the world, and the most frustrating thing for me has been that my schedule has always been so busy that there’s so little time before and after performances to explore where I’m visiting.

Andrea Bocelli
I always thought I was good. That’s why it was so frustrating when other people didn’t agree.

Robert Mapplethorpe
People do get mad at me for falling asleep sometimes, and it’s the most frustrating thing. I can’t help it. What am I gonna do?

Kurt Vile
Zero budget filmmaking is frustrating but also liberating.

Atul Kulkarni
I suppose I do think I go out of my way to be a very normal person, and I just find it frustrating that people think that I’m some kind of weirdo reclusive that never comes out into the world.

Kate Bush
One of the frustrating tics of our society’s progressive vanguard is the assumption that every evil it discovers was entirely invisible in the past, that this generation is the first to wrestle with dominance and cruelty.

Ross Douthat
As you get older, the physical abilities decrease, which is particularly frustrating because your brain gets so good! So as you are becoming less technically or physically able, younger dancers are emerging who need the space to perform.

Deborah Bull
People assume that a lot of pop artists don’t write their songs. That, for me, is super frustrating because I think it detracts from some of the art and some of the craft of what we do. I’m at the helm of it, and I think that is what people don’t see.

Ricki-Lee Coulter
In certain areas where the media are still controlled, the changes have come to a halt, which is a very frustrating situation. I would like the changes to take place throughout China.

Jung Chang
I lost a lot of judo matches because of points fighters. It was extremely frustrating for me.

Ronda Rousey
It’s frustrating to do albums that you think are worth listening to, but it’s just so difficult to cut through.

Colin Hay
It is frustrating having to walk through America having to bob and weave people’s impressions of me because they see a tall black guy walking down the street. That is frustrating.

Justin Simien
I’ve won a championship on every level except the NBA. It’s frustrating to have not gotten that in the first two years.

Steve Blake
For better or worse, when I was director of public prosecutions I had to deal with every challenge that came up, and come up with an answer. Being in opposition, you’re not taking the decisions; you’re saying what you would do if you were in power, and that’s deeply frustrating.

Keir Starmer
It’s frustrating actually, the time involved in getting something released these days. My new CD has actually been finished for a year. It’s only now that it’s being released.

Mick Taylor
I love being a musician. I love the lifestyle. But I think it’s probably as difficult and frustrating as anything.

Trevor Dunn
It’s been frustrating for me, as I’ve been injured a lot, but hopefully, I can get more fitness and get time on the pitch.

Jack Rodwell
It’s always frustrating when you leave people on base.

Danny Bautista
You go through slumps. The shot feels good in practice and looks good and for whatever reason in the game, they’re in and out. Sometimes it gets frustrating, but for me, I’ve played in the league long enough to know you just have to put in the work in practice and shoot with confidence, shoot your way out of it.

Gordon Hayward
No one cares about anything until it’s something that goes viral. It’s most certainly frustrating.

Maria Taylor
The U.N. can be very frustrating and at times impotent, but it can also be a valuable forum for discussion and resolution of world problems. We should not walk away from it just because it’s failed to live up to its promise.

Robert Foster Bennett
To me, it feels like every time I’m watching some trans story, it’s about their grief around their gender. And there’s not really a lot of opportunity for them to explore stories outside of that. It’s just really frustrating. It’s really one dimensional.

Patti Harrison
Sometimes it’s been difficult to stay positive, especially after the injuries that I’ve had, which have been frustrating.

Jack Wilshere
The thing that’s frustrating about improv is that even if you have the best show in the world, it’s over when it’s over. You get to build stand-up – I really like that aspect of it. I like writing jokes, and you don’t get to do that in improv.

Michelle Wolf
I was a theater actor back in the U.K., and you knew the whole play, so you could plot your storyline and character. And then I did ‘Lost’ and didn’t know, and it was kind of frustrating, but I enjoyed it.

Henry Ian Cusick
And one of the frustrating parts, but it’s an inherent part of our democracy, is we have separation of powers.

George Pataki
It’s something that can get overwhelming and frustrating, the sexism I experience in my career. It’s just obviously a big issue in women’s sport, like salaries, media coverage, just general things that you have to cope with in your career.

Lizzie Armitstead
A part of being an actress that is sort of frustrating is that the writers get to tell you about your character.

Annabeth Gish
I always tell people that the music industry may be frustrating sometimes, but the singing never gets old. It’s something I grew up doing, and I take the bitter with the sweet.

As frustrating as it is to not have a record come out, I have to make sure that it’s worth putting out. I have to be trying to say something, for one. I have to not oversell what I’m trying to say. I can’t ‘Bono’ it.

Isaac Brock
I had to actually purchase a book to learn the API and write the client. It was pretty frustrating trying to learn the API and develop a product quickly.

Shawn Fanning
I think that the day you’ve figured out the differences between women and men is the day that you’re no longer attracted to women. It’s the difference that is so fantastic and frustrating and angering, and really sexy.

Kiefer Sutherland
Did you know there’s a difference between being busy and being fruitful? Did you ever stop to think that just being busy – running around in circles all day but not accomplishing anything – is the same as wasting your time? It’s frustrating to expend so much energy and time and not have any fruit from your effort!

Joyce Meyer
The name game is frustrating. Agents will say, They love you, but they’re going to offer it to Julia Roberts first.

Mira Sorvino
Like, with one arm I know I can surf, but competitive surfing can be really frustrating, and sometimes you don’t do as well as you want to. It can be discouraging at times. But whenever I do get frustrated, I just focus on God.

Bethany Hamilton
I love to play the game of basketball so to sit there and not be able to play, it gets kind of frustrating.

Gordon Hayward
Acting is a community where you come in and out of each other’s lives. I’m slightly envious of the Golden Age of Hollywood. It must have been frustrating to be owned by the studio, but it was also like being in a company, working with the same people, and that appeals to me.

Katherine Waterston
There’s nothing more frustrating than when you hear a track and you can never find out what it is.

The most frustrating thing is that I want to always buy the best thing, the thing that does the most stuff.

Jerry Zucker
It’s difficult losing, but it’s even more difficult when you didn’t make a shot. I could see the ball just didn’t go your way on an out-of-bounds play or something like that, but when you’re just not making them, it’s frustrating.

J. R. Smith
The frustrating part of it is that you’re generally known for what you did last. I’ve had the privilege of doing some very cool independent films that, a lot of the time, the general public doesn’t see unless you’re at a film festival or you’re into that kind of movie.

Hayden Panettiere
It can be frustrating that, despite widespread support for common sense gun safety measures, Congress is moving at a snail’s pace. But remember that great change takes time.

Chris Murphy
It was frustrating when the managers would change; you’d go to the bench and try to work your way back into the team. But it makes you stronger.

Clint Dempsey
I like ice hockey, but it’s a frustrating game to watch. It’s hard to keep your eyes on both the puck and the players and too much time passes between scoring in hockey. There are usually more fights than there are points.

Andy Rooney
Everyone works hard in this industry. However, it takes time to get good work. Some get it quite late. It is a frustrating and confusing journey, but I feel I have been patient.

Sana Khan
As a former teacher, I know how frustrating it must be to watch students walk out of class, particularly if they have important exams on the horizon.

Layla Moran
I like to be good at what I do. It’s frustrating when I’m not. But if I get an idea in my head, you better not try to stop me, because that is just going to push me harder.

Josh Blue
The most frustrating part of trying to direct everything is not that it alienates you from people who genuinely want to help, but that it’s actually impossible.

Simon Van Booy
When you put everything you have into making music, both on and off the stage, it can be very frustrating when the music you work so hard to create is not allowed to see the light of day.

Ivan Moody
People think of poetry as a school subject… Poetry is very frustrating to students because they don’t have a taste for ambiguity, for one thing. That gives them a poetry hangover.

Billy Collins
Chelsea was the most difficult time. In the middle of the season, I already knew that I wouldn’t play again, because the club had decided I wouldn’t play. It was a frustrating decision because I felt rather good, and I thought that I could contribute something.

Radamel Falcao
Life wasn’t easy growing up; it was frustrating. If I had been a better reader, then that would have come easily, sports would have come easily, everything would have come easily, and I never would have realized that the way you get ahead in life is hard work.

Caitlyn Jenner
If you are just focused on the end result, you are probably going to have a frustrating year. But if you embrace on what you go through every day and how you work every day, there’s a lot that can be taken from that.

Mike Budenholzer
Punting the ball is really frustrating to me.

Kyler Murray
Film school was frustrating for me at first but I met some cool people like Lucia Zucchetti – she was amazing.

Lynne Ramsay
The ‘Test Kitchen’ is really fun as long as you play your role, and I didnt like the role I was put in. It became increasingly frustrating to become a sidekick to people with significantly less experience than me.

Sohla El-Waylly
Intimacy is a wonderful thing. It’s frustrating that growing up I thought it was wrong. It isn’t. Exploring your sexuality is important when you’re growing up.

Amanda Seyfried
I have two main reasons for retiring. The first is I can no longer play at a level I was accustomed to in the past. That has been very, very frustrating to me throughout this past year. The second one is realizing my health, along with my family, is the most important thing in the world.

Mario Lemieux
I mean, if you’re being directed very precisely by somebody who has admiration and who’s really smart, it’s great. If you’re being told what to do by a nincompoop – and luckily that hasn’t happened very often – it can be very frustrating.

Kristin Scott Thomas
Nothing is more frustrating to me than putting a song on an album and regret putting it on there. I’m excited that there are no songs on ‘Tailgates & Tanlines’ that I’m iffy about.

Luke Bryan
It is frustrating, but all I can do is just keep winning, and hopefully, people will stand up and take notice eventually.

Katie Taylor
Yes, and many times it’s frustrating, because I’m simply part of the show, and I’m not in the creative end of it, who goes out with detectives and tries to find these things out.

Robert Stack
Sometimes, when you have someone behind the counter who’s supposed to assist you and help you out, just being completely bored and uninterested – sometimes it’s a little bit frustrating, you know?

Caroline Dhavernas
There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing a conductor say, ‘Play softer,’ as they’re waving their hands in huge gestures.

Joshua Bell
I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me that does think I’m held to a different standard than my contemporaries and peers, and it’s a little frustrating.

Kathy Griffin
A lot of my friends are struggling musicians. Being a struggling actor, it’s just frustrating because you’re not allowed to do what you want to do.

Gina Gershon
I think the toughest thing about being an actor in a film is to be with a director who doesn’t know what they want. And that can be really, really frustrating.

Ricky Jay
I have had some dark times, it was a frustrating 2019. I was pushing for the Terence Crawford fight but, through no fault of my own, I did not get any of the big fights I wanted.

Kell Brook
Sometimes when you lose your mobile phone, even though it’s frustrating, it’s sort of rewarding in many ways because, though we do rely on them a lot, we are not reliant on them. The world continues without.

Matt Smith
I grew up doubting myself. It was a very spotty, frustrating, worrying time.

Jamie Hewlett
If the audience wants to hear them, then I’m going to play them. I’ll mess around with them a bit to keep it interesting, because it’s frustrating when you see artists refusing to play their biggest hits.

Darren Hayes
When people think of me initially, they remember me as ‘Akeelah.’ Sometimes it can be frustrating to be remembered at an age that you’ve outgrown.

Keke Palmer
Nothing hits harder than that: nothing more frustrating than your body giving up on you before your heart does.

Mustafa Ali
I find it very frustrating how much passing the buck there is in the criminal justice system when it comes to taking responsibility for outcomes.

James Forman, Jr.
In general, when I watch cable news during the day, it’s frustrating because it reminds me of a game show. If I want to watch ‘The Price is Right,’ I’ll watch ‘The Price is Right.’

Don Lemon
The most frustrating thing to me is when I tell people I work on ‘Friday Night Lights,’ they’ll say, ‘Oh, I hear that’s a really good show.’ They never watched it.

Jason Katims
On a soap opera, you’ll do an episode and a half a day, and in prime time television, you’re hustling to get an episode done in eight days. That’s a little bit frustrating sometimes. But there’s also something exhilarating about it. It’s kind of like live theater in a way, where you get one crack at it.

Justin Hartley
I’m proud to have represented England in four World Cups but it was hugely frustrating that we never reached a semi-final or played to our ability.

James Anderson
I’ve never had a kit sponsor. I get kit sent to me by a company but they wouldn’t sign me on a proper deal. It’s frustrating.

Kadeena Cox
The fact that we’re living in a country where 90 percent of the people want further gun laws – to maybe somehow put a dent in some of this insanity that’s happening – and yet there’s no further legislation taking place, it’s very frustrating and upsetting.

Eddie Vedder
Producing is hell, writing is frustrating, acting is really satisfying, directing is heaven.

Salma Hayek
It was very frustrating, sitting on the couch, not doing anything. I couldn’t pick up anything with my left hand. I was in a soft cast all the way up to my elbow. It wasn’t fun. A lot of TV. I don’t wish it upon anybody.

Brooks Koepka
It’s kind of frustrating when you’re watching something and you know what’s real and then people are telling you no. Fans are very into the idea of good old-fashioned marriage. They don’t like pretending when you’re married that you’re not.

Brandi Rhodes
When I say, ‘doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it’ to a group of small business owners, they immediately respond. They recognize the experience of doing the same things over and over. Keeping the business afloat without ever getting ahead. And it’s more than frustrating – it’s heartbreaking.

Michael Gerber
As a mountain walker, one of the most frustrating mistakes one can make in bad weather is taking the wrong route down.

Dominic Grieve
It took me nine months to write 60 pages. It was very frustrating.

Sara Paretsky
If you want a dancer’s body, dance. Dance aerobics is my favourite cardio. It’s very frustrating if people think you have to become a dancer to do it – you don’t.

Tracy Anderson
I’m delighted about the track’s success in the sports world, but the frustrating thing is, I don’t think I got rich on it. The labels and publishers did very cheap deals on our songs.

Alan Parsons
It’s so frustrating to be working so hard and know that it’s not going anywhere and it doesn’t matter.

Gail Kim
When you are losing it is frustrating for every player so it is good for them to get it off their chest rather than just keep it locked in.

Wayne Bridge
I found school very boring and frustrating.

Jose Ferreira
I like to play with someone who can cover a lot of ground and someone with whom you can discuss the language at a reasonable level; otherwise it gets a bit frustrating.

Andy Summers
The problem is I am both a procrastinator and a power junkie, so I am very frustrating to work with.

Alton Brown
What’s frustrating to me is when, on a low-budget movie, people don’t take chances. A big-budget movie, that script’s your bible; nobody’s going to risk going off the page. But when you’re doing a very low-budget film, why not take some chances, intellectually, artistically?

Lance Henriksen
I love music and musicians. And seeing great artists dropped from labels was really frustrating and sad to me.

Rosanna Arquette
When something’s ending, you go through so many phases, and it can be frustrating. But once you’re out on the other side, it’s like you can really see all the crazy phases you went through.

Norah Jones
I’m not sitting in my office stroking a white cat… I find it very frustrating: what benefit have I got of closing stores?

Mike Ashley
My priority is having the ability to be creative and to come up with the right decisions and not be fettered. If there are a lot of people involved in decision making, it can become frustrating.

Duncan Jones
I don’t like feeling like it’s not up to me when I’m working and when I’m not. Not feeling complete freedom… that’s frustrating.

Emily Meade
I think it would be frustrating having to do things you wouldn’t want to do, having to make movies you didn’t like.

Alden Ehrenreich
It is frustrating when in an interview people say: ‘Give us your make-up tips’ and ‘How do you stay skinny?’ I think: ‘Do you ask a guy that?’

Emily Browning
I used to find limitations frustrating, but I find them enormously liberating.

Peter Hedges
Now we’re in the midst of not just advocating for change, not just calling for change – we’re doing the grinding, sometimes frustrating work of delivering change – inch by inch, day by day.

Barack Obama
I learned HTML in high school and then graduated to CSS. It’s a great way to exercise my mind. But it’s frustrating as hell.

Chris Bosh
My songs have always been frustrating themes, relationships that I’ve had. And now that I’m in love, I expect it to be really happy, or at least there won’t be half as much anger as there was.

Kurt Cobain
Working in independent cinema is far more frustrating than mainstream because it is difficult to get money to make such films.

Ranvir Shorey
I think when average-size people start taking roles that were meant for dwarfs, that’s a little frustrating because there aren’t that many roles out there for height-challenged actors.

Verne Troyer
I haven’t been as healthy as I’d like or as spry as I’d like. But it’s all relative to the sport. So I’m just enjoying the process, really. It’s been ups and downs obviously and frustrating times. I know that’s the beauty and the struggle.

Shaun Livingston
I find it easier to write about stuff that is frustrating.

Also, differences of opinion can be creatively stimulating as well as frustrating.

Jim Coleman
I quite like being aggressive and horrible which gives you more confidence to dictate over strikers and to make them feel they have had a frustrating game when they’ve walked off the pitch, feeling very down.

Chris Smalling
It was very frustrating when I was president of Hakoah. You could not make any headway. We couldn’t attract the public because it was an ethnic game. Australians were not interested.

Frank Lowy