Top 35 Executive Branch Quotes

We have collected the best Executive Branch Quotes by famous authors including Benjamin Wittes, Chris Murphy, Mark Meadows, Katie Pavlich, Robert Zoellick and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

How exactly the obstruction-of-justice statutes interac
How exactly the obstruction-of-justice statutes interact with the president’s broad powers to supervise the executive branch under Article II of the Constitution is a genuinely difficult question.

Benjamin Wittes
One of my chief criticisms of U.S. international policy is that Congress has largely abdicated its foreign policy-making responsibilities to the executive branch.

Chris Murphy
I’ve put forth measures that would actually eliminate some of the executive branch power. You know, philosophically, that’s where I am.

Mark Meadows
Love or hate the outcome of what Trump has decided to do, keeping or scrapping DACA is outside of his authority as president. The executive branch enforces the law; it does not make it.

Katie Pavlich
The most effective executive branch officials try to help legislators develop explanations for the votes they are being asked to take.

Robert Zoellick
The beauty of our court system is that anybody can enter the court and sue. Uh, you have to be appointed to be in the Executive Branch. You have to be elected to be in the Legislative Branch, but anybody can go into court.

Dick Morris
To be at the apex of the executive branch and understand that there are lot of moving pieces and the importance of working with Congress to get things done – I think that gave me a unique perspective as a young person.

Elise Stefanik
As a dad, you are the Vice President of the executive branch of parenting. It doesn’t matter what your personality is like, you will always be Al Gore to your wife’s Bill Clinton. She feels the pain and you are the annoying nerd telling them to turn off the lights.

Jim Gaffigan
There’s a lot of bipartisan rancor, a lot of excessive delegation of legislative power from the legislative branch to the executive branch.

Mike Lee
President Obama is in violation of Section 3 of Article II of the Constitution by refusing to enforce the employer mandate provisions of Obamacare. The executive branch, which has no constitutional authority to write or rewrite law at whim, has usurped the exclusive legislative power of Congress.

Scott Garrett
Our Founding Fathers created the Executive Branch to implement and enforce the laws written by Congress, and vested this power in the president.

Tom Rice
The U.S. needs legislation to protect the public’s right to free speech and a free press, to protect it from the actions of the executive branch, and to promote the integrity and transparency of the U.S. government.

Chelsea Manning
Executive branch rules require sensitive classified information to be discussed in specialized facilities that are designed to guard against the possibility that officials are being targeted for surveillance outside of the workplace.

Neal Katyal
When you’re allowing the Executive Branch to deprive somebody of a constitutional liberty without any process, that is something that affects all Americans because that’s a precedent that can be used.

Ron DeSantis
In the executive branch, winning by a whisker is as good as winning in a landslide, but not so in the Senate.

Lincoln Chafee
I believe Watergate shows that the system did work. Particularly the Judiciary and the Congress, and ultimately an independent prosecutor working in the Executive Branch.

Bob Woodward
Vice President Dick Cheney reportedly has been disturbed over what he sees as the erosion of presidential powers since the Watergate scandal and has urged Bush to take a stronger stand against what Cheney sees as congressional intrusions into the executive branch.

Helen Thomas
In recent years, Republicans have argued that Congress is a more responsible policymaker than the executive branch. But when it comes to regulation, Congress is often much worse, and for just one reason: Executive agencies almost always focus on both costs and benefits, and Congress usually doesn’t.

Cass Sunstein
The Congress, the executive branch, and our fellow citizens have done an enormous amount to support our troopers and their loved ones. And all of us are grateful for that.

David Petraeus
As members of Congress, we may disagree with the administration’s position on foreign policy matters, but the fact remains: the Executive Branch is tasked with handling diplomatic matters.

Marcia Fudge
I’m seeing too much power being concentrated in the executive branch, and so our system of government is really in jeopardy, and more importantly, the overwhelming issue that we’ve had for a long time is money in politics. I see that problem getting worse.

Ana Kasparian
The executive branch maneuvered this result deftly.

Andrew Cohen
Despite the Obama administration’s proclaimed commitment to global Internet freedom, the executive branch is not transparent about the types and capabilities of surveillance technologies it is sourcing and purchasing – or about what other governments are purchasing the same technology.

Rebecca MacKinnon
The War Powers Act requires presidents to seek the consent of the American people, through their representatives, before sending our troops into war. It is the responsibility of Congress to deliberate and consult with the executive branch before involving ourselves in a military conflict.

Charles B. Rangel
In very rare circumstances, the executive branch might choose to ignore a court decision.

Newt Gingrich
Agencies and the executive branch need to enforce the law. They don’t need to fill in the spaces if Congress doesn’t act.

Scott Pruitt
As a member of Congress, a coequal branch of government designed by our founders to provide checks and balances on the executive branch, I believe that lawmakers must fulfill our oversight duty as well as keep the American people informed of the current danger.

Will Hurd
As President Franklin Delano Roosevelt learned when he tried to pack the Supreme Court, the three branches of government are coequal for a reason. Neither the executive branch or the legislative branch should use the third branch to a pursue a partisan agenda.

Daniel Pfeiffer
The executive branch has grown too strong, the judicial branch too arrogant and the legislative branch too stupid.

Lyn Nofziger
When it imposes expensive regulatory mandates on the private sector, Congress often acts on the basis of interest-group pressures, anecdotes, and the emotions of the moment. The executive branch is hardly perfect, but it is far less likely to do that.

Cass Sunstein
We didn’t pass any constitutional amendments that affected the executive branch while I was governor.

John Engler
Apparently a great many people have forgotten that the framers of our Constitution went to such great effort to create an independent judicial branch that would not be subject to retaliation by either the executive branch or the legislative branch because of some decision made by those judges.

Sandra Day O’Connor
Unfortunately, since its passage in 1973, the War Powers Resolution has been stripped of its original purpose and has instead served as a temporary, de facto authorization for the executive branch to use military force whenever it deems it necessary.

Scott Garrett
Thanks to presidential immunity and executive control of the Justice Department, there are no consequences to executive branch lawbreaking. And when it comes to presidential lawbreaking, the sitting president could literally strangle someone to death on national television and meet with no consequences.

Ben Shapiro
Serving in the executive branch is very different than sounding off from an academic perch.

Samantha Power