Top 35 Lightweight Quotes

We have collected the best Lightweight Quotes by famous authors including Rafael dos Anjos, Charles Oliveira, Tony Ferguson, Janine Benyus, Michael Chiesa and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Now that I've achieved my goal to win the belt, I want
Now that I’ve achieved my goal to win the belt, I want to be the best of all times. I want to be remembered as the lightweight with most title defenses.

Rafael dos Anjos
I ended up moving up to lightweight, which I didn’t want, and fought a really tough guy, Will Brooks, and beat him like nothing.

Charles Oliveira
I could see myself going to lightweight, but I love welterweight.

Tony Ferguson
Trees and bones are constantly reforming themselves along lines of stress. This algorithm has been put into a software program that’s now being used to make bridges lightweight, to make building beams lightweight.

Janine Benyus
I’m almost certain that no one at featherweight or lightweight wants to go to the ground with me.

Charles Oliveira
I’m a huge lightweight.

Michael Chiesa
When I sat down and knew I was going to go to the UFC, I thought of Edson Barboza and I almost had a panic attack. And then right away I called my manager Ali Abdel-Aziz. I said, ‘Ali, that’s the fight I want.’ I think it’s the worst fight in the lightweight division for me, the scariest.

Justin Gaethje
My staples are a beautiful pair of black pants, a lightweight coat, a great black heel, and a black cardigan. Everything else is just a topping on my fashion sundae.

Molly Sims
When I was 22 years old, I wanted to become the lightweight champion of the world.

B. J. Penn
I love lips, so I wanted to make the most lightweight liquid-to-matte lipstick on the market!

Jeffree Star
Our nano-quadrotor robots are made to be as lightweight as possible: less than a fifth of a pound and palm-sized. They can do an aerial backflip in half a second, accelerate at two Gs, and fly rotor blade to rotor blade in three-dimensional formations – and they do all this autonomously.

Vijay Kumar
I use an e-reader when I’m traveling: I love carrying dozens of books on a small lightweight device, and I’m still amazed every time I purchase and immediately start reading a new title without leaving my hotel room – in another country!

Chris Pavone
I’m trying to be the best lightweight fighter in the world. That’s my main objective. I just have to keep my head up, keep training and enjoy this awesome ride that I’m on.

Michael Chandler
I can’t wear a sari to save my life. So when I’m designing them, I know what I want: it definitely has to be lightweight and have pockets – girls have a lot to carry around, let’s face it.

Masaba Gupta
I have a specialized racing bike, which is great because it has a solid build, is comfortable to ride, and is lightweight.

Patrick Dempsey
It’s a heavy weight, the camera. Now we have modern and lightweight, small plastic cameras, but in the ’70s they were heavy metal.

Annie Leibovitz
One of the really fascinating areas is marketplaces that take advantage of mobile devices. Ridesharing is the obvious example, but that’s just the start of it, of selling goods and services with lightweight mobile apps.

John Collison
If you’re a top 10 guy you should pay a top 10 guy or even a top 5 guy what he deserves, whether it’s a lightweight or a heavyweight.

Aljamain Sterling
I’ll take any lightweight.

Mikey Garcia
Nothing but respect to all the fighters that are in the UFC, but every single one of us wants to prove something. And you know, eventually, I want to prove myself in that lightweight division too.

Alexander Volkanovski
I was lightweight – that was the whole point of me.

Julian Clary
I’m gonna challenge Camacho, Rosario or anyone else who has the lightweight title.

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
I went up a weight class and took off the head of the greatest lightweight in history.

Patricio Freire
Knitwear can play a vital part in layering. The simplicity of a lightweight cardigan makes it one of the best ways to layer outfits. I love granddad cardis for winter, worn over a vintage lace shirt, waistcoat and full skirt with slouchy boots.

I’m telling you, the lightweight division is so talented, we have so many high level guys out there who are not even in the top-15 who can be champion.

Beneil Dariush
After one brandy, I’m already slurring. I’m quite a lightweight.

Ashley Walters
If you believe that the mobile phone is the next supercomputer, which I do, you can imagine a datacenter that is modeled after, literally, hundreds or thousands or millions of mobile phones. They won’t have screens on them, but there’ll be millions of lightweight mobile-phone processors in the datacenter.

Peter Levine
I finish every fight. And if I don’t finish and go to a decision, I win 10-8 rounds. How many guys do you know in the lightweight division who’ve had fights where they have gotten two 10-8 rounds scored? Think about it. I’m a winner.

Michael Chiesa
The most common criticism I’ve seen is that I write ‘popcorn fantasy:’ lightweight action-adventure. Some people call it that as they explain why they love it for exactly that reason. I’m cool with that, either way. I just nod and let it go.

R. A. Salvatore
It is not that hard to go out there and put on the performance of your life and beat any guy in the lightweight division on any given night.

Michael Chandler
Digital video is so beautiful. It’s lightweight, modern, and it’s only getting better. It’s put film into the La Brea Tar Pits.

David Lynch
I alienated the automotive industry by saying that cars should be lightweight and compact.

Raymond Loewy
I think hard drugs are disgusting. But I must say, I think marijuana is pretty lightweight.

Linda McCartney
Beto is not a transformational political saviour. He is a hypocritical hack who’s so lightweight he goes where the wind blows even if it tumbles him and the economy to irreversible hell.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
I’d like to fight welterweight and lightweight at the same time if I could.

B. J. Penn