Top 35 Re-Elected Quotes

We have collected the best Re-Elected Quotes by famous authors including Scott McCallum, A. A. Gill, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Grenell, Jimmy Carter and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

My goal was never to get re-elected.
My goal was never to get re-elected.

Scott McCallum
You see, the problem with Dave Cameron is that people know who he is. The less people know about him, the more he’s likely to get re-elected.

A. A. Gill
If you think too much about being re-elected, it is very difficult to be worth re-electing.

Woodrow Wilson
In order to get re-elected, Obama told us Al Qaeda was on the run and all but defeated.

Richard Grenell
On balance, my life has been a constant stream of blessings rather than disappointments and failures and tragedies. I wish I had been re-elected. I think I could have kept our country at peace. I think I could have consolidated what we achieved at Camp David with a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.

Jimmy Carter
Bill and Hillary Clinton have one central idea in their uncluttered, ambitious minds: Hillary in 2008. Let Bush get re-elected, use the ’04 primaries and general election to clean out the underbrush of competing Democratic candidates, and proceed unimpeded to the ’08 nomination.

Dick Morris
I think politics is a reason why a lot of stuff doesn’t get done. There’s a lot of favors, and a lot of people are held back by their intentions of being re-elected or the things that they owe their party or constituents.

Chance The Rapper
I remember ‘The Shepherd’s Dog’ record being not necessarily a political record, but a reaction to socio-political situations in America. And it didn’t manifest itself as protest or propaganda songs, but there’s a lot of surreal imagery that was born out of really me being surprised Bush got re-elected in ’04.

Samuel Ervin Beam
I think no one has ever been re-elected with unemployment over 7.6 percent.

Lindsey Graham
Legislators are interested in their pet projects, getting re-elected, and popularity contests.

Bud Grant
When you first come into Parliament, it’s a daunting place because you feel you’ve so much to learn. Once you’ve been re-elected, you feel much more confident. It just gives you a bit of a boost.

Theresa May
I think what we can do is make sure as conservatives that we elect good people to both the House, the Senate, and make sure that President Trump gets re-elected.

Michael O’Rielly
I was re-elected as general secretary with almost 100 per cent of the vote. And I am very surprised by that. Because I am quite old. I am the oldest member in the leadership of Vietnam. I myself asked to be retired but due to responsibility tasked on me by the party I had to accept.

Nguyen Phu Trong
I don’t think Obama will get re-elected.

Jim DeMint
I’ve not been a decisively re-elected city councilor and top vote-getter three times because I haven’t done the work and because I don’t work hard.

Ayanna Pressley
We need an honest politician in charge who doesn’t care whether they are re-elected and is prepared to make the unpopular decisions.

Peter Hargreaves
We are all socialists now, it seems. John McCain, David Cameron and Gordon Brown attack bankers’ irresponsible behaviour and salaries, and call for state intervention in the financial markets. But these calls will not get them elected or re-elected if they are addressed only to the banking sector.

Noreena Hertz
I don’t need to make political gestures or take steps to get re-elected.

Michel Temer
If I cannot address the issue of visible homelessness and abject poverty on the streets of this community, I will not get re-elected in four years.

Ted Wheeler
I had just as much support from Republicans as I did Democrats when I ran for president. But I should have organized the Democratic Party to get me re-elected.

Jimmy Carter
Mr. President, I believe your real problem is that you have somehow been unable to realize that you have won, not only won, but been re-elected by a tremendous margin.

Elliot Richardson
I’m not part of the friends-and-family club; I’m not part of the pay-to-play club; I’m not looking to get re-elected. I’m not looking to go to another office and fill my campaign coffers. I don’t need any friends in Albany except the people of the state.

Carl Paladino
If President Obama is re-elected, he will continue to spend more money than we take in and to expand a debt that’s already on the verge of being unsalvageable. That’s a future that should frighten every American, no matter what their generation.

Kim Reynolds
I don’t like the establishment. I like the diversity of knowledge, and I’m going to use all that I can to help get President Trump re-elected again in 2020.

Brad Parscale
I suppose politicians have always wanted to get re-elected, but there’s a kind of a feeling now that if you just discredit your opposition, it makes it easier for you to win. I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

George McGovern
I think a lot of people start out full of idealism and fresh ideas. And then a lot of times, being re-elected becomes more important than staying true to your principles.

Matt Salmon
I came into office to do what was correct, not to see what was politically expedient to get re-elected.

Luis Fortuno
If Paul Ryan is re-elected, if he’s sent back to Congress, he will push for the biggest amnesty in this country’s history; and immediately after his re-election, he will push Obama’s jailbreak crime agenda.

Paul Nehlen
Too many politicians are so worried about getting re-elected that they fear taking an unpopular position. I don’t.

Matthew Whitaker
I’m a can-do conservative, and I just love the job, and I think I’m going to get re-elected.

Chuck Fleischmann
I think I was identified as a failed president because I wasn’t re-elected.

Jimmy Carter
I certainly don’t need a job. Getting re-elected is not on my Top 10 list.

Bruce Rauner
If you look at what these politicians do when they speak, most of the time they are trying to convey a tone… if I make all these points and move my hands this way, I can get re-elected. When in reality, they aren’t saying anything.

David Hogg
If Ralph Nader runs, President Bush is going to be re-elected, and if Ralph Nader doesn’t run, President Bush is going to be re-elected. We’re going to run on the president’s strong and principled leadership and his positive agenda for a second term.

Ed Gillespie
I hope Obama gets scary in the next four years, ‘cuz he ain’t gotta worry about getting re-elected.

Samuel L. Jackson