Top 35 Trim Quotes

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I absolutely hate waxing and any kinda manscaping, alth
I absolutely hate waxing and any kinda manscaping, although I love it when I’m cutting a man’s hair, and his eyebrows are really insane, and I get to trim them.

They had to re-shape the head of my femur back round. They had to trim my hip socket up a little bit. I had a lot of extra bone growth just from years of stressing it out. Because of that bone growth, it caused an impingement in my hip, which tore my labrum off the bone.

Dustin Poirier
Trimming is tricky. If you trim the eyebrow too much, you ruin the arch. Eyebrow hair has a curl and when you brush and cut it, it’s easy to snip it too short.

Anastasia Soare
You can eat sensibly, exercise and stay trim. You don’t have to starve yourself and risk damaging your health irrevocably. We need to make young girls aware of this. We need to drive it home.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
I won’t rewrite on set, but I’ll just trim the fat.

Sean Durkin
The next time someone tells you we can trim the budget by cutting aid, I hope you will ask whether it will come at the cost of more people dying.

Bill Gates
When cats scratch the furniture, it’s only because they’re trying to sharpen their claws, which means they get so long that they want to grind them down. So if you trim their claws routinely, it helps tremendously.

Beth Ostrosky Stern
One of my modeling bookers told me that the most important thing is to try to be vigilant about taking care of yourself. Get sleep, don’t be afraid to trim your hair even if you’re trying to grow it out, don’t bite your fingernails, and stay in shape. A lot of it is in the little things.

Julia Jones
My eyebrows could do with a trim.

Arthur Smith
I’m still very professional about my fitness. I stay in trim as I always did.

Peter Shilton
The standing yoga routines work all the main muscles of the body and improve stamina while increasing your metabolic rate, and there is a specific Yoga Abs workout to build all-important core strength to improve posture and trim the waistline.

Trudie Styler
I love savory foods and most of the time those aren’t the best for staying trim. Burgers, fries, burritos – I like them all a lot. I’ve pretty much given up on pizza though, because I just can’t digest the dough anymore.

Yannick Bisson
Even if you buy a fur glove with the little trim, and you think ‘Oh, my God, it’s just a little trim,’ that animal got clubbed.

Eva Mendes
I’ve always liked to keep trim, and fortunately, I don’t put on weight easily.

Jean-Paul Belmondo
I don’t do much to keep in trim – I try to walk places instead of driving whenever I can, but I really ought to do more.

Robert Webb
I have really long hair, so I don’t cut it all that often. Sometimes, when I’m working, I just have the stylist on set trim it for me. I don’t dye my hair. When I was a teenager, I dyed my hair five colors at one time. It was all different shades of red going from more orange to more purple. I thought I looked so cool.

Zhu Zhu
In addition to intense workouts, you need to be mindful of what you are feeding your body in order to keep it looking trim and tight.

David Kirsch
The DVD does make it a little easier for myself to trim things that are otherwise very difficult to let loose of – knowing that they’ll make it on the DVD.

Jay Roach
Pressed by the Obama administration and consumers, Kraft, Nestle, Pepsi, Campbell and General Mills, among others, have begun to trim the loads of salt, sugar and fat in many products.

Michael Moss
I have a tree man coming to trim the jacaranda in my front garden.

Moon Unit Zappa
It’s amazing how stress keeps you trim.

Peter Andre
I’m not slim and trim like Johnny Carson.

Bob Crane
Clients like Kerry Washington stay energized by substituting high carb, high fat foods with a diet rich in lean protein and low-calorie, fiber-rich vegetables. These foods not only keep you trim but have an amazing impact on the shape of the body, the appearance of skin, hair, and nails.

David Kirsch
But on the big things, I’m not going to trim in order to win public opinion. Because I really don’t want to serve in the Senate if I arrive there without permission to do the things I think need to be done.

Bob Kerrey
Wake the power within thee slumbering, trim the plot that’s in thy keeping, thou wilt bless the task when reaping sweet labour’s prize.

John Stuart Blackie
Here’s my tip: Have your production hire the best hair stylists on the planet to do your films and commercials, then casually hint about how great it would be to get a trim during lunch break.

Mark Romanek
If I don’t trim the upper lip, my wife wouldn’t kiss me. You have to take into account her needs as well.

Eric Weddle
The nice thing about living in a semi-small town is that I can just go home and switch off. I go home now and I trim roses, rake leaves, wake up early in the morning and scare the raccoons off the lawn! It’s kinda nice, that’s the way I turn off, in Bakersfield, California.

Gregory Porter
Constant exercise can keep the body trim and taut, but the face is another thing.

Nell Scovell
I am not even trying to become size zero. My problem was that I hated to see myself putting on weight when I could see others around me slim and trim and looking great. It was affecting me mentally.

Tanushree Dutta
The same way that we as humans stay groomed in summer, shower more and get the occasional haircut, pets need to be groomed too – nothing drastic, just a trim and some cleaning to keep fleas away.

Pranitha Subhash
Arizonans should not be judged disdainfully and from a distance by people whose closest contacts with Hispanics are with fine men and women who trim their lawns and put plates in front of them at restaurants, not with illegal immigrants passing through their backyards at 3 A.M.

George Will
It took me years to find a program that kept me in shape: Gyms felt intimidating, and women’s magazines seemed tailored for toning the bodies of already trim white women.

Jenna Wortham
Whenever I work on an album and the time comes to do all the artwork, the only thing I think of is the LP artwork. When we worked on the ‘Electric Trim’ artwork, we spent weeks and weeks making the LP artwork great, and then the CD artwork came together in a day or two. The LP is what’s important to me.

Lee Ranaldo
When I was 15, if Stephen Fry had advised me to trim my eyebrows with a Flymo, I would have given it serious consideration.

Robert Webb