Top 399 Saved Quotes

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Gary Sinise and I go the furthest back of the Steppenwo
Gary Sinise and I go the furthest back of the Steppenwolf people; we were both saved from academic mediocrity as sophomores by being cast in ‘West Side Story’ by this transformationally beautiful teacher named Barbara Patterson.

Jeff Perry
On the little money I had collected I lived in Berlin very cheaply, ate very cheaply. And already in 1920 I saved the first salaries I received to go to Munich.

Josef Albers
The Google algorithm was a significant development. I’ve had thank-you emails from people whose lives have been saved by information on a medical website or who have found the love of their life on a dating website.

Tim Berners-Lee
I know that Annie Lennox has saved my life quite a few times, and I never forget that.

David A. Stewart
Believe in God, for with the grace of God the American rockets will go astray and we will be saved.

Mohammed Omar
My family wasn’t terribly affluent and looked upon money very carefully as something that had to be saved, not spent. My father built the ducting that took air into the copper mines and made about 6 d a yard in the Thirties, which was good money back then.

Wilbur Smith
In high school, I taught dance classes for 3-year-olds up to 16-year-olds, so between that and some bat mitzvah money, I saved up a pretty good nest egg to move to L.A.

Dianna Agron
I really thought I was on the way out. My husband Blake saved my life. Often I don’t know what I do, then the next day the memory returns. And then I am engulfed in shame.

Amy Winehouse
I genuinely believe that being on death row for 22 years ultimately saved my life. It was the greatest adventure of my life, and I survived it.

Nick Yarris
I’ve been really, really fortunate to have a mother that has spent many, many long hours on her knees praying for me. And I guarantee you, I would almost bet everything I have that that has saved me more often than not. So it sustains me.

Jay DeMarcus
The mistake I really learned from was in 2005, leading the Indianapolis 500. I had a decision whether or not to save enough fuel to finish the race – which meant slowing down – or going all-out for the win. I went conservative and saved enough fuel to go to the end but finished fourth.

Danica Patrick
Jesus is the only Savior, but not everybody who is saved by Him is aware that He is the one who is doing the saving.

Tony Campolo
Public health research has saved countless lives in the past.

Leana S. Wen
The first time I went to the Met Ball, I was 16. I was an intern there and saved up to buy a staff ticket to the party. That was my favorite experience going. It wasn’t the red carpet; it was the experience of being there for the first time.

Zac Posen
A vendor selling coconuts on the road is a philosopher. He will have ideas on politics, economics, history, sports. This has saved India. The fact that the common Indian is a thinker is vital.

In this case, the particle formed has correspondingly less energy, whereas the product nucleus passes into the ground state with emission of the quantity of energy saved as gamma radiation.

Walther Bothe
A civilization, a culture, cannot survive without passion, cannot be saved without passion.

Oriana Fallaci
Men tell me that I’ve saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it’s cheaper than a divorce. So I’m still useful, you see.

Manolo Blahnik
The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.

Norman Vincent Peale
For a long time, rich countries have promised to reduce poverty but have failed to match their words with adequate action. Of course, some important progress has been made and millions of lives have been saved, but millions more could be saved.

Peter Singer
The Beatles saved the world from boredom.

George Harrison
To us Americans much has been given; of us much is required. With all our faults and mistakes, it is our strength in support of the freedom our forefathers loved which has saved mankind from subjection to totalitarian power.

Norman Thomas
TNA has had a lot of great periods – Hulk Hogan even came in, but I don’t think he was beneficial to TNA. They spent a lot of money on him, but made a lot of mistakes. They should have saved that money for me.

Matt Hardy
It was early detection that saved my voice – and I imagine, my life.

Rod Stewart
Many a man is saved from being a thief by finding everything locked up.

E. W. Howe
My father had left behind an old piano. My sister was already going to school, my mother was out working, and I stayed at home alone with my adorable grandmother who understood nothing I said. It was so boring that I stayed at the piano all day long, and that saved my life.

Michel Legrand
Rip Rig & Panic was a milestone for me, and I’ve always been really thankful that I did that when I was 16. It saved me for when I suddenly became really successful later on. So even when my head’s been spinning like a banshee, my feet still feel held down to the ground.

Neneh Cherry
‘Africa shall be saved.’ I heard God’s message so clearly. In response, my family moved from Lesotho to South Africa in 1974.

Reinhard Bonnke
Well I think on a simple ecological level that the diversity of this planet is important for our survival, that all of our different cultures, people are important to the health of the whole the same way that a species of animal should be saved and at a simple ecology level.

Richard Gere
A lot of money could be saved if we ate urban wildlife.

Louis Theroux
Firefighters go where they’re needed, sometimes ignoring the dangers even when no one is inside a burning building to be saved.

Bill Dedman
Christian salvation consists in works. To be saved is to be made holy. To be saved requires our being made part of a people separated from the world so that we can be united in spite of – or perhaps better, because of – the world’s fragmentation and divisions.

Stanley Hauerwas
Eighteen months before I was born, my mother was in Auschwitz. She weighed 49 pounds. She always told me that God saved her so she could give me life. I was born out of nothing.

Diane von Furstenberg
It may sound terrible, but I often say that the military saved me from a conventional life in the United States and I’ve never really thanked them for it, because I haven’t exactly been pro-military in my work.

Robert Jay Lifton
I basically sat around unemployed in Sydney for three years straight, and the two things that saved me were the rugby league and my dog.

Ben Mendelsohn
A generous basic state pension is the least a civilized society should offer those who have worked hard and saved through their whole lives.

George Osborne
Because of what I’ve saved, I don’t really have a lot of worries about money.

Iman Shumpert
When I was eight, my parents saved up to send me to private school, but I found it so tough that I often escaped through the back fence to walk the four miles to my father’s office in Windsor. I only lasted a few terms, but it didn’t curb my ambition.

Peter Jones
The truth is, I could no more dictate her nature than she could dictate mine. Kinsey’s happy as she is and she doesn’t need to be rescued, improved, or saved.

Sue Grafton
Jay Mohr saved my life. That’s not an overstatement either.

Ralphie May
I wrote ‘Saved’ as a form of therapy to get over the fact that I had moved and lost so much of myself.

One should see the world, and see himself as a scale with an equal balance of good and evil. When he does one good deed the scale is tipped to the good – he and the world is saved. When he does one evil deed the scale is tipped to the bad – he and the world is destroyed.

Tariffs that save jobs in the steel industry mean higher steel prices, which in turn means fewer sales of American steel products around the world and losses of far more jobs than are saved.

Thomas Sowell
I’ve always saved. I believe in keeping money back for a rainy day and living within my means. I don’t buy expensive clothes; I have a 10-year-old car I’m hoping to replace when a big job comes in. I suppose when we do go on family holidays, I am quite happy to spend when we are there.

Sanjeev Bhaskar
Drama school was a lifeline for me, it saved me. I found it very nurturing – I just clung on.

Lily James
I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve saved all year.

Victor Borge
Music saved me from a really dark road.

Tash Sultana
Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope.

Reinhold Niebuhr
I wanted to be a cheerleader, like my sister was – all the most popular and beautiful girls are cheerleaders and I wanted that, and it demolished this vision of myself. That’s when I found the piano, when music saved me; that’s when I first attempted to write my own songs.

Paula Cole
Rock’n’roll saved my soul.

Thurston Moore
The movies saved my life. I grew up in the great depression, the only child of a pair of star crossed lovers. My father lost his job. My mother drank. They fought. The movies were my escape.

Orson Bean
Boxing saved my life. There were a lot of gangs and I was hanging around with the wrong people.

Andy Ruiz Jr.
I was raised in an evangelical Methodist church. Evangelical meant that though you had been baptized and made a member of the church on Sunday morning, you still had to be ‘saved’ on Sunday night. I wanted to be saved, but I did not think you should fake it.

Stanley Hauerwas
I come from a very matriarchal family and it’s important to me that women are protected and saved and educated and loved and valued.

Wunmi Mosaku
In the 9/11 Commission Report, one of the things they point out is that firefighters saved just about everybody below the fire. I don’t think they realize how proud the fire department is of that. Because, conceivably, that’s all they could have done. They could not have gotten above that fire.

Rudy Giuliani
What my first son James did was allow me to care for something in this world when I couldn’t care for myself. James saved my life.

Colin Farrell
Going to school at home saved my life as far as education went. My parents were able to give me the attention I needed.

Kristy Swanson
Diamond Dallas saved my life. He didn’t have to, but that’s the kind of guy he is. He’s helped so many people with his DDP Yoga. It’s just incredible with the lives he’s changing, the lives he’s affecting. I am so honored to be part of that.

Jake Roberts
Music and fashion and art – they were the things we were willing to die for. ‘Is my hair all right? Have you heard this tune?’ They’re the things that saved us. They’re the things that are saving kids on Nuneaton council estates. There’s no other way out.

Pete Doherty
The love received is the love that is saved.

Eddie Vedder
After high school, I drove out to L.A. with a friend of mine who had just graduated also, and I started auditioning. I got an agent, but it was all ‘Saved By the Bell’ auditions.

Casey Affleck
You live in this shadow that you’re going to burn in Hell until you’re saved. And I still worry about it a little. I don’t believe in Heaven, but I do still fear Hell.

Beth Ditto
Tariffs have almost never saved a domestic industry from decline and, often times, by sheltering domestic producers from competition, only reward and prolong bad business practices.

Stephen Moore
Obamacare wouldn’t exist – it’s saved millions of lives – without Pelosi getting it through the House. Not a perfect piece of legislation, but she deserves a lot of credit for that.

Seth Moulton
People say to me about my music ‘it got me through college, it saved my marriage, it helped me to come out.’ It’s wonderful to be part of someone’s life in a big way.’

Lisa Stansfield
Reading is a form of prayer, a guided meditation that briefly makes us believe we’re someone else, disrupting the delusion that we’re permanent and at the center of the universe. Suddenly (we’re saved!) other people are real again, and we’re fond of them.

George Saunders
Technology has saved us money in some circumstances, but it has really afforded us the ability to cover stories from locations we might not have been able to in the past.

Jim Walton
God’s grace is amazing! We’re saved by grace – God’s undeserved favor – and we live by grace, which is also God’s power in our lives to do what we could never do in our own strength. And it’s all because God is love, and He loves us unconditionally, constantly and completely.

Joyce Meyer
I think there are people who’s lives have been saved because of the study of the genome.

Francis Collins
Having an animal that you fix, knowing that you saved its life or you saved a pet – Like on a dog, these little kids will come, and their dog is just ready to die, and you do something, and they leave happy. The kids are happy, and the little puppy is licking your hand. Those are kind of neat feelings.

Ted Yoho
I have a lot of mermaid stuff. I did start collecting a lot before I had children because I didn’t know if I would have a boy or a girl. So I saved everything.

Jodi Benson
Got good news and bad news for you, Mr. President. The good news is that Chief Justice John Roberts just saved your legacy and, perhaps, your presidency by writing for the Supreme Court majority to rule health care reform constitutional.

Ron Fournier
No one was ever saved because his sins were small; no one was ever rejected on account of the greatness of his sins. Where sin abounded, grace shall much more abound.

Archibald Alexander
I just fell in love with the music, man. The music just took control. It really saved my life.

Jay Rock
I’ve saved every dime I’ve made in my life.

Chely Wright
Most of my avant garde fashion is saved for my videos and for the stage. In real life, I tend towards a classy, black Goth look. I love black, a few sparkles, false eyelashes and boots. But when I perform, I love fantasy and props.

Jane Badler
Just having the camera, being able to pull back from situations and be an observer, it saved my life… I realised I could find these intimate moments and that people trusted me. That, basically, my camera was magic.

Ryan McGinley
So for me it’s more than happy to see many patients – often I can see them telling me, ‘You saved my life.’ This is my most enjoyable and, I would say, I’m very pleased to hear what I have done is really meaningful.

Tasuku Honjo
I’ve saved a few penalties; I’m good at them.

Jordan Pickford
Sully’s’ upbeat message is that we still need humans. It was the heroically human Sully who saved those people, not some cold equation written on a chalkboard.

Greg Gutfeld
Through the care of the Samaritan’s Purse and SIM missionary team in Liberia, the use of an experimental drug, and the expertise and resources of the health care team at Emory University Hospital, God saved my life – a direct answer to thousands and thousands of prayers.

Kent Brantly
Medicine saved my life, quite literally. I woke up every day of my training thinking, ‘I love doing this,’ feeling like it was so important what I was doing.

Drew Pinsky
In the West, it was believed that attitude and ambition saved you. In Africa, we had learned that no one was immune to capricious tragedy.

Alexandra Fuller
My sense of humor has saved me more than a couple of times in my life.

John Prine
During a trip to Iraq last fall, I visited our theater hospital at Balad Air Force Base and witnessed these skilled medical professionals in action and met the brave soldiers whose lives they saved.

Melissa Bean
The cinema saved me from being a delinquent. I could have been, but I didn’t get caught up. I never was going to get arrested or anything.

John Singleton
The world is not going to be saved by legislation.

William Howard Taft
One of the things that’s pretty unique about nu shu, when you look especially at these old letters and stories that have been saved, is that there are certain lines that are very standard that are used again and again. It’s almost like a formula in a sense, so that these certain lines come up again and again.

Lisa See
True, the apostles did not expressly say that people will be saved only if they repent, believe, and confess. But most evangelicals assume – with good reason – that this is what the apostles implied.

Lewis B. Smedes
My parents were inspired by Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas when naming me. They specifically saved this masculine name for their only girl.

Dylan Lauren
Creativity saved me.

Chris Gethard
I had saved a lot of money working at Mrs. Fields’ Chocolate Chip Cookies, ushering at the Golden Gate Theatre, and doing odd jobs so I could live in New York for a few months. If it ran out, I would have to give up and go home. It turned out OK. I got my Equity card and started working.

B. D. Wong
I could have saved my marriage if I had chosen to. But when I was forced to take a new look, I realized, ‘Hey, it’s not what I really want – it’s a weird thing, but climbing is still at the center.’

Jeff Lowe
When the Fugees were big, we made a whole lot of money, and what happened was that I saved my money and never spent it.

Wyclef Jean
I was in jail a couple of times, and I was probably heading back there for a long time. But martial arts saved my life and some of the choices I made with it.

Mark Hunt
In some ways, my naivete saved me.

Sheryl Lee
In the past, I’d felt I didn’t want to try something because I might get shot down for it. I’d tried it with England, and the goalkeeper – I think it was against Poland – saved it. This time, it came off.

Daniel Sturridge
We’re living through a paradigm shift. People are going to look back at us and say, ‘They used to cut people’s legs off.’ Then they’ll just give an injection and the blood flow will be restored and the limb saved.

Robert Lanza
Reading ‘Youth in Revolt’ might have ruined my career because suddenly I wanted to abandon all the emotional truth of something and just go out far on a literary limb with completely implausible things that relied completely on voice and humor. And what saved me is realizing that I couldn’t do that very well.

Rob Thomas
As an artist, what I’m looking for isn’t the answers but the questions. Art saved my life, and I’m sure that it could save the lives of many people. If it’s not art, find your place. But never give up.

Daniela Vega
The first thing I bought that was really stylish was in 1969 when I was eleven. I saved up for a black, grey and white tie-dye grandad vest. It was too big – they weren’t catering for kids my age – and hung off me, but I loved it.

Paul Weller
I’ve just had a little boy, and my wife and I called him Elliott because ‘E.T.’ sort of saved my life because that film is absolutely about something being out there that’s greater than yourself.

Jack Thorne
I feel like it’s our job, between me and Jeezy and Gucci – I feel that’s who the streets look at as far as trap music. So if it’s gonna be saved, we have to save it.

Yo Gotti
Noah and his family were the only loyal and obedient subjects to the legal power: they alone were saved.

Orson Pratt
There has never been any country at every moment so virtuous and so wise that it has not sometimes needed to be saved from itself.

Havelock Ellis
My life needed to be saved. Not just Foxy. That’s my character. That’s my work. Inga is a person.

Foxy Brown
I was overcome by the Holy Ghost one time, but in a Baptist way. I was six or seven, and I was saved. I just cried and cried. It was joy!

Beth Ditto
When I got saved, God became my art agent.

Thomas Kinkade
Art saved me; it got me through my depression and self-loathing, back to a place of innocence.

Jeanette Winterson
My upbringing saved me.

Neena Gupta
When Ellen Datlow was running the fiction at ‘Omni’ in the late ’80s and into the ’90s, I had a subscription. It was one of two subscriptions I’d saved for, the other being ‘Spider-Man.’ And they each opened my mind and my heart in wonderful ways.

Stephen Graham Jones
I lost a very dear friend who lived with AIDS for about 17 years. Rejecting early treatments that were iffy, he thought he saved himself. I really miss him a lot.

Bernadette Peters
My hairstylist taught me a trick for my hair. You section off your hair and put them up in these crazy little knots and then it looks like you curled your hair. It’s saved me so much time ’cause on the road you don’t have time or plugs to plug your curling iron in.

Sara Bareilles
They said pret-a-porter will kill your name, and it saved me.

Pierre Cardin
I would never watch ‘Lost’ on TV; I’d just wait until I could get at least five or six episodes in a row. Saved myself a lot of anxiety that way.

Brandon Jay McLaren
Proactive policing has saved tens of thousands of minority lives since the mid-1990s.

Heather Mac Donald
Before running for office, I was an A-10 squadron commander with 325 combat hours. During my time in uniform and since coming to the House and taking up the fight to keep the plane, I have heard countless stories from American soldiers about how the A-10 saved their lives.

Martha McSally
My mom found a wrestling school that was in Maryland, and she told me to go down there. From there, I really got my head out of any negativity, and I focused on trying to become a professional wrestler, living my dream from when I was a kid. Wrestling saved my life.

Rich Swann
I think sports and bodybuilding were the only things that saved me from getting beat up. People are not pleased, for whatever reason, when you can answer all the questions in class. If not for the respect I got from track, cross-country, wrestling and bodybuilding, it would have been a disaster.

Aaron Patzer
Simple words of encouragement subsequently saved many of the Indianapolis’ sailors during their ordeal in the summer of 1945, and those men took the lesson to heart.

Doug Stanton
I saved up my pocket money when I was about five or six years old. I just wanted to buy a CD, and at that age, I didn’t care about what it was, and I ended up buying ‘The Teletubbies Say ‘Eh-Oh!” I started off strong.

Jack Garratt
I grew up in a small town in Washington State, so I wasn’t really aware of costume design as a career growing up, but I loved clothes. I remember I saved all my money, and the first thing that I bought was a white blazer, which was to the horror to my parents. But I have always had a strange connection with clothing.

Colleen Atwood
The Lord saved my soul.

Steve Harvey
We write with the souls of thousands of lives saved, the lives of millions of jobs created, liberating multitudes of drivers from the shackles of servitude to iniquitous taxi cartels of corrupt cabals that choked cities with their pollution of air and morals.

Shervin Pishevar
I think I was lucky I got into art college. That’s what saved me.

Sam Taylor-Johnson
My relationships with my cats has saved me from a deadly, pervasive ignorance.

William S. Burroughs
They saved my life but the accident was unavoidable so there was no point feeling sorry for myself. I just wanted to race again.

Billy Monger
I created jobs and saved the taxpayers money on every road I built.

Steve King
Just look at the great Nelson Mandela. He came out of prison and saved his entire country. Some of the best people in the world have spent time in prison.

George Foreman
I can tell you first hand – being able to marry the person I love and to live in countries where my marriage is recognized – probably saved my life.

Darren Hayes
No sinner is ever saved after the first twenty minutes of a sermon.

Mark Twain
Every couple of weeks, someone writes in and says, ’23andMe saved my life.’

Anne Wojcicki
I guess, in a very real sense, I’m a Gnostic. I had been looking all my life for some great mystery… I think somewhere deep in my mind is the notion that if I could learn just the right thing, I would be saved.

Whitfield Diffie
I know that God is good, and he saved me from hell and damnation.

Aaron Neville
After I saved some money, I quit work and went to a local college.

Lloyd Alexander
For most people, it’s easy when you’re in front of the TV. It is easy – just look at the goalkeeper jump to his left so why don’t you shoot to the right? Yeah, I can shoot to the right but, on my mind, was the left and the goalkeeper saved it! It can happen! But the most important thing, for me, is to keep scoring.

Bruno Fernandes
Every day, we hear that somebody got saved to our music from all over the world. The music reaches people. It can encourage them. I feel like I have to do it because there’s somebody out there who needs to hear the gospel.

Andrae Crouch
The people around me saved my life, not MMA. It was people who said, ‘You’re better than this,’ who told me, ‘You don’t belong in this world.’ MMA and jiu-jitsu and training gave me an escape.

Brian Ortega
I probably saved more black lives as mayor of New York City than any mayor in the history of this city. And I did it by having to use police officers in black areas where there was an astounding amount of crime. If that crime was in white areas, police officers would be in white areas.

Rudy Giuliani
Art saved my life.

Richard Cabral
Trees are being saved because of the Kindle.

Paul Hawken
I love the filk community. It’s the single most welcoming part of fandom that I’ve ever encountered, and filk saved my life a lot of times when I was a teenager.

Seanan McGuire
My parents scrimped and saved all their lives, to the point where my mother used a disgusting old oven mitt that was stained and partly patched together with a skirt I made in seventh grade.

Roz Chast
I found one remaining box of comics which I had saved. When I opened it up and that smell came pouring out, that old paper smell, I was struck by a rush of memories, a sense of my childhood self that seemed to be contained in there.

Michael Chabon
I was really aware, even while it was happening, that the discovery of arts education in my life sort of saved my life.

Daveed Diggs
I was smart or lucky or both. I saved my money. I was on TV for 10 years, and then I spent eight more years on the road. Working on the road is where you really can save money if you put your mind to it.

Jim Nabors
My brother and I had saved $15,000 by working many years nailing fruit crates together.

Robert Mondavi
Of course for some Putin is a tyrant and dictator. Others consider him Russia’s savior. But I’m in a difficult position. Putin helped my father – and practically saved his life.

Ksenia Sobchak
I have had a wide range of projects to choose from. That has saved me from donning a stereotypical image.

Priyanshu Chatterjee
My mum hates the fact that I fight. My sisters hate it, too, but they understand that boxing gave me a way out. It saved me. It made me someone. It made me the person I am today, mentally and physically.

Dillian Whyte
As a pastor in a Protestant church, my whole ministry centers on the conviction that by grace we are saved through faith. And it’s not our faith that delivers us, as if believing something, anything at all were pleasing to God. It’s the object of our faith – Christ’s life, death, and resurrection – that saves us.

Kevin DeYoung
Lke so many depressive, creative, extremely lazy high-school students, I was saved by English class.

Kim Brooks
When a lion doesn’t get its prey, it remains hungry. When the prey saves himself, he has not won, but has saved his life.

Uday Kotak
I was very into New Order, Joy Division, all of that when I was younger. I had a lot of bootlegs that I saved up my pocket money to buy. I had all the obscure early EPs.

Dylan Moran
When I was 22, I was thrown out of graduate school and then fired from three jobs in a row at higher and higher salaries where I saved nothing.

James Altucher
Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore we are saved by love.

Reinhold Niebuhr
My cousin in Louisiana started a small company with a little savings, renovating houses. A single mom, she saved enough to buy a home and provide child care for her son. When the economy went belly up, so did her company. She was forced to sell her home and move in with her parents.

Campbell Brown
What Must I Do to Be Saved? It is impossible to ask a more weighty Question! It is deplorable that we hear it asked with no more Frequency, with nor more Agony.

Cotton Mather
Judging from the experience of the European War, imperialism renders no great benefit to any nation, whereas liberty for all nationalities is the only principle by which humanity will ever be saved.

Sun Yat-sen
It’s rare for a startup to make money immediately, so you need to make sure that you have enough saved or that you have another income stream that can support you.

Richard Branson
I was pretty aimless as a youth, especially in Patna. I think reading saved me.

Amitava Kumar
I’m a Taurean, so I’m very passionate and determined and materialistic. Down the years, I’ve spent a lot of money and saved a bit of money and had a lot of fun.

Martine McCutcheon
I realized there was a difference between a syndicated morning show and prime time. ‘Regis saved the network!’ I used to walk around saying that. I was a big man! I was a giant!

Regis Philbin
My mother saved hundreds of animals in her life. Wherever she encountered and injured or needy or abandoned animal, she brought it home.

Cheryl Strayed
I’ve been on the telly for a long while. I’ve never saved any money or anything. I’m not one of those people.

Joe Gilgun
Wrestling saved my life.

Roddy Piper
In the affairs of this world, men are saved not by faith, but by the want of it.

Benjamin Franklin
I came here from Jamaica as a kid and didn’t go to school, really, never had a great education. I was a little bit bad on the street, running around, doing this, doing that, and always getting into trouble. I was completely written off, so boxing has definitely saved my life.

Dillian Whyte
As far as havin’ someone to talk to on the road, for instance, who’s not a guy – it’s saved my life many times to have Ann in the same group.

Nancy Wilson
I found The Doors, and thank God I found The Doors because it inspired me to do Strange Music, and it saved my life.

Tech N9ne
The closest I ever came to getting married was just before I started singing. In fact, my first record saved my neck.

Elvis Presley
I wanted to show that crime doesn’t pay. If you are saved and accept the Lord, you cannot use that as an excuse to avoid punishment.

Robert Duvall
Do you know what the world will be saved by? I’ll tell you. It’ll be saved by the human spirit. And by the human spirit, I don’t mean anything divine, I don’t mean anything supernatural – certainly not coming from this skeptic.

Sherwin B. Nuland
There is but one Church in which men find salvation, just as outside the ark of Noah it was not possible for anyone to be saved.

Thomas Aquinas
Sometimes I could not breathe, but God saved my life and gave me faith and hope.

Phan Thi Kim Phuc
My dad took on every job he could get. He worked like mad. But then, at some point, he had saved up enough to open his first pub.

Rita Ora
The citizens of this nation gave us – my wife and I – a health care plan that saved our daughter’s life.

Joe Sestak
If Americans will face the truth, our nation can be turned around and can be saved from the evils and the destruction that have fallen upon every other nation that has turned its back on God.

Jerry Falwell
For an acquisitive Wall Streeter, the money saved by choosing a practical car can be put toward the cost of some pricier means of mobility – like a plane.

Michael Shnayerson
We did the ‘L.A. to Miami’ album, with the song ‘Miami, My Amy,’ which really saved my life as far as confidence goes. It gave me a hit. But it wasn’t really what I was about – and I think deep down inside I knew it, even if I didn’t want to face it.

Keith Whitley
A gun saved my life. That’s why I won’t let my Second Amendment right be taken away from me.

Stacey Dash
Interaction with fans is super important to me. I have the best fans ever. They’re always the most creatively charged people. I’ve saved every single piece of fan mail that I’ve ever gotten. We have an archive of it and stuff. I think if I can inspire that, then it’s like my job is done.

Kat Von D
Capitalism saved the world, and there is even a heretical theory now, moving up from the level of individuals to countries: countries that trade more and have more open economies are less likely to fight wars and less likely to have genocides.

Steven Pinker
I went to a church where you could not sing out loud in the service until you had been saved.

Bernice Johnson Reagon
I saved every script I’d ever worked on as an actor.

Taylor Sheridan
I’m very lucky because I love fruit and to this day, that has saved me because I’d much rather have fruit than cookies.

Carrie Ann Inaba
Now I am within thirty yards of him. He must fall. The gun pours out its stream of lead. Then it jams. Then it reopens fire. That jam almost saved his life.

Manfred von Richthofen
When I think back on my childhood and the things that happened to me, there were certain periods of time where I felt like I was being saved for something. I feel like I have a gift, and it would be a sin to waste it.

Lonnie Johnson
The thing that I had saved up for myself and wanted most to bring off was a fully fledged professional production of Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Theater in Stratford.

Trevor Nunn
We have to have a mayor who is going to be independent, particularly of our city labor unions, to ensure that the dollars that we have saved are reinvested back into our neighborhoods.

Kevin Faulconer
Once a week, I used to treat myself to three parottas with the pocket money I saved. It tasted so good, and I loved eating it soaked in salna.

Vijay Antony
No marketing plan is ever going to bring in one soul that was not ordained by the Lord to be saved in the first place.

Monica Johnson
Many are saved from sin by being so inept at it.

Mignon McLaughlin
The world has already been saved from war. The question is how Christians can and should live in a world of war as a people who believe that war has been abolished.

Stanley Hauerwas
I’m a New Yorker, originally. I was raised in Jackson Heights. I went to P.S. 148 and then Newtown High School. If World War II didn’t come, I’d still be there in school. World War II saved me.

Don Rickles
Without the piano, my life would be a disaster – nobody would hold me in any regard. It’s the thing that saved me.

Jools Holland
I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes.

Edna St. Vincent Millay
I’ve worked since it was basically legal to work. I was a waitress on and off for eight years. I worked at Sears; I worked at Abercrombie folding clothes. My dad really instilled good money management habits, and I’ve saved 10 percent of my paycheck, every paycheck, since I was 15.

Rosanna Pansino
All the female characters in ‘The Gifted’ are stronger than the men. We’re not waiting around to be saved but spearheading the missions.

Jamie Chung
Look, I think this president has said very clear that he cares about the cost of rising healthcare in this country. And if we are being correct about it, it was President Trump that saved the failing Obamacare that was falling off the cliff when he came into office.

Brad Parscale
I actually taught perceptual psychology at N.Y.U. when I was younger. I was interested in the aesthetic impulse in lower primates. But what really interested me in Dian Fossey was that she made a difference – she saved the gorillas.

Arne Glimcher
Eventually there are going to be chips in brains. Imagine if you could just buy knowledge and download it into your head instead of having to learn it. Like in ‘The Matrix.’ Imagine all the years saved!

Olga Kurylenko
When I first thought about leaving the traditional route of a 9-to-5 career to pursue full-time YouTube, it was terrifying – not many people were doing it. The thought was I have to have money saved up, because this very likely might fail. From the start, I had to give it my all for it to work.

Tyler Oakley
The media in America is not covering American AIDS very much. They’re covering African AIDS as if somehow miraculously it’s all stopped here. Well, it hasn’t, and the one thing they’re not saying about Africa is that all those people are going to die; there’s no way these people can be saved – none.

Larry Kramer
I was in enough to get along with people. I was never socially inarticulate. Not a loner. And that saved my life, saved my sanity. That and the writing. But to this day I distrust anybody who thought school was a good time. Anybody.

Stephen King
Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul.

Coretta Scott King
In our family, we’ve always been owned by border collies, or dogs of one kind or another, and have rescued many dogs. We’ve lived in the woods and sometimes have had as many as 70 sled dogs. Or had six or seven dogs living in the house. Dogs have saved my life on more than one occasion – and I mean that literally.

Gary Paulsen
I told my father I wanted to play the banjo, and so he saved the money and got ready to give me a banjo for my next birthday, and between that time and my birthday, I lost interest in the banjo and was playing guitar.

Jackson Browne
God-fearing people, once they’re saved from their sins, they don’t mind talking about it.

Phil Robertson
I really think you get the jobs you’re supposed to get. And don’t stress over the jobs that you don’t. That would have saved me so many tears and so much frustration.

Constance Zimmer
As I’ve traveled around the country, it has surprised me how many times I’ve heard people in small businesses use that word ‘saved.’ I believe many small businesses would not have had access to credit and would not have survived without the $50 billion that we were able to put into the market.

Karen Mills
What we accepted as great art – whether the book, the script, the painting, the symphony – is that which could be saved and savored. But the performances of the athletic artists who ran and jumped and wrestled were gone with the wind.

Frank Deford
Although it may seem callous to say so, millions of Americans are lucky that Magic Johnson was infected with H.I.V. There is no way of calculating how many lives he has saved. No advertising agency could have invented a better, or more effective, role model.

Michael Specter
I tend to believe that film can try to save what still can be saved, in terms of our histories, our memories. Because a lot of things are disappearing very quickly, things are changing. We are living in very quick times, and we have a new generation who basically know nothing about events 30 years ago.

Raoul Peck
Making films. It gave me a voice. Legitimately saved me.

Barry Jenkins
Hormone blockers changed and saved my life.

Jazz Jennings
I don’t think of literary novels as self-help documents, although literature undoubtedly saved my life when I was young, enabling me to disappear into all manner of stories, to recognise feelings that I felt alone in.

Bill Clegg
If pain could have cured us we should long ago have been saved.

George Santayana
,what saved my life was my husband. He nursed me back to health, and he continues to do that to this day. It’s not easy to be married and to have a relationship with someone with mental illness.

Beth Hart
The president’s budget request today demonstrates his unwillingness to come clean on the true costs of his agenda. A penny saved is not a penny earned if at the end of the day you still owe a quarter.

Mary Landrieu
Even the lamest page can be saved by collaboration.

Philip Greenspun
We, ‘Psych,’ saved America. That’s the tag line.

Dule Hill
I didn’t come over with a comfy sponsor that took care of my visa and paid me a good amount of money right away. I came over here with nothing, the little bit of money that I had saved up, and it was struggle and plight to get some recognition and then finally make it to the WWE.

I went to UCLA for a year and a quarter. There were too many students at UCLA interested in what I was interested in, and they couldn’t accommodate all of us. I wasn’t allowed to take voice or dance, only theater and acting. So I saved my money and, at 19, moved to New York.

Casey Nicholaw
America will be saved! That’s what the Holy Spirit told me.

Reinhard Bonnke
Books change us. Books save us. I know this because it happened to me. Books saved me. So, I do believe through stories we can learn to change, we can learn to empathize and be more connected with the universe and with humanity.

Elif Safak
There are strengths in Islamic tradition. Islam actually, as a monotheistic religion, which defined man as a responsible agent by itself, created the idea of the individual in the Middle East and saved it from the communitarianism, the collectivism of the tribe.

Mustafa Akyol
I have, in some ways, saved characters that have been marginalized by society by playing them – and having them still have dignity and still survive, still get through it.

Jodie Foster
There is a lot of waste in government-run programs generally, and a lot of waste and fraud and misuse of money in Medicare and Medicaid that can be saved.

Chuck Grassley
My song ‘Saved:’ that’s EDM-vibes with some L.A. vibes.

Ty Dolla Sign
I tried once in my life to write a novel. I had written something like 80 pages of it when my laptop got stolen. When I told people this, they acted as if something tragic had happened, but I kind of felt relieved, grateful to the thief who saved me from another year of something that felt more like homework than fun.

Etgar Keret
The guitar saved me from a life of crime as a teenager.

Myles Kennedy
I literally have people go, ‘Oh my God, you’re the Pink Power Ranger’ and I’m like, ‘I do other things!’ But, you know, it’s so cool! I saved the world for a year.

Erin Cahill
We should so work as if we were to be saved by our works; and so rely on Jesus Christ, as if we did no works.

Francis Asbury
When I was older and I first started working, I was obsessed with buying my first Chanel jacket. I saved up my hard-earned money, went to Barneys, and bought a little black Chanel jacket. It saw many, many job interviews and many, many events. I’m not fitting into it lately, but I still have it.

Nina Garcia
God saved me.

Glen Campbell
There’s an image that my mother saved my father in 1968 and everything was a bed of roses after that. And that just wasn’t true. There were as many struggles in the 1980s and the 1990s as there were in the 1960s.

John Carter Cash
I believe that a good comic script can succeed despite being drawn badly, but that a bad script can’t be saved by good art. Of course, great writing and great illustration makes for a great comic 100 percent of the time.

Ryan North
Time spent travelling was assumed to be unproductive and a monetary value attributed to the minutes that would be saved from a speedier journey that allowed people to get from one office to another more quickly. I’ve always thought that that case was weak.

David Lidington
Making music has saved my life.

Alice Ripley
I take off my makeup with coconut oil some nights. It sounds like it would clog your pores, but I swear it’s saved my skin.

Madison Beer
I just wanna be an artist, like someone like Bjork and Kate Bush and Regina Spektor. These are people that have saved people, I think, by being what they are.

Kate Nash
There was a golden retriever who saved countless lives on September 11 by going back in to find people. His companion was in a wheelchair. He got him out and kept going back in to save others.

Linda Blair
The men and women who lived through and came to our rescue on 9/11 were not Democrats or Republicans or Independents. They were Americans first and foremost, and so were the people they saved.

Kirsten Gillibrand
I’m saved every day by the intrinsic value of the work I do, which I truly enjoy.

Al Jarreau
It would be better for everyone if we deleted everything by default and saved the things that are important to us.

Evan Spiegel
After all these years, I’ve done well and I’m cool. I feel comfortable in my skin, I’ve saved some paper, everybody’s healthy, my kids are beautiful and smart, doing different things, it’s all good.

Eddie Murphy
I have an act I take on the road. That’s what saved me. I dont know how most actors make a living.

Jerry Van Dyke
Has Jesus saved me? I dare not speak with any hesitation here; I know He has. His Word is true; therefore, I am saved.

Charles Spurgeon
‘Feed’ is about zombies and politics and blogging. It’s about how George Romero actually saved the world! It’s ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ meets ‘The West Wing.’

Seanan McGuire
I think people look at dance music and see it as kind of a bad thing, and bad people hang out in nightclubs, but it never felt that way for me. Growing up in Chicago, music was the thing that saved me, that kept me on the straight and narrow.

God has cared for these trees, saved them from drought, disease, avalanches, and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.

John Muir
I’ve learned to put a big value on having a life outside of fashion, and I think that’s what’s saved me, because the fashion industry can suck you in.

Edward Enninful
If I had been under ObamaCare, and a beaurocrat had been trying to tell me when I could get that CT scan, that would have delayed my treatment. I was able to get the treatment as fast as I could based upon my timetable, and not the government’s timetable. That’s what saved my life.

Herman Cain
Gautham was a premature baby. I remember when doctors said that his health condition was critical, I was tense. I could afford the treatment, but a lot of commoners can’t. I believe more children’s lives can be saved if we work towards it.

Mahesh Babu
There are people who are explicit and people who are implicit, right? Like I say, ‘I think there is a God,’ but I’ve seen Christian metalcore bands do altar calls at their shows and be like, ‘Come get saved right now.’ I think there’s a subtler way, which is to say I’m being honest with my beliefs.

Julien Baker
I had such a horrible childhood. My father was already married with three children when I was born and my mother didn’t know. So we grew up poor. We had no hot water until I was 17. I went to work in a factory, and worked and saved for months until I had the money to come to England.

Udo Kier
From the Green Mountain boys who joined the fight for independence; to a war that saved the Union, and two wars that would encircle the world; to Korea and Vietnam and the Middle East, and our F-16s defending the skies above Ground Zero on September 11, 2001; Vermonters have always answered our nation’s call.

Phil Scott
I remember I’d come home from fifth, sixth grade, and I’d watch ‘Saved by the Bell’ and be like, ‘I hope my high school experience is like that.’ And it totally wasn’t. It sucked.

Cory Monteith
When I got ‘Lost,’ I was about to not be able to live, so it was a fall-to-the-knees, burst-into-tears, ‘I’m saved by this great role’ moment.

Rebecca Mader
I believe much trouble would be saved if we opened our hearts more.

Chief Joseph
The Clinton Foundation has been able to help millions of people – over 10 million with HIV/AIDS alone – saved countless lives. It’s extremely important to global health. They’ve done some really great things.

Ben Cardin
The narrative needs to change. Asian-American actresses don’t want to be the damsels in distress anymore. We don’t want to be saved, especially by a white man.

Jamie Chung
I never meditated before. I wish I’d started when I was a footballer or more importantly when I was a manager. It might have saved me from insanity.

Gianluca Vialli
Many Muslims consider the United States hostile to Islam and to Arab interests. In fact, the United States saved tens of thousands of Muslims in the Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

Antony Blinken
The Foxy character and Inga Marchand are two different people. My fiance calls me Inga. No one around me calls me Foxy. I go to church every Sunday. I go to Bible study every Friday night. I’m saved.

Foxy Brown
No one can be saved – in virtue of what he can do. Everyone can be saved – in virtue of what God can do.

Karl Barth
I know I’ve saved the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rob Ford
I asked long ago,’What must I do to be saved?’ The Scripture answered, ‘Keep the commandments, believe, hope, love.’ I was early warned against laying, as the Papists do, too much stress on outward works, or on a faith without works, which as it does not include, so it will never lead to true hope or charity.

John Wesley
Shorting saved my butt in 2008… Shorting kept me in the game. It generates cash when the market’s crashing. And that’s what you want when the market’s crashing – cash.

Whitney Tilson
To be very honest, I never thought I would graduate from high school. I got very lucky to get into an alternative high school, which really saved my butt.

Langhorne Slim
You write a book and you hope somebody will go out and pay $24.95 for what you’ve just said. I think books were my salvation. Books saved me from being miserable.

Amy Tan
Sports saved my life.

Caitlyn Jenner
Growing up, I never gave a thought to being a writer. All I ever wanted to be was a traveler and explorer. Science-fiction allowed me to go places that were otherwise inaccessible, which is why I started reading it. I was going to be a lawyer, but I got saved.

Alan Dean Foster
As much as I would like to be the one who saved hip-hop culture, it’s pretty much nigh-on impossible.

Editing is where movies are made or broken. Many a film has been saved and many a film has been ruined in the editing room.

Joe Dante
I was going to Hartford High School and when the theater bug hit, it hit hard and it saved my life. It gave me focus, direction and purpose.

Tony Todd
I think the Internet was the saving grace for Public Enemy. Before that, travelling the world saved Public Enemy.

Chuck D
To me, natural, healthy looking skin is really beautiful. With a little concealer, eyeshadow, liner, gloss and bronzer, I love my lighter makeup look. I’ve saved so much money on facials!

Giuliana Rancic
I think that fitness really kind of saved me and made me the person that I am today, through losing my dad and everything that I’ve had to deal with.

Jordyn Woods
Soon it’s all going to be digital anyway. It’s all going to be saved on a little coin somewhere.

Richard Donner
‘The X Factor’ saved me.

James Arthur
One of the lessons I learned was that there are good people everywhere. That village, Sabray, saved my life.

Marcus Luttrell
In many respects Angie saved Zahara’s life and there are so many more children whose lives she could save and she talks about that constantly.

James Haven
Over the years, I am very lucky that I didn’t submerge into a form of depression, because football saved my life really.

Bruce Grobbelaar
I lived in Peckham for the first 12 years of my life and then my mum and dad decided they really didn’t want to bring up their children there. So they saved up money and bought a house in Plumstead, semi-detached, three bedrooms.

Tinie Tempah
Only through repentance and faith in Christ can anyone be saved. No religious activity will be sufficient, only true faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Ravi Zacharias
Nothing can resist the person who smiles at life – I don’t mean the ironic and disillusioned smile of my grandfather, but the triumphant smile of the person who knows that he will survive, or that at least he will be saved by what seems to be destroying him.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
If people don’t know their pastor, it’s easy to put the pastor on a pedestal and depersonalize him or her. It’s also easy for pastors, who don’t know their congregations, simply to classify congregants as saved or unsaved, involved or not involved, tithers or non-tithers.

Eugene H. Peterson
I’m of a fearsome mind to throw my arms around every living librarian who crosses my path, on behalf of the souls they never knew they saved.

Barbara Kingsolver
I visualized high school as being like ‘Saved By the Bell.’ I decided I would do all the things they did on that show.

Vanessa Ray
People just haven’t saved enough for retirement. And they’re going to outlive their money.

Sallie Krawcheck
I’ve made a lot of money, and more importantly, I’ve saved a lot of money.

Scott Steiner
When somebody’s telling you you’re godly and you saved their life, and this and that and the other, I’m going, ‘Well, who’s saving mine?’

Ivan Moody
I just wanted to eat, to survive. I started singing a cappella in bars. I saved up money to get my first guitar and started writing songs.

Benjamin Clementine
America won’t be saved because one or 10 people stand up. It will be saved because millions of us stand up.

Marianne Williamson
As long as Elton John can bring forth one performance per album on the order of ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight,’ the chance remains that he will become something more than the great entertainer he already is and go on to make a lasting contribution to rock.

Jon Landau
I had someone tell me recently that Black Dog had started this important conversation about mental health that had saved their marriage. It’s really quite mad how these songs have travelled.

Arlo Parks
Far too often animals are put to sleep when they could be saved through proper care and nursing.

Louis Leakey
Walking away from fame, whether by choice or necessity, isn’t a bad thing. In fact for many, it’s likely saved their lives, careers, families and basic dignity. More celebrities should probably try it.

S.E. Cupp
If we could do away with traffic accidents, that’d be wonderful. There’d be more than a million people saved every year on this planet.

Sebastian Thrun
I’ve been on ‘Criminal Minds’ twice! On the first show, a boy brought kids out to the woods and was beating them with a baseball bat, but I got away. Then they brought Tracy, my character, back – as a kidnapped girl. They saved me two times! Tracy lived!

Elle Fanning
When I discovered that I could tune into American radio stations after dark, this was the hippest thing to me. It sort of saved my life.

Paul Shaffer
In the ’80s, there was a fixed costume of a heroine, and not the physical costume, but this is what a heroine is, she is an art prop. She will look beautiful, support the hero, dance, get saved by hero. I didn’t ever aim to go there.

Shefali Shah
We are starting to see more and more Roblox games that offer creation. An example would be Theme Park Tycoon, which lets anyone construct a theme park on any device. You get to build roller coasters and theme parks, your work is saved, and when you come back, you can keep working on your creation.

David Baszucki
Being competitive is in my nature. I actually think being competitive saved my life. It’s given me the constant drive to be better, and when I was in that hospital bed and that wheelchair, it made me want to get better.

Victoria Arlen
Jesus did not become the ‘GodKlingon’ or the ‘GodMartian’! Only descendants of Adam can be saved. God’s Son remains the ‘Godman’ as our Savior.

Ken Ham
I get up every single day trying to repay a debt that I can never repay. Never. And I will work hard. Because I don’t know why I was saved. I don’t know.

Tammy Duckworth
The condom has saved so many lives, and it’ll save so many more lives. We really owe a great deal to the rubber tree.

Mechai Viravaidya
I was a ‘reverence for life’ man – ‘see life steadily and see it whole’ – in my days as a lecturer in English lit. We are, I argued, if not exactly ‘saved’ by reading, at least partially ‘repaired’ by it: made the better morally and existentially.

Howard Jacobson
If I tax them, in fact, I’m not taxing the capitalists, I am taxing the people who have saved, trusted. It was very controversial, those sorts of things. But finally, it worked out.

Shimon Peres
As I detail in my new book: ‘Hard Measures, How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives,’ there are many myths surrounding the detention of a relatively small number of top terrorists at CIA-run ‘black sites’ from 2002 until they were sent to Guantanamo Bay in 2006.

Jose Rodriguez
‘Made’ is about opening your heart to people who deserve your love and not trying to turn other people into something that they’re not: not trying to save people who don’t want to be saved. If you go down that dark path, you’re not going to end up doing any good.

Jon Favreau
Idris Elba saved my butt in a point in my career that he can do whatever he wants, and I will back his decision no matter what. He got me one of my first pretty big studio gigs, and we had never worked together… It was a time in my life where I really needed it. So whatever Idris wants to do, I’m down with.

James Ransone
But back then the thing that saved me was the music, and it’s certainly the music that saves me now. The music, my family and my friends and everybody around me.

Jimmy Chamberlin
Europe can be saved.

Viktor Orban
I’ve always been fascinated with adrenaline; it’s saved my life more than once, and it’s caused me to need it to save my life more than once. One of the most fascinating responses in human evolution, adrenaline sharpens your brain; it sharpens your responses.

Craig Venter
We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap.

Kurt Vonnegut
He who hesitates is sometimes saved.

James Thurber
I love when people come up to me and tell me they are in a relationship because of me. But I equally love the breakup stories, the person who says, ‘I left someone last week because of you.’ I like to think I saved 10 years of their lives.

Matthew Hussey
Every time the market has corrected, since 2008, it’s always been the Fed that’s made the bottom. The Fed has always saved the market either by cutting rates, launching QE, or threatening to launch another round of QE.

Peter Schiff
Our country was thereby saved from the consequences of its distracting individualistic conception of democracy, and its merely legal conception of nationality. It was because the followers of Jackson and Douglas did fight for it, that the Union was preserved.

Herbert Croly
When I was, like, 16 or 17, I was just finding out about this YouTube thing. Then I saved a bit and asked my parents for some help to get the recording software and equipment.

I had a mini-breakdown and had to move back in with my parents. But then I got a great therapist and it saved my life.

Miquita Oliver
In 1996, Trump had crashed a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a charity opening a nursery school for children with AIDS. Trump, who had never donated to the charity, stole a seat onstage that had been saved for a big contributor.

David Fahrenthold
Pluralism is denied logically; inclusivism is denied scripturally, and that leaves us with exclusivism… you have to know that Jesus died and believe in it in order to be saved.

Norman Geisler
We’re going to rebuild Puerto Rico with money that we saved from the IRS in a Robin Hood fashion.

Brock Pierce
We do not wish to enter Heaven until our work is done, for it would make us uneasy if there were one single soul left to be saved by our means.

Charles Spurgeon
We immerse ourselves in escapist mass entertainment, such as ‘reality T.V.’ programs. We support fanatical politicians and preachers. Our politicians, in turn, support dictators and tyrants in other countries, all in the name of ‘security’ and ‘stability’. And we arm ourselves to the teeth, and pray to God to be saved.

Brendan Myers
I didn’t have any role models really. My best friend was a dog. My mum and dad saved a dog from the gutter and that dog was my brother before Jesse was born. Sami was his name and he was my role model.

Ville Valo
Like the ‘little emperors’ of one-child China, too many Boomers were taught early that the world was made (or saved) for their comfort and enjoyment. They behaved accordingly, with a self-indulgence that was wholly rational, given their situation.

Eric Liu
I have protection. I have police protection. I have personal bodyguards. I have three sets of them. But believe me, this is really psychological for the family. If they want to get me, they can get me. And every time that I have been saved, it’s been by coincidence.

Asma Jahangir
When I was younger, music really saved me, and felt like a refuge for me when I was in quite a lost space. I just want to talk to people, and I guess in a way, feel understood myself.

Arlo Parks
Most independent filmmakers in Britain and North America work for commercial crews and then have their own projects when they’ve got enough money saved up to do so.

Ann Macbeth
Hip-hop saved me. It gave me permission to use language in a certain way. It validated my community and my friends. It gave our slang a certain elegance.

Jason Reynolds
The one thing that saved me is that in 17 years of coaching I never had an NCAA investigator talk to one of my players. I lost games, but I lost the right way.

Lee Corso
Forgiveness is the remission of sins. For it is by this that what has been lost, and was found, is saved from being lost again.

Saint Augustine
I’m not a greedy man; there really is nothing I couldn’t live without. But if there was a fire, and I saved my child and my pets, I’d be happy.

Kid Rock
A billion saved is a billion earned.

Norman Ralph Augustine
Growing up in northern Kentucky, honesty, integrity and character were revered traits, and – with my family – I looked to the greatest generation of Americans who saved the world during World War II.

Amy McGrath
I had a dream that my dad passed away and that Jesus came into the room and he was basically knocking on my door, saying, ‘Hey, you need to find out more about me.’ So that Sunday morning I ended up going to church, and that’s when I got saved.

Russell Wilson
I was talking to my spiritual advisor. I got a letter from somebody who said that they were about to kill themselves, but they listened to a song of mine and it saved their lives.

David Friedman
I was headed in the wrong direction. I didn’t think I’d make it to 21. My Uncle Chuck saved my life. He was a graphic designer, and he gave me my first sketchbook. In the front, he wrote, ‘Wear it like your underwear.’

Richard MacDonald
I lost a sister to pneumonia, when she was 2 years old. She died at home, not in a hospital, where maybe her life could have been saved.

Mazie Hirono
When I was 23, I went backpacking around Australia for three months. I saved up a few grand, quit my job and flew to Sydney, then went to Melbourne and up the East Coast, which was an incredible experience. I remember running out of money and getting my mum to send me a few hundred quid, which helped me get by.

Olly Murs
With ‘Hip-Hop Saved My Life,’ I attempted to make ‘Kick, Push,’ but for rappers. To give a real basic play-by-play of the life of a rapper before he makes it – if he ever makes it, because you can get stuck in that and be trying to make it for the rest of your life.

Lupe Fiasco
My second wife, the mother of one of my sons, died of murder. I was not with her, but I could have saved her. I think.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
This is what people don’t understand. When they might see me do something that’s not ‘God-like,’ then they say, ‘Well, I thought you were saved?’ I am saved. I’m not perfect. I have emotions still. My name’s still Gary. These things here are not all cleaned up. I’m showing you my path.

Gary Sheffield
I feel like I am doing a lot, but if someone asks me what exactly I have accomplished, I don’t know… putting my son to sleep, feeding him, taking care of things in the house amount to a lot of work. But, yes, I haven’t arrested 14 criminals in one day or saved the world or anything of that sort!

My stubbornness of wanting this fighting career has saved me.

Cub Swanson
When I lost the sight of my eye and faced the prospect of going blind, my sight was saved by the NHS.

Gordon Brown
Too many families and homes remain unnecessarily vulnerable to natural disasters like hurricanes. While mitigation will never eliminate the risk to homeowners, it could reduce loss and, in many cases, save a family’s home. For every $1 spent on mitigation, $4 in post-storm cleanup and rebuilding is saved.

Tom Rooney
I tell people, when I train, I don’t do a Hansel and Gretel workout. I don’t drop breadcrumbs. I saved nothing for the trip home.

Shannon Sharpe
Nothing but a miracle of sovereign mercy could have arrested and saved me from eternal perdition. How I could have so long resisted the entreaties, the prayers, and the tears of my dear parents, and the influences of the Holy Spirit, is, to me, a wonder entirely incomprehensible.

Elijah Parish Lovejoy
I pray to the shrine of ‘Mr. Show.’ It saved sketch comedy.

Michael McKean
Tuchel saved me. I was sick of football. I had sacrificed my whole youth for football and then, bang, overnight, it was all over. I didn’t want anything to do with football. But when he asked me to become opposition scout it was a win-win situation for everyone.

Julian Nagelsmann
Death row saved my life. It taught me everything is a luxury to be treasured.

Nick Yarris
Christianity is the truth about everything. If you say you have a Christian worldview, that means you see the world through that lens – not just how people get saved and what to stay away from.

The artificial heart is very effective as a bridge to transplant, but the number of people that can be saved with human hearts is limited. A perfect artificial heart could save many more patients.

Robert Jarvik
The Seattle explosion was what saved rock from becoming too pompous! A great moment in music!

Nancy Wilson
I take office during the most difficult moment in the country’s recent history. The country can be saved – it’s up to us. I think it is obvious for those who support this government to undertake the commitment and ensure that our country’s euro membership is not endangered.

Lucas Papademos
I further believe that all must be saved through the merits of Christ.

Daniel Morgan
‘Thou shalt not get found out’ is not one of God’s commandments; and no man can be saved by trying to keep it.

Leonard Bacon
No professional athlete likes to admit that he has played too long. There is too much money involved, rarely enough saved, and there is the eternal hope that age has not withered skills.

John Gregory Dunne
We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party.

Barack Obama
We are not saying that if you believe in evolution that you can’t be a Christian, not at all. Because the Bible says that by grace you are saved. You don’t save yourself. It is by confessing the Lord Jesus and that he was rose from the dead that you are saved.

Ken Ham
My sister was drowning in the ocean once, and my brother and I dove in and saved her. True story. She owes us her life. It’s great leverage; we abuse it all the time!

Matt Barr
It felt like 10 years, but I was actually in treatment for three-and-a-half years. I finally finished in April. Two years ago, I had a bone marrow transplant from my brother, which saved my life, so I feel really grateful.

Suleika Jaouad
To think that my heart and my words and my music saved somebody’s life, it takes a while to just sink in with me. But it proves to me that music is powerful.

Josh Turner
How many thousands of lives would be saved if we enforced our immigration laws, our guns laws, and our drug laws? Public safety is not being held hostage by the ‘gun lobby,’ but by the open borders lobby and the anti-law enforcement lobby.

Jeff Sessions
Many a man who pays rent all his life owns his own home; and many a family has successfully saved for a home only to find itself at last with nothing but a house.

Bruce Barton
Television saved the movies. The Internet is going to save the news business.

Matt Drudge
I knew at university that medicine was just not for me. I saved many lives by not being a doctor!

Zubin Mehta
The bank told us we ought to sell this house to pay off our overdraft. Riders saved the day. I was so pleased when it got to number one, I went all around the fields crying and crying.

Jilly Cooper
Well-spent aid money is saving lives for a few thousand dollars per life saved.

Bill Gates
Souls cannot be saved without exertion.

Ellen G. White
I grew up hearing stories about how my maternal grandfather had put himself through engineering school in New York City. He saved money by walking down to a gas station once a week to take a shower. When I applied to college, both education and investment value were important to me.

Jason Kilar
Kid Cudi has saved lives. He saved my life.

I sort of feel like music saved my life when I was young. This is the one thing that I knew I was good at.

Sarah McLachlan
After Hurricane Katrina, over New Orleans, my helicopter crashed and the pilot and I were only saved because we fell on the roof of a flooded house that absorbed the shock. When the helicopter was spiraling downward out of control, I didn’t expect to survive at all.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand
This great question of predestination and free will, of free moral agency and accountability, and being saved by the grace of God, and damned for the glory of God, have occupied the mind of what we call the civilized world for many centuries.

Robert Green Ingersoll
The revealed Word awakened me, but it was the preached Word that saved me, and I must ever attach peculiar value to the hearing of the truth, for by it I received the joy and peace in which my soul delights.

Charles Spurgeon
The amount of energy saved by switching off the phone charger is exactly the same as the energy used by driving an average car for one second.

David J. C. MacKay
In 1979, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird entered the league. I remember that. Soon after this, the story began to be repeated ad nauseam: the NBA, a tottering mess in the seventies, was saved in the eighties by these two.

Rowan Ricardo Phillips
Music was my oxygen. It’s what saved me from being a really lonely and scared teenager.

Corey Hart
You really can’t say enough about ‘Blade Runner.’ For that movie to have such a long life – you can’t describe what a beautiful feeling that is. Initially, the movie was out of theaters in something like two weeks. But the people that wanted it back – the fans – they really saved it.

Rutger Hauer
They said it was impossible to touch the third rail of politics, to take on public-sector unions and to reform a pension and health benefits system that was headed to bankruptcy. But with bipartisan leadership, we saved taxpayers $132 billion dollars over 30 years and saved retirees their pensions. We did it.

Chris Christie
I think a nice romantic dinner should be saved for when you and the girl you’re dating or seeing have something special and it’s a more special occasion.

Ben Savage
My dad got a job in a factory in Philadelphia, so I was raised in Germantown in a sort of a barracks for soldiers. They had housing for temporary housing. And then my parents saved money and bought a little house in South Jersey, built on a swamp.

Patti Smith
A dollar saved is a quarter earned.

John Ciardi
If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine.

Arlen Specter
He saved the production a tremendous amount. Now they did the scene where Omar is on the horse and he’s in the deep snow, they went to Finland to do that. That scene they went to Finland for a week. I wasn’t around then.

Rod Steiger
From the time God saved me at 21 years old, I’ve always been fascinated by the parables of Jesus.

Tullian Tchividjian
Well, everybody used to joke that I saved the first dollar that I ever made in Van Halen. I probably did somewhere.

Michael Anthony
Life is ours to be spent, not to be saved.

D. H. Lawrence
In a way, the debate about Margaret Thatcher in Britain has just gotten fossilized in this notion that she is either this she-devil who wrecked the industrial base of the country and ruined the lives of millions, or she is the blessed Margaret who saved the nation and rescued us from our post-war decline.

Phyllida Lloyd
They do not say Roosevelt saved our system. They say he has given us a new one. That is logical.

John T. Flynn
When you love someone all your saved up wishes start coming out.

Elizabeth Bowen
I am a huge ‘Wonder Woman’ fan – I had ‘Wonder Woman’ Underoos and a towel that I saved from when I was a little girl that is so faded, if that tells you anything.

Emily Deschanel