Top 40 Austria Quotes

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With some other top players I'm part of a company tryin
With some other top players I’m part of a company trying to put on events in Europe, especially Germany, but also Poland, Austria, Russia. There’s so much talent coming out of the Far East now, and we want the same thing in Europe.

John Higgins
I am a big believer in education, because when I grew up in Austria – when I grew up in Austria I had a great education. I had great teachers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
I grew up so poor in Austria that we never took a vacation with my family.

Wolfgang Puck
I played No10 for Austria.

David Alaba
I’ve lived in so many different countries over the years. I spent most of my early life in the UK, five years in Germany and summers in Austria before moving to Paris.

Rachel Khoo
I am thrice homeless, as a native of Bohemia in Austria, as an Austrian among Germans, and as a Jew throughout the world. Everywhere an intruder, never welcomed.

Gustav Mahler
I was born in Munich, and my father was stationed in Salzburg. For the first three years of my life, I lived in Austria back when the American Army was still in Austria. I grew up subsequently in posts around the country around veterans.

Rick Atkinson
I did a ski festival in Austria once. I was struck by how friendly Austrians were, before gradually realising it’s more that Glaswegians are awful.

Frankie Boyle
But yes, I really feel great in Austria, I love my home and Vienna is just the best place to be.

Conchita Wurst
Migrants who set off for Europe don’t want to go to Bulgaria or Hungary. They want to go to Germany, Austria, or Sweden.

Sebastian Kurz
The best thing about being a model was traveling. I had traveled the world by the time I was thirty. France, England, Austria, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Japan, Seychelle Islands, and all over the Caribbean.

Cynthia Bailey
The shutting out or boycotting of selected media cannot take place in Austria.

Sebastian Kurz
Austria is unconditionally committed to the security of Israel and its citizens.

Sebastian Kurz
We are also trying to fight successfully in the European Union against anti-Semitism. Because of Austria’s history, it is, from my point of view, our obligation to do that.

Sebastian Kurz
I was born in Romania and later lived in Vienna, Austria, for a few years, and I eventually made my way over to New York in ’95.

Sebastian Stan
The Spanish and the American audiences are lunatics. They are very passionate and, like the Irish, they don’t have as many inhibitions. If you are playing somewhere like Austria or Sweden, it takes them a little while to come out of themselves.

Imelda May
At the end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century in Austria, there was a lot of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism in Austria was much more pervasive than in Germany. And Austrians took to Nazi ideas and anti-Semitism much more readily than Germans did, really.

Viggo Mortensen
Austria is a very export-oriented country.

Sebastian Kurz
I was born an only child in Vienna, Austria. My father found hours to sit by me by the library fire and tell fairy stories.

Hedy Lamarr
I grew up in Austria, and for me real comfort food is Wiener Schnitzel. Wiener Schnitzel and mashed potatoes because it reminds me of my youth… It reminds me when I grow up and it feels very comforting.

Wolfgang Puck
Kids go crazy for the Krampus tradition and dress up as little monsters – they have beautiful masks, handmade from wood. Our village in Austria puts on a special play in which the creature tells an old beggar to repent his sins; when he refuses, he’s beaten up by lots of Krampuses at once.

Conchita Wurst
When my first film ‘The Seventh Continent’ was presented here 12 years ago, non-Austrian spectators would come up to me and say, ‘Is Austria that terrible?’, whereas for me it wasn’t about Austria but about highly industrialised cultures everywhere.

Michael Haneke
We wanted to bring the political situation in Austria on stage. Naturally we could not do that without pointing to Austrian’s northern neighbor Germany.

Leon Askin
In Austria, a rather authoritarian Catholic country, the role of the social admonisher traditionally fell to artists because there were no great political thinkers.

Elfriede Jelinek
In December of 1952, my first wife, Kirby, and I left Vienna to drive through the Russian sector of Austria into Yugoslavia.

Donald Hall
Must we be put to shame by much smaller and poorer countries, by Ireland, France, Austria or Sweden, who have understood that a nation’s support of its arts is a matter of both national pride and cultural survival?

Theodore Bikel
It took Austria a long time to be honest about its past.

Sebastian Kurz
In her darkest hours, Diana, Princess of Wales, could have used a friend like Empress Elisabeth of Austria. The two lived similar lives, a century apart.

Nell Scovell
The policy of the house of Austria, which aimed at destroying the independence of Hungary as a state, has been pursued unaltered for three hundred years.

Lajos Kossuth
I’ve never lived in an English-speaking country, ever, but I lived in Austria. So, my second language is German. And when I went to school, I had a lot of classes in English.

Edgar Ramirez
When we talk about racists, first, racists still exist on this earth. They’re in Europe and in Austria and Germany where we play, in Italy. I’ve heard a lot of things and also have my own experience with that. We don’t have space for this, especially in football, but also just on the Earth.

David Alaba
My father was an immigrant from Austria and he became a lawyer and became a judge and I think he was a good judge.

Mickey Kaus
I do remember once going to Salzburg in Austria. Liverpool were playing a European game there, and they put me in a box behind glass. I hate being behind glass; I always want to feel part of the action.

John Motson
That Germany was so immensely strong and Austria so dependent upon German strength that the word and will of Germany would at the critical moment be decisive with Austria.

Edward Grey
I can assure you that Austria will fight all forms of anti-Semitism in Europe with determination, be it still an existing one or also newly imported anti-Semitism.

Sebastian Kurz
Everything I write, I’ve written the first draft in Austria.

Peter Morgan
Here in Spain, there are Argentine Jews, children and grandchildren of immigrants of Jews who fled Germany or Austria in the thirties, and in the seventies during the dictatorship, they had to go into exile again.

Antonio Munoz Molina
I just went off for two months traveling around Europe on a motorcycle and pretty much turned my phone off. I did 5,000 miles with my dad. We went through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Italy… and then I did Spain and France by myself.

Michael Fassbender
The house of Austria has publicly used every effort to deprive the country of its legitimate Independence and Constitution, designing to reduce it to a level with the other provinces long since deprived of all freedom, and to unite all in a common sink of slavery.

Lajos Kossuth
There are pockets of great food in Spain, but there are also pockets of very mediocre food in Spain, and the same in Morocco and the same in Croatia and the same in Germany and the same in Austria.

Mario Batali