Top 40 Correlation Quotes

We have collected the best Correlation Quotes by famous authors including Mary Lou Jepsen, Clayton M. Christensen, Barry Ritholtz, Rodney Frelinghuysen, George Monbiot and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

My central thesis is that combining increased temporal
My central thesis is that combining increased temporal and spatial resolution in MRI techniques with increasingly powerful data correlation techniques will allow the derivation of interpreted meanings from neural signals. I observed, further, that the techniques that exist already allow some correlations.

Mary Lou Jepsen
A great book seeks to explain causality, not correlation. It works to point out the circumstances in which it works, and where it doesn’t. And in so doing, it is broadly applicable.

Clayton M. Christensen
Most of the time, economic data is fairly benign. I don’t wish to imply it is meaningless, but it is not a driver of stock markets. Indeed, the correlation between economic noise and how equity markets perform has been wildly overemphasized.

Barry Ritholtz
I think there is a direct correlation between interest shown by a member of Congress on these projects and the progress that is made. I think it gives the Superfund effort some credibility, lets citizens know we are serious about these cleanups.

Rodney Frelinghuysen
We should be cautious about embracing data before it is published in the academic press, and must always avoid treating correlation as causation.

George Monbiot
When we see a strong correlation, and the matter at-hand is something with major health or safety or security implications, then we are behooved to at least begin taking preliminary precautions in case the correlation proves to be causative.

David Brin
There is a direct correlation between gardening and mental health, not just to maintain good mental health but to repair it as well – that’s anything in the gamut from depression to serious brain damage, schizophrenia or autism.

Monty Don
I don’t think there’s a direct correlation between my sexuality and my skiing ability. But I think because I was so concerned about it being found out, it was a distraction.

Gus Kenworthy
I’ve tried lots of things. The reality is, I’m excited by everything on Day 1. And if by Day X things aren’t working the way I hoped, I lose my passion. I have not seen the correlation between my passion and my success.

Scott Adams
We have found a direct correlation between grit and positive emotions, but the fact that I have no evidence that grit is bad for you doesn’t mean it’s not. It’s always a possibility that in the future researchers will discover a downside to grit.

Angela Duckworth
There is a substantial correlation between an election year and how the market finishes.

Louis Navellier
In the name of freedom, there has to be a correlation between rights and duties, by which every person is called to assume responsibility for his or her choices, made as a consequence of entering into relations with others.

Pope Benedict XVI
Biases and blind spots exist in big data as much as they do in individual perceptions and experiences. Yet there is a problematic belief that bigger data is always better data and that correlation is as good as causation.

Kate Crawford
I think the number one stat that is a direct correlation on winning and losing is turnovers.

Philip Rivers
There is little correlation between the circumstances of people’s lives and how happy they are.

Dennis Prager
I don’t know if Jesus said it in the Bible, but someone said that ‘the love of money is the root of all evil,’ and I do think there’s a correlation between the ambition that a lot of people have, in terms of financial remuneration, and the loss of core values.

Norbert Leo Butz
Over time, there’s a very close correlation between what happens to the dollar and what happens to the price of oil. When the dollar gets week, the price of oil, which, as you know, and other commodities are denominated in dollars, they go up. We saw it in the ’70s, when the dollar was savagely weakened.

Steve Forbes
Generally, there’s a correlation between good work and good reviews. In the very odd, very rare case that they say it’s terrible, but actually you’re a genius who is ahead of your time, you are going to just have to suffer.

Tim Minchin
Violence and religion have often gone together, but it’s not a perfect correlation, and it doesn’t have to be a permanent connection, because religions themselves change.

Steven Pinker
If I ask you to write down the last 4 digits of your social security number, and then take you out to lunch and ask you how many dentists there are in Manhattan, there’s going to be a high correlation between those two numbers. What happens is that the number psychologically makes you feel confident.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
There thus appears to be an inverse correlation between recovery and psychotherapy; the more psychotherapy, the smaller the recovery rate.

Hans Eysenck
In inner-city, low-income communities of color, there’s such a high correlation in terms of educational quality and success.

Bill Gates
My friends have noticed that if I suddenly go through a couple of months’ unemployment, there seems to be a correlation that I don’t ever tend to wear the same outfit twice. There will be such strange combinations of clothes because I’m probably a bit creatively stifled, so it’s coming out in my wardrobe.

Rebecca Hall
There’s almost a total correlation between the amount of risk you’re willing to take and then the amount of stuff you then potentially can get done.

Lars Rasmussen
I’m very familiar with how people can confuse correlation with causation.

Tim Ferriss
The rare person is still interested in new advances when they are adults. There is possibly a correlation with intelligence. In any case, you have to be fairly bright to keep learning and changing attitudes as you get older.

Keith Henson
There is no correlation between a childhood success and a professional athlete.

Carl Lewis
The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies.

Michael Pollan
There’s obviously a correlation between an economically empowered woman and the investments she makes. That leads to her social and moral conscience for bettering her community.

Andrea Jung
I would think the correlation between an era of increased globalization and an increased desire to participate in an entrepreneurial endeavor is not a coincidence. When interconnectedness is at a peak due to technological advances, the ability to spawn something new is slightly easier.

Vivek Ramaswamy
All too often when liberals cite statistics, they forget the statisticians’ warning that correlation is not causation.

Thomas Sowell
Historically, there hasn’t been a significant correlation between gold prices and U.S. elections. Furthermore, history has shown that gold prices tend to fall just before U.S. elections and rise immediately after, and this goes on until the next election.

Fabrizio Moreira
I definitely see a correlation between how many things a company gets right and how fast a company grows.

Garrett Camp
There’s a direct correlation between media and how we feel about our bodies.

Iskra Lawrence
There are a lot of stats and a strong correlation between dropout rates and crime as well as poverty.

Cedric Richmond
In many companies, the person who talks the best usually gets the job. I got snowed by a few of those people over the years. I still think communication is important, but I don’t think there’s always a correlation between being a great communicator and other virtues that make for a great leader.

John Mackey
What to do about these increases in crime? Plenty of laws already exist to punish violent criminals, and research questions the level of correlation between longer sentences and lower crime rates.

Ken Cuccinelli
Doubtless, reading good books benefited me during the months and years of writing, yet I remained skeptical of any tight correlation to what I produced. That was naive.

Thomas Chatterton Williams
I found a correlation between the spreading of democracy after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise in slavery. Now, as countries, former Communist countries, became so-called democratic, people started to be enslaved by their own countrymen.

Loretta Napoleoni
An interesting thing about book groups, it seems to me, is that there is no correlation between a brilliant book and a brilliant discussion. The first seems sometimes even to undermine the second.

Stacy Schiff