Top 40 Correspondence Quotes

We have collected the best Correspondence Quotes by famous authors including John Paul Stevens, Bill Dedman, Mary Pilon, Paramahansa Yogananda, Bart Stupak and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Of course, when I joined the Navy and when I took up th
Of course, when I joined the Navy and when I took up the correspondence course in cryptography, I had to sign an oath that I would never reveal what sort of work I was involved in. It was only some years after the war that Congress passed a statute relieving me of that obligation.

John Paul Stevens
State courts usually rule that correspondence between government officials, about government business, are public records, whether they use their government e-mail accounts or private ones.

Bill Dedman
Generations of thinkers have made typewriters their frenemies, and long before there were Gmail inboxes, print correspondence stacked up, some hastily written and impulsive on the steel gadgets.

Mary Pilon
Truth is exact correspondence with reality.

Paramahansa Yogananda
I believe everyone should have healthcare. In all my correspondence – I’ve been saying for years – it’s a right, not a privilege.

Bart Stupak
I have 800 books of just Samuel Beckett’s work, tons of his correspondence, personal letters that he wrote. I have copies of plays he used when he directed, so all of his handwritten notes are in the corners of the page.

John Larroquette
Language leads a double life – and so does the novelist. You chat with family and friends, you attend to your correspondence, you consult menus and shopping lists, you observe road signs, and so on. Then you enter your study, where language exists in quite another form – as the stuff of patterned artifice.

Martin Amis
We would never comment on private correspondence.

Prince Charles
I have no distributor… it is indicative to me that there are these pockets of players and collectors all over. You should see the correspondence I get from over the world letting me know how significant they think I am. I know that wherever I go, I am well received.

Bill Dixon
As Churchill’s grandson, I am in daily receipt of vile correspondence from people telling me that I am a traitor to his memory.

Nicholas Soames
Unbeknown to me, my manager, under my very nose (in a crouching position) has all these years been secretly compiling a book from my correspondence. I often wondered what she was doing in my office. She never did a stroke of work for me. All the time, I have been working for her.

Spike Milligan
The nature of my work is my subjectivity meshed with other people’s subjectivity. So there’s a correspondence with that… Even if you write about me, it will reflect on you; everything is a kind of weird collaboration.

Tino Sehgal
I think the Internet, particularly the availability of information, is great. I do a lot of correspondence on-line and have a chat line to talk to my fans as well.

Anne McCaffrey
I have always been a letter writer, and I found when my numbers got over half a million, I couldn’t think about how many people there were out there. I had to think as if I were writing a letter to my brothers and sisters, to my good friends with whom I have had a correspondence since I could hold a pen.

Heather Cox Richardson
School was a waste of time for me. I was bored and left at 16. I started taking correspondence courses at college instead. I did incredibly well. I won an award for my grades.

Amber Heard
I never initiated nor did the FBI ever initiate any conversation or correspondence with me.

John Sherman Cooper
I first met Susan Sontag in spring 1976 when she was recovering from cancer surgery and needed someone to help type her correspondence. I had been recommended by the editors of ‘The New York Review of Books,’ where I’d worked as an editorial assistant.

Sigrid Nunez
I like writing letters and receiving letters. It’s a shame that we’ve lost the art of letter-writing and saving correspondence. I mourn that.

Elizabeth McGovern
I did not have a normal life. I’d be training when my sister would be at birthday parties and sleepovers. I finished high school by correspondence, basically working two full-time jobs. The last years were very, very tough. But I was willing to do that. It’s all about sacrifice.

Eugenie Bouchard
I have an almost entirely written correspondence with a few friends of mine who are really busy. We exchange quite long and sometimes quite whimsical, sometimes quite meaningful, sometimes silly letters.

Sue Perkins
I don’t give you editorial control. I want to meet you. I want to interview everybody who’s ever known you. I want to see your correspondence. I want to see your bank statements. But you will have no control over what I write. That’s why I really believe in the unauthorized biography.

Kitty Kelley
If a ruler of men wants to put an end to vice, he must examine the correspondence between form and name and look to see how what is said differs from what is done.

Han Fei
Conditions were so hard. To send the news out, telex was the only means, but telex was very rare in Africa. So if somebody was flying to Europe, we gave him correspondence to send after he arrived.

Ryszard Kapuscinski
My most interesting correspondence is with my translators. I marvel at their sensitivity over certain passages that just anyone, even if he knows German well, would not appreciate.

Heinrich Boll
After a couple of years in a professional setting, you’ll get used to dressing presentably, preparing for meetings, speaking appropriately, showing up on time, writing professional correspondence, etc.

Andrew Yang
I have enjoyed most particularly reading the correspondence between Gustav Mahler and Richard Strauss. The genuine friendship, competitiveness and support that thread through their communications are life lessons for us all.

Jessye Norman
The basic idea of email has remained essentially unchanged since the first networked message was sent in 1971. And while email is great for one-on-one, formal correspondence, there are far better tools for collaboration.

Ryan Holmes
It seems a long time since the morning mail could be called correspondence.

Jacques Barzun
I’m immensely proud to have been made a CBE, but I don’t ever use the letters after my name unless someone has included them in correspondence.

Mary Berry
It’s hard to get in the head of somebody. The closest we can get is through the words they’ve left behind, either their contemporary correspondence or after-the-fact memoirs.

H. W. Brands
I’ve finished 12th standard from Poddar International and enrolled for B.A. in political science in Cambridge University, London. It’s a correspondence course, and I’ll go to London for my exams once a year. That way, I can devote more time to films.

Hansika Motwani
If all I did was answer the correspondence I get, that would be my job.

Jim Harrison
I have been further enlightened by the conversation and correspondence of some illustrious Italians, whom I would gladly name, were I not afraid of exposing them to danger.

Edmond About
It is hard to work with the nagging doubt that perhaps some foreign intelligence agency is reading all your correspondence, especially when you know they have done so in the past.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves
We see them when they come to New York. They stay at my wife’s apartment. We have quite a correspondence with them at all times. They play a very important role, the authors in the firm, because so much of the material we publish is suggested by them.

James Laughlin
My films start with images, a few images and a few feelings, and I try to edit them together to see the correspondence between these images and these feelings.

Leos Carax
With respect to the northeastern boundary of the United States, no official correspondence between this Government and that of Great Britain has passed since that communicated to Congress toward the close of their last session.

Martin Van Buren
When you live in a country where your own language is considered foreign, you can feel a continuous sense of estrangement. You speak a secret, unknown language, lacking any correspondence to the environment. An absence that creates a distance within you.

Jhumpa Lahiri
I’m currently in an interesting correspondence with a nun about forgiveness.

Julian Clary
Fandom grew first through individual correspondence. It was cheap and quick, continent-wide contact for a penny stamp.

Gregory Benford