Top 40 Pony Quotes

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I think, at some point, all of us - I'm gonna speak per
I think, at some point, all of us – I’m gonna speak personally, not for everybody else – you’re gonna feel like a one-trick pony, and you might even be a one-trick pony. But at some point, if it’s a really good trick, everybody’s still gonna appreciate it.

Chris Stapleton
Differences’ is the biggest song in my career. It beat ‘Pony,’ it beat ‘So Anxious’ and ‘None of Ur Friends Business’ as far as popularity and spins.

I’m a show pony, and I don’t get to skate with girls doing triple Axels every single day. I skate with little babies who are working on their single Axels while trying not to hit them on the ice.

Ashley Wagner
Most of the time I’m in khakis and a white T-shirt. I’m a total Gap girl. Super casual, hair in a pony tail and no makeup.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
I was a little one-trick pony. I do what I’ve always done. That’s really where my best stuff comes from. I don’t know how it happens. It just happens.

Ron White
Different films, different genres show the different things I do. It’s nice because it brings different groups of people to following what I’m doing. So hopefully, it kind of reiterates that I’m not just a one-trick pony as well.

Aneurin Barnard
Sometimes I think I’m a one-trick pony because I’m not very inventive about new ways of telling stories.

Sara Paretsky
I was very successful at three-day events, point-to-points, Pony Club, and gymkhana. But then I went to college, and because I had really good horses, they weren’t going to be left in the field, so they were sold.

Louise Wilson
The Russian economy is a one-trick pony. They’re totally focused on natural gas and oil.

Kelly Ayotte
My first go at drinking did not go so well. I ended up getting sick in front of everybody. You know that Ginuwine song ‘Pony’? It was playing at the party while I was getting sick. My entire senior year, everyone sang that around me. For a year. I would like that erased from my memory.

Jenna Dewan
You don’t want to be a one-trick pony. On a lot of Smiths songs, I used a pick or a plectrum, and for some of the slow songs, I used my thumbs and my fingers. That’s why I love the bass – it’s adaptable, and you can express yourself so well with it.

Andy Rourke
It’s not a bad thing to be able to do many things onstage. If you’re an entertainer, you should be able to entertain. I’m proud to say that I’m not a one-trick pony.

Carol Burnett
I can’t stand small babies. I would rather give birth to a kitten or a colt… a little pony.

Marie Helvin
There are photos of me with my Pony trucker hat, sideways. Truly, awesomely, horrible.

Erika Christensen
I installed anti-rust roofing into homes in Cairns. I packed boxes at Baby Barn. I was even a Manny! Mate, I know more about braiding hair and My Little Pony than most men, I can tell ya.

Sam Worthington
It’s odd the things that people remember. Parents will arrange a birthday party, certain it will stick in your mind forever. You’ll have a nice time, then two years later you’ll be like, ‘There was a pony there? Really? And a clown with one leg?’

David Sedaris
Tank is my boy. I’m the first artist he’s ever been on the road with. We go all the way back to ‘Pony.’ He was my background singer on my tour.

When you are a really iconic character, everyone thinks that’s all you can do. It’s nice to show people that I’m not a one-trick pony.

Lucas Cruikshank
How do you know someone is a grandparent? They’ve got milk stains on every shirt from burping babies. Their pants are worn out at the knees from crawling around giving pony rides. They have 2,842 pictures of the grandkids on their smart phone and not one photo of their spouse.

Regina Brett
I was working on ‘My Little Pony’ in the ’80s, but I got fired because I couldn’t draw the ponies well enough. It was a horrible show.

Butch Hartman
Charlie Patton, who was born in 1891, recorded some of the very first blues. In ‘Pony Blues’ and ‘Peavine Blues,’ he manages to pile dense layers of rhythms one upon the other.

Tim Cahill
I think the important thing to understand about the free pony program is, of course, it is an absolutely free pony program, uh, there may be some incidental costs involved with pony social security or universal pony health care or the haystamp program so ponies won’t starve in the streets.

Vermin Supreme
I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t music, ’cause I’m really a one trick pony.

Bill Medley
The first trip of the Pony Express was made in ten days – an average of two hundred miles a day. But we soon began stretching our riders and making better time.

Buffalo Bill
I don’t like the idea that I’m a one-trick pony, even if I am! No matter what else I do, I have to make sure that ‘Elephant’ isn’t Tame Impala’s biggest song anywhere.

Kevin Parker
I got a call from my agent saying you have an offer to voice a cartoon by the name of ‘My Little Pony.’ And that’s pretty much what went in my ear. So I asked him the three questions that actors always ask. I need to see the script, when and how much, which were legitimate questions.

John de Lancie
I was put on a pony as a kid at some birthday party when you’re all led around.

Victoria Pendleton
No one likes to think of themselves as a one-trick pony as an actor, but on the other hand, it’s nice to be part of something that has an international popularity, that is seen literally everywhere in the world and stays in the marketplace forever.

Robert Picardo
We can afford all these wars; this, that, the other thing, why can’t every American have a pony? If you break it down, if you do the math, the government could afford to give you a pony. Don’t let them tell you they couldn’t, they could.

Vermin Supreme
My first paid job was leading pony rides along Minehead seafront when I was eight. I probably got paid sixpence – not much but I loved horses and it gave me a great chance to be near them.

Deborah Meaden
I had a paint pony called Half-Pint, and I rode her in Madison Square Garden, and that was my first big show. But my first real pony was this red pony called Chantal. He was absolutely amazing. He was a great pony, except he did spin me off a couple of times! I would blink, and then I would be on the floor.

Jessica Springsteen
When you unbox a My Little Pony or a Strawberry Shortcake doll, you were hit with a sweet, impossibly perfect fragrance of fresh, machine-made plastic oftentimes infused with floral and fruity notes to bring the toy to life. That third dimension of sensory experience made the toy so real to me.

Trixie Mattel
When people ask about inspirations, and you’re like ‘oh, it was a flower or a mountain or a pony’, some people just think you’re insane. I’m worried to come across that way.

Phillip Lim
People reckon I’m a show pony but I like to look good. And when I’m not living and breathing cricket, I’d much rather drive a fast car or go shopping for clothes than play golf or go fishing.

Michael Clarke
As a kid, I wasn’t allowed to have girl toys, but I would take my cousin’s My Little Pony and smell it. That weird, synthetic, fruity-sweet smell – that’s how I wanted to look. I wanted to look like this fabricated toy. I wanted to look like you could pull a string on my back, and I would say, like, six catchphrases.

Trixie Mattel
My entire life, I just wanted a pony, and I couldn’t care less about a pair of shoes.

Kendall Jenner
I grew up with a brother racing dirt bikes and me riding my pony around, trying to see what the boys were up to.

Sonja Morgan
Pony’ was one of the biggest songs of my career. It was really hard to follow that up.

There’s a beautifully simple sketch in the first episode of ‘Smack the Pony:’ two women approach each other walking their dogs and as they pass the women bark at each other, the dogs remaining perfectly calm. It kills me every time.

Joe Lycett
When I was six years old, my parents took me to this farmers’ market with a petting zoo. They put me on a pony and, for some reason, it took off at a run and they had to chase it down. They tell me it was kind of traumatic.

David Schwimmer