Top 40 Quotes about Stephen King

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From the start I was a kid who read 'Goosebumps', and t
From the start I was a kid who read ‘Goosebumps’, and that led me to Stephen King, and then I saw ‘Aliens,’ and ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ the original. And with ‘Night of the Living Dead’ I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a black person who’s the main character. Does anybody see that?’

Misha Green
I’m interested in everything. I don’t see why Borges can’t work along with Neil Gaiman, or Stephen King can’t be mixed with Balzac. It’s just storytelling; it’s different ways of using codes and images and words and sounds.

Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Stephen King in many respects is a wonderful writer. He has made a contribution. People in the future will be able to pick up Stephen King’s books and learn a lot about who we were by reading those books.

Anne Rice
If I hadn’t spent many years trying to be as compassionate as Mother Teresa, as positive a thinker as W. Clement Stone, as prolific a writer as Stephen King, and as good a speaker as many of the legends I have studied, I would not be as successful as I am today.

Jack Canfield
If you’re Stephen King and you have a massive body of huge-selling well-respected work, you can pivot and do whatever you want. I don’t have that body of work, I don’t have that audience that’s comfortable with me enough yet to follow my bliss with me.

Seth Grahame-Smith
They were kind of like little Stephen King stories… but these go back many hundreds of years.

Michael McKean
I attribute the black tones in my films to Stephen King, Tim Burton, Joe Hill and Richard Matheson. However, most of my writing is influenced by mental health. I’m incredibly passionate about shedding light on the stigmas associated with mental illnesses.

Anna Akana
When I was growing up, if there was a Young Adult section of my town’s library, I missed it. I wandered right from ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ over to Stephen King. His books were big and fat and they seemed important. I eventually worked my way through most of the shelf, but ‘It’ is the one that stuck with me.

Erin Morgenstern
I thought The Shining was just absolutely wonderful. Stephen King reaches all kinds of people. In the beginning he was just dismissed out of hand, which was terrible.

Anne Rice
Stephen King once told me he liked my writing. And that was great.

Nelson DeMille
I actually love Stephen King’s writing. I mean, we, actually, at Castle Rock, we’ve made seven movies out of Stephen King books.

Rob Reiner
I have a huge author crush on Stephen King. Have never met him. Would probably embarrass myself. But it would be worth it.

Lisa Gardner
I don’t really read Stephen King – I just can’t read scary things because it stays with me too long – but I truly liked his memoir of the craft of writing.

Phoebe Robinson
Pet Sematary’ is one of my favorite books of Stephen King and I have a deep love relationship with it.

Andy Muschietti
The last thing I want to do is to present something as ‘Stephen King, Part II,’ and have it be something that’s a big disappointment.

Owen King
Big Stephen King fan. I think he’s dismissed often as a hack probably because of his prolific body of work, but he’s anything but. I think he’s a terrific writer. And not just a genre writer; he really approaches a number of complexities in everything he writes. So I’m a huge fan.

Miguel Ferrer
The first time I ever met Stephen King, he came up to me, and we went to shake hands, and he had, like, this fake rubber rat that he kind of, you know, shook at me. You know, and I said, ‘No, this is a cliche – this can’t be. Stephen King is trying to scare me with a fake rat?’ It was just really weird.

Rob Reiner
I have been reading Stephen King since CARRIE and hope to read him for many years to come.

Dean Koontz
The largest two books I’ve ever read more than once are ‘Bleak House’ by Charles Dickens and ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, about 1,200 pages each.

Simon Toyne
I was definitely more of a movie/cartoon guy than comics, but I really do like graphic novels – I don’t have the time to sit down and read Stephen King like I used to, so I find picking up ‘Saga’ every now and then and just diving back into it is a great way to stay reading.

Adam F. Goldberg
Whenever I would see horror movies I would be traumatized and I’d have to watch them behind my hands or behind the couch sometimes. So I grew up first with authors like John Bellairs and R.L. Stine for kind of the young adult horror. But I found Stephen King in the sixth grade and that was it. I became a rabid fan.

Mike Flanagan
I read a lot of science fiction, but I also mixed it up with a lot of other genres: crime, literary fiction, as well as nonfiction. Author-wise, I’m a fan of Stephen King, Lauren Beukes, Robert McCammon, Raymond Chandler, Greg Rucka, Ed Brubaker and Gail Simone, among many others.

Adam Christopher
My mom didn’t write, but she loved to read. She liked books ‘that made you a little nervous.’ Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Peter Straub were the three wise men of our family bookshelf.

Michael Easton
Your failure to enjoy a highly rated novel doesn’t mean you’re dim – you may find that Graham Greene is more to your taste, or Stephen Hawking or Iris Murdoch or Ian Rankin. Dickens, Stephen King, whoever.

Nick Hornby
There’s a bunch of Stephen King books I love. ‘Salem’s Lot’ was always one of my favourites. ‘It.’ ‘Needful Things.’ Moving away from King, and ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is always a good choice.

Paul Cleave
Being a best-selling author doesn’t make you a millionaire. It’s not like Stephen King.

James McBride
I’ve always been a big fan of Stephen King, especially in my teenage years.

Andy Muschietti
Stephen King is one of my all-time heroes, so, of course, the pressure never lets up. Every second, you hope he’ll like it. I remember getting a call from him after he read my script for ‘Hearts in Atlantis.’ He liked it. Talk about relief.

William Goldman
How many writers in history have ever been as famous as Stephen King? He casts an awfully long shadow.

Christopher Golden
I have several books I can read over and over. With fiction, it’s ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, which is my favorite all time. I read that at least once a year, the version which has 100,000 extra words, which is like the director’s cut and unabridged. I love the story. I love the social connotation to it.

Corey Taylor
My gravity is always towards original material but ‘Gerald’s Game,’ I read it when I was nineteen years old, I got to the end and had gooseflesh up and down my arms and the back of my neck, I put it down and said ‘That’s one of my favourite Stephen King novels… it’s also unfilmable.’

Mike Flanagan
Yeah, I didn’t grow up in the ’50s like Stephen King so I’m more versed in the ’80s and the present day than the ’50s.

Andy Muschietti
I think Judy Blume, Stephen King, and Dean Koontz are the three authors responsible for my being where I am today. I owe them a lot.

James Dashner
Get your butt in a chair and write. If it comes out weak or bad or clunky or ordinary, then accept that this happens to everyone. Everyone. Get it down, get it done, and fix it in the rewrite. Just like everyone from Stephen King to J. K. Rowling to Chuck Palahniuk does.

Jonathan Maberry
Honestly, it’s terrible, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really read a Stephen King novel.

Jim Rash
I became a reader – never mind a writer – because of Stephen King.

Paul G. Tremblay
The reason you can take the leap of faith with Stephen King, when it comes to the paranormal, or the things that happen in the world that he creates, is because the characters that he writes are accessible.

Emily Rose
I’ve been a fan of vampire fiction since way, way back – I loved Stephen King, Anne Rice, Peter Straub, Robert McCammon, Shirley Jackson, lots of great horror and paranormal fiction.

Rachel Caine
Stephen King writes a lot of things that are really charming and quirky, and that are more ironic than horror.

William H. Macy
Stephen King. Now I’m not crazy about him, but he’s a great a writer.

Mickey Spillane