Top 40 Voluntarily Quotes

We have collected the best Voluntarily Quotes by famous authors including Sam Neill, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Adora Svitak, Louis Kronenberger, George W. Bush and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

No intelligent man wears a moustache voluntarily - you
No intelligent man wears a moustache voluntarily – you can write that down.

Sam Neill
To have charitable support given by people voluntarily to support their fellow citizens, I think, is rather uplifting and shows what a good, compassionate country we are.

Jacob Rees-Mogg
None of my friends don’t have Facebook accounts. Op-eds and studies can highlight our decreased enthusiasm for Facebook ’til the cows come home, but it doesn’t change the fact that we are chained to the beast. Voluntarily, of course.

Adora Svitak
The closer and more confidential our relationship with someone, the less we are entitled to ask about what we are not voluntarily told.

Louis Kronenberger
The United States prefers that Iraq meet its obligations voluntarily, yet we are prepared for the alternative.

George W. Bush
When we foster an economy without hope, we guarantee that a segment of our population will be destined to know homelessness on a permanent basis, and not for the one night I voluntarily spent at a shelter.

Jackie Speier
I never wore a tie voluntarily, even though I was forced to wear one for photos when I was young and for official events at school. I used to wrap my tie in a newspaper, and whenever the teacher checked I would quickly put it on again. I’m not used to it. Most Bolivians don’t wear ties.

Evo Morales
Had the United States not acted in Iraq, Libyan leader Muammar Qadhafi would likely not have declared his weapons programs, submitted to international inspections and voluntarily dismantled its programs.

Jim Gerlach
Utopia is a framework for utopias, a place where people are at liberty to join together voluntarily to pursue and attempt to realize their own vision of the good life in the ideal community but where no one can impose his own utopian vision upon others.

Robert Nozick
My opinions and principles are subjects of just criticism. I put myself before the public voluntarily.

Victoria Woodhull
Most sports federations, corporations, and governments don’t change voluntarily. Change is brought by the disenfranchised demanding better.

Julie Foudy
If we do not voluntarily bring population growth under control in the next one or two decades, the nature will do it for us in the most brutal way, whether we like it or not.

Henry W. Kendall
Most people would live in an outhouse in Bangladesh before they would voluntarily move to Nebraska.

Poe Ballantine
A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.

Tom Hanks
The Muslims want to force conversion. Christians want to persuade you to voluntarily change your heart to where you would say yes to Jesus Christ.

Franklin Graham
At the end of the seven years, ‘Family Ties’ voluntarily went off the air. And, we went off as the #1 show on TV that week. We cut down the nets on stage 24 and moved on with the rest of our lives. Always to carry with us the blessing of what we had gone through together.

Gary David Goldberg
We know that young babies, as they become capable of moving voluntarily, will share. They will share food, for instance, with their siblings and with kids that are around. They will sooth. If they see somebody else in pain, even the youngest of toddlers will try to reach out and pat the person.

Paul Bloom
In my early 20s, I was a big fan of Theodore Dreiser and might be one of the few people on the planet who have voluntarily read all his novels.

Nathaniel Philbrick
Kim Kardashian was the first time I’ve seen a woman tormented about her weight gain while having a baby. But at least she asks for that attention by voluntarily obsessing over her weight publicly on her social media. But now nobody is safe.

Jameela Jamil
All the people at university were very aristocratic – except me, because I was on scholarship. And everyone there voluntarily wore suits and ties every day. And this was in the ’60s!

Genesis P-Orridge
The only successor to President Putin is President Putin himself and we could of course dream about President Putin stepping down voluntarily and picking out successor which would be probably as bad as him.

Garry Kasparov
When you’re the king of someplace, you don’t voluntarily leave.

Christian Laettner
Auditions are very strange – you’re there to win, to seek approval. They never get easier, but I did realise that you’re there voluntarily, after all.

Darren Boyd
If you do a practice and train your attention to hover in the present, then you will build the internal capacity to do that as needed – at will and voluntarily.

Daniel Goleman
Most people, when they meet me, one of the first things they say is, ‘Why would you voluntarily subject yourself to war? Why would you go into these places where you know there’s a risk of getting killed?’

Lynsey Addario
Nobody will leave any place unless they’re forced out. That’s the nature of humans. Once you’re there, you’re there. I’ve never seen anybody get up voluntarily and leave any place.

Albert Brooks
People are voluntarily giving money to A.E.I. – there is no government money – because they think the work we do is valuable.

Charles Murray
Send me to Washington, and if I can’t make a difference, I’ll voluntarily come back after just one term. Cut the deficit, slash illegal immigration in half, fix our horrific tax system – or I’ll come home and help find somebody that can. That’s my product guarantee.

Robert Blaha
We need to understand the difference between freedom of religion – which is absolutely guaranteed and I would fervently defend. Sharia law is politics; it’s not religion. If you say that a woman is voluntarily going to be of lesser value than a man, which is in sharia law, can we allow that?

Gary Johnson
It is the lash of hunger which compels the poor man to submit. In order to live he must sell – ‘voluntarily’ sell – himself every day and hour to the ‘beast of property.’

Johann Most
I’m always about being comfortable. You will never see me voluntarily in a pair of heels.

Camila Morrone
If we choose to ignore science and refuse to fund important scientific research, we voluntarily cede our place as a world leader in innovation.

Bill Foster
People tend to scare you pointing out your shortfalls. If you voluntarily admit your faults, then people won’t have anything to point out.

Anupam Kher
I did not destroy the 43 volumes of my diary, which report on all these events and the share I had in them; but of my own accord I handed them voluntarily to the officers of the American Army who arrested me.

Hans Frank
I voluntarily inflicted a certain level of insanity on myself.

Jonathan Franzen
Segregation is that which is forced upon an inferior by a superior. Separation is done voluntarily by two equals.

Malcolm X
Power works best when it is indirect – never coercing people; instead, getting them to voluntarily align with your interests.

Robert Greene
The colored man is in the South to stay there. He will not leave it voluntarily and he cannot be driven out. He had no voice in being carried into the South, but he will have a very loud voice in any attempt to put him out.

Timothy Thomas Fortune
I can’t imagine voluntarily standing beside an F1 track in the rain, watching motorised wedges plastered in corporate decals zooming past at 500mph.

Charlie Brooker
Very few people know someone who would voluntarily go into a war zone to protect a person he has never met. I know 1,000 of them, and I am proud that they are part of our team.

Erik Prince