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We have collected the best Engage Quotes by famous authors including Justin Amash, Theodore Zeldin, David Ige, Rooney Mara, Nina Tassler and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Legislation that names a specific private organization
Legislation that names a specific private organization to defund (rather than all organizations that engage in a particular activity) is improper and arguably unconstitutional.

Justin Amash
The English reputation for humour is a way by which people avoid revealing themselves and have superficial relationships, so that you can engage in banter without making yourself vulnerable.

Theodore Zeldin
As leaders, our job is to engage people so that they will want to participate in this grand experience in self governance.

David Ige
I can understand wanting to be invisible and mistrusting people and wanting to understand everything before you engage with the world.

Rooney Mara
Audiences need to engage with characters.

Nina Tassler
We are, first of all, not solitary creatures and second of all, we are deeply embedded in the lives of others. It’s very easy to forget that and to engage in an atomistic fallacy – where we think that all we have to do is study the individual components of a system in order to understand the system.

Nicholas A. Christakis
I am such a coward when it comes to political arguments. I tend to sort of recoil rather than engage.

John Lithgow
If we engage in a conflict that we know this is a threat to America, we should make it so one-sided that it gets over very quickly.

Kevin McCarthy
The way I shop and the way I engage with my wardrobe, those experiences don’t come to life on Amazon’s platform.

Kirsten Green
On the one hand Twitter gives you the opportunity to engage with people, which is great, but on the other there are people who feel they can say whatever they want, put poison out there, really, without fear of any repercussions.

Michael Sheen
Whether or not your candidate wins, the crucial importance is the integrity of our voting system. You have to engage in the process in order to change it.

Brandon Victor Dixon
Reading feeds writing: it presents you with new ideas to engage with.

Celeste Ng
Even if people do wrong, we’re social animals, so what can we do about stopping them doing the same things in future? Saying people are ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ is just an unwillingness to engage; an unwillingness to try to empathise. That sanctimonious attitude doesn’t help anyone.

Denise Mina
It’s a sad day when the leaders of the free world engage in such deception and trickery. I voted against this unnecessary war and will continue to argue that the best way to support our troops is to bring them home.

Major Owens
Technology is a tough realm to navigate as a younger woman who is not married. It can be hard to cultivate professional relationships because you have to be conscious of how to engage potential investors.

Leila Janah
I still blog, but I do think blogging will become obsolete, as there are more ways of interacting on the Web with low barriers to entry for people to engage and participate.

Biz Stone
YouTube provides a unique opportunity for all musicians to market and promote their music and directly engage their fans.

Chad Hurley
You can’t be a passive recipient of images, you have to engage with images and read their subtexts. These are critical things that will be taught to the students by a film club.

Sharmila Tagore
My whole interest in food grew from my interest in gardens and the question of how we engage with the natural world. To go back even further, I got interested in gardens because I was interested in nature and wilderness and Thoreau and Emerson.

Michael Pollan
Real men stay out of their women’s business and they don’t engage in repugnant hostile actions or words toward a woman whether they know, like, or dislike her.

Kenya Moore
The more a business is able to develop and articulate a core purpose and engage with millennials, who equate purpose with business excellence, the greater chances for long-term success.

Punit Renjen
Facebook is studying emotional reaction to things and bringing you fewer of things you don’t engage with and more of what you do.

Robert Scoble
I like to enter my characters through a physical form first. The first thing I find is the regime of the character – when he wakes up tomorrow, what activities does this person engage in – that’s my entry point. Once I get that, then it becomes easy for me.

Neeraj Kabi
It’s always fair to criticize, to question, to engage about things like whitewashing and violence against women and choices of lack of diversity. All those things are really, really a good thing to talk about.

Laeta Kalogridis
There’s an axiom I live by: ‘There is no art without politics.’ You either choose to engage it, or you choose political apathy. This ties in with ideas around real-time performance and feedback.

Chris Jordan
The problem with data is that it says a lot, but it also says nothing. ‘Big data’ is terrific, but it’s usually thin. To understand why something is happening, we have to engage in both forensics and guess work.

Sendhil Mullainathan
My town hall meetings are with friends and neighbors, fellow Americans. We engage.

Sheila Jackson Lee
If you followed the media you’d think that everybody in Africa was starving to death, and that’s not the case; so it’s important to engage with the other Africa.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
In a world where audiences listen for attitudes rather than arguments or information, speakers must feel the pressure to posture rather than engage.

Abhijit Banerjee
If we need simple narratives so people can amplify and spread them, are we forced to engage only with the simplest of problems?

Ethan Zuckerman
The National Gallery is the place that means to represent everything that’s good and important in art and show what it believes everyone who is a citizen should recognize and engage.

Kerry James Marshall
I like to see other bands, and I like to hear their songs, but I really like it when they engage the audience.

David Bryan
In motivating people, you’ve got to engage their minds and their hearts. I motivate people, I hope, by example – and perhaps by excitement, by having productive ideas to make others feel involved.

Rupert Murdoch
I dont like being classed as a celebrity. Im a normal actor whos survived. I find the people at those parties are just there to be seen rather than to engage. That isnt me.

Robson Green
A viewer’s imagination is a powerful storyteller, and can often come up with things way more frightening than what you can explicitly show in a horror movie… try to engage that imagination, and the results can be magical.

Mike Flanagan
Armed with pricing information, health care consumers can punish providers that price gouge, waste resources, or engage in surprise billing by taking their business elsewhere.

Mike Braun
To engage in downright plagiarism is disappointing. It’s cynical, opportunistic and hypocritical.

Saul Bass
The United States welcomes China’s commitment to engage in arms control negotiations.

Morgan Ortagus
Successful organizations, including the Military, have learned that the higher the risk, the more necessary it is to engage everyone’s commitment and intelligence.

Margaret J. Wheatley
Personally, I love athletes on Twitter. I think it gives them an opportunity to engage and show some of their personality.

Jemele Hill
As a politician, I engage with all kinds of opinions irrespective of whether they are in the media or not.

Smriti Irani
I was really sick of bands just ignoring the audience as a posture in rock music. And I think we fed off each other in terms of trying to engage the audience, not in a hammy way, but actually trying to be aware of the space that you are playing in and trying to connect in some way through the music.

Win Butler
Trolling can be a great way to engage with the world, a way to regain self-esteem and happiness, or, dare I say it, a way of life.

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.

Amy Jo Martin
Whenever you’re talking about using humor in politics or in a policy speech or in a serious moment, you’re talking about using it as a tool to engage people. That’s why putting a joke in a political speech is a luxury, and it is always a risk.

Jon Lovett
The truth is, I like to engage with life fully. Given an opportunity to do something I don’t often get a chance to do, I feel the need to try it, even if I suspect I’ll make a fool out of myself.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
I remember what it was like to be doing ‘Lost’ and how creatively immersive it was. I just couldn’t really engage on anything else, other than ‘Lost;’ I was just thinking about it all the time, and then there was just the pure workload, the 70- or 80-hour weeks.

Damon Lindelof
They might in the future more than ever before engage in hunting beavers.

Samuel de Champlain
My political mission is as acute as ever. For me, in addition to kind of looking at the world and trying to engage in my society politically, having the kid around sort of makes me check in with myself. I think you’re all busy trying to fix the world, but what about yourself?

Ani DiFranco
Artwork operates on two different levels: On one level, there’s artwork as a mode of expressivity, and then there’s the other side, where the image is a construction that is meant to engage in a discursive field in order to perform a particular function.

Kerry James Marshall
To engage with art, we have to be willing to be wrong, venture outside our psychic comfort zones, suspend disbelief, and remember that art explores and alters consciousness simultaneously.

Jerry Saltz
I think that Twitter is a useful reporting tool sometimes, but an utterly toxic swamp that nonetheless I engage in more than I probably should.

Maggie Haberman
Class is something that I think seriously about and try to organise my politics around. I think there are lots of novels that don’t really engage with questions of class at all, and they get less conversation about issues of social privilege than I do. But it’s better to try and talk about it and maybe fail.

Sally Rooney
I not only work online through my various projects, but I am an avid user of online technologies to connect and engage with friends as well.

Rachel Sklar
The companies that make meaningful contributions while also listening to the voices of others are the ones that will genuinely engage their community, who will then go to work for them.

Simon Mainwaring
I think governance is about giving people an opportunity to engage with you on subjects that you are responsible for, believing in people’s capacity to deliver, and allowing them that platform plus project their work.

Smriti Irani
Children tell themselves stories, engage in self-delusion and fantasy, but those narratives are more evolving than calcified – and with that malleability comes both freedom and danger.

Laura van den Berg
I look at technology as a way for us to engage with and help our customers. If we don’t do it, someone else is going to.

Bruce Broussard
There is a real danger that kids won’t engage with cricket when there are so many other opportunities to use their time in other sports, not to mention video-gaming, and generally long-form cricket doesn’t turn them on.

Andrew Strauss
Hip-hop started as this niche moment, and the values of it, the cultures that it carried on its back; language, clothes, the way you wear your clothes, the items that you consume, all came with the music as an art form. And those things helped transform how people buy, shop, speak, engage.

Steve Stoute
Whatever films I make, the mandate is that it should touch the audiences and engage them from the first scene.

Farhan Akhtar
I loved the DOS games, Super Nintendo. And I have a very addictive personality, so I recognize now that I just can’t engage in that kind of stuff because I’ll never stop. So I no longer play any games.

Mackenzie Davis
Ours was a never a ‘religious’ religious home because my parents thought of religion as something you do: it’s the way you engage in the local community. That has meant a lot to me.

Margrethe Vestager
Damian Lewis is a consummate professional. He is kind. He’s compassionate. He’s able to engage in real conversation when we’re not rolling, and then, the minute we’re rolling, he’s totally present and reacting truthfully in the moment and listening.

Asia Kate Dillon
The wrestling begins before you even engage in the clinch, I’ve said this already. This is one thing people don’t know, wrestling begins on the feet with the stand up.

Israel Adesanya
I do not think that a museum needs to engage with pop culture in order to make itself interesting to museumgoers. Museums are already interesting and engaging with pop culture for its own sake is just a quick way to seem and become dated.

John Hodgman
I speak in relatable terms, without too much car lingo, so more and more people can engage with the car world. And I’m not afraid to ask questions on behalf of a whole community of people who want to learn but are afraid they’ll be shut down.

Alex Hirschi
I never shot on sets, but if I was traveling somewhere or on location, I would always have my camera, and I’d always be – it’s that kind of fly on the wall approach to photography, though. I don’t engage the subject. I like to sneak around, skulk about in the dark.

Jessica Lange
Hollywood, Twitter, our friends – they all contribute to a community of snark. The more we engage in the way that everyone else engages, the more followers, likes, and RTs we get. But we can’t rail against the cyberbullies without acknowledging what we also contribute to a culture of cruelty.

Julie Plec
For me, all you want from your actor is for them to engage on a deeply emotional level with the material. If you feel like that happens, directing the actors is pretty much done at that point.

Andrew Haigh
Democrats in 2020 can’t just drive by red counties. You have to stop, get out of your car, ask for people’s votes, and engage with them on issues that relate to their lives.

Bob Casey, Jr.
Terrorists do not engage in terror attacks because they are strong. They engage in these attacks because they are weak.

Bret Weinstein
Meals and eating and that sort of ritual of gathering at a table is such a part of childhood, and that was such a strange moment. It made me nervous to watch my mom cook for us and then not engage in the act of eating with us.

Carrie Brownstein
I like people. I like to speak to people, engage with people.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
I don’t really engage much in the creative community. I just kind of keep to myself and do my work.

Aesop Rock
I guess I’m fortunate in that two things I always wanted to do, since I was 16, were play music and get into news media. I’m very lucky to have two things that can engage my brain at once.

Lauren Mayberry
As our culture redefines being a gamer, brand partners explore and wait eagerly on a new set of tools to better engage their potential clients.

Brock Pierce
I believe in the critical importance of participating in the political system – from voting to standing for election. It’s both rewarding and necessary that men and women of good will and clear thinking engage in honest, open debate.

Michael Nutter
I’m not really interested in creating things to be seen inside a private gallery. I’m interested in creating things that are all around us, that engage us. I just find the things that I respond to are useful.

Thomas Heatherwick
The Clintons engage routinely in corrupt practices, mixing their political power with their nonprofit work to make themselves rich, while not standing up for the little guy.

Mercedes Schlapp
Anytime people engage in something creative or just something they are really passionate about, obviously, it’s hard to separate your personal feelings from what it is you are making.

Megan Ganz
It is crucial that there is a government in Madrid secure enough to engage with Catalonia politically rather than continue the denial and legal obstructionism of the Rajoy years.

Carles Puigdemont
I agree that it is not just the extremists who harbor bad thoughts or engage in bad acts, but they are usually the source of the polarization and try to keep education and communication of the main stream from moving forward.

Joichi Ito
I would much rather engage people in a conversation about deregulation and reversals of women’s rights and civil rights and LGBT rights than conversations about Russian interference.

Masha Gessen
London theatre is different: it is a commercial theatre that brings the whole of society into one place. And Shakespeare grasped, better than anyone else, what it means to engage the entire audience.

Neil MacGregor
To live fixated on the future is to engage in psychological denial. It is a form of psychic violence that prepares us to accept the violence needed to ensure the maintenance of imperialist, future-oriented society.

bell hooks
We cannot eliminate poverty without enabling developing countries to engage more people in economic activity that use natural resources, and we cannot resolve runaway climate change without creating wealth in a more equitable and less carbon intensive way.

Paul Polman
You can’t expect to go about change – especially change of this nature, when you talk about racial equality and justice – you can’t expect to go about or engage in that without resistance, and so you’re going to have some people who aren’t on board.

Malcolm Jenkins
Audience come with expectations, and our job is to engage them for two hours. We take efforts to make the story more interesting and also present it in such a way that it is liked by all the audience.

Vijay Sethupathi
I think we should all be accountable to our parties, but I also think that accountability should be a process of engagement: that MPs do engage with their constituency parties, do engage with their constituents, and MPs do change their minds on things because of local opinion.

Jeremy Corbyn
It’s in our ability to selectively engage and disengage our moral standards, and it helps explain how people can be barbarically cruel in one moment and compassionate the next.

Albert Bandura
On great teams – the kind where people trust each other, engage in open conflict, and then commit to decisions – team members have the courage and confidence to confront one another when they see something that isn’t serving the team.

Patrick Lencioni
It is the role of good journalism to take on powerful abusers, and when powerful abusers are taken on, there’s always a bad reaction. So we see that controversy, and we believe that is a good thing to engage in.

Julian Assange
In the music industry, you can’t create success without having to engage a white man. It’s just not possible. Whether it’s executives, A&Rs, and the people that hold the key to your paper, inevitably, you’ll be met with whiteness.

Teams full of talent and top-flight experience know when to engage a tackle at crucial times, when to compete in an aerial duel or seize on a chance – often resulting in the net rippling.

Glenn Murray
Good listeners have a huge advantage. For one, when they engage in conversation, they make people ‘feel’ heard. They ‘feel’ that someone really understands their wants, needs and desires. And for good reason; a good listener does care to understand.

Simon Sinek
In addition to building better products, a more open world will also encourage businesses to engage with their customers directly and authentically. More than four million businesses have Pages on Facebook that they use to have a dialogue with their customers. We expect this trend to grow as well.

Mark Zuckerberg
I think the fact that we, as writers, don’t engage with resource-level questions is a symptom of our society where we just don’t know where our stuff comes from.

Paolo Bacigalupi
Eddie Murphy was my guy for a long time. My first exposure to ‘SNL’ was his ‘Best Of’ VHS, and I would watch it over and over again. He was one of the few people on the show to play with the live elements and engage with the audience.

Taran Killam
When the power of private prisons is diminished, so, too, is their ability to engage in back-door political lobbying that has an impact on public and private prisons alike.

Clint Smith
Only when the oil and gas industry has taken full account of, and responsibility for, the impacts of exploring for and extracting fossil fuels can we engage in a serious and worthy evaluation of whether fracking can indeed provide a bridge to a sustainable energy future.

Tom Steyer
Reading a hard copy book, and reading a book on an iPad are slightly different experiences. What they both have in common though is that you must engage your imagination in the process.

LeVar Burton
The issue of corruption in the humanitarian system is not an issue which is fundamentally different from dangers of corruption in other areas. One of the best ways to strengthen accountability is to engage in principled and law-based humanitarian action.

Peter Maurer
Only by moving away from the comforts of your conference room to truly engage with and listen to your customers can you learn in depth about their problems, produce features to solve those problems, and learn what drives customers to recommend, approve, and purchase products.

Steve Blank
You can’t be a casual observer of something humorous – you have to engage, you have to find it funny for the relationship between actor and audience to work.

Brendan Coyle
At 20, I realized that I could not possibly adjust to a feminine role as conceived by my father and asked him permission to engage in a professional career. In eight months I filled my gaps in Latin, Greek and mathematics, graduated from high school, and entered medical school in Turin.

Rita Levi-Montalcini
I’m just looking at Twitter like, ‘Ooooooo.’ No, I don’t engage, but it’s great. There’s so many avenues to get your entertainment on; you’ve got so many people invested in this. I love it.

Craig Robinson
If enough people openly engage in conduct once considered reprehensible, we rewrite the rule book and assume that God, as a good democrat, will go along.

James L. Buckley
It’s not that white guys shouldn’t be allowed to engage in discussions on race in America. But there’s nothing more exhausting than white male liberals’ dogmatisms on race that were clearly formed during a conversation they had with that one black guy they met back in college.

John Ridley
By simply capitalizing on core strengths and knowledge, companies and entrepreneurs can engage in an emerging business model that will enable them to create – and demonstrate – real, sustainable social impact in society.

Muhammad Yunus
Language in fiction is made up of equal parts meaning and music. The sentences should have rhythm and cadence, they should engage and delight the inner ear.

Michael Cunningham
In the social business marketplace, brands that hope to build loyal and growing communities do so most effectively when they demonstrate their core values and allow a community to build and engage around it.

Simon Mainwaring
Illiberal feminists turn simple ideological disagreements, whether about the federal budget or the Second Amendment or anything else, into excuses to engage in character assassination, dismissing their opponents as sexists.

Kirsten Powers
To realize the incredible potential of connected cars and autonomous driving, we must continue to forge innovative global partnerships that engage everyone from automakers and Internet of Things players to government and educational institutions.

Dinesh Paliwal
Speaking positively about our bodies is as essential as the physical activity we engage in.

Mandy Ingber
As the physical, digital, and biological worlds continue to converge, new technologies and platforms will increasingly enable citizens to engage with governments, voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts, and even circumvent the supervision of public authorities.

Klaus Schwab
When I was 15, I talked to Liam Neeson because I was the only one of my friends ballsy enough to engage him.

I’ll never get another first premiere again, especially at Sundance. I’ve just been trying to fully engage myself in everything that’s going on, and I hope to see other movies here while I’m here! I really want to!

Harley Quinn Smith
By this time it was past six, and the enemy’s van and ours were at too great a distance to engage, I perceived some of their ships stretching to the northward; and I imagined they were going to form a new line.

John Byng
The candidate who knows the space and is really interested in a company rather than just applying for a job will be able to engage with everyone who’s interviewing him or her with interesting questions at the right level.

David Baszucki
We engage in the public institutions of work and school and club and team, because it is there that we find meaning and purpose. But sometimes when we engage, we find confrontation not affirmation.

Barry Gardiner
Confidence is highly overrated when it comes to creating literature. A writer who is overly confident will not engage in the struggle to get it exactly right on the page – but rather, will assume that she’s getting it right without the struggle.

Dani Shapiro
In the first phase of shock over, say, your mortgage being called in or your job washed out, it’s essential to engage with others and share the fear, release the feelings, do fun things to take your mind off it.

Gail Sheehy
I decided to engage in life conversations through my programme ‘Avid Miners.’ This is all about sharing experiences and spreading positivity. The audience range from school students, colleges and even corporate employees. And this journey has been quite an experience for me, I must add!

Ashish Vidyarthi
Failing to engage in conflict is a terrible decision, one that puts our temporary comfort and the avoidance of discomfort ahead of the ultimate goal of our organization.

Patrick Lencioni
We want to open up more opportunities for U.S. businesses and travelers to engage with Cuba, and we want the Cuban government to open up more opportunities for its people to benefit from that engagement.

Ben Rhodes
As a citizen of a community, if you never vote or engage, don’t be surprised when the outcome doesn’t serve your interests; you’ve never done anything to push things in the right direction.

Rebecca MacKinnon
We don’t look at problems logically, we look at them emotionally. We look at them through the guts. We look at them as if we’re doing a high school problem, like what is beautiful, what makes me recognized among my peers. We don’t go and think about things. We, as a society, don’t wish to engage in rational thought.

Sebastian Thrun
If you engage with the police, filled with fear, you’re more likely to make really bad decisions that than provoke them to take action.

Jason Whitlock
People would much rather argue their own visions and conceptions about a book than engage in a dialogue with the author, because the author could always trump you with, ‘I wrote it.’

Chris Claremont
Unions do have a proper role in negotiating for employees and advising employees, but they have to engage with the employer.

Jim Ratcliffe
The media and marketing deluge has spawned a new type of Wall Street loser: the armchair momentum player. These are novice investors who engage in short-term stock buying and selling based on media reports or an expert’s enthusiasm.

Gary Weiss
The war against terrorism is a war against those who engage in torture.

Ed Markey
Only after awhile. After it came out and people began to engage in discussions about the social reflections of the film that I realized it had an importance I hadn’t thought of.

Rod Steiger
I don’t engage in hypotheticals.

Leon Panetta
If buying art is to matter to us deeply, then it has to engage with our emotions and bring something to what one might as well, and with no supernatural associations whatsoever, call our souls.

Alain de Botton
Our cells engage in protein production, and many of those proteins are enzymes responsible for the chemistry of life.

Randy Schekman
Well, for people who want to write best sellers, the best advice I can give is to say that the novel has to engage the reader emotionally.

Ken Follett
This is something I’ve struggled with a lot: how to relate to the fear in a constructive way. It’s not that you eliminate the fear. We have all the fears. That’s natural; that’s human beings. But how do you deal with the fears, how do you engage with your fears in a way that’s productive?

Brad Feld
Indeed, though people increasingly learn and interact online, we retain a fundamental need to engage in person.

Esther Dyson
It’s a fantastic mirror to us to engage with art, to engage with paintings that are about tragedy, to go see Shakespearean comedies, to read a Greek play… We have always investigated the lightness and darkness of the human soul, in all these forms. So why not do it on television?

Holly Hunter
What’s interesting about Twitter and the influencers that someone follows – like, say, Shaquille O’Neal – is that they see someone who is using the exact same tools that they have access to, and I think that inspires this hope to be able to really engage with someone like him.

Jack Dorsey
I, thank God, don’t engage in punditry anymore. That part of my life is behind me.

Bill de Blasio
My kids don’t watch my movies. What I want to do is go home and hug my kids, talk to them and engage with them.

Kevin Bacon
I never thought that Syria and Israel should engage in a violent confrontation because I don’t think that there is any particular interest for any of us to do it.

Ehud Olmert
I don’t think sometimes people in positions of leadership in the church really engage gay and lesbian people and talk to them and get to know about their lives.

Blase J. Cupich
Conservatives have the advantage of knowing how to debate each other on issues, principles, and priorities, and that is where they should engage Trump.

Tom Tancredo
You’re going to tell me that things aren’t right in Cuba, and so we shouldn’t engage. It’s lunacy. Look outside your door and see the inhumanity of Americans… that we perpetrate on a daily basis in our lives… and then tell me that you’re going to isolate Cuba as an example. I’m sorry; that’s unacceptable.

Arturo O’Farrill
My m.o. as far as choosing projects is I really try not to work. I try to not do the scripts that are offered me. I’m in this wonderful position to be able to do that. The reason I do that is because I know what it takes once I engage, what that means for me personally and for my wife.

Jeff Bridges
YouTube’s audience is very specific. They are ready for great content. But you have to engage with the audience in a very direct fashion.

John Cabrera
Studying doesn’t have to happen in a silo. It can be a social experience. You can engage with your friends and family to find out the answer to a tough question or have someone explain it to you. You can also study anywhere you happen to be and on any device.

Eric Lefkofsky
Peace is an idea born from hope and the desire to see your children raise a family, walk in a market, and engage in simple pleasures of everyday life without fear.

Daniel Lubetzky
As long as our people, youth, businesses and individuals engage the issues of the day civilly in our democracy, and treat their fellow Singaporeans and foreigners within our midst with dignity and empathy, and endeavor for a more caring society, the best years of Singapore, a Singapore for all, are ahead of us.

Pritam Singh
Before blogs, it was all about physical presence. We used to send out videos and audiotapes to communicate. Blogging and the Internet allow us to engage in a lot more real time conversations as opposed to a one-way dump of information or a message.

Indra Nooyi
I think lawyers who engage in pro bono service to protect those who cannot help themselves are truly the heroes and the heroines of the legal profession.

Janet Reno
I’ve also long since realized that the way to really engage children is to give out prizes; it’s amazing how it concentrates their minds.

Alexander McCall Smith
Jazz has a tradition that has enriched the culture in America. The intellectualism of it does nothing but make you think on a higher level and make you a better person if you engage in the music and let it do what it does when it is played at its highest level.

Jon Batiste
Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.

Henry Ford
Religious liberty doesn’t include encouraging a fellow American to engage in violent jihad and kill an American here. That is not protected free speech. That is not protected religious belief.

George Pataki
Traditional hackathons are fun and focused on skill and competition, but we believe that events which focus on the positive social impact of technology engage a wider and more diverse set of participants.

Joe Lonsdale
The Supreme Court has never ruled that Congress can use the Commerce Clause to require individuals to engage in an activity they have chosen to avoid. Yet that is precisely what Obamacare does: It forces Americans without health insurance to purchase coverage. Such a requirement is unprecedented and unconstitutional.

John Cornyn
When I set up my first restaurant, I was so inspired by Wolfgang Puck, who is also based in L.A. and is now a good friend of mine, and the way he would engage with his customers and greet them personally.

Nobu Matsuhisa
What’s interesting to me is that people engage survivors from a place of pity all the time – a place of sympathy.

Tarana Burke
It’s nice to be able to engage with this fan base that I’ve worked to build, brick by brick.

Terri Clark
There are a growing number of conservatives and Republicans who, while they support the president and support the war in Iraq, wonder how many of these nation-building wars we’re going to engage in and what the parameters of that are.

Lamar Alexander
Disciplined governments do not engage in the economic equivalent of binge eating followed by crash dieting.

Peter Blair Henry
I don’t really engage with that world of technology, which might be to my detriment.

Maxine Peake
Linda loves an argument, and I like to engage, too, but she knows that I’m a poet, so I will engage forever. We are in the Chinese astrology of dogs, and we are forever snapping at each other.

A lot of directors are great and they are fine but you know I think that Harry really takes a special point to really engage the actors and really make it feel like a safe place for them to explore whatever it is they want to explore in whatever scene with their character.

Will Estes
I don’t know why ESPN asked me to host the ESPYs. I think that they realize we, over at WWE, can engage a live audience. We certainly have an enormous following.

John Cena
Twitter is incredibly useful. It’s a great example of how the Internet is changing the way we engage with information and text. Above all else, this change in the nature of engagement is fascinating for me as a writer.

Steven Hall
I think we need to ask serious questions about how we engage militarily, when we engage militarily, and on what basis we engage militarily. What kind of intelligence do we have to justify a military engagement?

Albert Wynn
Unfriend people who do not post to Facebook or engage with anyone else. You’ll find your posts start getting reach they never did before. Why? Facebook only releases your posts to a few people at first and watches what they do with it.

Robert Scoble
What was fantastic about ‘Scott and Bailey’ was the opportunity to engage with female characters that were absolutely committed to their working life but also had to cope with all of the outside stress and pressure of their real lives.

Lesley Sharp
Numerous studies show that people derive more personal satisfaction and are more productive when they engage at a deeper level. In the past, we did that through live, in-person interactions, but it’s more of a challenge for distributed workforces to maintain that level of engagement.

Eric Yuan
Producing food to eat is the single most destructive environmental activity humans engage in.

Ramez Naam
We don’t want A.I. to engage in cyberbullying, stock manipulation, or terrorist threats; we don’t want the F.B.I. to release A.I. systems that entrap people into committing crimes. We don’t want autonomous vehicles that drive through red lights, or worse, A.I. weapons that violate international treaties.

Oren Etzioni
Rather than use the term ‘profiling,’ the profilers prefer to say they engage in criminal investigative analysis. That is because, besides developing profiles, the analysts offer a range of other advice, including personality assessments and interview techniques tailored to a particular offender.

Ronald Kessler
The Bible is filled with intriguing stories about complex and flawed human beings who ponder immense moral questions and engage in colossal clashes with evil.

David Harsanyi
I’m frugal. I’m not a very acquisitive woman. I never waste food. If you prepare your own food, you engage with the world, it tastes alive. It tastes good.

Vivienne Westwood
Americans in general, I think, don’t understand the weight and gravity of foreign policy and how to engage the world at large.

George P. Bush
We’ll engage in pretty extreme violence in the world but, you know, the one thing that comes to humans as easily as eating or breathing or sleeping, is sex.

Mark Ruffalo
After heart surgery you can go two ways, you can kind of get scared, shrink on to your sofa and keep yourself safe, or you can engage with life again. I probably was in danger of taking the first option.

Bob Mortimer
Some foreigners with full bellies and nothing better to do engage in finger-pointing at us. First, China does not export revolution; second, it does not export famine and poverty; and third, it does not mess around with you. So what else is there to say?

Xi Jinping
I think I make films to help bolster and feed the part of me that wants to remain in a positive relationship with the world and to engage in it. So hopefully in non-sentimental ways, I’m trying to make something that helps make me happy.

Mike Mills
How much do you engage yourself in what’s truly real and important in life? That’s the individual question.

Ted Danson
Certain people should not be allowed to exploit the law, to decide the only way to engage in politics is to accuse others of lying.

Jovenel Moise
Whatever I engage in, I must push inordinately.

Andrew Carnegie
Curious patients are more receptive to new ideas, and those who engage their health practitioners in a dialogue are much more likely to adhere to these recommendations.

Dean Ornish
I don’t necessarily want to make people stomp and clap. I simply want to engage people.

Patrick deWitt
Our African ancestors were the first to engage in breathing. By that logic, I think by breathing today, we are engaging in cultural appropriation of the first Homo sapiens. And so the only way I will ask you to stop being racist is to suffocate – to stop breathing.

Gad Saad
Our leaders should certainly engage passionate advocacy of needed reforms, and equally strong criticism of policies they believe are destructive to America. But, from the school boards to the White House, let’s elect more candidates who are committed to constructive dialogue and reasonable compromises.

Martin Luther King III
The combat exclusion policy was adopted during the Clinton Administration in 1994 and says women can ‘be assigned to all positions for which they are qualified, except that women shall be excluded from assignment to units below the brigade level whose primary mission is to engage in direct combat on the ground.’

Cynthia Dill
An educated child earns more later in life, knows how to keep their own children from dying, produces more food, is less likely to get AIDS, and in the case of boys, is less likely to engage in armed civil conflict.

Marianne Williamson
When the Senate ceases to engage nominees in meaningful discussion of legal issues, the confirmation process takes on an air of vacuity and farce, and the Senate becomes incapable of either properly evaluating nominees or appropriately educating the public.

Elena Kagan
The United States will always be a global leader, and we need to actively engage the international community to make sure all citizens of the world live freely and equally under their country’s rule of law. We cannot, however, afford to fight other nations’ wars interminably or stabilize their regions.

Bill Foster
Personally, I don’t have a Twitter account. I like to be in control of the way the stand up of Stewart Lee is perceived, I don’t want to have to engage with individual people. Also, when I do look at it, loads of factually inaccurate things about me are written.

Stewart Lee
A.I. will make it possible for the Internet to directly engage people in the real world, through robotics and drones and little machines that will do smart things by themselves.

Jensen Huang
People who know me know that I’m a rabid fan of the Kansas Jayhawks. My quirky habit is that every Kansas game is on my calendar, and, more often than not, I will plan and schedule flights around them so that I can engage and watch. I have already brainwashed my family to be Jayhawks fans.

Brad Garlinghouse
The social business marketplace is effectively forcing brands to engage with consumers on the basis of something that is meaningful to them. More often than not, this takes the form of some core value that finds expression in a non-profit cause.

Simon Mainwaring
I’ve been really clear that my first job as leader of the Labour Party and co-leader of the labour movement is to engage with our base.

David Cunliffe
We need to understand the other side to impact the other side. We become much more effective as humans and leaders when we engage in hearty conversations with those who are different from us, not necessarily to change our opinions, but to build the empathy muscle.

Daniel Lubetzky
What would you have if you didn’t have a murder in a mystery? You’d have something for the lower-level readers. When you get up into the upper levels, there’s nothing that will engage you or compel you or get your emotions churning like a murder. It’s the ultimate stakes.

Alane Ferguson
I believe that feminism needs to teach more girls about how to make institutional changes and how to further engage men and boys into being our allies.

Marley Dias
The first principle of tackling corruption is that you do not engage in it and you have the will to confront it.

Ashraf Ghani
The main thing is to think strategically about what will engage your readers. Trust me when I tell you that few people are eager to read a story whose opening lines sound like a dissertation on giant bugs.

Darin Strauss
With theatre, we are always trying to engage in a conversation with people and to bring people into that conversation, but I was disappointed the audiences were not as mixed as I hoped they would become.

Rachel House
The United States should not engage in tit-for-tat polemics directed at its most important allies. That is as demeaning as it is destructive.

Zbigniew Brzezinski
I love to engage with people who come to see us.

Joan Jett
Stay true to yourself, engage with your followers, and ignore the critics.

Ella Woodward
Be reactionary. React to what the market wants. And the market wants one-on-one real time engagement. Now that we have the tools to engage, I’m going to continue fighting for the end user.

Gary Vaynerchuk
I believe if more American children read the Ten Commandments and are taught what they mean, they will predictably engage in less crime.

Gary Bauer
Every day, new laws are created that further hamper the ways children can engage with the world.

Gever Tulley
Food, like sex, is one of the principal kinds of human activity that engage people when they wonder about how to account for different kinds of human behaviour.

Marvin Harris
There is no better form of trade a developing nation can engage in than to sell services provided by an educated population.

Brian Behlendorf
The goal, I think, of American education, for decades, and across many, many scholars, was basically to teach people broad lessons in how to live life, how to engage life, how to essentially be effective citizens and effective people.

James Heckman
I take things in better when I’m allowed to talk, and respond, and engage and move around a bit.

Daniel Radcliffe
When you engage with people as an artist you know exactly what they feel and what they’re thinking.

Malik Yoba
If we are going to reverse the race to the bottom, workers must have the right to engage in collective bargaining.

Bernie Sanders
It is no longer socially permissible to use race, explicitly, as a justification for discrimination, exclusion, and social contempt. So we don’t. Rather than rely on race, we use our criminal justice system to label people of color ‘criminals’ and then engage in all the practices we supposedly left behind.

Michelle Alexander
Singing is a very sensual activity! You engage in it with all your senses and your heart.

Yasmine Hamdan
I didn’t necessarily want to be famous growing up, but I knew I would be a good famous person because I’m not offended if somebody comes up to me and knows things about me and wants to engage me in a conversation.

Nate Berkus
It is hard to overstate the economic importance of the U.S.A. to Scotland, and that makes it essential that we engage with companies and potential investors and get the message across that we are open for business.

Nicola Sturgeon
I’ve learned that it’s important to listen to employees at all levels, to engage them, to empower them. Whether you’re a first-line supervisor or the head of an entire agency, you should be asking career staffers, ‘What do you think?’

Tom Perez
Tap dancing is all about the feet; you put your head down and don’t really engage with anything but the rhythm in your head.

Jamie Bell
This death cult has no reason and is beyond negotiation. This is what makes it so frightening. This is what causes so many to engage in a sort of mental diversion. They don’t want to confront this horror. So they rush off in search of more comprehensible things to hate.

David Brooks
Creating a television property means we’ll be able to move fans from laptops to living rooms and engage completely new audiences while building backstories and expanding on Doc’s universe.

Dr. Disrespect
There’s a whole system in Hollywood where the director never speaks to the studio, but I like to engage them in a discussion. I listen.

Baz Luhrmann
I think that music and visual arts can complement themselves nicely. They do different things – the music forces you into a different mood and perspective whilst the visual stuff can engage you in a more direct cognitive manner.

Aaron Koblin
Proclaiming the gospel is not an activity in which we periodically and temporarily engage.

David A. Bednar
I believe in creating ideas that consumers actually want to engage in, creating movements with our thinking and not bombarding them into submission.

David Droga
We were also fortunate enough to engage in our service a Canadian Frenchmen, who had been with the Chayenne Indians on the Black mountains, and last summer descended thence by the Little Missouri.

Meriwether Lewis
In the work I do through the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, male allyship is a major priority, and we’re constantly looking for ways to engage men.

Meena Harris
One of the things that has made America exceptional – compared to other crisis-prone and class-conflicted countries – is that it has long enjoyed a benefit no other modern nation in the world could claim: the ability to engage in ceaseless, endless movement outward.

Greg Grandin
I don’t want to engage in politics; it’s too hot.

John Gokongwei
For white people, their identities rest on the idea of racism as about good or bad people, about moral or immoral singular acts, and if we’re good, moral people, we can’t be racist – we don’t engage in those acts.

Robin DiAngelo
I like to be interactive, engage with fans and all that and I think the route I took, staying at home, is definitely going to help with that.

Jack Sock
Ultimately, the first, best step in getting your work noticed is to write good work. If people don’t engage in your writing, no amount of serialization or free downloads is going to matter. You have to write something worth reading, and often it takes time to get at that level.

John Scalzi
It is not a crime nor an impeachable offense to engage in inappropriate personal conduct; nor is it a crime to obstruct or conceal an embarrassing relationship.

Asa Hutchinson
Because the more you engage with someone who is spreading untruths, the more validity you give to those untruths.

Fiona Hill
Not to engage in the pursuit of ideas is to live like ants instead of like men.

Mortimer Adler
I try not to engage with those people who leave nasty comments.

Georgia Toffolo
Yeah, it’s every parent’s worst nightmare, to lose connection with your children, to not fully engage with them or have an understanding of what crowd of people they’re mixing with, what they are watching online.

Daniel Mays
Repositioning a brand is never easy and rarely without pain. I believe the Urban brand is making the necessary changes that will allow it to more fully engage its traditional customer and return to solid profitability.

Richard Hayne
The better off Indian can engage more deeply with political process to demand effectiveness from the institutions of the state. We can raise our voices for better education and healthcare, for better public infrastructure, for cleaner air.

Rohini Nilekani
I will fully engage myself to maintain CERN’s excellence in all its attributes, with the help of everybody, including CERN Council, staff and users from all over the world.

Fabiola Gianotti
There’s a bizarre insistence on how a story should be. ‘The protagonist must be sympathetic!’ they say. Whatever that means. I never engage in that discussion. I never use that word, ‘sympathetic.’ I just know ‘interesting.’

Alexander Payne
You have to think about storytelling over the long haul: what is going to engage an audience for, potentially, years and how characters can become deeply involving for an audience.

Jeremy Podeswa
MPs are only elected thanks to the help of ordinary members – activists on the ground who traipse the streets, post leaflets and engage in millions of doorstep conversations, come rain or shine and without pay.

Grant Shapps
Especially as we engage in critical conversations about the vast inequalities that persist across our Commonwealth and our country, we need to dive deeper into how we can address the systemic challenges that permeate our healthcare system.

Abigail Spanberger
Universities have come to realize that online is not a fad. The question is not whether to engage in this area but how to do it.

Daphne Koller
Considering my specialization in architecture, I’m not surprised that the first graphic novel to thoroughly engage, not to say captivate, me is Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor’s ‘Batman: Death by Design.’

Martin Filler
By definition, memoir demands a certain degree of introspection and self-disclosure: In order to fully engage a reader, the narrator has to make herself known, has to allow her own self-awareness to inform the events she describes.

Caroline Knapp
If your work doesn’t speak to people, it’s beyond comprehension and risible, but if people engage with it, you become tarred with the brush of populism.

Antony Gormley
There is no labor in which we engage but that there is a spirit telling us, ‘Oh, you do not need to do that; it is a waste of time, and you ought to be engaged in something else.’

Heber J. Grant
Refusal to engage with the Russian government is not a viable long-term foreign policy option for the U.K.

Crispin Blunt
It is very hard to not be able to engage with people in a real and honest way because they either want something from me, or they see me as something that I simply am not.

Lady Gaga
The work that I engage with, whether it’s self-generated or collaborative, is uplifting and supporting historically marginalized and disenfranchised people, because when I uplift up those groups, I’m uplifting myself and supporting myself – it works out in that way.

Asia Kate Dillon
I don’t enjoy movies in 3D. I find I can’t engage with the story as well.

Guy Pearce
If you lead with the anger, it will turn off the audience. And what I want is the audience to engage with the material and to listen and then to ask questions. I think that ‘Ruined’ was very successful at doing that.

Lynn Nottage
To say that we should engage in some hypothetical about, ‘Will I vote for Trump,’ that’s defeatist. I’m not going to be a defeatist.

Cory Gardner
I’m interested in ways that digital interfaces can be utilized as powerful narrative devices, and to engage people in new and exciting ways.

Aaron Koblin
The world I want to live in is a world where everybody is a bit more uncertain about their arguments and is a bit more open to other people’s arguments. I think that we can engage ideas without ad hominem attacks.

Adam Davidson
Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute! Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Only engage, and then the mind grows heated. Begin, and then the work will be completed.

Jean Anouilh
Some people like music to be far more immediate and make you dance straight away. But I like to engage with it on a different level and for it to have that human element where it moves you in an emotive way.

Politicians should aim for higher discourse, the media should report context instead of seeking to inflame the public, and the public should not reward bad behavior nor engage in it on social media.

Dan Crenshaw
The fact is, working stiffs with few opportunities and scant education are generally too busy getting by to engage in revolutionary projects to remake society. And history, in fact, shows us that terrorism is generally a bourgeois endeavor.

Peter Bergen
I think it’s essential to engage with your followers. I always used to email bloggers, and no one ever replied, so I try to reply to every comment and question, and although sometimes I regret it when I’m sat on Instagram til 3 A.M., it’s worth it.

Ella Woodward
Labeling is not the best way to get young people to deeply engage in reading.

Jacqueline Woodson
Democrats can hardly stand on principle regarding election year nominations when they were more than willing to engage in a partisan, election-year impeachment fiasco based on a contrived pretext that had no chance of prevailing.

Tom Fitton
Life doesn’t just happen; it’s constructed through the history of power. And that’s something I am interested in and so is the art world: a world that’s trying to engage socially, with a leftist slant, to work out how we got here.

Mike Mills
I know women at work who don’t talk about having a baby because they don’t want to upset the apple cart, but unless people know what the problems are, why should they engage with it?

Tamsin Greig
You need two things to remain very, very present. You need to continue to write well and engage yourself in the issues of the day. And you have to continue to make good, relevant records.

Bruce Springsteen
I think social media has reinvigorated people’s enthusiasm to be active and to engage.

Abi Morgan
A thriller needs to hold the interest of the reader from the very beginning. It needs to engage with them, hold them in rapt attention, and prevent them from putting down the book.

Ravi Subramanian
I have been wanting to join the digital world for some time now and engage with T-Series followers. What better than having a social media account where I can share, contribute and stay in touch with the world personally.

Bhushan Kumar
We expect people’s experience with Miitomo to be a rewarding one in its own right. But at the same time, it’s also a way to have them engage – or reengage – with Nintendo.

Reggie Fils-Aime
Government has got to open up and engage citizenry as partners.

Cory Booker
We’re going to send a unified message to the rest of this country, which is that we do not accept violence in this community. If you are thinking of coming to Portland, Oregon, to engage in acts of violence, we don’t want you.

Ted Wheeler
Historically, people of color and the Diaspora have been at the bottom of the barrel, even as it relates to immigration. If we don’t engage in the discussion, then what is it that we’re saying to people? That we don’t care?

Marcia Fudge
The Fox News that I know and work in is a team of producers, technicians, photographers, truck operators and production managers who barely have time to eat lunch, much less engage in bad behavior.

Martha MacCallum
If you want to be a real human being – a real woman, a real man – you cannot tolerate things which put you to indignation, to outrage. You must stand up. I always say to people, ‘Look around; look at what makes you unhappy, what makes you furious, and then engage yourself in some action.’

Stephane Hessel
White people get to do that all of the time. They get to engage in bad behavior, even felonious behavior, but they rarely wind up in jail. But as a black person, losing your temper can cost you your life. Or insisting on your rights can cost you your life.

Yance Ford
Religious relativism is not the answer to disagreement between faiths; yet relativism, and a blurring of religious distinctions, all too often result when two deeply believing faith communities engage each other in the public arena on theological issues.

Meir Soloveichik
I don’t think countries engage with each other looking at immediate gains. It’s building a partnership.

Anand Sharma
I feel like I’m put in a position where I have to engage with what people bring to my work, which is an expectation for me to talk about race because it’s not normal for a black writer to be writing in the theatre.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
I guess that is my favorite thing – to make people laugh and also to maybe engage them emotionally and touch them somehow in telling the story.

Lesley Nicol
Leadership requires the ability to engage and to create empathy for communities with disparate needs and ideas. Telling an effective story – especially in romantic suspense – demands a similar skill set.

Stacey Abrams
The more content you share, the more opportunity people have to see it and engage with it.

Lewis Howes
Doing real world projects is, I think, the best way to learn and also to engage the world and find out what the world is all about.

Ray Kurzweil
Napster’s only alleged liability is for contributory or vicarious infringement. So when Napster’s users engage in noncommercial sharing of music, is that activity copyright infringement? No.

David Boies
The police are paid by the public and carry a public trust, and they take an oath to protect us as citizens. The police have lost sight of that and must be reminded that we pay them to protect us, not to simply engage and cage us.

Killer Mike
The battle for freedom and liberty really never is over, and there are really low points in it, but I’m not giving up, and I’m not gonna engage in phony pep talks, either.

Rush Limbaugh
Technologists come at a problem from the point of view that the system is working a certain way, and if I engage in that system and actually change the rules of the system, I can make it work a different way.

Pierre Omidyar
Women are actually superb at math; they just happen to engage in their own variety of it, an intricate personal math in which desires are split off from one another, weighed, balance, traded, assessed.

Caroline Knapp
I hope more cities engage with immigrant entrepreneurs the way St. Louis has – it’s a great model.

Brad Feld
What is public history but a register of the successes and disappointments, the vices, the follies and the quarrels of those who engage in contention for power.

William S. Paley
Fortunately, when Korea was struck by the 1997/8 financial crisis, that was a good opportunity for us to engage in fundamental reforms and strengthen our financial structure. As a result, our financial regulatory structure and regime have been very much strengthened.

Lee Myung-bak
When the initial effort of political and business leaders to influence public opinion on an issue is to threaten rather than to engage and persuade, they further arouse public opposition rather than win support.

Preston Manning
Mobile Messaging is rapidly becoming the primary way users engage socially on mobile.

Keith Teare
People from different backgrounds may not have natural affinity, but when the Word of God is treated right and the Holy Spirit is allowed to engage, it can bring together things, people, backgrounds, histories, races, colors, and cultures and hold them together in a way that natural affinity may not be able to do.

Tony Evans
I think my narrative is actually pretty interesting if I step back from it and don’t engage too much in it, personally or emotionally.

Karyn Kusama
People naturally want to retweet and engage on super funny videos and memes.

Jake Paul
My followers consistently engage with my content and rely on my recommendations for making decisions about where they travel or how they spend their leisure time. There’s no space for trolls.

Shenaz Treasury
It is feasible for someone who comes from a privileged background to understand the privilege they have had and to use the formal political arena in a way that would disperse power and engage with people in their own lives.

David Blunkett
The more we engage with others, the more we find people with whom we do not share the values and truths that we consider so fundamental. In virtual places, by contrast, we are able to select the precise individuals with whom we associate to ensure that we obtain the affirmation we require.

Barry Gardiner
Let me be clear: as I have said repeatedly, I do not believe that all police officers are bad, nor do I believe that most are bad. But there must be a transparent, impartial and fair system to judge those that engage in criminal or unethical acts.

Al Sharpton
I love to engage in creativity everyday.

Sherlyn Chopra
It is only in the light of the inescapable fact of death that a person can adequately engage and enter upon the mysterious fact of life.

John Hines
I’m not, like, a gregarious guy. I don’t walk into a room and want to engage people. I’m just not wired that way. One on one, I’m fine.

Kurt Sutter
I’m a yarn teller. My job is to engage you as much as I can and as often as I can.

Ridley Scott
I believe strongly in the power of arts education to engage and empower young people.

Heather Watts
I’m always interested in looking – historically – at how theater can animate history and how all of that can make us engage with our lives in an enriching way.

Diane Paulus
As a parent, a scientist, and educator, what I know is that it’s always better to provide the education that will help keep my children – all people – safe, even if I don’t want them to engage in the behavior.

Carl Hart
Move with them, be active with them – whether it’s swimming or scooting or bicycling or playing soccer. Engage your child.

David Kirsch
When victims of crime find the strength to come forward and engage in the criminal justice process we must ensure that they have basic rights and protections in place.

Chris Sununu
A lot of times, with campaigns or parties, things are cyclical. We need a long-term strategy on how we continue to engage that goes beyond chair to chair. Always, you are balancing resources with your strategy because you have to win elections.

Ronna McDaniel
When art works travel from place to place, what you have is the opportunity to engage with the intellect of another person who has made a thing that should have enough information in it in the way it’s constructed to start thinking about why that picture got made – not why it is relevant to you.

Kerry James Marshall
We must engage with China to try and put as much pressure on North Korea as possible.

Lois Frankel
Net neutrality rules have been premised on the incentives and ability of ISPs to engage in harmful conduct, not actual harms. I don’t believe we should be regulating based on hypothetical problems.

Michael O’Rielly
I’m an academic. I argue; I engage with people.

Mary Beard
Don’t engage with corrupt officials under any circumstances. The results are always bad.

Bill Browder
I think a lot of audience members don’t realize the part that they play in live theatre. The audience actually has a mood. Sometimes they’re tired and bored, and we have to wake them up and engage them.

I feel like you are allowed in fiction to embrace imagination and try to enter other worlds. And I feel like you should push yourself to try to persuade your reader that you have the authority to engage with people who, you know, lived in the past, who live in the future, other genders, other places, other cultures.

Anthony Doerr
Whatever your views on Pakistan, our effort was that we have to engage Pakistan. They are our neighbours. We can choose our friends, but we cannot choose our neighbours.

Manmohan Singh
Sport allows us to engage in dialogue and to build bridges, and it may even have the capacity to reshape international relations. The Olympic Games embody perfectly this universal mission.

Richard Attias
Shortly after assuming the role of senior adviser in the Trump White House, world leaders began to take note of Ivanka Trump’s ability to engage in diplomacy effectively – a skill she has consistently used to help benefit women in the workplace.

Kayleigh McEnany
Spend the first six to 12 months building a great product or service that people love, rather than chasing investors. When the time comes to engage investors, you will be meeting them from a position of strength. This makes all the difference.

Aileen Lee
You don’t want to engage in road rage when the person in the next car might be your child’s future teacher or your dentist’s father.

Kim Edwards
My mum literally drives into Skid Row every day and manages teams that are assembled to walk around and engage with usually chronically homeless people and try to get them into permanent housing.

Cameron Boyce
That’s the test of street art – to see if anybody stopped. People would cross out ones they didn’t like and would star others. I liked that people would engage with them.

Jenny Holzer
As for me, even though I have been accused of anti-Semitism countless times, no one has ever heard me make anti-Semitic statements or engage in anti-Semitic behavior.

Jean-Marie Le Pen
I read tons of books, listen to music non-stop, watch as many movies as possible, catch a play when I can, art shows, concerts, bar talks – I just try to engage in art, which to me is everywhere, as often as I can because narrative lives in it all.

Jason Reynolds
I think that what is really important is that, at the grassroots level, Indian-Americans really engage in the political process. That means voting and volunteering and assisting candidates who support the agenda that is friendly to their values.

Raja Krishnamoorthi
It’s so easy for folks to normalize their opinions, to engage in a groupthink that is damaging.

Amitava Kumar
The U.S. engages with North Korea, so I don’t see why they can’t engage with Iran.

Mohamed ElBaradei
Indebted countries can only grow out of their debt troubles through strong economic growth; austerity measures alone cannot work. It is imperative to engage in deep structural reform to spur growth.

Lou Jiwei
We want to engage in ever closer synergy with Latin American and Caribbean partners.

Federica Mogherini
There is always the potential for a central bank to engage in discretionary monetary policy and to break the one-to-one link between changes in foreign reserves and changes in the money supply.

Steve Hanke
Blackness, any sort of difference, is not a burden. Relegating blackness or other sorts of difference to serious books that explicitly engage with issues creates a context in which it can seem like one.

Rumaan Alam
BOLD PAC is Hispanic first, Democratic second. And it’s a close, close second because we do not engage in endorsing non-Democrats.

Tony Cardenas
It is very easy to make clear what you want a film to say, but I did not wish to engage in overt propaganda, even for the right cause. I wanted to create an experience through the films, something where people could have the freedom of their own response to them.

Godfrey Reggio
There is no moral equivalency between those who would kill using children, innocent civilians, children and adults, in their homes and in their places of worship, to that of a government that is seeking those terrorists before they can engage in that awful activity.

George Pataki
Have you ever played a video game that didn’t have escalating levels of difficulty? Well, life can feel like play, too, when we purposefully engage in activities that demand we test and develop our skills.

Brendon Burchard
The world sometimes feels like an insane asylum. You can decide whether you want to be an inmate or pick up your visitor’s badge. You can be in the world but not engage in the melodrama of it; you can become a spiritual being having a human experience thoroughly and fully.

Deepak Chopra
Teachers need time to engage with colleagues – whether shadowing, mentoring, co-teaching or conferring. They need a voice in school decisions and to be trusted as professionals.

Randi Weingarten
I’m not an advocacy journalist – that’s not what I do. My role in journalism is to be able to engage the most interesting people with the best ideas.

Charlie Rose
If people choose to engage on a one-dimensional level that’s fine. But going beyond the surface can enrich ourselves as human beings.

Geri Halliwell
Sometimes parents squash students’ interests because they are afraid of science or math. So they don’t participate. You don’t have to know the answers to engage kids; you just have to let them know it’s important.

Mae Jemison
It’s become this sort of strange competition about who’s in the coolest place, who’s in the coolest street. Suddenly we’re having to engage with all those social pressures. It’s helpful, I find, as a mother and a teacher, to say you’ve always got a choice.

Bettany Hughes
Americans voted for Trump. A lot of people in this country feel the system of representative democracy hasn’t worked for them for a long, long time. And those are the issues that this election gives us an unfortunate opportunity to engage with. And engaging instead with the Russia conspiracy takes up that bandwidth.

Masha Gessen
It’s tempting to engage in anti-gun polemics and hope that popular opinion will dramatically shift, but it is also likely a mistake. The smarter course for those who want stronger federal gun-control laws anytime soon is legislative stewardship and compromise.

Adam Cohen
I think because we were a girl group, there was such a stigma, so we had to engage with fans – social media was such a big part of our journey.

Jesy Nelson
I’ve always been interested in how other people live their lives, which is why it’s important to engage fully even in painful times. And out of that, I get to laugh.

Pamela Adlon
All of us who care about the world going forward would like to engage the government more.

Paul Allen
If somebody is mean or rude, I just, I don’t engage – just block and say, ‘Well, that’s not very polite.’

Bryan Fuller
President Nixon was a pragmatic strategist. He would engage, not contain, China, but he would also quietly set pieces into place for a fallback position should China not play according to the rules as a good global citizen.

Lee Kuan Yew
Communicators need to figure out how well do they engage people, and they should not talk one word longer than people are engaged.

Andy Stanley
I have suffered racial prejudice, and I know how painful it is. People need to take this issue more seriously and engage in this fight against racism.

Roberto Firmino
I still look at my job as being a doctor of the people, and I’m going to look at the science… If we can find a viable alternative that gave us harm reduction as people are withdrawing from nicotine, I’m happy to engage in that science and see if we can do that.

Richard Carmona
This is the kingdom of God on the earth. Because of that, it has a power beyond any other endeavor in which humans can engage. That power depends on the faith of those called to serve in it.

Henry B. Eyring
Before you, I engage myself to serve my country with the devotion and the exemplary that this post demands. I understand responsibilities of the job and, as such, I give a republican salute to Nicolas Sarkozy who has led France for 5 years and who deserves all of our respect.

Francois Hollande
Bottom line – cosmetics are used to accentuate an existing sex difference in facial contrast. This does not mean that women engage in this beautification practice with knowledge of this sexual dimorphism.

Gad Saad
When you engage your brain, it just keeps getting fatter and richer and wonderful.

Rita Moreno
I was not a studious kid, and I struggled to find things that would command my attention and engage my ideas and energies.

Kevin Spacey
Twitter has stopped being a place where I could learn things I didn’t know, glean information that was free from errors about a breaking news story or engage in a discussion and be reasonably confident that people’s criticisms were in good faith.

Maggie Haberman
During a time of war, we ask our troops to give their best even to the point of sacrificing their own lives. When compared against that, how much of a sacrifice is it for a president to engage in a possibly contentious debate with Congress about whether military action is a good idea?

Tim Kaine
Once you understand that someone has Tourette and that they can’t help their tics, it takes away the distraction. And you can engage your compassion. You feel for them. You embrace them.

Dylan McDermott
Defending a free and open global Internet requires a broad-based global movement with the stamina to engage in endless – and often highly technical – national and international policy battles.

Rebecca MacKinnon
Even things which seem separate and finished are infinitely connected and will infinitely connect. This connection happens as soon as you let it, as soon as you engage – as soon as you even attempt to engage.

Ali Smith
I think Twitter is best when it sparks conversations elsewhere. To use YouTube and Facebook and all the tools we have available to us today to respond and also promote and answer and engage is awesome.

Jack Dorsey
When you’re as tall as I am, you have no public privacy. People are constantly coming up and talking to you. Constantly. You have one of two ways to go: you engage with people, or you become really bitter. I choose to engage.

Mark Bradford
You have to engage with the current palette of the world, and what that sounds like.

My administration will continue to engage the private sector to increase economic opportunities and look for ways to improve our already top notch business environment.

Steve Bullock
Do I appreciate the idea of jealousy, revenge and all these so-called dark qualities? Yes. Do I write these songs in order to engage in some public war with someone? No.

Alanis Morissette
Any clear-thinking person should be able to engage in nuanced thinking when it comes to complex political positions.

Gad Saad
What does Burma have to give the United States? We can give you the opportunity to engage with people who are ready and willing to change a society.

Aung San Suu Kyi
Self-control, openness, the ability to engage with others, to plan and to persist – these are the attributes that get people in the door and on the job, and lead to productive lives.

James Heckman
We fail to continue to talk to, to court, to engage our voters. And then we look up and expect our nominees to look up and go from 0 to 100 in a matter of two months to try to secure a victory.

Andrew Gillum
Forgiveness is a spiritual practice and biblical mandate from the New Testament that many American Christians engage in as a part of their faith.

Anthea Butler
People want to engage you by being outraged or faux-outraged at things you’re saying, but if you confront them and defend yourself, then people don’t like it. But then if you don’t and you stay quiet, people don’t like that either.

Lauren Ash
I’ll tell you why I like writing: it’s just jumping into a pool. I get myself into a kind of trance. I engage the world, but it’s also wonderful to just escape. I try to find the purities out of the confusion. It’s pretty old-fashioned, but it’s fun.

Barry Hannah
In these troubled, uncertain times, we don’t need more command and control; we need better means to engage everyone’s intelligence in solving challenges and crises as they arise.

Margaret J. Wheatley
If anything, I want to bring television back up to where it will entertain and engage a gamer.

Michael Ironside
To inspire a singularity of focus, a challenge must be important to you and it must be something you feel you should do now in this moment. If it’s trivial or not time-bound, you won’t engage. So in selecting your next challenge in life, choose one that is meaningful and will demand your complete concentration.

Brendon Burchard
You write to please yourself, you write to move yourself, to engage yourself in the asking of questions that are important to you.

Jonathan Safran Foer
We’re so used to seeing women in movies about a romance where they don’t seem to have any inner fortitude. They’re completely defined by their relationships, and it’s hard to engage with those characters and relate to them.

Susanna Fogel
I engage my subjects in conversation, patterned after psychiatric questioning, with the aim of discovering something about the reasoning underlying their right but especially their wrong answers.

Jean Piaget
Social media can be a powerful tool to listen to, engage with and gain access to customers that you would otherwise not be able to connect with.

Carol Roth
I believe in businesses where you engage in creative thinking, and where you form some of your deepest relationships. If it isn’t about the production of the human spirit, we are in big trouble.

Anita Roddick
If we as a society do not understand ‘the cloud,’ in all its aspects – what data it holds, how it works, what the bargains are we make as we engage with it, we’ll all be the poorer for it, I believe.

John Battelle
I do believe, sooner rather than later, churches will face the loss of their tax-exempt status if they do not engage in same-sex ceremonies.

Robert Jeffress
Ah, to be a conservative climate change denier. While real scientists must do all the research and engage in heated debates about just how bad things are going to be, the deniers can rest easy in the bliss of willful ignorance.

David Horsey
The military people don’t like it; the government probably doesn’t like it, but the people should know what they’re sending their young people into when they permit their governments to declare war and engage in war.

Walter Cronkite
Because of who I am, when I sit at a poker table, I meet people who engage me in conversation, not only about poker, but also about the movie business and about the world of celebrities.

James Woods
I have had acupuncture regularly, and I engage in visualization, which is actually an actor’s tool, visualizing myself kicking out the cancer, making up scenarios.

Valerie Harper
It’s always good to get good reviews. I read my reviews. There are a lot of writers who don’t read their reviews at all. I read them; then I put them away because it’s not good to engage with them too much.

Neel Mukherjee
I think we need to continue to engage with our allies and with the world situation both on trade. I’m concerned that by pulling out of TPP, while we all want fair and competitive trade, the fact is what we have done is left the playing field to the Chinese to engage with those partners.

Jeanne Shaheen
You can’t be like, ‘Alright, I’m going to make this viral!’ You just put stuff out there, and you hope that people engage and resonate with it.

Cameron Dallas
But generally speaking, I felt to engage in the political process was to sully oneself to such a degree that whatever came out wasn’t worth the trouble put in.

John Perry Barlow
The RNC, per our bylaws, cannot engage in primaries. That is not our role. We actually have a rule that prohibits us from picking a candidate in the primaries.

Ronna McDaniel
Modern, effective leadership means moving beyond the ‘grand illusion’ to engage the mass population and to align business with societal goals.

Richard Edelman
My friends wonder how I have the patience to engage with people on Twitter about topics such as diversity and why black British history should be taught in schools: surely it’s exhausting? And they’re right.

Lolly Adefope
Some people have a knack of putting upon you gifts of no real value, to engage you to substantial gratitude. We thank them for nothing.

Charles Lamb
Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.

Jim Mattis
We must have our say, not through violence, aggression or fear. We must speak out calmly and forcefully. We shall only be able to enter the new world era if we agree to engage in dialogue with the other side.

Tahar Ben Jelloun
The reason that I started the Black Futures Lab is because I have some clarity about what I think needs to happen in relationship to electoral organizing. It’s not a destination. It is a set of tools that we use to engage people that we care about, en masse, around issues that are important to us.

Alicia Garza
Now is the time to draw a clean, clear, bright line and say if you are engaging in speech over the Internet you do not have to check with your lawyer or your accountant. You are a free American, and you have the opportunity to engage in free speech over the Internet.

John Doolittle
The cure for cynicism is simply to engage honestly.

Jeremy Paxman
I, along with many of my Republican colleagues, believe there is so much more we can do for those who are trapped in our social safety net programs. But we are limited by the level of discourse with which of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle are willing to engage.

Mark Meadows
I do think more players should engage with fans, especially on social media.

Trevor Bauer
Digital is clearly the way forward as can be seen from the numerous marketing efforts undertaken to promote a film today. Besides, we at T-Series are firm believers and followers of the digital age. It was only befitting that I join the social media universe and engage with the audience on a real time basis.

Bhushan Kumar
I enjoy listening to classical music and heavy metal. I play basketball and try to go diving at least once a year. I don’t really have hobbies in the traditional sense… I engage in too many activities already through the actions of my characters.

Alan Dean Foster
We need to make sure that we have an honest, honest conversation and that we engage honest practices around how racism operates in this country. It’s not just about people being mean to each other.

Alicia Garza
Hackathons are an amazing way to engage the team, foster collaboration, and knock out great work.

Neil Blumenthal
The issue is: how do you engage the audience? And one of the things I talk to our communicators about is: The outline is great; the stories are great. But how do you engage them? How do you make it feel like we are on a journey, not you are just up there giving me information.

Andy Stanley
Ants are so much like human beings as to be an embarrassment. They farm fungi, raise aphids as livestock, launch armies into war, use chemical sprays to alarm and confuse enemies, capture slaves, engage in child labour, exchange information ceaselessly. They do everything but watch television.

Lewis Thomas
I engage with a lot of journalists, some of them have history and some of them don’t, that’s not my concern. My concern is to make sure I represent the views I want to represent on those shows.

John Key
The science doesn’t prove Common Core’s effective. So I guess what I mean is science is an essential part of any decision-making process, and so is public involvement. And in the long-term, you lose legitimacy and power if you don’t directly engage with the public.

Zephyr Teachout
In the end, the public has the right to know about any undertakings top public officials engage in that may influence how they conduct the people’s business.

Mike Quigley
As a member of Congress who represents one of the few true swing districts in the country, I have always tried to engage groups of people who don’t necessarily agree with all my votes or opinions.

Will Hurd
The point about melody and beat and lyric is that they exist to engage you in a very particular way. They want to occupy your attention.

Brian Eno
Pope John Paul II was a great presence on the stage. Pope Benedict is a much more gentle and refined person, and I think he benefits greatly from the television close-ups because he wants to engage in a dialogue, in conversation. He wants to put forward his views in a measured, eloquent, rational way.

Vincent Nichols
I often go into the lions’ den and engage with those I know oppose my views, because I want to understand what other people think.

Gina Miller
The 3D world allows you to engage even more with a film because you’re somehow drawn into the landscape or the universe of that scene. Even when it’s two people talking at a table, you feel like you’re a third party.

Ridley Scott