Top 44 School System Quotes

We have collected the best School System Quotes by famous authors including Marilyn Hacker, Bill Haslam, George Woodcock, Benjamin Tucker, Jonathan Kozol and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

My mother was told she couldn't go to medical school be
My mother was told she couldn’t go to medical school because she was a woman and a Jew. So she became a teacher in the New York City public school system.

Marilyn Hacker
As somebody who thinks Tennessee history is important, I want to make certain that’s still a part of the curriculum. I think that’s critical for the people growing up in our school system.

Bill Haslam
My early wounds were the English school system among other things. It wasn’t merely the discipline, it was the ways in which boys got what was called the school spirit.

George Woodcock
In the matter of the maintenance and rearing of children the Anarchists would neither institute the communistic nursery which the State Socialists favor nor keep the communistic school system which now prevails.

Benjamin Tucker
We are now operating a school system in America that’s more segregated than at any time since the death of Martin Luther King.

Jonathan Kozol
My primary and secondary education was provided by the Highland Park Public School System.

James Cronin
Earlier today, Arnold Schwarzenegger criticized the California school system, calling it disastrous. Arnold says California’s schools are so bad that its graduates are willing to vote for me.

Conan O’Brien
The public school system doesn’t get everybody. Every generation has its rebels.

Rush Limbaugh
Growing up in Houston I did go through the public school system. I went to Parker Elementary, Johnston Junior High and Westbury Senior High.

Shannon Walker
If you’re going to have a public subsidy to education, vouchers are clearly a better way of delivering it. They should result in some loosening up and privatization of the government school system.

Peter Brimelow
I’m not a very good advertisement for the American school system.

David Brinkley
The difference between the denominational system and the public school system is all the difference between bolstering them up on the one hand and letting them alone of the other.

Edmund Barton
The Margaret Thatchers of this country made it through – like I did – because of the grammar school system, which gave the opportunity of a lifetime to working-class kids. It put them on a level playing field with the privately educated kids, and opened up the top universities to them.

Andrew Neil
I grew up in a really horrible school system, but my parents did not let that define how we function. They gave me more work at home from them than I ever got from school. To learn about the history of myself and my people, and that armors me.

Jesse Williams
Speaking as someone who didn’t go through the U.K. school system, with all the culinary baggage that entails, I am inordinately fond of custard in any shape or form.

Yotam Ottolenghi
I’m really a product of an excellent school system and supportive parents. My high school band director gave me recordings of Louis Armstrong, Kenny Ball, and contemporaries like Nicholas Payton.

Bria Skonberg
The music departments in the public school system gave me a really extraordinary foundation and music appreciation that I still draw from, even today.

Philip Bailey
We tried our best to work with the school and with the other families in the school system, and we did a gradual transition. I started transitioning when I was in first grade, and every year we kind of tacked a new thing on to it.

Nicole Maines
In the autumn of 1970 I had a job singing in the school system, playing my guitar in classrooms.

Don McLean
Let’s make sure that we are working for age-appropriate sex education in our school system.

Wendy Davis
Basically the school system sets you up with what it wants to set you up with. They’re really good at it. I think they’re too good. Problem is, what they’re doing is conditioning kids to merely accept the culture at hand. But the rebels won’t accept it.

Jack Bowman
In a home school, the kid does 95% of the work. But in a school system, since it’s an indoctrination system, a teacher has to do 95% of the work.

John Taylor Gatto
We know that there will never be a great Newark unless there is a great public school system for our city.

Cory Booker
It’s not that our high school system was not designed well, but that it was designed in 1906 when the country was just out of the industrial era. There hasn’t been a substantial systemic change the way we do high school since then.

Laurene Powell Jobs
Five years ago, Samira did not want to continue in the regular school system in Iran. To help her with her education, I set up a home school. It wasn’t just for my family, it was open to other friends.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf
I know that the DeVos agenda has absolutely devastated our public school system in Michigan.

Gretchen Whitmer
If the government is going to mandate levels and punish schools for failing, they should send that money to the school system.

Robert Duncan
The only way you can invent tomorrow is if you break out of the enclosure that the school system has provided for you by the exams written by people who are trained in another generation.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
My early education was in the public school system of Omaha, where, retrospectively, I realize that my high school training served me in good stead for the basic subjects of mathematics, English, foreign languages and history.

Lawrence R. Klein
We were the first urban school system in the country to wire all of our schools for the Internet.

Thomas Menino
I was on the board of Teach for America. And we transformed a failed public school system in the City of New Orleans, probably the most corrupted and failed system in the country.

Steve Scalise
In the same way that our school system feels strongly about requiring vaccinations and annual physicals, I feel strongly that it is essential to add a mental health component to that annual physical.

Madchen Amick
Spending an extra dollar on the D.C. public school system isn’t spending an extra dollar on education. Spending an extra dollar with the Pentagon doesn’t buy you an extra dollar on defense. Republicans need to look skeptically at military spending.

Grover Norquist
I was born and raised in Maryland and attended the public school system.

Brendan Iribe
There were only two other Chinese families in this town of 25,000, but to our parents, the determining factor was the quality of the public school system.

Steven Chu
I am increasingly ready to junk the public school system.

Charles Murray
In addition to a well-funded school system, we need to encourage and exploit innovative approaches for learning outside the classroom.

Priyamvada Natarajan
A core part of Teach For America’s mission has always been affecting positive change in the traditional public school system.

Wendy Kopp
Kids are falling through the cracks and nobody notices it. That to me is what’s wrong with the school system.

Melinda Gates
Despite (or because of) a free public school system, millions of teenagers enter the work force without marketable skills. So why would anyone expect them to be well paid?

Charles Platt
All of us here in Los Angeles, because we’ve had some success as a result of our life in the arts, need to get on board with helping L.A. Unified, the public school system, really reach the mandate to make arts part of the Common Core curriculum.

Monica Horan
Going through the Chagrin Falls school system, I always thought I was going off to art school.

Lee Unkrich
All four of my grandparents were educators, my mom was a school nurse, and I went through the public school system.

Erin Cummings
Just as computer science is missing from our school system, so is science fiction.

Sal Khan