Top 44 Swamp Quotes

We have collected the best Swamp Quotes by famous authors including Ron Wyden, Maggie Haberman, Mac Thornberry, Steve Bannon, George Galloway and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

This house better get cleaned up in six months. The swa
This house better get cleaned up in six months. The swamp is going to have to be drained pretty quickly.

Ron Wyden
I think that Twitter is a useful reporting tool sometimes, but an utterly toxic swamp that nonetheless I engage in more than I probably should.

Maggie Haberman
To protect America’s security, we are going to have to pull America’s military out of the swamp of Washington politics.

Mac Thornberry
The swamp is a business model. It’s a successful business model.

Steve Bannon
‘9/11’ came out of a swamp of hatred created by us.

George Galloway
Like the tangled veins of cypress roots that meander this way and that in the swamp, everything in New Orleans is interrelated, wrapped around itself in ways that aren’t always obvious.

Dr. John
You know, I would say that I understand why the voters in Kentucky voted for Donald Trump. They are tired of the swamp. They are tired of the dysfunction.

Amy McGrath
As a former entrepreneur who left Main Street to help President Trump drain the swamp of corruption in Washington, I’m proud to spearhead the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019 which will reduce billions of dollars of improper payments from the federal government.

Mike Braun
‘Animal Man’ and ‘Swamp Thing’ have so many commonalities in tone and mood.

Jeff Lemire
I love the entire ‘Constantine’ mythology, the ‘Dead Man’ mythology, the Alex Holland ‘Swamp Thing’ mythology.

Guillermo del Toro
While the Washington swamp, which loves shipping American jobs offshore to make a buck or Euro, is already rising up against the proposed legislation, the USRTA is just plain common sense.

Matt Gaetz
There are so many books I love for different reasons. For superhero stuff, I always go back to Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen’ or his ‘Swamp Thing’ run. Those are my two favorites, and there are indie books that I really love, like Eddie Campbell’s ‘Alec’ books and ‘From Hell.’

Jeff Lemire
Basically, I’ve found that if you have two films that don’t perform well, it doesn’t matter that you’ve had a bunch of successful ones. The phone stops ringing, and after ‘Deadly Blessing’ and ‘Swamp Thing,’ that’s what happened.

Wes Craven
Towns oftener swamp one than carry one out onto the big ocean of life.

D. H. Lawrence
You can’t drain the swamp, as President Trump has touted doing, without getting rid of Mitch McConnell.

Amy McGrath
Everyone seems agreed that writing about sex is perilous, partly because it threatens to swamp highly individualised characters in a generic, featureless activity (much like coffee-cup dialogue, during which everyone sounds the same), and partly because it feels… tacky.

Edmund White
If I were a Democrat, I’d be a career politician, so I’d enrich the Swamp while further bankrupting America.

Lauren Boebert
By ending congressional taxpayer-funded pensions, we will take one more step toward draining the swamp in Washington.

Mike Braun
In its early days, Trump’s presidency ought to be viewed as the arduous start to the complicated task of draining the Washington swamp.

Kayleigh McEnany
I want to make sound effects for biomes. If you’re walking along a river you hear the water, then in the forest you hear birds, but as night comes in, it becomes kind of weird, you can walk through a desert, a swamp, and the sounds merge and change with you.

We’ve got to have major health care reform because that is the 800-pound gorilla. That is the thing that can swamp the boat fiscally for the United States.

Kent Conrad
If the swamp gets in his way, Trump bulldozes over it.

Miranda Devine
If you look at why many Kentuckians voted for President Trump, for example, they voted for an outsider. They voted for somebody who was gonna shake up the system. He promised to drain the swamp. And, you know, my message is you can’t do that until you get rid of Senator McConnell.

Amy McGrath
America exports its culture world-wide but with us they don’t have to surmount a language barrier, and therefore they swamp us. While other European cultures are protected from erosion by their languages, ours is not.

Harry Enfield
Lie on the bridge and watch the water flowing past. Or run, or wade through the swamp in your red boots. Or roll yourself up and listen to the rain falling on the roof. It’s very easy to enjoy yourself.

Tove Jansson
President Donald Trump set out to drain the Washington swamp, and perhaps no one has aided him more effectively than senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Kayleigh McEnany
In the U.S., it would be so much better if the studios made many more smaller films for niche markets rather than a few tent pole films that swamp cinemas and Hoover up all the funding.

Beeban Kidron
Practically the only way to dry the swamp of radical Islam is through economic development and an improved standard of living.

Yitzhak Rabin
President Trump is draining the D.C. swamp by fighting against corporate welfare.

Matt Gaetz
My favorite Swamp Thing stories have always been about a man wrestling with monsters both internal and external.

Scott Snyder
The booming popularity of alligator hunting, sparked by reality shows like the History Channel’s ‘Swamp People,’ is easy to understand: It’s an exotic blast of adrenaline. But there’s a culinary upside as well, with gator boasting a delicate light-pink meat that, to me, falls somewhere between veal and wild turkey.

Jonathan Miles
The trajectory started when I was on the roof of our house looking out at a swamp when I was 19. I had written for several years, starting at about 15, but that day on the roof I took my vows and acknowledged my calling.

Jim Harrison
I think cheese smells funny, but I feel bananas ‘are’ funny. I’m assuming Swamp told the whole story of the executives seriously asking us to replace the banana with cheese because they thought it was funnier.

Joe Murray
For a very long time, I wasn’t thought of as anyone with any credibility in the film world. Everybody is tramping through the swamp every day in this business. ‘I’m worth it, I’m credible – believe me, give me a shot!’ That’s the way I feel on a consistent basis.

Jessica Biel
Hoosiers sent me to Washington to help President Trump drain the swamp, and it starts with cutting out generous taxpayer-funded perks that keep career politicians in D.C.

Mike Braun
Trump assumed office promising to ‘drain the swamp’ in Washington, D.C. Instead, the swamp has grown wider and deeper.

Joseph Stiglitz
If we choose to walk into a forest where a tiger lives, we are taking a chance. If we swim in a river where crocodiles live, we are taking a chance. If we visit the desert or climb a mountain or enter a swamp where snakes have managed to survive, we are taking a chance.

Peter Benchley
Sometimes, if you have a lot of history with a character and a lot of affection, it’s hard for you to do anything with that character. Like with Swamp Thing, for instance, I revere the Alan Moore run so much that it would be hard for me to do my own Swamp Thing. I care too much about the way it was done before.

Jeff Lemire
One of the things that’s been really fun about my run on ‘Swamp Thing’ is putting him in all kinds of different locations around the world, and seeing how his exterior foliage changes based on his location.

Charles Soule
I’m committed to continuing President Trump’s goal of draining the swamp.

Madison Cawthorn
Properly practiced creativity must result in greater sales more economically achieved. Properly practiced creativity can lift your claims out of the swamp of sameness and make them accepted, believed, persuasive, urgent.

William Bernbach
Everyone thinks of me as some weird swamp trash pro wrestler, and that’s okay – think what you want – but I’m an intelligent person, and I have my own views on the world.

Bray Wyatt
Donald Trump ran for president on a promise to ‘drain the swamp.’ I agreed with that particular statement. Unfortunately, he didn’t mean what he said.

Ted Lieu
Donald Trump became President of the United States because of a simple but potent combination of promises: draining the swamp, building the wall, correcting free trade imbalances, and making America great again.

Kayleigh McEnany