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Certainly, when you train as a classical dancer, you ar
Certainly, when you train as a classical dancer, you are very much influenced by ‘Giselle.’ You see it all the time; you start to learn the steps a little.

David Hallberg
I am not a dancer and for me, to learn the art is fun. It gives you the confidence that you can dance.

Siddharth Shukla
I would never go on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ because I’m not the greatest dancer in the world. But when I watch ‘The Apprentice’ sometimes I’m like, ‘I could do that task.’ The only reason I would not do that is that I could never call people for money and on that show you have to be willing to call people for money.

Martie Maguire
I’ve always wanted to be a professional dancer, I’d always wanted to be a ballerina. I trained for 13 years but it never came to be.

Jenna Jameson
I would never do ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ because it’s just not fair. I am too good of a dancer. It would be like LeBron James playing little league basketball.

Terry Crews
I was a freestyle dancer; I wasn’t trained.

Andrea Arnold
I went to see ‘The Greatest Dancer’ when it was filmed in Birmingham. And they announced the show’s judges’ names and then Curtis’ name. The crowd went wild.

A. J. Pritchard
Movies and media really can influence us. A few years ago, my daughter wanted to be a dancer; since Obama came into office, she now wants to be a lawyer and get into politics and maybe even be president.

It’s an unfortunate reality of being a male dancer that it’s not really looked upon… it’s not appreciated.

Sascha Radetsky
One of the things I found as a dancer is that you’re trying to perfect your body but also protect it and keep it injury-free. When you work against your own weight, you’re still building lean muscle and bone density, but you’re in a safer zone.

Mary Helen Bowers
I’m a pretty goofy person. I’m an awkward dancer, for instance, and a terrible singer.

Gillian Jacobs
I’m a b-boy for life. I’m a dancer, I started with free style dancing and b-boying during the ’80s and I always said to myself that when I get the chance to do my own thing, I will always have the b-boy element and the dance element because that’s where I come from.

I would love to be an amazing singer. I take voice lessons. It’s good to have as a dancer – to be able to sing and act, too, because for a Broadway show or musical, you have to be able to do everything.

Maddie Ziegler
An athletic man, or whatever you want to call him, will only look good in a very classic suit, a pair of classic jeans, athletic clothes or simply naked. Forget fashion. This is not going to happen, unless you want to look like a Chippendales dancer in designer clothes.

Hedi Slimane
I’m not a very good dancer. My feet don’t point far enough; my extension is embarrassing. Dance, for me, has been hard because it’s a strive for perfection.

Justin Peck
From the age of 12 when I decided to dance in high school, everyone was saying, ‘Oh, you’re a dancer,’ and there was that kind of stigma about it.

A. J. Pritchard
In order to dance professionally, you have to start at a young age. No matter what, your muscle structure and your bones have to be groomed from a very young age. Nobody wakes up at 17 and decides to become a ballet dancer.

Amanda Schull
When I say I can see through clothes, sometimes I try to use it as an X-ray vision to look into the dancer and see who this dancer is right now, at this exact moment in time. I live inside them in a way.

Twyla Tharp
I am a Kathak dancer, and have got an advanced diploma in it.

Shriya Pilgaonkar
Too many multi-vitamins are packaged as one size fits all, but you should be more specific about what you need. When I was competing as a dancer, I took zinc for healthy skin and immune system.

Anton du Beke
I can’t tell you how many times someone has written me and said, ‘I became a doctor because of you’ or ‘I became a dancer because of you.’

Rudy Ruettiger
As long as there are dancers around who love to dance, there will be an Alvin Ailey American Dance Company. We miss him so much, but he’s alive as soon as you see a dancer hit the stage.

Judith Jamison
Lady Gaga? She’s cool! She works really hard. When we would have our dance rehearsals, she wasn’t the singer that was like, ‘Oh, I’ll just stand in front.’ She wanted to learn everything – she was doing the dance moves. She’s a good dancer.

Caity Lotz
As a dancer, I am either in something glamorous or I am rocking up to work in a leotard and my pyjamas. Dressing in between is quite difficult.

Francesca Hayward
I can dance – I can dance a little bit. I can move. I don’t – I’m not a – I don’t proclaim to be a dancer, but I can move. But instruments, playing the drums, I probably play the drums better than I walk, better than I do anything.

Elijah Kelley
I’m not a great dancer. I know I’m not. But I know that I can move. I can throw shapes, just not in the right order.

I think ballet has influenced my personality a lot in the sense that I am very disciplined in all of my endeavours. I am always on time; I take things very seriously. I’ve built up my inner strength and self-esteem over time as I’ve improved as a dancer.

Yuan Yuan Tan
I’m basically a dancer and cinema just happened to me, sometimes I still wonder how I could become an actor. My friends too keep asking how I pulled it off.

Shamna Kasim
When I was doing ‘Tales from Hollywood’ at the National, I was invited to dinner by the choreographer, Kenneth MacMillan. He told me I had the heart of a dancer and asked me if I’d like to come on at the end of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ as a friar. I said I’d love to, but sadly, MacMillan died shortly after.

Michael Gambon
Seeing ‘Revelations’ made me want to be a professional dancer.

Robert Battle
But you do have to start young as a dancer if you’re going to achieve the physical skills necessary.

Deborah Bull
When I left Michigan and I came to New York, that was my goal, to be a professional dancer. And I sort of fell into singing by accident in a way.

Madonna Ciccone
I wasn’t a dancer learning to play Baby Houseman. I was Baby Houseman learning to play a dancer. I was someone who’d never done any Latin dance. I’d taken jazz classes and ballet growing up in New York, so I had dance in me, and I knew I loved it, but I’d never done a dance audition.

Jennifer Grey
The dancer’s body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.

Isadora Duncan
I’ve been on stage since I was 7. That’s where I’d rather be than anywhere else. Just because you can do a bunch of things doesn’t mean you are a bunch of things. I can act. I can sing. But I am a dancer.

Bebe Neuwirth
I’m not much of a dancer.

Akhil Akkineni
Britney Spears was an incredible dancer. That kid was amazing.

Abby Lee Miller
My wife is the dancer, but I certainly know how to sing.

David Hasselhoff
By philosophy the mind of man comes to itself, and from henceforth rests on itself without foreign aid, and is completely master of itself, as the dancer of his feet, or the boxer of his hands.

Johann Gottlieb Fichte
What’s a dancer’s worst enemy? Sometimes it’s age, but sometimes it’s the dancer themselves.

Karen Kain
I’m a singer who moves like a dancer.

Bobby Darin
I’m a dancer and when I walk off stage there isn’t a dry spot on me. This means my hair has to be put up again between shows. I have to make up and dress all over again.

Cyd Charisse
I was a dancer, so it was easy for me to dance in films. I had studied Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odisi and Kathakali much before I even thought of becoming an actor.

Asha Parekh
As a dancer, when you’re moving, you’re listening to music so much because you’re trying to portray it with your body. You’re dissecting a song way more than anyone would actually think you are.

Tate McRae
Young dancers are training at a very vulnerable time in their lives, through adolescence, and while they are trying to work out who they are as people, never mind as a dancer. So train the whole person, not just the dancer.

Deborah Bull
I know I can’t dance. I am the worst dancer. I have no rhythm. I just do step-and-snap. I love it in the privacy of my own home and every once in a while at a club. But singing and dancing are my two greatest fears.

Hope Solo
I’m a terrible dancer.

Rupert Friend
There’s no dancer alive better than those of the 1950s and 1960s. It’s only the energy that changes. Every now and then, someone like me comes along, and people say, ‘Oh, this guy is this new thing.’ But that’s not so. There is no me without them. The tradition just goes on.

Savion Glover
I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet. I cannot make fine artistic phrases that cast light and shadow, for I am no painter. I can neither by signs nor by pantomime express my thoughts and feelings, for I am no dancer; but I can by tones, for I am a musician.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
My background is somewhat unusual, as I trained to be a ballet dancer. I worked in the theatre for eight or nine years as a contemporary dancer. But as an actor one does read Shakespeare and does try to learn the classics.

William Kempe
As soon as I started dancing at 14, I knew I was always going to be a professional dancer.

Anton du Beke
I’m not a good dancer, but I try. I don’t really have the moves.

Jacob Dalton
My first passion was to create for young girls the idea that you have to be brave and courageous, it’s not easy taking big steps and saying, ‘I’m going to be a professional dancer’.

Oti Mabuse
If Beyonce needs another back up dancer, I mean, I could make time.

Julia Stiles
I’m not a trained singer, I’m not a trained dancer.

John Pinette
I’m coming from an artistic background, from Europe, making films with Lars Van Trier like ‘Breaking the Waves,’ ‘Dancer in the Dark,’ all his films, ‘The Kingdom.’ But I like both, I like the totally artificial, commercial films where the actor has five or six bodyguards, I like that.

Udo Kier
I grew up idolising Madhuri Dixit, though I wasn’t a Hindi film buff. I had an academic upbringing, and movies were a rarity. I looked up to Madhuri because I loved dancing, and she’s a fantastic dancer.

Amisha Patel
I’m not the most confident dancer, to be honest. Dancing on film was very difficult for me because you can see it after it’s been done.

Sarah Hay
I prefer musicals, because I am the best dancer who ever lived. The best plies, the best sashays, and by far the best-smelling Capezios.

Adam Sandler
I’m a tap dancer. Once you’re a tap dancer, you’re always a tap dancer. In ‘After Midnight,’ I get to dance, but I don’t do a full tap number.

Dule Hill
In Europe, a great dancer might be on the same level as a movie star. In America, not so.

Patricia McBride
Everyone abroad knows me because of the songs ‘Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja’ and ‘I Am A Disco Dancer,’ both from ‘Disco Dancer.’

Bappi Lahiri
If age someday grounds my feet and wilts my port de bras, what vestige of the old life will be left? The signs that I was a dancer will gradually fade like stripes on a beach towel. Even my knowledge of the art form, reaped in sweat over decades, could be lost over time.

Sascha Radetsky
I always wanted to be a dancer. I danced for maybe 16 years. So I would have loved to have been a dancer in the past.

Liz Kendall
I was very excited and interested as a background dancer or as a theatre actor or when I was working on TV, or even on the film which didn’t do well, like ‘Byomkesh.’

Sushant Singh Rajput
I found out my limit. I’m not a singer and a dancer.

Dinah Manoff
My dad photographed a lot of beautiful dancers. My mom was a dancer.

Ansel Elgort
If you grow up saying, ‘I want to be a lawyer,’ everyone says, ‘Let’s give her everything she needs to be a lawyer.’ But if you say ‘I want to be an artist or a dancer or a painter,’ it’s, ‘Oh, she’ll grow out of it.’

Angela Robinson
I was so nervous about dancing because I’ve always thought of myself as a terrible dancer.

Phoebe Dynevor
If I counted them all up, I was a dancer in sixty movies!

Teri Garr
I just hate to be in one corner. I hate to be put as only a guitar player, or either only as a songwriter, or only as a tap dancer. I like to move around.

Jimi Hendrix
I started out as a dancer as a kid; I’ve been dancing since I was 4. So, performing was always part of what I was. I don’t know if it I enjoyed the response I got from people or if I liked having an audience, but there’s something in me that wanted to perform.

Tatiana Maslany
I have hosted many shows in the past. Anchoring is something I really enjoy; hence, when I was offered to host the show ‘Super Dancer,’ I was excited to take it up.

Rithvik Dhanjani
But in another world, another life, probably growing up in another country, I might have been more of a dancer.

Hugh Jackman
Nobody is born a dancer.

Mikhail Baryshnikov
My mother, Barbara, was a dancer from the age of 14 to 19. She toured with the comedian Max Wall in a dance group of six girls.

Toyah Willcox
Little did I know that there’s nothing more competitive in the world than a professional ballroom dancer. They are as competitive as Olympic athletes.

Bruce Forsyth
Desire is the first thing a modern dancer should have. Skill can be developed. But if you don’t have desire as a modern dancer, forget it.

Twyla Tharp
I’m quite relaxed – I know it’s important not to get too uptight about things as a dancer, but when it came to my voice I realised that everything you eat, everything you drink affects it.

Francesca Hayward
Ditya Bhande is a nice dancer.

Prabhu Deva
I was a dancer, so I always loved watching girls perform and dance and just always looked up to them and their bodies.

Camille Kostek
I realize that I’m not a great dancer. I’ve given up the hip-shaking. I don’t pelvic thrust anymore. Those were the beginning days of T. R. learning how to dance. But I love it, and I’ve taken a few choreography lessons. But other than that, I kinda just feel it, I guess.

Thomas Rhett
Certainly the life of a dancer is very difficult. The training is very hard and relentlessly grueling.

Bebe Neuwirth
Southern people are raised with a work ethic. My son is 5 years old and does chores. My mom was a dance teacher, and the training and discipline it takes to be a dancer I’ve carried with me in Hollywood.

Jaime Pressly
I started out as a dancer and an actor, and I need to remind myself that I can still do theatre.

Caroline Quentin
It’s like, either you’re a great dancer and you’re going to do great, or it doesn’t come naturally to you.

Cheryl Burke
I focus on having a feminine body, a dancer’s body. I do resistance and dance and cardio. I like hiking, swimming, being active. It clears your mind and it’s a good way to decompress.

Ashley Greene
Music videos are notoriously long, not fun, grueling. You are known there as a dancer and it’s kind of sad because dancers, in a lot of ways, are under-appreciated and kind of under-respected when it come to that so they don’t necessarily treat you in a nice way when you do a music video.

Jenna Dewan
I announced at the dinner table when I was 11 that I wanted to be a ballet dancer. But my goal changed to musical theater after the choreographer Robert Joffrey saw me perform while I was on scholarship at the San Francisco Ballet School.

Ann Reinking
I was an okay singer. I was an okay dancer. But acting? Never could do it.

Victoria Beckham
I was a ballet dancer and that kind of bled into musical theater. I was constantly in rehearsal for one thing or another.

Jennifer Garner
In swimming at my level it’s about control of the small movements. A good ballet dancer floats across the stage, the best sprinters virtually abolish gravity. All motion occurs in the right direction.

Alexander Dale Oen
I trained as a ballet dancer and fell in love with Rudolf Nureyev; I thought him the most beautiful creature. My mum had to break it to me that not only was he gay, but he was dead.

Jessica Brown Findlay
I realized that ‘performing’ was what I wanted to do when I did my first professional gig as a dancer with my company ‘Synergy’ in Canada. I was overwhelmed with how it felt to perform in front of an audience.

Catherine Mary Stewart
I could have been a dancer. I just never got my shot at it.

Theo Von
My dream was to become a ballet dancer, but after a year in bed with rheumatic fever at 13, I had grown too tall, and had no muscle tone left. I tried a ballet class and couldn’t even do a plie without falling over. It was my first death.

Carmen Dell’Orefice
I love performing, and I was a dancer and then worked in the NFL and NBA, and I loved being in front of the crowd.

There’s nothing comparable to as ‘in shape’ as a professional dancer. You’d have to train eight hours a day for that.

Neve Campbell
As a professional ballet dancer, I have to accept that weekends are about work. The notion of a leisurely break with all the buzz and excitement of a Friday night simply doesn’t exist for me.

Sylvie Guillem
I don’t speak English, so I cannot foresee a career in Hollywood. But I do see myself more and more as an actress rather than a dancer.

Monica Cruz
The retirement timing is always a tricky thing for a dancer. I think it’s different for everyone. How you say goodbye to the thing you have really focused on that much is a tough one. I’ve always intended to leave in good shape, to exit on a high note.

Damian Woetzel
As a dancer, you go from one show to the next, and you never know where your next pound is coming from, and I think that’s what makes me say yes to so many things, because there’s always a fear that you won’t have a job.

Craig Revel Horwood
I never planned to become a dancer, but I became one. The same thing happened with acting and direction. I remember I was doing the choreography of a film, and the producer came and offered me to direct the film. It was in Telugu, and that is how it started.

Prabhu Deva
I had been a ballet dancer and never could make a living, and just being so excited that I got to, all of a sudden, live as an actor.

Lea Thompson
If I hadn’t become an actress, I would be a dancer.

India Eisley
Ironically, I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood. I grew up watching ‘Disco Dancer;’ I watched it some 20 times as a kid.

Jan Koum
I’m a dancer, so I love to dance.

Matthew Morrison
I’m a hip-hop dancer, but when I’m in my room it turns into this lyrical nonsense, and I listen to Phil Wickham and India Arie, who has the most precious songs.

Alyson Stoner
I’m the world’s worst dancer. I have dancephobia.

Josh Groban
Martin Joyce is a beautiful dancer and an amazing choreographer. He choreographed the Mulberry dance film I was in, ‘From London with Love.’ A truly talented man.

Cressida Bonas
I only saw myself as a dancer and an actor but to be a host is also a wonderful experience.

Sudha Chandran
Well, it’s quite strange because there are three new Wiggles – Simon the red wiggle, Lachlan the purple wiggle and myself. We were already in the company doing different roles. Like, I was the fairy, the ballerina, and that kind of thing originally, and then I played Dorothy the Dinosaur and I was a Wiggles dancer.

Emma Watkins
Ideally, a dancer should put in 10 hours of daily practice to deliver a polished performance.

Shakti Mohan
I became an ardent, but never a specially good, dancer.

Georg Brandes
I get enough sleep. I take very good care of myself. Growing up as a dancer, you know your body so well, you know what to do to overcome something.

Elizabeth Berkley
I’m not a huge dancer onstage. In fact, I like not moving at all if I don’t have to. But even just standing up for any given amount of time in 6-inch heels ends up leaving me feeling like I’ve been cracked in half like a rag doll after a few shows.

HIL boasts of a high-class list of players and coaches like Ric Charlesworth, Barry Dancer, etc.

Sandeep Singh
I truly believe the discipline I have honed as a dancer will bring me more opportunities as an actor.

Sofia Boutella
When Prince Andrew tired of romancing a pretty dancer and turned his attentions to Koo Stark, he instructed the Buckingham Palace switchboard not to put her through when she rang.

Ingrid Seward
I was a dancer for about 20 years. It didn’t really help me transition into music.

Andra Day
I’m no dancer. I got rhythm, I can dance if I need to, but I’m not Chris Brown. He’s an amazing dancer. If I’m not going to be amazing at it, I’m not gon’ do it. I’m gonna do what works for me, and you’re going to feel it ’cause it’s me.

Trey Songz
No disrespect to any other god, but Shiva’s an outsider god. He breaks the rules. He’s a brilliant musician, a brilliant dancer; he treats his wife as an equal, and she opposes him many times, but he obsessively loves her.

Amish Tripathi
Classical dancing has always been the stepping stone of every dancer’s life.

Shakti Mohan
I’m a dancer. I love dancing and going out all the time. It makes me happy.

Toni Garrn
I started out as a dancer as a kid; I’ve been dancing since I was 4. So performing was always part of what I was.

Tatiana Maslany
I was a dancer and performer.

Julia Hartz
I’ve done tons of Debbie Allen musicals. I was a dancer in ‘Glee,’ and I was a Laker girl for three months.

Taylour Paige
Naturally enough when I was a young dancer, I was terribly anxious to get ahead, and to get ahead quickly. I was impatient with all those older people who talked of the long grind to the top, who turned me down for jobs I knew I could do.

Anna Neagle
I’ve always approached my career and my life, you know, one day at a time, as if this was the last day that I’m going, because you never know as an athlete and as a dancer. You never know what can happen today, tomorrow.

Misty Copeland
A footballer in three weeks earns what a dancer makes in a year.

Sergei Polunin
Diana Vishneva is not only a magnificent dancer but a magnificent actress – no one works harder or understands more.

Robert Gottlieb
My problem is: as a singer and a dancer, if I get it in my body one way, it is harder for me to be open to something new – to something else; to something that is really organically connected to the piece and not just to my perception of it.

Sharon Lawrence
I trained as a dancer when I was much younger, for a large amount of time, like 6 or 7 years. Not to be a ballet dancer, actually, but I thought it was a complement for an actor. I thought that actors should know how to move, should know how to juggle, should know how to do acrobatics.

Vincent Cassel
I know I’m never going to be a professional ballroom dancer.

Mischa Barton
I’m not a great dancer.

Soham Chakraborty
I used to get made fun of a lot for being a male dancer, especially growing up in Boston. Kids are terrible, they don’t realize how heavy words can be.

Kenny Wormald
I was in my last year in high school when I began to think of becoming a dancer. I had never seen a Broadway show; we never even read the theatrical reviews.

Paula Kelly
I didn’t want to be a dancer. I just did it to work my way through college. But I was always an athlete and gymnast, so it came naturally.

Gene Kelly
No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.

Mikhail Baryshnikov
My first dream was probably to become a dancer, but then I became a singer, and that’s also a dream of mine, and I get to do it every day, so I’m living it.

Let’s not call physical comedy falling down and pratfalls. All humor is physical, no matter how you dish it out. It’s timing, like a dancer or an athlete would have.

Chevy Chase
I’m not a big dancer!

Kristin Cavallari
‘Swan Lake’ is the most difficult thing to portray for a female ballet dancer; it really requires such specific qualities of articulation, agility, strength, and the arm work is something that takes a lot of training.

Benjamin Millepied
At the end of the day, I am a Kathak dancer!

Sameera Reddy
I’ve always loved Broadway, but I never thought I’d actually do it because I was never a full Broadway dancer. And I don’t have a big, booming voice.

Darren Criss
I decided I wanted to be a dancer. Juilliard was in walking distance from home, so I very stupidly went and applied, not realizing the money it would cost which my parents didn’t have. It took a hundred dollars just to apply for a scholarship. But I made it.

Paula Kelly
I have rhythm, but I’m not a trained dancer.

Josh Segarra
I grew up as a dancer, and music and dance are so closely tied that in ballet class, you’re listening to all this classical music, and in modern class, you’re working with a live drummer. It was something that always made me feel really comfortable, and I’ve had a connection to since the beginning.

Jillian Hervey
I would never do ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ because it’s just not fair. I am too good of a dancer. It would be like LeBron James playing little league basketball.

Terry Crews
I was a dancer and didn’t ever think I could become a female wrestler, but here I am and doing it.

This journey from non-dancer to dancer has given me a lot of self-confidence and inner strength. I feel like a different person.

Ashish Sharma
The physical DNA has always been part of our family. My dad was a good boxer and gymnast; my mum is a ballroom dancer, and my brother does martial arts.

Jason Statham
I was on Kanye’s Yeezus tour as a dancer, but really, I was a Vanessa Beecroft model. I was one of the three ‘dancers’ who couldn’t dance and was more of an accessory than an individual. Vanessa was pretty involved. Her style is about a lot of standing. It’s very simple but haunting.

Kacy Hill
I had wanted to be a dancer when I was younger. But at some point I figured out I was a better singer.

Katy B
Way back before 1980, prior to ‘Disco Dancer’ breaking into the collective consciousness of filmgoers, I had come to Chennai to compose for a film called ‘Suraksha.’

Bappi Lahiri
I liked to read but, being a dancer, I didn’t have a lot of time to read.

Suzanne Farrell
It was the only ambition I ever had – not to be a dancer or Hollywood movie star, but to be a housewife in a good marriage.

Doris Day
I was never a dancer before ‘Shake It Up’.

Bella Thorne
When I was 4 years old, I thought that I wanted to be a dancer like Michael Jackson.

Charice Pempengco
I’m a decent dancer – I can hold my own.

Ser’Darius Blain
To me, I don’t feel like a dancer. I feel like an idiot trying to be a dancer.

Nick Lachey
On the videos for ‘1234’ and ‘My Moon My Man’ I wanted to make the songs visible. And, really, what way can you make sound visible other than good old naive dancing? I was working with a choreographer, but I’m not a dancer. Any notion of elegance is impossible with me.

The body cannot lie. You cannot be somebody else onstage, no matter how good of an actor or dancer or singer you are. When you open your arms, move your finger, the audience knows who you are, you know.

Mikhail Baryshnikov
I’ve always been a dancer, and I will always be a dancer.

Toni Basil
I was always going to be a dancer – I drifted into acting.

Francesca Annis
You live the life of a dancer. It is not your job, it is your life, and you have to love it so much to be able to take it every day for six days a week, sometimes seven.

Sergei Polunin
Choreography is amazing. I’m still a dancer, yet I transitioned into choreography then as a Creative Director. All of these creative elements are brought out of being a dancer. Directing is something that comes out of understanding movement and choreography. Directing movement is directing a dance piece.

Laurieann Gibson
There were talks about going into the jungle, ‘Strictly’ and ‘Big Brother’ – and I’m a good dancer so I’d smash ‘Strictly.’

James DeGale
In my heart, my first desire was to be a dancer. I always wanted to dance and I danced from the time I was 7 till I was well into my 30s.

Phyllis Smith
No dancer can watch Fred Astaire and not know that we all should have been in another business.

Mikhail Baryshnikov
My mother was a dancer, so I like to use the body as part of the instrument of acting.

Nicolas Cage
I wish I’d become a professional dancer sooner. I did other jobs – like baking – while dancing part-time, and didn’t commit until I was 29.

Anton du Beke
There’s an innate feeling when I choreograph in juxtaposition to how I feel as a dancer. When I choreograph, I never really look into the mirror. But as dancers, we always check ourselves in the mirror. I do feel that when I choreograph, I am making a dance on my own body. Much of it is my own response to the music.

Justin Peck
I’ve always thought of modeling as a performance, so I don’t mind kind of pretending. I kind of pretend in a lot of my poses that I am a ballerina or a hip-hop dancer or a grunge performer.

Coco Rocha
Apart from being a trained dancer, I love exploring new styles of dancing.

Koena Mitra
I was a dancer for over 20 years.

Beyonce is incredibly talented – gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer – without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom.

Mike Huckabee
What I mean is that none of my talents had a – what’s that great word – rubric. A singer, an actor, a dancer – there was nothing I could really say I was. The writing came much later. And, actually, thank God, because if I had said I’m a singer, I would really have just had one thing to do.

Steve Martin
My goal was to become the best dancer in the world and, because I started late, I always had this feeling I was playing catch-up, so I’ve been a bit of a maniac most of my life, sort of striving.

Anton du Beke
I love doing it and I am very proud to call myself a dancer.

Shakti Mohan
Due to a big bust in Cuba, my father’s business suffered badly, so I was free to choose my own career. I became a professional dancer, and I went on the road and started making real money.

Cesar Romero
Sylvie Guillem is the best dancer in the world.

Robert Lepage
I think by now everyone knows I am a terrible dancer, but I am an equally terrible singer.

Andi Dorfman
If I had to reflect on the finest classical male ballet dancers of my time, Vladimir Vasiliev of the Bolshoi and the Danish dancer Eric Bruhn were, I feel, without peer.

Jacques d’Amboise
I am not a very good dancer.

Didier Deschamps
I’ve never said I was the best dancer, and I never said I was a good dancer.

Bill Engvall
I was a go-go dancer, too. I called myself ‘Grace Mendoza’ to fool my parents.

Grace Jones
I became a dancer in self-defense. I was doing a comedy monologue and didn’t know how else to get off, so I danced off. I’ve been dancing ever since, but I’m still a comedian.

Ray Bolger
If I had an extra 20 or 50 years physically, I could have been the dancer of my dreams. But I never became that dancer.

Erik Bruhn
I have this ridiculous chip on my shoulder, having been a dancer, that I feel like I really ought to be able to do everything myself – but there are some things I very clearly cannot.

Amanda Schull
I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.

Mitch Hedberg
Well, it’s quite strange because there are three new Wiggles – Simon the red wiggle, Lachlan the purple wiggle and myself. We were already in the company doing different roles. Like, I was the fairy, the ballerina, and that kind of thing originally, and then I played Dorothy the Dinosaur and I was a Wiggles dancer.

Emma Watkins
You realize you can get good at something, even though ballet almost felt like you could never be good enough. No matter how hard you worked, it was so hard to be a great dancer.

Susanna Hoffs
I could say now at 66, yeah, I was a fabulous dancer. I was really terrific, you know. But I was always present. I was present. I was supposed to be where I was supposed to be at the time I was supposed to be.

Judith Jamison
Ditya Bhande is a nice dancer.

Prabhu Deva
‘Swan Lake’ is the most difficult thing to portray for a female ballet dancer; it really requires such specific qualities of articulation, agility, strength, and the arm work is something that takes a lot of training.

Benjamin Millepied
My mum was a dancer. She would tour the world with a group, and she had me in a dance class when I was still in a nappy. They told her to come back when I could walk.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson
My background is in modern dance. I was a dancer and a choreographer before I was a director, and in dance, you can’t cheat. Your leg goes up in the air, or it doesn’t. So when I direct, I’m a big preparer.

Lesli Linka Glatter
I don’t think of myself as a leader. I am, but I don’t think of myself that way. I’m not trying to belittle what I do, but I think of myself as a dancer first. I’ll always be a dancer.

Judith Jamison
I don’t think I’m good enough to bring alive the character of my mother, even if it is on screen. Besides, my mother was a classical dancer, and I am very bad at it.

Pooja Bedi
I’m definitely influenced by the music. We dance to music, and you have to listen to it and phrase your dancing and movement in a certain way to compliment the music. We have to work hand in hand, the dancer and the music.

Misty Copeland
I’m a terrible dancer! Oh, I’m an awful dancer!

Bobby Orr
As a dancer, you’re told not to go into it for the money.

Jillian Hervey
My whole family is involved in the arts – my sister is a professional Bharatnatyam dancer, and my dad helps me out on the music business end.

Sid Sriram
When my brother and me got into performing in the late ’40s and early ’50s, it was a sensational opportunity to learn from our elders. Every show we played had a dancer, a comic, a juggler, a singer, an acrobat. I came to appreciate virtuosity in all forms of the business.

Gregory Hines
I used to be a dancer, and for me it was a really good combination of dance and acting.

Patricia Velasquez
Both my brother and mother are actors and dancers. Of course my mom, who is a Kathak exponent, is the most established dancer amongst the three of us.

Ishaan Khatter
There’s this big rumor that I was a backup dancer when I was 11. Not true!

Tate McRae
I was a street dancer.

Eartha Kitt
I sent out a tweet, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ should stop the jibber jabber. They shouldn’t make the departure of a dancer so tear jerky because nobody’s going to war.

Mr. T
It became my first passion, the first thing I really fell in love with. I joined the Ralph Robinson Ballet company, and then went to New York and became a dancer. I thought I’d die before I did anything else.

Lawrence Bender
As a child, I would say that I wanted to become a dancer to honour music. For me, dancing is the physical translation of the audio recording.

Sofia Boutella
You won’t see me at a microphone singing and tapping my foot. I spend a lot of money on sets, costumes and sound. I believe people deserve a show. I’m a singer, musician, dancer. I work hard, and I’m soaking wet when I come off.

Barbara Mandrell
I grew up with classical music when I was a ballet dancer. Now when I have to prepare an emotional scene, to cry or whatever, I listen to sonatas. Vivaldi and stuff. It’s just beautiful to me.

Diane Kruger
I want to be a lawyer, a dancer, an actress, a mother, a wife, a children’s author, a distance runner, a poet, a pianist, a pet store owner, an astronaut, an environmental and humanitarian activist, a psychiatrist, a ballet teacher, and the first woman president.

Rachel Corrie
To illustrate what I mean, an apt dancer may be in thorough unison with the others in that particular group, and at the same time reveal a difference in dancing temperament, rhythm or technique; she may phrase, accentuate or actually interpret differently.

Florenz Ziegfeld
Madonna is a pro. I don’t like her and have no respect for her but- I don’t think she should be called a musician or a dancer or whatever you know, but I do have, well I do have respect for her ability to completely manipulate the media and have them work for her.

Jon Fishman
I was a dancer first, which made me realize how much I loved performing.

Maddie Hasson
As a dancer, I’ve always checked my body constantly: ‘Am I having a good day, or am I having a fat day?’ I am probably more critical of myself than anyone else. I am very tiny – 5’1 and a half inches – so there’s nowhere for weight to hide.

Bonnie Langford
A good education is usually harmful to a dancer. A good calf is better than a good head.

Agnes de Mille
I’m a pretty decent tap dancer. I enjoy all types of dancing, actually.

Chris Evans
I thought about my future. In 10 years’ time, I would be in the same position as when I started – the best dancer in the world, but still sharing a flat. You’re an adult, but you live like a kid.

Sergei Polunin
I’ve got that personality where I’ve always been determined. As a dancer, I was constantly improving and perfecting. I guess it’s innate.

Darcey Bussell
The Internet has perceived me as this fantastic dancer. I can still do a couple pirouettes, but I am by no means a proper dancer.

Tom Holland
I like to mix it up, so I do Parkour, play football, dance… I am a dancer, essentially.

Ishaan Khatter
Well, I was sort of a jack-of-all-trades in show business for a long time. I was a singer and a dancer and then I got a job as an actor.

Christopher Walken
You open a section of ‘The New York Times,’ and there’s a review or a story on a choreographer or a dancer, and there’s an informative, clear image of a dancer. This is, in my view, not an interesting photograph.

Mikhail Baryshnikov
Srideviji was a great human being, a fabulous dancer, a tremendous actress and above all, a wonderful mother.

Jaya Prada
Every dancer has injuries, and your injury could happen that season that you were getting that one part that you’ve wanted to do your whole career. So you have to appreciate every single moment until it happens.

Amanda Schull
I’m happy that people think of me as the greatest tap-dancer that ever lived. But it’s just a rumor. Because the greatest dancer that ever lived knows everything, and I don’t. I’m still learning. I still have a lot of work to do.

Savion Glover
I cannot write poetically, for I am no poet. I cannot make fine artistic phrases that cast light and shadow, for I am no painter. I can neither by signs nor by pantomime express my thoughts and feelings, for I am no dancer; but I can by tones, for I am a musician.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I heard a lot in school, ‘You’ve got a really great talent, but there’s no way you’re going to be a dancer with that body.’

Tracy Anderson
I was extremely excited when I got to know that Govinda was going to be with me on ‘Super Dancer – Chapter 4.’ It was definitely a kind of reunion, and I was really happy about sharing screen space with him after over 30 years.

Neelam Kothari
It’s not that I wanted to be an actor; it’s that I didn’t want to be a dancer! I was trained in traditional Chinese dance, and after working so hard it seemed unfair to just disappear into a group.

Zhang Ziyi
I am learning how to dance hip-hop. I’m a good dancer when I dance salsa.

Stephanie Sigman
I always wanted to devote a certain part of my life to dance – my true being is to be a dancer.

Nita Ambani
I was a dancer when I got discovered, and I started working immediately. I started being in commercials and doing guest star roles. My first big thing, which happened maybe six months after being discovered, was ‘Bring It On: All or Nothing.’

Francia Raisa
I wouldn’t call myself a dancer. I would never even dance in a club – I can’t move my feet! I’m terribly shy about moving. I feel comfortable in my body, but dancing is like learning another language.

Matthew James Thomas
Beyonce is a beautiful, elegant woman who is also a wonderful dancer. And her voice is sublime. Just like her husband, Jay-Z, Beyonce has real talent. They are both the kind of truly great artist who will be remembered by history. Their child will be lucky to have such talented parents.

Azzedine Alaia
When I went to the sets of ‘ABCD,’ I felt younger. Surrounded by so many young dancers, I, too, became a dancer again.

Prabhu Deva
I was a dancer until I was 19. I never had to worry about working out or what I ate. So I’ve really had to train myself to get down to the gym.

Christina Hendricks
As a dancer I feel fulfilled and would want all dancers to be proud of themselves.

Shakti Mohan
I have never sung a whole song on my own before and I am not the best dancer in the world, but I would rather try and fall than not not try at all.

Geri Halliwell
I came from the musical stage. My first show was ‘110 In The Shade.’ I started as a ballet dancer and then sort of gravitated toward musical theater, so any time I got asked to sing or dance, it was a joy for me.

Lesley Ann Warren
I’m mainly a dancer, but I’ve been offered to write songs on albums this year, and that’s really cool. I never thought I’d get to do that. It’s out of my comfort zone, but I loved having that input. It makes you feel more involved, when you have that creative control.

Emma Watkins
If you want a dancer’s body, dance. Dance aerobics is my favourite cardio. It’s very frustrating if people think you have to become a dancer to do it – you don’t.

Tracy Anderson
I would have young dancers come to me and ask me questions and want to know what my experiences were like: ‘What’s it like being a black dancer?’ So I just felt like it was necessary for me to share my experiences with them.

Misty Copeland
When I first moved to New York, I wanted to be a dancer. I danced professionally for years, living a hand-to-mouth existence. I never tapped into nightlife; all I knew was dancers. We went to bed early and got up early and went to free concerts at the Lincoln Center and Shakespeare in the Park.

Madonna Ciccone
The reason behind Hrithik being the best dancer is that he never takes his work for granted.

Yami Gautam
In general, for me, a big thing in my life has been just sort of learning what true self-esteem is and what true positive self-image is. And being a dancer, and growing up in that world, you’re so focused on yourself, and you’re so focused on achieving goals, on finding perfection, and working on your craft.

Jenna Dewan
Being an actor is lot like being a dancer: you always have to go back to the bar and either work or take classes. Otherwise, you’ll get rusty.

Alanna Ubach
I am realizing and accepting my role as a tap dancer in this world is not only to tap dance for the sake of performance, but through tap dance be able to share and spread a message and congregate with people I would not necessarily be with had it not been for dance.

Savion Glover
That’s what all art’s about – a sense of moving away from boundaries that you can’t in real life. Like a dancer is always trying to fly, really – to do something that’s just not possible. But you try to do as much as you can within those physical boundaries.

Kate Bush
My mother was a dancer when she was a kid and I gather she was very good, but was never allowed to go into the profession.

Denis Lawson
Malayali audiences are well aware of Shamna as a dancer and that may be a reason why I was constantly being approached by filmmakers to do song sequences alone.

Shamna Kasim
An ex-ABT ballerina, while staging a ballet for the company, once followed a dancer into the bathroom to deliver notes through the stall door. She was known to bark – literally, like a dog – during private rehearsals.

Sascha Radetsky
To join or not to join films was the biggest choice I had to make. I’d done two years of biogenetic engineering, was an economics graduate and a gold medalist. I had also been a Bharatanatyam dancer from age five, always won the best actress award in school. Finally, I decided to do things for my soul, chose to act.

Amisha Patel
My curves became an integral part of who I am as a dancer, not something I needed to lose to become one.

Misty Copeland
Beyonce has very clear ideas – she knows exactly what she wants. The thing which she then also has over other celebrities is that she has an amazing voice. She’s incredibly talented, and she’s an amazing dancer – she’s complete. Few are like Beyonce.

Giuseppe Zanotti
You have to be an athlete. A sense of timing is vital. So is dedication. Being a stuntman calls for qualities usually associated with being a dancer.

Hal Needham
If anyone is calling me to choreograph a dance, they know my style, and they know I am a taskmaster. They want to present themselves as a good dancer before their fans, and that is why they want me to choreograph.

Prabhu Deva
I had a wonderful childhood, coming from Cincinnati, and I think that it was great going into the life that I was going to have, where you have to start young as a dancer.

Suzanne Farrell
A young girl reached out to me to be her mentor one day, which I didn’t really know anything about. What I did remember was what it was to be alone as an African-American dancer in the ballet world and wanting to connect with someone who looks like me.

Misty Copeland
In ’92, I got my first Broadway show as a performer – ‘Crazy for You.’ I was in the ensemble. In fact, I was in eight Broadway shows as a dancer. Seven of them were original shows. That’s how I learned to create something from the ground up.

Casey Nicholaw
I wanted to be a male ballet dancer.

Scott Thompson
Since the days of slavery, if you were a good singer or dancer, it was your job to perform for the master after dinner.

Spike Lee
My father was not just a man, but a spirit dancer. You have to come with that vibration, and it is not something you can act.

Rohan Marley
I want dance to emerge as a field where people can feel proud of being a dancer and they shouldn’t feel the need to be a Bollywood actor.

Shakti Mohan
I used to be a really great dancer. I used to do it quite a lot and then I stopped. Now my body has forgotten all that training.

Ncuti Gatwa
The dancer’s body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.

Isadora Duncan
It’s no good running a pig farm badly for 30 years while saying, ‘Really, I was meant to be a ballet dancer.’ By then, pigs will be your style.

Quentin Crisp
I used to hate my bottom because as a dancer, you’re supposed to have nothing there.

Bonnie Langford
I’m a dancer, I’m an entertainer.

Israel Adesanya
I wrote the song For A Dancer for a friend of mine who died in a fire. He was in the sauna in a house that burned down, so he had no idea anything was going on. It was very sad.

Jackson Browne
My current role model is Beyonce. She is such a strong woman. She can do everything. She has kept herself together and has balanced her life perfectly. She is a great singer, great dancer and a great looker and is now a good mother and wife.

Sunidhi Chauhan
If I was trained as a dancer then I probably would have been a dancer, and I’m not.

Caroline Flack
I’ve been an actor since I was 12 and my dream role is Sally Bowles in ‘Cabaret.’ What’s crazy is that I’m not a great singer or dancer but I’ll commit.

Emily Hampshire
When I was a child I wanted to be Pope. My greatest disappointment is missing out on that. I also wanted to be a tap dancer but I never fulfilled that ambition either.

Peter Ackroyd
For me, a dancer is part of an artist’s entertainment – ‘backup dancer’ isn’t even in my vocabulary.

Laurieann Gibson
Even if you’ve gone easy on the vermouth, there are still serious downsides to alcohol consumption, including but not limited to the sense that you’re a good dancer.

W. Bruce Cameron
Before I moved here, I had no desire to become a dancer. But when I saw the dance schools in the city and the massive opportunities, I decided to give it a shot. Mumbai being a land of unlimited possibilities gave me the confidence to go for it.

Shakti Mohan
I became a dancer late and an actor late.

Mads Mikkelsen
So I’m studying ballet every day and really training so people will see me as a ballet dancer, which no one’s seen before.

Sutton Foster
There was never really a moment that I decided that I wanted to be a ballet dancer. It’s always just felt like it’s what I was meant to do.

Francesca Hayward
We are a very typical Spanish family – a bullfighter, an actress, a flamenco dancer and singer!

Paz Vega
I started as a hoofer and all-round chorus girl. I did my first ballet lesson when I was three, then trained as a dancer and went into pantomimes and summer seasons. Acting came later.

Caroline Quentin
For what the horse does under compulsion, as Simon also observes, is done without understanding; and there is no beauty in it either, any more than if one should whip and spur a dancer.

When I first came to NXT, I was wearing the neon stuff. Then I got away from it and ended up being a Funkadactyl dancer, which was awesome.

A lot of my joy this year has been to give away awards to young people, no matter of race, creed or color, because they were a terrific violinist or a terrific dancer.

Sally Kirkland
I grew up going to see my sister dance, both at the ballet and later as a modern dancer, and have always been a big fan of the ballet. So I have had a long relationship with dance.

Bryce Dessner
By patting somebody on the back, a boy or a girl, a professional dancer, male, female, it really makes people feel good and I know it certainly made me feel good.

Jack Wagner
I like to say, ‘Once a dancer, always a dancer.’ In everything – the way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk, the way you sit – everything is just, you’ve been trained a certain way your whole life, so it’s a bit muscle memory.

Jenna Dewan
I’ve been told if you’re an actress you can’t sing, if you’re a dancer you can’t act, you can’t do theatre and be respected if you’ve done a TV soap, you can’t have a No. 1 record. All these different things they’ve told me I can’t do, but I wanted to do them, so I’ve done them.

Martine McCutcheon
My mom was a dancer, my dad’s a singer and I’ve always had that kind of music in my life.

Elvis Stojko
The life of a dancer is tragically short. What is remarkable about the New York City Ballet is that it makes us forget that. Because it keeps the ballet alive.

John Guare
Because I was a dancer when I was a kid, I have so much empathy for these young girls who are so drawn to something lovely in music and in movement, and yet they encounter a world full of judgment and criticism of 11-year-old artists and bodies.

Sharon Lawrence
The only dancing I did was at the discotheques. I was a very good disco dancer. I say that I learned disco dancing at the wrong places.

David H. Koch
Fred Astaire was a more formal, trained dancer who loved waltzing and only danced with the girls.

Leslie Caron
I would’ve been a really good costume designer because, basically, my clothes were like costumes, and I wanted to be a dancer, so there’s all of that tulle and color.

Betsey Johnson
My dreams of taking the West End by storm as a dancer flickered but then faded; my father’s ambition to see me in a steady office job was tried and abandoned. But I had won a national speaking award, had stood for election to the local council, had begun to travel and took a job working for the Labour Party.

Betty Boothroyd
I trained as a ballet dancer – well, I started when I was two and a half, and was serious about it from when I was eight until I was 18.

Jessica Brown Findlay
I started performing very young as a salsa dancer, and every time I was on that stage dancing, all I knew was that I wanted to speak. I wanted the music to stop, and I wanted to speak.

Gina Rodriguez
I was always active as a kid. I was a professional figure skater for many years and I was a dancer, so it’s just been part of my life, and I think that creates a certain body type.

Malin Akerman
I was bullied about everything, from the way I looked to the fact that my father had been a dancer.

Paul Bettany
The ‘All My Children’ studio was near Lincoln Center, and I used to see all the ballerinas and the dancers, and I thought, I don’t want to bulk up; I want to have long, lean, toned muscles. And I found out that through Pilates, you can achieve those strong, lean dancer muscles.

Susan Lucci
I’d rather be a guy that can build a house or fix a car than be able to walk like a ballet dancer.

Travis Fimmel
Anybody cannot be a dancer. A dancer must have a certain posture, gestures, height, behaviour.

Hema Malini
I was a Ukrainian folk dancer in my teens, and I toured the country in 1991, shortly before the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Vera Farmiga
Growing up I was a competitive Irish step dancer.

Margaret Brennan
I don’t think I’m a good dancer.

Adam Peaty
As a dancer when you go to the club, you wanna look nice, but at the same time, you gotta get a lil’ dirty, nah mean?

You know Marques Houston, you know I’m a dancer, I’m a singer, but I wouldn’t want to do a movie that I’m a dancer and a singer in. I want to do movies that people can take me more seriously in as an actor, because when you’re making that transition, it is tough.

Marques Houston
I don’t understand why no one says ‘I want to become a dancer.’

Shakti Mohan
I’m not a professional dancer.

Joanna Kulig
Whether it’s dance or action, what’s important is hand and body co-ordination. When you are a good dancer then automatically while performing action, the co-ordination is that much easier.

Daisy Shah
I also loved musicals because I was a dancer.

Donna Mills
It is not easy for a dancer to be accepted as an actor. But I worked my way up through hard work and by God’s grace.

Prabhu Deva
I’m doing what every guy in America has secretly fantasized – being a Chippendales dancer and having women throw themselves at you.

Ian Ziering
I was nervous about doing ‘Scottsboro Boys’ because I’m not a trained dancer, and there is a lot of very athletic dancing involved.

Colman Domingo
A good dancer is not necessarily defined by great technique, skill, or ability to pick up choreography but by confidence. When you feel the music, it penetrates to your soul. Everybody’s a dancer. The greatest dancer is someone who is willing to dance, not afraid.

Alyssa Edwards
I’m a terrible dancer. The worst.

Sheena Easton
I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance. If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing.

I started out as a dancer, but gradually became more interested in music.

Ravi Shankar
I like reading and writing, and I am a trained classical dancer.

Sobhita Dhulipala
When you’re a dancer, you start with the basics. You don’t all of a sudden do a grand jete and pirouette. You start with first position, second, third.

Rita Rudner
A dancer’s career is short – you just keep going until your legs pack up.

Anton du Beke
I don’t think of myself as a dancer. I think of myself as a singer-actress who moves really well.

Sutton Foster
It was not until I had graduated from college that I made a professional commitment to it. Frankly, I didn’t think it wise. I was my own interior parental force, and it’s very difficult to justify a profession as a dancer.

Twyla Tharp
Being a ballet dancer isn’t cool. Football, boxing, hockey… they’re cool. And you make more money.

Sergei Polunin
I want to prove to my mom that I’m an amazing dancer.

Sooraj Pancholi
Movies and media really can influence us. A few years ago, my daughter wanted to be a dancer; since Obama came into office, she now wants to be a lawyer and get into politics and maybe even be president.

I trained in every form of dance – started as a tap dancer when I was a kid, then contemporary, ballet, ballroom, everything. Russian, Swedish.

Nigel Lythgoe
I went to New York in 1974, to either try to get a record deal, get into the New York Art Student League, or be a dancer. So that was my plan. Some plan. And I had no money.

John Mellencamp
For me, as an actress, being a dancer has helped me. I’ve done it with my feet bloody.

Elizabeth Berkley
I remember when I was a dancer and I had to do this performance and I was really nervous about it, and I happened at that moment to go see ‘Flashdance.’ I mean, it’s silly, but I walked out of that movie going ‘what a feeling!’ I walked out with confidence.

Melissa Rosenberg
People were being so mean as a result of my ability – a gift, really. So I think that’s what makes me fight harder to provide an option to aspiring kids or artists. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I went through… to see a little girl or a little dancer experience such unnecessary rejection.

Laurieann Gibson
Maddie Ziegler is the most amazing dancer I’ve ever seen, and I’m so obsessed with her. I was obsessed with her even before she did her first Sia video.

Kate McKinnon
I think as a dancer you are always wanting to look your best, like in an outfit, you want an outfit to look the best it can on you, meaning weight is a huge one for a lot of dancers… you are always wanting to look better, look thinner.

Dianne Buswell
A lot of people don’t know the first time I was ever on national television I was a ‘Soul Train’ dancer.

Nick Cannon
A friend of my mother’s, Irene Lopez, was a Spanish dancer. She saw me bopping around the room and said to my mother, ‘Rosita might have talent. Can I take her to my dance teacher?’ There was no thought of a career at that time, but I knew I loved the attention, and that’s so much a part of being a performer.

Rita Moreno
I was on a TV show about dancers for two and a half seasons called ‘Bunheads’ on ABC Family, and that was really fun for me because I’m a dancer in a real life.

Emma Dumont
I’ve always been a bit of an orphan, because actors say, ‘Well, he’s more of a dancer.’ And dancers say, ‘No. He’s really a singer.’ And singers say, ‘No. He’s an actor.’

Dick Van Dyke
Princess Diana was a nice dancer because she had confidence. In fact, when we danced together she started to lead, and I looked her in eye and went, ‘No, you have to let me lead.’ So I grabbed her around the waist and we were off to the races.

John Travolta
I grew up in San Francisco, and I trained as a ballet dancer until college.

Chloe Benjamin
I grew up watching ‘Disco Dancer’. I watched it some 20 times as a kid.

Jan Koum
I am a dancer at heart.

Hema Malini
I’m always very nervous about the word ‘dancer’ next to my name because anyone who’s really trained in dance will go, ‘This guy’s fudging so badly.’

Hugh Jackman
One is born to be a great dancer.

George Balanchine
I wanted to inspire every little girl who wants to be a dancer to fire their imagination about the joys of being on the stage.

Darcey Bussell
Foot-binding is said to have been inspired by a tenth-century court dancer named Yao Niang who bound her feet into the shape of a new moon. She entranced Emperor Li Yu by dancing on her toes inside a six-foot golden lotus festooned with ribbons and precious stones.

Amanda Foreman
Good balance makes you a better dancer, musician, actor – anything.

Scott Glenn
A simple ballet wrap sweater heats the back muscles but is easy to put on or take off without disturbing a dancer’s makeup or hair before a performance or during a workout.

Mary Helen Bowers
Jeremy Lamb is a great dancer.

Kemba Walker
From the time I was 2, I told my mom I was going to be a singer. And she’d say, ‘Sure, honey, and tomorrow you’ll want to be a dancer.’

Tiffany Darwish
I was a professional dancer before I was an actor.

Alex Meraz
The majority of people know me as a dancer, but they don’t also know that I’m a director, a songwriter and a producer.

Cris Judd
I grew up with classical music when I was a ballet dancer. Now when I have to prepare an emotional scene, to cry or whatever, I listen to sonatas. Vivaldi and stuff. It’s just beautiful to me.

Diane Kruger
My dad was a third-generation printer and linotype operator, by all accounts a fabulous ballroom dancer. He was jettisoned from the family before I was 2, and I have never met him and have no memory of him.

Katherine Dunn
I’ve had an extraordinary life as a dancer. You tour the world, you see all the great capitals of the world, the beautiful old opera houses all over Europe – you go everywhere. As a teenager, I would always say, ‘I can’t believe this is happening to little me,’ because it was always a dream to dance.

Patricia McBride
I was a gymnast for many years before I was a dancer, so it comes in pretty handy when we do stunts.

Mads Mikkelsen
It is hard being in a relationship when you are a dancer as I have been touring a lot all over the world.

Artem Chigvintsev
On the ‘Jersey Shore,’ people got a glimpse through a keyhole of who I really am. But the world really started to see me on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ I am not the best dancer. That was never my strong point. But I wanted to let people know, hey, this kid is risking a lot just to know a different side of him.

Michael Sorrentino
My goal is to be the best TV presenter, the best entertainer, the best singer. I still want to be the best dancer. I want to be the best at everything I do.

Anton du Beke
We always have a really bad dancer on ‘Strictly,’ like Kate Garraway or Fiona Phillips, and that’s great, and we love it, but when it comes to the quarters and semis, you want the best dancers left in.

Alesha Dixon
I could have been a mediocre tap dancer.

Brad Hall
Bottom line: I can relax in L.A. I think I’m the only person in that town who doesn’t want to act. I was an OK singer. I was an OK dancer. But acting? Never could do it.

Victoria Beckham
The Dancer believes that his art has something to say which cannot be expressed in words or in any other way than by dancing.

Doris Humphrey
I’m very proud of the colour of my skin and that I’m inspiring people from all backgrounds, but I think it will be great for the next mixed-race or black female principal dancer if she doesn’t have to be asked about that.

Francesca Hayward
Let’s not call physical comedy falling down and pratfalls. All humor is physical, no matter how you dish it out. It’s timing, like a dancer or an athlete would have.

Chevy Chase
I deal with more complex rhythmical patterns than a regular tap dancer. I even think in rhythms.

Savion Glover
I like my body. I don’t want to have to change it for anything – even if that means I have to take a step down as a dancer. I don’t think I’m ever going to sacrifice my figure for anyone else to accept me.

Sarah Hay
I think the true artist – musician, dancer, writer, actor – a true artist is able to sort of articulate pain and tragedy, in a way that sort of expresses what the listener or the beholder may have been feeling but was less able to communicate.

Black Thought
A cardio-funk class – I should have at least taken one of those. But it’s always terrified me. I’m never one to be a dancer on the dance floor, even at a bar or a club.

Neil Patrick Harris
Lahore’ has been one of the chartbusters of recent times and the version ‘Lagdi Lahore Di’ from ‘Street Dancer 3D’ has a new groovy vibe to it, keeping the original essence intact by Sachin-Jigar. It’s created beautifully and as I heard it, I loved the whole new essence and vibe added to it.

Tulsi Kumar
For every dancer, no matter how amazing your career, there’s more to life than ballet. Being adored by your audience, it’s only part of the story.

Darcey Bussell
Dance is a universal language, and whether you know how to dance or grew up training in dance, you have a respect for people who love to dance, and it’s also visually very entertaining to watch a great dancer.

Jenna Dewan
I do not know what the spirit of a philosopher could more wish to be than a good dancer. For the dance is his ideal, also his fine art, finally also the only kind of piety he knows, his ‘divine service.’

Friedrich Nietzsche
Bubbles was a very good dancer. Tremendous dancer. He was one of our leading dancers of the country at that time. And, of course, he didn’t have much of a voice.

Cab Calloway
How can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels? I don’t understand why women wear these ballet pumps. They are only good if you walk like a ballet dancer, and only ballet dancers do that.

Sonia Rykiel
As a dancer, you really try to stay true to whatever the choreographer/artistic director is giving you. So, now the shoe is on the other foot and I have to trust everyone else – I have to trust the dancer. As I was trusted as a dancer, I trust my dancers.

Judith Jamison
When I was younger, people would always say, ‘Are you a ballet dancer?’ I had that look – one of those skinny kids with my hair in a bun.

Miranda Otto
I started as a hoofer and all-round chorus girl. I did my first ballet lesson when I was three, then trained as a dancer and went into pantomimes and summer seasons. Acting came later.

Caroline Quentin
A businessman is a hybrid of a dancer and a calculator.

Paul Valery
My mum and dad teach, and all my brothers and sisters have been in ‘Riverdance’ and so forth. So I was forced to become a dancer; it’s part of my family history.

Sean Maguire
As a dancer, it’s hard because there’s such a perfectionist quality that you really have to let go of while you’re acting, because nobody wants to a watch a perfect person on screen.

Kathryn McCormick
When the Negro musician or dancer swings the blues, he is fulfilling the same fundamental existential requirement that determines the mission of the poet, the priest and the medicine man.

Albert Murray
I was a dancer of no repute. But dance taught me a lot. You walk into a dance studio knowing you have to walk out with a dance. You improvise.

Dan Phillips
I am dancing all the time. Every gesture, the body line of every pose, the way I get from place to place, the movement in the acting – none of it would be the way it is if I weren’t a dancer.

Ray Bolger
I have proved myself as an actor and now I want to show my fans that I am a good dancer too by participating in a dance reality show.

Puneet Issar
For a long time, I said I didn’t want to model. I was a dancer.

Hailey Baldwin
I was such a tomboy as a kid, and I’m a dancer.

Annie Wersching
I’m not a trained dancer – I know, I know, you’re shocked, I’m sure.

Jessica Pare
I am a dancer first. That is why I don’t accept all roles that come my way.

Shamna Kasim
I’ve always loved working out. When I was little, my dad used to make me and my sister do 10 press-ups every day before we brushed our teeth in the morning. It was like a boot camp! Then I did a lot of athletics at school and was a dancer.

Fleur East
When you’re a dancer who is injured, you are at the bottom of the food chain. We are so replaceable.

Bebe Neuwirth
I started working on stage as a dancer when I was four; by 14 or 15, I knew I wanted to study the craft of acting.

Cush Jumbo
I need to live in new shoes and not be a dancer.

Heather Watts
I really wanted to make it as a ballet dancer to make my mom proud. But it didn’t happen.

Tracy Anderson
I always wanted to make a pop record. I’m a dancer myself, so I want to make something that people listen to and just want to dance to.

Sofia Carson
My son is a better dancer than me. I always try to encourage him in his endeavours.

Mithun Chakraborty
It’d be very difficult to cast me as a ballet dancer. Everybody is, in some sense, controlled by their size and their gender. I’m not going to be allowed to play the part that Denzel Washington plays.

Brian Dennehy
I am a trained classical dancer.

Upasana Singh
As a dancer I’ve always checked my body constantly; ‘Am I having a good day or am I having a fat day?’

Bonnie Langford
The orthopaedic surgeon said that if ever I had hip or groin pain, I should rest until the pain went. However, resting is not part of a dancer’s life – so I just danced through the pain.

Darcey Bussell
Who a dancer is physically feeds into character for me. Always has.

Twyla Tharp
The best thing you can say about Hubbard Street is that if you were a dancer, this is a company you’d fight to get into.

Robert Gottlieb
I walk like a duck: very straight up and down. Or like a penguin. It’s a dead giveaway that I’m a dancer.

David Hallberg
I would imagine that if you could understand Morse code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy.

Mitch Hedberg
I’m not naturally a gifted dancer, and I don’t enjoy it.

Richard Madden
I decided to go to dance school at 22, which is late for a dancer.

Matthew Bourne
I grew up always wanting to be a dancer, and when I went to New York, I fell in love with the idea of performing in all ways. I saw myself traveling with a company or making my own work and being a little weird. I wasn’t thinking about the business side of anything; I just knew that I loved dancing.

Jillian Hervey
It’s not an easy task to match Charan. He is really a good dancer, and he comes straight to the sets without rehearsals.

Rakul Preet Singh
Dad, who worked as a plumber, was a quiet and undemanding man who liked to laugh – and he was a very good dancer.

Vera Lynn
No, I do not want to be an actor. I am happy being a dancer.

Shakti Mohan
I think I’m the same dancer everywhere. But I’ve learned a lot with Bolshoi – the history of the theater, the technique of the theater, different nuances in my technique.

David Hallberg
They do say, the smaller the feet, the better the dancer.

Bruce Forsyth
When my mother died when I was 15, it felt like the end of my dreams of becoming a dancer – I had a sister and a brother and we had to pull together to look after the house and my father.

Arlene Phillips
The Cat Dancer is a 30-inch piece of wire with some little cardboard cylinders on the end. My cats go crazy for it. I stuck it on the wall with the adhesive mount, but I ended up taking it off so I could hold it and play directly with my cats.

Mark Frauenfelder
I wanted to be a professional dancer for a period of time, and I did a lot of dancing and choreography and got paid for it.

Mae Jemison
I had many hobbies but now I only work on myself. I have to become the best dancer and actor and have the best personality.

Nidhhi Agerwal
A dancer’s life is hard – it is so physically demanding, and at any moment, you could have an injury that could end your career.

Monica Cruz
I copied my brother. He was a natural dancer. Graceful. People always asked did we study ballet. We never did.

Harold Nicholas
I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance. If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing.

I took a huge risk. At the time, I was an Orlando Magic dancer, and I was going on my third year. It was then when wrestling was introduced to me. I took a chance, packed up all my stuff, and moved away from home.

I have always wanted to tell stories. Even as a classical dancer, I revel in telling stories through my dance.

Sobhita Dhulipala
To me, this was an oxymoron, doing a painting of a dancer. Dancers are always moving.

Jamie Wyeth
Yerry Mina’s a great guy. He’s also a great dancer! When he played for Palmeira,s he’d always celebrate with a dance. We became friends, and I speak to him regularly.

People say that wrestling is not ballet. But as a former ballerina, I’d like to see some of these men put on a pair of tights and go do what a dancer does. Because it’s a lot! It’s definitely difficult.

I grew up wanting to be a ballet dancer.

Hilary Farr
Absolutely, I’ll always be a dancer.

Chita Rivera
I will never give up my dream of being a prima ballerina and backup dancer for Justin Timberlake!

Haley Webb
Mohan Lal is my favorite actor, so if I am saying that Salman has performed better, you can believe how much he has done. Salman is better looking, so that’s his plus point. Lal is the more realistic actor, but Salman is a better dancer. So there are things you can’t compare. Both are good in their own way.

When you start, you have no brain; you are a kid. It’s fine. But then I started to be scared. I was scared of judgment – not as a dancer, but as a person – and I was really uncomfortable with people. And it lasted for a very long time.

Sylvie Guillem
Every great dancer has so much to offer.

Ann Reinking
My mother was a dancer, so I like to use the body as part of the instrument of acting.

Nicolas Cage
Ironically, I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood. I grew up watching ‘Disco Dancer;’ I watched it some 20 times as a kid.

Jan Koum
She trained as a ballet dancer yet she was an iron fist in a velvet glove. My younger brother Luca and I had a wonderful childhood since she would try to guide us gently down the right path.

Sean Hepburn Ferrer
I’m a horrible dancer, but I wanted to record songs that made me want to dance.

Chris Lane
I know I’m not the greatest singer or dancer, but that doesn’t interest me. I’m interested in being provocative and pushing people’s buttons.

Madonna Ciccone
A lot of people might think the job of a model isn’t necessary anymore, but just like an actor, singer – how they make you feel a certain way – how watching a dancer gives you emotion, models can do the exact same thing to many different people.

Coco Rocha
I am not a natural dancer, not even a half way competent dancer.

Ann Widdecombe
I realized early on, I’m more interested in Baryshnikov than some dancer who wants to do a rock show with ballet.

Savion Glover
I originally wanted to be a ballet dancer and trained for years, but when I was around 18, I realized I wasn’t going to be as good a ballet dancer as I’d hoped I’d be and decided to become an actress instead.

Helen Baxendale
I wanted to be a professional dancer my whole life.

Cheryl Burke
I love doing fight scenes. I’ve been a dancer since I was 3 years old, so I think that helped me with the movements.

Emeraude Toubia
When I first moved to L.A. as a dancer, all I wanted to do was dance. I never even considered trying to act or direct.

Cris Judd
I used to get recognized quite often as being a ‘Soul Train’ dancer. Quite often, which was great at times but sometimes was not so great. Especially, back at college, it was not so great. It was pretty tough.

Rosie Perez
Yes, I’m a proud Latina woman, but before that – before the color of my skin, my accent, anything – I’m an actress, singer and dancer. I’m something bigger than just my background.

Bianca Marroquin
I’m a terrible dancer! Oh, I’m an awful dancer!

Bobby Orr
Young kids get motivated by everything. If they see a great dancer, some of them would want to become a dancer. If they see a great soccer player, they want to become a soccer player.

Julie Payette
There were many good actresses in my time like Jane Powell and Debbie Reynolds, but I was the only dancer.

Leslie Caron
What made my mind go free is that I wanted to become an artist. As soon as I said to myself, ‘Oh I’m not a dancer; I’m not an actor,’ it made me so free to do anything.

Sergei Polunin
Mum, who had been a dancer with a small ballet company before she got married, was full of encouragement. She didn’t say, ‘This is really good, you should do this’, She just encouraged us to do whatever we liked.

Dannii Minogue
I had the benefit of there being no stigma attached to the arts. My brother’s a ballet dancer, and he never came up against anything.

Jack Lowden
You have to be a little crazy to be a dancer.

Elizabeth Berkley
I’m athletic but in a dancer way.

Grant Gustin
I wanted to be a professional dancer my whole life.

Cheryl Burke
I was on Kanye’s Yeezus tour as a dancer, but really, I was a Vanessa Beecroft model. I was one of the three ‘dancers’ who couldn’t dance and was more of an accessory than an individual. Vanessa was pretty involved. Her style is about a lot of standing. It’s very simple but haunting.

Kacy Hill
I Iove a dancer who is willing to take risks with their body and go that extra mile to move the audience.

Arlene Phillips
I’m not a singer, and I’m not a brilliant dancer.

Jeremy Bulloch
Even when I was working for the company as a dancer, I didn’t think it was even going to be a feature in the future at all. The Wiggles had understudies in case there were family issues, but it was never a thing.

Emma Watkins
Shaq is just a goofy dancer. He’s just silly.

Reggie Miller
I’m a dancer. It’s what I love to do more than anything.

Gord Downie
I don’t want to be known as an item dancer. I want to be known as an actress only.

Nargis Fakhri
Being a competitive dancer is an expensive business – you have to buy the £2,000 or so tail suit and the shoes, and then get yourself around the world to the competitions. And there is not a lot of money to be made in competing.

Anton du Beke
My curves became an integral part of who I am as a dancer, not something I needed to lose to become one.

Misty Copeland
Aside from singing, I’m also a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was 8.

Billie Eilish
I love composing songs for Hrithik because he is a talented dancer.

Rajesh Roshan
I think I’m a dancer in terms of what I do onstage.

Gord Downie
I really wanted to be a dancer, actually. Michael Jackson inspired me a lot.

Charice Pempengco
Something about being a dancer connects you to your physical body. It’s primal, earthy, sexual energy by nature. You feel your body in a certain way. Channing is very much the same way. He’s very in tune with that.

Jenna Dewan
I trained as a dancer and did all that kind of stuff. And as a dancer, pressure’s a good thing.

Caroline Flack
I’ve grown up disciplined all my life as a dancer, so I know how to eat and work out.

Erika Jayne
A dancer’s life is as peripatetic and unstable as that of an actor’s. You’re freelancing yourself all the time, and a dancer’s lifespan is even shorter than an actor’s: once they turn 30 or 35, they have to stop.

Elizabeth Debicki
With Bolshoi technique, the movements are quite large, the jumps are big, and I’m a tall dancer, so I’ve learned to use my height more, to elongate my moves, jumps and positions. I’m physically using my body more to my advantage.

David Hallberg