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Awards are always a pleasant surprise. They are the can
Awards are always a pleasant surprise. They are the candy-floss parts of our job – a lovely added extra to attract people’s attention. The bottom line is that you want to sell tickets.

Sophie Thompson
My dad taught me to kiteboard when I was 13, and around the same time, I happened to just fall into being an extra on a set and fell in love with acting and making movies.

Maika Monroe
I’m always fascinated by the dedicated monitors in a hospital. Non-standard cables, funny button shapes, odd LED colors, and lots of extra controls.

Brad Feld
I just want to keep on getting better and improving. Those extra hours on the training pitch, whether it be with the boys or individually, I am just looking to improve.

Danny Welbeck
In the morning, before I leave the house, I say five things I love about myself, like ‘You have really pretty eyes.’ That way I can go out into the world with that little bit of extra confidence.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
There’s no extra significance on beating a certain player. It’s kind of like golf. You’re just out there playing, and whatever ends up happening ends up happening.

Clint Dempsey
I gave everything I had – on the floor, trying to be the best leader that I could, trying to help the guys as much as I could, putting in the extra work.

Al Horford
When I first became a mother, I didn’t want my son to have any extra exposure to what I did. I had this theory that if he wanted to do what I do for a living, it should be organic and come from him, not from the fact that this was just what he saw all the time.

Renee Elise Goldsberry
My dream job would be to design a sexy maternity collection, maybe also beautiful lingerie for expecting women. It’s impossible to find nice sexy lingerie anywhere for pregnant or nursing women, which is when you actually need an extra boost of confidence and feel sexy.

Julia Restoin Roitfeld
I’m playing in the best tournaments in the world with the best players in the world. That’s good stuff. It’s great. The extra attention hasn’t made a difference to me.

Tommy Fleetwood
The integration of the simpler and the deeper reading processes is not automatic and requires years of learning by the novice reader, as well as extra milliseconds for any expert to read a more sophisticated text.

Maryanne Wolf
If it weren’t for painting, I wouldn’t live; I couldn’t bear the extra strain of things.

Winston Churchill
I love movies that are just straight-up exploitation, but the ones that endure and the ones that last are the ones where the filmmakers put in that extra level of thought; after 25 years you put them on in front of an audience, and they’ll respond to it and enjoy it.

Eli Roth
The dispersal of juniper seeds is effected by the plum and cherry plan of hiring birds at the cost of their board, and thus obtaining the use of a pair of extra good wings.

John Muir
I feel beautiful without makeup on, but when I do put makeup on, it just gives me this extra pop.

Cardi B
Employees that feel known and they feel like they know why their job matters and they have a sense of measuring it stay later, do extra work, and are committed to the organization above the requirements that they have.

Patrick Lencioni
As England manager I always felt we needed an extra man in midfield to retain the ball, but that was more as an attacking ploy to help create opportunities. It came from my experience playing international football in a 4-4-2 and spending half my time chasing the ball.

Glenn Hoddle
If you have a little extra parking, I err on the side of getting rid of it in favor of having some more greenery.

Michael King
There will always be that dreadful monster prejudice to do extra battle against because of their color.

Major Taylor
Texas was such a welcoming place, and with its unbelievable history and tradition, it’s extra special to be a part of that.

Ricky Williams
Inequality makes everyone unhappy, the poor most of all, and that is well within the remit of the state. More money gives less extra happiness the richer we get, yet we are addicted to earning and spending more every year.

Polly Toynbee
The usual justification for eating extra meals is that it keeps the metabolism ‘revved up’ so that weight loss is easier. There is, however, very little hard evidence that supports this idea, and a fair amount that disputes it.

Andrew Weil
In music, you ain’t really got to be able to sing. In comedy, you may be cute, you may be able to add a little extra to your routine, but if you’re not funny, no one’s really rocking with you – and if you’re a black woman, you better be hilarious. As usual, we always have to do the most.

Amanda Seales
When someone dies instantly, then I think the well of grief and disbelief all mixed in with it is unfathomable. And when murder is involved, that just takes it into a whole new place. There is an extra dimension you just can’t compute or deal with.

Andrew Buchan
The theory has to be interpreted that extra dimensions beyond the ordinary four dimensions the three spatial dimensions plus time are sufficiently small that they haven’t been observed yet.

Edward Witten
I’m still a woman of color in this business and there are times when you still have to walk through extra doors and have extra things to prove.

Jasmine Cephas Jones
Even I have been at that point in my life where I thought I didn’t have enough extra money laying around to start investing in stocks for my own retirement plans.

John Rampton
If you really want to get over someone or something in your life, I suggest you throw on some Ivy Queen. She will have you feeling extra bossy.

Kali Uchis
I have a lucky perfume. I love beautiful smells, but I save one of my favorite perfumes to wear only when I feel like I need some extra luck.

Gretchen Rubin
It’s not about talent once you get to the NFL because everyone’s got it. It’s about being willing to go that extra mile to be the best and that’s something that I’ve always done.

Robert Griffin III
You have competition throughout your whole life, and it only makes you better. That competitive edge gives you extra motivation.

Danny Welbeck
I get extra time to take the test because of my ADD. Everybody’s brains works differently and I just need longer for things to register.

Mary-Kate Olsen
I don’t quite have the energy for extra curricular activities. I have to pace myself a little bit more.

James Young
I try to eat healthy for the most part. When I cut weight, I cut pretty much everything out. I don’t have protein when I cut weight other than what I might get from something like chicken breast. So I don’t eat any extra protein, just because I’m trying to get the weight off. That’s the only real diet I have.

Paige VanZant
Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.

Muhammad Ali
When you grew up in a household where mom would keep the extra ketchup packets from McDonald’s and keep them in a drawer just in case there came a day when you couldn’t afford to buy ketchup anymore, that gets ingrained in you.

Mick Mulvaney
I can still remember. I was ill, and I was seven, and my father didn’t want me to just read children’s books. He came with Conan Doyle. I tried, and I liked it. I think the first I read was ‘The Sign of the Four’; ‘Study in Scarlet’ was the next one. Then I guess I stayed home a few extra days from school to read.

Henning Mankell
It would mean a lot, but it’s weird, because what’s the title? It’s an extra line on your Wikipedia page and a medal that says you won on that particular night. It obviously symbolizes more than that, but those are the things people think about.

Joseph Benavidez
It’s technically demanding to shoot in 3-D. It’s an extra element. Also, just the size of the cameras. They look like these ‘Transformers’ monsters; they are incredibly big, many of them.

Joel Kinnaman
In those days, between the ages of 12 and 18 you meant nothing. You were the extra place at the side table if someone came to dinner. You were of no interest to anyone.

Alexis Korner
Eric Knuutila was one of those coaches who I could tell who cared, who went the extra mile, who made sure that it wasn’t just about getting me on the mat and wrestling.

Rashad Evans
The first dream I had was just to get a college education. I got through college in three years, taking extra classes in summer school.

Eli Broad
I was in special ed, but I felt like I was a caged bird. I felt like I could do better. I made sure I mastered my special ed lessons. I made sure I listened to my teacher. I made sure I did my homework, but I had to do a little extra.

Elijah Cummings
E.T.’ and ‘Extra,’ they are too salacious. They go, Oooh, Katie Couric just broke up with X. ‘Access Hollywood’ is really good entertainment news. It’s not dirty, and we don’t get cheap.

Billy Bush
I must always, always have a box of Extra chewing gum in my bag because I have developed a terrible cheek-chewing compulsion. It’s not only uncomfortable, but I look really weird when I’m doing it, and chewing gum is the only way I can stop myself.

Lisa Jewell
Some of the vintage comedy on Radio 4 Extra wasn’t very funny to begin with, whereas some things just get funnier regardless of the changes in public attitudes over the years.

David Hepworth
I’m a real bath addict. I could sit in a bath and soak for days on end, and you’ll never see me again. It’s my easiest, nicest thing. So if you’re giving me something extra to do, an extra step to make bathtime last longer, then I’ll do it.

Poppy Delevingne
I train as hard as I can every time I train and I do extra training every day and I’ve done that since I was a young boy.

Wayne Rooney
I think reporters think that they can get something extra out of a person face-to-face, but in reality people just give stock answers because there’s a social situation going on.

David Berman
Since we started putting together our makeup collection, Kardashian Beauty, I’ve been extra invested in our list of no-no ingredients. It’s an ingredients black list that we don’t allow into the products – no parabens, no sulfates.

Kourtney Kardashian
In comparison to an able-bodied person, it’s incredible, the amount of extra resistance I have, in comparison to an able body.

Alex Zanardi
Carbohydrates, and especially refined ones like sugar, make you produce lots of extra insulin. I’ve been keeping my intake really low ever since I discovered this. I’ve cut out all starch such as potatoes, noodles, rice, bread and pasta.

Cynthia Kenyon
I was 14 years old. I did an audition for extra work as an actor, with two lines. Suddenly I was auditioning for a bigger role, and then got a part on a Portuguese TV series at age 15. My whole life changed completely.

Diogo Morgado
There’s always an extra 10% you give when it’s live as suppose to do a pre-recorded show.

Ant McPartlin
I became the stage for the great argument between Nietzsche and Rousseau. I was the extra ready to take on all the roles.

Jacques Derrida
I was still only 19 when I went to Scotland, but it was a good loan move for me to play those extra games.

James Maddison
If you call someone up on a mistake – if the drummer’s put an extra beat in a bar or something – you have a lot more authority if you can show them how to do it right.

Steve Winwood
I have to be extra careful, but I’m never going to change the way I play.

Diego Costa
Only when I saw I could be the first one to win five world cup races in a row did I get some extra motivation to go for it. And after winning five, I said to myself, ‘Why not win them all?’ The icing on the cake was the World Championship at the end.

Nino Schurter
One of my passions is women in business and helping women to get ahead in business. For women, that feedback loop can be broken. Women won’t get as much feedback from male bosses as men will get. Therefore, they have to make an extra effort, whether that is unfortunate, good, bad, indifferent.

Sallie Krawcheck
I was always a hard worker, but when I was younger I didn’t have to put the extra work in like some of the other guys.

Frank Gore
The woman with dark hair, wide hips, and a few extra pounds has always been the essence of beauty in Morocco.

Fatema Mernissi
If you can’t see an example of what you could be, you really aren’t going to have that extra incentive to break through any types of barriers.

Julia Hartz
For my prom, I wore a white suit with a burgundy shirt, tie and cummerbund, along with white shoes, a white trilby and a cane. I was extra fly that day.

Some people think it’s an easy gig working as an extra, but you often have to stay very concentrated for long stretches in challenging conditions.

Gina Bellman
In my last scene in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ Bella has just died and I run outside and crumple to the ground and just lose it. I’m bawling. That was my last scene of ‘Twilight’ ever and I definitely had some extra motivation.

Taylor Lautner
As a mom, you worry about protecting your kid. But there are extra added layers of fears when you’re talking about a kid with autism or who has some special needs issue.

Holly Robinson Peete
As a woman, I have tried to take advantage of the extra access I have in the Muslim world: with Muslim women, for example. Many people underestimate women in that part of the world because, typically, they don’t work.

Lynsey Addario
Being a typical teenager isn’t easy. When you have autism, it can be extra difficult. We need more public awareness about these hurdles as well as compassion towards these young people.

Holly Robinson Peete
I remember when my first child was born, and I had a script that was due, and I asked the guy I was writing it for, a guy who I’m now friends with but at the time was not friend with, ‘Can I have some extra time? I had a kid born.’ He’s like, ‘No, we need it now.’

D. B. Weiss
Every time you write a song, you’re looking for some sort of perfection, and you never quite reach it. You’re always looking for that extra missing piece.

Alex Turner
I’ve already got 10,000 more eyes on me because I am of color and they’re going to see what I can do in the top series. That’s enough pressure in itself, so I don’t need to add extra pressure.

Bubba Wallace
Usually, people that I like to work with are people that I believe in more than they believe in themselves, and they just need that extra boost and the person to give them a little more time and understanding and introspection into their own character to find that box office that lives inside of them.

Paul Heyman
I teach kids to read on a Saturday for this charity called Real Action. It’s a voluntary school because lots of the kids around my area of London are from immigrant families and need extra help with reading.

Rachael Stirling
A text may be superbly written, exquisitely subtle, deeply meaningful, but still seem like a luxury extra, something we add to the already well-stocked store of our reading experience.

Michel Faber
I’ve been in enough films where the studio wanted that extra little cuteness to make it sellable.

Sandra Bullock
Muddle is the extra unknown personality in any committee.

Anthony Sampson
The days when the words ‘Hollywood actor’ framed Ronald Reagan like bunny fingers as an ID tag and an implied insult seem far-off and quaint: nearly everybody in politics – candidate, consultant, pundit, and Tea Party crowd extra alike – is an actor now, a shameless ham in a hoked-up reality series that never stops.

James Wolcott
It’s not about having a plethora of suits, but having a few good ones. It’s all about fit. The contour of your body. If your shoulders are broad, you shouldn’t have shoulder pads. If you’re not a big man, you shouldn’t have extra space. I think it’s definitely worth having it properly fitted.

Trey Songz
I try to get in some extra carbohydrates and protein the night before and during my pre-match meal. I also eat about 200 calories right after to help rebuild my muscles.

Venus Williams
I was in New York. I had been doing theater for many years, and then I got hired to a little part – they weren’t calling it an extra, but I didn’t have lines. It was a ‘featured’ part.

J. K. Simmons
I go back to L.A. as often as I can, and even if I’m there on business, I always add on a few extra days for pleasure.

Ben Miller
One thing I’ve been taught from young is that you have to work hard, turn up to extra training sessions, etc.

Bojan Krkic
Filecoin is a decentralized storage market – think of it like Airbnb for cloud storage – where anybody with extra hard drive space can sell it on the network.

Juan Benet
It’s the persona that makes you a leading actor. A leading actor has something extra that’s fun to watch. But it isn’t usually about acting.

Val Kilmer
In England there’s a philosophy that it’s better to be bigger and stronger. I was in the gym doing bench-presses which had no relevance and it wasn’t helping me on the pitch. It was extra weight I didn’t need and I couldn’t carry. A lot of injuries came through that.

Ryan Mason
Those born into poverty or on the margins of society require our extra support to realize their dreams.

Novak Djokovic
I probably write best in my office, which is an extra bedroom in my house.

Sara Shepard
When I’ve been working especially long hours, I make a point to spend an extra hour or two without my phone, doing something my children choose. They love the park or pool time, but mostly, they love my undivided attention.

Elizabeth Chambers
In No Limit hold’em tournaments, size your bets based on your opponent’s skill level. You can cut corners by betting wisely – save a little here and make a little extra there.

Daniel Negreanu
I feel extremely guilty that I’ve had to put team-mates through extra media questions.

Lizzie Armitstead
I’m not worried about getting extra game time, extra minutes, and all this kind of stuff that so many other players will worry about.

Vincent Kompany
I had dreams of conehead aliens when I was little. Before ‘Saturday Night Live’ did it. And then they came out with them, and I went on to be a glorified extra in the movie. When everyone else was laughing, I was scared.

Parker Posey
There is a huge amount of teamwork that is involved in the project which makes ‘Bishprantar’ extra special and very close to my heart.

Saswata Chatterjee
I try to support local traders. The service makes up for any extra cost.

Theo Paphitis
You got to be able to work hard. And that’s what I do. I work hard, because that’s what’s necessary. You have to go that extra mile.

Tessa Blanchard
That something extra, I believe, is a certain humanity that comes from upbeat and positive human interest letters and success stories. Advertisers like to be associated with those qualities.

Casey Kasem
Oakley’s sunglasses are hot and I feel a little extra cool when I wear them.

Phil Hellmuth
There is always that extra bit of thrill when you try something new, you get into it thinking you have nothing to lose, at the most you will fail.

Mahesh Manjrekar
As a teenager you’ve got a lot of stuff going on all the time. It’s hard to find a couple extra hours of sleep.

Connor McDavid
Be extra careful in the work environment with those who like to maintain their position through charm and being political, rather than getting things done. They are very prone to envying and hating those who work hard and get results. They will slander and sabotage you without any warning.

Robert Greene
No, there is literally nothing on the business side that I wouldn’t sacrifice in a heartbeat to have an extra couple of hours’ writing. Nothing.

J. K. Rowling
When I was early in my career, I really followed Twitter, seeing what people were saying about me. I definitely saw them talking about Mr. Mankato and all that. It was fun for me to have a little bit of extra support from outside people. I definitely helped me build confidence, that’s for sure.

Adam Thielen
While the four-day work week is not yet universal, most citizens enjoy the pleasures of added three-day weekends during the year. These extra days, as well as monthlong vacations, are used in the pursuit of our studies, hobbies and travels – and often all three are indulged at the same time.

Michael Frome
I went through all these different phases in my life. And now, I’m finally in a place where I know who I am; I just needed that extra push. I feel really, really good in the position I’m in right now, and I don’t feel like I completely neglected my pop-rock sound: I was able to bring it in with my country roots.

Cassadee Pope
We rip out a perfectly good kitchen worth thousands of pounds, only to replace it with another costing roughly the same. The old one has to be disposed of, the new one had to be made. From raw materials, factory processes and transportation the extra effort is substantial. Overcomplication.

Konnie Huq
People always ask me, ‘Why did your wife take that extra job?’ What they don’t know is that four out of five days a week she’s going to be home having dinner with us by five o’clock.

Mark Consuelos
The first time I walked onto the set of Neverland, it was like walking into another world. They built the sets extra strong, so we were allowed to play on them when we weren’t filming. It was cool!

Dante Basco
The reason Ozil has as many detractors as supporters is he is a bit of an anomaly – an elegant, skilful footballer who at his best evokes memories of the great number 10s from the past, but sometimes looks unsuited to the extra demands of a changing game at the very top.

Jamie Carragher
You have to put in the extra hours away from the tournament. There’s no other option.

Adrian Lewis
When we cannot find enough extra money for policing, yet we are having huge sums to other countries in aid, it is time to start a serious conversation.

Esther McVey
My father is Emmit and my grandfather is Emmit, but I wanted something extra so I could separate my Emmitt from the rest of them. Even though on my birth certificate it has one T, I just added the extra T for me.

Emmitt Smith
Having a joint family provides me with an extra dose of unconditional love and support.

Amrapali Gupta
For my body, I like high-waisted jeans because they make your leg look longer and hides this extra thing on my stomach. You can eat extra food with it because it hides, and I like to tuck in my t-shirts.

Irina Shayk
In the past, I used to work out but not eat much. That would store extra fat in my body. Once I started eating healthy, the results came in faster. That gave me the confidence to don a bikini on screen.

Daisy Shah
I don’t have the same respect for time as most people. I take that extra day to think about it.

I just love walking around the Upper East Side and seeing those guys who didn’t just take an extra 10 minutes in the morning to get ready, but an extra 40 minutes.

Michael Bastian
It’s never crowded along the extra mile.

Wayne Dyer
When I watch a movie, I don’t want to see the extra bits.

Ben Lewin
The extra curricular activity in which I was most engaged – debating – helped shape my interests in public policy.

Joseph Stiglitz
I don’t return anybody’s calls unless it’s going to mean extra money for me. And I’ve completely cut off all relationships with any friends that I had before the show. And I’ve copped an attitude.

Mike Judge
I met Cynthia when I was 12, proposed at 16, became engaged at 17, married her at 19 and we had a baby when I was 20. If extra work could pay for a lot of diapers, that was for me.

Kent McCord
I don’t think I present as gender-conforming on screen, but some people need a little extra information.

Yance Ford
Once we are fed, heated, housed and healthy, our extra consumption inevitably has an element of luxury about it. And once luxury enters the scene, the practicalities are in trouble, as women who wear expensive stiletto heels can testify.

Evan Davis
My first-ever job in the movie business, I was an art student at Carnegie Mellon, and they were shooting the movie ‘Gung Ho’ in Pittsburgh, and I worked as an extra for a few days. Michael Keaton bumped into me in one scene, and it’s in the movie. And I worshipped him.

Greg Mottola
What a marvelous resource soup is for the thrifty cook – it solves the ham-bone and lamb-bone problems, the everlasting Thanksgiving turkey, the extra vegetables.

Julia Child
I write about nerds who go the extra mile and become rock stars.

Ben Mezrich
To be a soldier one needs that special gene, that extra something, that enables a person to jump into one on one combat, something, after all, that is unimaginable to most of us, as we are simply not brave enough.

Rupert Everett
Success in sport is based on you thinking you are doing something to gain that edge, but if I wanted that little bit extra, I would go and run up sand dunes at Merthyr Mawr.

Lynn Davies
People should always have a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil, a packet of pasta, tinned tomatoes and a good cheese somewhere in their fridge.

Gino D’Acampo
I have several books I can read over and over. With fiction, it’s ‘The Stand’ by Stephen King, which is my favorite all time. I read that at least once a year, the version which has 100,000 extra words, which is like the director’s cut and unabridged. I love the story. I love the social connotation to it.

Corey Taylor
I remember years ago I was an extra, just an extra, and instead of asking me to move – he was a big fella – the director just picked me up and moved me. And I headbutted him. You know, he shouldn’t have done that, but I shouldn’t have done that either. I just done it.

Ray Winstone
I’m just one of many moms who will say an extra prayer each night for our sons and daughters going into harm’s way.

Sarah Palin
My hair is super fine, so I love using Batiste Dry Shampoo to give it volume after I shower and dry my hair. It also gives me extra body and texture for when I choose to wear my hair in a French braid.

Oksana Masters
You don’t play extra guys just to play them. You play ’em because they can help you in some way.

Jim Boeheim
My father worked for IBM. My mother raised us kids. There were six of us, and a couple of extra foster kids at any given time.

Steve Coogan
There has got to be a lot of unreleased video out there, live footage and whatnot. There’s always going to be something extra for the Pantera fan.

Phil Anselmo
We all need that extra friend outside of our immediate family to talk about that extra stuff you wouldn’t normally talk to your parents about.

Bethany Hamilton
You get a zero at the end of your age number, and you get some extra attention. That’s what I found out.

Chick Corea
I try not to get typecast in any role, any image. I feel I can do justice to every kind of role, so why not make the best of it? See, commercial films alone can get you only so far. If you want to last as an actress, then you have to put in that extra bit of investment by doing off-beat films, too.

Everybody has to build double-hull tankers, but charterers don’t want to pay for the extra costs.

Helmut Sohmen
I simply can’t do one-word message replies: Yes. Ok. No. Sure. Cool. None of these are options for me. I must write something extra. Something personal. I put kisses and emoticons. Emoticons, by the way, are my very best friends. They have removed all the pressure of thinking up something personal to say.

Karan Johar
We’ll probably live 20 more years than our grandparents did. The question is, what are you going to do with those extra 20 years?

Justin Zackham
I shop almost exclusively online, from brands like Eloquii, ASOS, Elizabeth Suzann, or Rachel Comey, if one of their straight-size pieces has a little extra room.

Aidy Bryant
I am taking each game as it comes, enjoying it and taking that little bit of extra time to look around a full stadium, because I know it’s not going to last forever. But I will try and make it last as long as possible.

Glenn Murray
Every book that you pick up takes you a step away from your real world, but if you read a book about magic, it takes you an extra two steps.

Jenny Nimmo
I’ve been playing 90 minutes in MLS games. But when you’re playing internationally in World Cup qualifiers, there’s a little bit extra incentive there. It’s win or go home.

Clint Dempsey
My basic food mantra is small portions, no water during the meal and the capacity to say no to an extra helping if it’s not required.

Rahul Dev
When I was seven we moved to Orpington, and in my new school, I was kept in for extra lessons to learn ‘joined-up’ writing instead of playing football. I still think that my poor handwriting and lack of soccer skills date from that period.

Martin Evans
Our goals, our dreams and ambitions have always been towards performing live music across the globe, and so when we were told we were performing at The Billboard Awards or being nominated for a VMA, they’re like extra bonuses.

Lukas Forchhammer
In South Africa, you can get away sometimes because of the bounce. You may get away with full wide balls. In India, it does not bounce and finds the middle of the bat and goes flying to point or extra cover for four.

Dale Steyn
A friend of mine encouraged me to try rapping, so I started experimenting with it, writing verses, seeing if I could fit an extra word or syllable into each line without tripping myself up.

K. Flay
Whether it’s in the weight room or extra stretching, you never know when you’re going to need that little extra oomph.

Tony Gonzalez
I started a trial period a couple of weeks ago as a correspondent for ‘Extra,’ and now it’s become full time.

Holly Madison
To be the first British athlete to win a gold is amazing, but to win it in the U.K. is something else. Also, having my family here with me has made it extra special, and I know all my friends back home have been cheering me on and putting posters in their windows. I want to thank them all.

Jade Jones
The idea of an animated film is you always kind of get a little bit daunted by it as a filmmaker because it feels like a lot of your communication is going to be with computer artists, and you’re going to have to kind of channel the movie through extra pairs of hands.

Peter Jackson
I worked out six hours a day, six days a week, to get 16 pounds of extra muscle.

Sylvia Hoeks
I have a little bit of extra testosterone, and it’s good to put it to work when I can.

Elizabeth Rodriguez
Everything about video games has changed. The writing, the acting, the visuals, obviously – everything has gone to a new level. And the difference that I see as an actor is that I don’t have to push that extra bit to sell what’s going on.

Jennifer Hale
I think that has to do with our perception of politics. There are nice politicians. There is something about this job that does take an extra bit of motivation to get out of bed in the morning.

Jacinda Ardern
I was scouted at the age of 10 by a Hollywood agent. I was a really shy, geeky-looking thing, and started in the industry by doing ‘extra’ work on films.

Austin Butler
I have the emergency kit in my purse that has double-sided tape and Tylenol, and a small energy bar. I’m the one that has an extra lip gloss just in case.

Busy Philipps
I’ve always waitressed between roles. When ‘Black Mirror’ was on, I was still flipping burgers. Customers would recognise me while asking for extra ketchup, which was pretty embarrassing.

Chloe Pirrie
Certain people are like ‘Oh, here come the Feminazis!’ You end up acting 10 times nicer than you even need to be, to be the opposite of the stereotype like ‘You’re the man haters!’ We’re always bending over backwards being extra nice. And I don’t know if being nice is my legacy.

Kathleen Hanna
Most women are happier at home! They’re pretending that they like working, but they’re not making money because they don’t stay all night at the office. They don’t go the extra mile.

Gavin McInnes
Everyone has gone through hard times. Everyone has gone through times where they need extra help.

Danny Garcia
I actually thought it was quite nice to feel that I could legitimately take up extra space and not have to apologise for doing so. It goes with the territory and I think you have to embrace your pregnancy otherwise you risk having a terrible time.

Dervla Kirwan
I would love Giuliana small, medium, large or extra large and I will love her no matter how much weight she gained.

Bill Rancic
I think that is one thing I’ve picked up: follow a routine, be consistent, and everything is going to fall in place. If you are scrambling around, and you are late for stuff, that adds extra stress, and you have to go out there and hit a 97 mph fastball.

Aaron Judge
I grew up on a council estate in south London; my dad was a bus driver and my mum sewed clothes to bring in extra money. My parents worked hard and were able to save up and buy a home for our family.

Sadiq Khan
I try to play the best I can every time I play. But there’s just some folks that seem to draw a little bit of that extra special out of you.

Bobby Keys
After you’ve cut back everything else, food is the last to go. I didn’t mind putting an extra jumper on if I had food in the fridge. It was the point where I had an extra jumper on and no food in the fridge that I realised things had gone badly wrong.

Jack Monroe
You can’t reason yourself back into cheerfulness any more than you can reason yourself into an extra six inches in height.

Stephen Fry
I’ve been doing extra work but I always do. I want to feel at my best and I want to be ready when the gaffer gives me the chance.

Bojan Krkic
One of my friends is single and he hates being single and I’m like, you need to figure out how to be happy on your own before you can actually be with someone else. They bring extra happiness, they don’t bring the happiness.

Vogue Williams
I think everyone lifts themselves that little bit extra for the Tour de France, being the pinnacle of our cycling calendar.

Chris Froome
I don’t think a show’s ever changed networks in the middle of the season before, but it was cool because they gave us those extra couple years of life that was necessary to get us to syndication.

Donal Logue
I think there’s sort of an extra oomph with the younger people coming up. They’re writing. They’re communicating. They’re sharing, and they are very much technology-driven.

Ory Okolloh
The big upside to being captain is it’s a huge honour, but the downside is that there is definitely extra pressure.

Brian O’Driscoll
Growing up, I had an internal struggle with my body because I was really chubby. My sisters were younger, and they were all skinny and all cute. As a teen, I definitely had, like, an extra 30 pounds of weight.

Christina Milian
There’s always been in my life that tension between living and writing. For me, because I’m so physically exuberant, it was extra hard to sit still at the desk and put in the hours that you need to put in to write.

Peter Heller
Indies are always an extra challenge. The time is shorter because you have less money to spend and fewer days to shoot.

Salli Richardson
My life is extraordinary because it’s so normal, but it’s so ‘extra’ for some reason.

Pamela Adlon
During the Depression, my dad made radios to sell to make extra money. Nobody had any money to buy the radios, so he would trade them for dogs. He built kennels in the backyard, and he cared for the dogs.

Betty White
Early in the season, you’re going into races feeling confident because you’ve done the work and that confidence gives you an extra five or 10 per cent.

Sam Bennett
I didn’t really start doing stuff until I was 8 or so, but I was an extra in a bunch of different movies, and I just really took to it and really enjoyed it. I kind of bugged my parents to give L.A. a shot, and they were just super-supportive.

Jesse Plemons
My mother always wanted to be an actress. She was an extra in movies and stuff. I have a feeling this is the classic story: The mother wants to be an actress, and the child ends up doing it. But it was never a jealousy thing between us. It was like – well, I was making my mom happy.

Kristy McNichol
Obviously you’d always be happy to have another tour on the side, earning extra money, but for most of the players I think we’re all pretty happy.

Judd Trump
Grades are almost completely relative, in effect ranking students relative to others in their class. Thus extra achievement by one student not only raises his position, but in effect lowers the position of others.

James S. Coleman
It is inherent in every girl, to want that extra sparkle in her eyes, extra shine in her hair and bounce in her walk.

Zeenat Aman
Since the trade, I was just thinking about this day and mentally preparing to not get too excited. I knew I was going to have some extra adrenalin out there so I was really doing what I needed to do just to stay calm, you know, just try not to do too much.

Cory Lidle
A novel that features real people is complicated, but in the end, that extra challenge is all for the good.

Rick Bass
You’re coming off the training pitch properly tired. You’d be empty. You couldn’t go and do extra finishing.

Kemar Roofe
After the first couple of games I hadn’t scored and you start putting an extra bit of pressure on yourself, and the longer that goes I think it becomes more difficult.

Dwight Gayle
Guys pay extra attention to detail. They are looking at every little thing on the scouting report.

Kenny Smith
The extraordinary summer heatwave of 2003 in Europe resulted in over 35,000 extra deaths.

Gordon Brown
As artists, we have the luxury of experimenting with extra crazy things, but I feel like my aesthetic is very street-style and high-low.

Justine Skye
If you can help an employee get to that extra level of skill, you have a great executive.

James L. Dolan
I abstain from trying Punjabi cuisine because it is extra oily.

Sonu Sood
Extra thick skin is something every Bruce Arians’ quarterback needs to have because the stuff he says to media is rated G compared to the stuff he says to your face on the sideline and after the game in the locker room and throughout the week.

Carson Palmer
The smartest people I know have that extra edge. The risk is always there that you’ll look terribly undignified and slobbering, and inside I cringe about that, but I should be more aggressive.

Embeth Davidtz
That’s what winning does. It gives you that extra juice.

Derrick Favors
I try not to shoot unnecessarily or spend on extra expenses that normally happen on a film set – like actors’ fees.

Shoojit Sircar
Versatility is an extra string to a player’s bow.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
We will never achieve equality in the workplace until we have more equality in the home. Our plans for an extra four weeks of parental leave specifically for fathers will help tackle the assumption that parenting is one of the ‘girl jobs’.

Jo Swinson
When I began, I was more of a swing bowler with little pace, but I realized it will be difficult to sustain without the pace, so my fitness has now allowed me maybe an extra yard of pace. That has been the secret of my success.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar
I make a prediction here and now, and, my friends, I want you to watch the proceedings of Congress in these coming weeks of this extra session, or of the next regular session, to see whether I am right or not.

Richard Parks Bland
Atlanta and Zone 6 – they produce amazing artists: not just the club bangers but people who go on to become international. There’s an extra sense of pride that comes with being from Atlanta and coming from the East Side.

Some people come alive at night. I’m hopeless by 9 p.m. Coffee and Cadbury buy me an extra half hour. Often I can’t get my clothes off I’m so far gone.

Emily Mortimer
When I was a boy, I was 15-16, I had a job during the school holidays as an extra. That’s how I started. My first time on set was as an extra. I did it for two years. It was amazing!

Daniel Lissing
I figured, ‘Why not go into entertainment?’ I love entertaining people. I always loved being extra loud.

Becky G
As far as extra dimensions are concerned, very tiny extra dimensions wouldn’t be perceived in everyday life, just as atoms aren’t: we see many atoms together but we don’t see atoms individually.

Edward Witten
We all know the dangers of sequels. Lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place too often, and I think you’ve got to move beyond it, go the extra mile and have the courage not to just repeat the first one.

Colin Firth
I would love to have a Divas Hardcore championship. If we had a hardcore cage, we’ll just paint the cage pink or something and make it extra girly so it’s so, like, Diva.

I’m an extra dark black belt in ping pong.

Judah Friedlander
Ever since my early teens, I’ve tried to swing the driver very fast. Back then, it was as fast as I could. But now that I’m 24, I’m working to dial back some of that speed, knowing I have an extra gear if needed. The goal is to protect myself from injuries down the road – especially to my back.

Xander Schauffele
By the time Guns n’ Roses spent 28 months from 1991 to 1993 touring the ‘Use Your Illusion’ albums, the tour staff sometimes approached 100 people. We were carrying not only backup girl singers, a horn section, and an extra keyboard player, but also chiropractors, masseuses, a singing coach, and a tattoo artist.

Duff McKagan
One false word, one extra word, and somebody’s thinking about how they have to buy paper towels at the store. Brevity is very important. If you’re going to be longwinded, it should be for a purpose. Not just because you like your words.

Patricia Marx
I was in a play called ‘Hood.’ I was an extra in ‘Passion of the Christ.’ I did corporate videos, commercials, little university short films. Just anything that I could be a part of, really.

Nikita Dutta
Furnishing a home is no different than going into the studio and making music. You want to make sure you’ve pared down all the extra details so that in the end, every stitch has a context uniquely yours.

Adam Levine
I wrote my first play as extra credit for my fourth grade English class. ‘Can Helen Stop Smoking’ was a satire on the ill effects of cigarette smoking. My friend Vicki Haugabrook played as Helen and I directed the show. At the time, my brother Vince was leading the campaign to get our grandmother to quit.

T’Keyah Crystal Keymah
When I was seven, I was allowed to be an extra in ‘Parenthood,’ which was amazing. But then I kind of got addicted to it, and my parents didn’t want me to want to act. They felt that would be putting your kid in an adult world.

Bryce Dallas Howard
It’s happened to far too many Americans. You open up your phone bill and wonder why there’s an extra zero, or several, on the amount that you owe.

Tom Udall
I’ve grown up at Manchester United and been professional all through my career, and I always do extra work.

Danny Welbeck
When I went to the cinema as a boy, when I saw a war film, I thought the general was the star, and that Cary Grant was an extra. I had no idea about the structure of film, but I loved going to the cinema.

Nicolas Roeg
Am I calm all the time? That is a question to ask my mother. I am very happy in my home. I have a good family, that gives me something extra.

Jean Alesi
We can do things the cheap way, the simple way, for the short-term and without regard for the future. Or, we can make the extra effort, do the hard work, absorb the criticism and make decisions that will cause a better future.

Mike Rounds
Once we relieve them from sanctions, their economy opens up, and they can sell oil and pistachios and whatever else they sell around the world. That was why Iran needed a deal. Everyone knows they fund terrorism around the world. Having that extra money will add a lot of problems and create a lot more hot spots.

Dan Webster
Whenever I need that extra confidence booster, whenever I want to feel that extra chic-edgy, I grab red lipstick.

Nikita Dragun
I am a variety machine; I look for variety in my characters, and an extra edge in the characterisation helps in bringing out a better performance.

Allu Arjun
I work out for a few hours extra, but I can’t give cakes and chocolates a miss on Christmas.

Gautam Rode
Some of the best leaders in the world find they learn something every day to be a better leader. Whether it’s developing a relationship, learning what someone likes or doesn’t like, putting forth the extra effort so guys understand you do what you preach.

Marcus Mariota
On numerous different occasions I have had people tell me that I am only booked because of my dad, because of who I was dating, or any other exceptions other than my hard work, so in my mind I wanted to put in the extra hours in the ring.

Tessa Blanchard
I started reading literature at 17 or 18, and I felt this extra beat to life.

Richard Ford
Having those extra dimensions and therefore many ways the string can vibrate in many different directions turns out to be the key to being able to describe all the particles that we see.

Edward Witten
I don’t know of any other form of life that gathers up all the food it needs in the first two-thirds of its life in order to do nothing in its last third of life. In a utopian presentist society, instead of working extra hard to put money in the bank, you’d be working to provide value for the people around you.

Douglas Rushkoff
Check the card before you play. If you have a couple of long par 3s, put an extra hybrid in your bag. You’ll be glad you did.

Ernie Els
I’ll always welcome some extra shifts and some extra ice time, and it’s my job to be as prepared as possible to play those minutes.

Patrick Kane
My workout is always with a trainer because, quite honestly, I don’t think most people are motivated enough to do what they need to on their own. You either need a spotter or you need a trainer. You need somebody there to push you to get that extra five.

Paul Stanley
Those who value a strong safety net for our neediest citizens see that every extra dollar spent on these unions is a dollar that cannot go to help the sick, the elderly, and the vulnerable.

Bruce Rauner
Sometimes, it’s just easier to say yes to that extra snack or dessert, because frankly, it is exhausting to keep saying no. It’s exhausting to plead with our kids to eat just one more bite of vegetables.

Michelle Obama
As I get older, my body isn’t bulletproof, and it’s starting to break down. And I’m still young, so it’s something that I have to maintain, something that I have to work extra, extra hard, just as hard as my golf game, I have to work on my body as well.

Jason Day
Some people won’t go the extra mile, and then on their birthday, when no one makes a fuss, they feel neglected and bitter.

Anne Lamott
In the time of social media, I get lots of wishes. It’s overwhelming! What makes the day most special is the love I get from my fans, who try to make the occasion extra special. Almost 50 days before my birthday, they have started making plans. In fact, I have been receiving letters, too.

Harshvardhan Rane
I played the violin my whole life. I wanted to play from the time I was just a little kid, and I’ve always loved dance as well. I wanted to make people smile. I wanted to add an extra energy to my playing and make it visual and make it unique and fun.

Lindsey Stirling
I recall my first foreign agent meeting was on a dark, moonless night with an agent I’d never met before. When I picked him up, he passed me the intelligence and I passed him extra money for the men he led. It was the beginning of an adventure I had only dreamed of.

Gina Haspel
It’s about taking extra responsibility and delivering it at the right time for the team.

Vijay Shankar
I value kindness in myself and others. I try to remain super-vigilant about my targets and make extra sure that my sometimes barbed comments are deserved and in response to genuine malefaction.

David Rakoff
If Canadian companies want to sell products to the E.U., they have to prove those products conform with E.U. product safety, health and environmental rules. This involves extra bureaucracy, controls and paperwork. If the U.K. had a Canada-style deal with the E.U., U.K. companies would have to do the same.

Gina Miller
For me, if I have the choice between an extra 45 minutes in bed or getting up at 4:30 A.M. to go to the gym, I will always choose bed.

Caitriona Balfe
I’m just an actor, but if the extra part of it is that I’m helping people or people are being helped by the virtue of what we’re doing, then that’s just a really nice added extra.

Christopher Meloni
You know, after filming the movie the book was still just as big. I think it was actually bigger. I think Stephen King went back and wrote extra pages. He’s fantastic.

Timothy Olyphant
It is one thing being scrutinised for playing a bad shot as a batsman or bowling a bad spell as a bowler, but the captaincy adds an extra dimension. The criticism is slightly harder to take.

Andrew Flintoff
When my life is stressful, my favorite game is called ‘Pop It,’ where you pop balloons and prizes fall out. It’s a five-minute game that focuses my mind and gives me extra attention when I’m stressed.

Jane McGonigal
I was an extra on ‘New York Undercover.’ I played a person at a homeless shelter.

Christopher Jackson
I used to be very much Jekyll-and-Hyde, where the Jekyll in me would say, ‘Keep to the budget, be responsible,’ and Hyde would be like ,’Ah, we can do an extra shot or an extra day.’

Matthew Vaughn
I’ve got to do everything extra to put myself in the best shape to get in the World Cup squad.

Sonny Bill Williams
We must do all we can to reduce congestion in our urban areas and increase access and mobility in our rural areas, and this extra funding will help us get there.

John Warner
My mother opened a bank account for me when I made $60 on my first day of work as an extra. She’s that kind of mother.

Laura Dern
Being a midfielder, I need to get up and down, whether it’s to get back and defend or get away from my opposite number. Extra effort in training makes all the difference.

Aaron Ramsey
My dad supported me by working extra hours and giving me a little bit of extra money. He bought my camper van for me so I could go into Europe and drive from competition to competition.

Eddie the Eagle
From the immediate abandonment of the promise of an extra £350m for the NHS, the history of Brexit is already littered with discarded and unfulfillable promises.

Dominic Grieve
I’ve been spending quite a bit of time writing, acting, and making films. Because I’m doing all this extra writing, acting, and creating short comedy skits with my friends in improv shows, I feel like that’s really filled out my confidence on the mic.

John Morrison
Throughout the day, I like to spritz my face with a rose water for extra moisture.

Janet Mock
Every single second of extra time to work with other actors has definitely always, for me, paid off for the film. For the project. Every single extra heartbeat you could get, mutually considering the scene, was of benefit.

William Hurt
You can’t have a U.S. Open anymore without an extra course to store all the hospitality tents. I used to be able to drive up to the clubhouse and park like the players. Now, there are seven corporate hospitality guys who have my spot, and I’m on a bus.

Dan Jenkins
Even if I’ve studied all there is to study, I get a nervous and twitchy feeling before the exam. Till I get the question paper I’m nervous. This somehow gives me a little bit extra when I’m on the field. I’m able to make decisions on the field just a bit quicker.

Ravichandran Ashwin
Being on a set where the director has lost control is just sickening. No one goes the extra mile, there’s a lot of eye-rolling… it just breeds inertia. If a director is in control, the crew follow their leader. But the second anyone senses the directors are not sure, people just swoop in.

Christine Vachon
I’m terrified of being poor, I always have been. It’s growing up as a Methodist. I’ll spend that bit of extra money to get a better seat on a train sometimes, because it’s quieter and calmer, but I refuse to spend money on clothes.

Kevin McCloud
I know Peter Jackson a tiny-tiny bit from interviewing him about the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies over the years. When I was visiting the set of ‘The Return of the King,’ he let me be an extra so I could see filmmaking from a different perspective. I was a Rohan soldier.

Jeff Giles
If I want to do realistic cinema and convince the audience in authentic roles, I have to walk the extra mile.

Shamna Kasim
My fifth grade teacher Mr. Straussberger noticed I was having trouble with some of my book reports, but he knew I loved to draw. He gave me extra credit if I did a drawing from the book that I was reading.

Tony DiTerlizzi
Like with Berle, he was always trying to steal the scene, get a little extra.

Phil Silvers
I wanted to launch ‘Youngblood’ with an exclusive relationship with ComiXology because I believe that they can provide the extra push that a launch like this requires.

Rob Liefeld
I have lots of energy, but that doesn’t happen like magic. I put in many extra hours in the gym and with the physios.

Arjen Robben
There are only three million people in Uruguay, but there is such hunger for glory: you’ll do anything to make it; you have that extra desire to run, to suffer. I can’t explain our success, but I think that’s a reason.

Luis Suarez
Extra homes require additional services and councils have to pick up the tab.

Grant Shapps
Playing a real person, it does add an extra level of thoughtfulness. You’re portraying someone who actually existed, so instead of saying, like, ‘OK, I think this would make the scene better,’ it’s more a question of, ‘What do I think the real Jeffrey Dahmer would do?’

Ross Lynch
If people know anything about Russians, we do things really over the top. We wear high heels everywhere. We show up in the most extravagant outfits. I am just embodying how I was raised and what I grew up in. Some people might think we’re extra; I just think we’re ravishing.

I used to assist my chachaji in his artificial jewellery business. One day, I got the opportunity to visit V. Shantaram’s film set to supply some jewellery. Curiosity got the better of me and before I knew it, I was playing an extra. Soon, roles with dialogues followed and the rest as they say, is history.

I maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round for my job, but I definitely try to eat extra clean the night before a shoot and make sure to fit in a workout so that I feel my best.

Doutzen Kroes
People stayed with me and worked extra hard for me because I could see the potential in them – I’m not so sure they could see the potential in me.

Barbara Corcoran
Every girl needs a pair of Miss Me jeans for that extra boost of boldness and fearlessness for whatever situation stands in their way.

Lydia Hearst
By helping New Yorkers turn their greatest expense – their home – into an asset, Airbnb is a vehicle that artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators can use to earn extra money to pursue their passion.

Joe Gebbia
I’m doing everything in my power to be a great mother. I wish I could be with her throughout the day, because I’m always working, but I make sure that whether it’s the morning or nighttime, I make it extra special.

Christina Milian
Technically, my first paying job was I was an extra in my dad’s movie ‘Dan in Real Life.’

Lucas Hedges
We went to Japan and stayed an extra day just to go shopping. New York is one of those places where we never get that. If we’re there, we’re working.

John Gourley
Sixteen games, to me, is a long enough schedule for anybody. We’re already concerning ourselves with head injuries and bodily harm to all of the professional athletes. Add to extra games to it, (and) you are just increasing those risks.

Emmitt Smith
We are killing a living thing just so that we can wear it? I think fake leather is also beautiful and lasts longer. All I am saying is that if you like wearing leather stuff, put in some extra effort and explore the market. Take on fake leather and stop being part of this cruelty.

Harshvardhan Rane
I never enjoyed being the star-man because as soon as you become the focal point of the team, you assume an extra burden of responsibility.

Gabriel Batistuta
I’m funny with food, even if it’s vegan. I like it well well, well, well done. I don’t want anything there that reminds me of blood. I get mine extra well done. That way, when I look at it, I’m like, ‘Okay, cool.’

Ghostface Killah
I live about five hours away from a Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, so I have to make extra sure that I get everything I need, otherwise I’m totally screwed.

Molly Yeh
I want to see given extra effort, pulling for your teammates: those are the kinds of things we’re shooting for and we’re going for because that’s what we need.

Nick Nurse
I was just standing around and suddenly I was cast as an extra. I hated it because I was so shy.

Dwayne Hickman
I’ve just been taking care of my skin even more since I have the extra time at home, which makes it really easy to commit to my routine. I’ve also been trying new things, including makeup for days I want to do a little more.

Charli D’Amelio
Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning.

Denis Waitley
Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.

Charles M. Schulz
Because of my mom’s compassion, direction, and knowledge, she gives me that extra push to be the best person I can be.

Diana Lopez
If the audience likes and appreciates a move, it gives the wrestlers in a ring a little bit of extra energy, and you can always use that.

To get a former player that has been there and has that extra intel. Jose Higueras is a great coach for that and a great person as well.

Frances Tiafoe
Buying from a local farmer can mean that he makes a two-hour extra truck drive, which can damage the environment more than a bunch of bananas on a boat.

Tyler Cowen
Be able to shoot, be able to pass and do all those extra things that I can’t make up with freakish athleticism, the freakish body type that I don’t have, I have to make up for it with being versatile.

John Collins
In my junior high and high school days, I would just pick up a mower and go mow the neighbor’s grass and make an extra 30 bucks.

Chip Gaines
Today’s society will ignore almost any form of public behavior except getting in the express line with two extra items.

Paul Sweeney
When my dad passed away, the NBA became a major priority for me. It became bigger than just loving basketball; I suddenly had extra motivation. I was willing to do absolutely anything I had to do to get to the NBA.

Pascal Siakam
It is a proud moment to lead England out any time you do and on a world stage it gives it an extra oomph as well but it will be down there with the biggest lows if we don’t win.

Stuart Broad
My story is similar to every ordinary Indian boy’s tale. My father wanted me to become an engineer or a professional but I was sure that I have to be in the Hindi film industry. I joined college through the quota for extra curricular activities but I am still not a graduate.

Abhishek Banerjee
There’s something special about big midweek games at Easter Road, under the lights, that makes us have that little bit extra about us.

John McGinn
If I had an extra 20 or 50 years physically, I could have been the dancer of my dreams. But I never became that dancer.

Erik Bruhn
Cycling into work every day is a brilliant way to add in extra training hours without feeling like you are taking up much time.

Jonathan Brownlee
Once I had asked God for one or two extra inches in height, but instead, he made me as tall as the sky, so high that I could not measure myself… By giving me this height to reach people, he has also given me great responsibilities.

Malala Yousafzai
I’m hoping that a lifetime of compromise and disappointment will read as extra depth and layers in my work.

Rufus Sewell
John Cena has granted more wishes than anybody in history. He goes the extra mile.

Mark Henry
There’s a love of San Diego that I will always cherish, but this is the East. It’s football – these people love rooting for the Ravens, and this gives you extra motivation in life to go get what you want.

Eric Weddle
It’s always tricky when someone who’s not used to it volunteers to be an extra and you want to go, ‘Listen, you’re going to be sitting there for a long time.’

Ol Parker
I always say God should have given women one extra decade at least, especially if you want a family. You’re trying to pack a lot in.

Christine Baranski
Eat carbs such as sweet potato or jasmine rice within one hour of your workout. Cut down on them on rest days when you don’t need the extra fuel.

Joe Wicks
I have a little piece of extra skin – a good inch – on the end of my chin that I play with like Silly Putty.

Shirley Ballas
I always have a good quality extra virgin olive oil. A cheap quality oil will end up cheapening your dishes. And I love sweetening my dishes with maple syrup. It has a bit of a bitter kick at the end that works wonderfully in savory dishes.

Nadia Giosia
I always use eyelash curlers – always makes you look extra ‘woken.’

Joan Smalls
Just to see what a pink dress can mean to a woman, any woman, but a disabled woman, that’s extra special and thrilling because they shouldn’t be separated and their disabilities don’t have to separate them in anyway.

Betsey Johnson
Meeting fans and taking pictures is an extra I would like to offer when time and energy allow it. It’s not something a fan can presume to have.

Floor Jansen
I started dancing when I was five, and I trained intensively as a competitive dancer up until the end of high school. I did all genres, and later on a did a lot of extra ballet on top of that. I actually got accepted to Julliard for dance during my senior year, but I ultimately turned it down to come to L.A. to act.

Jacob Artist
I’d give my right arm to be, like, a random extra on ‘Girls,’ just to walk past one of the scenarios. I’d love that more than anything.

Emilia Clarke
In high school, I figured I’d get a few extra baskets by getting steals. I would just pressure up the ball.

Andre Iguodala
My mother has been my mentor in my life. The number one attribute was discipline. To be on time to school, never miss a day at school, and then checking out homework and making sure I was doing it correctly and signing me up for lots of activities, extra tests and classes.

Ram Shriram
In my third husband I had discovered a blissfully laid-back type who thought it nothing less than hilarious when I misread the map on the way to Wales, so it took us an extra three hours, or when I was sick in a plastic carrier bag during much of the drive back from Devon – a bag that turned out to have a hole in it.

Julie Burchill
From age 16 on, I found school boring and failed A-level Physics at my first attempt. This was necessary for university entrance, and so I stayed an extra year to repeat it. This time, I did splendidly and was admitted to Sheffield University, my first choice because of their excellent Chemistry Department.

Richard J. Roberts
Man. I’ve been through a lot as a kid. But at the same time that upbringing just made me stronger and made me more determined to make it out of where I made it out from and just fight extra hard to not go back.

Terence Crawford
I always think, ‘What does this picture mean? What’s the best place to put my camera? Do I have anything extra in the picture, things in the background that will distract? Am I in the basic position that will give the essential things for this picture but not too much?’

Mary Ellen Mark
Two-thirds of us in the U.S. don’t have a passport. I’m here to say that travel is the best, most mind-expanding thing we can do with our hard-earned extra money.

Philip Rosenthal
The fantasy that appeals most to people is the kind that’s rooted thoroughly in somebody looking around a corner and thinking, ‘What if I wandered into this writer’s people here?’ If you’ve done your job and made your people and your settings well enough, that adds an extra dimension that you can’t buy.

Tamora Pierce
One of our secret-sauce powers is that our people don’t just write checks and place the ads, but our employees go the extra mile to get things done.

Nancy Dubuc
I’m not going to change me just for some extra money.

Max Holloway
In football, you have to look out for yourself and know when that ride is over. That extra inch after you’ve already got the first down – what’s that going to get you? Not much.

Jimmy Graham
People always expect Hulk Hogan to be standing up straight, or to have the bandanna on, or to not have my arms covered up. If I have an extra large shirt on people go ‘oh yeah you look small.’ It kind of ruins the mystique.

Hulk Hogan
It’s harder and harder to sell records now. You’ve got to give extra value. You’ve got to give people a reason to go out and buy it rather than burn a friend’s copy.

Wayne Static
I come from a family where happiness was seen as an ‘extra,’ a kind of frill to life – nice to have, but certainly not necessary and by no means paramount. Work was king. Suffering meant you were working hard. It made you worthy.

Rachel Simmons
For me, it was always that one extra job that you do to survive in the industry. I also realised that I was not well-sculpted as an actor because I was getting a lot of rejections. I stopped acting and focused on casting.

Abhishek Banerjee
You have to bury nerves, because they can either destroy you or give you that extra boost. You have to use your nerves in a good way. Don’t let them destroy you.

Tori Bowie
As an actor, whether you look good or you don’t, it’s still about what you look like: Whether you are heavy enough to play this part or thin enough to play that part. The fact of the matter is, you can add a little weight with some extra padding, but you can’t shave it off.

Cherry Jones
You get to the rink, stretch for 10-15 minutes, go on the ice 20 minutes before practice starts and do goalie drills, practice for an hour, then stay on the ice for about 10-15 minutes to do extra shooting.

Henrik Lundqvist
The bulk of extra supplies that could be put into the market come from two places. One, they come from other Persian Gulf suppliers, of which Saudi Arabia is at the top of the list.

Daniel Yergin
I would fly to Los Angeles just for a cheeseburger with pickles and extra tomatoes from In-N-Out.

Zoe Kravitz
It’s not that I don’t take TV seriously. I take it very seriously. But I’ve got my priorities straight. Call it my extra gift. Without it, I would be devastated every day in Hollywood.

Bonnie Hunt
Simple ingredients can be used to make elegant dishes with just a little extra attention to detail.

Marcus Samuelsson
To carry a false persona is an extra burden. Who needs that?

Terence Trent D’Arby
As a featherweight I was walking around at 155 pounds and would just have to cut those 10 extra pounds. I wasn’t being very professional.

Raphael Assuncao
Don’t sleep too much. If you sleep three hours less each night for a year, you will have an extra month and a half to succeed in.

Aristotle Onassis
America is always a good target for a populist. In many countries, particularly authoritarian systems, if you want to get an extra bonus, you bash the Americans.

Mohamed ElBaradei
There are always people looking for extra income.

Stacy Brown-Philpot
I really feel like females have to go 50 extra miles. Not just one – 50 extra miles to be accepted or taken seriously.

I’ve seen beautiful actresses get spat at or just someone trying to get a rise out of them so they can get an extra hundred bucks for a photo. It’s really rough.

James McAvoy
When you’re female working in a male-dominated industry, there are unfortunately extra things you need to do – for example, couch opinions in a way that sounds palatable and not threatening. That’s a skill I developed.

Goldie Hawn
Clearly this is a tough economic time, and a lot of families are hurting. So when we talk to parents, we talk about small changes for kids and things that don’t cost extra money. Like adding water and eliminating sugary drinks and sodas. That’s going to save money right there. Or adding a few more vegetables.

Michelle Obama
You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.

Napoleon Hill
I grew up with three kids in the family, and it’s definitely a little extra tricky having that third kid.

Eva Amurri
A vacation home is a wonderful ‘extra’ as you start building wealth. Remember, though, it’s still basically a very large, very expensive toy.

Dave Ramsey
On the set of ‘Girlboss,’ I had to keep introducing myself as the show runner – literally, ‘Hi, I’m the boss’ – to a lot of my crew. My first AD said, ‘Why do you keep doing that?’ I said, ‘Because I get mistaken for an extra.’

Kay Cannon
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Jimmy Johnson
My beauty regimen is simple but concise: I exfoliate my face once a week, then cleanse. If my skin needs an extra boost, I use SK-II Facial Treatment Mask and SK-II Eye Mask for about 20 minutes. It’s the best thing for a healthy, glowing complexion.

Pat McGrath
Spending an extra dollar on the D.C. public school system isn’t spending an extra dollar on education. Spending an extra dollar with the Pentagon doesn’t buy you an extra dollar on defense. Republicans need to look skeptically at military spending.

Grover Norquist
Like many actors, I started off as a monkey. My first job ever was as an extra in Tim Burton’s ‘Planet of the Apes.’ I’m the tiny little monkey in the background. I met Rick Baker doing that – then, because of my size and the fact I was older than 18, he figured I could double Daveigh Chase in ‘The Ring.’

Kelly Stables
When I caught my case and went to jail, I could have caught a gang of extra time.

A camera must be part of me – an extra limb capable of freezing a situation without complicated preparation.

Antony Armstrong-Jones
Having a family, taking care of your kids and people outside yourself, maybe it’s motivated me more to give that extra something.

Tony Finau
My dad, he worked rebar, an ironworker. Watching my pops get up every single morning, going into work, working hard – I think that really made me want to work that hard, wanted to make me get up early and go for a run or get a lift in or get some extra hitting in and really try to better myself every day.

Bryce Harper
I remember, at MIT, we had to write an essay about something mathematical that you do in your extra time. I basically wrote about how dance, to me, was geometry: it was all shapes.

Payal Kadakia
The first two actors we cast were Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Because we started so highbrow, we were able to get anyone. Plus, some of these people have children, and their kids love ‘X-Men.’ They’ll do it because of them – that’s our little extra ace in the hole.

Lauren Shuler Donner
No amount of extra civil servants recruited to deliver Brexit will make up for a lack of rational debate or for political judgments distorted by a desire to sound tough in order to appeal to narrow sectional interests.

Dominic Grieve
Music is almost like a therapy for me. It helps keep me centered and think straight. Before I discovered it, I was walking around, and it felt like there were 25 extra pounds of gravity on my shoulders. It’s like you’re mute or something.

I don’t think anyone thought showbiz people know anything. I would suggest interview subjects, were told they weren’t such great ideas, and then they would be assigned to somebody else. I wasn’t given anything to do. I felt like the highest-paid dress extra in the world.

Mariette Hartley
Across the globe, disadvantaged children are not living up to their potential because if they attend school at all, the schools are usually not designed to meet their extra needs.

Wendy Kopp
I got to play with people like Molly Shannon and Wanda Skyes. Going back and forth with people like that is just an extra added boost. Who doesn’t want to play catch with Molly Shannon?

Helene Yorke
You definitely need to have red lipstick no matter what. You can have a great outfit, but it will always give you that extra little pop. I also love perfume. It doesn’t even matter what the perfume is. I like to smell sweet.

Jillian Hervey
I didn’t have any extra money. But I can’t say that I had a hard early career.

Dabney Coleman
In addition to that, Mono has produced a very large set of extra libraries.

Miguel de Icaza
I had eight brothers and sisters. Every Christmas my younger brother Bobby would wake up extra early and open everybody’s presents – everybody’s – so by the time the rest of us got up, all the gifts were shredded, ribbons off, torn open and thrown aside.

Tommy Hilfiger
When I made my final reckoning with the decision not to have kids, I also decided that I would use at least some of my extra time to better the lives of kids who are already here.

Meghan Daum
Radio 4 Extra is the network which offers the broadcasting version of eternal life.

David Hepworth
The response to ‘A Head Full of Ghosts’ has been amazing and thrilling. I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel a little extra pressure trying to follow it up.

Paul G. Tremblay
When we talk about the kind of folks whose lives will be made better by raising the minimum wage, we’re not talking about a couple teenagers earning extra spending money to supplement their allowance. We’re talking about providers and breadwinners. Working Americans with bills to pay and mouths to feed.

Tom Perez
Pushing for excellence is a fight. You have to fight to hire the right employees, fight to get the supplies you need, to move line items around. Being a great manager means pushing to get those few extra inches every day. It’s almost like a football game – the team that wins sometimes wins by just inches.

Jon Taffer
I can’t pick up a pair of new gloves like Alec Stewart or Mike Atherton. I have to get them sweaty and loose, and put extra stuff on my gloves to protect the fingers.

Nasser Hussain
As you say, the way string theory requires all these extra dimensions and this comes from certain consistency requirements about how string should behave and so on.

Roger Penrose
Like all professors, I also do a lot of extra jobs for which I was never trained, such as advising former students as they navigate the wider world.

Hope Jahren
Children can take lessons in that school via the Internet and can score extra points like e.g. in Geography or History. That sounds very promising and is a fantastic basis for future steps.

Anatoly Karpov
They had to re-shape the head of my femur back round. They had to trim my hip socket up a little bit. I had a lot of extra bone growth just from years of stressing it out. Because of that bone growth, it caused an impingement in my hip, which tore my labrum off the bone.

Dustin Poirier
It’s all about the music. Everything else is just extra.

Do more than is required. What is the distance between someone who achieves their goals consistently and those who spend their lives and careers merely following? The extra mile.

Gary Ryan Blair
Lee Chong Wei is no doubt the best men’s singles opponent I’ve played, and this gives me extra motivation to raise my game each time I play against him.

Lin Dan
Most people are like, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t eat steak. It’s so heavy.’ But I love steak the day before a meet. Or the day of. I try to get that red meat in, some extra energy.

Tori Bowie
Any time I’ve put extra work in, I see results.

Max Scherzer
The two elements the traveler first captures in the big city are extra human architecture and furious rhythm. Geometry and anguish.

Federico Garcia Lorca
Your head is a stereo input. The density and cartilage of your ears embed certain extra characteristics into stereo sound sources. Your brain decodes that and gives you sound plus conscious directions.

Chris Milk
I was forced to earn some extra glue and made the hysterically shortsighted decision to pose for photos in very tiny and colorful swimwear for a fitness magazine, that would become the fuel to many a comical fire in my clubhouse environments over the years.

Gabe Kapler
Women are not different creatures from men. They don’t need to be extra careful around us. They just need to treat us with the same basic respect and dignity that they show to other men.

Megan Ganz
I’m confident about my stint with politics. But I won’t leave acting, one, because it brings me my daily bread, and second, I realized that whatever little extra recognition I have today, it’s thanks to my acting career.

Vishwajeet Pradhan
I always preferred my father’s pasta the next day, when he’d put it in a hot oven with heaps of extra cheese. It would emerge slightly burned and very crisp on top.

Yotam Ottolenghi
I stick to lots of protein and veggies and try not to eat so many carbs, even though carbs are my favorite. I eat healthy things like quinoa, and I add fresh juices to my diet to get extra vitamins.

Martha Hunt
Once you find that perfect suit that fits just right, it will give you an extra boost of confidence that will make your pool or beach day even better.

Denise Bidot
The secret I’ve lived by ever since I started earning money is this: Always buy a house with an extra bedroom adjoining the master. And that’s always my closet.

Polly Bergen
I will do anything, and I do almost everything myself. But when there is something extra heinous to do, I have a great stunt double, Eddie Davenport, and a great stunt coordinator, Jeff Wolfe.

Billy Burke
My mum was my primary school cook which was handy because she used to give me extra portions. After school me and my brother used to go in the kitchen and wait for her there, and she used to give us a bit of cake and things.

Michelle Keegan
When I put magic into a book – whether it’s a wizard or a crusty old werewolf – I’m asking a reader to swallow a huge leap that is counter to everything he or she knows. An extra big helping of reality makes that leap go down a lot easier.

Patricia Briggs
There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.

Deepak Chopra
Grit is that ‘extra something’ that separates the most successful people from the rest. It’s the passion, perseverance, and stamina that we must channel in order to stick with our dreams until they become a reality.

Travis Bradberry
If I’m feeling really, really crappy, it sounds so cliche, but if I wake up extra early in the morning and do some sort of physical activity, I usually feel a little bit better. Or I do other things that make me happy.

Philomena Kwao
I don’t try to come in and act like I know it all, and that’s why I put the extra work in of watching film, getting an understanding of what you want from personnel, each player.

Rajon Rondo
I try to search for roles where the character is not dependent on how she looks, but it is hard because I didn’t know anyone in this industry, so I started as an extra and fought.

Amber Heard
I used to fly around quite a bit, you know? I took a lot of unnecessary chances on the highways. And I started racing, and now I drive on the highways, I’m extra cautious because no one knows what they’re doing half the time. You don’t know what this guy is going to do or that one.

James Dean
I enjoy singing soulful melodies because they add that extra zing to your performance.

Javed Ali
I think people in my district expect me to work with the president. It doesn’t mean we have to agree all the time. I don’t feel any extra pressure.

Charlie Dent
It’s about having an active lifestyle, staying healthy, and making the right decisions. Life is about balance. Not everybody wants to run a marathon, but we could all start working out and being active, whether you walk to work or take an extra flight of stairs.

Apolo Ohno
People like to see Ravi Teja as a vibrant, massy character. We needed to do something more. So I gave him the extra flavour of the cop character and high emotions. And Ravi did a good job.

S. S. Rajamouli
I got a yoga mat, I do yoga twice a week. I do both regular and hot yoga. Lululemon has an extra large yoga mat, longer and wider, so it fits me.

Andre Iguodala
I don’t think I’m a singer that likes to flex my vocals. I’ll do some runs and a bunch of high notes, but that’s it. I really pride myself and I really work on just trying to sing. Like emotions. Just using my voice, not doing anything extra.

I might have a great game hitting, but if I’m not having a great game fielding, if I feel like I let a guy get an extra base that I could have stopped, that’s something I’ve got to do better, got to get better at.

Ben Zobrist
We would like to carry out 100 percent, or maybe more, of our scientific program; I would like to devote some of my spare time toward extra scientific work.

John L. Phillips
I love fresh citrus and always keep lemons, limes, and oranges on hand; they come in handy for spritzing up quickly grilled meats, seafoods, and vegetables, especially when followed up by a quick drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Emeril Lagasse
Brock Lesnar was a big guy: he’s at 280 when he fights. When fighting him, you can have a bit of that extra muscle because you don’t want to be thrown around like you’re nothing.

Alistair Overeem
To step out at Craven Cottage – week in, week out – as a local boy is just extra special.

Ryan Sessegnon
Everyone knows the feeling where you’re in the pub and you make your mates laugh. It’s awesome, you feel like you rock. That’s what comedians want with a bit of extra ego.

Ellie Taylor
For simplicity one can think of the + class as having one extra base at some point or other in the genetic message and the – class as having one too few.

Francis Crick
Since music is so important to me, I don’t need to put in any extra effort to do this; it just flows for me. It’s as simple as drinking water and having food, so definitely, music is one of the main purposes of my life.

Armaan Malik
I have to keep performing well for club and country. That’s what I always want to do. If I do that, then that extra media attention comes towards me.

Steph Houghton
I was training at Killer Kowalski’s old place, and at that time it was the Chaotic Training Center but now it is the New England Training Academy, but we were kind of the feeding ground. Anytime WWE was in the northeast area that is who they would call. They would call them for extra talent.

Tommaso Ciampa
The price I have personally paid for these extra Sisyphean years has been prohibitive.

Caryl Chessman
Work ethic starts where everyone understands that you’re putting that extra foot forward in order to be the best.

Donovan McNabb
In daily life, I’m not a heavy user anyway, but I’m extra careful online because of the kids who look up to me. That’s the fun part of being an actor – that kids like you – because they are very pure and transparent in their likes and dislikes. There’s no filter like the ones on Instagram.

Varun Dhawan
It was an event whenever ‘CHiPs’ would come on in my house. There wasn’t a lot of Latin people being hired to star in TV shows or movies back in the day. Not only was it a fun show, there was a Latino starring in it – so we thought it was extra cool.

Michael Pena
The best thing about being a good girl on TV is that the audience loves you back instantly. You don’t have to make extra effort to make them empathize with you.

Sriti Jha
I wanted to write a film and I thought the best way to do so was to train myself within the field… It was just like a cycle of people trying to make it, not making it, doing extra work, and it was pretty depressing in the end.

Michelle Rodriguez
Burning carbon-based substances like oil, gas, and especially coal, produces billions of tons of extra carbon dioxide each year. Methane gas from cows and pigs and other animals on our large farms ends up in the atmosphere as well, trapping more of the sun’s energy as heat.

Bill Nye
Most game developers in the United States do not receive extra compensation for extra hours.

Jason Schreier
The more anxious, isolated and time-deprived we are, the more likely we are to turn to paid personal services. To finance these extra services, we work longer hours. This leaves less time to spend with family, friends and neighbors; we become less likely to call on them for help, and they on us.

Arlie Russell Hochschild
I just loved performing. It just made me feel alive. It’s scary, but that’s part of it. I think it’s important to have that extra adrenaline. It gives you that extra zing.

Emma Watson
I was the worst extra, I was ‘that’ guy. I was the guy on the phone trying to get the Oscar for best extra – for best background performance.

Jon Favreau
Whenever you’re playing somebody who is, by all accounts, rotten, don’t focus on the rotten stuff. That stuff will take care of itself. It’s already in the script; the audience is already experiencing it without you having to add an extra feel of evil. Just play them like regular people.

Cameron Britton
I think, as a performer, the biggest challenge is that you want to do a good job, pushing yourself. You want to go the extra mile every time.

Elizabeth Henstridge
Even if you have some extra kilos, you don’t need to kill yourself for that; you just have to look at yourself as a positive.

Irina Shayk
I’m big on simplicity. I’m not too much on all the extra instruments.

Liking one person is an extra reason for liking another.

E. M. Forster
But I’m professional: if I need to do extra training I do extra training.

Marcus Berg
For those that reach out to try to help others, the less fortunate, those that are impoverished, those that feel like they need a pick-me-up, for somebody to have that extra energy to do that, I really have admiration for him.

Jalen Rose
Don’t have to do anything extra, don’t have to put any S’s on our chests, capes on our backs. We just have to do our job and do our job well.

Teddy Bridgewater
It’s not easy to be my sons because we’re very high profile. We try so hard to give them a normal life. I’m very, very tight with them about money. I don’t give that money until they ask, ‘I need 100 yuan for my lunch card,’ and so on. So they never have extra money.

Zhang Xin
I don’t know how to dance, and I don’t have any extra flexible skills.

Andy Grammer
Performing in front of an audience gives you an extra ten per cent energy and the chance to react to the instant feedback.

Bob Mortimer
I take a multivitamin, I take extra C, I take chondroitin and glucosamine for my joints, I take calcium for my bones. And by the way, weight-bearing exercises can help ward off osteoporosis and yoga helps ward off arthritis.

Raquel Welch
I was mainly raised by a working mum who didn’t have much time or inclination for making food. So I had three or four basic meals: fish fingers and a tomato; a packet scotch egg and a tomato; pasta with a tin of tomatoes; and extra mild plastic-y cheddar chopped into cubes with bits of cucumber.

Paloma Faith
Really, I think the extra layer of raising a son as a gay black man comes from trying to raise a son who doesn’t subscribe to masculine stereotypes.

Karamo Brown
I’m always impressed by how compassionate the gaming community can be when they have a cause and appreciate that they leverage our platform to raise money for those in need. We continue to encourage giving in support of important causes, including Extra Life 2012.

Emmett Shear
I was eight years old when I knew I wanted to be an actress. I slowly started by getting into commercials, and then I was an extra on a TV show. And then the movies happened.

Mackenzie Foy
For me, music makes my smile brighter during my workouts. It adds that extra something that motivates me to go further or work harder!

Summer Sanders
I am from a poor background in Portugal. We were medium-down, not down-and-out. My parents felt problems around food in the past but they made sure I did not miss anything. But there was nothing extra, no luxuries.

Carlos Carvalhal
I was a super once – an extra – in ‘Die Fledermaus,’ and was seated within three feet of Placido Domingo. I had never heard a voice of that beauty so close up. It felt as if an electric shock were running through me.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
What Facebook wants to create an association with is every time you’re bored, every time you have a few minutes. We know that, psychologically speaking, boredom is painful. Whenever you’re feeling bored, whenever you have a few extra minutes, this is a salve for that itch.

Nir Eyal
I edit as I write and shoot. Any extra line, any pause that I know will get chopped on the editing table is done away with then and there.

Rajkumar Hirani
They used to call me ‘Touchdown T.’ I remember in high school, we had homecoming, and I got in front of the pep rally, and I told them, ‘I’m going to run for three touchdowns.’ I ran for three touchdowns, kicked the extra point, and took myself out the game.

Mr. T
Robert Duvall saw me playing at a restaurant in Louisiana and invited me to be an extra in his movie ‘The Apostle.’ He gave me a guitar for my sixth birthday, and I thought that was the coolest thing in the world.

Hunter Hayes
Words that add no new information or aren’t repeated for emphasis are just padding. A sentence may carry three or five or eight of them, each one as unnoticeable as an extra two ounces on your hips but collectively adding up to a large burden of fat.

Nancy Kress
For years and years, I was doing extra work and guest spots and anything I could cobble together.

Adam Scott
I’ve always said my shoulders are broad, and I can take on that extra responsibility. I love it. I want it. I prefer to take it on myself to help the other guys, who can then go out and play with their heads clear and calm.

David Luiz
I just work out hard enough that, if I’m craving something, I eat it and know I’m going to burn it off the next day with extra intensity.

Karl Malone
Most people don’t know that I’ll eat anything spicy. A little extra kick is always a good thing!

Kelli Berglund
Artists forget than the first purpose of a comic character is to convey emotion. Everything else, like realism, or other kinds of virtuosity, is an optional extra. If you sacrifice expression for the sake of other concerns, you’re putting the cart before the horse.

Ted Naifeh
I wake up around nine and do morning chants in my bed. I learned transcendental meditation four years ago, and I do it twice a day, plus an extra ten minutes before the show because I struggle with stage fright just before I go on.

Beth Behrs
Kids in urban and rural areas face so many challenges, and they show up at schools that don’t have the extra capacity or extra resources to meet their needs.

Wendy Kopp
There’s not that many African-American quarterbacks, so we have to do a little bit extra. Because the percentage of us playing this position, which people didn’t want us to play… is low, so we do a little extra.

Donovan McNabb
You know how country music stars get an extra 10 years on their life when they go to Branson? Like you’re washed up, and you go to Branson, then you can last another 10 years. That’s what bashing the media does.

David Fahrenthold
I was an extra on 21 Jump Street when I was 19 years old.

Marilyn Manson
Most people who end up being successful have good grades, but it’s orthogonal – there’s no extra information than if they put together a website and have bunch of fans who love coming and seeing what they’re doing.

Gabe Newell
I’ve written many extra verses to songs that I learned to sing – an extra verse about a friend, or just add some verse – and that led to writing my own songs.

Jackson Browne
Putting out a debut album is a bit scary – I want it to be just right, so I took some extra time to finish it. Eminem’s increased involvement has been such a blessing; I’m getting guidance from an artist I really admire and trust.

Skylar Grey
I’d been DJ-ing in these clubs in N.Y. and I hated everything that was coming out. So I decided I would make it myself. People were making mash-ups or remixes, but I was extra bored, so I actually started remaking these records from scratch.

Mark Ronson
I’m not extra, I’m not going to be the person walking around the house in an extravagant gown during quarantine.

KiKi Layne
I think half the battle is just being comfortable in front of the camera – and I already am, doing so many videos and interviews, so then it just takes that extra step of trying to get into character.

I shoot for ‘Extra’ three times a week, and that’s great for Las Vegas, too. In addition to interviewing stars who are here for shows, parties and premieres, I’ll also get peoples’ reactions to different news items and topical gossip.

Holly Madison
The best gift for an actor is the love of the fans. Many make sweet cards, write letters and even come and meet me wherever I am in India. The love and blessings of your elders is also always cherished, but the extra mile that the fans go to is memorable.

Abhishek Bachchan