Top 50 Karaoke Quotes

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A friend of mine and I would go to this dirty little ba
A friend of mine and I would go to this dirty little bar in Toronto that has karaoke every Tuesday night, and one night, we noticed that the only other person in there was Derek Jeter.

Hannah Simone
I think it’s a rite of passage that the minute you land in Japan, you have to go to a karaoke bar.

Bishop Briggs
My sister’s a big karaoke person, and she’s never been able to get me to do it.

Sarah Paulson
You don’t want me to sing. I could do a really bad karaoke scene, if I had to, but I’d probably choose to rap.

Rachel Nichols
I have done my share of karaoke. There is a karaoke place right around the corner from me, and I have been there maybe 800 of 1,000 days I’ve been in L.A. A lot of songs I know now because of that place. I dig karaoke and have fun with it.

Craig Robinson
I used to like doing karaoke until cell-phone cameras came along.

Fred Schneider
There are definitely times where I am listening to the radio, and I think, ‘That would be awesome. I would love to sing that.’ It’s this weird karaoke fantasy that I might someday get to live out on the big screen.

Skylar Astin
Karaoke was my family’s happy secret. In those early years in America, like many immigrants, my parents struggled with poverty and loneliness, but they also built provisional families, and inside our bubble there was joy, understanding, an intimate language I could never translate – and above all there was song.

Jenny Zhang
I’m awful at karaoke, but if I did have to sing, I’d go for my favourite Frank Sinatra song ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin.’ The fact I love Frank is my grandfather’s doing: he drummed it into me from a very early age that Frank Sinatra is God.

Matt Smith
I’ve been asked to do ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor.’ I’m an Ed McMahon kind of girl. ‘Star Search?’ I’m in, all day long. It felt more authentic, and the market wasn’t oversaturated with karaoke contests.

I was in a karaoke video in 1991, for a song called ‘Sukiyaki,’ which is a very famous Japanese song, and I’ve actually heard from people that they’ve been in bars in Asia where they’ve seen me come up in the ‘Sukiyaki’ video that they play behind you. I’m in that. I’m in a karaoke video.

Michael Weatherly
I’m a huge karaoke person even though I have the worst singing voice. When you love doing something, who cares?

Hoda Kotb
I can’t just sing karaoke; I can’t do anything to try to sound like other people. I have to find what I naturally sound like and emphasize that.

Brynn Cartelli
Singing karaoke is my worst nightmare. But in the car, I rock out to anything Bon Jovi or Beastie Boys.

Adam F. Goldberg
‘Love Shack’ is such an eternal kind of song; at karaoke, people do it.

Kate Pierson
When I was a 7-year-old girl, in my bedroom, on my karaoke machine, I would sing ‘On My Own’ or do a one-woman version of ‘Les Miserables.’

Samantha Barks
I don’t think I had the aspiration to be a star growing up. I loved Madonna and Bette Midler, and I had my karaoke machine and would sing their songs.

Mandy Moore
My office doubles as a karaoke den for the neighborhood. There are strobe lights and Rock Band plastic guitars, a disco ball and a fog machine and some other things. I have a really long work day, and you might find me doing karaoke by myself late at night.

Jeff Kinney
My main position on karaoke is just say no. I also think there should be a cut-off level where, once you reach a certain amount of talent or ability, you shouldn’t be allowed to do karaoke anymore. Go get a band and actually do that. There’s no need to show everybody else up.

Ron Livingston
To be a Southern Ground artist, you have to be a lifer. It’s not about winning a karaoke contest or a television show to become famous. It’s about really paying your dues. It’s people I’m fans of and want to help in the business.

Zac Brown
I’m obsessed with karaoke, but I don’t like to sing. I just like to go and watch amateur singers.

Hannah Simone
If you want to call me a Karaoke King, I’ll take it.

Ian Brown
I love going to karaoke with friends if I’m having a really tough time.

Ashleigh Murray
Karaoke World Championship is a great attempt to motivate new talent in the field of singing. The event was outstanding where I discovered amazing talent that exists in our country. It was a tough time for me and the other judges to figure out one winner as everyone participating in it was mindboggling.

Sonu Kakkar
I like the Rolling Stones for karaoke. ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ is a great one.

Hugh Jackman
I dread karaoke. I hate karaoke. I can’t sing – that is why.

Clive Owen
I really don’t do karaoke because it becomes a vocal performance rather than fun, like, ‘Let’s just sing this song and be silly.’ It’s not fun for me.

Mariah Carey
You feel like you’re really a part of a movement when you’re singing Journey at a karaoke bar.

Aaron Paul
New Year’s Eve was always a big occasion at home with the family. Every year we would get the karaoke machine out and I’d entertain everyone, even as a young kid.

Olly Murs
I hate karaoke. I don’t want to sing karaoke, and I don’t want to listen to people sing karaoke.

Pedro Pascal
Oh, I try to stay as far away from karaoke as humanly possible!

Jeremy Jordan
I’m definitely not a karaoke man, but I like to try stuff, so I’d get up on stage and give it a go. It would have to be something cheesy – karaoke always is – so maybe R. Kelly, ‘The World’s Greatest.’

Jordan Henderson
I’m really maturing into soul music. It’s not my attempt or karaoke try. I feel like I really embody the music now that I am 36.

My true memory has been tainted by old home videos of my sister and I, ages 3 and 5 respectively, singing karaoke to Britney Spears’ ‘Lucky’ in our living room, and tape recordings of my parents trying to elicit songs out of our throats at a similar or younger age.

I’m not the best cruise ship crooner. I’m not the best karaoke guy.

Neil Patrick Harris
I prefer career artists that have spent time honing their craft, as opposed to, ‘I won a karaoke contest on a reality show and now I have a record.’ That’s such a drag. The music that comes out of it is so poor.

Conor Oberst
I’ve developed a karaoke habit. I’ve become a crooner.

Serena Williams
I always liked performing in front of my parents’ friends. My dad bought me a karaoke machine, and I would put on a Michael Jackson song like ‘Thriller,’ and I would come out with, like, a hat and a jacket, and, like, moonwalk in my socks, so I was always performing.

Nolan Sotillo
A miserable karaoke experience is when people are trying really hard and trying to show off. You have to just be chill – that’s what makes karaoke fun.

Kirstin Maldonado
Don’t make me do karaoke. I’m the worst singer.

Kaia Gerber
We all love to sing along with our favorite songs. We sing in the car, in the shower, and at the karaoke bar. The problem is that half the time we don’t know what we’re singing. We’re making up lyrics as we go along and hoping no one will notice.

Shawn Amos
I cannot sing karaoke because it’s hard and weird. If I actually tried to sing, I would probably sound good, and I think that’s weird and not fun.

Skylar Astin
I’ve always loved music and was singing from the age of seven on karaoke.

Christina Grimmie
I’m slowly working up the courage to sing in front of other people, but I can carry a tune. I do some mean karaoke.

Julia Stiles
My go to karaoke song is ‘Stars’ from ‘Les Mis’, which is Javert’s song. And it’s super strange, and every time it comes on people are really weirded out, but that’s what I do.

June Diane Raphael
I’m really shy – I don’t do karaoke.

Kate Micucci
I grew up with a lot of karaoke and dancing and good movies.

Kiersey Clemons
A couple of weeks ago, I did karaoke and got nervous in a way I hadn’t gotten nervous in 25 years. I’m so used to getting on stage in front of strangers to tell jokes, but singing is a whole different animal.

Wendy Liebman
I love karaoke. I love maudlin country ballads. In another life, I’d be Loretta Lynn.

Sam Taylor-Johnson
My highest score karaoke song is ‘Ben,’ by Michael Jackson.

Nancy Wilson