Top 50 Seventeen Quotes

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I've been with Life now for seventeen years and I have
I’ve been with Life now for seventeen years and I have written several articles for them and will be doing more writing and do at least two assignments a year besides my writing.

Gordon Parks
I feel great. I feel younger. And I don’t feel anything at all. I don’t know who knows, but right now I’m, how, how many years have I, fifty five, something like that. Forty three years old. And I feel like seventeen, like twenty five years ago.

Olga Korbut
Take the crocodile, for example, my favorite animal. There are 23 species. Seventeen of those species are rare or endangered. They’re on the way out, no matter what anyone does or says, you know.

Steve Irwin
I first started wearing fragrance when I was thirteen or fourteen, and the smell was candy-like. They were in very colorful bottles, like turquoise and pink. By the time I was sixteen or seventeen, it got more girly and more floral.

Blake Lively
I don’t ever read chat rooms, because if you’ve got sixteen nice things, number seventeen is always the person that just wants to be contrary.

Rhea Seehorn
I want to speak seventeen languages. When you think like that, you’ll be consumed by failure. I’m haunted daily by what I don’t know.

Kelsey Grammer
There’s so much excitement around the Phish tours, and if it stopped feeling that way, it would ruin everything we’ve done for seventeen years.

Trey Anastasio
After I had written seventeen full-length mysteries, two volumes of mini-mysteries, a travel guide and some quiz books, not to mention a spin-off Roman Mystery Scrolls series, I thought it was time I moved to new historical pastures.

Caroline Lawrence
We’re rewarding either the reality or the appearance of youth, which is why you have all these people in their fifties trying to act like they’re seventeen. You know, it’s great to be young. Be young. By all means, be young. But always remember that youth is also kinda dumb, and doesn’t know a lot yet.

Patton Oswalt
Seventeen million people around the world lost their lives in the first world war, countless suffered and were marred for life.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier
I am an American citizen born in Kuwait of Egyptian parents. I grew up in Great Britain, Malaysia, and Egypt and have lived in the United States since 1965, when I was seventeen.

Feisal Abdul Rauf
At twelve I looked like a girl of seventeen. My body was developed and shapely. I still wore the blue dress and the blouse the orphanage provided. They made me look like an overgrown lummox.

Marilyn Monroe
My first encounter with James was when I was seventeen. My brother brought home from the public library a science fiction anthology, which included ‘The Beast in the Jungle.’ It swept me away. I had a strange, somewhat uncanny feeling that it was the story of my life.

Cynthia Ozick
When I was seventeen, I worked as a counsellor at a co-ed sleep-away camp for eight weeks. I loved it but it could be harrowing – it was far too much responsibility for someone my age.

Harlan Coben
I remember being 12 or 13 and reading ‘Seventeen’ and ‘CosmoGirl.’ They were all about self-improvement.

Petra Collins
My aunt was Frances Hodges, who in the Fifties was the editor of ‘Seventeen’ and later one of the creators of ‘Mademoiselle.’ She was my Auntie Mame; she loved culture. She was a Quaker, but she became a milliner against all Quaker logic – they feel that fashion and art are vanities – because she loved fashion.

James Turrell
I’ve now been in this country for thirteen years, since I was seventeen. So this is my second home.

Hakeem Olajuwon
I work a seventeen hour day, and I’m personally responsible for 108 staff members in the embassy.

Shirley Temple
It was very unusual, because normally the producer requests the test to determine whether they want to hire someone or not. Olivia was concerned about playing a seventeen year old.

Randal Kleiser
My father died when I was seven, leaving a widow and five sons, ranging in age from five to seventeen. My mother was the most highly-disciplined and hardest working person I have ever known, and this, combined with her love and gentleness, enabled her to make a success of each of her children.

Arthur Lewis
I was on ‘In Search of the Partridge Family,’ MTV’S ‘Miss Seventeen,’ and the comedy ‘Love Monkey.’

Teddy Geiger
I hadn’t gone to high school. I left Minnesota, I left home, I was on my own. I was seventeen.

Adrianne Lenker
I’ve always been fascinated by numbers. Before I was seventeen years old, I had lived in twenty-one different houses. In my mind, each of those houses had a number.

Robert Indiana
I knew what my father, more than anything else, wanted me to do. Seventeen, vain, and spoiled by poems, I prepared to enter a remote West Point. I would succeed there, it was hoped, as he had.

James Salter
I was in the fashion shows in Milan; I was seventeen, I was doing like 100 shows. People were asking, ‘How does it feel to be the model of the moment?’ It was hard for me to answer as myself. I barely spoke English.

Gisele Bundchen
As long as my face is on page one, I don’t care what they say about me on page seventeen.

Mick Jagger
Is it possible to reproduce, later in life, the impact that books, records, and films have between the ages of fourteen and seventeen? The periods of my adult life that have been most miserable have been those in which I lost fidelity to what I discovered then.

Mark Fisher
When I was seventeen, I left Scotland to go to Kent, a well-to-do boarding school in Connecticut, where there was a contingent of really naughty kids.

KT Tunstall
My first time playing a main character was in ‘Seventeen Years.’ It was directed by famous Sixth Generation director Zhang Yuan, but it wasn’t a large commercial film.

Li Bingbing
At the age of seventeen, I decided I would spend my life writing fiction. I didn’t know what this entailed, exactly – a room, I supposed. A room and books and paper and solitude.

Patrick deWitt
I have always been a fan of music but I didn’t really get into playing until I was about seventeen or eighteen years old – I never really thought that I had much musical talent.

Ryan Bingham
I think that everybody kind of changes a lot between the time they’re seventeen and when they’re twenty-one or twenty-two.

Ryan Ross
I’d gone professional when I was about seventeen.

Noel Redding
The first lead that I ever played was a young Boy George when I was seventeen. I shaved my eyebrows off. That’s as far from leading man looks as you can get.

Douglas Booth
Drill instructors worked seven days a week, fifteen to seventeen hours a day in many cases, with no time off in between platoons.

R. Lee Ermey
In No. 1 of this street the cholera first appeared seventeen years ago, and spread up it with fearful virulence; but this year it appeared at the opposite end, and ran down it with like severity.

Henry Mayhew
Seventeen consecutive years of irregular war, extended years of budget uncertainty, and an increasing complex security environment have eroded our competitive edge.

Mark Esper
I remember telling the Lord – I was about seventeen or eighteen – I’m like, ‘Lord, I’m never gonna sing. You know that’s my family’s thing; that not what I do.’

Deborah Joy Winans
Each of the seventeen tribunals during a long period burned annually, on an average, ten miserable beings!

John Foxe
I never thought I would be the oldest quarterback in the National Football League at one point, not in a million years. I never thought I would play as long as I did, either, seventeen years from start to finish, with stops in Houston, Minnesota, Seattle, and Kansas City.

Warren Moon
When you’re seventeen to early twenties, that’s the time you’re trying to work out who you are. If you’re trying to make some kind of artistic or creative impact, that’s the age when you start to figure out how to do that.

Daniel Radcliffe
It took seventeen years to get from my second novel, ‘Truck,’ to my third, ‘Geek Love.’

Katherine Dunn
My mom had very low expectations for me, and she really had a point. I was a big problem at seventeen. If I had a kid like me, I would have those same expectations.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I’d get more applause than some because I was just seventeen. If they didn’t clap at the end of my act I would limp off stage and boy would they feel guilty. They would all burst into tremendous applause as they saw this poor cripple kid walking off.

Jim Dale
When you have traveled the world, won Olympic gold, and gone through a very public court battle against your parents all by the age of seventeen, surprises don’t come easy.

Dominique Moceanu
I’m not as concerned about me. What’s happened to me has been great. I got five great kids. Seventeen grandchildren.

Joe Paterno
I was seventeen when I moved to New York. I was nineteen when I joined the main company. I was going through a lot. Just becoming an adult and just wanting to fit in, be accepted, and be in common with the other dancers.

Misty Copeland
I’ve made seventeen or eighteen films now, only two of which have been original screenplays, all the others have been based on short stories or novels, and I find the long short story ideal for adaptation.

Satyajit Ray
At seventeen years old, I found out I could sing, and I got up and sang in a club, and I got a big hand, and I thought, ‘I’m gonna continue this.’ So that’s how it all began.

Engelbert Humperdinck
The cover I was really excited about was ‘Seventeen’ magazine. To me, it was much bigger than ‘Time.’ ‘Seventeen’ was where I wanted to be.

Molly Ringwald