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By tying minimum wage to money supply, the poor's incom
By tying minimum wage to money supply, the poor’s income would rise and fall with the rise and fall in money supply.

Max Keiser
Computer programming is pretty much guaranteed income. I’m good at it, and I like it.

Andy Weir
Capital, however capital may be defined, would practically cease to exist as an income producing fund, for the simple reason that if money, wherewith to buy capital, could be obtained for one-half of one per cent, capital itself could command no higher price.

John Buchanan Robinson
O.K., if the desire to knock America off its pedestal, to redistribute American income to other countries, to shrink America’s footprint in the world, makes you anti-American, then Obama is in fact anti-American.

Dinesh D’Souza
The government’s goal is to provide income support for families most affected by socio-economic hardship. The support… will be conditional on vocational training and job reintegration.

Giuseppe Conte
When people are able to live at home, they have more disposable income. That part is good for the economy.

John Layfield
Nobody should be allowed to fund political parties unless they pay at least 30% tax on all income above the median wage. If that rule applied, the Tory party would be bankrupted overnight.

Guy Standing
Giving women education, work, the ability to control their own income, inherit and own property, benefits the society. If a woman is empowered, her children and her family will be better off. If families prosper, the village prospers, and eventually so does the whole country.

Isabel Allende
I was raised by a single mother. We were definitely below the median income of our area.

Aja Brown
The Putin regime’s income comes from oil and gas exports. If we could crash the price of these commodities, we could bankrupt the regime.

Robert Zubrin
The government should not do everything for everybody all the time, but it should provide basic services to everyone who needs them. Education ought not be contingent on income or where you live. Neither should health.

Ron Dellums
People like me, whose income largely comes from dividends, should pay more taxes. The problem is that taxes aren’t used efficiently.

Mian Muhammad Mansha
A universal basic income means not only that millions of people would receive unconditional cash payments, but also that millions of people would have to cough up thousands more in taxes to fund it. This will make basic income politically a harder sell.

Rutger Bregman
In Greece, Italy and, to a lesser extent, France, unsustainable tax cuts and spending sprees added to households’ estimates of their private wealth relative to their wage income.

Edmund Phelps
Socialism is about claims of justice, and it is also about money: about wealth, income, physical and financial capital. It is an ideology based on allocating economic resources. It may try to achieve that goal by nationalizing assets, by command-and-control regulation, or by taxation and redistribution.

Virginia Postrel
And what’s interesting, and I don’t think a lot of Americans understand this fact, is that, one, most new jobs are created by small businesses; two, most small businesses pay tax at the individual income tax, or many small businesses pay tax there.

George W. Bush
If we’re going to have tax cuts, let’s focus on those in lower and middle income groups. Make sure that they get the breaks they need to continue to try to provide for their families.

Dick Durbin
Carried interest… you’re making money on somebody else’s capital. It’s not on your own. If that’s not income, I don’t know what is.

Stanley Druckenmiller
I don’t want our white working class sisters and brothers to feel as though their pain is not important because it is. But at the same time, I want my white sisters and brothers to understand that when we talk about income and wealth inequality, that disproportionately African Americans suffer a little more.

Nina Turner
Why not add benefits for making healthy food choices, provide a transition bonus for getting off food stamps, or increase job training opportunities and income – raising minimum wage?

Donna Brazile
We are in an era of chronic insecurity and growing inequalities. In that context, we need to have new mechanisms for income distribution which give people a sense of security.

Guy Standing
After adjusting for inflation, the average income of the top 5% of households grew by 38% from 1989 to 2013. By comparison, the average real income of the other 95% of households grew less than 10%.

Janet Yellen
Your tax returns on a yearly basis don’t tell you what you’re worth. What they show is what your income is.

Corey Lewandowski
It remains to be seen the extent to which the critical needs of seniors in low income high rises, people with home medical needs and those with disabilities have been adequately planned for and met during widespread power outages. I fear the answers.

Sheri Fink
What happens is, in my own case – my own LLCs – the income flows to my personal tax return, whatever is left over after taxes are paid, I feed my family on the one hand, and on the other hand, I reinvest in my business.

John Fleming
It’s good to give seniors more choices and more options, let them choose a plan that’s best for them and target assistance to the lowest income people.

John Sununu
I want to give people a basic income, so that if you’re working hard, doing the best you can, that you can not just survive, but you can have a decent life.

Charles Murray
Youth should have access to paid internships or jobs year-round, so they can keep developing important skills and earning income.

London Breed
A consumption tax, a national sales tax makes some sense. But I think that if we move towards a Fair Tax, if we move towards a national sales tax, we have to make sure that we do away with the income tax.

Ken Buck
Land is an emotional subject with a farmer in India because it is his only means of income.

Kushal Pal Singh
If I collected all the diamonds in the world, I’d have no ‘income’ but I’d have a lot of ‘assets’. Would my company be worth nothing because I have no income? A lot of Net companies are collecting assets. They have to be measured with a new set of metrics.

Vinod Khosla
Economists are coming to acknowledge that measures of national wealth and poverty in terms strictly of average income tell you little that is significant of the health or viability of a society.

Rowan Williams
You could make a case that women addicted men to their sexuality and then withdrew their sexuality until we provided them with a source of income.

Warren Farrell
To people I know in the bottom income brackets, living paycheck to paycheck, the Gig Economy has been old news for years. What’s new is the way it’s hit the demographic that used to assume that a college degree from an elite school was the passport to job security.

Tina Brown
But while the state pension is a critical foundation for people’s financial security as they age, it must be supplemented with other forms of retirement income.

David Gauke
I can make a firm pledge, under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.

Barack Obama
I’m not saying everything in Sweden is perfect, because it’s not. But it is interesting having grown up in a social democratic country such as Sweden and then watching what’s going on in the U.S. and the income disparity.

Alexander Skarsgard
At a time when the GOP is playing games with the debt limit, a member of the Supreme Court is refusing to recuse himself from matters he has a financial interest in, and middle class incomes are stagnant, many want to change the subject. I don’t. This was a prank, and a silly one. I’m focused on my work.

Anthony Weiner
I never stopped making pictures. There were times when more of my income was coming from other sources, and I had to devote more time to television and movies and records.

Martin Mull
Especially for the young and the lowest-skilled, minimum wage becomes a toll that prevents many from entering the work force and gaining the skills that can make a low income or middle class worker a high income worker. This is so obvious that one wonders why liberals keep championing the minimum wage cause.

Stephen Moore
We are building a country where a person’s prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work and not by the color of their skin, place of birth, gender, language, or income of their parents.

Cyril Ramaphosa
Barriers today are largely class-based – income, networks, education. And those affect many white people as well.

Munira Mirza
People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can’t live within its income.

Robert Half
I am indeed rich, since my income is superior to my expenses, and my expense is equal to my wishes.

Edward Gibbon
By 1979, Chinese people were poorer, on average, than North Koreans. I mean, your average per-capita income in China that year was one third of sub-Saharan Africa’s.

Evan Osnos
Yet our small business owners across the country are unfairly losing potential interest income on a daily basis until the Business Checking Freedom Act becomes law.

Sue Kelly
Life happens fast. You have to have a Plan B, a backup plan and really figure out a way to have different avenues of income and just avenues of happiness. That is what is really important, being at peace and having that happiness.

C. J. McCollum
Many states rely on sales tax as their principle source of revenue and do not have a State income tax.

William L. Jenkins
The relatively unpredictable flow of funds to humanitarian organizations, and the bureaucratic strings often attached to them, can have a highly negative impact on an organization’s ability to plan and execute programmes effectively. We need to be able to rely on predictable income flows to plan sustainable programmes.

Peter Maurer
Globalization is stirring widespread economic anxiety, and middle class incomes have stagnated while a class of super-rich has emerged.

Nina Easton
The only thing that hurts more than paying an income tax is not having to pay an income tax.

Thomas Dewar
In general, investors prefer companies to reward executives for producing recurring income, not one-time gains.

Alex Berenson
I have a simple plan to solve the economic crisis. Give every American a $100 credit to the dog track of their choice. I have found the puppies to be a reliable source of income with a consistent rate of return.

Willie Geist
In Europe, you would almost never have people with large amounts of income being happy with a two-volume vehicle like a hatchback or a minivan. They want to structurally show their societal position, which is why three volumes are so popular. They show ‘I’m part of that hierarchy.’

Chris Bangle
While tax refunds amount to substantial income for many Americans, current IRS rules do not allow taxpayers to directly deposit their refund into more than one account.

Jim Cooper
It is wrong to divide the nation white against black, native born against immigrant or one religion against another. It is also wrong to divide people by income. East Germany was not an improvement over South Africa. Obama divides Americans against each other. This is wrong.

Grover Norquist
Obamacare imposed an unprecedented level of regulation and standardization on individual-market health insurance all across America. This has left many consumers in an intolerable predicament – in some cases, having to spend up to a third or even half of their income on premiums and deductibles before insurance kicks in.

Alex Azar
You may or may not agree with Obama’s policy prescriptions, but they are, by and large, serious attempts to deal with the biggest issues we face: a failing health care system, oil dependency, income stagnation, and climate change.

Jacob Weisberg
There is a huge number of people outside our borders who would love to come here. In fact, many of them come here, get well educated, and then are required to leave… This is a factor in income inequality.

Alan Greenspan
Productivity gains are vital to long-term growth because they typically translate into higher incomes, in turn boosting demand. That process takes time, of course – especially if, say, the initial recipients of increased income already have a high savings rate.

Michael Spence
If newspapers were a baseball team, they would be the Mets – without the hope for those folks at the very pinnacle of the financial food chain – who average nearly $24 million a year in income – ‘next year.’

Eric Alterman
Poverty is multidimensional. It extends beyond money incomes to education, health care, political participation and advancement of one’s own culture and social organisation.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee
There seems to be an inclination among rock musicians to be very carefree with money, but I negotiate the best flight and hotel deals on our tours to maximise the band’s income – I don’t want too see too much taken off the top line.

Ian Anderson
Taxes should be simple and fair… I’m not for increasing income taxes – if we even have an income tax.

Virgil Goode
The Princeton economist Alan Krueger has demonstrated that societies with higher levels of income inequality are societies with lower levels of social mobility.

George Packer
The left is being funded primarily by the drug traffickers who provide this tax money and that’s why the guerrillas in Colombia, unlike the guerrillas anywhere else in Latin America, have been able to survive for 40 years because they have a hard, solid source of income.

Alma Guillermoprieto
Too often the pressure for popularity, on children and teens, places an economic burden on the income of the father, so mother feels she must go to work to satisfy her children’s needs. That decision can be most shortsighted.

Ezra Taft Benson
Basic income would give people the most important freedom: the freedom of deciding for themselves what they want to do with their lives.

Rutger Bregman
With many serious challenges facing our country – pressing issues like climate change, income inequality, and education – Trump has expressed neither the inclination nor the ability to take on these problems.

Tom Steyer
When America installs a minimum income, it’s going to be doing it in a very different historical context than Switzerland or Sweden or Germany, or any other country might do it. And we’re doing it in a context where it has the potential, I think, for much better consequences than in those other countries.

Charles Murray
I make an eight-figure income annually.

Nick Hanauer
As long as women are in the work force making their own money and decisions, men are going to have to realize that this way of life is here to stay – because it takes two incomes to make it and more now. The sooner you address your style of saving and spending with your mate the better off your relationship will be.

Patti Stanger
Fragility, violence, and conflict are complex. Fragility is influenced by a wide set of factors, many of which are deeply entrenched, such as high social and income inequality. The lines between criminal, inter-communal, and politically motivated violence are often blurred.

Peter Maurer
Discriminatory wage practices undermine women’s ability to provide for their families and survive on a decent retirement income.

Kirsten Gillibrand
The stock market crash in October 1929 didn’t destroy a particularly large amount of wealth or make people highly pessimistic. Rather, it made companies and consumers very unsure about future income, and so led them to stop spending as they waited for more information.

Christina Romer
Year 2008 wiped out $19.2 trillion in US income… What if the money was spent on the Midwest of the United States?

Jack Ma
Public social services, infrastructural policies, and so on are vital. But a basic income should be part of a package of reforms.

Guy Standing
I worry that some politicians still think we are living in the 1950s where the man is the main breadwinner and the woman works for pin money. Actually, most families where there are two parents depend on two incomes to get by.

Frances O’Grady
Eye-popping tales of growing income inequality are hardly new. By now, nearly every American must be painfully aware of the widening pay gap between top executives and shop floor laborers; between ‘Master of the Universe’ financiers and pretty much everyone else.

Steven Rattner
Because tax cuts create an incentive to increase output, employment, and production, they also help balance the budget by reducing means-tested government expenditures. A faster-growing economy means lower unemployment and higher incomes, resulting in reduced unemployment benefits and other social welfare programs.

Arthur Laffer
I’m a real guy. I’m not money-laundering. I make money off music, and music is my source of income. It feels good. I’m not selling T-shirts, I’m not doing none of that other crap. Straight music.

Lil B
Let’s abolish the IRS, let’s eliminate income tax, let’s eliminate corporate tax, let’s balance the federal budget, and if we need a tax, it can be one federal consumption tax.

Gary Johnson
Our incomes should be like our shoes; if too small, they will gall and pinch us; but if too large, they will cause us to stumble and to trip.

Charles Caleb Colton
Anyone who has followed the U.S. economy in recent years can tell you while corporate America and their wealthy executives have recovered from the last recession, middle-class families have not. About 95 percent of income gains between 2009 and 2012 went to the top one percent.

James P. Hoffa
By 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world. Almost all countries will be what we now call lower-middle income or richer.

Bill Gates
I don’t see basic income as a panacea, but we must have a new income distribution system. The old one has broken down irretrievably.

Guy Standing
Losses from partnerships and limited-liability companies, the entities through which the Trumps report much of their income, do not have to be added back as part of the A.M.T. calculation.

James B. Stewart
In fact, Social Security is the only source of income nationwide for 29 percent of unmarried elderly women.

Ginny Brown-Waite
Making North Carolina a Top 10 Educated state is the backbone for a strong economy, attracting good paying jobs, helping incomes rise and keeping our communities vibrant.

Roy Cooper
We are fighting a Labour Party whose avowed enemy is capitalist bosses, whose instinct is to see income as a common pool resource, and whose leading figures find profit morally repugnant.

Liz Truss
People can also change the timing of when they earn and receive their income in response to government policies.

Arthur Laffer
Few Americans realize it, but the United Nations is driving to take control over the Internet. You remember, the folks who want a worldwide income tax and who put Syria and Iran on their Human Rights Committee.

Arthur L. Herman
I like the honesty about direct selling because it openly tells people the way to get rich is residual income: Get paid tomorrow for something you did yesterday – and let it accumulate.

Paul Zane Pilzer
There is, happily, a non-redistributive approach to address income inequality – one that doesn’t rely upon government. It’s to grow the pie. That is, create more decent jobs that pay more.

Andrew Yang
Income inequality is troubling because, among other things, it means that many people in our society don’t have the opportunities to advance themselves.

Ben Bernanke
If one person is spending all of their income on clothes, travel, hobbies, and entertaining, and one person is saving it, that may not be quite fair if and when you guys split up, depending on what the law is and what you decided to do.

Laura Wasser
I’ve devoted a lot of my time and effort during the past few years to developing my advertising copywriting business to the point of where I can support my family and don’t have to depend on writing fiction for my income.

Stephen R. George
Look, we play the Star Spangled Banner before every game. You want us to pay income taxes, too?

Bill Veeck
The burden for achieving disarmament cannot be borne by peace groups alone. Everybody, regardless of age, income, profession, gender or nationality, has a stake in this quest.

Ban Ki-moon
We need smarter, 21st-century budget guardrails that would gradually trim the size of Washington in order to spur private investment, create jobs, and boost the income of hard-working Americans on Main Street.

Kevin Brady
My concern as a citizen and as a money manager is, Oh my God, at what point does a ‘whoa’ moment happen to these people who own $30 trillion fixed income instruments?

Paul Singer
Sometimes people start making a change with without making sure the first the first source of income sticks.

Kandi Burruss
Everything in America is so stratified by class now. We have the 93rd level of income inequality in the world. You’re already seeing highway lanes that are for pay and ones that aren’t.

Adam McKay
There is nothing more demoralizing than a small but adequate income.

Edmund Wilson
I’m still one who says that we can get rid of the Internal Revenue Service if we would pass the fair tax, which is a tax on consumption rather than a tax on people’s income, and move power back where the founders believed it should have been all along.

Mike Huckabee
Elections have to have at least a little meaning. Obama ran on income tax hikes for the wealthy. People knew they were voting for that. They ‘want’ that. And it’s good policy.

Gail Collins
I will promote savings and investment by maintaining the 15% rate on capital gains and dividends. I will eliminate the tax entirely for those with annual income below $200,000.

Mitt Romney
Governments should end the extreme concentration of wealth in order to end poverty. This means tackling tax dodging but also increasing taxes on wealth and high incomes to ensure a more level playing field and generate the billions of dollars needed to invest in healthcare, education, and job creation.

Winnie Byanyima
During the modern period, the vanguard architect has usually relied on small residential jobs both to supply a steady income and to serve as ‘sketches’ for ideas that are often later translated to the larger scale of public commissions.

Martin Filler
When I reflect on the Colbert interview, it moved so quickly that what we didn’t do was define white privilege, and I wish we had done that. White privilege is the benefit resulting from white being seen as the standard, regardless of gender and income.

DeRay Mckesson
An expenditure of words without income of ideas will lead to intellectual bankruptcy.

Ravi Zacharias
HBOS had robbed me of my marriage, my family, my businesses, my longstanding friend and business partner, my income, my investments, my self-respect, my reputation, my privacy, my physical and mental health. It cost me my security, my image rights, my collection of classic cars – and very nearly my life.

Noel Edmonds
A lot of my income has been derived from voicing Disney and family programming.

David Ogden Stiers
When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income.

Chi Chi Rodriguez
Unequal funding resources also results in unequal educational opportunity when you consider studies that show that one half of low income students who are qualified to attend college do not attend because they can’t afford to.

Bobby Scott
A single woman with a very narrow income must be a ridiculous, disagreeable old maid – the proper sport of boys and girls; but a single woman of good fortune is always respectable, and may be as sensible and pleasant as anybody else.

Jane Austen
Wealth – any income that is at least one hundred dollars more a year than the income of one’s wife’s sister’s husband.

H. L. Mencken
As a member of the Mormon church, Romney is instructed to tithe 10 percent of his income. That’s in keeping with most charitable giving: Religious institutions get about one-third of all contributions, according to ‘The American’ magazine.

John Podhoretz
1913 wasn’t a very good year. 1913 gave us the income tax, the 16th amendment and the IRS.

Ron Paul
Overcome your barriers, intend the best, and be patient. You will enjoy more balance, more growth, more income, and more fun!

Jack Canfield
I got five kids – I claim three for income tax purposes.

Tracy Morgan
In the old 20th-century income distribution system, the shares of income going to capital, mainly in profits, and labor, in wages and non-wage benefits, were roughly stable. But that system is no more.

Guy Standing
The most important thing is guaranteed livable income, which will take a while to bring in because it means all the provinces have to participate.

Elizabeth May
As an economist, the only advice I can give the Modi government is to take some steps that will raise the morale of the consumer and investor. That means income tax abolition and reducing the annual interest rate to nine per cent.

Subramanian Swamy
The National Policy for Farmers calls for a paradigm shift from measuring agricultural progress merely in terms of growth rates, to measuring it in terms of the growth in the real income of farm families.

M. S. Swaminathan
Sadly, this is the same old Republican story of Robin Hood in reverse – tax cuts for the rich while programs for average and low income Americans suffer.

Jose Serrano
Unlike every other retirement vehicle, such as IRAs and 401(k)s, you receive a tax deduction for making contributions to your HSA but don’t have to pay income taxes on withdrawals.

Paul Zane Pilzer
This is the great crisis in football now. It’s not just Rangers; it’s a lot of clubs. Big clubs always create more debt despite the huge income they have. It’s almost an achievement, isn’t it? They make so much money, and yet, still, their debts rise and rise and rise. How does that happen? It’s absurd.

Johan Cruyff
As anyone who has started a company knows, it’s pretty common not to see any income for months.

Belinda Johnson
I work with the macro economy, which involves the major variables that measure the health of the whole economy, such as total consumption, investment, income, employment, and inflation.

Clive Granger
The New Deal was going to redistribute the national income according to ideals of social and economic justice.

Garet Garrett
Remember that disadvantage is less about income than environment. The best metrics of child poverty aren’t monetary, but rather how often a child is read to or hugged.

Nicholas Kristof
Invest three percent of your income in yourself (self-development) in order to guarantee your future.

Brian Tracy
The difference between rich and poor is becoming more extreme, and as income inequality widens the wealth gap in major nations, education, health and social mobility are all threatened.

Helene D. Gayle
As a kid in the eighties, I didn’t need much disposable income. I went to Catholic school – white shirt, plaid skirt – so fashion choices were limited. But youth finds a way. For me and my schoolmates, neon argyle socks were a crucial barometer of coolness. Hair ribbons, too, and they didn’t come cheap.

Gillian Flynn
The benefits of a universal basic income overall are huge.

Andrew Yang
The gap between rich and poor is widening dramatically. There’s a hangar at the Cairo airport for private jets, billionaires are on the Forbes list, and Egypt’s annual per-capita income is two thousand dollars. How can you sustain that?

Mohamed ElBaradei
In the same way that Occupy Wall Street forever elevated that concept of income inequality, the Black Lives Matter protesters have elevated the idea of inequity in policing as it relates to minority communities.

Charles M. Blow
There are many people who think we should have zero tax on capital gains, interest and dividends for everybody, as – the very, very wealthy. But recognize that means that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett would pay no income tax at all. And some people say, ‘Well, that’s a good thing for growth of the economy.’

Mitt Romney
During Governor Jennifer Granholm’s administration, Michigan has experienced job losses, declining personal incomes, diminishing home values, and the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

Tim Walberg
I think the first thing we should do is abolish the income tax.

Subramanian Swamy
I’m not complaining. I’ve made a very good living from boxing, better than any living I possibly could have done. Having said that, you don’t live the rest of your life off the money you make in boxing. You still have to create positive forms of income.

Paulie Malignaggi
Health is the one thing we all have in common regardless of race, creed, or income. Everyone should participate in creating the solutions.

Matthew Heineman
Many argue that graduates earn a ‘premium’ because of their education, and should have to pay their way. I agree, and that’s why I’ve always advocated a progressive taxation system – so if people do receive large salaries, they pay more income tax.

John McDonnell
My idea of opening a restaurant was important. The whole point is that I couldn’t have been totally dependent on acting for my income… even though I want to remain in the field of entertainment forever.

Hiten Tejwani
Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.

Herman Wouk
In the past 40 years, the United States lost more than a million farmers and ranchers. Many of our farmers are aging. Today, only nine percent of family farm income comes from farming, and more and more of our farmers are looking elsewhere for their primary source of income.

Tom Vilsack
A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.

Jane Austen
Maintenance grants, a proud Labour achievement which made it easier for children from lower and middle income families to go to university, have been abolished in one fell swoop. To be replaced with loans.

Angela Rayner
Let me respond with a few points, the first being that all immigrants pay taxes, income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, cigarette taxes, every tax when they make a purchase.

Luis Gutierrez
The devotion that young Chinese feel to the Internet is driven by deep factors ranging from youth unemployment and income inequality to political repression and the demographic imbalance between men and women.

Evan Osnos
Income inequity has to be addressed.

Joe Biden
That fallacy flies in the face of studies that show, every day, in every way, things are getting a little worse for America’s minorities relative to the progress made by those in the top percentiles of assets and income.

Harold Washington
In 2010 the U.S. will have a payroll tax rate increase, an estate tax increase, and income tax increases. There’s also a tax increase coming in 2010 on carried interest. This rate will rise from its current level of 15 percent to 35 percent, and then it will rise again in 2011.

Arthur Laffer
We have to define and put into practice a better, more coherent and effective policy on income security.

Kim Campbell
For me the greatest source of income is still movies. Nothing – stocks, financial speculation, real estate speculation or businesses – makes more money for me than making movies.

Jackie Chan
My fears about where theater is going – it’s the Hollywood model, where people are chasing the almighty dollar and making commercial decisions based on nothing more than generating income for themselves and their theaters.

Lynn Nottage
The death tax causes one-third of all family-owned small businesses to liquidate after the death of the owner. It is also an unfair tax because the assets have already been taxed once at their income level.

Ric Keller
If there are not jobs or adequate forms of social protection, there is not enough income to create the consumption base that drives demand and sustainable economic growth.

Sharan Burrow
I’m 21 years old, and it’s kind of uncomfortable for me to talk about, but I’m in the 1 percent as far as my income and tax bracket. But now that I’m here, there’s no amount of money you can wave in front of my face that will make me understand depriving people of human rights.

Some degree of inequality in income and wealth, of course, would occur even with completely equal opportunity because variations in effort, skill, and luck will produce variations in outcomes.

Janet Yellen
Just saying ‘I want this and I want that’ doesn’t do it. My boys share and share alike in the income that the organization brings in, so that teaches them the lesson: If you work, you can earn some money. That’s how life is; it’s the American way.

Jesse White
If governments start to go it alone on trade, it will become harder, not easier, to generate the jobs and rising incomes that angry electorates want.

Arancha Gonzalez
I could, I think, quite easily have gone to Oxford. I got four good A levels, but my father’s income was such that I wouldn’t have got a grant, and he wouldn’t let me go to university, and that was the end of it.

Colin Baker
It was under Wilson, of course, that the first huge parts of the Marxist program, such as the progressive income tax, were incorporated into the American system.

Robert W. Welch, Jr.
I suspect that writer’s block afflicts mainly people who have some stable and ample source of income outside of writing. So far it hasn’t been a problem.

Fred Saberhagen
We’ve outpaced Japan and Europe in creating new jobs, but there’s major competition from India and China. It’s not enough to make income tax cuts permanent.

Ernest Istook
Eventually I want to subsidize my income with other creative outlets that are going to not keep me tied to the road so much.

Scott Weiland
When the topic is growing income inequality, it’s hard to prettify an imbalance between the rich and everybody else, so instead, conservatives try to argue that it doesn’t exist.

Timothy Noah
I have got gold secure all the time so income tax people will not be able to take the gold from my neck!

Bappi Lahiri
We will be returning to historical levels of inequality. We’ll view post-war America as a kind of strange interlude not to be repeated. It won’t be the dreams that we all had that virtually all incomes go up in lockstep at three percent a year. It hurts to give that up.

Tyler Cowen
Most Americans think that the typical low – income family lives in public housing or gets housing assistance. The opposite is true.

Matthew Desmond
But a married spouse at whatever income level is almost always going to improve the economy of a household over a lifetime, whether that spouse is adding the proceeds of a minimum-wage job or the inestimable value of being a stay-at-home parent while the other one works.

Heather Mac Donald
Young people need the serenity that comes from a stable home, safe streets, regular income, opportunities for travel and study, affordable transport, and a real stake in the future.

Luciana Berger
Head Start is designed to ensure that all children – regardless of their family’s income, race, or ethnic background – are able to enter kindergarten ready to learn.

Lucille Roybal-Allard
An army environment is very protected, a walled city kind of environment, where everybody has the same income, you have the same birthday parties, you are given return gifts – everything is the same. Everybody is moving up at the same pace.

Nimrat Kaur
I am not brave enough to not pay my income tax and risk going to jail. But I can say rather freely what I want to say with my art.

Corita Kent
The Labour perspective is often very preoccupied with either the super-rich or those who don’t have work – but doesn’t have nearly enough to say to those who do have work, on incomes that may not mean they get benefits or tax credits, but are not well off people.

Chuka Umunna
Now, McDonald’s is a very good indicator of the global economy. If McDonald’s doesn’t increase its sales, it tells you that the monetary policies have largely failed in the sense that prices are going up more than disposable income, and so people have less purchasing power.

Marc Faber
My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.

Errol Flynn
So I do have to work, you know, and I find as many movies and TV shows that I can, because otherwise I wouldn’t have an income.

Tippi Hedren
People have always assumed that I am privileged. And that has been a problem sometimes. When I first started modelling, and I was schlepping around London with no money, I found it rather irksome that people thought I had a private income when I didn’t.

Jasmine Guinness
Every two weeks, I’d get a small pay-check and notice the line where federal and state income taxes were deducted from my wages. At least as often, our drug-addict neighbor would buy T-bone steaks, which I was too poor to buy for myself but was forced by Uncle Sam to buy for someone else.

J. D. Vance
If you’re working 50 hours a week to try to maintain family income, and your children have the kinds of aspirations that come from being flooded with television from age one, and associations have declined, people end up hopeless, even though they have every option.

Noam Chomsky
For every day the government is shut down, it should be that we don’t have to pay income tax that day because they’re not working.

Jesse Ventura
I’ve been paying a lot of money in state income taxes, and I’ve been happy to do it, but when this last thing happened, this 50 percent increase in the tax rate, it was just too much.

Tom Golisano
Everyone else is parsing it in terms of lowering the corporate income tax. Eliminate it. It’s not that big of a generator of income, and it’s a double tax. Get rid of it, and you would have an explosion of hiring.

Gary Johnson
Policies aimed at reversing globalization will lead only to a decrease in real income as goods become more expensive.

Angus Deaton
Generally, there are three rules when it comes to borrowing money: You need to have good credit, proof of income and cash for a down payment. Most people have the first two, but it’s the third that trips them up. And nowhere does that come into play more than the mortgage market.

Jean Chatzky
All of us kids in the neighbourhood had to go shoeless for the same reason – all except the landlord’s son, because his father had more income.

Jacques Plante
American businesses and upper incomes pay a larger portion of the federal taxes of our national taxes than any country in the world.

Jim DeMint
The bottom line is there are lots of problems that were not created by government. The biggest one is loss of middle class incomes, loss of good-paying jobs which was created by technology and globalization. Above all, when you can move a job to China or India, it reduces wages.

Chuck Schumer
For every challenge we face – unemployment, poverty, crime, income growth, income inequality, productivity, competitiveness – a great education is a major component of the solution.

Bruce Rauner
Texas has no income tax, which is a big draw for corporate executives who do business there. But it’s hardly tax-free. The property taxes are high for a Southern state. The sales taxes are high. One study found that the bottom 20 percent of the Texas population pays 12 percent of its income in state and local taxes.

Gail Collins
In the tradition of national income accounting, economic policymakers have typically focused on variables such as income, wealth, and consumption.

Ben Bernanke
If I can generate enough income, I’d like to get a castle, a historic castle that I can restore.

Henry Thomas
Since 2016 we’ve been campaigning to improve the rights of renters, especially those on low incomes who are being ripped off by stratospheric admin fees, which puts them at risk of homelessness.

Jo Swinson
In New Orleans, where I’m from, the average household income, with two working parents, two kids, a dog and a little fence is $16,000 a year, so $15,000 for a movie sounds pretty good.

Anthony Mackie
Anger is an expensive luxury in which only men of certain income can indulge.

George William Curtis
If you are an investor who’s retired and hopes to live off the income that your portfolio is generating, then we would focus just on the dividend yield.

James O’Shaughnessy
The biggest revenue target is the preferential rate for long-term capital gains, which raises a perennial question: Why should capital income be taxed at a much lower rate than ordinary income? Capital assets are owned overwhelmingly by the rich.

James B. Stewart
I favor a system where students in publicly funded institutions make a commitment: if they do well in the private sector, they will revert a certain percentage of their income to the education sector; and if they devote some years to public service, their debt will be forgiven.

Howard Gardner
Low income persons in need of social housing should be housed in more prosperous areas to avoid placing an extra burden on the poorer areas and to redress the balance in terms of housing, redressing the balance in terms of schooling.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem
I’m acting! And doing it for income! But it’s for something that I love, and that’s super rare.

Ashton Sanders
You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart.

David Rockefeller
The less money you owe, the less income you’ll need and the less you’ll have to save for tomorrow.

Suze Orman
The profession of a prostitute is the only career in which the maximum income is paid to the newest apprentice.

William Booth
Class is not a fixed designation in this country. We are an upwardly mobile society with a lot of movement between income groups.

Paul Ryan
Many American players – Paul Caligiuri, Claudio Reyna, Eric Wynalda, Kasey Keller, Tony Sanneh, Michael Bradley and Steve Cherundolo, just a partial list – have sought the income and challenge of Germany.

George Vecsey
I should say many things. Mexico has been one of the losers of the 20th century. We tried many different alternatives to development and unfortunately we have 40 percent of the population poor; we have a per capita income that is extremely low.

Vicente Fox
I support both a Fair Tax and a Flat Tax plan that would dramatically streamline the tax system. A Fair Tax would replace all federal taxes on personal and corporate income with a single national tax on retail sales, while a Flat Tax would apply the same tax rate to all income with few if any deductions or exemptions.

Ralph Hall
Anything in this culture that stands still long enough eventually becomes okay if a person can derive an income from it. Eventually, pay-per-view public execution will happen, and it will be half-time entertainment.

Henry Rollins
If the scale of gas is anything like the claims made by its advocates, it has major implications for the economy and British society. Besides its worrying environmental aspects, it could have adverse effects on income distribution.

Guy Standing
We were postwar middle-class white kids living in the slipstream of the greatest per-capita rise in income in the history of Western civilization; we were ‘teen-agers’ – a term, coined in 1941, that was in common usage a decade later – a new, recognizable franchise. We had money, mobility, and problems all our own.

John Lahr
Never put your savings in risky investments. Only disposable income should find its way there.

Soha Ali Khan
I think we ought to ban earmarks. I think we ought to give citizens the opportunity to designate up to 10 percent of their federal income tax toward debt reduction. If we did that, we would reduce our debt by $95 billion a year.

Carly Fiorina
Your income reflects your self-identity. Your impact reveals your personal story.

Robin S. Sharma
My dad was focused on trying to get a guaranteed annual income for all people in 1968, shortly before he was killed. He did not get to realize that dream.

Martin Luther King III
I was the founder of the ‘Cartoon Bank’ in the ’90s. I was interested in finding ways for cartoonists to supplement their incomes.

Robert Mankoff
To try and nick a few quid off the income tax… Why? I am not into that. I don’t need that.

Harry Redknapp
Yet, individuals and corporations in Puerto Rico pay no federal income tax.

Dick Thornburgh
Man, I grew up like everybody else. Middle-low income family. My parents got divorced like most of the rest of the country.

Socialism, reduced to its simplest legal and practical expression, means the complete discarding of the institution of private property by transforming it into public property, and the division of the resultant public income equally and indiscriminately among the entire population.

George Bernard Shaw
The potential for Home Star to create jobs is proven and real. In Vermont, our statewide energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont, created more than 430 jobs in 2007 and 2008, generating more than $40 million in income.

Peter Welch
I was the kind of poor where I knew right away I had less than everyone around me. Our environment, our physical space reflected our income.

Viola Davis
Since the end of the 1970s, something has gone profoundly wrong in America. Inequality has soared. Educational progress slowed. Incarceration rates quintupled. Family breakdown accelerated. Median household income stagnated.

Nicholas Kristof
If my brother and I wanted money in our pockets, we had to get jobs – my first was at 15, at Burger King. We had to come up with ways to create an income.

Queen Latifah
It became clear I wanted to be a development economist. I mean, I said I wanted to work on the economics of poor countries. And I’d actually say that I don’t think that was so much about narrowing the gap as about increasing their incomes, which means economic growth, which is really my prime interest.

James Mirrlees
Economic mobility will fix income inequality.

Joe Sestak
Skills development as a means to income generation is the key to integrate vulnerable migrants into the mainstream of society and to equip them for an eventual return home.

Arancha Gonzalez
In sport, the money goes to the talent; it goes directly to the worker – unlike a bank, which sits in the middle of transactions and whose income bears no relation to any of the services it provides.

John Lanchester
If all Christians and Jews tithed their income as the Bible commands, every poor person would be cared for, every naked person clothed, and every hungry person fed.

Ann Coulter
For a nation, the choices that determine whether income doubles in one generation or two dwarf all other economic policy concerns.

Paul Romer
We are beginning a new era in our government. I cannot too strongly urge the necessity of a rigid economy and an inflexible determination not to enlarge the income beyond the real necessities of the government.

Andrew Jackson
Putting, say, an 85 per cent income tax rate is unlikely to bring in much revenue.

Angus Deaton
Women with education, skills, and independent sources of income are more able to withstand the pressures of the patriarchal family and more able to express their opinions and to move freely within their communities.

Deeyah Khan
I’m living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart.

Hector Hugh Munro
When incomes and bonuses decrease, revenues falter, and businesses stumble, it’s more important than ever to give – not necessarily more, but in a way that matters more. When incomes are down and wallets are stretched, the effectiveness of our giving is what really counts.

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
During that first year, I felt guilty that my wife was out working bringing in all our income, while I was at home playing on the computer, so I made myself treat writing like a job.

Stephen R. George
Do you realize that if we could increase just by 50 percent the number of adults who have a college degree, it would add $5 billion to the economy and it would result in a net income to the state of Arkansas of $340 million a year?

Mike Huckabee
As a general rule, governments are wise to avoid taxation that is voluntary, as they need a steady stream of income.

Jacob Rees-Mogg
The argument that any income redistribution is tantamount to socialism, and that socialism has always been unAmerican, has helped legitimise keeping taxes on America’s very wealthy very low.

Linda Colley
You need a very good financial person to keep you honest, and to keep track of income and outgo.

Bill Kurtis
The income effects in an economy always sum to zero.

Arthur Laffer
The problem of the food price is structural. The growth of demand cannot be checked in that it is coming from middle income countries demanding more quality and more quantity of food. High demand is here to stay.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati
I give away about 50 percent of my income, so my, you know, desire to give back to the country is pretty strong and I intend to give away a lot more. I’ve signed the giving pledge with Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and I intend to give away the bulk of my money.

David Rubenstein
When your outgo exceeds your income, the upshot may be your downfall.

Paul Harvey
I love the Roth IRA. Tax-free income in retirement is a truly great deal.

Suze Orman
After decades of studying the men and women that make the decision to open their own Great, Growing Company, I’d have to say it comes down to the Vision they have for that business – do they expect to build the company or just have some income for the short term?

Michael Gerber
Obama and Clinton wrongly believe that the corporate income tax is a tax on the rich. The reality is that rich corporations don’t pay taxes – workers do.

Lawrence Kudlow
Income inequality is one thing, but a permanent division into the haves and have-nots is an entirely different thing – and much less acceptable.

Chrystia Freeland
In general, anyone who paid the long distance telephone tax will get the refund on their 2006 federal income tax return. This includes individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Virgil Goode
We want for everyone to be treated with dignity and respect in any situation. And so we’ve been thinking about how do we use our platform to empower women. More than half of our hosts are women, and many are using the extra income to start their own businesses.

Belinda Johnson
When I became governor, spending actually increased 28 percent my first term. Revenue increased 42 percent my first term without raising anybody’s taxes. We did it because we had more taxpayers with more taxable income. That’s how you get the revenue up. We did that without raising anybody’s taxes.

Haley Barbour
A child’s geographic location, race or parent’s income level should not predetermine their life’s course and it’s up to us to see that they don’t.

Joe Manchin
The A.M.T. is a parallel system for calculating tax liability intended to ensure that high-income taxpayers pay a substantial amount in federal tax even if they have large deductions or other items to offset income.

James B. Stewart
If you want to get wages up in America for middle income Americans, there’s only one way I know how to do that in real terms… by having more businesses want to hire more people.

Mitt Romney
Empowering women with greater income opportunities will lift societies at a much faster rate.

Arancha Gonzalez
The economic costs, the financial costs, the job losses, the income losses, the fiscal costs of bailing out financial system are becoming larger and larger.

Nouriel Roubini
I agree on the need for environmental sustainability. It is no good raising gross national income while at the same time destroying natural assets.

Hilary Benn
There are some rights that are so fundamental to our society that you’d think the public debate would be closed on them. The right of every American citizen to vote – regardless of age, race, or income level – is one of them.

Martin O’Malley
From the employees’ standpoint, in 1935, Social Security was a big gamble. Employees would be required to participate in the program, contributing a percentage of their income for their entire adult working life.

Wayne Allard
If you want to leave move money in the hands of poor people, you cannot do it through personal income tax cuts. You have to just give them money.

Abhijit Banerjee
The average mutual fund holding period for equity or fixed income is only about three years. It’s too short.

Kenneth Fisher
What the voters want to know is who is going to get out there, fight for them, and deal with the income gap that exists in the nation today.

Terry McAuliffe
When I was growing up, we were in a high income bracket, one of the highest. I was one of the first in high school to get a car. And I didn’t have to wait for it to be a graduation present, either. We’ve probably got one of the nicest houses in Sacramento.

Barbi Benton
Elections should be held on April 16th- the day after we pay our income taxes. That is one of the few things that might discourage politicians from being big spenders.

Thomas Sowell
My highest priority is to make sure we get Americans back to work. And that we have rising incomes again and that we have a deficit reduction program in place that convinces the world that we’re on track to having a balanced budget.

Mitt Romney
We will have bigger bureaucracies, bigger labor unions, and bigger state-run corporations. It will be harder to be an entrepreneur because of punitive taxes and regulations. The rewards of success will be expropriated for the sake of attaining greater income equality.

Arthur C. Brooks
The biggest single challenge to America and our future is income inequality. We’ve got to fix it.

Kenneth Langone
I’ve been around low-income people all of my life. I mean, growing up, low income, the community where I’ve chosen to live, low-income.

Danny K. Davis
Equal pay isn’t just a women’s issue; when women get equal pay, their family incomes rise and the whole family benefits.

Mike Honda
If we need more demand in the economy then protect people in work and raise the incomes of those on low incomes who need to spend, such as the low paid, pensioners and families with children.

John McDonnell
When a person has work, she has income and can achieve financial self-sustainability. She can prioritize her family’s health and education. Her standing in the community is lifted, and so is her confidence.

Neil Blumenthal
The closest thing to a law of nature in business is that form has an affinity for expense, while substance has an affinity for income.

Dee Hock
Our agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley continues to face historically low prices and producer income, as well as losses due to weather and other disasters.

Sue Kelly
The unpopularity of raising corporate or personal income tax has been a straight jacket constraining Labour’s thinking on how best to invest and grow the economy.

Barry Gardiner
For an individual, playback singing is not enough to sustain a career, and it is not really a main source of income.

Armaan Malik
Ultimately, stable growth will ensure that urban and rural incomes increase and people’s lives improve.

Li Keqiang
The federal government is often said in militia circles to have made wholesale seizures of power, at times by subterfuge. A leading grievance holds that the 16th Amendment, which authorizes the federal income tax, was ratified through fraud.

Barton Gellman
In order to have quality journalism you need to have a good income stream, and no Internet model has produced a way of generating income that would pay for good-quality investigative journalism.

Bill Bryson
A temporary reduction in tax rates on individual incomes can be a powerful weapon against recession.

Paul Samuelson
I have developed a life which seems to need a relatively high income.

Jeremy Irons
Owning a variety of asset classes means that some part of your portfolio will be doing well when the cyclical turmoil arises. A broadly diversified portfolio includes large capitalization stocks, small cap, emerging markets, fixed income, real estate and commodities.

Barry Ritholtz
Eastern Washington families and businesses should be able to deduct every penny of state and local sales tax they pay throughout the year from their federal tax bill, especially when people in most states are deducting their state income taxes.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
I think that on the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders talks about income inequality and poverty alleviation, and those issues are so important.

Kerry Kennedy
My audience loves seeing me pump large amounts of money into action and sets. And it works. I’m not saying that films made within a budget are wrong. But when audiences come to see my film with their families, I guess they are spending at least 10 per cent of their monthly income. I don’t want to cheat them.

Rohit Shetty
Money begets money. If you don’t have that, you wait around to be hired by somebody at the mercy of others. If you have that money in your hand, you desperately try to make the best use of it and move ahead. And that’s generating income for yourself.

Muhammad Yunus
The idea that you earn things – that you earn respect, that you earn income, responsibility, the vote, punishment… these ideas are anathema to the liberal mind.

Dennis Prager
Armed with nothing more than a Facebook user’s phone number and home address, anyone with an Internet connection and a few dollars can obtain personal information they should never have access to, including a user’s date of birth, e-mail address, or estimated income.

Al Franken
From what little is known of Mr. Trump’s tax returns, he used losses to offset virtually all of his taxable income for years by generating something called net operating loss carry-overs.

James B. Stewart
I didn’t grasp the basic principle of being a promoter, which was: Put on music but also generate an income. I was on the dole most of the time.

Alex Kapranos
I would also certainly continue to keep loan repayment interest rates as low as possible. And I would spread the financial aid a little less thinly across all income brackets.

Charles Vest
Tactical Work is the work you do every day in your business to generate income, along with all of the operational, financial, and management tasks that entails.

Michael Gerber
If the American public is so into morality in movies, why don’t they throw more of their disposable income at religious-themed entertainment? For every ‘Passion of the Christ,’ there’s a ‘Fireproof’ that comes and goes with no notice.

John Ridley
Regardless of their parent’s income or zip code, every child in Georgia deserves access to a high-quality, affordable education.

Stacey Abrams
For too many, to work means having less income.

Kim Campbell
The premium tax credit that is in the Obama plan is exactly that – it is a tax credit, and it isn’t cash. It is a discount on the amount that you pay for an individual policy based on your family size and your income.

Kathleen Sebelius
We are trying to say that low income and low job opportunities, after a long period of time, tears at the social fabric.

Angus Deaton
The benefits of growth have not trickled down. Income inequalities have become one of the biggest global challenges, attracting growing attention not only in academic literature but also among policymakers globally.

Jose Angel Gurria
Perhaps not unusually for a popular film produced over three decades ago, there have been a dizzying parade of corporate characters trading rights to ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ through the years. Yet our requests for timely statements of the film’s income have been met with a series of slammed doors.

Harry Shearer
Timber extraction provides big profits at the expense of local communities. Providing communities with unfettered access to harvest a forest that is protected in perpetuity provides better and more reliable incomes.

Johan Eliasch
Tax laws favor capital over labor, giving capital gains a lower rate than ordinary income. The rich get humongous mortgage interest deductions while renters get no deduction at all.

Robert Reich
The people who deserve and need subsidies are those who are on average incomes and less.

Mohammad bin Salman
The truth is, Hillary Clinton’s ideas create more income inequality. Why? Because bigger government creates crony capitalism. When you have a 70,000 page tax code, you’ve got to be very wealthy, very powerful, very well connected to dig your way through that tax code.

Carly Fiorina
My total year’s income from working as hard as I possibly could from writing went from like $30 one year to about $70 the next year. And it made me realize that maybe you couldn’t really pay the rent that way.

Kevin J. Anderson
After the break up of the municipality and the loss of his income my father lost health and spirits.

Catherine Helen Spence
If you’re going to have a free economy, one in which the ordinary citizen can dispose of his own income, you’re going to have people who dispose of it in an anti-social way.

Roger Scruton
So tonight I propose one more step that I would rather not propose. I ask the most fortunate among us, those citizens earning over $100,000 per year, for one year, to pay an additional one percent on the income they receive.

Mitch Daniels
Globalisation, technological change, and the move to flexible labour markets has channelled more and more income to rentiers – those owning financial, physical, or so-called intellectual property – while real wages stagnate.

Guy Standing
Here’s the truth. The proposed top rate of income tax is not 50 per cent. It is 50 per cent plus 1.5 per cent national insurance paid by employees plus 13.3 per cent paid by employers. That’s not 50 per cent. Two years from now, Britain will have the highest tax rate on earned income of any developed country.

Andrew Lloyd Webber
There are huge misconceptions about people on benefits. They are labelled scroungers or cheats. The reality is that many who need that level of support are working, but their income is not enough to get out of debt or pay for basics like food and household bills. It’s so close to the way I grew up.

Theo Paphitis
A lot of girls annoy me who go to university – one girl told me she was going to Oxford because it was something to do between leaving school and getting married. And I’ve got to pay for that being an income tax payer.

Jeffrey Bernard
My graduation was an amazing moment for my family, my community. In my early childhood, we lived on a subsidized income, with government assistance – at one point when I was growing up, my mother was making $14,000 a year. Now I had made it out of the hood, so to speak.

A $1.7 billion average increase in electricity costs is estimated to result in a $1.3 billion decrease in personal income and a loss of 13,000 more jobs in the region.

Greg Walden
There are few sorrows, however poignant, in which a good income is of no avail.

Logan Pearsall Smith
Globalization has redefined the competition for employment and incomes in the United States. Tradeoffs will have to be made between the two.

Michael Spence
Without productivity gains, any growth in GDP is exactly offset by population growth, and the average income stays the same.

Said Musa
Puerto Rico loses out on billions of dollars annually because it is treated unequally under a range of federal programs, including tax credits available to millions of households in the States that do not pay federal income taxes.

Pedro Pierluisi
If you aren’t going to make your revenue plan, it’s unlikely you’ll make your EBITDA or Net Income plan. You don’t even have to get complicated and look at Gross Margin or more derivative metrics – if you are off in Q1 and have any sort of growth expectations , you are going to miss for the year.

Brad Feld
If a man were living in isolation his income would be literally his product. Make him the monarch and owner of an island, and the fruits that he raises and the clothing that he makes constitute, in themselves, his income. This ceases to be true when trading begins.

John Bates Clark
President Obama’s version of America is a divided one – pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender, and social status. His policies have failed! We are not better off than we were 4 years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker, or campaign ad can change that.

Mia Love
I don’t think most people understand that when I wasn’t running for president, I was working. Because I have to earn income. I have three kids in college. And three in school. And I have a little girl that has a lot of special needs. So I’ve got to work for a living. I was working already.

Rick Santorum
I actually went into writing first to supplement my income, which was a strange thing to do, and actually failed.

Steve Toltz
If people do not have jobs, they do not have a secure income, and they do not have a sense of security.

Sharan Burrow
When I started to pay income tax, I was 50 years old.

Alejandro Jodorowsky
In my work as an actress and an activist, I’ve spent many years working with low income communities and people of color who don’t always have a voice in our political process.

Gloria Reuben
Women would be disproportionately affected by the privatization of social security. It is one of the most important safety nets for American women in old age, or in times of disability, to insure financial income for their families.

Barbara Mikulski
What I favor is that we have health care access to people that is not income based. We have to have health care that is acceptable and it’s going to come in a number of forms.

Lori Lightfoot
Why not just eliminate the federal income tax?

Gore Vidal
It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.

Oscar Wilde
Although labor income is by far the largest component of gross national product, a job is not just a commodity. For many, work is an important reason for living. Even for those who are less fortunate in their allocation of work, being unemployed is a miserable state.

Dale T. Mortensen
Throughout my career I have developed a thick skin against verbal abuse, justifying it as just ‘part of the game’ but the time has come for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to consider regulating their channels, taking responsibility for protecting the mental health of users regardless of age, race, sex or income.

Chris Smalling
At some point, extra incomes don’t go to sate desires but to attempt to buy status through ‘positional goods’ – like the hottest car on the block. The problem is that there can only be one hottest car on the block.

Nicholas Kristof
You know, you should really look at where Mitt has led his life, and where he’s been financially. He’s a very generous person. We give 10 percent of our income to our church every year. Do you think that is the kind of person that is trying to hide things, or do things? No.

Ann Romney
The corporate income tax, in particular, is a tax that puts American corporations at a disadvantage.

Ken Buck
We did wanna change the name. We were actually putting names in a hat. It was the people making an income off Motley Crue that talked us out of it. The booking agent was getting them between a half a million and a million dollars a show as Motley Crue. Then there was the manager who got 10 to 15 percent off Motley Crue.

John Corabi
If someone has money, they can put their child in a private school, paying tens of thousands of dollars for tuition. But their child’s needs are met. What is lacking is options for that single mom with three kids, or just that intact family but lower income.

Bill Cassidy
Tins with ringpulls tend to belong to those with slightly more disposable income; look at the Basics and Value ranges next time you are in the supermarket and you will see that they require a tin opener to get into them.

Jack Monroe
The shortage of buyers, which the world is suffering from, is readily understood, not as due to people not wishing to obtain possession of goods, but as people being unwilling to part with something which might earn a regular income in exchange for those goods.

Paul Dirac
You know, there is an image of me out there for which advocacy of a universal basic income is inconsistent. It doesn’t fit the narrative because this is supposed to be the hardhearted, racist, sexist, homophobe, Charles Murray. And he wants to increase spending on the poor? That doesn’t fit.

Charles Murray
As far as income goes, there are three currencies in the world; most people ignore two. The three currencies are time, income and mobility, in descending order of importance. Most people focus exclusively on income.

Tim Ferriss
A universal basic income would be the best way to give everyone the opportunity to do more unpaid but incredibly important work, such as caring for children and the elderly.

Rutger Bregman
I have always paid income tax. I object only when it reaches a stage when I am threatened with having nothing left for my old age – which is due to start next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Noel Coward
Since it’s no longer my singular source of income, I’ve withdrawn from fashion spaces a bit. However, I still have a deep love for fashion and want to continue to work with designers and houses that inspire me – like Rick Owens, whose show I would no doubt walk in again if the opportunity arose.

Hunter Schafer
My dream is universal income, with a completely different fiscal system to finance it.

Beppe Grillo
It’s common knowledge that professional athletes earn extraordinary incomes. What is less known or understood is how the advent of these riches has seeped into the conscious and unconscious ways in which our society now parents children.

Douglas Brunt
The distribution systems and the cinemas have adopted to the blockbusters, and they now get their main income from selling popcorn, and if you don’t make a film that sells popcorn, it’s very hard to get it out there.

Stellan Skarsgard
And very often the influence exerted on a person’s character by the amount of his income is hardly less, if it is less, than that exerted by the way in which it is earned.

Alfred Marshall
Publishing is a business, and I completely understand it. But when you don’t have to depend on writing for your identity or your income, you can do whatever you want.

Hanya Yanagihara
The only question where there is disagreement is should the highest income rates above a quarter million dollars a year go back to where they were under Bill Clinton. That is the dispute about the taxes.

Austan Goolsbee
When it comes to the income of the ministry, I have no problem talking about it or what happens to the money.

Benny Hinn
People at the very top of the income scale also benefited from globalization and automation. But the income of working- and middle-class people in the developed world has stagnated.

Moshe Vardi
Companies like Google and Facebook may offer jobs allowing or requiring imagination and creativity, but the whole of Silicon Valley accounts for only 3 percent of national income and a smaller percentage of national employment.

Edmund Phelps
I can assure you that my wife and I – every penny of income we’ve ever had, our taxes were paid in West Virginia.

Joe Manchin
Without the ability to plant roots and invest in your community or your school – because you’re paying 60, 70, 80 percent of your income to rent – and eviction becomes something of an inevitability to you, it denies you certain freedoms.

Matthew Desmond
I’m very aware of my spending, but I’m not very aware of my income. There are certain times when I speak to my accountant, or something will pop up, and I’ll be like ‘oh’ but it’s not really a frontrunner in my head.

Gemma Ward
It isn’t only rich countries that suffer from the effects of tax havens. Developing countries also lose billions of dollars in tax revenues due each year because wealthy individuals and some companies use tax havens to move assets and income offshore.

Jose Angel Gurria
The world is likely to view any temporary extension of the income tax cuts for the top two percent as a prelude to a long-term or permanent extension, and that would hurt economic recovery as well by undermining confidence that we’re prepared to make a commitment today to bring down our future deficits.

Timothy Geithner
Everything in our lives revolves around our jobs, as much as we hate to say it. Where we live at, where our kids go to school, what we eat, what lifestyle we live, depends on the income we bring in and being able to provide for your family, and that’s your employment.

Dakota Meyer
The weak economy, widening income inequality, gridlock in Congress and a presidential election: Those were perhaps the dominant economic and political themes of 2012.

Steven Rattner
I have not purposely gone out to try to avoid paying income tax.

Harry Redknapp
Solar growth will support landowners to derive income and solar industry to build their business.

Piyush Goyal
Leading economists have shown that by shrinking Texas, we can actually create more income for Texas in the long run.

Ian Frazier
‘Mr. Robot,’ in particular, signals the rise of a fresh post-Occupy portrayal of the wealth gap. No longer is the story of income inequity delivered via a well-meaning, crushingly earnest indie film by John Sayles or in a single laugh line on ‘Roseanne.’

Alissa Quart
I was so dedicated to generating income to keep my family housed and clothed and schooled. That mattered to me. And playing good golf mattered to me. The rest of the things, like how my record stacked up against others, never made that much difference.

Billy Casper
Even now – I’m 35 – I’ve been in a relationship for 15 years with a guy, and we have two full incomes and no kids, and it’s hilarious. We’re children, perpetually, because of this rock and roll thing. But it’s still so fulfilling.

Lzzy Hale
Think of a public library, worth more for those who cannot afford numerous books. Think of a public waterway or fishing ground. All types of commons have imputed monetary value that together comprise a source of social income. As such, the commons reduces economic inequality and insecurity in society.

Guy Standing
Low-wage individuals barely get anything. I think we have to reward work, and I do think that we need to bump up the earned income tax credit to help low-wage workers.

Mike Coffman
Ever since I retired from competitive bodybuilding, one of my dreams has been to offer an affordable way for independent gym owners to make a comfortable income and empower them to help the sick and diseased at the same time.

Dorian Yates
No issue is more personal or more important than protecting our health care. It’s one of the most pressing concerns I hear about when I meet with Nevadans – no matter their age, race or income.

Jacky Rosen
Whether you’re earning income because you have money sitting in the bank or a stock account somewhere, you should be taxed on that income fairly and the same.

Seth Moulton
HUD’s mission is to provide decency and sanitary housing for low and moderate income people in this country.

Alphonso Jackson
Real poverty is less a state of income than a state of mind.

George Gilder
A tax is something people pay out of income.

Grant Shapps
Chefs have only been able to work in restaurants, high-end cuisine. Why? Why haven’t they been able to find other scenarios? For those chefs who want to do avant-garde cuisine, should they be finding their income in a restaurant?

Ferran Adria
Tax expenditures for middle- and working-class Americans – like the earned income tax credit – aren’t thought of as loopholes; they’re just thought of as benefits.

Alex Pareene
In order to counteract income inequality, it’s essential to tackle poverty in an integrated way that has long-term impact. We need to give people the capacity to be resilient, to take on challenges and to learn the skills they need to work toward more prosperous futures.

Helene D. Gayle
I think Republicans need to take income inequality more seriously. Not because I favor equality of outcomes. I do not. I think the Right is correct to stress merit and earned rewards, not handouts and forced equality. But I think what Republicans are blind to is that power corrupts.

Jonathan Haidt
My main income is from speaking.

Ken Livingstone
When you’re on a football scholarship, you get a stipend that’s supposed to cover your rent and a few incidentals. It was $360 a month. This was the late 1980s, and the NCAA has an interesting rule where you’re not allowed to supplement your income with a part-time job.

Jason Chaffetz
The biggest income we make is from live performances, without any doubt. That’s about a 4-to-1 ratio from anything else.

Ian Gillan
Lesson to would-be fame seekers: It’s not really a new world when it comes to celebrity. There are no shortcuts. It’s still talent, perseverance and hard work. Even the speed and reach of the Net can’t create lasting value and income overnight.

Sarah Lacy
I get income, but I don’t have a big swath of money to invest in things.

Agnes Gund
On New Year’s Day 2008 I had two bailiffs turn up on my doorstep and because I had so little income I had not been paying bills, and I respect the concept of paying bills, I’m very much in favour of it, I just couldn’t quite get it together.

Anne Hegerty
The primary value of a basic income would be its emancipatory effect.

Guy Standing
Structured settlements are a common way for people who have been injured to receive an insurance payout. The periodic payments provide ongoing income and reduce the risk of blowing a lump sum through poor financial choices.

Suze Orman
If there is anyone dependent on your income – parents, children, relatives – you need life insurance.

Suze Orman
Solvency is entirely a matter of temperament and not of income.

Logan Pearsall Smith
I would describe myself as having a healthy income, but I sure wouldn’t describe the son of a postmaster and an encyclopedia saleswoman as upper class, by any stretch of the imagination. I would describe myself as decidedly middle class. I think I’m extremely fortunate.

James Carville
Obviously, people with low or even moderate incomes could not afford such savings rates, and even diligent savings from their low wages would not be enough to pay for either retirement or healthcare.

William Greider
When women are paid for their work and have control over how the money gets spent, they invest much more of their income than men do in their families’ education and health.

Arancha Gonzalez
In the lexicon of the political class, the word ‘sacrifice’ means that the citizens are supposed to mail even more of their income to Washington so that the political class will not have to sacrifice the pleasure of spending it.

George Will
In socialism, private property is anathema, and equal distribution of income the first consideration. In capitalism, private property is cardinal, and distribution left to ensue from the play of free contract and selfish interest on that basis, no matter what anomalies it may present.

George Bernard Shaw
We vetoed five income tax increases during my time as governor. We cut business taxes $2.3 billion, and we cut regulation by one-third of what my predecessor put in place.

Chris Christie
What you do by having an income tax rate reduction across the board, you really provide great incentives for people to work, produce, and increase output. So I would support a carbon tax in replacement for a progressive income tax.

Arthur Laffer
I want the United Kingdom to be the best place in the world in which to grow old. By ensuring that as many as possible have the opportunity to build up a decent private income for later life we will be well on the way to achieving this.

David Gauke
Given Miami’s unique role in Airbnb’s roots, I’m particularly proud of how South Floridians have embraced home sharing as an opportunity to earn supplemental income and catalyze economic development in their communities.

Joe Gebbia
The confidence is really driven by the woman – whether she can have the confidence that there will be enough earning or income to finance all the domestic spending – but also by the middle-income class, which for many Asian countries has become the growth power for the economy.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati
It’s true that redistributing income to the needy is politically easier in a growing economy than in a stagnant one.

Robert Reich
I support a guaranteed basic income. I think we should take care of sick people. I believe women can make their own choices and that the government is at its best when it’s building bridges instead of bombs.

Edward Snowden
Strictly speaking, every citizen above a certain level of income is guilty of some offense.

Max Frisch
Countries with higher incomes on average achieve better human development. I do not believe that growth alone will ‘cure’ poverty. But I do believe that growth is necessary.

Hilary Benn
The claim that if people had a basic income they would become lazy is prejudiced and has been refuted many times in many places.

Guy Standing
I believe that when you do what you love, you find higher levels of satisfaction that can compensate for lower income.

Adam Neumann
I think for women especially, you need to have a plan. I need to have some other ways to generate income, so I don’t have to stretch my face or lift the top of my head with surgery or something.

Tina Fey
Even tax breaks that are supposed to help the middle class too often skew toward the wealthy. Consider the mortgage interest deduction. While political leaders in both parties have long considered it untouchable, it actually helps those at the top of the income scale far more than those at the bottom.

Dee Dee Myers
It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income.

Leonard Orr
Helping the poor doesn’t mean redistributing the wealth. It means removing the breaks that give the wealthy an advantage so huge that big chunks of the nation’s income are automatically removed from individual economic competition.

Donna Brazile
The story of Detroit’s bankruptcy was simple enough: Allow capitalism to grow the city, campaign against income inequality, tax the job creators until they flee, increase government spending in order to boost employment, promise generous pension plans to keep people voting for failure. Rinse, wash and repeat.

Ben Shapiro
Earning high returns isn’t just a matter of bragging rights – endowment income supports the missions of nonprofit institutions, whether education, as with college and universities, or broader social programs, as at many private foundations.

James B. Stewart
We also have a program in place for low income people. A family of four making $26,000 a year can receive medical coverage, irrespective of citizenship or what documents.

George Pataki
The fact is that one of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements are fiction, cash flow is reality.

Chris Chocola
I think the economic empowerment of women that has been growing over the past decade is at the ‘inflection point’ with this global recession. Women are, we believe, the solution for their families in their ability to go out and increase household income.

Andrea Jung
Although everyone does benefit from lower-priced goods and services, people also care greatly about the chance to be productively employed and the quality of their work. Declining employment opportunities feel real and immediate; the rise in real incomes brought by lower prices does not.

Michael Spence
If Warren Buffett made his money from ordinary income rather than capital gains, his tax rate would be a lot higher than his secretary’s. In fact a very small percentage of people in this country pay a big chunk of the taxes.

Michael Bloomberg
Americans, in general, are ignorant, bigoted, and deeply unhappy with their declining incomes.

Gore Vidal
I think if you look back through time, the history of income, wealth and taxation is full of surprise. So I am not terribly impressed by those who know in advance what will or will not happen.

Thomas Piketty
You replace it by 23 percent tax, a frank, transparent tax embedded in the cost at retail, and everybody gets to takes their whole check home. And the average income earner gets a 50 percent increase in take-home pay.

John Linder
Public demand for better services requires increased revenue, but international market competition for capital and labour drives down the ability of any one country to raise either corporate or personal income tax.

Barry Gardiner
Children do best when their parents live together in stable relationships, when two incomes can be a catalyst for opportunity.

Marc Veasey
When the word ‘morality’ comes up in connection with economics, income distribution and financial stability are usually the issues. Is it moral for rich countries to use such a high proportion of the world’s resources or for investment bankers to earn large bonuses?

Edmund Phelps
It’s tougher for women than men in Hollywood, period, if you ask me. As with most professions, women have generally not found equality with men when it comes to income and influence. There aren’t as many female directors, producers, and writers, which translates to fewer complex roles for women.

Nazanin Boniadi
President Obama believes that income inequality is one of the most pressing matters facing the nation. If we are going to be a country that provides ladders of opportunity and believes in a thriving middle class, then we have to raise the minimum wage.

Tom Perez
If the BJP government, like the Congress party, had asked what were the numbers on the fraction of people under a particular income, would I have not told them the truth? I would have told them exactly. I would have been as willing.

Abhijit Banerjee
Remember: If the IRS suspects you haven’t reported income, it can challenge returns from the past six years. So if you are self-employed or have multiple income sources, hold on to six years of files to be absolutely safe.

Suze Orman
I’m lucky that I enjoy playing live; it’s my passion to do that. There’s certain artists that never want to play live. They just want to be in the studio. Good luck, because there is no income.

Peter Frampton
My research in this period centered around growth, technical change, and income distribution, both how growth affected the distribution of income and how the distribution of income affected growth.

Joseph Stiglitz
Because Social Security is specifically designed to boost the retirement income of low earners with a progressive benefit formula, the program has played an enormous and necessary role in keeping Latinas out of poverty.

Grace Napolitano
American capitalists, enthralled by the doctrines of finance, have put their income statements in service of the balance sheet.

Clayton M. Christensen
Once you’re retired and are no longer counting on earned income to live on and supplement your nest egg, you’re done with disability insurance. At that point, though, the need for long-term care insurance – which protects you from spending that nest egg too fast – takes over.

Jean Chatzky
I like to say I’m more conservative than Goldwater. He just wanted to turn the clock back to when there was no income tax.

Pete Seeger
I am such a strong admirer and supporter of George W. Bush that if he suggested eliminating the income tax or doubling it, I would vote yes on first blush.

Jerry Falwell
The first time I had disposable income, the two things I cared most about were a television and a couch.

Seth Meyers
The U.S. is the country that invented progressive taxation of income and of inherited wealth in the 1910s and ’20s.

Thomas Piketty
Right now, too many women who reach retirement age find themselves widowed or single, relying on their Social Security check for over half of their income.

Judy Biggert
I have continuously said that, at the very minimum, the Bush tax cuts for income under $250,000 should be extended.

Brad Schneider
You can be hostile to greed. You can be hostile to income inequality. You can be for raising raises… but you can’t be hostile to businesses because 98 percent of businesses are small business people.

Tim Ryan
Ford’s federal income tax rate was just 2.3 percent in 2009 even though it made $3 billion in profits.

Bernie Sanders
I would like to electrocute everyone who uses the word ‘fair’ in connection with income tax policies.

William F. Buckley, Jr.
You’ve always got to think about having some fixed income in your portfolio as well as equities.

Charles Schwab
My mother was a single parent, a speech therapist who worked for a company that kept a substantial percentage of the income they billed for her to teach stroke victims in convalescent hospitals to talk again.

Mona Simpson
While I was in university, my father became very ill and my father was unable to work. We needed to pay the bills, so in my 20s I became the sole income earner in my family.

Jagmeet Singh
Women lie about their age; men lie about their income.

William Feather
I would say I’m a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, if that contradiction can make sense, because in Bolivia, we have a great problem, which is the inequity of income distribution. The rich aren’t that rich, but the poor are very poor.

Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada
You have to let the market reward effort and skill. But a system in which inequality of incomes constantly increases over time is worrisome.

Timothy Noah
Why do we need to support the food stamp program? Because low-income families experience unemployment at a far higher rate than other income groups. Because cutting nutritional assistance programs is immoral and shortsighted, and protecting families from hunger improves their health and educational outcomes.

Donna Brazile
If there is one thing that most economists agree about in the realm of tax policy, it is that it’s best to broaden the base of any tax, all else being equal. That means minimizing the number of deductions and exclusions from taxable income in order to lower marginal rates and reduce distortions.

Richard Thaler
I don’t come from a wealthy family, so for me to have to struggle as long as I have in New York and Los Angeles and finally know that I have an income coming in for the next 10 episodes was a major, major life-altering moment.

Inbar Lavi
An AI utopia is a place where people have income guaranteed because their machines are working for them. Instead, they focus on activities that they want to do, that are personally meaningful like art or, where human creativity still shines, in science.

Oren Etzioni
I’m not out to max my income. I think my viewers would call me on that right away if I did.

I think, at the end of the day, you have to reduce friction to businesses, ideally to zero, so that more and more entrepreneurs can create more and more jobs with higher and higher disposable income.

N. R. Narayana Murthy
People don’t think music to be a reliable source of income or career, which I will agree, in a way, because Bollywood is a very risky place to be in.

Armaan Malik
Government employees make a good amount of money – income levels are very high in Washington, D.C. compared to other markets, so they are living in a bubble.

Jon Taffer
When you’re a self-made man, you start very early in life. In my case it was at 9 years old when I started bringing income into the family. You get a drive that’s a little different, maybe a little stronger, than somebody who inherited.

Kirk Kerkorian
Americans have become more atomized by education, income, and political leanings. That polarization has meant sharply increased antipathy toward people with different beliefs.

Annie Lowrey
Working class people and lower income people we have to help more.

Robert Kraft
There are skeptics who do not come to their view because they have a source of income from carbon polluters.

Al Gore
It is business that generates the jobs, income and taxes that keep a country going.

Mark Skousen
People like me, whose income largely comes from dividends, should pay more taxes.

Mian Muhammad Mansha
Each month from our income – we have a separate account, obviously – we give 80 percent of it to our parents back home.

Granit Xhaka
While a reverse mortgage can indeed be a viable way to generate income, it is very important to understand that after you take out a reverse mortgage, you will still be responsible for paying the property tax, the insurance premium, and all the maintenance costs for your home.

Suze Orman
Monetary policy is a blunt tool which certainly affects the distribution of income and wealth, although whether the net effect is to increase or reduce inequality is not clear.

Ben Bernanke
I am not against hasty marriages where a mutual flame is fanned by an adequate income.

Wilkie Collins
And my response is 70,000 people in the state of Maine that paid income tax in 2011 will not be paying income tax in 2012.

Paul LePage
In the typical economic recovery, a resurgent housing sector helps fuel reemployment and rising incomes.

Ben Bernanke
A huge segment of the country has always felt overtaxed. In 1938, when taxes were roughly 17% of income, a ‘Fortune’ survey found that nearly half of all Americans thought they paid too much relative to what they got in return.

Nina Easton
All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.

Samuel Butler
At the end of the day, a playback singer has to depend on live shows as their source of income.

Armaan Malik
While no amount of financial wealth can guarantee an experience of prosperity, it is possible to experience prosperity at almost any level of income, except when we are unable to meet our basic physical needs.

Shakti Gawain
As a matter of comparative, the U.S. citizens – the Puerto Ricans that live in the United States – have much better incomes, more than twice as much, participate in the labor force of greater scales, have better results in the education system, and so forth.

Ricardo Rossello
You work hard for your income, and that hard work is what fuels the economy.

Emily Oster
Inequality saps the economy by draining the buying power of Americans whose incomes have stagnated, forcing them to rely on debt to fund education, housing, and health care.

George Packer
We need to ban outside income for elected officials. Transparency alone is not enough; it doesn’t solve the problem of creating outside dependencies.

Zephyr Teachout
When I was releasing EPs by myself, I was generating royalties. And when I signed, I thought I’d put those royalties into other artists. And interestingly, streaming is most of the income for those artists.

Gabrielle Aplin
Offshoring manufacturing jobs left Americans with fewer high-value-added, well-paid jobs, and the U.S. middle class downsized. Ladders of upward mobility were taken down. Income and wealth distributions worsened.

Paul Craig Roberts
If increasing income equality is the goal, it might be wiser to put money into infrastructure than to subsidize manufacturing. Construction also pays good wages, but with lower educational requirements. And America’s infrastructure needs are enormous.

Christina Romer
Pretty much all I ever expected out of comics was page rate. You could make money doing sketches at conventions, and that could supplement your income. But page rate and some supplement, maybe, was all I ever expected.

George Perez
You have to remember: what are incomes to banks are outgoes to families.

Elizabeth Warren
The differences in income between the poor world and the rich world are so great that people have to be interested.

Esther Duflo
All workers, whether they are employed in the private or public sector, should avoid living ‘paycheck to paycheck.’ Studies show that every household wastes 10% or more of its salary or income on unnecessary expenditures or by not taking the time to shop for better prices. It’s all a matter of proper budgeting.

Mark Skousen
Firms produce goods for households – that’s us – and provide us with incomes, and that’s even better, because we can spend those incomes on more goods and services. That’s called the circular flow of the economy.

Tim Jackson
I’m a capitalist, and I believe that universal basic income is necessary for capitalism to continue.

Andrew Yang
Hiking taxes on the so-called wealthy would help send us into a recession because so many small businesses report their income on individual tax returns. If taxes are raised, they will be less likely to be able to hire new workers and make new capital investments.

Ronald Kessler
According to our Christian ethics, we’re supposed to love God, love each other and help take care of the poor. It is immoral to charge somebody making $5,000 an income tax.

Bob Riley
We paid off our debts, we learned some, made friends and returned in 1950 with a larger view of life. I had, however, no home, no income of any kind and no prospects whatsoever.

James Black
Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs did not start out wealthy, and actually added to income inequality, but we all benefit from their creative effort.

Foster Friess
The expenses of complying with Washington’s torrent of mandates and regulatory overreach are costing American workers jobs and income growth.

Elaine Chao
If the club is doing good, the club is getting income, then the club can share it with the players. But when the situation is not going according to plan, you have to look at the financial bit and see what you can change.

Henrik Larsson
A mother’s ability to provide for her children is not always tied to income, but rather to education.

Cat Cora
The great thing about being on a television show is that it usually provides you with fairly steady income so you can go and do things.

Ian Harding
A year of service has the power to bring young people together from different races, ethnicities, incomes, faiths, and political backgrounds to work on pressing problems facing U.S. society today.

Stanley A. McChrystal
According to the study, approximately 16.7 million U.S. workers born in Latin America had a combined gross income of $450 billion last year, of which 93 percent was spent locally.

Luis Gutierrez
Our economy works really well without an income or a sales tax.

Maggie Hassan
We want to reach free energy markets, but with subsidy programmes for those with low income, and not to have the subsidy in the form of lowering the energy prices, but through other programmes.

Mohammad bin Salman
Nearly all educational expenditure should be considered a capital outlay, whether it provides a future return in the form of enhanced taxable income or in terms of an enhanced quality of life.

William Vickrey
Yes, there are lots of individual exceptions. But no one has ever done a study about voting intention without ascertaining that the biggest determining factor is your income and your wealth.

Ken Livingstone
A universal basic income doesn’t give people dignity or protect them from boredom and vice.

Oren Etzioni
It’s very difficult to change your approach to how you see yourself when you suddenly get divorced. And you have to think again, over the next few years, how you’re going to earn your income, how you’re going to run your life. You have to identify as a single mother rather than as part of a family.

Amber Rudd
Corporations and financiers have used their growing influence to induce governments and international organizations to construct a global framework of institutions and regulations that enable elites to maximize their rental income.

Guy Standing
Most European countries fund their low corporate taxes with some form of a value-added tax, on consumption rather than income.

James B. Stewart
My view is pensioners don’t have the one option that people of working age have. They can’t really increase their income, because they are no longer able to work.

Iain Duncan Smith
We know that if you educate a girl, as the saying goes, you educate a nation. That girl will get married later, she will have fewer children, she’s more likely to earn an income, and that income is more likely to be plowed back into the family so that the family benefits.

Helene D. Gayle
We only want autonomous collaborators that are incentivized to make or break their own income.

Joel Salatin
Income inequality has made having kids, much like getting a quality college education, a rich person’s privilege.

Ana Kasparian
If every American automatically has health coverage, the age at which Medicare kicks in becomes a less fraught issue. We could gradually raise the age of Medicare eligibility a bit, according to income, and save money.

Joe Klein
We must ensure the economy really works for all, to address unconscionable wealth and income disparities that allow access to opportunity for some over others.

Beto O’Rourke
If you had a basic income, it would mean that everybody would have a base on top of which their earned income would be taxed at the standard rate of tax. That would increase the incentive to take low-wage jobs.

Guy Standing
The Healthy Homes Tax Credit Act will help ensure that all families, regardless of their income, can protect their children from the lifelong health impacts of lead poisoning.

Elizabeth Esty
Income inequality has become so prevalent in the U.S. that examples of its negative impact on the middle class are as common as Kanye West saying something cringeworthy in the media.

Ana Kasparian
After divorcing, I left South Africa to live in Toronto. They were tough years. On my own with three young children and no income. I’d cry when they spilt milk because I didn’t have the money to buy any more.

Maye Musk
Talking about income inequality, even if you’re not on the Forbes 400 list, can make us feel uncomfortable. It feels less positive, less optimistic, to talk about how the pie is sliced than to think about how to make the pie bigger.

Chrystia Freeland
Sometimes our definitions fall short. Take, for example, the way we view income and labor. It simply doesn’t cover enough of the work that women, and in particular poor women, are doing – especially in their own households and the vast ‘informal’ economy in which most of the world’s poorest people work.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati
You’re entitled to Medicaid regardless of your income. Don’t worry about your health care.

Max Baucus
Madam Walker was a master marketer. But her brilliance was in taking it to another level by training women, by traveling, by making very motivational speeches and by providing independent income for women who otherwise would have to be maids and sharecroppers.

A’Lelia Bundles
My source of income is sports betting. I have some investments also.

James Holzhauer
I don’t support any increase in income tax rates.

Jon Ossoff
I can’t imagine an argument that says that raising marginal tax rates on high income people, many of whom are business owners, is a recipe for economic growth.

Glenn Hubbard
My grandma told me that to be wealthy you need at least seven streams of income, so that’s my goal. I have a big family. I want to take care of everybody.

Trade deficits are OK under certain circumstance. 1. An emerging nation imports capital goods necessary to enhance its productivity. 2. A developed nation, with a current account surplus, uses some of its investment income to finance the purchases of additional consumer goods from abroad.

Peter Schiff
For Indias 40 million taxpayers, the bulk of whom are salaried employees, forking out hefty service tax is a double whammy the government taxes them on income earned as well as all their expenditure.

Sucheta Dalal
Expenditures rise to meet income.

C. Northcote Parkinson
Many people do not understand that business investment is a critical prosperity-booster, leading to more jobs, higher wages, and stronger family income. Put another way, rising tax and regulatory burdens that penalize investors and businesses also punish middle-income wage earners.

Lawrence Kudlow
Retired Americans living on Social Security, exempt from taxes because their income is modest, are not the problem.

Pat Buchanan
Research suggests that large divisions of income and wealth weaken demand and generate economic imbalances that create instability and undermine growth.

Victor Ponta
I’m happy that I feel a little less out of place in filmmaking than I once was – but it’s almost impossible for a playwright in the U.S. to make a living. You can have a play, like I did with ‘Angels,’ and it still generates income for me, but it’s not enough for me to live on and have health insurance.

Tony Kushner
Chance plays a powerful role in every life – our brains and personalities are just chemical soup, after all; a few drops here or there matter enormously – but consequences often become more serious as income levels go down.

Mohsin Hamid
You can’t live in the Bronx and survive on just $80,000 or so of income, if you’re married and you have three kids at home.

Lee Zeldin
There is nothing inherently fair about equalizing incomes. If the government penalizes you for working harder than somebody else, that is unfair. If you save your money but retire with the same pension as a free-spending neighbor, that is also unfair.

Arthur C. Brooks
If you are ideologically opposed to income splitting for families, why wouldn’t you scrap it for seniors? What is the distinguishing principle between income splitting for people with kids and income splitting for people who are retired?

Pierre Poilievre
On the other hand, now that I’m not dependent on fiction for my income, I’ve been writing more short stories despite the fact that there’s no real paying market for short horror other than Cemetery Dance.

Stephen R. George
As technology breaks down the physical barriers of college campuses, the extraordinary intellectual capital of the educator community is becoming available to anyone committed to learning – regardless of age, income or location.

Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
We should get to the business of providing at least one million opportunities each year for young Americans to spend a service year with peers who are different from them – by race, ethnicity, income, politics and religious belief.

Stanley A. McChrystal
While easy to understand, the income-based poverty line has limitations. Specifically, the median monthly household income measures only income without considering assets.

Carrie Lam
When women earn the money for the family, everyone in the family benefits. We also know that when women have an income, everyone wins because women dedicate 90% of the income to health, education, to food security, to the children, to the family, or to the community, so when women have an income, everybody wins.

Michelle Bachelet