Top 55 Align Quotes

We have collected the best Align Quotes by famous authors including Shepard Fairey, Mark V. Hurd, Nigel Barker, Marillyn Hewson, Tavi Gevinson and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I want to be proud of this country, but when aspects of
I want to be proud of this country, but when aspects of our policy don’t align with my ethics, I want to protest them and try to change them.

Shepard Fairey
CIOs have earned a strategic seat at the table, but now they’ve got to hold that seat – and the only way they can do that is to converse in the language of business value and business benefits and business outcomes that all align perfectly with the strategic agenda of the company.

Mark V. Hurd
I’m truly excited to align with and share with the world the wondrous sites and travels I’ve experienced.

Nigel Barker
Good leaders organize and align people around what the team needs to do. Great leaders motivate and inspire people with why they’re doing it. That’s purpose. And that’s the key to achieving something truly transformational.

Marillyn Hewson
I’m not exactly in a position where I get to be super-picky about the roles I get. But I would also never want to be a part of something that I think is poor in taste or doesn’t align with what I believe in.

Tavi Gevinson
We look to find partners whose values align with that of our artists. We also look for unique platforms that the potential branding partner can provide. Sometimes that’s distribution, and sometimes it’s an advertising platform. Each situation is unique.

Troy Carter
Luckily for me, my views align with those of my constituents and party; the Liberal Democrats are unabashedly pro-European and are unapologetically up-front about our pursuit of a democratic way to stay in the EU.

Layla Moran
I align myself with almost all researchers in assuming that anything we do is a composite of whatever genetic limitations were given to us by our parents and whatever kinds of environmental opportunities are available.

Howard Gardner
For me, I want a president who is more than a symbol, someone who has ideas that I align with.

Emily Ratajkowski
I embrace a Green New Deal; I just think we have to have public-private partnerships if we’re going to get there. We have to align the environmental incentives with the financial incentives.

Tim Ryan
White women are themselves oppressed and that they would therefore be able to align themselves with other oppressed people.

Kirsten Powers
Working on ‘NYPD Blue’ and ’24’, those two series, I did full runs on those. It’s great work, but everything has to align. The producers have to want you; the network has to want you; there has to be great writing; and it’s not as easy as it may appear to the outsiders to make all those things align.

Ricky Schroder
Find people whose morals and vision align with yours, and follow that.

Kevin Abstract
I have long been an advocate of starting an IoT journey with a small, low-risk project that can produce immediate benefits. But don’t confuse small with non-strategic. Align each project, no matter how small, into your larger strategic vision.

Maciej Kranz
From the time of independences until the end of the Cold War, in spite of the participation of a considerable number of African states in the non-aligned movement, everyone in fact chose to align with one or another of the two major blocks.

Omar Bongo
Whatever I do with music, I try to make it align deeply with the values and principles of who I am and what I believe the purpose of my life is.

Jon Batiste
My spirituality and my beliefs are way beyond any superstition – I’m not a conformist – and I do have a scientific outlook towards religion. Our body is made up of different elements, and certain stones help align these elements.

Ekta Kapoor
The Pacific Alliance is an initiative to align our economies.

Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal
If our principles are only our principles when it is convenient for us, when they align with our visceral emotional responses, then they are, in fact, not principles at all.

Clint Smith
I’m fortunate to be in a position to support nonprofits that align with my personal priorities, which include women’s health issues, cancer research, environmental concerns, and education for women and children domestically and globally.

Channing Dungey
Am I willing to go to Mars? Yes, but I’m not willing to spend nine months getting there, then wait 18 more months until the planets align to come home.

Gene Cernan
I’m an underdog person, so I align myself with those who seem to be not considered valuable in polite society.

Jessica Hagedorn
I’m not religious, but I do pray. It’s 60 seconds of meditation, visualizing myself, looking at myself, and being conscious of my own consciousness. That will align me for the rest of the day.

Consumers no longer want only a great product – they want to buy products from companies that align with their own character and values.

Muhtar Kent
We have been investing in building a mobile-first selling capability by establishing the Consumer Channels Group to strengthen and align the device-selling motion and to expand our impact with OEM, retail channel partners and our operator channel, and by extending it with our opening of Microsoft Stores.

B. Kevin Turner
Corporations are driving down wages and working conditions across the globe to maximize returns for their shareholders. They use their power and influence to ensure the rules align with their interests – no matter the cost.

Winnie Byanyima
Whenever you’re going through a tough time, generally, you become more compassionate, you become softer, you become more thoughtful, kinder. These are all spiritual qualities that will help you to align yourself with God and God consciousness rather than with a split fear-based consciousness.

Wayne Dyer
It’s about more than making money; it’s about connecting people in countries all around the world. Our social mission is to get people meeting each other, and we need people who align with that purpose.

Joe Gebbia
Working with a Republican co-sponsor, Rep. Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, I introduced a bill to strengthen our nation’s career and technical education programs and more closely align them with the needs of local businesses and industries.

Raja Krishnamoorthi
Cuban Americans have little in common with immigrants from Mexico and Central America, and often their priorities don’t align. If it seems like Cuban Americans don’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else, that’s probably because they don’t.

Fabrizio Moreira
As an Indian company, to go outside India and motivate people, have them align to our vision, and get them excited about what an Indian company can do was a hard thing to pull off.

Naveen Tewari
I think people align themselves with my way of thinking when they’re talking to me. They try to create new avenues for me to pursue, so if you want to be a doctor and you have interest in human rights and philanthropy and social equality of medicine and disease, why don’t you think about being surgeon general?

Myron Rolle
I really don’t align myself with anything.

John Waite
When you align yourself with God’s purpose as described in the Scriptures, something special happens to your life.

I think people hear and feel the genuine nature of my passion for the causes. Specifically, with the non-profit in Uganda, my mother is the president, and she was an African politics professor for almost 50 years, so I think people know that I align myself with people who know what they’re talking about.

Eliza Dushku
I’m one-hundred percent pro-choice. I align with everything Emily’s List aligns with.

Amy McGrath
I wanted to align myself with Impact Wrestling, there’s just so much crazy talent.

Rich Swann
It really is a biological bummer that a woman’s chief moneymaking years align with her most fertile. It sucks. I wish that there was some way you could invert it.

Kathryn Hahn
Why should DMK align with Congress after blaming the Congress of taking revenge on it for the 2G scam, which caused the exchequer a loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore. Why should Congress take revenge? Does that mean the Congress did not get its due share from the DMK?

J. Jayalalithaa
If you can tune into your purpose and really align with it, setting goals so that your vision is an expression of that purpose, then life flows much more easily.

Jack Canfield
It’s in every person’s life, around 27 to 29 years old, the stars and the planets align themselves to exactly the way they were when you were born. You’re faced with yourself. There’s no running away.

Lykke Li
In greenside bunkers, the big thing is to adapt your stance to the shot. It’s rare that you get a flat lie in the sand, so I make sure to align my body to the slope. Then I blast the ball out by splashing the sand underneath it.

Jordan Spieth
I also believe that you are what you have to defend, and if you’re a black man that’s always going to be the bar against which you are judged, whether you want to align yourself with those themes or not. You can think of yourself as a colourless person, but nobody else is gonna.

Don Cheadle
Power works best when it is indirect – never coercing people; instead, getting them to voluntarily align with your interests.

Robert Greene
The most valuable advice I can give is plan for your success. Write down your ideal goal, creating checkpoints for yourself along the way that align with the end goal. Set up rewards for achieving both little victories and big ones.

Hilary Knight
Cultivating a global incubator network would help people from all backgrounds bring creative ideas to market and launch startups that generate more jobs – and would also align to the growing interest among youth for entrepreneurship.

Tae Yoo
I’m passionate about anything I align myself with. You want to talk about chocolate chip cookies? I’m not going to open a chocolate chip cookie store, but I will talk your ear off about it.

Blake Lively
Governments, the investor and business community, and civil society organizations and public representatives need to work together to ensure the necessary foundations are in place to align private finance to guarantee sustainable and equitable development and poverty reduction.

Winnie Byanyima
I approached fundraising as an opportunity to align myself with partners who have more varied experience and diverse backgrounds than I do to help bring Glossier to life.

Emily Weiss
It’s stunning to me what kind of an impact even one person can have if they have the right passion, perspective and are able to align the interest of a great team.

Steve Case
Just go in and do your work and be ready for it, because when the stars align and the part is available and everybody in the room is excited… and you deliver, that’s it.

Sam Lloyd
There are plenty of people I’ve seen and thought that person is funny, or that person is really talented, and they’ve got something, but maybe the buying public doesn’t see the same thing I see, or the stars don’t align in the right way for them.

Wyatt Cenac
If we would change the basis and align what is taught in school with what is needed with business… that’s where I came up with this idea of ‘new collar.’ Not blue collar or white collar.

Ginni Rometty
The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces, or at least not try to defy them.

Paul Hawken
I am not an oligarch. I am a servant and I try to align my interests and those of my investors.

Yuri Milner