Top 60 Admirer Quotes

We have collected the best Admirer Quotes by famous authors including Florence Nightingale, Michael Caine, Harry Houdini, James Murphy, Clint Eastwood and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

I have learned to know God. I have recast my social bel
I have learned to know God. I have recast my social belief… All my admirers are married; most of my friends are dead; and I stand with all the world before me, where to choose a path to make in it.

Florence Nightingale
I am a great admirer of other actors, but I never compete with other actors. I always compete with what I did last, and I’m my own most vicious critic. So I’m always trying to do it better.

Michael Caine
I am a great admirer of mystery and magic. Look at this life – all mystery and magic.

Harry Houdini
I wouldn’t say I’m a friend of David Byrne, but I guess I’m an acquaintance. I’m obviously an admirer, and we’ve met, but we don’t call and chat about ‘Breaking Bad’ or anything.

James Murphy
My dad was a big admirer of Sergeant York stories from the First World War.

Clint Eastwood
I’m not an admirer of action movies. I just think, Oh my God, it must be so tiring.

Catherine Deneuve
I have always been a great fan and admirer of Nitesh’s work – whether it was ‘Bhoothnath Returns,’ ‘Chillar Party’ or ‘Dangal.’

Varun Sharma
I’m a great admirer of Primo Levi’s work. It’s always mind-boggling, the idea of how much pain people can endure and still come back from the edge with a sense of humor, with this tremendous animal desire we have to get on with life.

Allan Gurganus
Anyone who watches football and watches Tottenham play would have to be an admirer of the way they play football and the way they go about their business.

Roy Hodgson
I am such an admirer of the Bedell Guitars instruments and its stewardship to respect Mother Nature and every individual tree used to create its products.

Lorrie Morgan
Most students of Kissinger find it hard to say anything about Kissinger that isn’t about the man himself. He is such an outsize figure that he eclipses his own context, leading his many biographers, critics, and admirers to focus nearly exclusively on the quirks of his personality or his moral failings.

Greg Grandin
I admired Eugene McCarthy’s courage and although I left his Senate staff after four years to accept a job as the researcher on the editorial page of the ‘Washington Post,’ I remained an admirer.

Kitty Kelley
I’m an enormous admirer of Christopher Lee. He’s somebody, along with Vincent Price, who I celebrate, and I wanted my movies to show that celebration and that honoring of these great film stars that were unafraid to go into horror and Grand Guignol and the macabre.

Nicolas Cage
I have always been an admirer. I regard the gift of admiration as indispensable if one is to amount to something; I don’t know where I would be without it.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld
One of the reasons my name is Rushdie is that my father was an admirer of Ibn Rush’d, the 12th century Arab philosopher known as Averroes in the West. In his time, he was making the non-literalist case for interpreting the Koran.

Salman Rushdie
I’m not a stranger to fan attention. I do have my share of admirers and fans. To me they are God. Whatever I am, whatever I’ve achieved is because of them.

Gurmeet Choudhary
I am an admirer of Modi’s work from the beginning.

Raj Thackeray
I was sort of traumatized by girls in the third grade. Because there was a girl in my third grade class I had a crush on. I bought her a box of Valentine’s Day chocolate. And I put it in her cubby with a note that said something like, ‘I am deeply in love with you, Your Secret Admirer.’ And I didn’t sign my name.

Steve Carell
I’ll tell you something: I am such an admirer of Glenn Close.

Betty Buckley
I became a huge Reagan admirer.

Steve Bannon
I’m a huge admirer of Keanu. I think he’s absolutely extraordinary.

Nicolas Winding Refn
My mother was a Bloomsbury figure: a great friend of TS Eliot, Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell. My grandmother, Mary Hutchinson, gave her life to works of art, being an admirer of Matisse and Giaometti, whom I collected as a young man because of her.

Jacob Rothschild
It’s not that I don’t like American pop; I’m a huge admirer of it, but I think my roots came from a very English and Irish base. Is it all sort of totally non-American sounding, do you think?

Kate Bush
I’m a chronicler of Negroland, a participant-observer, an elegist, dissenter, and admirer; sometime expatriate, ongoing interlocutor.

Margo Jefferson
In one way or another, President Obama’s critics will dog him all the way to Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, and even his admirers will continue to have doubts about his accomplishments if not his promise.

Tom Brokaw
There is a connection between me and the collectors, and as admirers of the work they tell me about the differences the pieces are able to make in their lives on a daily basis.

Richard MacDonald
The very women who object to the morals of a notoriously beautiful actress, grow big with pride when an admirer suggests their marked resemblance to this stage beauty in physique.

Minna Antrim
No design, no matter how common or seemingly insignificant, is without its adamant critics as well as its ardent admirers.

Henry Petroski
Those 40 or 50 national correspondents who had followed Kennedy since the beginning of his electoral exertions into the November days had become more than a press corps – they had become his friends and, some of them, his most devoted admirers.

Theodore White
Cassano? His talent has never been in question, but his character has. As Italian captain and a big admirer I can only wish him to control his nerves better.

Fabio Cannavaro
I did a couple quick things with Nicole Kidman, and I really loved that. She was a really cool person to chat with and had a really lovely presence on set. I’m a big admirer of her work. It’s amazing the volume of work she does.

Adam Scott
Sometimes the books most restrained about sex, even deeply scandalized by it, can whisper to us with the greatest hidden force. I am a huge admirer of the recently deceased, always underranked Evan S. Connell.

Allan Gurganus
Without question, my grandfather’s example of public service throughout his life inspired Dad later to run for office himself. Wherever he went, whatever he did, Prescott Bush had plenty of admirers.

Dorothy Bush Koch
When I began writing in the mid-1960s, I thought it was not important for readers to know whether I was male or female. Also, I was a great admirer of E.B. White, so I may have thought that it would bring me luck to submit my first manuscript as ‘E.L.’ But if I were starting out today, I would use my first name.

E. L. Konigsburg
I get a lot of letters from French lady admirers – and gentlemen. ‘Midsomer’ is a huge hit in France, and it’s all down to the guy dubbing me into French – a middle-aged balding fellow.

John Nettles
I’ve been a longtime admirer of Condoleezza Rice, because I like her articulateness and style – her toughness and rigor.

Camille Paglia
I haven’t had groupies. I had admirers, but not groupies. But I’ve always been, you know, courted into the friend zone.

Musiq Soulchild
I’m an admirer of Guardiola’s work.

Gerardo Martino
After three years in L.A., I began to dream of my glory days on the boards. But it’s very difficult to make a living as a theater actor in New York, which is why I moved out here, and I always had an ambition to work in television. I am a great admirer of the format, and I think it’s how we tell long stories.

Luke Macfarlane
I have always been an admirer of Feli, Feli Lopez. He’s just – I mean, every time – he’s, like, fit and good and his long hair and the beard.

Grigor Dimitrov
I’ve always been fascinated by totalitarian regimes. I’m not an admirer of them.

Sue Townsend
I’m such an admirer of Wendy Davis.

Nell Scovell
Chris Paul is one of the brightest stars in the National Basketball Association, a must-see player with the New Orleans Hornets whose deft ball skills and eye-popping speed have attracted admirers all over the world.

Don Yaeger
I’m a big admirer of Raheem and I think that he’s a big role model for people like myself, young black people and young people as a whole.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin
I changed it to Leslie Hill, only that seemed more like a cocktail pianist. Eventually, being an admirer of Jack Benny, I took his name.

Benny Hill
I’ve never been a follower, but I’ve been an admirer.

Lou Williams
I’ve not been an admirer of contemporary music since punk rock went off the boil in 1977, but once a year I’ll listen to ‘Spiral Scratch’ by the Buzzcocks, or ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’ by the Swinging Blue Jeans. Otherwise, I can put up with Chopin or shakuhachi flute in the background.

Billy Childish
Russia and China, which have embraced autocratic capitalism, have attracted admirers and emulators by the seeming success of their strongman rule.

Pat Buchanan
I have, for a very long time, been a huge admirer of Marilynne Robinson, whose work I just love.

Phil Klay
I’ve been a big admirer of Tony Dungy, and I’m sure a lot of people are, but he unfairly judged me, and that was disappointing to me.

Rex Ryan
My father was a great admirer of music and the arts, so there was always a lot of culture in the house. As it happened, while my father was the ambassador in Portugal, the ambassador’s residence had a piano, and so I started learning how to play it at the age of five.

Adnan Sami
I am a very big admirer of Bejoy’s films and have waited for five months to be part of his film. But I have no regrets and will wait for an indefinite time as, if I love and believe in something, I do it completely and unconditionally.

Harshvardhan Rane
I was always a great admirer of Zizou the player, but now I also admire him as a coach. I like how calm he is. This shows me that he’s not showcasing for the public or the camera. He’s a top trainer.

Jupp Heynckes
I’m a great admirer of the Trump change of mind about China and making an ally out of China instead of screaming about their trade.

Charlie Munger
I’m a big admirer of Daniel Woodrell for his beautiful, precise, sparse prose – I don’t do succinct well, so I’m in awe of writers who do.

Tana French
Make no mistake, I’m a huge admirer of Faheem Ashraf, and I said so in England.

Mickey Arthur
I am an admirer of haiku, and I’m a great admirer of Japanese literature in general.

Richard Flanagan
I am a huge admirer of Elizabeth I, and this intriguing biography gives a wonderful picture of the era.

Barbara Taylor Bradford
My message to my admirers is please take part in initiatives where you can do something for those actually in need and Christmas is a really beautiful opportunity to do so.

Gautam Rode
I am a great admirer of Yuvraj and Kaif. They have generally been able to pick up the scoring when they come to bat at numbers six and seven. They also are livewires in the field.