Top 60 Day And Age Quotes

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I've put projects out on my own label twice now and bee
I’ve put projects out on my own label twice now and been very successful which shows you don’t need a major label to back you in this day and age.

Bugzy Malone
It’s tough because, in this day and age, it feels like it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing. You can never do anything right, so you have to kind of tiptoe your way around sometimes.

Justin Thomas
In today’s day and age, one looks forward to experimenting and it pays off at times and at times it doesn’t. This does not mean one should stop trying.

Ankit Tiwari
There’s been this sort of attitude in media in the past in this country that it’s not our job to fall on one side or the other. But what I’m suggesting is that in this day and age, there is no deciding not to fall on one side of the other. You’re going to be on a side, so you’ve got to lean in and choose the right one.

Sam Seder
I think just living in the day and age of technology, whether you’re a celebrity or a normal human being, you’re always worried about your privacy. And I think as long as you behave, you know you’re OK. I think anyone worries about that.

Nikki Bella
I didn’t actually know what a vegetarian was until I was 13 years old. I know in this day and age it’s hard to believe that, but I think because I grew up on a farm, I wasn’t indulged in magazines, newspapers, Internet, television. And so, for some reason, I was never exposed to what a vegetarian was.

Abbie Cornish
In a day and age when there are so many culinary competitions – ranging from contests of taste to those of technique – The World Food Championships will be the ultimate food competition.

Adam Richman
The biggest disease this day and age is that of people feeling unloved.

Princess Diana
Music and fashion are a sign of the times and a reflection of what people want and need at this very day and age.

Lykke Li
In this day and age, you can write anywhere in the world. You can really live anywhere and have the same career.

Chevy Stevens
Even one voice can be heard loudly all over the world in this day and age.

Aung San Suu Kyi
I don’t believe stuff should be made for the perfect model. I think that’s where we go wrong right now in this day and age: We make stuff that’s not realistic. I always told myself, if I ever did a fashion show, I’m not going to have models. I’m going to have regular-sized women.

DeAndre Hopkins
No 17-year-old is just one thing, especially in this day and age. Kids are into all sorts of things.

Naomi Scott
All you need to focus on is your craft and how you act; and, of course, script selection, which is a primary reason for anybody’s success because, in today’s day and age, everyone is talented irrespective of fields.

Ayushmann Khurrana
You cannot avoid controversy in this day and age – you really only can pick sides.

Sam Seder
Even in this day and age, if you’re not married, there are people who are like, ‘Awww! Don’t worry, it’ll happen for you someday.’

Kristen Wiig
In this day and age, everybody has the cameras out for everyone.

Joel Glazer
Chuck Liddell loves to fight. That’s his passion. That’s what he loves in life. But there comes a day and age – fighting is a young man’s game.

Dana White
This day and age, you look at baseball as a whole, and not just the pitchers’ side of it. You have the weight programs, you have the technology, and as a pitcher, you need to keep up.

Matt Harvey
It seems in this day and age our teens are going to the Internet to learn all the things we would ask our dads. How to tie a tie, how to shave, all those little things.

Philip Rivers
I think magic and fantasy are very attractive, especially in the day and age we’re living in. How amazing would it be to use your powers for good? We definitely tackle that in ‘Charmed.’

Sarah Jeffery
I think you have to be a little bit strict. You can’t be friend and their parent in a lot of situations, especially in this day and age where it’s so dangerous for kids. So there’s a bit of sternness, I guess, in the way I raise my kids.

Tim McGraw
I think it’s kind of nice, in this day and age of instant gratification, that you have to wait for something.

Julian Ovenden
Hate crimes are still happening. No matter how evolved we think society is going, there seems to be a winding back, especially in this day and age where these old values seem to be emerging from the darkness.

Andy Muschietti
I don’t see how anybody cannot be political in this day and age. There’s so much going on and you have to be aware and you have to vote. Our lives are political.

Robert Cray
My dad actually was a wonderful person, and also happened to be a hunter and fisherman. And my brothers and I never would eat meat our whole lives. We just wouldn’t eat it. We would refuse it. Of course, in that day and age you kind of got forced to eat it. But the minute we all became teenagers, we foreswore it.

Maggie Baird
I don’t know much about international policing and I would love to learn more. Especially in this day and age when the Internet is rapidly reducing borders and crime can happen on a larger scale than ever before. These things intrigue me.

Lisa Gardner
In my opinion, the most dangerous thing an artist can do in this day and age is not embrace the present.

When people lose their jobs in this day and age, you are never really too surprised.

Matt Doherty
It’s not always possible to sit down and eat at home in this day and age of fast-paced living, but if you are going to eat out, do so as a family and support all the great local places in your areas. I’ll still eat at the same diner I did as a kid with my parents.

Michael Symon
In this day and age, people have come to expect that artists are going to give everybody information on Twitter about what they’re doing, but not every artist is like that. I’m not really like that.

Josh Trank
In this day and age, technology has overtaken our lives and we are disconnected from reality.

Javed Jaffrey
I am not a big technology person. I don’t go on the Internet really much at all. Drawing is like a zen thing; it’s private, which in this day and age is harder to come by.

Tim Burton
In this day and age, in modern goalkeeping, if you come out and you catch the ball and you get smacked, you’re going to get the foul.

Bruce Grobbelaar
I got into filmmaking in order to tell very personal stories, and in this day and age, the opportunity seems all the more precious.

Ira Sachs
I believe that we have to be so race-conscious in this day and age.

Nicole Ari Parker
There is a line between scurrilous nonsense and serious discussion that laps over, especially in this day and age when you’ve got all this electronic media and these blogs and this kind of fanatical impulse to bring down the opposing candidate.

Robert Dallek
The most important thing in the professional wrestling industry in this day and age of technology and the Internet and social media is to be able to make wrestling unpredictable.

Matt Hardy
So many people are accustomed to written information that you really have to have a few more bells and whistles in this day and age.

Chris Bell
You will never see me in an ad for fairness creams. I think its outrageous that, even in this day and age, there are products that urge people to be fair or that their luck depends on the colour of their skin.

Shweta Tripathi
It’s a weird day and age when you can tire of icons simply by overexposure.

Alexa Chung
The quicker we get rid of the lobby system the better for all of us. I don’t think in this day and age it is tenable to have these nods and winks, and on-the-record and off-the-record briefings.

Charles Kennedy
In this day and age, though, no matter how many people you play for, if you’re playing with a band like Blink, millions of people will see it thanks to YouTube and everything recording it.

Matt Skiba
I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. I know that I can give love for a minute, for half an hour, for a day, for a month, but I can give. I am very happy to do that, I want to do that.

Princess Diana
Probably the No. 1 most important thing in my music is not to sound like anyone else. It is hard in this day and age.

The sad thing in this day and age is kids have access to all sorts of horrible stuff on the Internet and they need to be taught the stuff about love and sex.

Kathy Burke
In today’s day and age, where so many kids are taught to specialize so early, I want to show them you don’t have to – at a young age, high school age, college age and hopefully a professional age.

Pat Connaughton
I never knew Mother Teresa, but I admired her, especially in this day and age when there aren’t many heroes.

Jose Feliciano
We can be incredibly disconnected in this day and age with computers and cell phones.

Marcia Gay Harden
I want to be what Kenny G. and Carlos Santana were, but for this day and age.

Kevin Olusola
In this day and age, I really just don’t want to sell people on something. I don’t want to have to sell you sound. I don’t like selling emotions. Or ideas. I just want to give you these ideas and inspire people.

You’ve gotta understand that with branding and the way things are promoted, in our day and age, your older movie stars are not reachable or accessible because they’re not a part of the whole social media world.

Kevin Hart
I created Punk for this day and age. Do you see Britney walking around wearing ties and singing punk? Hell no. That’s what I do. I’m like a Sid Vicious for a new generation.

Avril Lavigne
Sometimes, people can be extraordinarily judgmental and closed-minded to anyone different or special, which is why it’s so hard for young people in this day and age to be comfortable enough in their own skin to not listen to the people picking on them.

Ariana Grande
In parenthood, there’s so much fear around parenting in this day and age, and there’s so much fear around technology.

Rosemarie DeWitt
In this day and age of Internet, where we have several dating sites, it is bizarre to say the audience is not ready to watch bolder themes.

Vikram Bhatt
It’s really hard in this day and age, with radio and MTV being so consolidated, to get new music out there. I think we’ve become a really legitimate, viable avenue for getting new music out there.

Josh Schwartz
I think that property is very important in this day and age. It defines you; you worked hard to get it. It’s meaningful to you, and when you divorce, a lot of people have a lot of battles over their property for good reasons.

Helen Fisher
Whether it be a televised match or even a live event match, in this day and age, the Internet is so accessible and everybody sees everything.

Tommaso Ciampa
Look, demanding somebody do anything in this day and age is not going to fly.

John Mayer