Top 60 Executed Quotes

We have collected the best Executed Quotes by famous authors including Norman Lamm, Lucy Worsley, David Lowery, Claire McCaskill, James Madison and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Maimonides taught that it is better that 10 criminals g
Maimonides taught that it is better that 10 criminals go free than let one innocent man be executed. The Innocence Project represents that point of view.

Norman Lamm
Torture and cruelty are the words that come to mind when people think of the Tower. Here it was that the princes were murdered, Guy Fawkes racked and Henry VIII’s queens executed.

Lucy Worsley
I take a great deal of value in things that are done by hand or executed by hand.

David Lowery
Clearly, a large number of African-Americans don’t have faith that the laws are being executed fairly in Ferguson, and that’s a problem… We need to ensure Africans-Americans feel confident in the rule of law.

Claire McCaskill
What prudent merchant will hazard his fortunes in any new branch of commerce when he knows not that his plans may be rendered unlawful before they can be executed?

James Madison
A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.

George S. Patton
Pol Pot – he rounded up anybody he thought was intellectual and had them executed. And how he told someone was intellectual or not was whether they wore glasses. If they’re that clever, take them off when they see him coming!

Ricky Gervais
It is unhappily true that much insincere Literature and Art, executed solely with a view to effect, does succeed by deceiving the public.

George Henry Lewes
The way that Lucasfilm used ILM was George never restricted his thinking to things that he knew could be executed with the tools at the time. He would write what he thought would be cool and what he wanted from a storytelling standpoint with the assumption that, ‘Well, they’ll figure it out!’

John Knoll
We’ve sent 130 men to death row to be executed in this country, at least 130 that we know of, who have later have been exonerated because they were either innocent, or they were not fairly tried. That’s 130 people that we’ve locked down on death row. And they’ve spent years there.

John Grisham
Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.

Dinesh Paliwal
I think the reality-show format is brilliant, has endless possibilities. It’s documentary! But unfortunately, it’s rarely executed well. So it becomes just a scripted show, but without actors.

Justin Kirk
And indeed, last week, the FBI executed a search warrant on my residence. This happened one day after my attorneys had left a message on the lead FBI investigator’s voice mail confirming my continued readiness to answer questions and otherwise cooperate.

Steven Hatfill
I was held hostage and almost executed by a man who was robbing us in the middle of the night.

William Hurt
My officers and men understood wishes so well that this movement was executed under fire, the right wing keeping up fire, without giving the enemy any occasion to seize or even to suspect their advantage.

Joshua Chamberlain
According to the perverse aesthetics of artistic guilty pleasure, certain books and movies are so bad – so crudely conceived, despicably motivated and atrociously executed – that they’re actually rather good.

Walter Kirn
I will always remember the fear in the faces of the executed. That’s the first day I felt the devil’s presence.

Chris Gibson
Following a trend too closely is a risky thing. If not properly executed, you could easily end up looking uncomfortable, over-styled, and downright foolish.

Dan Levy
When you’re flying off soft keys on a touch screen it’s a totally different feel, and a lot of muscle memory is lost. There is that delay when you look at the screen and input a command before it’s executed, versus something instantaneous when you move the stick.

Jared Isaacman
A poem with grandly conceived and executed stanzas, such as one of Keats’s odes, should be like an enfilade of rooms in a palace: one proceeds, with eager anticipation, from room to room.

James Fenton
The most dangerous area where our laws are not being faithfully executed are the laws designed to protect Americans against the millions of aliens who enter our country illegally every year.

Phyllis Schlafly
I congratulate you, my brave countrymen and fellow soldiers, on the spirit and success with which you have executed this important part of our enterprise.

James Wolfe
The removal of people of Japanese descent from their homes and their incarceration in camps were executed with the same sort of political calculus of fear and bigotry that Mr. Trump is using to redefine American immigration policy.

Michiko Kakutani
It’s great to imagine and visualise while reading a novel. It doesn’t always work for a film. ‘Pavithra’ had a good script executed badly.

Shriya Saran
And, if we have any evidence that the wisdom which formed the plan is in the man, we have the very same evidence, that the power which executed it is in him also.

Thomas Reid
Preaching is God’s great institution for the planting and maturing of spiritual life. When properly executed, its benefits are untold; when wrongly executed, no evil can exceed its damaging results.

Edward McKendree Bounds
To edit someone from your life must be a properly evaluated decision. After all, the act of distancing yourself is difficult and, if executed improperly, could prove even more troublesome than if you were to have done nothing at all. The key is to create the distance gradually – a ‘fade out’ as I like to call it.

Dan Levy
With a lot of projects, you never know if it’s going to be executed properly. And also, you never know if people are going to respond to it.

David Harbour
Obama has no way to conceal that Osama was executed in front of his children and wives, who are now under the custody of the authorities of Pakistan, a Muslim country of almost 200 million inhabitants, whose laws have been violated, its national dignity offended, and its religious traditions desecrated.

Fidel Castro
So many people view the war on drugs as a failure, as something that was perhaps intended and carried out with good intentions but very badly executed.

Denise Dresser
Laws too gentle are seldom obeyed; too severe, seldom executed.

Benjamin Franklin
As an author, I had spent years writing my stories on my own in a quiet room. My ideas traveled from my brain to my fingers, executed exactly as I saw fit, never veering from my own intent. TV simply doesn’t work that way.

Taylor Jenkins Reid
The policies and laws executed by the grand mufti in Libya, the long-term agenda in the short-lived Morsi government in Egypt, and by ISIS in its ideal Islamist Ummah are incompatible with the Constitution, period.

Pete Hoekstra
To me, the best of ‘Jack’ is when we have a very good, but small idea, executed to the nines.

Genndy Tartakovsky
A good decision executed quickly is better than a great one never executed.

Brandon Webb
Architects and food at a construction site equals indigestion. We’re always looking for details that haven’t been executed correctly.

Elizabeth Diller
The spectacle of a good bar fight, properly executed and healthily ended, is not merely annoying boorishness. The best of them – an admittedly minor slice – are shaded with the elements of high art.

Jonathan Miles
A feeble execution is but another phrase for a bad execution; and a government ill executed, whatever may be its theory, must, in practice, be a bad government.

Joseph Story
I expected to die. At no time before the trial did I expect to escape with my life. Yet being executed in the gas chamber did not necessarily mean defeat. It could be one more step to bring the community to a higher level of consciousness.

Huey Newton
Blair… is accusing us of executing British soldiers. We want to tell him that we have not executed anybody. They are either killed in battle, most of them get killed because they are cowards anyway, the rest they just get captured.

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf
I was in prison with the assassins of the former president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, who was killed in 1981. Those who weren’t executed in that case were given life sentences, and two of those were with me in prison.

Maajid Nawaz
Groupon, as you probably are by now aware, is exactly what it sounds like: a daily-deal site offering group discounts. Maybe you’ve seen that done before, but certainly not like Groupon, which has executed with an energetic sales force and engaging copywriters, many culled from the Chicago comedy scene.

Rachel Sklar
Californians like to spend a lot of time talking about how great our state is, but the truth is that we have learned and executed a very important lesson: if we want to win on issues as critical as climate change – if we want to lead – we absolutely have to stand together.

Tom Steyer
According to Colombia’s respected Escuela Nacional Sindical, as of April 2015, 105 union activists had been executed in the four years since Clinton’s free-trade treaty went into effect. That’s just trade unionists.

Greg Grandin
I’m a visual writer, so it’s fitting that my first brush with ‘Red Queen’ was an image. I had the idea of a teenage girl in an arena, a bit like ‘Gladiator,’ and she’s about to be executed. But instead of being killed, she kills her executioner with lightning.

Victoria Aveyard
Michael Taylor is not being executed for homicide. Michael Taylor is being executed for raping a white female.

John Simon
I had been playing beach volleyball all day, painted my nails red, and threw on a green dress. I thought I looked great at the time, but looking back, I realize that my debut into Monaco society should have been better executed!

Charlene, Princess of Monaco
It didn’t take long for the world to realize that the Shah was an enlightened liberal next to the bloody reactionary regime that followed, and which executed more people in three months than the Shah had done in 30 years.

Alexander Haig
I would say that the war correspondent gets more drinks, more girls, better pay, and greater freedom than the soldier, but at this stage of the game, having the freedom to choose his spot and being allowed to be a coward and not be executed for it is his torture.

Robert Capa
I saw what government programs were and how they were executed. In some cases, they were executed beautifully, but in others, there was tremendous waste.

Gwynne Shotwell
I don’t think there’s a fan out there who hasn’t had a family member or known someone personally who’s been in the midst of divorce – perhaps not necessarily gotten the divorce or executed it, or perhaps they have – and still, in many cases, they found themselves back with the person that they were married to.

Omari Hardwick
Many countries struggle and never get to the point where people have faith that laws are executed fairly.

Claire McCaskill
I really want to do the unexpected, and I think that’s what I did when I executed ‘Long.Live.A$AP.’ I wanted people to really see the message and that I’m an artist who not only has the capability of rapping, but of composing great music both for people of my generation and for people with different backgrounds.

ASAP Rocky
Everything I’ve done has had purpose and has been passionate and has been executed in the best way that I knew how. Maybe that’s not the perfect way. Maybe that’s not the easiest way. But it’s the best way I knew how to do it.

Julia Roberts
If you look across a 30-year career in the company, I’ve executed in a wide arrange of environments. In financial services all around the world, in industrial businesses, and in the acquisition and strategy work.

John L. Flannery
In the 16th and 17th centuries, as many as 60,000 people were executed in Europe as suspected witches. But it would be nice to think that centuries of advances in science and education have made people less prey to phantasms and falsehoods.

Max Boot
‘Humans of New York’ wasn’t the result of a fully finished idea that I thought of and then executed; it was an evolution. There were hundreds of tiny evolutions that came from me loving photography.

Brandon Stanton
It’s better for candidates to suggest ideas that are responsible, not ones that are incapable of being executed. People are influenced by what their leaders tell them. And bringing the level of rhetoric down brings the temperature down.

Jeh Johnson
In 1736, Bakhchisaray had been burned to the ground by the Russians, and when Catherine II’s army completed the conquest of the peninsula in 1783, the last khan, Sahin Giray, took refuge in Turkey, where he was eventually executed.

Tim Cope
A movement that we will to execute is never more than a represented movement, and appears in a different domain from that of the executed movement, which always takes place when the image is vivid enough.

Ernst Mach