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And most importantly perhaps, children can learn about
And most importantly perhaps, children can learn about their rights, share their knowledge with the children of other nations, identify problems with them and establish how they might work together to address them.

Carol Bellamy
I’ve always been aware that probably writing songs – stupid songs or, at least, theatrical songs – is, I dunno, I certainly don’t think about that, about my persona on stage. In fact, I work really hard not to address it too much in my head.

Tim Minchin
What we need is fundamental reform to address the deep social and economic problems that are gripping people and communities nationwide, particularly the least advantaged.

Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis
There are areas of tension and uncertainty the Constitution doesn’t address, and presidents of both parties have fought with Congress over their respective roles.

Maya Wiley
Pakistan has assured that it would not allow its territory to be used against India for any acts of terror. India must also reciprocate and address our concerns which are very genuine. Dialogue is the only way forward. Absence of dialogue leads to tension.

Asif Ali Zardari
If confirmed, my overall guiding objective for our relationship with India would be to solidify an enduring strategic partnership underpinned by strong defence cooperation with an Indian military able to collaborate effectively with the United States to address shared interests.

Mark Esper
It is not enough to tackle the mechanics of terror organizations. We must also tackle the situations that create terrorists. We desperately need to address the frustration, the loss and the despair that drive some to these actions.

Hussein of Jordan
Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.

Dianne Feinstein
I think what Hollywood is learning at large is that there is profitability in stories that are culturally specific and that you can only address the universal through the specific.

Sterling K. Brown
In my address last year, I spoke on the issue of gaming. My preference then is my preference now: to keep gaming within its existing contours, but to explore a better deal for all Minnesotans.

Tim Pawlenty
While I’d like to be able to simply do all of my financings with a handshake or, possibly, on a napkin written in crayon, I also wish I had a herd of unicorns surrounded by rainbows, a balanced U.S. government budget, and agreement on how to address the debt ceiling issue.

Brad Feld
In a prime-time address, President Bush said he backed limited federal funding for stem cell research. That’s right, the President said, this is a quote, the research could help cure brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and whatever it is I have.

Conan O’Brien
Unlike national legal systems, there are precious few avenues to address judicial activism at the WTO. You pretty much have to gain consensus to change the agreements, or simply withdraw from the system. The first is nearly impossible, and the second would be – in the view of many – cataclysmic.

Robert Lighthizer
I think the most important things my book does is to give readers the address of George Monbiot’s website and how to get hold of comic books by Grant Morrison.

Frankie Boyle
I am committed to ensure that our 2008 Republican presidential candidates forthrightly address issues of importance to the African-American community.

Ken Mehlman
We are in a bit of a policy box and it’s going to require us being willing to give up one of the two, which is it’s okay to take on more deficits but lets put in some massive spending. Alternatively to say, ‘we’re going to go through structural unemployment for a while because we want to address deficits.’

Indra Nooyi
The entire purpose of the State of the Union Address is for the president to outline where we stand as a nation.

Tim Griffin
If Donald Trump wants to acknowledge that we have a pay gap for women and we need to address it, I would work with Donald Trump.

Tom Perez
I don’t have a primary doctor, a primary hairstylist, a primary anything. I don’t even have a primary address! Everything is just whenever I can find one.

Beijing is preparing for an open-ended period of confrontation with the U.S. Washington should also be prepared. Leaders must work across partisan divides to understand the threat, speak about it openly, and take action to address it.

John Ratcliffe
We will not solve the addiction problem in America if we don’t address social connection.

Vivek Murthy
While preventing the distribution of malware through advertising is one part of the equation, it’s important to address the entire malware ecosystem and to fight it at each phase of its life cycle.

Alex Stamos
Technology can create needs even as it addresses them.

Andrew Yang
My address is like my shoes. It travels with me.

Mary Harris Jones
There is a one woman in China that claimed she paid $50 to get my e-mail address. It was pretty shocking. I got one this morning from Scotland. A girl’s requesting a signed photo of me.

Michael Phelps
Our Holy Father… is very clear that, of course, the teachings of the Church must be preserved and passed on. However, we need to do this in a way that the Holy Father says is creative. We need to do it in a way that we look for new strategies that address the hearts of people.

Joseph Edward Kurtz
Recovery measures work better when they raise confidence – as Franklin D. Roosevelt understood. His fireside chats, and his inaugural address proclaiming he would fight the Great Depression with the same resolve he would muster against a foreign foe, were aimed at reassuring Americans.

Christina Romer
Donald Trump can take his message directly to the people via rallies and addresses carried over social media. I’d call them updated versions of Roosevelt’s fireside chats, but a portion of my younger readership doesn’t even know what a radio is thanks to a Democrat-run education system.

Milo Yiannopoulos
Russia’s assertiveness in global affairs is something I look upon with great concern, which we need to address with eyes wide open and a healthy degree of skepticism.

Dan Coats
Anything that’s done to address unemployment in terms of massive stimulus spending is going to exacerbate deficits. And anything that’s done to address deficits in the short-term is going to exacerbate unemployment.

Indra Nooyi
I would like to share something that is being done extremely well by Bill Gates through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation is only going to address areas which are seen by Bill or Melinda as ills of the world. The foundation has no perpetuity.

Shiv Nadar
It’s high time to address research into medical marijuana. Our country has experimented with a variety of state solutions without properly delving into the weeds on the effectiveness, safety, dosing, administration, and quality of medical marijuana.

Orrin Hatch
All lawyers are going to have to – if we really want to attain civil justice – address the issue of how complicated we have made the laws: what we have done to ensnarl the American people in bureaucratic rules and regulations that make access to services or compliance with the law sometimes difficult, if not impossible.

Janet Reno
Blockchain should be used to address opportunities and problems that lack easier answers.

Julie Sweet
There are so many more people in Tokyo than in New York, but it’s pristine. It’s so organized, and yet the address system is in complete chaos.

Nick Wooster
States know better than the federal government how to allocate and manage resources to address the needs of their people.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
The truth is, our democracy is stronger when more people participate and when everyone’s views are heard. More participation not only leads to a more representative government, but also more thoughtful policies that better leverage the strengths – and better address the challenges – of the American mosaic.

Nina Turner
So I think that if we want to have a Congress, if we want to have government that looks like America, if we want to have government that is truly a representative Democracy, then we need to clearly address how we get our campaign laws out of the way of Democracy.

Carol Moseley Braun
It is imperative that we address the barriers to access and the systemic racism that we know is contributing to our astronomically high maternal mortality rates. The onus must be on the health care system to make necessary changes.

Leana S. Wen
The networked world offers the promise that maybe the information technology industry will start to, for the first time in a decade or so, address CEO-level issues.

Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.
Although AmeriCorps is making a difference among its participants and the people they serve, we must address homelessness and the need for job training among our veterans.

Cliff Stearns
I believe that nothing is more important to our ability to effectively address our present than understanding the lessons learned from those who have come before us.

Charlie Gonzalez
I hope that audiences understand that there is a precariousness to black lives in this country that we need to address, that there has always been a precariousness to black lives in this country that we need to address. In fact, our country is built on the precariousness of black lives, the disposability of black lives.

Yance Ford
At the federal level, I believe we should address inequality by reforming our criminal justice system, including demilitarizing our law enforcement departments.

Raphael Warnock
What one has created by regulation, one could address by regulation.

Alex Azar
The fragility created by protracted conflicts, resulting in destroyed cities and dramatically insufficient services, is not something that humanitarian organizations can address comprehensively. Only political solutions can end armed conflicts.

Peter Maurer
It’s no coincidence that the cities with the highest rates of violence also have the highest rates of unemployment. There are not many opportunities. We have to address that, starting from the government down and the grassroots up.

Teyonah Parris
We need radical, transformative solutions to address the inequality that is blighting millions of people’s lives.

Angela Rayner
‘Aqualung’ marks the point at which I had the confidence as a songwriter and as a guitar player to actually pick up and play the guitar and be at the forefront of the band. It’s also the album on which I began to address religious issues in my music, and I think that happened simply because the time was right for it.

Ian Anderson
A lot of times in a record company environment, it’s, ‘All right, go out on the road, go get some experience, come back in six months, and we’ll see where we are.’ I’ve erased that. Now it’s, ‘This is what we’re working on today. I expect you to come in tomorrow and address this and be better.’

Scott Borchetta
As any speaker will tell you, when you address a large number of people from a stage, you try to make eye contact with people in the audience to communicate that you’re accessible and interested in them.

Simon Mainwaring
Being a justice. If you love law the way I do… you’re given the job of a lifetime… you’re permitted to address the most important legal questions of the country, and sometimes the world. And in doing so, you make a difference in people’s lives.

Sonia Sotomayor
Europe has to address people’s needs directly and reflect their priorities, not our own preoccupations.

Peter Mandelson
There are places you should be and places you shouldn’t, and situations you should not be getting yourself into. If you’re turning up to games and not feeling right, that’s when you’ve got to address the situation.

Joe Hart
Though every nation must do its part to address climate change, developed nations are responsible for the lion’s share of carbon pollution in the atmosphere, and they have an obligation to help developing nations transition to a sustainable future.

Frances Beinecke
For too long, government officials have tinkered with Mexico’s economic structure through piecemeal reforms that seek to ensure political stability but that do not address the key obstacles to greater innovation and competitiveness.

Denise Dresser
The risk of reputational damage, causing good female talent to decline to work for a firm based on its disclosure, is the strongest reason for firms to address their gender pay gap.

Nicky Morgan
I’ve urged employers to address workers’ pain.

Eugene Scalia
I’m usually in control of the room, but if I sense some kind of hostility, I address it. Occasionally, there are pockets of homophobia, and it’s not just the South – it’s all over the country.

James Adomian
If you feel anything weird, immediately call 911 and give them your address because you may not make it past the phone call.

Oscar Munoz
In terms of addressing crime issues in the black community, the dominant political class has historically refused to endorse the full slate of reforms along lines of education, economic security, housing, etc, necessary to address the root causes.

James Forman, Jr.
President Bush in his inaugural address talked about bringing freedom to countries that don’t have it. He didn’t specify how.

Barbara Boxer
Only Congress has the authority to adequately and holistically address our broken immigration system.

Yvette Clarke
We are presented with a unique situation in the black community in that we have embraced the beauty of hip hop, the real rawness of it, the real fun of it, but we also have to address the damage it has done. We have to look at what it’s done to our black girls, especially when it comes to domestic violence.

Tamron Hall
I’m somebody who believes in funny things, and laughing, but I do like for them to come from a place that addresses the human condition.

Natasha Lyonne
The government can build institutional infrastructure to address the paradox of floods and calamities in some parts of the country, and water scarcity in other parts.

Ram Nath Kovind
Even the best parents have to spend so much time making ends meet that they cannot help their kids with homework or afford the extra tutoring that wealthier students enjoy. To address these unjust disparities, we need an early education revolution.

Sal Albanese
Every startup should address a real and demonstrated need in the world – if you build a solution to a problem lots of people have, it’s so easy to sell your product to the world.

Kevin Systrom
I presented a bill that will address a glaring loophole that allows gun buyers to bypass a background check by purchasing guns as kits. These kits allow anyone to purchase a totally untraceable firearm. The act simply says these weapons should be regulated like other firearms and require background checks.

Brad Schneider
I tell myself that some names can be mistakes, like Mxyplyzyk, a store in New York that lost customers because few could spell its name to look up the address. I tell myself that lots of writers agonize over titles, and often get them wrong at first.

Caroline Leavitt
And yet, if we don’t, first and foremost, act responsibly with the national tax dollars that we have, we can’t properly address those regional priorities that we would like to.

Melissa Bean
We have been fed so many false narratives, many of them racialized to deliberately feed a racist agenda. It’s important to address and dig into that wherever you can.

Rhiannon Giddens
Our Vision 2030 remains the blueprint for inclusive growth, social cohesion, and prosperity for all. Under this plan, we will continue to develop skills that can help our country realise its developmental goals and address labour market issues.

Cyril Ramaphosa
I came to political consciousness with John F. Kennedy’s magnificent 1961 Inaugural Address. It seemed the start of something fresh and exciting, and it was.

Joe Klein
Eventually, if you had a printer that is IPP compliant, that printer will have a Web address and anyone around the world who can get on the Internet can print to that URL.

Robert Palmer
Generally, Sunday talk shows talk about policy, and I don’t address policy.

Joseph Dunford
To my mind, the best SF addresses itself to problems of the here and now, or even to problems which have never been solved and never will be solved – I’m thinking of Philip K. Dick’s work here, dealing with questions of reality, for example.

John Sladek
It’s widely recognized that employers and employees need more assistance addressing problems with rising health care costs. Attempts to address the problem are going to require a federal response, not a patchwork of state and local mandates.

Eugene Scalia
I remember for my 18th birthday, I was going to get a tattoo, and I made the mistake of thinking I was a man and telling my father, and he was like, ‘Oh yeah? You better tattoo a new address on your arm, because you’re not living here!’ And that was the end of that discussion.

Adam Ferrara
Technology has enormous potential to address educational needs more efficiently, help teachers improve their performance, and enrich and individualize student learning.

Wendy Kopp
You will see that I am a direct and sincere person, I don’t beat around the bush and I will address something if I see it.

Quique Setien
As Congress focuses on comprehensive health care reform, one thing needs to be clear: We cannot fix health care if we do not address America’s nursing shortage.

Kirsten Gillibrand
The thing about music is that it gives voice and names to anguish and also addresses how to comfort it.

Julien Baker
Armed with nothing more than a Facebook user’s phone number and home address, anyone with an Internet connection and a few dollars can obtain personal information they should never have access to, including a user’s date of birth, e-mail address, or estimated income.

Al Franken
Subsidies should never be a permanent feature of any market. They should be introduced only to address market failure and they should be withdrawn gradually as those distortions in the market are addressed.

Barry Gardiner
Every day, I witness innovative technologies being used to not only address social challenges but to build stronger communities – here in the U.S. and across the globe.

Tae Yoo
I was never one of those fat-victim people. I always have to address how much weight I lost, and people always realize then how fat I was.

Carlos Mencia
Women, especially in rural India, have to undergo such suffering and pain. It is important for our cinema to address their pain, anger, and frustration.

Bhumi Pednekar
President Obama’s executive actions on immigration are designed to temporarily address major flaws in our broken immigration system.

Jan Schakowsky
People have no memory of phone numbers now because of the cell phone – their address book is in a cell phone.

Gordon Bell
I believe that we have a duty to look frankly at the social conditions around us and to work to do what we can to address the specific needs which we find.

Basil Hume
We have been using foreign affairs ministries to address security issues, but this practice is outdated. It’s time to assign the handling of regional security to national organizations and expert institutions.

Enrique Pena Nieto
I’ve said that, that I’ve felt like as Christians and particularly even as Republicans, we needed to address issues that touched the broader perspective, and that included disease, hunger, poverty, homelessness, the environment.

Mike Huckabee
The discussion in Washington has changed dramatically. I mean, it’s no longer a question of should we address entitlements – it’s no longer a question of do we need to reduce spending in the future.

Mark Zandi
It’s a real concern of mine every day. What can we do? How much can we do? How quickly can we address all these important things?

Jeffrey Skoll
The people I’m honored to represent in Missouri and all over the country want leaders to address their kitchen table everyday problems.

Dick Gephardt
We can’t edit people’s content. We have to give them a platform to express themselves, and if they say something that the government doesn’t like, we can’t go delete it. We can’t give the guy’s IP address to the government.

Shervin Pishevar
There is a real formula to writing music, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge. It’s very formulaic. The subject matter that you can address in pop music is somewhat restricted. It just doesn’t allow that same emotive quality that you can put into poetry.

Edgar Winter
Unless we address those that are leaving prisons, we can’t begin to repair the damage of mass incarceration and make our communities whole and healthy once again.

Susan Burton
I’ve lived with insomnia for many years, but I’m making it a priority to address my sleep problems.

Christina Applegate
My first year making music was very experimental. I was trying to find my sound. My second year, I was more in my element. I knew what type of production I wanted to go over and the topics I wanted to address.

Lil Peep
When self-doubt creeps in, don’t ignore it – address it. Respond to harsh self-criticism with something more compassionate. Talk to yourself like a trusted friend and refuse to believe your unrealistic, negative inner monologue.

Amy Morin
The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul.

George Sand
The ‘sanskari’ people in the country address me as ‘Behenji.’ Even my parents address me as ‘Behenji’ and so does Akhilesh Yadav.

In order to address world economic imbalances, countries around the world should make joint efforts to adjust their economic structure.

Hu Jintao
Understand that you are going to have to address several things navigating through the world as it pertains to men who have been conditioned to think that they are superior, which I don’t believe, in the natural world, that is the case.

As this long and difficult war ends, I would like to address a few special words to the American people: Your steadfastness in supporting our insistence on peace with honor has made peace with honor possible.

Richard M. Nixon
Science is one of the comparative advantages of our knowledge-based economy, and focusing on our prowess in providing better tools to address diseases of poverty is one of the best forms of foreign aid.

Seth Berkley
Post-modernism is dead because it didn’t address human needs.

David Guterson
The State Energy Program, it provides grants to States and directs funding to State energy offices. The States use these grants to address their energy priorities, program funding to adopt emerging renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

Rosa DeLauro
On ‘Love Letters’, I focused exclusively on songs with lyrics, creating a collection of songs that directly address heartbreak and its ensuing emotions in a way that instrumental music can only hint at.

Anoushka Shankar
It is true that the poet does not directly address his neighbors; but he does address a great congress of persons who dwell at the back of his mind, a congress of all those who have taught him and whom he has admired; they constitute his ideal audience and his better self.

Richard Wilbur
In place of presidential addresses, stump speeches, or town halls, we have Trump’s demagogic mass rallies. In place of the usual jousting between the administration and the press, we have a president who fantasizes on Twitter about physically assaulting CNN.

Bret Stephens
I’m not sure if it’s easier to address tough themes through humor, but I do think it’s more fun and makes such themes easier to digest for the reader.

Camille Perri
Scaling is multidimensional. Different methods address different things.

Fred Ehrsam
I don’t think that artificial intelligence means doomsday, and I think many new jobs will be created, too. However, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that these new types of jobs will favor low-income demographics. We need to address the needs of those who will be left out of the new job market.

Jens Martin Skibsted
The issue of Kashmir is both political and emotional in nature. Any pragmatic and lasting solution needs India and Pakistan sitting together on a table and discussing a solution that addresses the aspirations of Kashmiris and does not compromise the territorial integrity of either India or Pakistan.

Mehbooba Mufti
It’s up to people like us, all of us, to address and talk about things like runaway global warming and how we can use things like remote viewing to save our planet.

Jim Sullivan
Family things are always tough, and they’re always tough to address, let alone on a TV show.

Jordan Rodgers
On a personal level, I send out about 20 thank-you notes a day to staffers, on all levels. And every six weeks I have lunch with a group of a dozen or so employees, to get their perspective on the business, to address problems and to get feedback.

Douglas Conant
I’d rather not have an address in France but an address in Italy because I love the country.

Gerard Depardieu
Gangs are born of a lethal absence of hope, and hope has an address: 130 W. Bruno St. in Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Greg Boyle
In the Army, we address a crisis by identifying critical objectives, planning a response, marshaling resources and communicating the plan clearly.

Cal Cunningham
For me, most things are mental. You do better if you analyse and address the issue mentally.

Arvind Swami
Shrinking someone’s stomach to the size of a walnut with surgery is one way to battle obesity and diabetes and may be lifesaving for a few, but it doesn’t address the underlying causes.

Mark Hyman
Whoever rises to deliver the inaugural Address of 2013 will speak to a nation in which the American Dream is under profound economic and cultural pressure. This is perhaps best measured by the state of the middle class.

Jon Meacham
I am suspicious of writers who go looking for issues to address. Writers are neither preachers nor journalists. Journalists know much more than most writers about what’s going on in the world. And if you want to change things, you do journalism.

A. S. Byatt
The Postal Service delivers mail six days a week to nearly 140 million addresses. Every year this number increases by 2 million.

Joe Baca
No country by itself and in an isolated manner would ever be able to effectively address the challenges it faces.

Hassan Rouhani
The federal government is responsible for addressing how to address the status of the estimated 9 to 15 million people who are in the country illegally, but local and state law enforcement can be helpful partners in that regard.

Tim Pawlenty
Extremism is a complicated issue, but without addressing how it appeals to men and boys, we may be missing an important motivation and a way to address the problems in our towns and cities.

Deeyah Khan
There’s no reason to think that you’ll be capable of loyalty to a diet until you address your basic disloyalty toward yourself.

Marianne Williamson
A name indicates what we seek. An address indicates where it is. A route indicates how we get there.

Jon Postel
We’ve learned quickly that the Web is far more pseudonymous than anonymous: online, our names have simply been changed to a number, an I.P. address, protocol, and code.

Kevin Young
As a nation, we must address the persecution of all religious minorities.

Mark Meadows
The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011 was an immense tragedy that sparked a global response. The international community came forward with aid to the victims and came together to address the broader concerns about nuclear security and safety.

Ban Ki-moon
From the rough, I’d use a 6-iron, play the ball back an inch or two and swing down on a steeper angle to catch the ball first. It also helps to aim slightly left and open the clubface at address. You’ll get more height on the shot, and the club will cut through the grass more easily.

Ernie Els
Big stories have lots of angles, and you have to decide what part of that story you want to address.

Steve Breen
Our economics are not baseball’s economics. Our game is not baseball’s game. Our owners are not baseball’s owners, with one or two exceptions. Our union is not baseball’s union. What we do has to be crafted and suited to address hockey, to address the NHL, to address our 30 teams and our 700-plus players.

Gary Bettman
As governor of RBI, Dr. Rajan has sent confidential and sensitive financial information to various persons around the world on his University of Chicago unsecure personal email address. This is a reckless disregard of the national security of India.

Subramanian Swamy
We all can do our part to address America’s anger mismanagement crisis. And for us Christians, it starts with a little more faith, hope, and love.

Eric Metaxas
The IRS is currently considering a rule that would make it easier for tax preparers to disclose the private information contained in tax returns – including name, address, Social Security number, employer, income, and charitable donations.

Melissa Bean
Of course we have to address the deficit if we win.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt
As consumers, we can pressure corporations both to monitor and improve workplace conditions overseas – when inspections reveal violations, these companies should address the gaps immediately.

Alissa Quart
Last time I was in London, I visited Number 5, Bruton Street, which is the address I gave to Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan in my novels. It was a bit disconcerting to learn that it’s actually a pub.

Julia Quinn
I think what’s happening is that women are allowed to be funnier as we stop pretending that there are subjects that they shouldn’t address.

Jim Norton
I think the facts reveal that the European partners have taken extraordinary measures to help Greece address its problems.

Lucas Papademos
A sensitive person is seldom happy with the world the way it is. And since you cannot change it, you think, ‘Might as well numb the anguish.’ If you’re using something to escape reality, then it’s something you need to address.

Pooja Bhatt
Famously, DC has been pretty great showing gay women, with characters like Batwoman, but has shown fewer prominent men on the sexuality spectrum outside of hetero. It’s something we need to address. I also think it’s lovely how the readers respond to this.

Gail Simone
‘Who Fears Death’ addresses the push and pull in African culture that powerful women face when their culture has certain duties and beliefs that can stifle them.

Nnedi Okorafor
A simple way to address hidden curriculum issues is to spend time talking with staff and key leaders about their spiritual lives.

John Ortberg
As wrestlers, we’re not trying to hurt or damage physically our opponent. All we’re trying to do is score points and get our hands raised, so I think that’s where we differ from the UFC, but I think that also the way in which we could address each other could be cool from a competitive spirit.

Jordan Burroughs
It would no doubt be very sentimental to argue – but I would argue it nevertheless – that the peculiar combination of joy and sadness in bell music – both of clock chimes, and of change-ringing – is very typical of England. It is of a piece with the irony in which English people habitually address one another.

A. N. Wilson
People have a wrong notion that film stars don’t make good politicians. I must tell those who address stars with derogatory comments that people like us work for the betterment of their constituency with heart and soul.

Jaya Prada
To address the open question of whether we are addicted to technological devices and platforms, Congress must understand the current scientific consensus, potential gaps in research, and the best way to build a body of evidence that can inform effective policymaking.

Brian Schatz
The so-called assault weapons ban is a hoax. It is a political appeal to the ignorant. The guns it supposedly banned have been illegal for 78 years. Did the ban make them ‘more’ illegal? The ban addresses only the appearance of weapons, not their operation.

David Mamet
I don’t have problems with people, because if I do, I address it.

Wiz Khalifa
Throughout his presidency, my grandfather made it clear that he alone could fix nothing; that he alone had no answers. He had the courage to plainly admit America’s shortcomings, to then lay out bold plans to address those problems and to ask his fellow Americans for help in solving them.

Jack Schlossberg
When, in his first inaugural address, Ronald Reagan famously said government is the problem, not the solution, he established the Republican mantra that has not changed in all the years since. It was a clever bit of rhetoric, but it has turned too many Republicans into economic simpletons.

David Horsey
The State of the Union address is always a reminder of how unique America is.

Marco Rubio
During election time, I work over 21 hours. My day starts around 6 A.M., and I address meetings through the day. Between 10 P.M. and 2 A.M., I meet local leaders, where we discuss local issues and local problems.

Sharad Pawar
But despite the universality of URLs, we often forget that they’re not just a handy way to address network resources. They’re also valuable communication tools.

Jesse James Garrett
Every novel presents a slice of life. A noir policier for example presents one slice, one that perhaps addresses social dysfunction or some sort of pathology, while mine present a slice that is more upbeat and affirmative.

Alexander McCall Smith
Folks, I mean to keep my word. And if I don’t, I’ll give you my address and some rope. That’s real accountability.

Stephen Fincher
Therefore, let us not despair, but instead, survey the position, consider carefully the action we must take, and then address ourselves to our common task in a mood of sober resolution and quiet confidence, without haste and without pause.

Arthur Henderson
We have met our passion to be ambition to grow our market share significantly in North America. Motorola helps address two other priority markets for us – the acquisition has enabled us to become the No. 1 foreign vendor in Japan. It also gives us an increased market share with China Mobile in China.

Rajeev Suri
Obamacare arrived also because Republicans failed to persuade the public that we could address the avalanche of problems government had already created by decades of interfering with the health-care market.

Ben Sasse
An Internet service provider reasonably needs to know your name and address. But it’s hard to imagine why a provider would need to collect your Internet browsing habits other than to sell your data.

Ro Khanna
I knew that part of the problem with sensitive issues is that, because they’re uncomfortable to address, we have a hard time doing so honestly, if at all.

Jay Asher
Mail-in ballots are a huge source of potential voter fraud. For instance, ballots mailed to wrong addresses or large residential buildings might get intercepted.

Tom Fitton
This whole idea that we address environmental issues by not doing stuff just doesn’t work.

Natalie Jeremijenko
When I was first thinking about what would become Venture for America, I was trying to figure out how to solve a problem – that our top young people were being driven to roles that did not, to me, address the needs of our time. That VFA would be a non-profit just seemed like the most efficient way to solve the problem.

Andrew Yang
But only a candidate who rejects wishful thinking, has the courage to tell the truth about the options in front of us and who will address Brexit on the basis of the hard realities will succeed.

David Gauke
After the military, I floundered around between jobs for a while, and there was an opportunity for me to go live in Japan. I was living on the Okinawa Airport Base, off the grid, no real address.

Delhi is truly the fashion address of the country, and some of the best designers from there are ruling Mumbai.

Rhea Pillai
The solution is to first create an integrated economic development and recreation plan that addresses the needs of the people who live and recreate in central Idaho.

Mike Simpson
Hydrogen holds great promise to meet many of our future energy needs, and it addresses national security and our environmental concerns. Hydrogen is the simplest, most abundant element in the universe.

Dan Lipinski
It is time to stop debating whether the Internet is an effective tool for political expression and instead to address the much more urgent question of how digital technology can be structured, governed, and used to maximize the good and minimize the evil.

Rebecca MacKinnon
No wind serves him who addresses his voyage to no certain port.

Michel de Montaigne
I think it speaks to people in 2015, right now. We address real situations. It’s real life! Everything that happens in ‘Dope’ could happen today.

Shameik Moore
I never really address myself to any image anybody has of me. That’s like fighting with ghosts.

Sally Field
I apply the term ‘creativity’ broadly… it’s problem solving. We are all faced with problems, and we have to address them and think of something new, and that’s where creativity comes in.

Edwin Catmull
It disturbs me when Obama says in the State of the Union address that he wants to make dropping out of school at 18 illegal, because people learn differently and before there are forms of learning for every type of person in the world, we shouldn’t be condemned for leaving.

Ezra Miller
One of the most difficult speeches to prepare is an address to a graduation class, which is why I don’t often do them.

Jerry Moran
I think President Karzai realizes exactly how important it is to strengthen the fight against corruption in the country now, step up endeavors to stop the drug trade and to deliver better governance. He said as much in his inaugural address.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen
I have never moved away from my mainstay – trying to address all the environmental issues that come to me. I consult with law firms in the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Italy, Greece, and India to begin to address environmental disasters. I do motivational speaking.

Erin Brockovich
I am sick to my stomach, just, all the time. The tools in my toolbox to address that are choosing jobs where I can be a full, complete person, where I have some agency and autonomy.

Kerry Bishe
Incremental increases in the minimum wage won’t address the underlying skills and investment gaps in Illinois.

Bruce Rauner
I think that people’s resistance to vaccination isn’t going to disappear until we address some of the nonmedical reasons for that resistance and people’s discomfort and distrust of the government. That’s bigger than what most medical professionals can handle.

Eula Biss
We can still find middle ground, truly secure our borders, deal with those already here and address our labor needs. But those who advocate giving current illegal aliens and future guest workers a special path to citizenship must compromise.

John Shadegg
I do not support the idea of defunding police departments. I believe that it does nothing to solve the root problems we must address and it makes our communities less safe.

Mikie Sherrill
There is a central flaw in contemporary culture and a corresponding and related inability to address it. Society seems somehow unable to adequately help or protect itself. Normal citizens feel powerless, isolated and disturbed.

Michael Leunig
The one thing we should address is how design can play a role in the psychological durability of objects, to think of how objects can be engineered in a way that they will be good over time.

Marcel Wanders
People want things that address their everyday reality, and that goes for stuff that isn’t political – with singer-songwriter music, people want things that touch them.

Boots Riley
I can get my voicemail transcribed and sent to me as e-mail. I want to be able to have my address book and all my life come up on my TV and video chat. The whole telecommunications experience through a wire is still very relevant.

Brian L. Roberts
Corporate social responsibility is measured in terms of businesses improving conditions for their employees, shareholders, communities, and environment. But moral responsibility goes further, reflecting the need for corporations to address fundamental ethical issues such as inclusion, dignity, and equality.

Klaus Schwab
Corruption in state-owned enterprises and other public institutions has undermined our government’s programs to address poverty and unemployment.

Cyril Ramaphosa
When email and the Internet came along, I never publish an email address. I just stuck with this P.O. Box address.

Adrian Tomine
Getting money out of Whitehall and down to the town hall is also essential if we are going to address the crisis of confidence – and alienation – in our politics.

Hilary Benn
In terms of my Indianness, I try not to rely on it nor deny it. When it comes up organically in my writing, we can address it. About five years ago, we wrote this episode of ‘The Office,’ called ‘Diwali,’ which seemed like an organic way of using it.

Mindy Kaling
I made ‘Bowling for Columbine’ in the hope the school shootings would stop and that we would address the issue of how easy it is to get a gun in the United States, and tragically, those school shootings continue.

Michael Moore
What makes autism different is the history of neglect into the disorder. It’s remained such a mystery that science has been very slow to address it.

Elizabeth Emken
If we are to candidly and comprehensively address climate change – which I believe is the true crisis of our time – we must find new ways to generate energy and fuel.

Tom Steyer
But what attracts me to the study of confidence is that it is something women can address themselves, individually and immediately.

Katty Kay
As chairman of the tax-writing House Ways & Means Committee, I continue to be inspired by President Reagan’s 1985 national address to the American people as he challenged them to join him in boldly reforming the broken, complex tax code.

Kevin Brady
Synthetic biology can help address key challenges facing the planet and its population. Research in synthetic biology may lead to new things such as programmed cells that self-assemble at the sites of disease to repair damage.

Craig Venter
In State of the Union addresses, I always look at the foreign policy and military parts first, which are generally pretty minimal.

Phil Klay
I’m a mom. I work. I have a house to clean, things to organize. We all have certain similar needs, and I address them.

Joy Mangano
I had hoped all of Congress would recognize that it is imperative for our health, economy, and national security that we address the effects of climate change before they get even worse.

Mark Pocan
President Obama’s reelection started the countdown for lawmakers to address the fiscal cliff and the statutory debt limit. Unless the President and House Republicans can agree on changes to current law, the U.S. economy will be in recession by spring.

Mark Zandi
We are hopeful that President Obama, in his State of the Union Address, will express a willingness to work with Republicans to enact all of these jobs bills.

Nan Hayworth
The honorable William Penn, late governor of Pennsylvania, was chosen agent to the Court of Britain, and directed to deliver the petition to the King himself and to endeavor by his personal influence to procure a favorable reception to this last address.

Mercy Otis Warren
When I was in the Mississippi Legislature, we worked to establish the Mississippi Rural Physicians Scholarship Program to help address the shortage of physicians in the rural areas of the state.

Cindy Hyde-Smith
The Public – a thing I cannot help looking upon as an enemy, and which I cannot address without feelings of hostility.

John Keats
Until affirmative action is described and understood as one mechanism by which to make amends for historical wrongdoing against members of marginalized communities, it will fail to meaningfully address the inequality that exists as a direct result of federal policy.

Clint Smith
Crime takes root when household budgets are unable to address the conditions that can lead to despair and violence, and government services and policies do not adequately address underemployment, poor mental health care and learning disabilities that hold young people back.

Eric Adams
I used to say that you’ll have 10 IP address on your body… and it looks like that’s going to happen through medical monitoring.

Eric Schmidt
As long as women are in the work force making their own money and decisions, men are going to have to realize that this way of life is here to stay – because it takes two incomes to make it and more now. The sooner you address your style of saving and spending with your mate the better off your relationship will be.

Patti Stanger
I want to be clear: We can address safety and livability issues head-on without criminalizing homelessness. After all, people living on our streets are themselves vulnerable to crime and other hazards.

Ted Wheeler
Inviting a foreign head of state to address the Congress is a clear breach of protocol and practice, and undermines the U.S. presidency.

Marcia Fudge
The reason there’s a question mark on my front door is just in case I forget my address.

Leslie Nielsen
It is our hope that in future discussions with the Mexican government, you will encourage Mexico to do its part to address illegal immigration rather than encourage their citizens to illegally enter the U.S.

Elton Gallegly
Give a boy address and accomplishments and you give him the mastery of palaces and fortunes where he goes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
What I had noticed is that there weren’t a lot of women lining up to see a comic book movie, but they were going to line up to see ‘The Devil Wears Prada,’ which may have been something I wanted to address.

Bryan Singer
Yellowstone wildlife is treasured. We understand that. We’ll manage them in a way that addresses that sensitivity.

Steve Bullock
I believe terrorism cannot be won over by military action. Terrorism must be condemned in the strongest language. We must stand solidly against it, and find all the means to end it. We must address the root causes of terrorism to end it for all time to come.

Muhammad Yunus
I can’t change the preconceived notions a reader brings to a work, but I can do my best to be aware of, address, and subvert tropes and expectations that readers may have as best I can and hope I don’t screw it up too much.

Kameron Hurley
If we continue to address the issue of the environment where we live as though we’re the only species that lives here, we’ll create a disaster for ourselves.

Gaylord Nelson
To be sure, Kennedy did not discount the importance of words in rallying the nation to meet its foreign and domestic challenges. Winston Churchill’s powerful exhortations during World War II set a standard he had long admired. Kennedy was hardly unmindful of how important a great inaugural address could be.

Robert Dallek
All action to address climate change is an inseparable and integrated part of the whole plan, and the leadership and commitment of all governments remains central to success.

Patricia Espinosa
I believe that States should be credited for their non-Federal investment in revenue-generating transportation facilities to address their regional transportation needs.

Michael C. Burgess
The custom of speaking to God Almighty as freely as with a slave – caring nothing whether the words are suitable or not, but simply saying the first thing that comes to mind from being learnt by rote by frequent repetition – cannot be called prayer: God grant that no Christian may address Him in this manner.

Saint Teresa of Avila
If you have to name me starting quarterback to go be a starting quarterback, then I probably have some issues I need to address.

Nick Foles
I care about helping to address these problems of social cohesion and understanding what economic problems people think exist.

Mark Zuckerberg
When I was studying in JNU, I realised how students and professors address each other as comrades.

Vivek Agnihotri
Make a conscious effort to loosen your hands and let your arms feel soft when you’re at address. Take the club back a bit shorter, and feel as if you’re cracking a whip on the way down – not tensing up to smash something hard.

Ernie Els
ISIS was able to grow because the Obama administration stuck its head in the sand rather than address the emerging problem.

Will Hurd
Why shouldn’t poetry address what happened yesterday and be published in the newspaper?

Tony Harrison
If you and your skills are a complement to the computer, your wage and labor market prospects are likely to be cheery. If your skills do not complement the computer, you may want to address that mismatch. Ever more people are starting to fall on one side of the divide or the other. That’s why ‘average is over.’

Tyler Cowen
We have many big problems we need to address in this nation – saving our homes, finding jobs that support our families, plugging into new sources of energy. The way we solve them is to think, talk, debate and work to advance solutions.

Maya Wiley
Interns can be hard on me and I’m hard on them. They have no experience and I have little patience when they don’t know how to address an envelope or can’t put a date in the calendar properly (I mean literally, like with the right floor number or proper cross streets).

Sonja Morgan
Size matters in fiction, but so does lack of size. Everything else being equal, fat novels tend to be perceived as serious, very thin ones as more honest, more real. Writers address these age-old expectations by filling their big books with philosophy and cramming their little ones with feeling.

Walter Kirn
Unfortunately, too often the media doesn’t ask the simple question: Why did elected leaders wait until the 11th hour to address government funding we’ve known would expire for months, if not years?

Mark Meadows
I’d love to see lower spending levels, and in absence of lower spending levels, I’d love to see us reallocate where some of that spending is and really address the entitlements that continue growing.

Jeff Duncan
There is no amount of money I can make which could buffer my daughter from the horrors that will explode in our society if we do not address the huge amount of suffering in our midst.

Marianne Williamson
Too many people are afraid to talk about the issue of race. We should be willing to address it, and more importantly, when it rears its ugly head, we should be willing to take a stand and try to stomp it out, whatever the action may be at a particular time.

Ron Stallworth
I address myself to the Communists, to those Communists who were prompted to join the Party by the progressive ideas of mankind and socialism, and not by selfish personal interests – let us represent our pure and just ideas by pure and just means.

Janos Kadar
Water is one of the most basic and vital requirements for survival. And with the issue of water shortage aggravating every single day, it’s just something I felt we had to address and spread the message on whatever level we can.

Harshvardhan Rane
Even with the beauty stories we put out, we saw there was an opportunity to address issues of representation, identity, self-expression. We created the community that we wanted to have at ‘Teen Vogue.’ We were willing to lose some to have more.

Elaine Welteroth
Grave security concerns can arise as a result of demographic trends, chronic poverty, economic inequality, environmental degradation, pandemic diseases, organized crime, repressive governance and other developments no state can control alone. Arms can’t address such concerns.

Ban Ki-moon
I’m a very direct person just generally. I don’t use a lot of words unnecessarily. I try to get to the heart of the issue, address it and go on to the next thing.

Marcia Fudge
For many people, managing pain involves using prescription medicine in combination with complementary techniques like physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga and massage. I appreciate this because I truly believe medical care should address the person as a whole – their mind, body, and spirit.

Naomi Judd
Obamacare rewrote Medicare… so if you’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare, you have to address those issues as well… What people don’t realize is that Medicare is going broke, that Medicare is going to have price controls… So you have to deal with those issues if you’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Paul Ryan
In an economy where women now make up half the work force, we’re going to have to address the treatment of pregnant employees more systemically. The passage of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would better protect against the discrimination pregnant job seekers face.

Alissa Quart
In order to truly get deficit spending and federal debt under control, the Trump administration is going to have to eventually address entitlement reform. If not, Trump will not only become part of the Washington status quo on the issue, but will leave burdensome and expensive problems for future generations.

Katie Pavlich
The Labour party has done more than any other to address gender inequalities, through legislation and other means, and to increase women’s representation in politics, which has led to recent increases in the number of female politicians.

Lucy Powell
If the standard transsexual person wants to be regarded as he or she, my sense is I’ll address you according to the part that you appear to be playing.

Jordan Peterson
It’s not going to fill in the potholes. It’s not going to put a roof over people’s heads. What it does is it helps to address really fundamental questions of who we are, where we came from, by which I mean we can learn how life came about.

Steven Squyres
Patriarchy is a fundamental imbalance underlying society And it’s one we rarely address because it’s so universal. But as I get older, I see that peace is a product of balance.

Ani DiFranco
The Libor system is structurally flawed. It is a major problem for our financial system and for the confidence in the financial system. We need to address it.

Ben Bernanke
President Obama said it best during his state of the Union Address this year when he declared: ‘I will go anywhere in the world to open new markets for American products. And I will not stand by when our competitors don’t play by the rules.’

Ron Wyden
I’ve played a lot of people where someone will say, ‘This is based on my sister, and such and such happened.’ But I don’t think I ever played someone who, ‘This is their name, and this is their address, and this is what they looked like.’

Rosemarie DeWitt
With Liquid Robotics’ innovative technology and Boeing’s leading intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions, we are helping our customers address maritime challenges in ways that make existing platforms smarter, missions safer, and operations more efficient.

Leanne Caret
The innovation of our workplace is key to the development of innovative solutions that address the evolving complex challenges of our clients.

Cathy Engelbert
The animal birth control and anti-rabies programmes, which are under the threat of being altered or discontinued, need to be strengthened in order to address the issue of the stray dog menace.

Amala Akkineni
People are drawn to preaching that is passionate and offered with conviction. Passion comes when the preacher has spent significant time with the text, and when God has spoken through the text in a way that addresses the preacher’s life first.

Adam Hamilton
There are some days when history is made. Yesterday was one – and I was honoured to be in Washington to watch Barack Obama being sworn in. During his soaring inaugural address, the new president gazed over a teeming National Mall that was crowded with more than a million people.

Des Browne
I think that’s something that’s hard for this country to address, is what the real issues are and coming to the point where we can admit that these are issues. Once we admit that, we can deal with it, we can fix them, and we can make this country and these communities a better place.

Colin Kaepernick
With things that I’m going through, whether they be on a small scale or a large scale, I’m thinking, ‘Who else is going through this? And how can I address it and bring it to light to help someone else?’

Kerby Jean-Raymond
The luxury of our position now is that we can almost assemble any team to address any issue.

Rem Koolhaas
Being a parent has taught me a lot of things already, you know, though it’s only been a year and half, and has made me address parts of myself that I would otherwise live in comfortable denial of, or you know and – you know, for instance, my self-loathing.

Ani DiFranco
When I was 8 or 9, I started using bulletin board systems, which was the precursor to the Internet, where you’d dial into… a shared system and shared computers. I’ve had an email address since the late ’80s, when I was 8 or 9 years old, and then I got on the Internet in ’93 when it was first starting out.

Aaron Patzer
President Obama’s Department of Education pledged to solve the student debt crisis, but it was utterly inept in its effort to address the issue.

Charlie Kirk
With a character called Captain , you have to address the concept of who he is because his identity is tied to his country.

Joe Russo
We urgently need to address the assumption bound up in our employment laws and custody arrangements that women are the ‘natural child carers’ and men don’t really want much to do with their children.

Naomi Alderman
The U.S. and Israel need to address points of difference between them in private, not in the UN or in front of cameras.

Haim Saban
I am this guy who’s four and a half feet tall, but my life doesn’t constantly address it.

Peter Dinklage
With climate change, we are living on borrowed time. If we do not address these issues today, it is going to be much more expensive later on, and that is why we need to take action now.

Johan Eliasch
I think when people are abusing drugs it is probably a symptom of a bigger problem that they need to address.

Chris Pontius
We must advocate for policies that stabilize our health care markets, lower premiums and drug costs, protect Medicare and address Nevada’s physician residency shortage.

Jacky Rosen
You might say presidents are drafting the first chapter of their memoirs in these seventh-year State of the Union addresses. They’re trying to get the public and the media to think about their presidencies in the way that they would like to have them thought of.

H. W. Brands
I’ll talk all this craziness in my music, but when I have your attention, and you’re listening to me, I’ll talk about what I want to talk about and what I think we need to address.

Remy Ma
Another way to lose control is to ignore something when you should address it.

Jim Evans
What I learned: if you’ve done something you think the public is going to react badly to, you can’t delay it, hide from it, or ignore it. You have to address it head on and take your beating. Always take your beating.

Justin Kan
Our racial past and future is something that we Americans must address.

Uzodinma Iweala
I wish the government and the Minister of Justice would address these legal and constitutional arguments, but they refuse to. They want Canadians to go blindly into their brave new world, but it is not wise for a society to move blindly in any direction.

Stockwell Day
The traits the word ‘childish’ addresses are seen so often in adults that we should abolish this age-discriminatory word when it comes to criticizing behavior associated with irresponsibility and irrational thinking.

Adora Svitak
Rice, wheat and other grains can help to address protein-calorie under-nutrition. But only attention to horticulture, milk and eggs can help to overcome hidden hunger caused by the deficiency of micro-nutrients like iodine, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B12, etc.

M. S. Swaminathan
The new co-operation government will do the best it can to address the country’s problems, and I believe that with the co-operation of all – and the new government stresses this – and the unity of all, we will achieve that.

Lucas Papademos
Let me start with Yahoo. As we meet today, a Chinese citizen who had the courage to speak his mind on the Internet is in prison because Yahoo chose to share his name and address with the Chinese Government.

Tom Lantos
My priority has always been listening and understanding the voices of those I represent, and I work every day to address the concerns people have for their families.

Lucy McBath
The United Nations should serve as a forum to address our common challenges. And it must also be a space to generate solutions for mutual benefit. This is the very essence of what the United Nations is about. We must position the multilateral system to better serve our people and deliver on their aspirations.

Miroslav Lajcak
If any company goes and does something stupid, the market is going to address that, and the rest of the industry is going to go and address that and say that is not accepted behavior, that is not an accepted practice, and it will self-correct.

Michael O’Rielly
We must not become the new puritans and reject our society. We must address and master the future together. It can be done if we restore the belief that we share a sense of national community, that we share a common national endeavor. It can be done.

Barbara Jordan
One of the things that is not so good is that a decision was made long ago about the size of an IP address – 32 bits. At the time it was a number much larger than anyone could imagine ever having that many computers but it turned out to be to small.

Jon Postel
Show Republicans a shiny pro-life or pro-marriage issue and they’d much rather address that controversial topic than keep pressing on the tyranny that Obamacare represents.

Ben Shapiro
If you’re biking more and walking more, you’re going to be happier and healthier. And you’ll probably feel better if you take out less garbage, as most of us feel pretty crappy about that. But I don’t think we can mistake those acts for doing what it takes to address a crisis at a global level.

Naomi Klein
It is time for Iran and other stakeholders to begin to address the causes of tension in the wider Persian Gulf region. We need a sober assessment of the complex and intertwined realities here and consistent policies to deal with them. The fight against terror is a case in point.

Mohammad Javad Zarif
Clericalism has rendered some of Ireland’s brightest, most privileged and powerful men either unwilling or unable to address the horrors cited in the Ryan and Murphy Reports.

Enda Kenny
I think, in the wake of Sept. 11, it’s important for the American public to understand that to the extent that there are individuals within the United States who would undertake terrorist attacks, that we are doing something to address that.

Robert Mueller
We have to address impediments that stall implementation of projects and streamline the process to ensure smooth execution going forward. We need to address the leverage levels among corporates to restart investment cycle.

Chanda Kochhar
We’ve seen it again and again. From civil rights to women’s rights to marriage rights, this country has reinvented itself in the quest to make real the transcendent values that Lincoln proclaimed in his historic address – that all men are created equal in a nation conceived in liberty.

Mike Quigley
We’re a country that allowed waterboarding and indefinite detention, and we’re a country where the NYPD Intelligence Division has police files on what Muslims think of the State of the Union address.

Matt Apuzzo
Our partnership with Dick’s Sports Matter program aligns perfectly with our mission to address inequity in schools nationwide.

Charles Best
Between 1950 and 1951, I worked as a temporary employee in the Cologne Bureau of Statistics. From summer 1951 on, I have lived as a freelance writer with a fixed postal address in Cologne but with a continually shifting place of work.

Heinrich Boll
Unless we address our unserved broadband challenges in our urban, suburban, and rural areas, we will not have equitable access for all and achieve the economic recovery that we need.

Ned Lamont
This pandemic has provided an opportunity to reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine economic systems, that actually address global challenges like extreme poverty, inequality and climate change.

Pierre Poilievre
As we address extreme weather and pandemic disease, we will understand and overcome racism and bigotry so we can safely and together do space.

Victor J. Glover
I am so focused on the fact that the conversation doesn’t address any of the things I think are important. I think our political dialogue in America is distorted and completely off track.

Steve Wynn
President Obama called for a ‘we’ nation in his Inauguration Address. Art convenes. It is not just inspirational. It is aspirational. It pricks the walls of our compartmentalized minds, opens our hearts and makes us brave. And that’s what we need most in our country today.

Anna Deavere Smith
I wanted to use my voice to address colourism because I am so aware of how awful it is and it is just something that needs to be spoken about.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock
It is impossible for Bangladesh alone to take action against the rising sea level, as it has been a cumulative effect of global emission in which Bangladesh does not have any role. It is the responsibility of global community to address this issue as urgently as possible.

Sheikh Hasina
I want my permanent address to be in Oklahoma. Someday, when I get married and I have kids, that’s where I want to raise my kids.

Carrie Underwood
We can choose to address the twin issues of population and consumption to rebalance the use of resources to a more egalitarian pattern of consumption.

John Sulston
Washington’s answer to a self-inflicted financial crisis reminded Americans why they so deeply distrust the political class. The ‘fiscal cliff’ process was secretive and sloppy, and the nation’s so-called leadership lacked the political courage to address our root problems: joblessness and debt.

Ron Fournier
We need to address significant funding gaps when it comes to implementing the SDGs.

Miroslav Lajcak
We have a paralysis in Washington that’s not serving our country. We have to address these issues.

Rob Portman
There are no movie references that I can think of in ‘Robopocalypse.’ However, there are tons of personal references. For example, the IP address that Lurker tracks actually goes back to the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where I studied robotics.

Daniel H. Wilson
We need to address hunger, job training, justice. I can’t do it alone. We need to elect people who understand the urgency.

Marcia Fudge
The New Nordic diet originated in 2004, when the visionary chefs Rene Redzepi and Claus Meyer called a symposium of regional chefs to address the public’s increasing consumption of processed foods, additives, highly refined grains, and mass-produced poultry and meat.

Kate Christensen
I’m a businesswoman, and Ms. is an appropriate form of address.

Letitia Baldrige
This is an area you always need to address when you’re dealing with Dracula is the fact that there is something kind of attractive in his darkness – which there isn’t in other horror characters.

Richard Roxburgh
We applaud President Trump for taking action to address our nation’s workforce needs.

Mike Parson
We have made a full frontal attack on corruption. The question is whether we can address the question of governance in developing countries and, particularly, corruption.

James Wolfensohn
So much of what makes a room great is how you enter and circulate through it, how it addresses the body.

Annabelle Selldorf
We should get rid of ‘tick box’ measures that do nothing to address underlying inequality in areas like employment. And we should interrogate the claims of victimization made by some organizations to get their slice of pie.

Munira Mirza
Are whisper networks good? That question itself is a little flat. Whisper networks arise in a vacuum of justice. They alleviate an untenable condition; they do not actually address it.

Sarah Jeong
While I’m the Attorney General, we will address each issue with one question: What’s the right thing to do?

Janet Reno
Domestic violence is an epidemic, and yet we don’t address it. Until it happens to celebrities.

Nelsan Ellis
One of the things the novel can do is address big questions in ways that are accessible to people. It’s not that I want to teach people, but these are the things that interest me, and this is my medium for exploring ideas, and I think the potential of novels to do that is massive.

Samantha Harvey
As movers and the moved both know, books are heavy freight, the weight of refrigerators and sofas broken up into cardboard boxes. They make us think twice about changing addresses.

John Updike
Our legislation addresses broadcasts over the public airwaves, but I hope the cable and satellite industries see the importance of this issue and voluntarily create a family tier of programming and offer culturally responsible products.

Charles W. Pickering
I favor strategies that encourage industry to include some sort of key recovery capability in their systems which would also address user requirements for access.

Dorothy Denning
So much of what we do addresses the issues that are associated with climate change, whether it’s working to reduce emissions, whether it’s working to nail down our renewables, whether it’s ensuring great efficiency in accessing all of our energy sources.

Lisa Murkowski
Countries like Japan do not have to change their cultures to address their educational shortcomings; they simply have to adjust their policies and practices.

Jose Angel Gurria
We must urge a national dialogue on better methods of curbing preventable gun violence, and address the need for mental health awareness and access to psychiatric services in this country.

Charles B. Rangel
I care more about telly because it made me an actor and there’s a much more immediate response to TV. You can address the political or cultural fabric of your country.

Christopher Eccleston
I call for greater measures to involve more women at higher levels in mine action. Governments should do more to address gender in their mine action programmes and through their implementation of the Anti-personnel Mine Ban Convention.

Ban Ki-moon
Democracy actually requires that the whole public be able to see common problems and address them and step outside of their own sort of narrow self-interest to do so.

Eli Pariser
No one wants to move if they have a choice – it’s a horrible experience. If I manage to address their issue, there’s really no incentive to pack up and leave.

Hilary Farr
Part of the responsibility of the technology industry is to anticipate the challenges of the vast majority of its future users and proactively start thinking about them now and proactively build products that address those challenges.

Jared Cohen
We should not use special budget procedures to jam through legislation to drill in the Arctic Refuge. This topic is too important to the public to address it in such a back-door manner. We should be having a full, open discussion of the issue during an energy debate.

Russ Feingold
Nobody wants the United States to default on its debt. Nobody. But, at some point in time, we’ve got to address the fiscal woes of this nation.

Chuck Fleischmann
Power doesn’t just exist. It is threaded through different mechanisms of control. I’m interested in those complexities. But I want to address that in very forthright language and sometimes with images.

Barbara Kruger
We have weapons of mass destruction we have to address here at home. Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction. Homelessness is a weapon of mass destruction. Unemployment is a weapon of mass destruction.

Dennis Kucinich
In 2009, during my inaugural address, I expressed the importance of unprecedented partnerships. Since then, Utah’s government, business, and education leaders in communities statewide have worked together more frequently and with better results than ever before.

Gary Herbert
When private sector, government, social, and philanthropic leaders apply innovative partnerships and technologies to address social challenges and build sustainable communities, the impact is multiplied.

Tae Yoo
Trump’s hobbled vocabulary is now the incontestable stuff of comedy: not just how few his words but how narrow their range, from boastful to irked and back again. For satirists and impressionists, a president who addresses the American people in abbreviated tweetspeak is a gift.

Howard Jacobson
We live in a world where adolescents and young people, especially from key populations, are still left behind. We cannot fail to address their needs.

Pia Wurtzbach
The moment I escaped to China, I didn’t have any money; I only had one address in my hand of some long-distance Chinese relatives. I didn’t know China was that big. I thought I can find their home very easily, and I would come back one week later. But then I found out the address was a 10-hour drive away.

Lee Hyeon-seo
I never let anyone lose their self-respect and make them wait in my office, or hurt them with my words, thoughts or actions. I give my e-mail address to anyone who seeks me out. I ask them to send me their work, and if I like it, I give them an opportunity.

D. Imman
Growing up, I would watch a movie on video and would go to the back of the VHS and locate the address for Universal Pictures or MGM or whatever. I’d write to the studios asking them if I could be in a movie. They never wrote me back.

Garrett Hedlund
Unless and until Barack Obama addresses the full depth of Americans’ anger with his full arsenal of policy smarts and political gifts, his presidency and, worse, our economy will be paralyzed.

Frank Rich
The way that Trump spoke about the outside world was the most aggressive, most hyper-nationalist, and in some ways most hostile of any inaugural address I think since the Second World War.

Charles Krauthammer
Through basic science literacy, people can understand the policy choices we need to be making. Scientists are not necessarily the greatest communicators, but science and communication is one of the fundamentals we need to address. People are interested.

James Murdoch
You may imagine the joy manifested by these poor Africans, when they heard one of their own color address them in a friendly manner, and in a language they could comprehend!

Lewis Tappan
We must ensure the economy really works for all, to address unconscionable wealth and income disparities that allow access to opportunity for some over others.

Beto O’Rourke
Chicago, I feel, is a microcosm for the segregated, violent environment that is America. I try to not only speak about these things in music, but also try to address these things in real life tangibly with action.

Vic Mensa
I think that there are so many problems that we have as a society that AI can help us address.

Oren Etzioni
The idea is not to restructure the economy as much as to seize the opportunities available that we didn’t address before.

Mohammad bin Salman
We should address the issues for nonprofits and pensions and why they need to invest in these offshore funds.

Steve Mnuchin
One hundred and fifty years after Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, equality for many Americans remains elusive.

Mike Quigley
Slave girls on Gor address all free men as Master, though, of course only one such would be her true Master.

John Norman
People like to act like we don’t have a legacy of racism here. I think people get really uncomfortable with it. We know that we can’t change it unless we address that.

DeRay Mckesson
It is easy to lay the blame on successive governments for failing to address health as a fundamental right for the Indian people. But the real tragedy is that we, the people of India, have not taken our government to task for this catastrophic failure.

Vikram Patel
Every second, every day, every year, we fail to address demand for reproductive health and family planning services. Lives are lost, and girls’ opportunities to thrive and contribute to their country’s development shrink. These are real people.

Jenny Shipley
The FBI continues to work with tribes through the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 to help tribal governments better address the unique public safety challenges and disproportionately high rates of violence and victimization in many tribal communities.

James Comey
It’s my job to represent the concerns and address the concerns my constituents have, and those concerns change over time.

Corey Stewart
We need to see the FLSA and the minimum wage as part of a larger struggle to cut poverty and to address the challenge of income inequality.

Tom Perez
Basketball was just secondary, and I never had the opportunity to really address the issues that I was having physically.

Jermaine O’Neal
There is, happily, a non-redistributive approach to address income inequality – one that doesn’t rely upon government. It’s to grow the pie. That is, create more decent jobs that pay more.

Andrew Yang
But those musics do not address the larger kind of architecture in time that classical music does, whatever each one of us knows that classical music must mean.

Michael Tilson Thomas
Writing for children, you do bear a responsibility to not include overt or graphic adult content that they are not ready for and don’t need, or to address adult concepts or themes from an oblique angle or a child’s limited viewpoint, with appropriate context, without being graphic or distressing.

Garth Nix
It is a bipartisan gathering to be able to pray for the needs back in our districts, for our families and each other. Another thing the prayer caucus does is to address religious liberty issues around the country as they arise.

James Lankford
India remains one of the few nations which still focuses entirely on an archaic de-addiction model, administered by the ministry of social justice and empowerment, to address drinking problems, adhering to a centuries-old idea of these problems being a moral disorder rather than a health condition.

Vikram Patel
Business development is a part of M&A – we identify signals in the market, whether its trends or disruptive technology, and bring them back and address the opportunities. I have three levers I can pull – partnerships, acquisitions, or investments.

Peggy Johnson
When you write as an artist, you just tell a story and people say it addresses issues.

John Kani
My greatest concern is that Mitt Romney seldom addresses the social issues publicly… I’m referring to the sanctity of human life, the traditional definition of marriage, and religious liberty.

James Dobson
Most psychiatrists assume that mental illnesses such as depression are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, which can be treated by drugs. But most psychotherapy doesn’t address the social causation of mental illness either.

Mark Fisher
Addresses are given to us to conceal our whereabouts.

Hector Hugh Munro
Business schools need to address students on a human being level, not as cogs in the machine to supply fresh talent to big companies.

Srikumar Rao
The Kosovars were granted autonomy at the end of World War II, but then aspiring president Milosevic had the autonomy revoked in 1989, and the Dayton Accords of 1995, which ended the recent war in Bosnia and Croatia, failed to address the issue of Kosovo’s status.

Sebastian Junger
I don’t understand Chicago, but I really do hope that the Commander-in-Chief addresses his home town. I think those young kids don’t see outside their small box. I think they don’t see outside their circumstances, so they kind of resort to anything.

Walshy Fire
I am delighted to be joining ‘Guardian U.S.’s team as a weekly columnist, and to have the chance to address American and global current events on its distinguished platform. ‘Guardian U.S.’ brings the ‘Guardian’s hard-hitting investigative brand to a new focus on American news and opinion.

Naomi Wolf
A molecular manufacturing technology will let us build molecular surgical tools, and those tools will, for the first time, let us directly address the problems at the very root level.

Ralph Merkle
I had bill collectors chasing me. We were skipping from town to town, not leaving forwarding addresses. The agent couldn’t find me when he sold my book. He finally found me.

Daniel Woodrell
I don’t have and have never had an email address. I’m old school. But as far as downloads go, my only objection is I like the sound of CDs better, so I buy those. I think the sound quality is better.

Bob Seger
As New York’s United States Senator, I promise to reinstate the Moynihan ‘Fisc Report’ and work every day to address the imbalance of payments, first by focusing on reducing the amount of taxes we send to Washington, and second, by ensuring that funding formulas don’t disadvantage New York.

Wendy Long
When we address the disparities facing black people, we get a lot closer to a true democracy where all lives matter.

Alicia Garza
Around my house, I won’t even speak to my family unless they first address me by my official Berzerker name, Godred Crovan, Victor of Sky-Hill and Ruler of Man and the Isles. And now that I think of it, that’s probably why nobody speaks to me unless it’s time to feed the dogs or take out the garbage.

Zakk Wylde
I’m not stepping off my throne to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me and nobody that hasn’t worked as hard as I worked for anything.

Each production has certain circumstances that will bring you to a certain way of making it. It is not intentional, it is not an artistic decision, the way we make films, it is the way we address to our problems.

Wong Kar-wai
We need to send a powerful message to the world in a unified voice: that we can fight for social justice for everyone, everywhere, and change the world, not just get married. We can continue to build our communities and address the root causes of queer and trans poverty and deaths.

Chelsea Manning
In my early years, there were a number of experiences that made me decide I could not afford the luxury of just being an actress. There were a number of issues I wanted to address. And I wanted to use my career as a platform.

Cicely Tyson
With ‘Half Nelson’ we had a little bit more leeway to let the political be more present, because he was a social-studies teacher and this was what he was teaching the kids, so we’d have those direct-to-camera addresses.

Anna Boden
Most of the Republican Party denies climate change and has fought all efforts to address it.

Jack Schlossberg
The value of catastrophic events is that they can help people face up to problems that are otherwise impossible to address.

David Ignatius
I’m concerned that we don’t address the water pollution problems in other countries. If we move forward and don’t clean up the messes of the past, they’ll just get swept under the rug.

Erin Brockovich
No Congress ever has seen fit to amend the Constitution to address any issue related to marriage. No Constitutional Amendment was needed to ban polygamy or bigamy, nor was a Constitutional Amendment needed to set a uniform age of majority to ban child marriages.

Judy Biggert
I have to address the economic conditions of everybody, including, and perhaps first, those who are poor.

Rodrigo Duterte
The truth is, everything ultimately comes down to the relationship between the reader and the writer and the characters. Does or does not a character address moral being in a universal and important way? If it does, then it’s literature.

Whitley Strieber
I try to get to the heart of the issue, address it, and go on to the next thing.

Marcia Fudge
I put one questions. For whom I compose? My answer is I wanted to address to all my people. And if I write music for the Greek people because I’m Greek, I compose for all the people.

Mikis Theodorakis
Nothing succeeds like address.

Fran Lebowitz
We will depend on American students who can turn their literacy in coding and computer science into creative solutions that address the complex problems facing our nation.

Abigail Spanberger
Communities do need police, but law enforcement needs to be much more transparent and held accountable for their actions. We also need increased resources for mental health services, affordable housing, education, jobs training, and much more to truly address social and economic issues in our communities.

Sharice Davids
Social-impact partnerships address our moral responsibilities to ensure that social programs actually improve recipients’ lives, and to do so in a fiscally prudent manner.

Todd Young
In an expanding universe, time is on the side of the outcast. Those who once inhabited the suburbs of human contempt find that without changing their address they eventually live in the metropolis.

Quentin Crisp
I really wanted to address different issues of protection of biodiversity, water management issues that I knew were pretty severe in most countries, and then of course climate change.

Albert II, Prince of Monaco
In direct navigation, users type exactly what they are looking for in the browser’s web address field. This could be the exact domain name or web address. Millions of people do this, emphasizing the need for on- and off-line marketing and branding.

Marc Ostrofsky
I’d been on the Internet since the 1970s when it was just for nerds. I started saying, ‘Who would benefit from this?’ I started imagining a world where young people could have their own email address, back in the days of family AOL accounts.

Jay Samit
How many State of the Union addresses do people remember? They don’t resonate that way.

Robert Dallek
Theater has an incredible capacity to move people to social change, to address issues, to inspire social revolution.

Eve Ensler
The House Freedom Caucus has the same agenda today as it did yesterday, and that is to try to address the needs of each of our constituents, address the concerns the voters have been saying they have for a long time.

Scott Garrett
We are elevating this work to address global water security to a new level under President Trump.

Andrew R. Wheeler
Engel & Volkers is international, high end and associated with the very best in real estate which is well represented by our new Park Avenue address.

Anthony Hitt
Many company policies restrict use of E-mail, limit access to offensive Web sites and prohibit disclosure of confidential information. Few policies, if any, directly address personal Web pages.

Bill Dedman
The failure of the White House and Congress to seriously address the nation’s fiscal situation is certain to broaden the belief among many voters that the U.S. political system is broken.

Ron Fournier
Growth is essential and must be sustained. But rapid growth alone cannot address the problems arising out of continuing disparities. Tackling these is not just a matter of social justice but, more importantly, an existential necessity and a moral imperative.

Sonia Gandhi
And whether it is equal pay, health care, Social Security, or family leave, this Congress has refused to address issues critical to hard-working American women.

Louise Slaughter
I met William Burroughs in 1971. I got his address through a magazine and went to London to spend time with him.

Genesis P-Orridge
The right combination is between a free economy and social policy that addresses the needs of society and creates equal opportunity.

Benjamin Netanyahu
It’s very rare, as an actor, to be someplace – to have an address, so to speak.

Yvette Nicole Brown
All good work has magic in it, and addresses the mind in a subtle way.

Duane Michals
I don’t think feminism is about the exclusion of men but their inclusion… we must face and address those issues, especially to include younger men and boys.

Annie Lennox
You address the respect issue in a team-meeting environment. With respect to its application, it’s not just locker room. It’s practice field. It’s on and off the field. It’s on Sunday, and it’s on game days.

Jeff Fisher
Trickle-down theories do not address the legitimate aspirations of the poor. We must lift those at the bottom so that poverty is erased from the dictionary of modern India.

Pranab Mukherjee
Both my strong faith in the Lord – and a heartfelt concern for basic human rights – gives me a sense of urgency to address our longstanding challenges within our criminal justice system.

Kay Ivey
I had e-mail in 1984! I had an e-mail address then, which means that all you could write to was Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. There were three of us, writing to each other.

Penn Jillette
When I was in my 30s, I was at the end of a long-term relationship and going through a very hard time. I’d had about 15 different addresses and a series of relationships. I thought, ‘It’s time to have a look at yourself.’

Brendan Coyle
The time is now for Congress to address health care in America.

John Conyers
On one level, bombing ISIS is easy. The U.S. knows where the group operates. There’s no need for a ten-year hunt like the one for Osama bin Laden. The terror group has two capital cities: Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria. Al-Qaeda never had such an obvious home address.

Richard Engel
I know that my cell phone in Iran… is bugged, and they listen in, and my emails, I’m sure, are monitored inside Iran. They have my email address; it’s not like they can’t snoop on it.

Hooman Majd
We must create a committee to address the long-standing discrimination against black people in America.

Opal Tometi
I know that there are many on the Space Coast who are already attempting to address job creation and I intend to support them in every way possible. I will be a hands-on participant.

Sandy Adams
Before this address to my countrymen is closed, I beg leave to observe, that as a new century has dawned upon us, the mind is naturally led ot contemplate the great events that have run parallel with and have just closed the last.

Mercy Otis Warren
The House of Commons, refused to receive the addresses of the colonies, when the matter was pending; besides, we hold our rights neither from them nor from the Lords.

Christopher Gadsden
You can’t leave out half the world’s experience and expect to address all the problems. Women communicate differently and process information differently, which leads them to resolve conflicts differently.

Dee Dee Myers
But I think the bottom line right now is to take the constructive criticism and use that to build toward, as I say, the hurricane season that is 100 days away. And we don’t have a lot of time to waste before we start to address that next set of challenges.

Michael Chertoff
We are living in a world that has been changed by COVID, and our legislative priorities need to support our communities and our workers to address the needs of our new environment.

Jeff Van Drew
Whether there’s even an ocean on Pluto deep inside is a question I hope New Horizons can address in indirect ways.

Alan Stern
It’s really Democrats who are fighting for working families and small businesses and trying to address the biggest problems that we have, which are huge disparities in incomes and wealth and money influencing the Democratic process.

Cynthia Dill
I’ve urged employers to address ergonomics and adopt ergonomics measures.

Eugene Scalia
We need to address issues our people think about and talk about. Because there is a feeling that Europe elites are addressing different issues. Not the ones that people care about.

Miroslav Lajcak
I’d been invited to deliver the commencement address to the Class of 2017 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Speaking live on television is one thing… speaking to 30,000 people in a football stadium is another.

Brooke Baldwin
Traditional models of work only let us cross out the needs on the very bottom of the pyramid – basic sustenance. On the flipside, independent employment within the network of the new sharing economy addresses our needs for a sense of community and belonging, autonomy and respect, creativity and problem solving.

Leah Busque
Someday we’ll learn the whole story of why George W. Bush brushed off that intelligence briefing of Aug. 6, 2001, ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.’ But surely a big distraction was the major speech he was readying for delivery on Aug. 9, his first prime-time address to the nation.

Frank Rich
It would have been great if there were a trauma center located in our community, where you could access grief counseling and be able to address it in a healthy manner.

Susan Burton
While ignoring your bad habits may help you feel good initially, that avoidance will eventually catch up to you. When you don’t address the unproductive and unhealthy things you’re doing alongside your good habits, you’ll stagnate.

Amy Morin
I intend to be an advocate for Picatinny Arsenal which plays a vital role in both our national defense and our local economy, and to address emerging national security threats such as climate change and cybersecurity.

Mikie Sherrill
The stronger I am in my personal life, the more energy I have to look outward, to address my society.

Ani DiFranco
Raising the minimum wage, as President Obama proposed in his State of the Union address, tends to be more popular with the general public than with economists.

Christina Romer
Advocacy groups like Families U.S.A. imagine that once Medicaid becomes a middle-class entitlement, political pressure from middle-class workers will force politicians to address these problems by funneling more taxpayer dollars into this flawed program. President Barack Obama’s health plan follows this logic.

Scott Gottlieb
Lincoln’s address at Gettysburg – 272 words dedicating a cemetery at the site of one of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles – has been called by scholars the source of all modern political prose.

Mike Quigley
Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic must address inequities facing Native Americans.

Alex Padilla
There is a growing consensus in the private sector that companies can and should take action to address the problem of gun violence in our country.

Brian Schatz
We must address, individually and collectively, moral and ethical issues raised by cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence and biotechnology, which will enable significant life extension, designer babies, and memory extraction.

Klaus Schwab
So complex are all the ingredients that cause gang membership that it seems virtually impossible to isolate one solution that can address them all and thereby manufacture a hope for the future upon which these kids can rely.

Greg Boyle
We obviously need more love in the world. And we obviously need more compassion and understanding. Our leaders need to really address these issues properly now.

Dave Davies
I have a pretty good idea of what makes NBA players great – especially at the different positions, and where the biggest problems lie that you have to address in defending those people.

Brad Stevens
How you define a problem shapes how you address it.

John O. Brennan
Arkansas families need to feel safe in their homes and communities, which is why we need a U.S. Senator who will address threats – both at home and abroad – head on.

Conner Eldridge
Families, community leaders, and others must create the public will to address the challenges facing black girls and other girls of color as well by listening to them, valuing their experiences, and becoming actively involved in creating policies and innovative programs that promote their well-being.

Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
To see off Corbyn’s Labour, we need to start the debate as to how and why a market economy is the way to deliver prosperity, social mobility, fully funded public services, and the means to address their concerns about the environment and social justice.

Anna Soubry
People think that direct address was invented by Ferris Bueller, but in fact, it wasn’t. It was invented by Shakespeare.

Kevin Spacey
They’re all focusing on how John Roberts is going to decide Roe v. Wade. That isn’t even the right question. I don’t even know of a case in the (court) system that addresses it.

Jay Alan Sekulow
I agree with the overwhelming majority of scientists who recognize that climate change is real, and it’s essential that our country honors its commitment to work with the rest of the world to cut carbon pollution and address this crisis together.

Sharice Davids
‘Frankenstein’ did not invent the fear of science; the novel found its audience because it dramatized anxieties that already existed. Although popular entertainment can, over the long run, shape public perceptions, it becomes popular in the first place only if it addresses preexisting hopes, fears, and fascinations.

Virginia Postrel
The one thing you have to address with Randy Moss is not a conditioning thing. It’s not an age thing. It needs to be addressed. I believe it’s the elephant in the room. It’s that thing called quit. And Randy, not like any other superstar I’ve met, he has more quit in him than any of those other players.

Cris Carter
I want to go get trade agreements because if America walls itself up, if we address sort of an economic fortress America, we will lose.

Paul Ryan
This year, we must address the Colorado Paradox. We have more college degrees per capita than any state. Yet we lag the nation in the percentage of students who go on to higher education.

Bill Owens
In the past, Google has used teams of humans to ‘read’ its street address images – in essence, to render images into actionable data. But using neural network technology, the company has trained computers to extract that data automatically – and with a level of accuracy that meets or beats human operators.

John Battelle
The flowery style is not unsuitable to public speeches or addresses, which amount only to compliment. The lighter beauties are in their place when there is nothing more solid to say; but the flowery style ought to be banished from a pleading, a sermon, or a didactic work.

In my writing, I want to address all communities, you know. I’ve spent many years talking about Chicano culture, Chicano history, and at the same time, I’ve also been in many communities and presented my work in many communities, in many classrooms, and that’s where my vision is and my delight is and my heart is.

Juan Felipe Herrera
The scientific community should work as hard as possible to address major issues that affect our everyday lives such as climate change, infectious diseases and counterterrorism; in particular, ‘clean energy’ research deserves far higher priority. And science and technology are the prime routes to tackling these issues.

Martin Rees
Any bilateral trade and investment agreement must be comprehensive and address the full range of barriers to U.S. goods and services if it is to receive broad, bipartisan congressional support.

Max Baucus
Acknowledging the unproductive thoughts and ineffective behavior that you’ve tried to ignore can be uncomfortable. But, stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing to proactively address bad habits will skyrocket your ability to create long-lasting change.

Amy Morin
Darling: the popular form of address used in speaking to a member of the opposite sex whose name you cannot at the moment remember.

Oliver Herford
If there is no education, there will be poverty. I believe in it strongly and feel that through education we can address the issue effectively.

Kumar Sanu
I think Conor McGregor is a promoter, and I’m not here to promote any of his fights. If he were here in WWE, that would be a different story, but until that happens, I don’t feel like I need to address it.

Samoa Joe
Many graduates, moving often in the first years of their post-college life, simply forget to update their addresses with Harvard, and so bills go unanswered and uncollected. This is called a ‘technical default.’

David Fahrenthold
I believe the continually advancing Information Revolution will lend us the wisdom and strength to address humanity’s previously unsolvable problems and help us make a positive impact on all of society.

Masayoshi Son
Donald Trump called for the closing of borders to Muslims; John McCain said, in response to the President’s address on the San Bernardino shooting, that ‘this is the war of our time.’ As that shooting shows, we react to terrorism with far more intensity than we do to an ordinary crime.

Lawrence M. Krauss
If we’re going to make a real dent in the bullying issue, we’re going to have to address the bullies themselves: find ways to help empower them that don’t include allowing them to be predators or to simply be punished.

Chris Crutcher
How many African American champions have there been over the course of WWE’s history? It’s something that was the elephant in the room. Nobody wanted to talk about it, but it was important for us to address it.

Kofi Kingston
Eloquence, at its highest pitch, leaves little room for reason or reflection, but addresses itself entirely to the desires and affections, captivating the willing hearers, and subduing their understanding.

David Hume
Businesses in my constituency want help to address the skills mismatch at local level which leaves employers with staff shortages and young people without jobs. They want access to reliable sources of finance, including a network of local banks.

Jo Cox
I’ve been on a number of NFL teams, and a lot of them address situational football. But I’ve never been around a team that does it as meticulously as the New England Patriots.

Matt Cassel
We welcome the scrutiny of the world – because what you see in America is a country that has steadily worked to address our problems and make our union more perfect.

Barack Obama
Given our law enforcement authorities, our central role in the Intelligence Community, and the span of our responsibilities – from counterterrorism to counterintelligence to criminal investigations – we’re particularly well-positioned to address cyber threats to our national security.

Christopher A. Wray
I think America understands that energy security is a very important part of our national security. But if we are going to address energy security in a meaningful way going forward, we need to do it in a new manner. We cannot just be doing the same old thing.

Chris Van Hollen
Studies have consistently shown that financial hardship is the biggest obstacle to heterosexual marriage, yet the Republican leadership has done precious little to help address the financial hardship faced by American families.

Kendrick Meek
I haven’t got any kids yet and it is something I need to address. I’m sure that, God willing, that’ll be the next and most fabulous episode of my little life.

Nick Moran
Homelessness isn’t just an issue in San Francisco. It’s an issue throughout California and up and down the West Coast. We need to support policies that address our twin troubles of housing affordability and homelessness at the state-level.

London Breed
Since being elected to the City Council, I have been unwavering in my commitment to address issues uniquely impacting women and girls and advance policies that stabilize and strengthen our communities.

Ayanna Pressley
I am under no illusion that amending the Voting Rights Act in Congress will be easy, but with bipartisan calls for legislation to address it, I’m confident we are moving in the right direction.

Amy Klobuchar
If you don’t have an E-mail address, you’re in the Netherworld. If you don’t have your own World Wide Web page, you’re a nobody.

Clifford Stoll
The EPA issued the MATS rule in 2012, and it is the first national standard created to address power plant emissions of toxic air pollutants. Under MATS, power plants are required to install equipment to reduce emissions of specific pollutants, such as mercury and sulfur dioxide.

Seth Moulton
Since the beginning of the 20th century, the public’s relationship to art has been weakened by a profound institutional reluctance to address the question of what art is for. This is a question that has, quite unfairly, come to feel impatient, illegitimate, and a little impudent.

Alain de Botton
The root cause of the looming energy problem – and the key to easing environmental, economic and religious tensions while improving public health – is to address the unending, and unequal, growth of the human population. And the one proven way to reduce fertility rates is to empower young women by educating them.

Lawrence M. Krauss
As a Main Street businessman, I believe we need to reduce runaway federal spending and address our national debt and the MAP Act provides Congress with the tools to accomplish this goal.

Mike Braun
The best source for finding an agent is called Literary Agents of North America. It’s a complete list of agents, not only by name and address, but by type of book they represent and by what their submission criteria are.

Sara Paretsky
The Patriot Act addresses various subjects. Some sections are beneficial and enhance our national security.

Mike Honda
Yes, climate is an issue and we are working to address it, but I think water is a bigger issue.

Andrew R. Wheeler
A lot of weekend players struggle with putting because they have too much tension in their hands and arms, both at address and during the stroke. Tension can turn a technically perfect motion into a herky-jerky mess, especially on those knee-knockers.

Jordan Spieth
To restore confidence in our markets and our financial institutions so they can fuel continued growth and prosperity, we must address the underlying problem. The federal government must implement a program to remove these illiquid assets that are weighing down our financial institutions and threatening our economy.

Henry Paulson
We have a wide range of looks that address all the different types of women we cater to in all of the different territories we sell to.

Jenny Packham
The People’s Response Act will create grant funding for the grassroots and community organizations that are doing the work to address housing, health care, economic injustice, and other inequities in our society.

Cori Bush
The TMPG is the place where market participants recognize and address their responsibilities to each other.

Jerome Powell
But the dollars spent on economic incentives and new investment strategies are wasted unless we seriously address the two most important economic issues in Kansas: education and health care.

Kathleen Sebelius
State government’s efforts to address climate change must include reduced consumption and other conservation measures as water shortages become the new normal.

Kate Brown
Black people must address itself to the causes of poverty. That’s oppression in this country.

H. Rap Brown
If we had any nerve at all, if we had any real balls as a society, or whatever you need, whatever quality you need, real character, we would make an effort to really address the wrongs in this society, righteously.

Jerry Garcia
Thatcherism, as an ideology, addresses the fears, the anxieties, the lost identities, of a people. It invites us to think about politics in images. It is addressed to our collective fantasies, to Britain as an imagined community, to the social imaginary.

Stuart Hall
It’s really frustrating when you’re an identity-theft victim, and you go to the police and you say, ‘This guy in Florida, he stole my name and got a credit card – this is his address,’ and they say, ‘We don’t have jurisdiction in Florida. You need to go to the FBI.’

Frank Abagnale
I am running because I believe strongly that we need to get folks back to work and address the needs that the folks in the 1st Congressional District have in terms of employment and economic opportunity.

Suzan DelBene
We don’t see ourselves as liberal or conservative. We consider ourselves an outlet that addresses the issues that matter the most to our audience.

Elaine Welteroth
Climate change is real and we have to address it.

Michelle Lujan Grisham
It was here in Edinburgh that in the 1980s I joined with many others to protest against Margaret Thatcher as she arrived to address the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

Douglas Alexander
There is something really horrific for any human being who feels he is being consumed by other people. I’m talking about a writer’s critics, who don’t address what you’ve written, but want to probe into your existence and magnify the trivia of your life without any sense of humor, without any sense of context.

Wole Soyinka
Usually, it is not my habit to address religious issues on the floor. I strongly believe in a person’s right to religious freedom, as well as the separation of church and state.

Alcee Hastings
It’s unhealthy for people to never express any kind of negativity or doubt. To have balance, you need to address that side of your thoughts as well as the positive. Otherwise, you tend toward crazy.

Shirley Manson
You can sit back and point out the problems or you can address them and bring solutions to the table.

Our young people desperately want the chance to participate in and lead our nation’s economic and cultural revival. They’re up for the challenges that they’re going to inherit. It only remains for us to present the path to address them.

Andrew Yang
Baseball will never address that problem unless it has to, though, because I would guess 70 percent of the pitchers in the league use some sort of technically illegal substance on the ball. It’s just that some organizations really know how to weaponize that and some don’t.

Trevor Bauer
Especially for those of us who lived in single cells, you had the time to sit down and think, and we discovered that sitting down just to think is one of the best ways of keeping yourself fresh and able, to be able to address the problems facing you, and you had the opportunity, also, of examining your past.

Nelson Mandela
I want to make sure we are spending wisely and using our resources effectively to address the issues facing San Francisco, while reaching residents throughout our entire City.

London Breed
If we want to build communities that are safe, we have to address the root causes of violence.

Cori Bush
Both sides of the aisle – Republican and Democrat – have been unwilling and afraid to address the deficit, and someone’s got to.

Rand Paul
I feel it is my first duty to make an unprecedented compact with my countrymen. Not an inaugural address, not a fireside chat, not a campaign speech – just a little straight talk among friends.

Gerald R. Ford
Churches need to figure out how they will address the spiritual lives of their staffs and leadership teams.

John Ortberg
One of my biggest goals as a mom is to be a pillar of strength for my children – to envelop them in love and address every emotion, but also to have them be absolutely sure that I can protect them in any situation.

Eva Amurri
Just because ‘Mulk’ addresses some uncomfortable truths, trolls are having a field day. They say that the film has been funded by Dawood because that’s the easiest way to malign it. But I am not affected by such nonsense.

Anubhav Sinha
As Congress continues to debate ways to address illegal immigration, we must remember the many hard-working legal immigrants that contribute so much to our nation’s economy and culture.

Bob Filner
Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, it is clear that we’ve got big problems that we need to address, starting with making our economy more competitive so that we can create more good-paying jobs for the middle class.

John Delaney
Competitiveness that I’ve had as a player, competitiveness that was pointed in the wrong direction and went over the line. It’s obviously something that I needed to work on and address.

Grayson Allen
My family trained me to be polite to people I had just met, and that included strangers. You speak when you’re spoken to. You look people in the eye when they address you and when you address them back.

Samuel R. Delany
The Kimberley Process is not a perfect construct, and it is necessary now to re-double efforts to address its remaining shortcomings and strengthen its provisions.

Nicky Oppenheimer
There’s this secret Korean taco/cupcake truck I go to. To find it, you have to bring a hard-boiled egg to this deli in Bushwick where they give you the address.

Kurt Braunohler
I’ve been called Mr. Eddie’s brother, but I don’t trip on that. Whether you realize it or not, that’s a sign of disrespect. If you address me, call me by my name. You can’t lower me or make me feel uncomfortable.

Charlie Murphy
The views of the European Union are fully reflected in this text, particularly the key objective of the EU, namely vigorously to address the disarmament of Iraq and to do so within the framework of the UN Security Council.

Javier Solana
When I became president with a commitment to reform health care, Hillary was a natural to head the health care task force. You all know we failed because we couldn’t break a Senate filibuster. Hillary immediately went to work on solving the problems the bill sought to address one by one.

William J. Clinton
Don’t add people to your subscriber list just because they once wrote you a note. Or once answered a note you wrote to them. Don’t put your address book into your newsletter database. Let your readers sign up.

M. J. Rose
If we can reduce the cost and improve the quality of medical technology through advances in nanotechnology, we can more widely address the medical conditions that are prevalent and reduce the level of human suffering.

Ralph Merkle
My fight isn’t with Charlie Hales. My fight is with the problems he has failed to address as mayor.

Ted Wheeler
In a sense, what we do with the regional development agencies is to give them resources to look at the deficiencies in the economy in the regional areas, so they can address themselves to that.

John Prescott
I could put a sudoku at the end of every chapter and you’d have to solve it to progress through the story, but that doesn’t address what would make people want to interact.

Dave Morris
Indian higher education is completely regulated. It’s very difficult to start a private university. It’s very difficult for a foreign university to come to India. As a result of that, our higher education is simply not keeping pace with India’s demands. That is leading to a lot of problems which we need to address.

Nandan Nilekani
We have realized that corruption is rife, and we are going to address it. We are going to root out corruption, and that is a promise I can make.

Cyril Ramaphosa
The value of writing about art is its effect on the imagination. Paintings allow us to inhabit another culture, place, and time period, and address the issues of those time periods that resonate with our own time.

Susan Vreeland
This is going to sound pretentious, but I like comedy that addresses something I find either worrisome or interesting in my life.

Zach Woods
There’s a whole culture now where you meet travellers who don’t give you a scrap of paper with their address on it, they give their GPS coordinates. ‘I’ve seen this amazing place in Malawi you’ve got to go to! I’ll give you the coordinates!’

Charley Boorman
The platform of an Ethical Society is itself the altar; the address must be the fire that burns thereon.

Felix Adler
America’s freedom of religion, and freedom from religion, offers every wisdom tradition an opportunity to address our soul-deep needs: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, secular humanism, agnosticism and atheism among others.

Parker Palmer
Apart from the intrinsic interest of the complex system of beliefs the Puritans carried with them, their lives give a clue to what it meant at the beginning to be American. And the level of scholarship dealing with them has reached a point where it can address the human condition itself.

Edmund Morgan
The growing attention Americans are paying to what they put into their mouths has touched off a new scramble by the processed-food companies to address health concerns.

Michael Moss
The voters have been very clear that we need to address the homelessness and housing crisis that is affecting our City, and I remain focused on solving these issues.

London Breed
Healthcare in the U.S. remains a dire mess, and the Obama presidency, unfortunately, didn’t really address that.

David Garrow
A real economic development policy would address the root issues hampering business growth, like access to credit and marketplaces so dominated by giant companies that it is impossible to compete.

Zephyr Teachout
It is the Labour party that has always sought to address the problems facing British Muslims, because we believe it is one of our primary functions to tackle the problems faced by the most vulnerable in our society.

Sadiq Khan
One of the great things about an open system like Android is it addresses all ends of the spectrum. Getting great low-cost computing devices at scale to the developing world is especially meaningful to me.

Sundar Pichai
I would like to address the issue of farmers through my craft – my films. But, the sad part is that such films win awards but don’t get any rewards at the BO.

Nana Patekar
I just always feel that any black art should address our perpetual struggle for progress and freedom, period. There’s no way around it. The thing is you can never predict what the next injustice is going to be. Unfortunately, it’s part of being black and conscious in America.

Cheo Hodari Coker
I’ve learned It ‘s better to address conflicts head on and then move on.

Camille Grammer
Stephen King consummately honors several traditions with his rare paperback original, ‘Joyland.’ He addresses the novel of carny life and sideshows, where the midway serves as microcosm, such as in those famous books by Ray Bradbury, Charles Finney and William Lindsay Gresham.

Paul Di Filippo
When I address admitted students each spring, I ask them to consider two questions: Why would Harvard be the right place for the person I am? Why would it be the right place for the person that I want to become? These questions, in my mind, get at the heart of any admissions process.

Drew Gilpin Faust
I’m interested in Dathan Ritzenhein’s future in the marathon, and I believe that’s where we need to address some issues he seems to have. He’s had good marathon coaches – both Brad Hudson and me. He’s figured out the fueling. He’s got this incredible aerobic engine. But something’s still wrong.

Alberto Salazar
If there is a Like button in a page, Facebook knows who visited that page. And it can get IP address of the computer visiting the page even if the person is not a Facebook user.

Richard Stallman
In stopping Gamergate, the men who dominate it – not just women – must address the culture that created Gamergate.

Brianna Wu
Trump’s first statement as president, his inaugural address, was an unprecedented assault on American democracy and American values.

Anne Applebaum
Please dox me. You don’t even need to dox me – I’ll give you my address and wait for you by my doorstep.

Lexi Alexander
What is not fair now is that corporations pay less and less tax, which means that you and I pay more because we’re rooted somewhere, they’ve got our address, right?

Susan George
We footballers don’t address one another as ‘My dear.’

Karim Benzema
It’s fun to perform Bernie Sanders and give his boring percentages and fact-based points to address some ridiculous Trumpisms, because that was always my fantasy for what the general election would look like.

James Adomian
I was new at my job, and I needed to address my inexperience and weaknesses head-on.

Kirsten Gillibrand
Pity addresses the perceived suffering, not the whole individual.

Phil Klay
I try to produce music that is life-giving and inspires people to hope, but it isn’t just for the super-religious. I want to address themes that people who aren’t Christian can appreciate.

As I said in my state of the state address, we can no longer rely on gaming and sales taxes to pay our way. Indian gaming next door in California is eroding our major industry in Nevada.

Kenny Guinn
One Christmas, Dennis Dermody, the movie critic of ‘Paper,’ gave me ‘Rock Hudson: A Gathering of Friends,’ the master invitation list from Rock Hudson’s memorial service. It’s so great. Everyone’s in it, with personal addresses all bound into a book. Someone else once gave me Ike Turner’s will. I get great stuff.

John Waters
At a time when we have much work to do to address our Nation’s critical infrastructure, and, as I said, which is currently in dire need of upgrade and repair, this legislation is also a jobs bill and is obviously a jobs creator.

Howard Coble
I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, and my recent focus is on finding entrepreneurial solutions to address global challenges in healthcare and education.

Naveen Jain
The midterms are a chance for people to vote out those they believe are failing to address the concerns of citizens.

Julien Baker
It became inevitable that television would address life’s mundane problems because television itself is so mundane, part of the ordinary flow of time the way those problems are.

Lee Siegel
Every state that addresses climate change emboldens the others, just as shifting public attitudes embolden politicians and, arguably, the court system.

Ramez Naam
Everyone needs to understand that my work addresses existing problems, and one of the crucial problems in Russia today is corruption.

Alexei Navalny
There are a whole bunch of structural and systemic factors we need to address in order to move away from the model in which women really are still dependent on men.

Rebecca Traister
Safety is top priority for us, and all our drivers are fully certified; all of them are checked. Their addresses are checked. Backgrounds are checked. To whatever extent the Indian system makes it possible to check.

Bhavish Aggarwal
While there’s been much progress on terrorism, there’s still much work to do and it is very important that the countries work together in order to address this threat together.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
Among the most serious allegations a federal court can address are that an Executive agency has targeted citizens for mistreatment based on their political views. No citizen – Republican or Democrat, Socialist or libertarian – should be targeted or even have to fear being targeted on those grounds.

Raymond Kethledge
I also administer the Internet Assigned Names Authority, which is the central coordinator for the Internet address space, domain names and Internet protocol conventions essential to the use and operation of the Internet.

Jon Postel
I always like to break out and address the audience. In ‘The History Boys’, for instance, without any ado, the boys will suddenly turn and talk to the audience and then go back into the action. I find it more adventurous doing it in prose than on the stage, but I like being able to make the reader suddenly sit up.

Alan Bennett
Rather than address the priorities of the middle class, the Ryan budget is an attack on American seniors, students, workers, and families – all for the sake of protecting loopholes for the wealthy and corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Albio Sires
We are constantly emphasizing to people that they need to address anything that affects flight safety or mission success – many pathways to do that. We need to understand better what may be preventing people from using those pathways.

Ellen Ochoa
As we enter into the 110th Congress, it is imperative that we address ethics reforms needed to make this institution run correctly.

Jo Ann Davis
When we talk about the healthcare crisis in America we’ve got to also be talking about the dental crisis and how to address it.

Bernie Sanders
The Founders didn’t mention political parties when they wrote the Constitution, and George Washington in essence warned us against them in his Farewell Address.

Marianne Williamson
We need to reduce or at least limit U.S. demand for oil as quickly as possible, and we need to develop new technologies that can further help address our addiction to oil in the future.

Sherwood Boehlert
If you are building a culture where honest expectations are communicated and peer accountability is the norm, then the group will address poor performance and attitudes.

Henry Cloud
My wife and I had decided not to let anybody take pictures of our home because it was just the last place on earth we had that was unscathed. But people have climbed over the fence; they’ve taken aerial shots. They’ve gotten my address and put it on the Internet.

Steven Tyler
Encouraging individual firms to develop forward-leaning policies that address sexual harassment is necessary, but alone such prescriptions are insufficient.

Meena Harris
Exceptional teaching requires more time and space for teachers to address the differing needs of a classroom, with assistance in staffing and funding.

Dawn Foster
The lawyers who really begin to address the problems of their clients address them without recourse to our courts, although that recourse is absolutely essential in providing leverage.

Janet Reno
My address is like my shoes. It travels with me. I abide where there is a fight against wrong.

Mary Harris Jones
When there were cases of Ebola in the States, I respected that people wanted to address concerns and take some sort of action, but the focus turned completely to the U.S. At one point, we started to wonder, Where is the Ebola epidemic happening? The States – or West Africa?

Joanne Liu
We are also in the process of defining how best to work together with food and other companies to address diet and physical activity factors in order to prevent chronic diseases.

Gro Harlem Brundtland
We had to address information technology in the ways we had not before and give the agents the tools that they need to do their job more efficiently and more expeditiously.

Robert Mueller