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I'm very influenced by documentary filmmaking and indep
I’m very influenced by documentary filmmaking and independent filmmaking, by a lot of noir and films from the ’40s. Those are my favorite. And then, filmmaking from the ’70s is a big influence for me.

Pamela Adlon
When you’re younger, it’s all about conformity and being easily influenced – especially in terms of fashion. You just follow the trends. Whatever is hot at the moment, you want to get it. You basically just want to be doing what everyone else is doing. But as you get older, those things aren’t as important.

Tia Mowry
The American experience influenced my understanding of individuality, basic human rights, freedom of expression and the rights and responsibilities of citizens.

Ai Weiwei
My dad was fiscally conservative, and I was influenced by that. He didn’t believe in spending more than you had because it gets you into trouble.

Clint Eastwood
My dad influenced my musical taste. I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones and a bunch of rock music from the ’60s. Now, instead of watching TV, I’ll play a record from start to finish.

Sarah Hay
Of course, I have been influenced by my Punjabi and Hariyanvi roots.

I’ve always had gender confusion. I had two older brothers, and I’ve been predominantly male influenced. I really always looked up to my dad, really always looked up to my brothers… I had a lot of male friends growing up. It didn’t help that in my town, where I lived, there were no female musicians.

Weyes Blood
I was influenced by a lot of stand-up comedians… Eddie Murphy back when he was doing ‘Raw.’ I watched that so many times as a kid, I can probably still quote the entire thing to this day. Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle. George Carlin. A lot of the guys who were sort of edgy for their time.

Ray William Johnson
I was much influenced by Jean-Paul Sartre.

Thom Gunn
Certainly, when you train as a classical dancer, you are very much influenced by ‘Giselle.’ You see it all the time; you start to learn the steps a little.

David Hallberg
Throughout your life, you’ve been influenced by what you have done in the past, what you have been told you can and cannot do, and what your present circumstances seem to dictate.

Debbie Ford
If anything, I’m constantly trying to figure out how to look chic with the minimal effort required because I’m constantly packing. My off-duty style is always influenced by my mood.

Martha Hunt
The world is so heavily influenced by technology, and it has started to feel like it’s not on solid ground. The world has become unreliable, unknowable. Facts are vulnerable, and things you have come to rely on are no longer there.

Sam Esmail
My dad has actually really influenced me musically. I have a weird love for ’80s and ’90s music. A lot of people are like, ‘Are you serious? It’s so lame.’ But my dad always plays that in the car whenever we’re together.

Harley Quinn Smith
I’m as much influenced by Joseph Smith and the Mormons as I am, more so, than by Eliot. Actually, I’m much more influenced by the poetry of the Mormons.

Marguerite Young
Technology influenced me in that it gave me an opportunity to have a voice as a woman. I think it’s because the barriers to entry tend to be a bit lower.

Ory Okolloh
The past can influence the future. When you finish one chapter, you open another, which will be influenced by what you’ve just lived through.

Edgar Davids
The decisive factor for the future of Europe – and before all things, for the ‘restoration’ of Europe – will be whether political thought and national feelings are influenced by the reality of internationalism.

Ellen Key
First of all, many human diseases are influenced by, if not caused by mutations in genes.

Daniel Nathans
I have always thought that my ear is also very influenced by my eyes.

Emanuel Ax
Who influenced me the most? I’d have to say Lauryn Hill, I think she influenced me the most.

August Alsina
Melissa Caplan made my costumes from the 70s to the mid-80s. I was very influenced by futurism and reading a lot of Marge Piercy.

Toyah Willcox
Rarely, someone comes around that is influenced by so many things but is looking for a new way to do something.

Boots Riley
Chopin is a great composer who influenced many, many important composers. He was a great innovator, especially in harmony.

Krzysztof Penderecki
Movies have influenced all writers, not just thriller writers.

Ken Follett
I grew up with the great Sir Laurence Olivier, and I think it’s fair to say that a lot of actors of my age were influenced by his very individual vocal delivery. He was a showman who would always play to the gallery.

Ian Holm
At 18, I moved to L.A. with my heavy metal band Avant Garde, which was very much influenced by Metallica. At 19, I got a job at Tower Records, and everything started to change very quickly. I started listening to the Velvet Underground, Pixies, early Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and also earlier music like the Beatles.

Rivers Cuomo
Horns always influenced me more than voices.

Sarah Vaughan
It is tough to say what has influenced me the most because I know that Mozart makes me think better, but you cannot beat Dave Matthews for feeling good!

Mackenzie Astin
If I have to be considered any type of jazz artist, it would be New Orleans jazz because New Orleans jazz never forgot that jazz is dance music and jazz is fun. I’m more influenced by that style of jazz than anything else.

Trombone Shorty
I love movies. They’ve always influenced the music i’ve done.

Being a native of Spain, the country to which I owe much of my education and cultural background, I was deeply influenced by my great predecessor Santiago Ramon y Cajal.

Severo Ochoa
I wanted to be a surgeon, possibly influenced by the qualities of our family doctor who cared for our childhood ailments.

Joseph Murray
My love for dance music started when I was a child. Some of my earliest memories are hearing Trance music in the charts and later being heavily influenced by the eclectic tastes of my big brother, he quickly turned me into an avid Drum ‘n’ Bass head even though I was too young to rave.

Becky Hill
In my case, both my grandmothers made a huge impact on my early childhood days. But, as I grew older, people rarely made an impact or influenced me.

Sudha Murty
I equally love both, classic rock and hip-hop. I love all music, really, and I really use classic rock a lot. I’m heavily influenced by that melodically in my music. I can’t really separate the two.

It’s really weird when you realize the people you look up to – who have influenced or inspired you – start to realize what you do.

Whether artists know it or not, I think we’re all a little influenced by what came before.

Michael McDonald
I don’t want to be influenced by outside opinion.

Harold H. Greene
I grew up listening to the Beatles and being an ardent Beatles fan when I was in third grade all the way to adulthood, and listening to all kinds of music that came to us either at the flea market or in our living rooms or on the ‘Ed Sullivan’ show – all these places we were influenced by.

Sandra Cisneros
People are naming it the Third Wave, the Information Age, etc. but I would say those are basically technological descriptions, and this next shift is not about technology – although obviously it will be influenced and in some cases expressed by technologies.

Paul Hawken
In terms of stage presence for me, I’m influenced by a myriad of things. A lot of punk performers, people like Dave Vanian from The Damned and Davey Havok from AFI was a huge influence on me when I was younger.

Andy Biersack
People writing about me have said that I’ve influenced a lot of people, and there are some artists who have credited me with influencing them.

Harvey Pekar
Our vision of war is probably too influenced by the biggest one of all, World War II, where the forces of evil were so unambiguous and so relentless that there was no choice but to commit to total war and to demand unconditional surrender. Seldom, though, is it quite that clear cut.

David Horsey
I’ve always said I’m more influenced in what I do by artists, and how they work, how they think, and the freedom they’re given to work and think, than I really am by other writers.

James Frey
I love movies. Movies have influenced me as a writer.

Michael Connelly
Cultural patterns of oppression are not only interrelated but are bound together and influenced by the intersectional systems of society. Examples of this include race, gender, class, ability, and ethnicity.

Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
I’ve never felt influenced by Ernest Hemingway though I suppose there is something inevitable there.

Jim Harrison
I’ve always been sort of influenced by my male relationships and that period of my life when you start to cringe and be like, ‘I can’t believe I wore this or that.’

Max Winkler
I think the few writers who influenced me most in writing short stories are Alice Munro and Grace Paley. They’re very different, and I can’t do what they do, but reading them gives me hope that I’ll learn something from them.

Nell Freudenberger
Yes, the Bible should be taught in our schools because it is necessary to understand the Bible if we are to truly understand our own culture and how it came to be. The Bible has influenced every part of western culture from our art, music, and history, to our sense of fairness, charity, and business.

Joel Osteen
It is widely accepted and understood that consumer decisions are as much influenced by emotional attachments to a product or service as by factors like price and performance. So why is it that when it comes to most aspects of human transportation, the world still seems to believe people are rational machines?

Jens Martin Skibsted
I have been very inspired and influenced by ‘The Little Rascals’ my entire career.

Sean Baker
Probably every book I read influenced me in some small way. Authors like Jan Westcott, Kathleen Winsor, Catherine Cookson, Georgette Heyer, and even Barbara Cartland taught me to write character-driven stories.

Virginia Henley
Fragility, violence, and conflict are complex. Fragility is influenced by a wide set of factors, many of which are deeply entrenched, such as high social and income inequality. The lines between criminal, inter-communal, and politically motivated violence are often blurred.

Peter Maurer
If I’ve influenced people, so be it, but I don’t dwell on those kinds of things. I just put out my music. If I influence someone without knowing it, I’m happy about it. I try not to think about those things because it’s not about me.

Jose Feliciano
Zuck is unemotional. He doesn’t get influenced by ego.

Chamath Palihapitiya
I got a lot of influences. I got relevant influences today. I got influences that you wouldn’t even think of. I’m very influenced by Marilyn Manson. His style is ridiculous. Like, honestly, if you want me to keep it 100, Marilyn Manson has as much style as Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

Lil Uzi Vert
It was the part of Gambian culture where they give each other advice a lot, how they’re always comparing things in order to get a message across… that really influenced the way I write.

Seinabo Sey
I was hugely formed by stories I was told as a child whether that was in a book, the cinema, theatre or television and probably television more than any medium is what influenced me as a child and formed my response to literature, story-telling and, therefore, the world around me.

David Tennant
Great classic music that I’ve been turned on to has not only inspired and influenced me, but it has had an effect on my songwriting.

Scott Weiland
Years ago, the NFL influenced what happened in college. It’s the other way around now.

Troy Aikman
I really hesitate to say that any of my shows influenced other writers.

Stephen J. Cannell
Generally, my writing is influenced by living, by absorbing everything that happens to me and my actions.

Graham Nash
I emcee how I feel for the moment. I’ll always be influenced by Tribe, but my EP and LP have a lot of different flavors! I’ll keep it vintage Tribe if Tribe decides to do another LP… which, in my heart, I’d love to do for the fans.

Phife Dawg
You don’t try to get influenced by everything that’s going on with all the other music around you. You don’t listen to the radio – I mean, I don’t. When I get ready to do an album, I don’t listen to anybody else; I don’t wanna be influenced.

Tim McGraw
In fact, the history of North America has been perhaps more profoundly influenced by man’s inheritance from his past homes than by the physical features of his present home.

Ellsworth Huntington
Fundamentally, I’m profoundly influenced by hip-hop, so whatever I do is going to bear that seal.

Adam Mansbach
When I was 18 I went to college for two years and didn’t work for a year which was essential for me, because my identity had been so influenced by my being an actor and I think I just needed to discover what it was to be myself, divorced from all that responsibility.

Claire Danes
Elvis was a giant and influenced everyone in the business.

Isaac Hayes
From the spiritual came the blues, gospel, and rhythm-and-blues. I heard all of that music growing up, and that has influenced how I approached classical music. I’m sure of it.

Kathleen Battle
My style of singing has always been referred to ‘soul’ singing when it fact it’s more influenced by English R&B Blues Shouting. I’m closer to Led Zeppelin as a vocalist than to Ella Fitzgerald. It was torture dealing with major labels.

Alison Moyet
That’s it really, at the moment I wouldn’t say I was influenced by any one thing in particular.

Peter Hook
Every one of us owes a debt to the people who have shaped our minds and influenced our thinking and very often reasoning. For some, it is a school teacher or then professor in college for others, it could be a family member, a character of a book or movie.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda
I realized later how much my acting experience influenced my writing and how it helped me to write for other actors.

Winnie Holzman
I do know in the 1960s comics, Martian Manhunter took on the form of a black man – that could have been influenced by the political climate back then.

David Harewood
I’m influenced by like, 50 Cent and Chief Keef ’cause they were rapping about the same things I was living.

Fivio Foreign
I took physics, and lo and behold, there’s a lot of physics in ‘Lost.’ I think for most people, liberal arts educations are more abstract, but for me, it’s been a chance to apply the things I’ve learned more directly. I also took some Folklore and Mythology classes, and I think that a lot of that influenced me.

Carlton Cuse
My first album was hip-hop influenced, and my second was more of a singer-songwriter album.

Mat Kearney
When I was in high school, I started writing a serial novel, longhand, set in the Arthurian mythos, and influenced not incidentally by Marion Zimmer Bradley’s ‘The Mists of Avalon.’

Greg Rucka
I was a pioneer in MTV and I was there from the very beginning. So I saw how that developed and how loose it was and how much fun it was in its looseness. And I was influenced a lot by that.

Daryl Hall
Citizens have long been easily influenced by the opinions of others and sought social proof, but social media have amplified the phenomena to unprecedented heights. As digital devices permeate every aspect of our lives, it has boosted the way in which information can distort truth.

Jens Martin Skibsted
I was born in a temple to a priest father, in a place like Benaras. So, my upbringing has been influenced by such surroundings.

Ravi Kishan
I write in a journal daily. This extraordinary ritual has revolutionised my mindset, transformed my heartset, and generally influenced my life exponentially.

Robin S. Sharma
Even if I hadn’t been cast as Doctor Who, my acting would probably have been influenced by William Hartnell or Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, and all of the other guys. Because those were the actors that I really watched every moment of, as opposed to Laurence Olivier.

Peter Capaldi
He was an original, an innovator, and his influence will forever live on in our culture. Whether they know it or not, all DJs have been influenced by him. Thank you, DJ AM.

Clinton Sparks
I don’t think I have ever done anything for this age of children before, a pre-school audience. Generally speaking, we don’t have vivid memories of that age and what influenced us, yet clearly they are hugely formative years and it’s really important that we can create television of a high quality for that audience.

David Tennant
G.O.O.D. Music is on top because G.O.O.D. Music is the culture. When you think of, you know, just every aspect from music, influence, fashion, art level. If it’s not G.O.O.D Music, then it’s somebody who was influenced heavily by G.O.O.D. Music.

Pusha T
My entire life’s journey has been hugely influenced by seeing Julie Andrews.

Nicholas Hammond
I found out a lot of stuff through MTV, and I didn’t even have cable, I just saw it at friends’ houses. But my culture in junior high was totally influenced by it.

Win Butler
Many journalists are influenced by a myopic multiculturalism that is suspicious of anything Western, while giving the benefit of the doubt to non-Western societies.

Nancy Pearcey
My parents leaving a third world country to a first world country and building from nothing – that’s really inspiring to me and it’s influenced me in a positive way.

Melanie Fiona
Work has always been influenced by technology and will continue to be.

Sharan Burrow
I think I’m more influenced, just in general, not by blues artists, but more by stuff from Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder is probably my biggest musical influence of all. And Donny Hathaway.

Jonny Lang
I’m influenced by all types of music.

Flo Rida
Shout-out to my dad – he influenced my style when I was 17.

Theophilus London
The Intelligence Community Assessment concluded first that President Putin directed and influenced a campaign to erode the faith and confidence of the American people in our presidential election process. Second, that he did so to demean Secretary Clinton, and third, that he sought to advantage Mr. Trump.

James Clapper
As a young man growing up in that era, I was very influenced by Hendrix and took to a wah wah, and I learned how to really use one effectively as Hendrix did.

Rickey Medlocke
The people who influenced me most were the people who said I would never make it. They gave me a thirst for revenge.

Colin Mochrie
‘Spinal Tap’ influenced me, I think, specifically in making me really pay attention to tone.

Jay Chandrasekhar
Northeastern folk music influenced me from a very young age. Sachin Dev Burman is one of the inspirational musicians in Indian film music. The way he fused folk music with his signature style is amazing. So, I am aware of the beauty of northeast folk music.

Adnan Sami
It’s no longer unusual for real avant-garde composers to have been in a band, and for bands to be interested in a wide range of music. Look at how artists like Aphex Twin are influenced by Nancarrow and Stockhausen.

Jonny Greenwood
I know I am an actor and whatever I say people are going to get influenced by that.

Ananya Panday
Influential people aren’t buffeted by the latest trend or by public opinion. They form their opinions carefully, based on the facts. They’re more than willing to change their mind when the facts support it, but they aren’t influenced by what other people think – only by what they know.

Travis Bradberry
I think ballet has influenced my personality a lot in the sense that I am very disciplined in all of my endeavours. I am always on time; I take things very seriously. I’ve built up my inner strength and self-esteem over time as I’ve improved as a dancer.

Yuan Yuan Tan
Of course I went to medical school strongly influenced by my father, I mean the family reason, and secondly I read the biography of Hideyo Noguchi who was the very interesting doctor, who went to the United States in his 20s and become professor in the Rockefeller Institute.

Tasuku Honjo
Cinema, which is influenced by every single part of life, is direct and reaches you immediately. And writing – the best writing is complex ideas communicated concisely. And music – if it’s a good tune, make sure people can bloody hear it.

Alex Kapranos
To its credit, hip-hop is my favorite genre, to this day, and it’s hard not to be influenced by the culture and by the movement of it and by the soul of it.

I was influenced by my mother to a great extent and I came to know about Hindu mythology from her.

Pooja Bedi
I think every culture – you can call it an American Ronin, a medieval knight errant, you could talk about ‘Shane.’ There is an archetype that I think is actually common to a lot of cultures, and even the Clint Eastwood stuff was probably as influenced by the Japanese stuff, and yet done by an Italian.

Edward Zwick
I was like, ‘I don’t know if I could be an Olympian…’ But my dad really influenced me to stay and be in the Olympics.

Pat Summitt
My music has evolved to reflect that multigendered, multiracial, multigenre music. Whether I realized it before or not, I’m most influenced by that rock and soul hybrid.

Ricky Reed
When you have a political environment that is being so heavily influenced by the Tea Party that calls for shrinking the size of government, you can’t ignore it. There are political realities.

Steve Capus
If you’re an American kid, you can’t help but be influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones because they’re always on the radio.

Chris Cornell
Influenced by Pete Seeger and the Weavers, McLean proudly wore the mantle of troubadour in the early 1970s, when ‘American Pie’ topped the Billboard charts, and has never shed the cape.

Douglas Brinkley
I think pop culture has always influenced society.

Lauren Jauregui
Gozu’ was influenced by American cinema.

Takashi Miike
Wherever a writer grew up, they’re obviously influenced by that area, and I’m sure their characters are pulled from those experiences.

Jim Rash
There are still so many questions to answer about the workings of the human body and, most mysterious of all, it is influenced by our state of mind.

Craig Venter
American-French relations, their pitch and volume, have always been influenced by the media.

Rosecrans Baldwin
Tourism is a very big economic benefit to the Sherpa people, and also, they have very strong ties to their own social attitudes and their own religion, so fortunately, they’re not too influenced by many of our Western attitudes.

Edmund Hillary
‘Hollywood Don’t Surf!’ is really about how Hollywood’s superficial view of surfing culture has influenced popular culture and the story of what happened when real surfers tried to change that.

Greg MacGillivray
I wouldn’t trade anything for family time. To me, it is more important than everything else, and I have a very deep-rooted belief in it, which is influenced by my Jewish faith. That’s a very great source of who I am and what I believe in.

Felicity Kendal
The addictive pleasure of abandoning yourself to a book, of losing consciousness of your worries, your body, and your surroundings, to become a ghost haunting other worlds has influenced me in many ways.

Diane Setterfield
The films that influenced me were so disparate that there’s almost no pattern.

James Cameron
I’m not as careful as I look, which is why I choose not to do social media. It’s really because I don’t trust myself. I’m also very easily influenced by my feelings and will impulsively act on my emotions, which is another reason why I don’t do social media.

Park Bo-young
I was first influenced by a friend in fifth grade when he brought a Walkman to school and was listening to ‘Paradise City’ by Guns ‘N Roses, which he had concealed within his hoodie. He put the headphones over my ears and I was completely blown away by what I heard. I’ll never forget that.

Darren Robinson
I grew up in Chennai and was very much influenced by Rajinikant’s stardom and importance of cinema in Tamil culture.

Abhishek Banerjee
That human behavior is more influenced by things outside of us than inside. The ‘situation’ is the external environment. The inner environment is genes, moral history, religious training.

Philip Zimbardo
You can’t be all of the people you’re influenced by, so you make your own filter and create your own beautiful, unique thing in the world. Soak up the world, man, and make something of your own.

CeeLo Green
We weren’t art students, but we definitely created our own style and were pretty influenced by Andy Warhol and all the stuff we read and saw and made fun of, you know.

Fred Schneider
It’s valid that the Strokes and the Pleased have been influenced by some of the same bands. But it’s invalid in the sense that we listen to the Strokes and try to sounds like them. I think that they are a good band.

Joanna Newsom
Stravinsky influenced film music in general – those stabbing chords and rhythms from ‘The Rite of Spring.’

Henry Mancini
What has been forgotten is that there were major intellectual breakthroughs in the 1960s, thanks to North American writers of an older generation. There was a rupture in continuity, since most young people influenced by those breakthroughs did not enter the professions.

Camille Paglia
In New Orleans, people are still influenced by one another. You got these bands that play every week on Frenchmen Street, and on their breaks, they might go see the reggae band that’s right next door. You might get the musicians from the reggae band to sit in with the brass musicians. Everyone is having fun.

Trombone Shorty
I had the most incredible English and literature teachers in school, and it really influenced my love of storytelling. It’s what made me excited to study journalism in college. I love editorials and documentaries. All of that came from being given the opportunity to lose myself in good writing when I was a kid.

Sophia Bush
Judy Garland, Doris Day, and Gene Kelly were all big influences growing up from all of the films. I’m also a huge folk music fan – Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan have influenced a lot of how music can inspire change in our world.

Lindsay Mendez
I’m more influenced by characters than standups. I love strong, comic women because it’s so hard, and I have so much respect for anyone who can do it. I’m a big fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and people like that.

Amy Hoggart
One must pass through the network of influence. One is obligated to be influenced, and one accepts this influence very naturally. From the start, one doesn’t realize this. The first thing to know: one doesn’t realize one is influenced. One thinks he is already liberated, and one is far from it!

Marcel Duchamp
Politics is not something most people have to do every day. Their daily lives are much more influenced by job opportunities, whether the country is in a recession or a boom period. If you really want to understand what drives American history, look at the economic… side.

H. W. Brands
I don’t think I’m really so unique. If every black person looked at their life they would quickly discover that they have been influenced by every type of music prevalent in America.

Roy Ayers
Usually, comedy shows only influence other comedy shows. ‘M*A*S*H’ is one of the few comedies that influenced dramatic shows as well.

Alan Alda
I have heard some stuff that might be influenced by my records, but it’s usually pretty wacky and off-the-wall, which is kind of annoying, to be frank.

I joined the army on my seventeenth birthday, full of the romance of war after having read a lot of World War I British poetry and having seen a lot of post-World War II films. I thought the romantic presentations of war influenced my joining and my presentation of war to my younger siblings.

Walter Dean Myers
I know I was influenced by Beatrice Lillie. I must have been.

Charlotte Rae
I mean listen, ultimately I’m positive George Lucas was inspired by ‘Dune’ when he made ‘Star Wars.’ I don’t know if that’s sacrilegious to talk about, but there are a lot of similarities in some areas, so you could tell he was definitely influenced by that.

Greig Fraser
Dad had a music store, and he’d often bring home comedy albums that I would listen to. I started listening to Bob Newhart and Bill Cosby, and developing taste. They really influenced my style of comedy.

Billy Crystal
I used to drive up from theatre in Michigan to Stratford, Ontario to watch every show. I idolized the actors from Stratford. I was very influenced by them because they would come down and work at my theatre and get time on their American Equity union cards.

Robert Englund
I learned so much in Zimbabwe, in particular about the need for humility in our ambition to extend mental health care in countries where there were very few psychiatrists and where the local culture harboured very different views about mental illness and healing. These experiences have profoundly influenced my thinking.

Vikram Patel
My English teachers gave me a copy of Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ when I left high school, which has always been very special to me – it was the novel that introduced me to dystopian fiction. I’m also influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, Dickens, John Wyndham and Middle English dream-visions.

Samantha Shannon
My mother is a Chitrapur Saraswat from Mangalore and half-Telugu, and my father is a Bohri Muslim. My mother’s father, J Rameshwar Rao, was the Raja of Wanaparthy, a principality of Hyderabad. He was influenced by the socialist movement and became the first Raja to give up his title.

Aditi Rao Hydari
The future will be determined in part by happenings that it is impossible to foresee; it will also be influenced by trends that are now existent and observable.

Emily Greene Balch
In terms of writing more club tracks, writing more electronically influenced – I feel like it was all electronically influenced, but now that influence has come to me in a different way.

James Blake
My dad would play ‘The Blue Album’ a lot, the first Weezer album, and that influenced my alternative indie thing and that’s kind of how I found tons and most of my favorite bands.

Finn Wolfhard
I have been definitely influenced more by Latin American writers than by any other type of writer. They are very close in terms of voice – their humor, their fatalism, their… well, that over-used term ‘magical realism.’ It’s a wonderful term that’s just been used so much, we don’t know what it means anymore.

Jessica Hagedorn
The crowd may be influenced easily, largely because it is a crowd.

Ivor Novello
My colleagues and I have to constantly remind each other that we must keep our own view on the world while making films. With ‘Chicken Run,’ we learned how easy it is to be influenced by outside forces, but you mustn’t lose the heart and soul of what you are doing.

Nick Park
Asian music influenced Debussy, who influenced me – it’s all a huge circle.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
I’m influenced a lot by Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, even Paul Weller – Billie Holiday as well: People who wrote and sang songs that were reflective of their times. I quite like that. I quite admire that.

In terms of tone and style, I’ve always been influenced by a lot of different players. I love Nick Drake, Mike Bloomfield and Sonic Boom. I like those three a lot!

Adam Granduciel
You’d have to be completely crazy not to be influenced by and take from other artists. It’s completely impossible not to.

Maira Kalman
I was influenced by gospel and Christian music from a very young age.

Gabby Barrett
I think a lot of bands are influenced by religious symbolism and not even necessarily Christianity or Catholicism.

Chino Moreno
My early paintings weren’t that good – I was very influenced by Francis Bacon. But there was a kind of intensity there. And however influenced they may have been by other people, even my earliest paintings were recognisably my own.

Julian Schnabel
The funniest thing is not who influenced me positively, but who influenced me negatively. I had such an aversion to what Busby Berkeley did; in my early formative years, I thought it was terrible. Now, I think it’s wonderful. But then, I wanted to do anything but what Busby Berkeley did.

Stanley Donen
Eminem has been someone that I’ve always considered the greatest ever, to ever do it. You know what I mean? In every aspect, the storytelling abilities, lyrical ability, honesty. You can hear it in my music that I’m heavily influenced by that.

Joyner Lucas
I’ve always been interested in mechanical things. I think I must have been heavily influenced by my father, who is also very good with his hands. He liked to build things. I always loved to watch him do it, and I loved to build things on my own.

Jim Peebles
I’m influenced by all kinds of music. I have a very diverse iPod. You never know if I’ve got it on shuffle. You never know what you are going to hear next. I like all genres.

Toby Keith
I’ve been pretty lucky to work with directors who were quite influenced by European cinema.

Alexandre Desplat
I spent as much time watching telly and films when I was a kid as I did lying around reading books. I think it’s crazy that writers are only allowed to say that certain books have influenced them.

Nick Hornby
I love that pre-mod jazz look of the late Fifties, the Steve McQueen style that influenced the British modernists.

Martin Freeman
I grew up influenced by different cultures, sounds, feelings, emotions, and I want Premiere Classe to be a representation of that.

DJ Snake
I see a lot of women in these great-looking sneakers, as though they are almost very influenced by sport.

Anna Wintour
The work that has influenced me the most in my anime profession would be, of course, ‘Blade Runner.’

Shinichiro Watanabe
Is it experimental to have been influenced by the Bible? By Saint Augustine?

Marguerite Young
I’m influenced by many things. Simply turning on the television, I feel inundated with images and messages to be a certain way. So I try to limit my influences by being aware of what I allow into my environment. I’m always conscious of what’s trying to creep into my subconscious.

Teyonah Parris
Most writers have been influenced by Faulkner.

Louise Erdrich
I think a lot of guys are influenced by ‘Pinata.’ I fathered a lot of styles off that album.

No author’s writing more influenced my own than that of Robert Louis Stevenson. My first steampunk story, ‘The Ape-box Affair,’ is a sort of melange of Stevenson and P.G. Wodehouse.

James Blaylock
‘The Whale’ was in the category of so-called serious music, and yet it brings together a wide series of musical styles. It was influenced by people such as The Beatles, the spirit of the times, and I think ‘The Whale’ certainly had a pop element to it.

John Tavener
I love painting and music, of course. I don’t know nearly as much about them as I know about poetry. I’ve certainly been influenced by fiction. I was overwhelmed by War and Peace when I read it, and I didn’t read it until I was in my late 20s.

Kenneth Koch
I was influenced by a lot of comedy growing up, I had good parents. They were funny, too. My mom was hilarious; my dad was hilarious. I guess being at home around the environment was just a good stage to get started.

Jermaine Fowler
Spiritual teachers and artists that have opened the eye of wisdom for the world, and visionary community builders, have influenced my work.

Alex Grey
The ‘FIFA’ games are getting more and more realistic. You can see it from one year to the next. Whenever I play on the console I try to be influenced by my own experience.

David Alaba
The culture of the Dominican Republic definitely influenced me. We enjoy music in this crazy way; we celebrate absolutely everything.

Natti Natasha
We are very influenced by completely automatic things that we have no control over, and we don’t know we’re doing it.

Daniel Kahneman
In any country, in any city, there will be political influence on what is said, what kind of images are to be projected and, yes, of course artists can be and are influenced by politicians.

Cai Guo-Qiang
Straight edge came out of the hardcore scene. I don’t necessarily believe, as some people believe, that you have to be a part of the hardcore scene to share that philosophy and stance against recreational drug use. But it is where it came from, and it is where it influenced me to be a part of it.

Davey Havok
That movie – ‘Airplane!’ – it influenced so many of us.

Jay Chandrasekhar
Again, I was influenced by my father, who was very much an atheist and took pride in combating the traditional or orthodox forms of Judaism, which his parents and which my mother’s parents were very steeped in.

Robert Jay Lifton
Looking at magazines and being someone who wanted to act, as a kid, I was very much influenced by things I saw.

Barbie Ferreira
A young female essayist saying they’re influenced by Joan Didion is like a young female singer-songwriter saying they’re influenced by Joni Mitchell.

Meghan Daum
Everybody has some part of their game that is easily influenced to choke.

Johnny Miller
Growing up in the Libya of the 1970s, I remember the prevalence of local bands who were as much influenced by Arabic musical traditions as by the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. But the project of ‘Arabisation’ soon got to them, too, and western musical instruments were declared forbidden as ‘instruments of imperialism.’

Hisham Matar
I love the melodies in the Old Testament, how preachers highlight them when they read from the Scripture. But I was influenced forever by the New Testament. I love the Beatitudes, informing us that the meek shall inherit the earth.

Maya Angelou
We’ve all been influenced by American naturalism, and to ignore that entirely would be impossible for me as someone who works primarily in film.

Ben Foster
I don’t think the music that I do is nostalgic in any way; I don’t think about going back to nice, old-fashioned music. I’m certainly influenced by old music, but I want to bring it slap-bang up to today.

Imelda May
I can’t think of any musician or producer who has influenced me more than Brian Eno. From when he was in Roxy Music, producing Devo, the Talking Heads and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts.

I grew up listening to AM radio in the ’70s and hearing all of that great soul and rhythm and blues music, which definitely influenced the way I sing. But singing gospel has made me a much more humble person. There are so many people who were geniuses who only a few people knew about when they were alive.

Patty Griffin
We cannot observe external things without some degree of Thought; nor can we reflect upon our Thoughts, without being influenced in the course of our reflection by the Things which we have observed.

William Whewell
I was not influenced by concerts as a child, but I was very strongly influenced by the ballets I saw.

Bebe Neuwirth
So much of my life and my style and sensibility are influenced by skateboarding. It’s counter-culture and skateboarding is my introduction to counter-culture.

Vic Mensa
I did not support any more New York. I lived 10 years there, and after September 11, I felt very European. I did not share the opinion of people in the street, who were deeply influenced by what they heard in the media.

Yannick Noah
I feel more influenced in my own work by dreams than I do by other writers’ works in a way. Or by popular culture, movies – what else is there to write about than love and loss?

Alice Hoffman
Italy is so influenced by others: couscous in the south, cinnamon in the north because of the Venetian spice trade – I just want to divulge as much information as I can.

Lidia Bastianich
Art has definitely influenced how I think of design, both as individual items and as a body of work.

Cynthia Rowley
The Indian heritage plays a very important role in my career, I have always wanted my Indian roots to be with me. I was also influenced by the urban culture around me back in the day.

Jay Sean
I’m definitely of a generation that’s very influenced by videogames.

Paul W. S. Anderson
I understand that postmodern literature probably means people like DeLillo, The Fiction Collective, but I don’t get it that those writers are really influenced by postmodern theorists.

Kathy Acker
We’ve always been influenced by some of India’s greatest minds.

Ajay Piramal
From blood banking to the modern subway, from jazz to social justice, the contributions of African Americans have shaped and molded and influenced our national culture and our national character.

Bill Frist
As a rapper, I was heavily influenced by American rap albums. But for songs that are more melody-driven, I get my inspiration from Korean albums.

I don’t ever remember wanting to do anything but coach. My dad obviously influenced me. But it wasn’t because he sat there and drilled coaching stuff into our heads. We were on the bench keeping the scorebook and traveling with the team on weekends. It was such a great upbringing.

Jeff Van Gundy
I find inspiration in what artists and regular people on the street wear, but I’m also very influenced by what I like to wear since I style myself.

When kids are young, before the age of ten, there is a critical window of opportunity when their habits and motivations can be influenced.

Richard Attias
I think people tend to live, whether they like it or not, influenced by what’s next door to them.

Campbell Scott
Rajini sir has always been a part of my life from childhood. And I entered into filmmaking because I was influenced by his films.

Karthik Subbaraj
I’d pick a young white guy over an old white guy for president anytime because the younger guy is more likely to have been influenced by the great social changes of the ’60s and ’70s.

D. L. Hughley
Every coach has his own style of play, but when you spend your whole life as a Cowboy, you have to be influenced by what we did.

Tom Landry
In college, I had an early introduction to classical genetics from Professor Dan Lindsley, also an extraordinary teacher who influenced me greatly.

Bruce Beutler
I like Italian movies. I was frequently there in the ’60s, in Rome and the vicinity. It was a great period in life. I was very influenced by their stuff.

Clint Eastwood
I was influenced very much by St. Francis of Assisi, whose idea was to radically live the gospel. He was not a priest, or even a brother. He was a layperson. His whole concept was to emulate Christ through the gospels, and to live it in a radical way.

Tom Catena
As a guitar player, I’ve been influenced by dance music – it was Crystal Method and The Prodigy back in the day. I would listen to those textures and try to approximate them on the electric guitar.

Tom Morello
Mr Fosse was obviously influenced by Brecht and Weill, as well as Bergman and Fellini, and you could see the influence of vaudeville and African American hoofing – and Fred Astaire, too.

Ann Reinking
For me, being an ‘American Latina’ means identifying with and being influenced by both my American upbringing and my Latin heritage, and I have so much appreciation for how those two cultures have created who I am.

Camila Mendes
My father influenced by his very life, his very example and the environment that I was brought up in. But, he did not encourage or discourage any of us. He let us make up our own minds.

Juliet Mills
An actor should never be influenced by the surroundings, because you have to submit completely, and trust me, it’s not a good feeling when you know that your father is going to come and watch you work every day!

Arjun Kapoor
Blake has always been a favorite, the lyrics, not so much the prophetic books, but I suppose Yeats influenced me more as a young poet, and the American, Robert Frost.

Anne Stevenson
After touring the first album, we went into the studio and started making music that was influenced by all the freaky folk music we’d been listening to. Lots of Canterbury scene stuff from the 1960s and ’70s. Robert Wyatt, Soft Machine, Caravan, Gong.

James Righton
Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Albert Camus, Graham Greene – they influenced my life to a profound extent.

Paul Theroux
I feel like Chicago it’s so different, we have a different story to tell, we are seeing these things happen in this city every day, and whether you participate in them or not, you see it and get influenced by it.

Polo G
I say that I do soul, R&B music. I have so many influences, from Billie Holiday, Nina Simone to Stevie Wonder and Prince and even Al Green and Bjork. And a lot of hip hop music has influenced me a lot – you know – De La Soul and Digital Underground and A Tribe Called Quest.

I’m influenced a lot by my family. I have a big family.

Lakeith Stanfield
I was not influenced by composers as much as by natural objects and physical phenomena.

Edgard Varese
Don’t get me wrong, The Beatles are one of our all-time favourite bands, but there’s a lot more we were influenced by.

Ryan Ross
My father is a visual artist, so I was influenced by him, and my mother is an English teacher who forced me to read a lot of books and poetry and get involved in theatre. I developed a varied taste for different arts.

Taika Waititi
When I write songs, it’s very random. I get influenced by the most random things! Sometimes it just comes to me in my sleep or just hanging out in a restaurant or something. Music just comes to me, and I’ll start writing from there.

Roshon Fegan
I come from an African Caribbean background. I’ve been influenced by a reggae church music style, contemporary gospel, and rock all fused together.

Laura Mvula
Stravinsky used Mother Goose. He was influenced by Mother Goose, indirectly, but very beautifully.

Gyorgy Ligeti
If you can work a brand successfully into the narrative of your product, then it’s really cool. Then people actually take the brand up and say, ‘My positive experience in your product is directly connected and influenced by this brand and that worked great.’

Max Levchin
Most of the confidence which I appear to feel, especially when influenced by noon wine, is only a pretense.

Tennessee Williams
I’m definitely influenced by the music. We dance to music, and you have to listen to it and phrase your dancing and movement in a certain way to compliment the music. We have to work hand in hand, the dancer and the music.

Misty Copeland
I belong to the middle class that grew up very influenced by the Catholic church. The people of the novel are from a more pagan and practical world in which the Christianity is just a veneer.

John McGahern
Every drummer that had a name, had a name because of his individual playing. He didn’t sound like anybody else, So everybody that I ever listened to, in some form, influenced my taste.

Buddy Rich
I call myself a singer-songwriter influenced by the gospel and jazz tradition. Naturally, because of my lifestyle and love for nature, there’s a lot of folk and Americana there because that’s just my life.

Lizz Wright
‘The Godfather’ has been a film which has influenced me a lot.

Ram Gopal Varma
If I have to pick one story that most influenced ‘The Hunger Games,’ it would be the Greek myth of Theseus, which I read when I was about 8 years old. In punishment for past deeds, Athens periodically had to send seven youths and seven maidens to a labyrinth. In the maze was this Minotaur, and it would eat them.

Suzanne Collins
Because videogames are so inherently influenced by movies, to take a movie and literally create a videogame out of it, you’re immediately setting limitations and expectations on what that game can be.

Josh Trank
I think it’s safe to say that ‘Half-Life’ was influenced by every first person action game that preceded it.

Randy Pitchford
The Left is doing to America what it has done to almost everything it has deeply influenced – the arts, the university, religion, culture, minorities, Europe: ruining it.

Dennis Prager
Watching my dad go through all of the different career paths in the entertainment industry that he has, has absolutely influenced me.

Amber Stevens
I think I became a writer because I didn’t know of anything else to do. Maybe some incident from my childhood influenced me.

Patrick Modiano
When I was younger I was influenced by Kanye, his story of coming up and how he kept producing and producing and saying, ‘I’m more than just a producer. I’m more than just a writer. I’m more than just a guy in the studio here to give you ideas. I have a story.’

I’m never really conscious of what I’m being influenced by when I’m writing.

Jon Hopkins
It puzzles me when writers say they can’t read fiction when they’re writing fiction because they don’t want to be influenced. I’m totally open to useful influence. I’m praying for it.

Laura van den Berg
Wasn’t the Treaty of Versailles, wasn’t that disproportionately influenced by Jewish intellectuals? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pro-Holocaust.

Gavin McInnes
I’ve been deeply influenced by Aristotle’s idea that virtue is a habit, something you practice and get better at, rather than something that comes naturally. ‘The control of the appetites by right reason,’ is how he defined it.

Tim O’Reilly
Jack Kerouac influenced me quite a bit as a writer… in the Arab sense that the enemy of my enemy was my friend.

Hunter S. Thompson
I don’t feel like I’m influenced by anybody, but I feel I’m definitely becoming more a leader.

JaVale McGee
Our music did not sound like the Beatles in any way, shape or form. I could never find it in myself to use those Beatles tricks in Styx records because they were sacred to me. But what they did always influenced my thinking.

Dennis DeYoung
I listened to the radio, so I was influenced by everyone from Michael Jackson to Milli Vanilli. But thankfully my dad had a collection of Cat Stevens albums while my mom was listening to jazz.

Jason Mraz
There’s a lot of people that have influenced Mr. Trump’s life.

Paula White
I actually have been really influenced by dance music.

I’m probably much more influenced by film-makers and painters than I am by other songwriters or poets.

P. J. Harvey
Any nobody from the folk blues world could avoid being influenced by Woody Guthrie, who is actually of Scottish-Irish ancestry.

I suppose I’m most influenced by any good, commercial writer. I learn from everyone.

Nicholas Sparks
No, I feel like my personality probably influenced the character, more than the character influenced me.

Sara Gilbert
The first movie I saw – and I don’t know if it influenced me – was Ben Hur. We watched it outside in a corn field, and it ran backwards, so the first movie I ever saw was Ben Hur backwards.

Roberto Benigni
I don’t think I’ve got an innate sense of style, but I guess I’m influenced by those I love and admire. You hope that you combine those influences in a way that becomes your own.

Mark Ronson
My songwriting is so influenced by orchestrated music, dramatic, super glam rock-y stuff. Two of my biggest influences in songwriting were Elton John and Freddie Mercury.

Brandi Carlile
The geographical location of Sweden and, therefore, short growing season meant that the range of produce is not as abundant like say France, Italy or Spain. This influenced the cooking culture and forced cooks to be creative with a handful of ingredients. It’s a very modern way of cooking.

Rachel Khoo
There’s a lot of music at my fingertips that I can be influenced by. And just because I play a horn, I don’t need to sound, or try to capture, what was happening before me. I can just respect it and learn from it.

Trombone Shorty
Looking feminine is important to me. My personal style is fairly traditional. I was definitely influenced by my mother, who always looks elegant, and by Estee’s classic style; she was always in Givenchy or Ungaro.

Aerin Lauder
Al Qaeda and ISIS may have global aspirations, but their ability to penetrate a society is strongly influenced by local conditions.

Tedros Adhanom
Some things like the layout of the early VKontakte was very influenced by Facebook. Otherwise it could take ages for me to build, and I was not a professional designer.

Pavel Durov
It seems natural to me that as a writer, you should have some kind of, you know, there should be some kind of projection that you actually have influenced people who are closest to you.

Amiri Baraka
I like Patti Smith’s lyrics, and sometimes think I could be influenced by them. But she has a kind of cool that’s beyond me.

Alice Oswald
I actually really like DJ Assault – a Detroit a ghetto tech DJ, who’s produced good music that’s influenced me a bit.

Dizzee Rascal
I remember being influenced by great artists when I was a kid – not to call myself a great artist – but people who I thought were great enough that they really made a difference. And so I would never want to be disappointed by them, and I want to make sure I never disappoint audience.

Sarah Jones
Influenced by him, and probably even more so by my brother Theodore (a year older than me), I soon became interested in biology and developed a respect for the importance of science and the scientific method.

Frederick Sanger
Gershwin inspired me very much. The concept of ‘That Lucky Old Sun’ was inspired by ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ – not influenced, but inspired.

Brian Wilson
I think that if you hear music young, whatever music you hear influences you. I’m white, but I’ve been influenced by black music.

Lisa Stansfield
The Bee Gees were always heavily influenced by black music. As a songwriter, it’s never been difficult to pick up on the changing styles of music out there, and soul has always been my favourite genre.

Robin Gibb
I specifically did not read other First Ladies’ books, because I didn’t want to be influenced by how they defined the role. I knew that I would have to find this role – very uniquely and specifically to me and who I was.

Michelle Obama
The ’60s was a magical time in the music business. So much creativity and talent. I think a lot of it came from the fact that we had grown up before rock n’ roll. We listened to all the great songwriters and big bands, songs with great lyrics and melodies. I think that really influenced everybody.

Frankie Valli
My father has never influenced the strategy anywhere.

Ananya Birla
I influenced the BG style by not being able to draw perspective. The BG artists developed cool graphic painting styles to make my bad backgrounds look like they were that way on purpose.

John Kricfalusi
I started with very tonal 19th-century music because I wanted to be a violinist as a child. So this was my first music, and then I was very much influenced by Stravinsky and Shostakovich in the 1950s. But I was starting to develop my own style.

Krzysztof Penderecki
I’m heavily influenced by European and American cinema, but the further I get in my career, the more I find myself looking back East for inspiration.

Chloe Zhao
I think I’m influenced a lot by Drake in specific ways in my writing.

While the lab plays an enormous role, research is also influenced by inner peace of mind and one’s family environment, depending on what stage of one’s life and career a scientist is at.

Peter Agre
The art from the East is influenced by nature and touch. That comes from being more attuned to the environment.

Billy Al Bengston
I don’t believe that there is any particular book that influenced any ‘career’ I might have.

Edward P. Jones
I was heavily influenced by Andy Kaufman and Steven Wright.

David Cross
From his roots as a slave, the American Negro – sometimes sorrowing, sometimes jubilant but always hopeful – has touched, illuminated, and influenced the most remote preserves of world civilisation. I and my dance theater celebrate this trembling beauty.

Alvin Ailey
I have always loved short stories. I have been at least as influenced by the short story masters as I have been by novelists.

Daniel Woodrell
Australia is so influenced by America. It’s kind of in-between the U.K. and the States.

The movies that influenced me were movies that told their stories through pictures more than words.

Sam Mendes
Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

If I was influenced by anything, it was architecture: structure having to do with logic. If you don’t do it right, the whole thing is going to cave in. In a certain sense, you can carry that to graphic design. Fortunately, however, nobody is going to die if you do it wrong.

Paul Rand
Growing up in New York has influenced my style so much, and I have an amazing relationship with my stylist, Estee Stanley. We have so much fun with the whole process. She picks out dresses, I try things on and play dress up, and we get creative to see what works.

Lea Michele
I listen to all types of music so I’m influenced by everything.

Big Boi
In graduate school, I decide to write my doctoral thesis on how Italian architecture influenced English playwrights of the seventeenth century. I wonder why certain playwrights decided to set their tragedies, written in English, in Italian palaces.

Jhumpa Lahiri
I’m very influenced by Mike Leigh and the way that he always has these climactic confrontations, like in ‘Secrets and Lies’ and ‘High Hopes,’ in which the ensemble cast meets in one location.

Sean Baker
I owe a great debt to motor-racing, and the first place I went to in Europe when I was 20 was Italy, and I was extremely influenced by it in books until I got there.

Billy Al Bengston
My first influences for playing were Johnny Ramone and Jimmy Page, the same as everybody else. Joe Perry. The guys in Alice Cooper’s band, whatever their names were. Mick Ronson from David Bowie. You know who really influenced me to write songs? Iron Maiden.

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
Subway is a real point of pride. We have influenced the way people eat.

Fred DeLuca
In the 1980s, Josef Beuys planted the seed that activism could be considered as art. I am influenced by the idea of his idea of social sculpture.

Ryuichi Sakamoto
Pharrell has definitely influenced my style in regards to streetwear. Simply because we’re from that era that Nigo and A Bathing Ape started. That’s where it all started at for us.

Pusha T
I used to watch my mother cooking when I was a child; she influenced me a lot.

Nobu Matsuhisa
Over the last few decades, apart from other factors, direct or tacit prodding by the Centre has influenced Indian corporate groups’ decisions on project sites… Politics cannot be separated from it.

Pinarayi Vijayan
New York has influenced me a lot in terms of my own independence. I’m really struck by the idea of authenticity, and I think New York embodies that idea, even though people are like, ‘I miss the old New York.’ But at its core, it has this natural, authentic energy. L.A. lacks that idea; it’s painted over.

Paloma Elsesser
Your biggest influences are the earliest ones. When I was young, I was very influenced by the short stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Brad Holland
Music has influenced everything from my tattooing to how I talk to how I walk, I guess. I was classically trained in piano since I was 6. Then in my teens, my older sister introduced me to Metallica. It was all over. I had a mohawk soon after that.

Kat Von D
Children are easily influenced, and I always want to do things I can be proud to show my kids someday.

Faith Hill
So many of the bands that influenced me growing up were English, even if I didn’t realise it. English pop ruled the world in the ’80s!

CeeLo Green
The thing that influenced me most in relation to ‘Nanny McPhee’ were the Westerns I watched with my father. All the Spaghetti Westerns; all the Virginians; all the High Chaparrals. Because if you think about the form, it’s a stranger from out of town.

Emma Thompson
According to the scientific naturalist version of cosmic history, nature is a permanently closed system of material effects that can never be influenced by something from outside – like God, for example.

Phillip E. Johnson
Punk rock really influenced me, the basic metal bands, Zeppelin, Stones and Floyd, and Southern rock bands. I think I was pretty well-rounded.

Al Jourgensen
My experience working the KKK assignment influenced the rest of my career in law enforcement in that it taught me to think and act on my own initiative when my superiors in the department stood in my way.

Ron Stallworth
Anybody is influenced by where and how he lives.

Imogen Cunningham
I’m constantly being influenced by the soul that’s directly in front of me.

Dick Dale
Long before social media existed, the proto-tweets of advertising had penetrated American popular culture: ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste.’ ‘Where’s the beef?’ ‘A diamond is forever.’ ‘Think different.’ You’d be hard pressed to find a writer’s craft that has more directly influenced the vernacular.

David Droga
It’s like this – these five members have been influenced of course by other groups, because that’s where this generation’s groups came from – an environment like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, and The Who. People like that.

Alice Cooper
I hear people telling me a lot that the production of that particular record – ‘One Part Lullaby’ – really influenced them. I’m like, ‘What? We were dropped from the label after that!’

Lou Barlow
There are more books in the world than hours in which to read them. We are thus deeply influenced by books we haven’t read, that we haven’t had the time to read.

Umberto Eco
I certainly hope my music is in no way, shape or form influenced by anything that would be known as a jam band. If it is, then I’m going to do something else.

Charlie Hunter
What we call soul has been around a long time. It comes out of a particular culture that is African in origin, but influenced by 250 years of slavery, as well as other forms of racial oppression.

Roy Ayers
I have always been true to the people who have influenced me as a young boy.

Jim Nantz
People have told me that other artists have been influenced by my music, and it’s flattering. It’s a wonderful thing.

Roger McGuinn
Fashion has always been influenced by hip-hop.

I am not that cute. However, because I had played so many cute characters, I am starting to be influenced by them.

Park Bo-young
I grew up in Switzerland, in this kind of rigidity. It was Protestant, and I was rather shy. That influenced me a lot.

Rene Burri
First off, I absolutely hate the term ‘trip-hop.’ It was a term that made it seemed like I was trying to turn the music into something else. I was always influenced by New York hip-hop, since forever, since I was a kid.

I’ve been very lucky to play a plethora of different characters, and have had to experiment with a lot of styles that aren’t typically what I wear and have been influenced through that.

Nicholas Galitzine
I can’t look at TV without seeing something that’s been influenced by rap. Even commercials for cereal. When I was small, I was a fan of cartoon characters – now the cartoon characters are rapping!

Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words.

Eileen Caddy
I’ve lived through a lot of dark environments one way or another while growing up and that has influenced my songwriting.

Aimee Osbourne
The Steelers have influenced everything I’ve done as an adult.

Joe Greene
I must admit to being greatly influenced by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces.

Norman Spinrad
I was not influenced by any artists.

Andrae Crouch
Africa should not just wait to be exploited or influenced. No. We should be part of the conversation. We should raise ourselves to a level where there are certain terms we dictate in the conversation because we have a lot to offer.

Paul Kagame
This familiarity with a respected physician and my appreciation of his work, or the tragedy I experienced with the long, tormented agony and death of my mother might have influenced me in wanting to study medicine. It was not the case.

Albert Claude
Three 6 Mafia have been around for a long time; we’ve made a lot of music. Anybody’s music can influence anybody. I’ve heard people say that our music has influenced such and such, and it could be true, and it could not.

Juicy J
We are certainly influenced by role models, and if we are surrounded by images of beautiful rich people, we will start to think that to be beautiful and rich is very important – just as in the Middle Ages, people were surrounded by images of religious piety.

Alain de Botton
The book I always say that influenced me, subconsciously, because at the time I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer, was William Goldman’s ‘Marathon Man.’ That was the first adult thriller that I loved. I read it when I was 15 or so, when my father gave it to me.

Harlan Coben
Be influenced by nothing but your clients’ interests. Tell them the truth.

Arthur C. Nielsen
Because of all the various people who’ve come in and out and brought along ideas, I’ve been on a learning curve throughout all these years. Of course, everyone that’s been involved has influenced me as well. And I’m grateful for that.

Chris Squire
You know, this is really a way of cooking. It’s not my way. I’m deeply influenced by the Mediterranean way of being. I’ve spent a lot of time there. And I’ve sort of translated it; I’ve tried to make it available to people in this country to whom it might not be familiar.

Sally Schneider
I’ve been mostly influenced by experiences in the theater growing up.

Cate Blanchett
If I see one kid dressed up like Thunder or Lightning or Black Lightning, I’ll feel like I influenced the culture in a very positive way. That’s the endgame for me. If this happens, my mission will be complete.

Salim Akil
When I was growing up, I didn’t feel strong. I felt weak. I felt like a scared little kid. So I naturally turned to books to deal with that feeling, and I really turned to fantasy. That’s really what influenced my decision to write a fantasy novel.

Sabaa Tahir
The truth is that the writers who most influenced me weren’t people categorized as crime writers. I’d say I learned more from John O’Hara, who isn’t much read today but whose short stories I really admired, and Hemingway, who I think has lasted pretty good.

Elmore Leonard
And my generation in Brazil was influenced by Cinema Novo. So we’re echoing what’s been done way in the past.

Walter Salles
I am an incorrigible eavesdropper, so I am very much influenced by what I hear.

Laura van den Berg
Kids get influenced by other kids.

Paul Pierce
I have been tremendously impacted and influenced by my coaches. It’s nice to play for people that are going to support you.

Peyton Manning
I was reading an article about Kings of Leon’s bass player, who said that he was directly influenced by Joy Division and by me. I was like, ‘Woah!’ It surprised me. It’s a great compliment.

Peter Hook
I was influenced by surrealist poetry and painting as were thousands of other people, and it seems to me to have become a part of the way I write, but it’s not.

Kenneth Koch
I think that my vampires in general were influenced by my being allowed to watch the Hammer vampire films. Vampire Circus, also shown as Circus of Fear, was one of those movies.

Laurell K. Hamilton
Israel is too attached to America, too influenced by America. It should be connected to Europe. America is based on mythology – the free man, the individual, the open frontier. Europe is more conscious of history. Take Britain and Shakespeare. You shape your identity through history.

A. B. Yehoshua
I don’t want to make light of the importance of my musical upbringing, as you cannot avoid being influenced by the area you grow up, but I will say that Reykjavik’s geography is very different from, say, New York, Paris, or Copenhagen. There’s big skies. The buildings are low. The landscape is spread out.

Johann Johannsson
I don’t watch too much television because I want to write something, and you never want to be influenced by other things that are on – and if they’re really funny it’ll just depress me because it’s something I’m not a part of.

Jim Norton
I don’t know anyone who is a writer who isn’t influenced by the relationships in their life.

Amos Lee
We want to sound modern, but we’re still influenced by ska, reggae and Eighties U.K. bands.

Tony Kanal
I was mainly influenced by the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, and others like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash.

Iris Dement
I am really influenced by normal, simple, everyday life and people, like the Biji and Dolly in ‘Vicky Donor,’ who used to drink and say whatever they felt like. These characters were so lively. I have seen these people around me.

Shoojit Sircar
I did psychology at university, but I wouldn’t say that my music is too influenced by it. The way I make music is a little more to do with an emotional connection. When I compose the melodies for my tracks, it always comes from the heart.

I was very influenced by films and books like ‘Serpico,’ ‘The French Connection,’ and ‘Prince of the City.’ They were some of the reasons I became a crime writer.

Don Winslow
I was influenced by many, many different people in my student years, and I was always, I guess, immersed in a Navy environment, and so, obviously, that had a big impact when I decided what I wanted to do was go and be a Navy pilot. I was very familiar with the Navy community and felt very comfortable with it.

Alan G. Poindexter
I don’t read novels, but my semiotics study influenced everything about the way I read and edit and write.

Ira Glass
People ask ‘do you make a conscious effort not to swear?’ – if you’re doing silly stuff you’re not tempted to put swearing in. All the comics from my childhood, who were funny without swearing, were the people that influenced me. What I do is quite traditional anyway.

Tim Vine
I used to watch everybody’s stuff, but I found I would get slightly influenced by the other comics. I try to avoid it now.

Jim Jefferies
I love ’70s organic architecture. I am very influenced by the time when I grew up.

Alexandre de Betak
It’s been in my musical DNA since I was a little kid. I think musical theatre has really influenced everything I’ve done.

Jake Shears
Marvin Gaye, I’m super influenced by him. D’Angelo, Donny Hathaway. All the old school cats. New people, I like M83. I like Coldplay. I love Frank Ocean. Miguel. I get inspired by all these cats. People don’t know that me and Frank Ocean went to high school together.

Luke James
I see Amit spends a lot of time with the kids which is even reflective in their behaviours because most of their mannerisms seem to be influenced by their father.

Jaya Bachchan
I always feel like my writing is consistently influenced by everything I watched and listened to growing up, so it’s just this crazy collage of everything, you know.

Michael Giacchino
We’ve influenced other artists, and when younger generations become fans of those artists and hear about us, they discover our music too.

Curt Smith
I tend not to go look at movies before I make a movie. I’d rather not be specifically influenced.

Edward Zwick
But if I were to say who influenced me most, then I’d say Franz Kafka. And his works were always anchored in the Central European region.

Vaclav Havel
In the ’20s and ’30s, there were these musicals either set on college campuses or based on classical stories, so any of the Rodgers and Hart musicals certainly influenced me. I was definitely influenced by any of the ‘Porgy’ songs; I was influenced by ‘American Pie.’

Douglas Carter Beane
I love working with customers. Sales has really influenced everything I do. It has instilled in me the important traits of operating with a sense of urgency and listening to people.

Jeffrey R. Immelt
I was more influenced by players like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen than by the guys in southern rock bands.

Dimebag Darrell
I like a lot of older rock ‘n’ roll artists, like legends like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. They really influenced me to be very, very androgynous and very commanding, and very very – I wouldn’t say odd, but I would say eccentric.

Princess Nokia
When I started ‘First Blood,’ back in 1968, I was deeply influenced by Geoffrey Household’s ‘Rogue Male.’

David Morrell
It wasn’t so much that I had to leave to make it in the music business as I was curious to be out on my own and sort of explore. I never felt that where I was ever influenced my songwriting.

Matthew Sweet
I had always been heavily influenced by stand-up. I was in a comedy team called Red Johnny And The Round Guy.

John DiMaggio
I haven’t really met anyone else who has influenced me, but you never know, it could happen next year or next month. I just like to go with the spur of the moment.

Robin Gibb
When it comes to influences, we are influenced not just by Japanese and overseas metal acts, but J-pop acts too. One Japanese rock band we’re particularly fond of is Seikima-II. We were attracted by their brand of devil imagery and of course, their high-quality musicianship.

Suzuka Nakamoto
So much of what I create has been due to the influence of Miles Davis and Donald Byrd, and so many of those that have passed on. Their music, their legacy lives on with the rest of us because we are so highly influenced by their experience and what they have given us.

Herbie Hancock
Whether we know it or not, each of our decisions is influenced by what we want to see or think.

Kyle Hill
I like Nirvana, but I couldn’t say that I was influenced by them. I like to tell a story.

Art Alexakis
From my studies of genetics and neuroscience I have come to believe that people fall into four broad personality types – each influenced by a different brain chemical: I call them the Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator.

Helen Fisher
Guys like Future and me, we help create and shape the sound of music – not just Atlanta music, but music all over. If you really pay attention to the music being made, a lot of that is very heavily influenced by the stuff that we created. I listen to so many songs that’s like, ‘Damn, this sounds like my music!’

Bill Burr, Freddy Soto, Joe Rogan, Tom Segura… those people influenced me a lot more than any of the older guys like Richard Pryor.

Ari Shaffir
I started dancing when I saw Fred Astaire in ‘Flying Down to Rio,’ at approximately nine years old. Fred Astaire influenced me, more than anything, to be in ‘show business.’

Stanley Donen
What I believe in touches many aspects of religious and spiritual thought. Mainly I’m influenced and inspired by the eastern yogi’s aspect of mysticism, Which is, I think, the future.

Dave Davies
I think, definitely, I was hugely influenced by – obviously like Adele and Florence the Machine. They were my complete idols growing up. But also, there were a lot of influences from my dad, like singer-songwriters of the ’70s like Carole King and James Taylor.

Freya Ridings
My mom’s a psychologist, and I think that has influenced me on a personal level. Plus, I’m just generally interested in visualization and humanity, social activity and technology, and what happens in aggregate.

Aaron Koblin
I’m influenced by Jennifer Egan, Dave Eggers, David Foster Wallace: writers who are often not content to just stack paragraphs and have to break out of that.

Jesse Andrews
To begin with myself, then, the utterances of men concerning me will differ widely, since in passing judgment almost every one is influenced not so much by truth as by preference, and good and evil report alike know no bounds.

I have believed in the biographies I have written. I truly can tell you that they have influenced our society politically, culturally, socially.

Kitty Kelley
My decision to come to Bell Telephone Laboratories immediately after obtaining my Ph.D. in 1936 was strongly influenced by the fact that my supervisor would be C. J. Davisson.

William Shockley
I’d love to claim that what I have done in my life is of my doing, but it’s not of my doing at all. I’ve blown around in the wind like a mad thing, influenced by this and that – like a piece of paper: like the boy in that scene in ‘American Beauty’ watching a piece of paper blowing hither and thither.

John Hurt
It started off with me being all the way influenced by Atlanta and southern music but I knew my sound had to grow – I started learning melodies.

Mike Will Made It
People have just assumed that… if we call our Facebook acquaintances our friends, we must be influenced by them, too. But we’re not.

Nicholas A. Christakis
Even in terms of the technical stuff there’s a very traditional British flavor that comes out. Our characters are influenced by our culture so there’s definitely something unique about British wrestlers in the U.S.

Wade Barrett
‘Catholic writer’ seems like you have an agenda of evangelization, as if you were somehow influenced in your choice of perspective by dogma or canon law. That has nothing to do with me. I don’t have a lot in common with other ‘Catholic’ writers.

Mary Gordon
We are influenced by the ideas we hear and the people we meet.

Robin S. Sharma
I have been influenced by many different artists at many different stages of my life. Starting out, it was people like Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and Fiona Apple. As I got older I got deeper into the work of bands like the Beatles, artists like Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, Etta James, and Joni Mitchell.

Sara Bareilles
I am so far as I am aware not at all influenced by dramatists, expect for Shakespeare, who I have to say, it is impossible not to be influenced by if you hold language to be the major element of theatre.

Howard Barker
I’m mostly influenced by life, what’s around me, and my own childhood.

Jack Prelutsky
I attribute the black tones in my films to Stephen King, Tim Burton, Joe Hill and Richard Matheson. However, most of my writing is influenced by mental health. I’m incredibly passionate about shedding light on the stigmas associated with mental illnesses.

Anna Akana
Billions of people have seen and been influenced by movies in the short history of this industry.

Conrad Hall
I’m really influenced by Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

Cris Judd
People say I sound a lot like the Ramones and it’s probably because I’m influenced by the same ’60s groups, but I was never a strict Ramones fan.

Kim Shattuck
I have been influenced in my thinking by both west and east.

Nelson Mandela
I think that style, taste, and choices in general are forged by everything that surrounds you – everything you see, taste, touch, smell and hear. So of course, my family has influenced me as a person and in my own style, but so have all the experiences that I went through as an individual.

Margherita Missoni
After years of police work, officers often can’t help but be influenced by the cynicism they feel.

James Comey
I love writers all across the board, but one who influenced me very directly at the beginning was Mary Renault.

Tanith Lee
Venom was a band that strongly influenced the image and the idea behind Slayer.

Tom Araya
America was first colonized by Puritans. Most of our earliest immigrants, and many since, have come here in order to practice their religious beliefs as they please. Our culture has always been, and will most likely always be, profoundly influenced by religion.

James Frey
Jacques Derrida is a very important thinker and philosopher who has made serious contributions to both philosophy and literary criticism. Roland Barthes is the one I feel most affinity for, and Michel Foucault, well, his writing influenced my novel, ‘Middlesex.’

Jeffrey Eugenides
One aspect of my mum’s personality that has influenced me is her love of Hollywood and the golden era of black-and-white films.

Rebecca Hall
Leftism has influenced the literary, academic, media, and, therefore, the political elite far more than any other religion. It has taken over Western schools from elementary through graduate.

Dennis Prager
I am not into any religions. I have been mostly influenced by Eastern religions – Taoism, the essence of Hinduism and Buddhism. But my belief is not having any beliefs.

Harry Dean Stanton
I don’t think what I do is influenced by suffering. I come from a talented people who are prolific in music and dance.

Hugh Masekela
The films that have influenced me and the films that have motivated me and inspired me were films that resonated, films that made me think after I saw them.

Eriq La Salle
My ultimate style pin up is a tough question because my own style is influenced by so many sources. From Bianca Jagger to Kate Moss to Julie Christie. I love how they are always themselves and it never looks too ‘done.’

Behati Prinsloo
A lot of rappers were influenced off the West Coast, even from the East.

Jay Rock
Why should racism go away when we are not tackling it in the right way? We are influenced by what we see in the world and what we see in the world is certain people being considered more worthy than others – and we continue to see that.

John Barnes
I’ve always loved Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and I watched the Petty documentary ‘Running Down A Dream’. I was directly influenced, it made me want to go write.

Robert Coppola Schwartzman
There was a manga boom, so I read ‘Astro Boy,’ ‘Osomatsu-kun,’ and such. But what influenced me the most were things like ‘Popeye’ and Disney animation.

Akira Toriyama
I’m an immigrant kid who came to America from India when I was very young and grew up in New York City with a single mom and really was influenced by all of those immigrant cultures bumping up against each other.

Padma Lakshmi
I’m starting to realise that there are certain themes that I return to, those being that there is no such thing as normal, and people finding their voice and living authentically. And also that you can be influenced and helped through an extended family.

Toni Collette
I don’t listen to film music at all. I don’t want to be influenced.

Ramin Djawadi
Poor air quality, which can be influenced by a variety of fumes, chemicals and allergens, is arguably the leading cause of triggers for most asthmatics in urban areas.

Ian Smith
I started with soul music and icons like Aretha Franklin and Etta James and then moved to R&B and artists such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. Electronic music came later on, when I was in high school and I was really influenced by artists like Skrillex and Major Lazer.

Netta Barzilai
I watch a lot of movies. I’ve watched movies since I was a kid. My dad brought me to the theater once a week. Always – it was a must. So I think that influenced me a lot to be an actor.

Joe Taslim
Instead, there were a variety of controls of which some could be influenced by bankers, some could be influenced by the government, and some could hardly be influenced by either.

Carroll Quigley
I often think you bring unhappiness on yourself, because if you don’t like yourself very much, you allow yourself to be influenced by people who reinforce that.

Lynn Johnston
I’ve listened to a lot of different styles of music growing up, and they’ve all influenced me at different times in my life.

Kirstin Maldonado
I’ve been influenced by so many different writers along the way – from Charles Dickens, Roger Zelazny, Michael Moorcock, John D. McDonald, and so many others – that it would take a page or two to list them all.

Jim Starlin
I was influenced by big, strong voices – writers like Elizabeth Bowen, Virginia Woolf, Jane Bowles; gay writers like Ed White, Michael Cunningham, Allen Hollinghurst; and contemporary lesbian writers, like Dorothy Allison.

Stacey D’Erasmo
Outside of advertising, the person who’s influenced me most is quite possibly Frank Gehry.

Jay Chiat
That was sort of the ‘Second City’ approach, which was try to be intelligent and assume your audience is intelligent. We were influenced by ‘Monty Python,’ too, which would have philosophers in a wrestling match.

Joe Flaherty
I think Aaliyah has influenced artists like a Ciara.

Missy Elliott
It’s definitely an influence, I mean how can you not say you are influenced to play rock.

Mike Lowry
I was greatly influenced by ‘The Goons’ and ‘Monty Python’ reconstituting what comedy was – it could come from a funny word, not just a set up and a pay-off. I liked the zaniness; they were satirical, slightly saucy and very literary in their references.

Sanjeev Bhaskar
Yeah, moving to Los Angeles definitely influenced my sound.

My first two records were influenced by the Beatles and the Beach Boys.

Drake Bell
Every performer who ever performed in rock and roll or even close to it is lying if they tell you that they weren’t influenced in some way or another by Elvis Presley. He turned the world around.

Mac Davis
I think you are always influenced by your surroundings and where you grow up. Your environment is always one of the things that shape you, and the music scene in Iceland was a very important factor in shaping me.

Johann Johannsson
I’m very easily influenced, and I’m also a quick study, so I think when I decided I wanted to write pop songs, I literally just listened to pop radio for six months to get a feel for it and understand it.

We are always influenced because we do not live in a vacuum together with our intentions. We are in a relationship with everything that occurs.

Hugh Prather
I’ve been greatly influenced by the music of R.D. Burman and Sudhin Dasgupta, and I took it as a challenge to bring back the golden days of Bengali music.

Jeet Gannguli
I think all the filmmakers in Hong Kong are influenced by John Woo.

Alan Mak
I’m a filmmaker, and I was most influenced by Hitchcock’s films. How he could plant such deep enriched characters and then make us care both about the antagonist and protagonist was masterful.

Paul Haggis
I get to listen and enjoy music that is partially mine. Maybe influenced and guided. I created some simple outlines, but ultimately, I’m hearing a derivative work.

Pharrell is a person who has influenced the world. I see myself in him, so I said, ‘You’re an alpha, and I’m an alpha, and I want to be able to express myself in every way, like you do.’

Shameik Moore
I was really influenced by Joan Didion and Pauline Kael; they were both at the height of their influence when I was coming into my own as a reader.

Caitlin Flanagan
I have non-breaking news for you: FIFA does not care what you think. Over the years, FIFA has never seemed influenced by what is written or said in papers, articles, tweets, blogs, and on television about how it operates.

Julie Foudy
My music is influenced by L.A. culture.

Nipsey Hussle
In general, the public knowledge base and thus decision-making behaviors are far more influenced by advertisement than with current science.

David Perlmutter
As more wealth and political power is amassed – as bitcoins rise in value – Congress and various lobbying groups will be influenced to an ever greater extent by the interests of Bitcoin owners who – in turn – will lobby to keep the Internet and Bitcoin alive and growing.

Max Keiser
If I told you all the people that have secretly told me I’ve influenced them, you’d never believe it, and you’ll never see it in print, either.

Dave Brubeck
No one ever really talks about the punk-rock involvement in hip-hop, which influenced Afrika Bambaata.

Moving from Dubai to the Congo was one of the best things that happened to me, it’s a shock to be confronted by the contrast in wealth and culture, and it’s hard, but I loved it and it influenced me a lot.

My grandfather influenced my brother, and my brother was my biggest influence.

Trombone Shorty
A lot of people influenced me as I was learning, but probably Bing Crosby was the most influential because I would hear his Christmas albums, which my parents played a lot.

Gordon Lightfoot
It would be difficult to exaggerate the degree to which we are influenced by those we influence.

Eric Hoffer
The openness of rural Nebraska certainly influenced me. That openness, in a way, fosters the imagination. But growing up, Lincoln wasn’t a small town. It was a college town. It had record stores and was a liberal place.

Matthew Sweet
If you’re mostly a writer – if your point of departure is writing something – which for a writer/director is sort of where you start, you’re really influenced by the writers you love one way or another.

Whit Stillman
But, I would be naive not to recognize the number of musicians who tell me they have been influenced by me and sight me – as well as Alex and Neil – as a musician who has been a positive influence on their playing.

Geddy Lee
We were very influenced by The Beatles, no question.

Barry Gibb
I was heavily influenced by big voices when I was younger. People like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Patti Labelle really spoke to me. When I got older, I was into Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill, but it wasn’t until I started working with a voice coach that I really dove into jazz music.

Andra Day
I’m influenced a lot by Chanel and by what Karl Lagerfeld has done.

James Jebbia
I’m always pretty influenced by stuff from when we were younger.

Kyle Mooney
You can’t say I look like this person or sound like this person exactly because I made it my own. I’m pretty, pretty influenced by myself right now.

Lil Uzi Vert
‘Female Convict 701: Scorpion’ is based on a manga as is ‘Lady Snowblood.’ I saw ‘Lady Snowblood’ in the theater between writing issue three and issue four of the first arc of ‘Pretty Deadly,’ and I was really surprised how much I was influenced by it.

Kelly Sue DeConnick
As soon as I was old enough to drive, I got a job at a local newspaper. There was someone who influenced me. He wrote a column for The Guardian from this tiny village in India.

Nicholas Kristof
I’m not just influenced by the ’60s – it’s who I am. I grew up with Allen Ginsberg and Che Guevara. I flirted with various forms of communism when it was way out of style. It was this really strange and creative time in music and culture, and it was fabulous.

Thom Mayne
I’m really influenced by ’90s hip hop. A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul were my heroes growing up.

Mat Kearney
I was just going more for what I’ve always been influenced by, European music.

Kip Winger
I think gaming has influenced popular culture in a huge way. It’s worked its way into novels, and blockbuster movies.

Bill Bailey
Being a new artist, I was trying to make a good album and hope that people like Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel and some of the firstborns appreciated it. I was being influenced by them brothers there. That’s where I got my start and my first listen.

Look at people that influenced me – but I didn’t know if I had that sort of ‘I’m going to take you under my wing’ person.

Jim Rash
It is an honor to open in New York City and to have the opportunity to serve and share our family’s version of American Chinese food and hospitality. New York City deeply influenced my passion for food and service, and it feels good to be back.

Andrew Cherng
I’ve been influenced by poets as diverse as Dylan Thomas, Lewis Carroll, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Jack Prelutsky
I have stood on the shoulders of giants like Billie Jean King, Hillary Clinton, my mother – people who have really empowered and influenced my life in an incredible way.

Michelle Kwan
I was lucky because I used to live right next to a video-rental store. I used to spend so much time watching films. So I’ve seen a lot. I used to watch ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dallas’ and have seen every kind of film. I’ve been influenced by everything I’ve seen.

Nadine Labaki
I think your values are always influenced by your family and your community.

Dolly Parton
I’m very influenced by jazz drummers. I always liked drummers like Roger Taylor, Keith Moon, Ian Paice, John Densmore. I just learned from playing to those drummers.

Steven Adler
Growing up, I listened and was influenced by a lot of those around me. I have a big family, and my dad listened to ’80s music, my mom listened to Motown, my brother listened to reggae, and my granddad was the one that got me into jazz and swing music.

Ella Henderson
One day, I’d like to tackle a biopic. I grew up very influenced by Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday, and Nina Simone.

Zazie Beetz
I have been as influenced by music and films as by books.

Kevin Barry
I was influenced by European movies, old Fellini, old Kurosawa – any sort of foreign film.

Ted Demme
More than my films being influenced by manga I was indelibly impressed by Manga, and that definitely comes out in the films.

Takashi Miike
One thing that has influenced my personal life, my career, my attitude, the person I have become and every decision that I have made is a fact that I have been a loner as a child.

I would be very proud to have influenced anyone that I know or don’t know to quit smoking.

Christy Turlington
I’m a spiritual person. I’m not very religious. I was raised Catholic, but I am influenced a lot by Buddhism and Hinduism.

Rodrigo Santoro
I think all writers of my age who are brought up on films probably by the age of 16 have seen many more films than they have read classics of literature. We can’t help but be influenced by film. Film has got some great tricks that it’s taught writers.

David Mitchell
Little did I know how much the Runaways had influenced so many people.

Cherie Currie
I influenced the NBA a little bit.

Nick Young
I watch a lot of movies, and I tend to be influenced by scenes that intrigue me, that make me want to use the same effects or technique.

Masashi Kishimoto
When you’re young you’re influenced by the best teams. So a lot of my favourite cricketers were Australian.

Stuart Broad
I was heavily influenced by Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, Grandmaster Caz, but I kind of wanted to take it somewhere else.

I didn’t think much about foreign readers when I began ‘Naruto,’ but I knew that many of the artists who influenced me had already been accepted overseas.

Masashi Kishimoto
We’re kind of influenced by all the different people we meet.

Grace Chatto
A lot of movies were influenced by ‘Logan’s Run,’ like ‘Minority Report’. A lot of films have those elements in them.

Joel Silver
When it was released in the 80s in Japan, ‘Blade Runner’ was actually a series that influenced the Japanese media very much so. I assume that everyone in the anime industry has seen Blade Runner at some point.

Shinichiro Watanabe
If you want to get each individual’s honest opinion, you don’t want that opinion to be influenced by others who are present, much less allow a group to coordinate what they are going to say.

Thomas Sowell
Artists such as Lorna Simpson, Zoe Leonard, Byron Kim and Stephen Andrews and I are around the same age, and I know them personally. The discussions I have had with them over the years have influenced the work that I have made throughout my career.

Glenn Ligon
My wife is Mexican, and she’s really influenced me: She’s got an impressive collection of Mexican music.

Ian Brown
The time that I spent overseas working as a model, all of those experiences influenced my personality and personal taste.

HoYeon Jung
I’ve spoken to referees from my era who have openly admitted they were influenced by Sir Alex Ferguson when they were refereeing at Old Trafford.

Matt Le Tissier
The very first show I ever saw was The Judds, and that influenced me to not play country music.

Matt Skiba
Any set of decisions about design is inevitably influenced by cultural prejudice, no matter how intent an architect might be to avoid it.

Martin Filler
I have never had anything to do with the kind of fashion that is influenced by the press or identified with the spirit of the season. My clients come for me; they come back each season for my spirit. That’s the reality.

Giorgio Armani
I wasn’t going to great schools, because my parents didn’t believe in public education. They wanted the education to be influenced by their religion, so I was going to these halfway education-slash-Christian schools that were like pop-up shop-style education.

Katy Perry
I belong to a highly religious family. Both my mother and father perform fasting, do shrads and completely believe in Ganpati. This has influenced me and that is why even I am so religious.

Rakhi Sawant
I have that huge print from Pollock by the piano because the influence is reciprocal. He was into hearing music while he created, and I sometimes do the opposite. I’m influenced by everything from an ant to a dream.

Jason Moran
I’m more influenced by my own interests than anyone else’s. Writers have to entertain themselves, or they can’t entertain anyone else.

Laurell K. Hamilton
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke – the fact that Madonna is in before Rush and Kiss. Those two bands have influenced so many groups and people other than in metal.

Corey Taylor
I’m heavily influenced by the Nineties – I love juxtaposing a slip dress with trainers and a vintage leather jacket.

Dua Lipa
Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects… totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.

Aldous Huxley
Warhol was definitely an inspiration when I was younger. I wouldn’t quantify his sort of influence. I’ve been influenced by nature and science, and I’ve been influenced by people like Ernst and Rauschenberg, Cornell and Bosch and Bruegel, by writers like Haruki Murakami to Pablo Neruda to Artaud.

Dustin Yellin
I’m into Incubus. Growing up, I was a huge Taking Back Sunday fan. I’m still a fan, but I don’t listen as much as I used to. When I was 13 or 14, I started getting into emo-pop-rock, so that influenced me. I also love Drake… I have a pretty diverse collection.

Kendall Schmidt
At a very young age, I was influenced enormously by Julio Cortazar or Carlos Fuentes. In that literature, there’s always an exploration of different perspectives, points of view.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
I strongly suggest that we play down basics like who influenced whom, and instead study the way the influence is transformed, in other words: how the artist made it his own.

Lukas Foss
I think jazz is the foundation for a lot of great musicians, and then after that, you know, it’s this broad expression of things that really have influenced and addressed your life.

Dianne Reeves
So the Negro race has continued, and today is the day of the Negro as far as the world is concerned. They have influenced the generations of time; they have mixed their blood with many peoples, until there are many peoples not able to hold the priesthood.

Warren Jeffs
My father was a brew master. He was the one who I was very close to, he influenced me in many many ways including my pursuing a career as a brew master.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
I am not influenced by the techniques or fashions of any other motion picture company.

Walt Disney
I’m heavily influenced by a lot of people like Dre, Pharrell, and Kanye. They’re all big-time tastemakers and trendsetters, just for culture, period. So I strive to do that as well.

Metro Boomin
He knows I rip him off every day. He’s the godfather for me. Nobody can say they aren’t influenced by what Stevie Wonder has done.

Brian McKnight
Their films would probably be better if they’d seen a few more films, which runs counter to this idiotic theory that you run the risk of being influenced if you see too much.

Jacques Rivette
The papers reveal that in several key abortion cases, justices were keenly interested in the perceived public reaction to their rulings – indicating that courts can be influenced by public sentiment.

Lee Greenwood
I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to perform with bands that have influenced me as a musician over the years.

Joey Jordison
I was the first person to come into New York with a Latin American point of view which was also very much influenced by political happenings in Latin America.

Ruben Blades
It’s better for candidates to suggest ideas that are responsible, not ones that are incapable of being executed. People are influenced by what their leaders tell them. And bringing the level of rhetoric down brings the temperature down.

Jeh Johnson
I started my company with virtually no funds behind it – no big marketing budgets – and that worked in our favor with Millennials, who put us on the map. They can spot a paid endorsement a mile away and are completely turned off by it. Instead, they are heavily influenced by authentic experiences.

Carolyn Aronson
I am a person who always tries not to be easily influenced by position or achievement. I thank God for the fact that I can share more kindness and a good quality of life through the popularity. Not for the popularity itself.

Mario Teguh
Our experience on ‘Avatar’ heavily influenced how we approached ‘The Dragon Prince’ and how we built our team.

Aaron Ehasz
We are always going to be influenced by America… I watched the word ‘bum’ go out and ‘butt’ come in. And part of me says, oh that’s a shame, but Aussie boys are still Aussie boys.

Bryan Brown
I’d advise the youth to not get influenced or forced by their elders. They should have own political views and choices and the courage to pick the right leader.

Binnu Dhillon
I’ve probably had my day in the sun. I think I’ve influenced a lot of comic book writers.

Harvey Pekar
Everything I do references something that influenced me.

Virgil Abloh
The comics I read as a kid were much more influenced by TV and movies. Encountering superheroes as an adult without that kind of childhood sentimentality, it just doesn’t allow you, or in my case at least, it wouldn’t let me take the characters seriously.

Garth Ennis
When I was on TV in the ’80s, I wasn’t thinking, ‘There’s a 10-year-old kid watching this and in 15 years, he’s gonna be doing stuff that was influenced by me.’ I was trying to get my five minutes together. So now that those people are comedians and they’re influenced by me – it’s bizarre.

Steven Wright
My food is Louisiana, New Orleans-based, well-seasoned, rustic. I think it’s pretty unique because of my background being influenced by my mom, Portuguese and French Canadian. There’s a lot going on there.

Emeril Lagasse
It was an extreme time, in a certain sense… I was totally and profoundly influenced by the revolutionary movements of the ’60s and ’70s.

Susan Rosenberg
I’ve gotten lots of great advice from lots of people that I admire, but the person who influenced me more than anyone in my life was my grandmother.

Mark Parker
When I began writing, I didn’t read any other children’s poets… I didn’t want to be influenced until I’d found my own voice. Now I read them all.

Jack Prelutsky
My grandmother influenced me so deeply.

Jan Karon
Yes, I do write poetry. It’s very therapeutic. I’m influenced by Pablo Neruda and Gulzar Saab. It’s all very personal.

Vivek Oberoi
The objective of producing useful devices has strongly influenced the choice of the research projects with which I have been associated.

William Shockley
What has influenced my life more than any other single thing has been my stammer. Had I not stammered I would probably… have gone to Cambridge as my brothers did, perhaps have become a don and every now and then published a dreary book about French literature.

W. Somerset Maugham
But you’d have a job to find many of my poems which would seem to be very influenced by a particular person.

Norman MacCaig
I’m influenced by a lot of filmmakers; I like English filmmakers because I feel a kin to them.

Rupert Sanders
Growing up and playing guitar with my dad and stuff like really influenced me. It definitely must’ve had an impact on why Miley wanted to sing and why I wanted to sing and play guitar as well.

Trace Cyrus
One of my biggest problems is that I’m always so influenced by what other people are thinking about me.

Ricky Williams
I’m influenced by Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelly, Roland Kirk, John Coltrane, B.B. King, and then by bluegrass. But when I was 16, bluegrass wasn’t cool. We was rock n’ rollers then: Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Dickey Betts
My dad was a very funny man – he’s the one who taught me life would be awfully hard without humor! I’m sure his Irish wit in some way influenced my decision to become an actress.

Joan Cusack
My Mum was the main reason why I became a chef. She influenced all of my family to feel free in the kitchen – it was the centre of our home and I have wonderful memories of helping Mum cook and experiencing the love and patience that went into the food.

Ainsley Harriott
I’m really influenced by so many different things.

Alex Winter
Soul lyrics, soul music came at about the same time as the civil rights movement, and it’s very possible that one influenced the other.

Ahmet Ertegun
It seemed to me you could do anything in comics. So I started doing my thing, which is mainly influenced by novelists, stand-up comedians, that sort of thing.

Harvey Pekar
My mother was not without her flaws. She did have a lot of flaws, but she revealed her strength and her flaws equally, and I think that’s really important. I was very much influenced by that.

Nina Tassler
I’m Cuban and Puerto Rican and Miami is very Cuban oriented. Growing up around the music – all of the salsa and meringue influenced me as an artist. I find myself gravitating to latin influences, sounds.

Sabrina Claudio
I’m not sure there’s a difference between books that affected the way I see the world and books that influenced me as a writer.

Steve Erickson
Don’t be too influenced by what’s ‘in fashion.’ Just be a bit more individual about it.

Jenny Packham
Speaking seriously, ‘Ikaruga’ influenced how I synchronize the game sequences with the music. Combining the two in a way that appeals to people’s hearts is a task that’s quite difficult.

Yoko Taro
Definitely just growing up in general influenced me; Detroit happened to be where I was. I feel like the city definitely has made an impact on my life and made me who I am. Detroit has an unmistakable soul – nobody can duplicate the soul we bring to the game. From Motown to J Dilla to Eminem to anything.

Big Sean
My parents have influenced my fashion choices. I inherited many of their older garments, and I like their style. I love my mother’s elegant and dramatic couture dresses and the feeling for colour my father has.

Elizabeth Jagger
All true artists in the world from all countries and all genres are influenced by Michael Jackson. There were music videos before Michael Jackson, and there were music videos after Michael Jackson. He brought such a huge change in the marketing and positioning of the music video.

Sonu Nigam
I was really only around country music on the radio, and I think because I grew up so close to Atlanta, and R&B was such a big part of that culture, by proximity I think a lot of that music influenced me without knowing it.

Sam Hunt
The American revolution not only cost Britain the 13 colonies but also forced it to rethink the slave trade and slavery, and influenced its power relations in Asia and the Pacific.

Linda Colley
Dave Camp has been very much influenced by, and often guided by, the radicalization of the Republican Party… and too often failed to speak out.

Sander Levin
One of the things that’s influenced me musically was my experience at Brown University. I was surrounded by musicians that I really admired, and felt challenged to come up with music, lyrics, and recordings that stood up to the expectations of those musicians and myself.

Lisa Loeb
Our analysis of truth and falsehood, or of the nature of judgment, is not very likely to be influenced by our hopes and fears.

Charles D. Broad
We’re all influenced by everything unless we’re locked in an empty room.

Nicolas Roeg
I might even go for walks, just kind of come up with ideas in my head and then even sleep over it. And, yeah, the next day, when I wake up in the morning, I feel like that’s when the ideas come, because you kind of wake up fresh and clean. You’re not influenced from music on the radio or any other source.

Ramin Djawadi
U2 happens to be one of the world’s most celebrated bands of all time, and they have influenced my own music and playlists growing up. In fact, when I was in college, I won a singing competition with a U2 song.

Amaal Mallik
It’s weird to say, but Sebadoh is kind of Dinosaur Jr. Jr. My two bandmates in the early Sebadoh era, Jason Lowenstein and Jeff Gaffney, were huge Dinosaur fans. They were very influenced by Dinosaur.

Lou Barlow
I’m a two-time Olympian, but ever since I was a little girl, the Olympic dream has influenced me.

Gretchen Bleiler
This was totally influenced by me and the direction that I am writing about and the stuff that I am writing about. There is just no way that you can be as intense as what I have been through in my life over a drum beat machine, sample, or loop; it’s just not going to happen.

Vanilla Ice
I really prefer light-eyed models, They photograph more easily. Of course, I come from a light-eyed background, so maybe that influenced my taste.

Eileen Ford
I have been very influenced by the director Maurice Pialat, who I continue to be in conversation and conflict with and get inspiration from.

Ira Sachs
In creating the silkpunk aesthetic, I was influenced by the ideas of W. Brian Arthur, who articulates a vision of technology as a language.

Ken Liu
I did invent the idea of using lucid dreaming to treat sleep disorders, but I was influenced by many real-life researchers – from forefathers like Freud and Jung to Stephen Laberge and Rosalind Cartwright, who explore lucid dreaming and parasomnias.

Chloe Benjamin
I am from the country, and I grew up mostly influenced by country music.

Sam Hunt
My sense of style is influenced by how I feel. I want to express myself because they see you before they hear you. You want to come on stage, and what you look like should represent the song you are playing or the set you are about to play or the message in your music.

Jon Batiste
I was very influenced by the musicals and romantic comedies of the 1930s. I admired Gene Harlow and such, which probably explains why, since the end of my marriage, I’ve dated nothing but a succession of blondes.

Hugh Hefner
As Erykah Badu, it has nothing to do with me, the way I look, my hair wrap, my style, it’s about you and what you feel for my music. If I can make you feel like the way that people who influenced me made me feel, that’s completion.

Erykah Badu
There are all kind of corners of the musical world that are deeply influenced by the Dead that one wouldn’t expect. Lee Ranaldo is a crazy Deadhead.

Bryce Dessner
Historically, black music has influenced other cultures and other genres and created other genres.

In Hawaii, some of the biggest radio stations are reggae. The local bands are heavily influenced by Bob Marley.

Bruno Mars
I think probably I’ve been influenced by Chekhov and Walt Disney, if you see what I mean.

Tom Stoppard
I can’t claim my grandfather’s work has influenced mine directly, but his life certainly inspired me to follow this path.

Kevin Macdonald
A lot of people have an opinion. If you listen to them too much, your work will get influenced, and you make no one happy.

Prabal Gurung
In the early part of the ’60s I was influenced by the Ventures.

Carl Wilson
I was always influenced by language.

Helen Dunmore
I had always been interested in mythology. I suppose my brief stay in Wales during World War II influenced my writing, too. It was an amazing country. It has marvelous castles and scenery.

Lloyd Alexander
In terms of what influenced me, I grew up on The Beatles, and I always was struck by their dry British sense of humor.

Kyle Gass