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I could give 48 penalties in every match if I wanted to
I could give 48 penalties in every match if I wanted to. It is a question of sometimes choosing what is – in your own mind – of material importance and what isn’t, what might be a crucial potential penalty and what might not be.

Alan Lewis
The best match I’ve ever been in match-wise, I wrestled The Undertaker in France in a coliseum that was built in 300 A.D. by the Romans. It was the most amazing match I’ve ever been in.

Big Show
Michael Phelps is a sporting god among men. It is hard to say if anyone will ever match his accomplishments, but it has been an honor to see him become a legend. He makes me proud of the American sports institution and proud of the sports that get mass attention only every four years.

Johnny Weir
I remember specifically, in the summer of 2002, the rate of women infected with HIV/AIDS was beginning to match the rate of men, and nobody was talking about it. It was as if it was on nobody else’s radar. I had made up my mind to do something about it.

Sheryl Lee Ralph
I’m happiest playing a match with my dad and a couple of college friends, taking a few bucks off them.

Matt Kuchar
Misery is a match that never goes out.

Thomas Huxley
I really love my True Match concealer: it is great if you just want to cover some spots, and you don’t have to cover your whole face. I don’t really like wearing a face full of makeup all the time; I just like covering up the spots that I am a little self-conscious about.

Cassadee Pope
Fans watching need to be able to connect the dots in your match and the story that you’re trying to tell.

Ricky Steamboat
When I wrestled Randy Orton, that was probably the biggest match of my career at that point, because that was when I had the other shot at the WWE championship.

Jeff Hardy
Opera is credible drama now, and it costs less than going to a football match. What have you got to lose?

Lesley Garrett
My feelings, as the last ball travelled over the net, and as I realized that the final match was mine, I cannot describe. I felt that here was a prize for all the games I had ever played.

Helen Wills Moody
America’s space program has been the envy and inspiration of the world. It has made landmark scientific discoveries that are a lasting legacy of this nation’s greatness. It has studied Earth in ways no other nation can match.

Alan Stern
One of my goals is to have a base near mainland China. I think Hong Kong would be a good match for me. I like being in Hong Kong.

Nicolas Cage
If you’re not just a little bit nervous before a match, you probably don’t have the expectations of yourself that you should have.

Hale Irwin
Seeing Taylor Swift live in 2013 is seeing a maestro at the top of her or anyone’s game. No other pop auteur can touch her right now for emotional excess or musical reach – her punk is so punk, her disco is so disco. The red sequins on her guitar match the ones on her microphone, her shoes and 80 percent of the crowd.

Rob Sheffield
The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

Joseph Campbell
Even if I play backgammon with my coach, I hate to lose. I won’t talk to him for, like, an hour. So imagine how it feels when you lose at tennis. That makes me determined not to lose because I hate it so much. Even at a set down and match point, I always believe I can come back.

Ana Ivanovic
After a tough match, I’ll do an ice bath, and that’s really good for recovery because it helps circulation. Sometimes you feel really swollen.

Ana Ivanovic
Whenever you step on the ice, you need to be a student of the game and try to hone your craft. You’re never going to play a perfect match, but you’re always chasing that perfect game.

Hilary Knight
When you play, you do not ask yourself how it feels to be on the bench. You have to live it to understand how difficult it is to be there without being there. To enter a match knowing you do not have the confidence of the coach. To play when you simply don’t have the habit of playing.

Fernando Torres
I was hearing music in my head and trying to play it on the clarinet, but it didn’t match.’ Then, literally the first day, it did with the saxophone. I was like, ‘Oh man, that’s what I’ve been trying to do; this is what it’s supposed to sound like.’

Kamasi Washington
I remember ‘Wrestlemania 6’ with The Ultimate Warrior against Hulk Hogan. It was so cool to see those guys go in there and the fans getting into the match so much.

Jeff Hardy
I’ve followed Leeds since I was a little kid. I used to come home from sport in the afternoon, me and my brother, and watch ‘Match of the Day.’ I love the club. I want nothing but success for the club.

Russell Crowe
All the games we play are worth the same because we can aim to get points in the league. Milan wants to fight until the end in the league and wants to compete with everyone until the last match day.

Clarence Seedorf
I wanted green in my hair, so I did green. And I got my sunflowers to match. I’ve never done it before. Just said, ‘OK, I’m doing my hair green.’

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
The idea is if you use those two shapes and try to colour the plane with them so the colours match, then the only way that you can do this is to produce a pattern which never repeats itself.

Roger Penrose
Nobody wins or loses a match; it’s the team that wins or loses. You have to be looking to contribute towards the team goal.

Samuel Eto’o
My dream match would be ‘Queen vs. Queen’ Stephanie McMahon.

Charlotte Flair
I’m driven to win every single match.

Ashleigh Barty
I suppose I’m a cultural Anglican, and I see evensong in a country church through much the same eyes as I see a village cricket match on the village green. I have a certain love for it.

Richard Dawkins
There’s a misconception that you have to match your shoes and your bag. It can be so cool to add a patterned or off-color heel.

Tina Knowles
Of course I like to watch myself bat. After every innings, match, series, I do watch my own videos whenever I get the time.

Rohit Sharma
Movies were invented for Jimmy Cagney, and he was invented for the movies. A perfect match.

Clint Eastwood
I take mentoring very seriously and I am on the board of an organization called Girls Write Now, where we match teen girls and writing mentors because it changes their lives.

Tayari Jones
I like to do interior design, I love to quilt, I love to see different colors together, and I love to match things up.

Mary J. Blige
I want to be able to look my daughter’s teacher in the eye and say, ‘Your pension will be there.’ I need to know that her pension will match up with a promise we can keep.

Gina Raimondo
One should always be happy, irrespective of what you achieve in a match or in life. That’s how I live my life.

Virender Sehwag
I didn’t feel that I was ready to leave NXT. When I was called up to SmackDown, I was very nervous. I hadn’t done many of the things at NXT that I thought I was supposed to. I didn’t have a TakeOver match. I never held the title. I only had a few matches on NXT TV and to be called up and told, ‘Well, here you go!’

Alexa Bliss
I will give Cassius Clay $250,000 if he will just get into the ring with me anywhere in a combination boxing-wrestling match.

Terry Funk
Everyone is committed to giving their best and to putting in 100 percent in every match to win.

Edinson Cavani
To me, every match is important.

Edinson Cavani
My greatest point is my persistence. I never give up in a match. However down I am, I fight until the last ball. My list of matches shows that I have turned a great many so-called irretrievable defeats into victories.

Bjorn Borg
‘Match of the Day’ is a great programme to be on. It’s a programme I used to be allowed to stay up and watch from the age of 10, so to think that one day I’d actually appear on it was great.

Mark Lawrenson
For me personally, I think too much emphasis is put on, ‘Okay, how cool are my moves?’ and, ‘How do I string them together?’ ‘How do I get this move in the match within this time limit?’ and that’s it.

Kenny Omega
I love watches. I have a Hublot, a Breitling, and a Cartier. Different accessories that I match together just to be comfortable and casual.

Chandler Parsons
After all, C++ isn’t a perfect match for Java’s design aims either.

Bjarne Stroustrup
Maradona? You couldn’t match him, but you could learn a lot from him. I did not play much, but I did learn plenty from him at Napoli. He was the best striker in the world and I was so lucky to have played with him. Some of the things he used to do you couldn’t even dream about. It was absurd.

Gianfranco Zola
The difference of great players is at a certain point in a match they raise their level of play and maintain it. Lesser players play great for a set, but then less.

Pete Sampras
You must try to match your colors as nearly as you can to those you see before you, and you must study the effects of light and shade on nature’s own hues and tints.

William Merritt Chase
Before a match, I do not follow any chess news except the games.

Viswanathan Anand
O2O and all-in-one systems mean we have to make online and offline inventory accessible to each other. This is complicated both in terms of the technical aspect and in cost. A story sounds wonderful, but if it is too costly, it is not good. Technology has to match business.

Li Ning
I will do whatever it takes to win a football match.

Stuart Pearce
Whether a player has played one match or a hundred, we should give him respect for what he has achieved and leave it at that.

MS Dhoni
One thing that’s nice about doing a movie about people that hardly anyone knows, you never worry if they’re a perfect match.

Theodore Melfi
I wasn’t featured in NXT. I never had a TakeOver match. I never held a title. I wasn’t a featured athlete. I knew, going in to SmackDown Live, I had to kick down the door and take every opportunity for what it was, and sometimes in WWE – and in life – those opportunities don’t come back.

Alexa Bliss
It looks like things are changing in north London. Tottenham have gone down a road they’ve never been down before. They’ve kept their best players and pushed young English ones through. They’ve started to match Arsenal – who were light years ahead – by building a new stadium.

John Motson
Your shoes have to match your belt. That’s rule number one for guys. You can’t put the brown shoes with the black belt. Or a brown belt with a black wristwatch. Just don’t do it! Also, I don’t like boots with suits. And when you wear sneakers, make sure they go with your shirt.

Ashton Kutcher
I don’t want to do a biopic. If there was one biopic I would do, it would be about my grandfather, the late N. T. Rama Rao. But his aura and charisma is completely different, and I am no match for him.

N. T. Rama Rao, Jr.
I used to always want to play the perfect match, and this meant not losing a point. The realisation came around the time I was 19 years old, in the French Open final in 2007. This was a key period in my career. I was told I was going for too many winners, which was affecting my game.

Ana Ivanovic
With Undertaker and I, we only had one singles match leading up to WrestleMania XXIV, and we realized we had something. We knew going into WrestleMania it was going to be cool. And it was.

When the music business failed to embrace the Internet, I thought it was game, set and match for the industry, and I quit.

Tony Fernandes
My family, in a way, gives me a reference as to who I am as an individual, and my work gives me a reference as to who I am as a Homo sapiens. I think that’s a very perfect match, in my view.

Zeresenay Alemseged
Most Americans acquire dogs impulsively and for dubious reasons: as a Christmas gift for the kids. Because they saw one in a movie. To match the new living-room furniture. Because they moved to the suburbs and see a dog as part of the package.

Jon Katz
I learned from Chuck Noll in Pittsburgh that speed and explosiveness on defense is the way to build a team. Both are difficult for your opponent to assimilate in practice and then in games it is even harder to match.

Tony Dungy
Curt Hennig was one of best guys I ever wrestled. If I could’ve come back and wrestled one last match, I wish I could’ve wrestled Curt. He was my favorite guy to wrestle.

Bret Hart
I certainly don’t lose any sleep if I lose a tennis match.

Ivan Lendl
Forward, always moving forward, from the time I can remember – a kid. I was short, and the big guys would take advantage; I had to turn myself into a body puncher. By that time I was in reform school, they’d have a boxing match every week; they’d bring guys in from outside to fight me.

Jake LaMotta
I’m going to win or lose a match playing on my terms, playing my game, which is big and aggressive and trying to dictate points. Not shying away from that.

Jack Sock
The Blair government perhaps ranks as the best the U.K. has had for 50 years. It cannot match the scale of Attlee’s reforms, but has a fine record of constitutional reform and economic competence. In my own areas – science and innovation – there have been well-judged and effective changes.

Martin Rees
The key to any good sports story is identifying the defining moment. In football games or a boxing match, it’s usually pretty obvious. But in golf, sometimes it happens on Thursday. Usually it’s Sunday, but guys who don’t know the game, they can miss it.

Dan Jenkins
For delightfully quirky descriptions of bizarre neurological syndromes that teach us a lot about how the brain works, there is no match for Oliver Sacks.

Francis Collins
I get very unsettled by the mess of Christmas. I find the decorations a little bit hard, as my desire for everything to match is never fully satisfied.

Jade Jagger
That was sort of the ‘Second City’ approach, which was try to be intelligent and assume your audience is intelligent. We were influenced by ‘Monty Python,’ too, which would have philosophers in a wrestling match.

Joe Flaherty
No doubt, much of the joy of a great romance is the moment when these stoic heroes crack open and reveal themselves to their heroines – the only women strong enough to match them.

Sarah MacLean
I am happy to have played a match and break the rhythm of daily training.

Kim Clijsters
People are already on Match and already going to Starbucks on first dates.

Sam Yagan
I hope to have one more boxing match at the age of 55. Given that demographic at the age of 55 to 65, you’ve got to make a statement with your life. Otherwise, you are just existing.

George Foreman
Tracey Cunningham is my colorist, and she is genius! We match my color from when I was a kid.

Lily Aldridge
I certainly know first hand the waste one lady can create through her primping routine, because I am a victim of fashion: to me a day without makeup and a bouffant to match is a day wasted. I love it all – whether it’s fancy, cheap or, I’m ashamed to say, even if it’s bad for the environment.

Beth Ditto
The move to tax Internet sales, clothed as a ‘fairness’ issue, is the typical ‘wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing’ ploy so often used by governments unwilling to cut expenditures to match revenues. It matters not whether its proponents have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ after their name. It is a tax increase in either case.

Bob Barr
We use digitisation and 3D-render programs such as Optitex and ClO3D to create the silhouettes, but we invented our system to let users mix and match components in real time.

Aslaug Magnusdottir
I remember when I was first time in Serie A, we were down the bottom, no one was speaking about Cagliari. And we were safe, one day before the final match. With Parma, we went down, but we were positive right to the end. There are the little details, but you have to continue.

Claudio Ranieri
Don’t put needless expense into painting a head! Don’t try to match tints! Rose and pearly colours blend into each other so that no one can unite them if painted separately. Keep the impression of your subject as one thing!

William Morris Hunt
The best way I knew how was to give 110% and want it more than them, and walk on the court and every moment of the match feel like it was the end of the world, in a sense. So that worked for me in a lot of ways. There were times that it hurt me, but for the most part, it helped me.

John McEnroe
It’s not a good idea to match your shoes with a bag too stringently. Go for subtle similarity.

Giorgio Armani
My routine prior to a big game is the same for any other match. Eat, sleep, chat with teammates during the day, and then, as the match draws near, I listen to my music on the trip to the stadium and zone in.

Gerard Pique
There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days, and as an opal changes its colors and its fire to match the nature of a day, so do I.

John Steinbeck
Reality in movies is the reality of the story you’re telling, so it may not match the reality as we know it, but the reason there’s art is that it tries to bring some kind of understanding of all the suffering and joys and pain that we go through. Storytelling brings some value to it.

Caleb Deschanel
It’s not an easy task to match Charan. He is really a good dancer, and he comes straight to the sets without rehearsals.

Rakul Preet Singh
I almost wish I could be more exciting, that I could match what is happening out there to me.

Whitney Houston
I’d never read ‘Prince Caspian’. I watched it and loved that film. Everybody was talking about its lack of success; its relative success in comparison to the other film. It’s a great film. It deserved to do a lot better than it did. It’s very difficult to make a film that will match up to the first.

Will Poulter
We know there are a lot of people in the unemployment pool that do not match up in their skill set for what jobs are going to be created, and that’s an area we’ve got to keep pressing on.

Austan Goolsbee
An IPL match may be decided when the ball passes inches beyond the grasp of a fielder on the boundary or when a direct hit catches a batsman inches short of the crease.

AB de Villiers
When we first get to space, we feel sick. Your body is really confused. You’re dizzy. Your lunch is floating around in your belly because you’re floating. What you see doesn’t match what you feel, and you want to throw up.

Chris Hadfield
You know, I’m confident before I go out and play a match that I know, you know, I’ve put in the work and like I feel confident that I am going to go out there and play well.

Jennifer Capriati
I enjoy worldbuilding very much. I generally start with an approximation. With ‘Flesh and Spirit’ and ‘Breath and Bone,’ because I was thinking of a world on the brink of a dark age, I began with the sense of Roman Britain. But I purposely set the geography to match something other than Britain – which has been overdone.

Carol Berg
I want the ankle match with Kurt Angle… or I want Brock to see who is the best from MMA and pro wrestling.

Ken Shamrock
My first time actually appearing in a match at SummerSlam was 2010, and I was wrestling against Rey Mysterio in the opening match of the show. I was pretty brand new as Dolph Ziggler, and obviously Rey Mysterio was a well known superstar.

Dolph Ziggler
Opting for gold shoes could have been considered downright cocky, but I was confident and never doubted my ability to deliver gold medals to match my shimmering footwear.

Michael Johnson
My first few years, I’d make maybe $10 for a match. Sometimes I wouldn’t even get paid at all, but we were all in it because we loved it.

I’d 1,000 times rather go see an NBA game than a football match.

Carlos Vela
My father started with nothing and is a self-made man. No matter what I do with my life, I can never match his accomplishments.

Tamara Ecclestone
I cannot match with anything for the love and affection fans extend.

Together, with technology as an enabler, we can help our veterans find meaningful civilian careers that match their skills and interest.

Tae Yoo
I have the highest regard for Aamirji, and when he asked me to be part of ‘Dangal,’ I was most happy. Unfortunately, I had to lose the match with Aamirji. This I couldn’t do.

Sangram Singh
It’s so much nicer to be able to do your job with someone who’s helping you, and you’re helping them. Then, it becomes a tennis match where you’re hitting the ball back and forth, and you’re a team.

Aneurin Barnard
Pakistan will never be able to match the Indian militarily, and the effort to do so is taking an immense toll on the society.

Noam Chomsky
I’ve been in opening matches of pay-per-views. I’ve been in main events of pay-per-views, and the same mentality is applied to both, and that is, ‘To this point, this is the biggest match of my life, and I’m gonna go out there and give it everything I have.’

Finn Balor
I can see that the tennis for the fans could be a bit boring, and these days you have these new modern things which you can do, and you have a lot of time, because you just play a match, and practise, and many times in between you can bring many things to the fans.

Tomas Berdych
Personally, it was always very difficult to find complexion products that match my shade.

Khoudia Diop
For me, at the French Open, if I wasn’t playing my match I was glued to CNN watching the events unfold.

Michael Chang
Every person is so different and I don’t think there is an exact match for every person. If you meet someone and they have 20 of the 25 things you want in a person, then you’re pretty lucky.

Amanda Bynes
All you can do is trust your game and not wait for the opponent to give you the match.

Stan Wawrinka
I think I didn’t win a match for one, one-and-a-half years.

Dominic Thiem
In the 20s, you were a face. And that was enough. In the 30s, you also had to be a voice. And your voice had to match your face, if you can imagine that.

Joan Blondell
Nuclear weapons continue to occupy a unique place in global security affairs. No other weapons, in my opinion, anyway, match their potential for prompt and long-term damage and their strategic impact.

C. Robert Kehler
I want my life to match my work now. I don’t want to work and then travel. I want to be at one place.

Sarita Choudhury
In general, I pack really simply. Every shirt that I pack is going to work with every pant that I pack and every sweater that I pack. So, I can mix and match easily.

Milo Ventimiglia
I have found a flat on Merseyside and am settling down here. If I can keep playing and get back to full match fitness, I know I have a lot to offer still.

David Ginola
The main thing is just really to play my game… and while you are playing the match, as it goes along, you kind of figure things out.

Mary Pierce
Sometimes there are some matchups and man-to-mans that you like to match up on.

Dan Quinn
We’re now at this place where we can make the evolution of academic content match the evolution of the world.

Sebastian Thrun
Everyone knows some day I’m gonna beat the crap out of Seth Rollins – that would be awesome. I’d love to beat the crap out of him. I’d just love to have a great match with Seth Rollins.

John Morrison
Daniel Bryan, as a person, I think he is a good guy; I don’t know him on a personal note well enough to say anything bad about him. As a competitor, he is a die-hard competitor. He is going to bring everything into this match that he can.

Roman Reigns
Match play really exposes your character and how much of a will to win you have in your heart.

Johnny Miller
I will remember this day for the rest of my life. There is nothing you can say. It’s just like you won the match after the earthquake and it just feels great.

Elena Vesnina
I was the funny one in my group; there was a lot pressure to be responsible for everyone’s happiness. I didn’t like watching other friends of mine be called the ‘pretty one’ or the ‘smart one.’ That had no depth, and it didn’t match how I knew them.

Lucy Dacus
I’ve always written songs that were confessional, acoustic, wordy – my writing style matches my personality. The music always has to match the mouth it comes out of.

Camila Cabello
A strong man doesn’t have to be dominant toward a woman. He doesn’t match his strength against a woman weak with love for him. He matches it against the world.

Marilyn Monroe
When I play my match, everything else is completely not in my mind anymore.

Naomi Osaka
One match that really sticks out for me, there’s a bunch of matches with all the guys that I worked with. For me, when I got in the ring, I approached it as being real because I was a real character. I didn’t have a gimmick name; I didn’t have a gimmick finish.

Brock Lesnar
One afternoon when I was 9, my dad told me I’d be skipping school the next day. Then we drove 12 hours from Melbourne to Sydney for the Centenary Test, a once-in-a-lifetime commemorative cricket match. It was great fun – especially for a kid who was a massive sports fan.

Hugh Jackman
As a football player, you would like to play each match.

Christian Eriksen
The stoic drama ‘A Somewhat Gentle Man’ is photographed in a palate of steel gray tones that match Stellan Skarsgard’s complexion. It’s a low-blood-pressure version of the kind of thing James M. Cain used to do in his sleep, and its filmmaking accomplishment is as minimalist as its narrative ambition is minimal.

Elvis Mitchell
Fencing is a game of living chess, a match where reflexes only work in combination with intent, and mind and body must work together at every moment.

V. E. Schwab
In politics, religion and other areas of culture, people disagree on the worth of competing ideas. There is no equivalent to the scientific method that can determine in a robust way which ideas match the real world, and which ones can be ruled out. So conflicting ideologies persist indefinitely.

Nathan Myhrvold
I go into calling any match, any fight – I don’t care if it’s the main event or the opener – that these guys have put in their work: they’re here for a reason, and there’s a reason I’m calling this fight, so I do want to give it as much attention and respect and energy as I would the main event or a championship fight.

Mauro Ranallo
You can easily get depressed. Usually, if you play sports, you think that one match or one game is very important, and when you lose it, you think your whole world is over.

Naomi Osaka
There’s nothing to be gained, and much to be lost, in trying to bend every child to match a one-size-fits-all notion of what it means to be a boy or girl of a specific age. Better to set a few parameters and then go with the flow. Call it ‘jazz parenting.’

Ezekiel Emanuel
I was a little nervous at my first match, but I think I did OK. I went home after the match and watched the tape of it over and over. I wanted to do it again.

You know, our ratings after this match will be very close – I think I can also become the world number one in the not too distant future. However, I’m sure that Garry will also have something to say about this!

Vladimir Kramnik
A really important technique for me is visualisation. Before a match I will sit down and think about all the different situations which might happen on the field – if the openers start well, if you end up going out earlier than expected, what the conditions might be like.

Jos Buttler
It is not easy for me to pick out one goal or match as my favourite, but if I had to choose one Wembley memory, it would probably be my free-kick against Portsmouth in 2010.

Diego Costa
There was a mission: To match the cover of ‘Extraordinary’ to the cover of the paperback ‘Impossible,’ which was commercially successful. Consider the outdoor natural setting, the single girl in motion with her hair blowing, and the cursive font used for the title; both covers have these in common.

Nancy Werlin
I think every woman on the roster wants to be at the main event for Wrestlemania. And if we ever get the opportunity to, it should be a match where every woman is involved.

Alexa Bliss
As a footballer, everything you’ve achieved can easily be lost, and then you are nobody. That’s just how life is, and that’s why you shouldn’t let things get you down. That’s the reason I treat every match like a final.

Alexis Sanchez
I think white socks are best with dope kicks, gives a nice clean look to match. Printed socks are okay but sometimes too much.

Karrueche Tran
It’s not like I played my first football match in England. For me, football is pretty much the same everywhere; the ball is round, but maybe tactically, things are different than at other clubs I’ve played for.

Granit Xhaka
What are the aspects of yourself that line up with the character? You magnify those, and the ones that don’t match up you kind of kick to the curb.

Jeff Bridges
For me, it’s important to perform well for Borussia Dortmund in every match.

Michy Batshuayi
About 20 percent of the genetic information in your nose doesn’t match anything that we’ve ever seen before.

Nathan Wolfe
I turned 7 in 1973 and remember Bobby Riggs arriving at the Astrodome on a chariot pulled by showgirls before his ‘battle of the sexes’ tennis match against Billie Jean King.

Steve Rushin
The facts are, the reality is, you can’t really enjoy it. You win a football match and by the time you get to Saturday night, having a beer or a Chinese, you’re already thinking about Monday morning, the next game.

Scott Parker
They have a book of locations, and we would do a story about the Sahara Desert for instance, and in the California book you would find a comparable location, to match that location in California.

Robert Stack
My opportunity to design school choice systems began in 2003 with a phone call from Jeremy Lack at the New York City Department of Education. He knew of my work on the medical match and wondered if similar efforts might help reorganize the dysfunctional, congested system then used to match students to high schools.

Alvin E. Roth
When I retired in 1994, I was never tempted to drop down the divisions to carry on playing. In fact, I never kicked a ball again, not even in a charity match.

Gary Lineker
There’s so much more you can do with four bodies in the rules of a tag team match than two guys in a singles match. It’s just a completely different thing.

Seth Rollins
Life is a chess match. Every decision that you make has a consequence to it.

P.K. Subban
To have Serena in the Wimbledon final, I think, is the hardest match you can have.

Garbine Muguruza
We don’t need to run 5-6 kms, even in a Test match.

Virender Sehwag
Most people say that Asian or female artists should be sexy in America, but I don’t think that I have to be like that. I have a tomboy style. My choreography is not that way. So, I want to focus on my music style to match the choreography, which is really cool. No girls can dance those moves. I try to make them really fresh.

When it’s good, cinema can be one of the most important things in a person’s life. A film can be a catalyst for change. You witness this and it is an incredibly spiritual experience that I’d never lived before; well, maybe only in a football match.

Gael Garcia Bernal
Dharma Productions’ films are mounted on a grand scale; a TV show cannot match it.

Mohit Raina
When I was in college, I was madly in love with a girl. But unfortunately, her father didn’t approve of the match. He didn’t like me because I was on the verge of joining the film industry.

Varun Dhawan
Each outing is its own game. You roll on your game plan. It is a different chess match each time you go out there. I just try to be prepared.

Jason Hammel
The first ninety minutes of a football match are the most important.

Bobby Robson
The game has changed since the ’80s, where you could punch and kick and headlock and do one suplex, and that’s a 25 minute match.

Sami Zayn
There are some Republicans who say that any time you raise new revenue, you have to have a tax cut to match it. I am not one of those Republicans.

Jeff Flake
It’s a scary thing when a team don’t know who to match up to, whose night it’s going to be on the offensive end.

Jae Crowder
Patience, discipline – giving everything on court… This is what I’m trying to bring in every single match.

Angelique Kerber
As long as the title’s on the line, that’s the match I want to be in.

Seth Rollins
Game management is very important. Realizing the situation of a match.

Aaron Mooy
I am not here to get in an arguing match and fight on the field.

A. J. Green
I had some great matches with ‘Macho Man,’ but the one at Halloween Havoc in 1997 was intense, and Havoc was the perfect venue for a Last Man Standing Match.

Diamond Dallas Page
Whether it’s a friendly match, or for points, or a final, or any game – I play the same. I’m always trying to be my best, first for my team, for myself, for the fans, and to try and win.

Lionel Messi
Cartoon Hangover has given us another place we felt we could find the most talented people around the world and give them a chance to make the films they want to make and match it up with their audience.

Fred Seibert
Eighteen holes of match play will teach you more about your foe than 18 years of dealing with him across a desk.

Grantland Rice
I believe my customer knows her style and knows how to mix and match your style.

Daisy Fuentes
I played Chang here under the lights here. I think that was ’91. Another good match. I’ve played a lot more good matches under the lights than I played bad. You tend to remember some of the bad ones unfortunately.

Stefan Edberg
So it’s mix and match. Hold your line when you really feel something you’re saying is wonderful and you really want to get this point across and prove it to your partner by just throwing it into the tape and letting it speak for itself.

Art Garfunkel
I was one of the innovators of the TLC Match; some would arguably say that I am the master of the Ladder Match.

The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.

Ed Koch
About 10,000 people a day go on first dates from Match… We’re trying to celebrate that, bring those success stories to the forefront and make it even easier in our product to meet up at Starbucks.

Sam Yagan
When I was in the indies, the guys would be like, ‘Ugh, a women’s match. I’m not gonna watch that.’ And to come back here, at every single Live Event to have a guy come up to you and say, ‘That was amazing,’ I feel so accomplished.

Sasha Banks
You have to go into each match believing you can beat all of the players.

Andy Murray
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, you just have to know how to match up against a player.

Kalidou Koulibaly
If you’ve never stepped in a wrestling ring, and you’re with me, we can still have an excellent wrestling match, because that’s how good I believe I am.

Bobby Lashley
I’ve always dreamt of somewhere down the line getting one match out of Hogan, just because that was always a dream.

Jeff Hardy
In five years I have never had a match where my team has had less possession than the opponents.

Jose Mourinho
I always dreamed of playing a night match on Arthur Ashe Stadium. It’s a dream come true for me.

Denis Shapovalov
I would absolutely love to wrestle Sami Zayn because he’s absolutely one of my favorites to watch. I think me and his style would just work. That would definitely be a dream match of mine.

Sasha Banks
I feel as though perhaps there’s not a great match between the content I’m attracted to and the content that is considered attractive to some of the more major or more traditionally financed entities.

Debra Granik
Oh, there’s nothing more dangerous in life at getting hurt at than love itself. People are hurt in love affairs and never recover, more than a boxing match.

George Foreman
At the 2012 Olympics, there was a nutritionist in the food hall telling us, ‘Eat that. And eat that.’ After winning my gold, I went to McDonald’s for chicken nuggets and a strawberry milkshake, but that was just for the hell of it. I don’t feel hungry after a match, to be honest.

Nicola Adams
‘Better’ is one of the first real steps I’ve made into ‘pop music,’ and this collab feels like a match made in Heaven!

Because I’m experimenting so much with gender-bending and listening to everything that happens to me in terms of genderless energies, I have a hard time finding partners that can match me.

Christine and the Queens
Most of us are destined to be unhappy if we can’t accept that we will have moments – or a waist size – that don’t match our perfect vision of how things should be.

Rachel Simmons
The truth is that the performative nature of social media can turn even the simplest conversations into a WWE style cage match with emojis and Internet slang taking the place of pratfalls and over the top costumes.

Franchesca Ramsey
I like to keep myself physically and mentally fit before any important match. I usually take a short nap just before the game and do not practice immediately before the tournament.

Viswanathan Anand
There’s no reason that we need to be counting things and adding things up in order to sit down and eat a meal. I enjoy eating so much; I don’t want to do match every time I eat. I guarantee you, maybe your diet soda has no calories, but it’s still poison. We have to think about what are we putting in our mouths.

Rory Freedman
I hung around with Jason Robards, Richard Harris, Robert Shaw, Richard Burton. I knew not to match them for drinks.

Martin Landau
Portraits of other great ones look down on you in your college halls; but while you are young and sit at the brief feast, what avails their serene gaze if it do not lift up your hearts and movingly persuade you to match your manhood to its inheritance?

Arthur Quiller-Couch
Big Brother makes a game where it’s competitive, not just a handicap match. Mentally, physically, strategically, emotionally, it’s an even match. When you compete 100%, it’s a real competition.

Metta World Peace
The toughest workout can never match the pain of being out of work.

George Montgomery
It’s always a relaxing time before my match.

Kiki Bertens
I think people would like to see Kurt Angle and myself get in there and perform with one another. I think he’s an amazing athlete, a talented wrestler, and it’s a match people probably don’t think that they’re going to see.

Shawn Michaels
I don’t always match up with guys like Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum, but when I do, those guys are a challenge. Dwight, for example, is quick, explosive, and strong all in one.

Kris Humphries
You have to get out there and compete. You have to work hard. People aren’t just going to come knocking on your door and say, ‘Please let me invest $1 billion in your back yard.’ You need to be able to go and match the pitch and close the deal.

Katie McGinty
A Boxing Day Test match is a fantastic occasion.

Steve Smith
I got to have about 15 minutes with Michelle Obama, and that was a big deal because you’re like, ‘Wow, I’m part of living history.’ You know? I definitely think she could take me in an arm wrestling match.

Ross Mathews
I’m like the opposite of an ‘office guy.’ I don’t want to be at the arena until right before my match.

Rob Van Dam
Winning the championship at ‘WrestleMania’ was a dream come true because not only had it more than a decade since there had been a women’s singles match at ‘WrestleMania,’ but the fact that I got to win it against my best friend in a storyline that was so close to my heart, it was just all kinds of emotional.

Nia Jax
When I started writing the music, I wanted everything to be consistent from the way I dressed to the way I presented myself online. I wanted everything to match what I was doing on stage.

Leon Bridges
Once you are on court, everything is different. I focus on the match.

Stan Wawrinka
I got to fight the greatest-of-all-time in my weight division – not once but twice. I was watching this guy when I was 16 years old when I first started kickboxing. I wanted to fight Aldo in a kickboxing match. A couple years later, I came to MMA and wanted to fight him. 10 years later, I got to fight the man twice.

Max Holloway
I don’t think that they know fully what’s happening with Miss Match so therefore I don’t know how many more if any, if the show’s even gonna keep going.

Charisma Carpenter
I don’t have the looks to compete at a bar, and I’m not that funny. So the last thing I want is to be in a situation where that’s what I’m competing on. I’d rather be on OkCupid or Match, where I can write a 300-word essay about myself that’s really good.

Sam Yagan
You look rather rash my dear your colors don’t quite match your face.

Daisy Ashford
I like super fights. I want super fights. I want guys that I can match up well where people don’t know what going to happen.

Brian Ortega
‘Ring of Honor’ is extreme… probably one of my favorite matches I ever saw. I don’t remember the name of the guys, but it was unbelievable… it was almost like Stone Cold and Bret Hart when they had their ‘I Quit’ match.

Ken Shamrock
Relax, Georgie, I’m just making my collar and cuffs match.

Carole Lombard
Bullies may land a punch. They might leave a mark. But they have never, not once, in the history of our United States, managed to match the strength and spirit of a people united in defense of their future.

Joe Kennedy III
Behind the scenes, I’m friends with everyone at work, but without a doubt, my best friend is Bray Wyatt. The man pretty much brought me into the industry when they tagged me up with The Wyatt Family; it was my seventh match I’d ever had. I didn’t know the difference between a headlock and a beetle throw.

Braun Strowman
I’m a fan of characters wherever they come from. Truth be told, I wasn’t a big comic book fan growing up. Maybe that helps me bring a fresh perspective to things because I’m not trying to match anything that’s been done in the past.

Roger Craig Smith
Vertical search engines that match your business, service or products with a target market offer you a higher conversion rate than traditional search engines. Because they have already qualified their interest by coming to a search engine with a specific focus, searchers will be more receptive to targeted advertising.

Marc Ostrofsky
I always liked the guys who lasted a long time in the match and had endurance. People like Ric Flair going an hour at the 1992 Rumble, or Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog being one and two in 1995 and both lasting until the end.

Dean Ambrose
I never feel awkward, ever, when I’m eating! If someone doesn’t want to watch me eat? Dude, they can leave – I gotta get my fuel. My justification is, would you rather me end my stream and come back two hours later cause I went out to eat, or just eat real quick in between a match?

I hate any match that isn’t a traditional Tag Team Match or a traditional Singles Match, because anything can happen. It’s truly one of those deals where it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

John Cena
I learned to absolutely love the feeling of winning a tough match on a tough point or figuring out how to come back when I was down and win ugly. Walking off the court with a W just made me so happy.

Denis Shapovalov
My concentration with players is the next match, focus only to work for the next match and how we can win.

Unai Emery
Even though chess isn’t the toughest thing that computers will tackle for centuries, it stood as a handy symbol for human intelligence. No matter what human-like feat computers perform in the future, the Deep Blue match demands an indelible dot on all timelines of AI progress.

Steven Levy
It can be difficult playing friends. But you also have to know that it’s a match, and this is what you do. And you do your best.

Katrina Adams
Acting is like a sporting match; a tennis game, but no one should win or lose. The game’s the thing!

Jon Polito
I was passionate about soccer. I still am. Odd, though – playing soccer always made me much more anxious than playing tennis. On soccer days, I’d be out of bed by 6 in the morning, all nervous. But I was always calm when it was time for a tennis match. I still don’t know why.

Rafael Nadal
I’ve been a top guy since I walked in – since I beat John Cena in my first match.

Kevin Owens
Is only a tennis match. At the end, that’s life. There is much more important things.

Rafael Nadal
I’m eager to keep improving in every match and every training session.

When I was asked to compose a score for… ‘Palo Alto,’ I first thought to myself, ‘What is the house that these characters would want to live in?’ I wanted to paint a picture and color scheme that I could work around. I gently apply different daubs to see what fits to match the color I have in mind with these characters.

Dev Hynes
The Olympics is not really about the sport, it’s about the story behind the person. You keep the sport relatively simple to understand – let the fans understand that a takedown is 1 point, a turn is 2, a pin and the match is over. Keep it simple, and keep the story on the individual.

Kurt Angle
I can’t wrestle a match without getting my ankles taped because they feel like they’ll shatter on me.

Jeff Hardy
There’s a decision each match. I decide how we are going to play, and it depends on the opposition 30 per cent, their structure, and 70 per cent is for us.

Unai Emery
Nearly 30,000 fans turned out to support the tribute match and provide one of the best atmospheres at the ground for ages. I was so happy to be part of it.

David Ginola
Anyone can enjoy a wrestling match, but it’s how you feel about that person that takes it to another level.

Charlotte Flair
Any parent who tells their kids that they can’t attend a school play or go to a soccer match because they have to work is kidding themselves. It’s OK to miss a game or two or a performance here and there, but it’s not all right to miss the majority of them.

Simon Sinek
Fitness of a top-class squash player is very important, and talent only can’t do the job. They have to get training regularly for at least eight hours a day so that they could put some good show in a two-hour match.

Jahangir Khan
The mind is no match with the heart in persuasion; constitutionality is no match with compassion.

Everett Dirksen
Even when I was No. 1 in the world, I was taking it one match at a time. I never was a player to look too far ahead, the way draws can pan out.

Lleyton Hewitt
Oh, yeah, I did the online dating thing. I did Nerve, I did Match. On Nerve there was this one guy who, when I asked him what he did for a living, said he ‘used to be in a band.’ I was like, ‘That is not an occupation.’

Julie Klausner
Since I was a child, I’ve always been annoyed if I didn’t win. If I lost a match, I would be annoyed, and then I would just want to train so that I could win the next day.

Alexis Sanchez
Standards of beauty are arbitrary. Body shame exists only to the extent that our physiques don’t match our own beliefs about how we should look.

Martha Beck
At least with me, the match starts much, much earlier than the actual match.

Sachin Tendulkar
I’ve done a great job at being universal in my stand-up, which is why, for ‘Let Me Explain,’ I toured all over the world. These movies I have coming out – ‘Ride Along,’ ‘Grudge Match,’ ‘About Last Night,’ ‘Think Like a Man Too’ – are putting me in a position to become universal on an even bigger scale.

Kevin Hart
Each match I approach like a new one. The work is so immense that you don’t have time to sit and ponder.

Viswanathan Anand
In ECW, the fans would warm me up. I’d walk around the ring and slap hands with everyone and get ready for the match. I’d feed off that energy, I would use that to create positive energy. In WWE, it’s different. It’s a timed show; everything is timed. We know – when we get to the ring, we know when there’s a commercial.

Rob Van Dam
I wrapped that Monday and started on my third episode for Miss Match on Thursday of that same week and we just wrapped yesterday cause it was split over the holiday.

Charisma Carpenter
Most salespeople would like to think of themselves as being rock stars, but they don’t display the talent to match their definition.

Jeffrey Gitomer
In the summer, you miss the match days, but my wife gets angry, as she doesn’t see me on weekends. And football is work. I’m still working on the weekends.

Andrea Della Valle
The way I look at it is I had to retire as world champion with my last match at WrestleMania.

I’d love to be in a real boxing match, but I can’t because of my face. I’m an actor!

Stephanie Sigman
What we prefer to do is operate our investment bank in a way that is like what investment banks used to be, which is a middle man – someone who is here to match people who need capital with people who have capital – and not position ourselves at the center of that by taking big positions on a trading stance.

Warren Stephens
I don’t know if there is someone for everyone. Every person is so different and I don’t think there is an exact match for every person. If you meet someone and they have 20 of the 25 things you want in a person, then you’re pretty lucky.

Amanda Bynes
As a director, your expectation and reality don’t always match up, and I think that that’s… I think it’s a little jarring.

Jonathan Levine
If Roger stopped right now and never won another match, to me he’d already be one of the greatest players to ever play the game. To me, he’s the greatest all around talent that I’ve ever seen.

John McEnroe
I’m ready for every single match every single day.

Angelique Kerber
Religion and education are no match for evil without the grace of God.

B. R. Hayden
For sure, my sneakers gotta match my jacket.

Dexter Darden
Usually when I wielded a hockey stick, it meant somebody was going to get hurt. This is just a friendly match.

Stan Mikita
I don’t remember a Rob Van Dam versus Mick Foley hardcore match. There should have been one.

Rob Van Dam
I certainly fear no one, and I know I can go out there and match up with the world’s best.

Ashleigh Barty
Writing songs is kind of like a wrestling match to me. You have to pin it down and make it do what you want it to do.

Tyler Joseph
If I were to pick a favorite SummerSlam match of all time, there’s one iconic match that comes to mind: SummerSlam 1992, Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium in front of more than 80,000 people.

Natalya Neidhart
No Tinder, no Match, nothing. I don’t mind going up to people when I’m out. I have a better chance of getting a read on them that way.

Christen Press
I can’t be happy with drawing or losing a match. It actually makes me really sad when that happens.

Alexis Sanchez
Nobody will give a single rupee if you cannot match value in a professional way. For that, you need paid professionals.

Abhinav Bindra
Each match is a huge effort from a physical point of view. You can only hit so many balls before your elbow or some part of your body is going to say, ‘Hey, don’t do that to me.’

Rod Laver
I’ve always wanted to be the best at every aspect of the business. Not just someone who does great moves or high flying moves but every aspect and can take control of every match in case something goes wrong.

Dolph Ziggler
A judge may never subvert the law or twist it in any way to match the judge’s convictions.

Amy Coney Barrett
We got in the ring and wrestled almost every night and didn’t have many days off… The only thing I knew for certain when I got in the ring was exactly how I went in. We told a story and the match was the story.

Ted DiBiase Sr.
I have been in the business for 62 years. It’s a match made in heaven.

Ronnie Corbett
There’s no room for being disappointed or for excuses, ‘Oh, I had four match points.’

Garbine Muguruza
I mean, one shot you treat like you have forty little matches instead of one forty shot match. It makes all the difference in the world. It’s easier to just forget about a not so good shot.

Nancy Johnson
I associate the metaphor of sport with war. The unrest in the former Yugoslavia, after all, started with a football match that then became charged in nationalist ways and ended in violence.

Elfriede Jelinek
My old coach used to say that if you were in it for the match, if you were in it for the trophies, you were in it for the wrong reasons.

John Irving
I was just lucky to be a part of this phenomenon of Indian cinema. Perhaps no other film can ever match the magic and awe of ‘Baahubali.’

When I grew up, I tried to score off every ball, be it a 10-over-match, a 20-over, or even a Test match. If I stay in the wicket for, say, about 30 minutes, I want to make the most of it and score maximum runs possible. You never know when you get out; try to score as much possible before that.

Virender Sehwag
I always think that I have plenty of time for everything, and then the reality of it doesn’t quite match up.

Kate Micucci
We used to go to the pictures every Saturday night but we had to leave a little bit early and get home and watch Match of the Day – and my wife still complains she missed the last five minutes of every film we saw.

Brian Clough
Your shoes and bags don’t need to match always. It’s perfect to be mismatched, too.

I quit wrestling in 2006 because I just got lost. My mom didn’t want me wrestling. I was wondering if I was going to make it in wrestling; I got injured in a match. I was 19. I was away from home, living in Florida, and I just got lost. I couldn’t face it, so I stepped away.

Becky Lynch
Nothing had been attempted like that, to lift Dad’s voice, literally, off of that track and put it on a brand-new one, and then line it up, match it up, get the phrasing right. I remember listening – everyone listening at the end, and we were just enthralled. It was really wonderful.

Natalie Cole
For me, whether we win or lose, every match is giving me a lot of information about how to improve.

Unai Emery
I am always wearing a bracelet, necklace, and watch. I don’t even care if they don’t match.

Grigor Dimitrov
I’d have these weird experiences where I’d just be walking down the street with this chord progression in my head, this happened more than a few times, and I’d walk home and find a fax in my machine and it would match the music in my head.

Duncan Sheik
Yes, I’m the same grumpy Gautam who smiles very less on the field. I go very quiet before going into the match. I guess it works for me, though my team-mates keep telling me it is just a game.

Gautam Gambhir
Yes, yes, I’m very happy that I finally got through this match, beat No. 7 in the world. It’s my best win so far. So I’m really happy the way I play today and felt really strong on the court physically, mentally.

Daniela Hantuchova
Working with Brando was fun. It was like a tennis match. We played unbelievably well together.

Uta Hagen
Oakland revolved around Forbes Field. Nothing in the city could match that atmosphere.

Willie Stargell
When I used to have braces, I would match my rubber bands to the season.

Brad Goreski
Getting Richard Norris his new face wasn’t easy. For starters, doctors needed a donor who wasn’t just a favorable blood match but also had the proper skeletal features and skin color – they calculated only a 14 percent chance they’d find one. Then there was the epic surgery that took a team of 150 people.

Jeanne Marie Laskas
The first run or match with The Shield always stands out to me – our matches, our wars.

Luke Harper
I challenge anyone to find a better match than me and Goldberg at Havoc ’98. There are few matches that were as physical, exhausting, and psychological as that one.

Diamond Dallas Page
The rite of passage of learning to build a fire that will burn all night with one match is not an insignificant one in my husband’s family, and I grew up camping and backpacking. I love to camp.

Sarah Wayne Callies
If you find a series of linear shapes in the same alignment as known archaeological features, and they match excavated examples, you still need to excavate to confirm, but you can be fairly sure that the imagery is accurate.

Sarah Parcak
The only way to quieten me is to invite me to a tennis match.

John Forsythe
We sold OkCupid to Match in January of 2011. In September of 2012, I became CEO of all of Match, which is the operating segment of IAC that contains all of the dating properties.

Sam Yagan
I would describe my style as off the wall. I like stuff that doesn’t match. I just like to stand out.

Kevin Durant
I have a lot of Burberry items at home, including one dress that I loved so much that I had my living room painted to match because the color was so flattering.

Dita Von Teese
I love playing for Liverpool FC. The fans are excellent and fantastic in how they support us all the way. They support us throughout the games, and the work they do during the match is beautiful.

Roberto Firmino
I believe that this cooperation between Nokia and Konami will form the perfect match to share the vast potential of mobile entertainment content with users all around the world.

Hideo Kojima
Romney and CPAC were never a particularly good match.

Steve Kornacki
Staying more controlled mentally stemmed from taking my fitness more seriously. When you’re doing track work, sprints and so on, it’s pretty painful, but that does make you feel better prepared and therefore mentally stronger when you’re going into a match. You know, without a doubt, that you are strong enough to last.

Andy Murray
When you have to play football, you do it in the knowledge that there’s a lot riding on the match, be it money, your team-mates, or the feelings of the fans.

Carlos Tevez
I spent hours from 11 until 16 with Tottenham in the gym playing the ball against the wall. We played against the wall for an hour before we would have a match. Left foot. Right foot. In the square. In the circle. Above the line, below it. Chest control. Thigh control. Volley sideways.

Glenn Hoddle
A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.

William Arthur Ward
Traditionally, in the Eastern World, man and nature are close: men find happiness and prosperity in the beauty of nature, even if the nature is actually built to match this very need.

Ma Yansong
I want to get in there and wrestle my sister! That’s the fun part, when you get in there with someone who has the same passion for wrestling and that can work well, and you can put on a good match where you can really just get at each other.

Nikki Bella
The Berlin Defence suited my strategy for the match. I had a defensive strategy – Actually, I had in my pocket some other sharper stuff to fall back on – but first I wanted to try the defensive strategy with Black and it worked so well.

Vladimir Kramnik
When an enlightened ruler controls his ministers, he makes it so that ministers cannot get credit for achievements gained by overstepping the bounds of their offices or make proposals and then fail to match them with actual achievements.

Han Fei
A man with money is no match against a man on a mission.

Doyle Brunson
People will run up to me with tears in their eyes and say, ‘You’re Ashley Graham?’ and I match their enthusiasm and respond, ‘Yes, I am!’ and all they say is, ‘Thank you so much.’

Ashley Graham
Honestly, I don’t believe in menswear. I focus on what pieces are most timeless, transcendent, match my lifestyle, remain remarkable, and command intriguing attention across the room at an art gallery.

Janelle Monae
I would like to change the refereeing system. The pressure that is put on an official in a match is too large.

Gerard Pique
The glory of the big catch is applied more at wide receiver, and tight end would be an even match at my size. It’s such a huge advantage being on the outside.

Devon Cajuste
In Birmingham, England, I had a match with Tyson Kidd, and Mick Foley was at ringside and delivered a socko to me at the end of the match. That was another one of those moments that, if you told me I would be in the ring with Mick Foley giving me a socko, I wouldn’t believe you.

Jinder Mahal
Sorry dude, but we’re in a boxing match and you went against your word and tried to make me look weak and stupid in front of 17 million people. That’s just not gonna happen.

Dustin Diamond
The world needs opportunities for new leaders and new ideas. Kids need opportunities to lead and succeed. Are you ready to make the match? Because the world’s problems shouldn’t be the human family’s heirloom.

Adora Svitak
Dark matches are usually off-camera. Sometimes you don’t even wrestle in front of the crowd, you wrestle in front of the agents – but my first match with WCW was on a pay-per-view.

Rey Mysterio
I think most couples drift apart because of comparisons. Unfortunately, in our society a perfect match is when the man is more successful than the woman.

Sonam Kapoor
One of the things we have to understand is that federal transportation dollars require a local match. If that money isn’t there, that money goes to another state.

Mike Quigley
Always have a black bow, a white bow, a rainbow bow – those bows will match literally just about everything!

JoJo Siwa
From the time I won the Kansas City Match Play championship at age 14, I never wanted to be anything but a golfer.

Tom Watson
I match up with the best guys in the world. I’m not being cocky; it’s just always how I felt. But I got into trouble as soon as I got into the NBA, and it left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths.

Michael Beasley
Football will always be part of my life. I’ve taken an interest in it since I was a young boy; my father played, as did I, and I never miss the chance to organise a little match with my friends when my schedule permits it. I also follow the results of the major European leagues quite closely.

Gael Monfils
I do not abuse players. I talk to myself; I abuse myself. It’s my way of letting off steam. I do it after every century; I do not do it always. I keep telling myself: ‘Improve, improve from the previous match, the previous shot. You can do it.’

Virat Kohli
It’s extremely difficult to describe interestingly what happens on the pitch. Thousands of journalists write millions of words every week trying to do it, so your chances of avoiding cliche are very slim. And you’re trying to write fiction, not a match report.

Mal Peet
I love a match like Money in the Bank; I love a hardcore match, and that’s what the Money in the Bank ladder matches are. Throw the rule book out and let out your imagination.

Rob Van Dam
Mutual fund managers are trapped in this rather deadly vicious circle: the more successful they are, the more money flows into their mutual fund. Then, it is more difficult for them to beat the market averages or even to match their own past performance.

Ron Chernow
Match the right food to the right occasion. Think about what you are celebrating. If you are honoring people, what are their favorite foods? If it is a holiday, what is the food for it? When you give an identity to the party, people appreciate that.

Lidia Bastianich
I’m a guy of 92kg. I haven’t got the physique of someone who can work back and then sprint up front again throughout a match!

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
That match was late evening and I had the experience of the electricity of the Centre Court because it was packed, a full house for the whole match. It had been a great year for me, first time there and I had the full taste of Wimbledon.

John Newcombe
If I let a blue mood run rampant, before I know it I’m obsessing about the color of the satin lining in my coffin – will it match my dress? That’s when I feel like Alice in Cancerland falling down the rabbit hole and just have to stop.

Kris Carr
I don’t wear a lot of color because I live in New York, and I’m sort of color-blind, so colors don’t match to me a lot of the times, and it makes me anxious. So I’ll always defer back to black.

The Hell in a Cell match that always sticks in my mind is the original Michaels versus Undertaker match. It was really something. The bout itself was so good, while Kane’s debut made it even more memorable. That takes the cake in terms of Hell in a Cell matches.

Kevin Owens
Sometimes you can really serve well and win the match because of the serve. I have the opposite thing now, so it’s kind of hard. I can just really play with my forehand and backhand.

Agnieszka Radwanska
English football is very physical, much more so than Spanish football – I felt it in the first match.

Aymeric Laporte
I truly enjoyed my pay-per-view match against Brie. We have a bond that you just can’t create. We’re born with it, and we had this magic in the ring.

Nikki Bella
It is very easy to get hurt in a match like the Royal Rumble. It seems very run of the mill, but it’s always the stupid stuff where you get hurt.

Dean Ambrose
In Grand Slam, you play every two days, five-set match. You have a little bit more time to make mistake.

Stan Wawrinka
The advantage does lie with us because we’re at home and if we can’t motivate ourselves for this match then we can’t motivate ourselves for any match. I think the crowd will be up for it as well.

Frank Lampard
But, at the end of the day, we need to represent the taxpayers who have made enormous sacrifices. Many have lost their jobs. Many of them have seen their companies – they don’t have a pension – they have seen their companies cut the match for their 401(k). They have seen their health care benefits be shredded.

John Kasich
Fatigue is what we experience, but it is what a match is to an atomic bomb.

Laura Hillenbrand
I was a good reader of a rugby match. I could kick, too.

Aaron Ramsey
I learn from each match that I have, especially when it’s a different opponent.

Rey Mysterio
I have never seen a wrestling match or a prize fight, and I don’t want to. When I find out a man is interested in these sports, I drop him.

Hedy Lamarr
Not only was it that I surprised people by beating Bret Hart, but it was a great match. They still rate it as one of the best wrestling matches of all time.

Owen Hart
I knew a ton of actors and was friends with them, but I never dated actresses. I tried to date ‘normal’ people because the Hollywood dating rule is ‘one star per couple’ because it’s quite a challenge to match the egos of two actors.

Zach Galligan
Benji usually tries to match his hair with his underwear, and you know how he had the pink hair for a while well we caught him in a pink thong one day!

Joel Madden
War can be so impersonal yet when we put a name, a face, a place and match it to families, then war is not impersonal.

Dennis Kucinich
Sometimes when you go into the match, you want it so badly. I think sometimes is tricky. It makes you a little bit, like, tense and nervous.

Garbine Muguruza
The combination of old and new is what every wrestling organization should be like. That way, you have a chance to match up the legends in dream main events.

Dusty Rhodes
So basically it’s very simple: to start with, if you want to win the match, you shouldn’t be afraid of him. There are still many, many things to do, but above all this is the most important: Don’t be scared of him!

Vladimir Kramnik
You want the match to be like a roller coaster, so you can’t predict it.

Mick Foley
I am not going to lie: I know that there are clubs that want to sign me and can match Real Madrid’s demands. But that’s up to my representatives and the club. I will stay if the club wants me to stay.

Angel Di Maria
John Cena’s match with me, the one that kind of got him hired with WWE, I remember they were there to look at John, obviously. He looked great – he was like the blue-chipper – and John was a good friend of mine, so I had no problem whatsoever helping him kind of highlight and do his thing.

Samoa Joe
It was a big pleasure to play a Grand Slam match on my birthday.

Dominic Thiem
I tend to wear outfits that match the walls.

Debra Winger
It would be unwise to say the least, irresponsible of us at the TSA, at the Homeland Security Department not to evolve our technology to match the changing threat environment that we inhabit.

Janet Napolitano
Electronic communications networks match trades between investors directly, without using a market maker or specialist as an intermediary.

Alex Berenson
I always try to think of a vocabulary to match different musical situations.

Roscoe Mitchell
I played in three countries. I played in two World Series. But I never found anything to match the joy and the laughter those years with the Eagles brought me. The city and county loved us.

Monte Irvin
I want to be one of the longest reigning champions, and for our women as a whole, even if I’m not in the match, I want us to have a Main Event at WrestleMania.

Alexa Bliss
Some smashes have been timed at more than 250 mph, so you get less than a second to react. People who see a professional badminton match up close are always shocked at the speed.

Rajiv Ouseph
I try to live in the moment. When you’re in a singles match, you’re in there, and the guy’s on top of you, and you’re in a hold, and you’re being smothered: You’re in the fight at all times. But when we’re doing these team fights, you have a little time to take in the moment and just absorb the energy of the crowd.

Roman Reigns
It wasn’t my plan to create such a record. All I did was put in the effort to win every match I played and it went on for weeks, months and years until my defeat to Ross Norman in Toulouse in 1986.

Jahangir Khan
When you watch chess, you don’t see the four hours that the player spends preparing for a match ahead of time.

Hikaru Nakamura
Choosing the narrator for a first-person story like ‘Downriver’ is a crucial decision because the voice has to be one the reader wants to listen to, and the voice has to be a match for the emotion you want the story to carry.

Will Hobbs
I’m concerned that Islam has not just been politicised but that it’s becoming an identity. This is like turning religion into a football match; it’s a distraction from the real thing.

Leila Aboulela
It’s been a challenge for me my whole life in that my insides don’t necessarily match my outsides… People try to strike up a conversation with me about Dungeons & Dragons or comic books, and I’m like, ‘I can’t. I’m sorry.’

Paul Rust
You can put me in a cage, on a ladder, in any kind of match, and I will persevere. I will find a way.

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

Emo Philips
I couldn’t imagine myself retiring from a match.

Petra Kvitova
Good Punjabi music before a match pumps me up. It gives me a kick.

Virat Kohli
In any match, there are few critical moments where there’s no second best decision. The rest of the moves are intuitive.

Viswanathan Anand
I really just wanted to play the drum set and match that. I was never really into the percussion thing.

John Otto
Afterwards, when the match is over, I have my family and my friends. I have fun like a normal person.

Diego Costa
You always wonder what’s going to happen in a Brock Lesnar match, but if you see Brock every week, it’s not as special.

My brother took me to my first football match when I was five, and I quickly acquired a passion for it: once you’ve walked into a football ground, you know there’s nothing comparable to it.

Lexi Alexander
There are so many positives and great memories I will take with me from Wimbledon 2018. It was always part of the dream to play in a Wimbledon final. It means so much for me to have played in the championship match.

Kevin Anderson
There is no excitement anywhere in the world, short of war, to match the excitement of the American presidential campaign.

Theodore White
You know these love letters mix with whisky, just don’t light a match when you kiss me.

Jon Bon Jovi
I never liked my father. He really was a dullard and misanthrope. My mother and he were married for 22, years and it was an ill match. She encouraged me to be a writer. She opened her home to black friends, and this was the 1950s. She didn’t care later when I write about her.

Edmund White
Take the time to match your application to the company and the role you’re applying for. Even if it means you’re sending out fewer applications overall, I think that can be really powerful.

Kathryn Minshew
The director is planning on titling the film ‘Yummy Fur’ so we are probably planning on changing the title of the book to ‘Yummy Fur’ to match the film.

Chester Brown
Like everyone else, I thought Messi was the best player in the world, and to be here with him now is a fantastic honour. It’s a great experience watching him in training and in matches… the way he can transform a match is unbelievable.

Philippe Coutinho
Basically every match I receive some racist comment, and you can cross some racist person.

Gael Monfils
In my years of doing the K1 fights, one thing I’ve learned is that the guys who you think will be there in the end – very rarely do you get the match up you were hoping for.

Scott Coker
The simile has to match the tone of its surroundings and has to be like a little joke. Writing a simile that isn’t funny on some level is quite hard.

Ned Beauman
I do like match play. I like trying to match an opponent shot for shot. It’s a challenge. And it’s something different.

Retief Goosen
When I write stuff and I help cast it, I turn away good people all the time. I may turn them down because this one’s too tall and that one doesn’t have a high enough voice or this one looks to old to match up with that one – there’s a billion reasons not to hire somebody.

Harvey Fierstein
I want my outfit to match my mood.

Dakota Johnson
I watch a lot of sport on television. I only watch certain sports, and I only watch them live – I don’t think I’ve ever been able to watch a replay of a match or game of which the result was already decided. I feel bound to cheat and look up what can be looked up.

A. S. Byatt
I don’t know if that’s going to disappoint anybody out there, but I was – I have a very rigorous warmup where I get a good sweat going before a match to prepare for battle. That is what people see; that is what people mistake for dirtiness.

Luke Harper
Life is like a wrestling match: a lot of times, things are looking good, and then something happens, and you’re fighting from underneath.

Matt Hardy
To play a match between Boca and River in Madrid, it’s weird. But as a player, it is important to stay focused on the match.

Carlos Tevez
Tennis was never work for me, tennis was fun. And the tougher the battle and the longer the match, the more fun I had.

Jimmy Connors
Tennis is mostly mental. Of course, you must have a lot of physical skill, but you can’t play tennis well and not be a good thinker. You win or lose the match before you even go out there.

Venus Williams
There’s a lot of guys in WWE – you would know who they are – you know you’re going to see the same thing every single match. You know you’re going to hear the same thing every time they pick up a microphone. You know John Cena is never going to get mad at you no matter what you do.

Dean Ambrose
You can’t die from going to the stadium to see a soccer match.

Matteo Salvini
To realize President Obama’s vision of opportunity for all, it’s all about making the right match. The way we do that is through job-driven training – connecting ready-to-work Americans with ready to be-filled jobs. It helps more people secure a foothold in the middle class and helps businesses to profit and grow.

Tom Perez
Tahini is fantastically versatile, its deep, nutty flavour a harmonious match with roasted vegetables, grilled oily fish or barbecued meat.

Yotam Ottolenghi
On game days, I’m pretty boring: I like to rest and watch TV with my legs up so I’m not on my feet too much before the match.

Ali Krieger
My definition of winning at squash is playing and surviving, and I’ve never lost a match.

Arlen Specter
When I was teeny tiny, I definitely had a voice that didn’t quite match the way I looked at five.

Lily Rabe
Formal is formal. I can’t wear sneakers all the time. Sometimes, I wear other shoes. It’s not my challenge designing formal – it’s so boring – but it’s still important. I sell a lot of classic black sneakers made from every material because everyone loves black, and if you mix and match material, you get an opera.

Giuseppe Zanotti
I try not to match too much. You know, if there’s a blue coat and a blue shirt and a blue tie, I try to stay away from that. I’d rather have a blue coat and a yellow shirt and a pink tie. I don’t like to look too matching. You know those mismatched socks kids wear? That’s my idea of a good suit.

Craig Sager
I don’t think it’s correct to blame the captain. He at least tries to keep all together so that the team plays well, plays positive cricket, and wins the match for the country, and not think about only winning and earning a name for himself.

Virender Sehwag
At times, I’ll watch a cruiserweight match, and I’m very impressed at how they limit themselves with all of the acrobatics, but every once in a while, you’ll see a match where they’re doing things I couldn’t dream of doing, but you get lost because there’s so much.

Randy Orton
The reason why access to facilities – and access to public spaces – is so important is because it’s much more difficult to go to work, to go to school, to participate in the public marketplace if you can’t access bathrooms that make sense for you, that match who you are.

Sarah McBride
Everybody in Argentina can remember ‘the hand of God’ in the England match in the 1986 World Cup. Now, in my country, the ‘hand of God’ has brought us an Argentinian pope.

Diego Maradona
Sure, cricket on a beach on the isle of Jura is different from a Test match in a stadium in Galle, 6000 miles away, despite the sea air.

Romesh Gunesekera
Generally speaking, I’m a jeans, T-shirt and boots man but I do own an Armani suit, which gets a regular outing. It’s nothing fancy – just a classic, well-cut suit with clean lines and beautiful tailoring. It’s timeless and you can mix and match it with anything to dress up or dress down.

Matthew Rhys
After match, in WWE, I do not drink alcohol. I just drink a lot of water.

Shinsuke Nakamura
Each match I play is the most important one yet.

Viswanathan Anand
Cutting improvisation is really hard, because things don’t match, and you end up with some bad cuts sometimes. But we’d rather have the bad cuts and the great improv.

Thelma Schoonmaker
The toughest away match in La Liga for me used to be the one against Osasuna.

Luka Modric
The only pressure I feel is how I can contribute to help my team win the match. Of course, there is always the pressure to score, but then doesn’t it eventually help your team win? Frankly, I don’t let these things affect me.

Rohit Sharma
Of course, everyone knows my history as far as technical fouls, but I don’t think you can match the intensity that I bring to the floor.

Rasheed Wallace
Rich Swann is probably the only guy who’s more charismatic among this whole bunch than me, and I think it showed in our match.

T. J. Perkins
I haven’t done fillers or Botox for ages. There comes a point where you have to match bits of you with the other bits; otherwise, you get a terribly random situation.

Felicity Kendal
I adapt more to the match for the second set.

Garbine Muguruza
I want to mix, match, take something off, move the ball around.

Matt Cain
I have to congratulate L’Oreal on its True Match foundation range. It’s my go-to foundation, and I absolutely love it.

Philomena Kwao
Sometimes I take a while to get ready to go out. It’s not excessive, but it takes me some time to find clean clothes that match.

Zac Efron
My goal is go out, try and be an entertainer, try to have the best match I can but be smart about it. If people are enjoying it, enjoying what I’m doing, then that’s awesome because I’m enjoying what I’m doing, and I’m very passionate about what I’m doing.

Matt Hardy
When the whole world is globalized, you’re going to be able to set fire to the whole thing with a single match.

Rene Girard
Memories are just stories we tell ourselves about our past; and that’s often why they don’t match when we’ve shared the same experiences with someone.

John Slattery
If you have the quality, you can only improve as a young player through match practice. That seems obvious, and it’s proven to be true in my case.

Toni Kroos
I’m a competitive person and it is in my nature to try hard in every match I play. The only time I’m not competitive is when I’m playing against my mom.

Michael Chang
Being named a great school at a great price means that we offer both high-quality academic programs and real affordability for families. We offer a personal touch that’s hard to match at a big school but without a big price tag.

David McFadden
You in Lebanon, your power is no match to Israel. Israel, militarily, is more powerful than you and maybe it is more powerful than all the Arab countries, or most of them.

Bashar al-Assad
We all think we’ve got one more boxing match in us, and that, probably, will be the downfall of Floyd Mayweather, George Foreman, Manny Pacquiao. We’ll overstay our welcome.

George Foreman
Personally, I take every match seriously and give off my best… My aim is to win and there’s no time to relax.

Ajinkya Rahane
Chris Candido – besides loving him like a little brother – I used to sit and watch him in awe because it was so effortless for him. He could wake up from a nap and go out and have a five-star match.

Shane Douglas
Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even.

Muhammad Ali
I always have oatmeal before training or a match. It’s easy on the stomach, offers so many vitamins and minerals, and is slow-burning, so it won’t leave me hungry at half-time.

Becky Sauerbrunn
Roddick can challenge him as well if he serves big consistently for the entire match. If he does that, then he is tough to break even for a guy like Federer.

Richard Krajicek
If, in our first match for the world champion’s title, I had managed to make the score 6-0, there would have been no Kasparov as a good chess player at all.

Anatoly Karpov
You play against an opponent so much the numbers got to match at some point! I played against the Raiders six years straight pretty much. I played against them more than any team I’ve ever played.

Emmanuel Sanders
My mindset is always to be victorious, to win the match.

Diego Costa
I suspect many people have the problem that they type much more slowly than they think. Consequently, they keep resynchronizing their thought processes with what they have typed so far, and they match a later part of the thought with an earlier part that they have typed.

Ray Tomlinson
Fitness for us on match day is paramount.

Geeta Phogat
Just because we say networks are important doesn’t mean that networks explain everything. We’re just adding additional information. Networks don’t work like a match – they work like a magnifying glass.

Nicholas A. Christakis
My first match lasted 10 seconds, and I lost.

Roddy Piper
Football is more disputed in England than it is in Italy. Every match is a very hard match because the referee doesn’t blow his whistle as much as in Italy, and every team plays against each other like it is a final.

Philippe Coutinho
I don’t go into a game with specific targets. I don’t pinpoint an opposing player before a match, trying to exploit a kind of weakness.

Diego Costa
I go to a wrestling match, and I love it. But at a wrestling match, on every level – that includes Division I – you go into an empty and cold gym, you roll out a mat, and you set 10 chairs up on each side. That’s a dual meet, and it’s very hard to act like it’s a big event.

Chael Sonnen
There is a kind of invisible thread between the actor and the audience, and when it’s there it’s stunning, and there is nothing to match that.

Maggie Smith
To see my country lose a football match is very hard for someone who has worn the shirt.

Diego Maradona
Wrestling needs to be about the art form again. It needs to be about painting a picture and having a really good match.

Hulk Hogan
She’s a big-hearted girl with hips to match.

Henny Youngman
I know that it’s a fight at the end of the day; it’s not a grappling match.

Robert Whittaker
Twenty20 is cricket on speed. In an era of hectic lifestyles and falling attention spans, it gives spectators more drama and intensity in three hours that they would get from a whole-day match. And even though it is a heady cocktail of money, entertainment and media, at its core it is cricket.

Vikas Swarup
Buying a particular vintage because everyone tips it and then waiting for it to mature is like gambling. The thrill is in placing the bet. Once the race is run or the match is played, you’ll either win or lose. Until that happens, you’re caught in this wonderful, agonising sense of expectation.

Kenneth Cranham
I greatly appreciate that people would like to see me have one more match or comeback or, ‘Daniel Bryan got cleared, so why can’t you?’ I will never be cleared. Mine is a completely different injury. He had neck issues, but it wasn’t his neck issues that retired him, actually. It was the concussion issues.

I need to be more cautious while determining which points in the match I have to focus and how I can win break points in a more assured manner.

Kei Nishikori
What is exciting is not for one person to be stronger than the other… but for two people to have met their match and yet they are equally as stubborn, as obstinate, as passionate, as crazy as the other.

Barbra Streisand
Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.

Charlotte Bronte
In a marketplace where it’s so easy to produce products, where your competitors can essentially match you on the product itself, you need to have something else. You need to have an added value, and that added value is the identity, the idea behind your brand.

Naomi Klein
I love Agassi – I really followed him a lot when I was a teenager and remember when guys like him and Michael Chang were just unstoppable. He was really inspiring. Every match was so dramatic and exciting. The guy played with a lot of heart.

Andy Samberg
In a match between Barca and Madrid, there are no favourites. It does not matter how they have been faring.

Gerard Pique
Every single match, win, lose or draw, there’s something that we can improve on, and it’s about us addressing that straight after the match.

Ashleigh Barty
I am really into color and bright clothing. When I’m wearing heels, I always like to throw some different colors into my outfit, so it doesn’t match. That gives my look a retro and funky feel.

Leah LaBelle
The idea of having to match a pair of socks to your tie or to your pants just doesn’t make any sense to me… With boots, you don’t have to worry about it. Nobody sees your socks.

Markwayne Mullin
When the music and the characters are flawlessly synchronized, the opera develops an emotional force that movies and plays cannot match.

Bruce Beresford
I’m trying to cut down a little on eating, on sodium, keep my blood pressure down, which is tough. Because I love food! I do, but it’s unfair how everything that’s bad for you tastes so good, and all the good stuff, veggies and green things, doesn’t match up.

Ice Cube
When you have two-thirds of possession in any match you have got to turn that pressure into points.

James Haskell
The Federal Reserve – all of them – could be sitting on a barrel of dynamite, and then pouring gasoline on top of it, and then light a cigar with matches, throw the match into the gasoline, and then not notice that there is any danger.

Marc Faber
I love tennis with a passion. I challenged Boris Becker to a match once and he said he was up for it but he never called back. I bet I could make him run around.

Boris Johnson
I think there’s a certain poetry to having your body reflect what you feel inside of you. Perhaps you have a feeling that’s so pure, or overwhelming inside of you that your body disfigures to it – contortions match your confusion.

If the United States is to be a beacon of hope around the world, our actions have to match our ideals.

Patrick Leahy
Even the greatest player of all times loses sets or is down in a match. It just shows that, you know, a win is never guaranteed. It shows all of us that we have to work for every point, fight for every point no matter what.

Eugenie Bouchard
No nation has embraced Total Quality Management, e-commerce and e-government with greater enthusiasm than Dubai. Such innovations have given Dubai a competitive edge and an accelerated growth rate that few could match.

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair
Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.

Elon Musk
No, I think I used to be pretty superstitious about certain things, but I’m really not anymore. As long as I have everything is in order and I have my things as far as the match goes, shooting I’m fine. But I really don’t.

Nancy Johnson
I think playing a lot every three or four days is the best thing. The best training is the games; there is no training in the week that you can compare the intensity, fatigue, and everything that you have in a match.

Javier Hernandez
The best thing I ever did was when I was offered a million dollars to go play in South Africa and didn’t take it. I was 21 years old, and part of it was like, ‘Well, if they’re offering me this obscene amount of money just to play one match, there must be something really wrong.’

John McEnroe
If you think the products don’t match what you want from a product, don’t buy it.

Donald Norman
Literacy in Tunisia is almost 100%. It’s amazing – no country in the region or even in Asia can match Tunisia in education.

Mo Ibrahim
Here’s the thing: Tanahashi has this idea that wrestling has to be a certain way. There are borders that you shouldn’t cross. Wrestling should be wrestling; there’s a ‘classic’ way. But the thing is, when I watch a Tanahashi match, I feel nothing.

Kenny Omega
Maybe for a guy like Zverev or Federer, you could say it’s open a bit. For a guy like me, every match is tough, and I’m going to have to battle it out.

Denis Shapovalov
If you look at the teams that mix and match their starting lineup a great deal, that sort of inconsistency frequently leads to inconsistency in performance.

J. B. Bickerstaff
It is more important to know how to mix and match the clothes than to spend money.

Valeria Mazza
A good match is about the chemistry between opponents.

The Great Khali
You are under some sort of pressure to win any match. It is natural.

Dusan Tadic
Wai Lin is the first Bond Girl who is on a par with Bond, someone who can match up with him mentally and physically. From the moment our characters see each other, there is a wariness and a recognition that this person is not who she or he seems to be.

Michelle Yeoh
Everyone who sits on a sofa watching ‘Match of the Day’ is a top soccer expert, as you know. So if you start to worry about such people reading your story and saying, ‘That’d never happen’ you’re going to freeze up. You’re writing fiction, and your characters can do whatever you need them to do.

Mal Peet
I met Jack Bruce, one of my heroes, in a studio while doing some recording. England had just beat Scotland in a big football match and I saw Jack trying to break into this refrigerator in the lounge, drunk out of his brain, and I didn’t know what to say.

Andy Partridge
I think the thing that I get most excited about is the fact that I know I’m gonna have a great match. That’s when I get the butterflies. When it’s just a regular match or something like that, I may not get that.

A.J. Styles
Your woods, irons and wedges are built with specific lengths and lie angles, which demand that you stand to the ball a little differently for each one. The secret is to know which elements of your address position remain constant, and which ones you have to tweak to match the club in your hand.

Sergio Garcia
I was a huge fan of Shane Douglas and how he used the microphone during a match.

Paul Heyman
Let deeds match words.

I wrote ‘The Match,’ my cricket novel, between 2002 and 2005. In retrospect, almost an age of innocence in cricket and a time when it was rare to find the game deep in fiction.

Romesh Gunesekera
I dyed my hair blonde in that movie, so my head doesn’t match my grill.

Joe Pesci
You start way down on a low B flat on the tuba and you have a chromatic scale; you can match the colours all the way up, till you get to the top of the trumpet.

Gerry Mulligan
Fashion and beauty is a reflection of what’s on the inside. And if you’re genuine, they match up. The core of who you are will be the same.

Michelle Carter
We’re extremely excited about the assets that Yahoo has in the areas of Sports and Finance and Email and News. You match those up with AOL, and we’ve just made an exponential leap in capabilities here.

Lowell McAdam
To be in an Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania, that is the stuff dreams are made of.

Dean Ambrose
Almost 30 years ago, I started seeking help from a counselor with a master’s of social work in New York City, but we were never a good match. It was like being in a bad relationship, except the guy could actually bill my health insurance company for lousy dates.

Gina Barreca
I watch old ‘Truth or Consequences’ on Hulu. ‘Concentration.’ And ‘The Match Game’ with Gene Rayburn.

Billy Crystal
Those who use ‘Correlation is not the same as causation’ as a magic incantation to dismiss all fact-using professions are fools holding a lit match in one hand and an open gas can in the other, screaming, ‘One has nothing to do with the other!’

David Brin
I got bad calls every match, and I never got an apology. So I thought it was rather strange.

Ivan Lendl
As most who have engaged in competitive sports know, there’s nothing to match the amplitude of emotion brought by losing.

Charles Krauthammer
I really care about what I put out, and probably more than the fans care. At times, I think I over-care. But I just know that the body of work has such a high standard that it’s kind of like, in my own head, I need to at least match it if not get over that, so that’s the challenge.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad
You can have the most amazing horse in the world and not be able to ride it, so it has to be a good match for sure.

Jessica Springsteen
In the 1995 ‘World War 3,’ it was Dave Taylor’s first WCW match. I remember looking across the ring and seeing Dave give Hogan an uppercut. Hogan wasn’t used to being hit with such ferocity, and seeing the look on his face was an absolute picture.

William Regal
My eyes are so big that, weirdly, I feel like an alien if my eyelashes don’t match their intensity. I like to curl my lashes to the point where they’re sticking straight up and then put on a ton of mascara!

Sarah Hyland
When it comes to guys, my dad is the measure of the perfect man. And that’s a pretty tough standard to match up to.

Anushka Shetty
Music is first for me. How the music makes me feel, it’s like energy. It has to match my life. What’s happening around me or to me. That’s where it comes from.

Boots Riley
I once saw professional soccer up there in Seattle, the Sounders. I went and saw that. I’m not a big soccer fan, but watching a live game is unbelievable. And then I went to Italy and saw a soccer match; it’s something everyone should do once. It’ll blow your mind.

Guy Fieri
From its conception, I wanted Bumble’s culture to match its values. If women were taking charge on our app, then they’d be running the show behind the scenes, too.

Whitney Wolfe Herd
For me, I had that reputation as being a guy that did a lot of stuff early on in my career, but to me, at the time I needed to do that in order to be noticed. Eventually, my style evolved and started making it to where every match wasn’t about a dive outside of the ring.

Sean Waltman
‘Defying Gravity’ is a big, theatrical, grand gesture. In film, how do you match that?

Marc Platt
There’s what we expect bears to do and then there’s what they do. Sometimes the two don’t match.

Joe Clark
My best India v. Pakistan moment is from our first match in the ICC World T20 2007, which was a tie.

Virender Sehwag
From one match to the next, I kept on winning.

Tracy Austin
I became more aggressive, more dedicated, more intense – taking it match by match, night by night – to literally crawl and scratch my way back to the top.

I was in the main draw from the start, my opening match was on Court One against Jan Eric Lundquist of Sweden who was about eight in the world at the time.

John Newcombe
The only one I feel pressure from is myself to go and give my all for every match and, obviously, I’m a competitor.

Caroline Wozniacki
Goals can help lift me to be one of the best two or three in the world, most definitely. You score the goal that wins the football match five, six, seven times a season: you are one of the best in the world. And that’s what I need to do. I need to keep being consistent.

Raheem Sterling
Much as my Boomer friends will hate me for saying this, Kanye West is the New Dylan. Not only do Kanye’s best lyrics match Dylan’s prescience, highly inventive word-play and genius for storytelling, his indefatigable cockiness eerily channels Muhammad Ali.

Dan Hill
If somebody knows me, they know for sure I’m from Poland because I’m playing for my country every tournament, every match. I’m staying in my hometown and my home country because that is where I feel comfortable. I feel good there.

Agnieszka Radwanska
What you end up doing is you try to match your guy’s strength against a place they can be successful. They’re doing the same thing against us. Sometimes they have the edge, sometimes you have the edge.

Tony La Russa
I can only watch calmly if the match is decided or my team are dominating. But I get passionate very easily.

Diego Costa
I am a guy who likes to do what I am doing with passion, whether it’s a soccer match with friends or golf.

Rafael Nadal
Obviously, the Philippines or any regional state can never match Chinese defense spending, but we will have to develop minimum deterrence capabilities that allow us to resist and inflict sufficient retaliation if China continues to undermine Philippine territorial integrity.

Miriam Defensor-Santiago
There’s nothing that can match Broadway for stature and dignity.

Sammy Davis, Jr.
While acting, you just go with the flow of what you are feeling, but dubbing requires recreating and reliving those emotions all over again. So it’s very necessary to match up to the performance in front of the camera.

Kriti Kharbanda
I think you have to go out believing you can win the match; otherwise, there’s no point walking out on the court, really.

Ashleigh Barty
The big mathematical challenge for flying robots is making them move in six dimensions: x, y, z, pitch, yaw and roll. We create 3-D obstacle courses in the lab – windows, doors, hula-hoops taped to posts – and ask the robots to fly through. It looks like a Harry Potter Quidditch match.

Vijay Kumar
I train every day but Christmas. I’m not the guy who gets a contract signed and then trains for a fight. I’m at practice every single day, whether I’ve got a match or not.

Chael Sonnen
How come I love having an episode of deja vu? It’s akin to an out-of-body experience, I would think. It sits with me, happily, begging me to delve into my memory to find its match point.

Rachel Nichols
A boxing match is like a cowboy movie. There’s got to be good guys and there’s got to be bad guys. And that’s what people pay for – to see the bad guys get beat.

Sonny Liston
Fighting is dancing. Look at a great boxing match, and it’s a dancing.

David Lyons
I always try to outdo the guys. It doesn’t matter who you are. Even Sami Zayn – I want to have a better match than Sami Zayn, and he is absolutely incredible. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to change the definition of what it is to be a Diva and what it is to be a woman’s wrestler.

Sasha Banks
My first match was against Razor Ramon. I lost. Come to think about it, I lost a lot back in those days.

Jeff Hardy
I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.

Mia Hamm
When I was younger, I did have some dresses that weren’t the best fits, and it can definitely affect you during a match – if you’re having to constantly pull the dress down, for example!

Ana Ivanovic
I think the concept of polo that people had in the 1920s and the 1930s was much more accurate, when going to a polo match was seen as a great day out and great fun on a more popular level.

Nacho Figueras
My first name during my first match was ‘Lena.’ I was still Lena then, just because we hadn’t gotten a name yet.

Nia Jax
You’re in there, you’re having a match, and you’re feeding off that crowd. That’s the gasoline that fuels the match, and that’s how you make your decisions. If you’re not listening to that crowd when you’re working, you’re missing the biggest part of what working is all about.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
My first match with Bill Goldberg, it was for the World Title in 1998. Bill had only been wrestling a year. Well, we stole the show. Because I was going to make Bill look as good as he was, and he was great. He had that incredible charisma, personality, and that ‘it’ factor. Rousey has that same thing.

Diamond Dallas Page
I will not play a farewell game with the national team. I would like to thank the federation for expressing an interest. But I prefer to leave football with an official match because I am not a fan of farewell games.

Paolo Maldini
After I win a match, I celebrate it by having an ice cream.

Saina Nehwal
There was no match for Barry White. His music is just going to live forever. It’s not limited to disco or soul or hip-hop or anything.

Don Cornelius
I do think there is a link between the accidental art the sciences produce and the deliberate art the artist creates, but I can’t help feeling that the innocence of the accidental art of science has a power and curious beauty that artists are hard-pressed to match.

Cornelia Parker
As artists, we have to change our style to match each concept. We’re always changing, ever changing.

Kim Tae-hyung
I’m from the old school, so I was wearing button-up polo shirts way back, with the sweater to match.

Pimp C
The Way of an enlightened ruler is to make it so that no minister may make a proposal and then fail to match it with actions and results.

Han Fei
People have come up and told me they were WCW fans from the early ’90s, or they were watching my work in FCW when I first started in the late ’80s, and they’ll spit out a match of mine that they still remember. I stand there in awe, shocked that someone still remembers.

There are strange flowers of reason to match each error of the senses.

Louis Aragon
I love magazines. I always read ‘Time,’ ‘Newsweek’ and ‘The Economist.’ When I get my hair cut, French ‘Vogue,’ French ‘Elle,’ ‘Paris Match’ – I read them all in 10 minutes.

Janine di Giovanni
As a player, perhaps you have the chance to take part in a World Cup or a European Championship twice or three times in a lifetime. Other competitions, you have another match three days later. Here, it’s different: we know we’re out if we don’t win.

Kevin De Bruyne
Women have a better sense of color and a better color memory. They’re more likely to notice when something doesn’t match; more likely to notice what you’re wearing.

Helen Fisher
If you are loose and not quite taking clear-cut chances in training, then clearly you are not going to do that come match time.

Mark Hughes
Every day you run into artists on the streets in SoHo or other creative people you want to do something with. There’s nothing to match that chance encounter.

Jeffrey Deitch
I’ll match my flops with anybody’s but I wouldn’t have missed ’em.

Rosalind Russell
On grass, it can be the small things that decide a match.

Caroline Wozniacki
But I think it’s also hard to get into soccer here. I think purely on a time level on television as well because of the ad breaks. It’s something to do with that as well. You can’t show a complete soccer match here. Which I kind of find a bit of an odd thing.

Parminder Nagra
And my daughter really likes Justin Bieber, so I think she’ll have fun watching him. But I think Rihanna is the perfect match for the Victoria’s Secret show because she’s really beautiful, she’s really sexy, and she’s really talented.

Alessandra Ambrosio
I think the biggest thing – when it comes to injuries and stuff, travel has a big part in that, because after a match, guys hit the road, and they’re in a sitting position. They’re not able to ice up or do whatever they have to do therapy-wise.

Randy Orton
My first message is clear. Enjoy the challenges of each match.

Unai Emery
I don’t really want to go into it, because whenever I say anything about my past now, it becomes a pissing match… but I realised that I had acquiesced, in my 40s, to an idea of ‘You know what, maybe this thing that you wanted in your life, maybe it just wasn’t important.’

Kelsey Grammer
You have to do something different, or you are just the guy who goes out there and has a great match, but nobody cares. You have to have different layers to your character.

Dolph Ziggler
I always hated when I had to do the promos, especially because I got to push their agenda and try to tell you that this championship match is more important than anything in the world to me. Come on. No, it’s not.

Rob Van Dam
Donald Trump and the First Amendment, it’s not a beautiful match; it’s not a match made in heaven. Between the free speech rights that he has not defended and the freedom of the press, which he has not defended, it’s problematic.

Megyn Kelly
There is always anxiety before a competition and it was no different for me today. It was only in the third round, with about 40 targets left, that I realised I could match the world record score.

Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
I do circuit training – different workouts without stopping. I like having that stamina, where I’ve never been too tired to put on a match or go above and beyond.

Dolph Ziggler
With my own comics, I try hard to get the vision in my head onto paper, to have one match the other as closely as possible. With the ‘Airbender’ comics, I’m working with someone else’s vision, an already-established vision. I want to stay true to what’s come before.

Gene Luen Yang
Everyone loves a win in India. No one wants to lose a match. It is the cricketer who absorbs all the pressure.

Virat Kohli
The Bible was a consolation to a fellow alone in the old cell. The lovely thin paper with a bit of matress stuffing in it, if you could get a match, was as good a smoke as I ever tasted.

Brendan Behan
We must take on each match as best we can and try to recover from each as quickly as possible.

Sergio Ramos
Robert Lewandowski is a fantastic forward. He challenges me in every match with his performances and goals.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
When you’re watching somebody read your material and they smile and nod, you know you’ve found that place where your experience and their experience match, even though they aren’t the same exact experience.

Chris Crutcher
I question myself every day. That’s what I still find motivating about this. I don’t have the answers, I don’t pretend that I do just because I won the match. Just keep fighting and maybe something good happens.

Andre Agassi
Every derby match is different, just like every season is different.

David Silva
When I am very tired, I know when I have to go in hard or slow down. It helps me to play better in the next match.

Alexis Sanchez
We want to bring awareness for all those cats still searching for their forever home and not only help them find their perfect match but also make the transition home a success.

Hannah Simone
I’m not denyin’ the women are foolish. God Almighty made ’em to match the men.

George Eliot
I recently watched Peter Brook’s Lord of the Flies, and it wasn’t a favorite film. Then I saw the one that was made in 1990, which in my opinion didn’t match up to the original.

Brendan Fraser
The calmest part of my day is right before a match.

Dean Ambrose
It is my hope to teach my students how to work a match and at the same time put on an entertaining show that you aren’t embarassed to bring your kids to.

Harley Race
I don’t try to match wine with food, I just drink what I like. And I think a lot of people are going towards that now, which never used to be in the past.

Mario Lemieux
At the end of the day, you have smart marks all over the world thinking that they know the outcome of a match.

Bill Goldberg
If you play a match, then you got to give it all to beat the opponent; there is nothing like playing against a great or a non-great player. I treat them all as opponents and aim to beat them.

Lin Dan
A lot of times, you could play me just the laughs from my set, and I could tell you, from the laugh, what the joke was. Because they match.

Jerry Seinfeld
My tendency as an actor is, when there’s a certain energy, I feel a challenge to match it, to come up to that plate and play on the same level.

Carla Gugino
Football is a sport where you never know what is going to happen between one match and the next.

Edinson Cavani
There’s nothing appealing about the Elimination Chamber. When I first walked into it, I was terrified. You start out the match in these pods, and you’re just watching everyone go at it, waiting for your time.

Alexa Bliss
I worked on my voice for Sweet Dreams, but only to match my speaking voice to Patsy’s actual singing voice. That was my way into that character.

Jessica Lange
Everything has gotten vulgar and out of line for children to watch. It’s more of a swearing match.

Bubba Smith
That would be a dream match for me to see Finn Balor versus The Undertaker.

Finn Balor
I had a stormy graduate career, where every week we would have a shouting match. I kept doing deals where I would say, ‘Okay, let me do neural nets for another six months, and I will prove to you they work.’ At the end of the six months, I would say, ‘Yeah, but I am almost there. Give me another six months.’

Geoffrey Hinton
In the match, I just try to focus what I have to do. I try not to think too much about outside things.

Kei Nishikori
I won a grand slam with an Audemars Piguet on my wrist, so I feel it is a great match.

Stan Wawrinka
There are several ways to mess up your life by fighting to make your calendar age match your felt age. I live in the Southwest, a part of the country with more than its share of fair skies, material wealth, and people who are trying not to be as old as they are.

Martha Beck
To most people in the U.K., indeed throughout Western Europe, space exploration is primarily perceived as ‘what NASA does’. This perception is – in many respects – a valid one. Superpower rivalry during the Cold War ramped up U.S. and Soviet space efforts to a scale that Western Europe had no motive to match.

Martin Rees
The pinafore of the child will be more than a match for the frock of the bishop and the surplice of the priest.

James Martineau
As an athlete, success is not just about winning; it is about working hard and giving it all you have. I have always taken one match at a time and worked hard; when I succeeded, I worked further on the aspects of the game which worked for me; when I failed, I listed out my weaknesses and worked on them.

Rohan Bopanna
It’s much more fun to be the person who comes into the room and lights the match. I get to be the force, the girl who always says or does something completely outrageous, and leaves everyone thinking, ‘What was that?’

Jessalyn Gilsig
Whether you win a match or lose a match, in terms of your emotions, it’s important to be pretty levelheaded.

Maria Sharapova