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When I was making the 'Fast and Furious' movies, I wasn
When I was making the ‘Fast and Furious’ movies, I wasn’t trying to make a ‘Fast and Furious’ movie.

Justin Lin
Stanley Kubrick, I had been told, hates interviews. It’s hard to know what to expect of the man if you’ve only seen his films. One senses in those films painstaking craftsmanship, a furious intellect at work, a single-minded devotion.

Tim Cahill
Financial news services and other media organizations get press releases 15 minutes before they are distributed to the general public, fueling a furious competition among the news services to rewrite them for their subscribers during their window of exclusivity.

Alex Berenson
It was important for me to duck out of the fast and furious life I’d been living as a pop star. I was in a different mood.

Cat Stevens
I’m definitely not a ‘Fast and a Furious’ guy.

Gio Gonzalez
I have been a big fan of the ‘Fast and the Furious’ franchise. The films are fast-paced, fun and keep the audience involved. There is a great mix of humor and action, something I really appreciate.

Tony Jaa
If you spend your days doing what you love, it is impossible to fail. So I go about my days trying to bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. And then everyone gets furious about it. And then I sit back and say, ‘I did that!’

Ricky Gervais
It makes me furious to hear haters of all skin colors – especially Christian, Jewish, and Muslim fundamentalists – deride other people because of their different beliefs and lifestyles.

Rita Dove
I will never forget my beautiful days with you in Shanklin, they are certainly the most pleasant ones of my life. Look, I have tears in my eyes just to think about it. I am furious to be here, it is the end of happiness for a whole year.

Camille Claudel
I am furious at the way that we have allowed money to subvert our democracy. I am appalled at the way that the U.S., a very wealthy nation, permits and even encourages a level of poverty that other wealthy nations would not even consider.

Alex Gibney
Seeing the B-52s dropped from planes, watching the burning of civilians with Agent Orange, reading about the incarceration of Vietnamese militants in cages only big enough for tigers made me furious.

Susan Rosenberg
In my film ‘Queen’, there was a funny moment with the bra. My director called and said they are blurring the bra. They said it is vulgar. Our director was furious about it. We are artistes… We see props as they are. A woman’s bra is not a danger to the society.

Kangana Ran

Before the ‘Fast & Furious’ promo in Manila, I went on a vacation in the Philippines 10 years earlier. I loved it. My ‘Miss Saigon’ friends showed me around.

Luke Evans
It is no good getting furious if you get stuck. What I do is keep thinking about the problem but work on something else. Sometimes it is years before I see the way forward. In the case of information loss and black holes, it was 29 years.

Stephen Hawking
Fast and the Furious’ is really a postmodern Western.

Justin Lin
A lot of people are upset when you work out your anger issues, but there’s a big industry for music which is furious and angry because, in my opinion, the world is looking for a justification to feel the same way.

Devin Townsend
I almost sabotaged my career. ‘The Fast and the Furious’ didn’t let me, and I’m grateful now. That franchise gave me the opportunity.

Paul Walker
I kind of love opening, because it’s easier and kind of just more fun to get up and play fast and furious and have a good time.

Aaron Dessner
Every American of every background and creed should be furious with China for their disregard of human well-being amidst the Coronavirus cover-up they have participated in.

Jeff Van Drew
You may have seen me in movies like ‘Fast & Furious’ and ‘Avatar.’ But I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that without hard work and determination. You can accomplish anything if you just stay out of trouble and do the right things.

Laz Alonso
People have seen me fighting everything from ‘Fast and Furious’ to the IRS on Planned Parenthood to a host of things, Benghazi and others.

Jason Chaffetz
When you have something as unique and special as the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, you want to create an experience for the fans that they can only feel and experience at Universal Parks.

Dwayne Johnson
‘Fast and Furious’ continues to be alive, which means ‘Tokyo Drift’ is still alive, which means DK is very much alive.

Brian Tee
‘Fast and Furious’ is the only franchise that I’ve directed that I did not create from scratch. So it definitely was an eye-opening experience for me coming to that world. I had to be respectful of the roles that had been established by the filmmakers before me, and I was cool with that.

James Wan
I am furious about everything.

Joan Rivers
If you watch ‘Fast and Furious 6,’ you do see that it’s a culmination of something and I think it’s the end of a chapter.

Justin Lin
The Queen is most anxious to enlist everyone in checking this mad, wicked folly of ‘Women’s Rights’. It is a subject which makes the Queen so furious that she cannot contain herself.

Queen Victoria
I’ve actually started to drive slower. I never want to see a news headline that reads, ‘The Chinese Guy from ‘Fast & Furious’ Pulled Over for a Speeding Ticket.’

Sung Kang
The name of the game is to keep from pushing the accelerator pedal so hard that we speed up the aging process. The average American, however, by living a fast and furious lifestyle, pushes that accelerator too hard and too much.

Dan Buettner
Every comedian is furious. Age makes me angry. I’m unhappy at not being able to open packages anymore. I’m angry that libraries have gone. I hate children on planes. I’m very shallow, so they tend to be little things. To be honest, I think I was probably angry the day I was born, you know, about diapers or something.

Joan Rivers
‘Fast & Furious’ is Hollywood’s ‘Dabangg.’ It is that big there, so it obviously feels amazing to have played a part in it. The role is small but very interesting. People will see me in full Hollywood accent, and the character is not like typical Indian character.

Ali Fazal
It wasn’t just any film that Paul had been working on. This was a ‘Fast & Furious’ movie. Everyone that was involved had been involved for years.

Cody Walker
I do feel almost violent when I’m watching things that I don’t think are good enough. I get furious for the audience. I want to say to them, ‘This play is not supposed to be like this. They’ve got it completely wrong. You should be electrified by this.’

Lindsay Duncan
When I was first sent from H.M.S. King Alfred to be interviewed by Goodeve in the Admiralty, I was furious. The War seemed to me, in June of 1940, to be desperately serious, and England in imminent peril of invasion.

Nevil Shute
I installed a skylight in my apartment… the people who live above me are furious!

Steven Wright
Up until ‘Fast and Furious 7,’ every movie I’ve made has been a film that I’ve created, franchises that I’ve created.

James Wan
I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 16, and he was eight years older. My father was furious about this 24-year-old, and I had to hide the relationship.

Ellen Pompeo
The way I go to watch The Rock in ‘Fast and Furious’, I want people to come and watch me.

Amit Sadh
All of youth culture is packaged and sold back to us at this furious rate these days. I think it’s part and parcel to this corporate encroachment on our lives in general.

Ani DiFranco
I think one of the laughable things about poor old Brexit is that they’re so cross – they’re furious with everyone. But this isn’t a cross country; this is a generous and optimistic country.

Nicholas Soames
Like every other car guy, I’ve watched ‘The Fast and the Furious,’ and I want to go out and race and drift and all the crazy stuff. Another one of my favorites is ‘Cobra.’ That’s where I got my love for the Merc, where he had the one that had the license plate that said ‘AWSOM 50.’

Tim Duncan
In my house, you got in trouble if you didn’t speak up. My mom would be furious at us if we went to school and behaved nicely if someone treated us badly. If we got in trouble because we had yelled at them or told them that they were wrong, my mother would be like, ‘Good job.’

Shonda Rhimes
’24’ is a pretty serious show – there isn’t a lot of improv that is happening. Having said that, I do play around with the delivery. A lot of the humor comes from playing a character who is very furious and really up in her own brain and in a serious situation. That is humorous to me.

Mary Lynn Rajskub
If you want to be a real human being – a real woman, a real man – you cannot tolerate things which put you to indignation, to outrage. You must stand up. I always say to people, ‘Look around; look at what makes you unhappy, what makes you furious, and then engage yourself in some action.’

Stephane Hessel
During his presidency, Truman and the Republicans were locked in a series of furious assaults on each other that outraged him and made Truman an enduring foe of a party and its representatives, which he saw as on the wrong side of almost every domestic and foreign policy issue he considered important.

Robert Dallek
I wasn’t delusional at all when I signed on to do ‘Furious 7,’ that it wasn’t my creation. It’s the seventh movie in a series, for goodness sake!

James Wan
So to compare the Beatles, obviously the Beatles are the Beatles, but in hip-hop terms, Tribe is the Beatles. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five are the Beatles. Big Daddy Kane is Jimi Hendrix. It means that much to people that grew up with it.

Michael Rapaport
In the early days I had a very black-and-white view of everything. I think that’s kind of natural for anyone who’s just embraced Islam – or any religion – as a convert. It was important for me to duck out of the fast and furious life I’d been living as a pop star. I was in a different mood.

Cat Stevens
Scandal is an importunate wasp, against which we must make no movement unless we are quite sure that we can kill it; otherwise it will return to the attack more furious than ever.

Nicolas Chamfort
Liberal members of Congress and their media allies are furious with Attorney General William Barr because he blew up the Mueller report smear job before it was out of the box.

Tom Fitton
Holocaust survivors came to Israel in order to establish a new human society where nobody would be able to hurt them just because they’re Jewish. This is both a furious and vulnerable message.

Yair Lapid
For me to join ‘Fast and Furious’ was like a childhood dream come true, and and I felt it became a great movie.

Kristofer Hivju
Obsidian was caused by volcanoes, an eruption of steam and gas so furious that it melted the earth itself into this hard, shiny object.

Kathi Appelt
You shouldn’t get to live in society and give nothing back. People complain about their taxes, yet they do nothing for the community. That makes me furious.

Kathleen Turner
No one knows how much we went through to finish ‘Furious 7.’

James Wan
Every day I wake up and think: ‘Am I part of the problem? Am I helping further entrench the political divide? All the raging mouthpieces of the right that I’m furious with – am I just the same but on the left?’ I have no easy answers to that.

Nish Kumar
While I am furious about injustice, I do what I do, fighting against it, out of a place of love.

Shaun King
I approach ‘Fast & Furious 6’ the same way I would approach a Sidney Lumet film. Getting into character’s getting into character.

Vin Diesel
Ja Rule not doing ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ changed Ludacris’s life.

John Singleton
My entire family were Democrats all our lives. But because how furious I was about the previous administration, I turned in my card to become a Republican. I did not want to be known as a Democrat under that person’s regime.

Danny Aiello
I might run from her for a thousand years and she is still my baby child. Our love is so furious that we burn each other out.

Richard Burton
June Jordan, who died of cancer in 2002, was a brilliant, fierce, radical, and frequently furious poet. We were friends for thirty years. Not once in that time did she step back from what was transpiring politically and morally in the world. She spoke up, and led her students, whom she adored, to do the same.

Alice Walker
We’re gonna play fast, we’re gonna play physical, we’re gonna play furious, and we’re gonna play contact football.

Jeff Fisher
I left ‘Fast and Furious’ because I just felt like, at a certain point, after number six, there wasn’t another story that I wanted to tell.

Justin Lin
Once, a man at the customs duty check at the Delhi Airport asked me a question in Hindi, and I told him that I didn’t speak the language. He got angry and said, ‘How could you not speak in Hindi? Hindi is our mother tongue.’ I told him that it wasn’t my mother tongue. He got furious, and made me wait for over 45 minutes.

The two elements the traveler first captures in the big city are extra human architecture and furious rhythm. Geometry and anguish.

Federico Garcia Lorca