Top 66 Starting Point Quotes

We have collected the best Starting Point Quotes by famous authors including Chelsea Manning, Wylie Dufresne, H. Jackson Brown, Jr., Glenn Kelman, Gary Becker and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

The past will always affect me, and I will keep that in
The past will always affect me, and I will keep that in mind while remembering that how it played out is only my starting point, not my final destination.

Chelsea Manning
As a pure source of reference, ‘Modernist Cuisine’ is incredibly helpful. It’s like a modern-day encyclopedia, except for a single subject. It’s not always the answer, but it’s always a starting point. I feel honored to have been able to contribute to it.

Wylie Dufresne
Hope is not a resting place but a starting point – a cactus, not a cushion.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Control of the browser that people use to access the Web turned out to be far less meaningful than the search engine we use as the starting point for finding Web information. I switch between Safari, Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers all day. I never stray from Google search.

Glenn Kelman
Still, intuitive assumptions about behavior is only the starting point of systematic analysis, for alone they do not yield many interesting implications.

Gary Becker
In the history of science, we often find that the study of some natural phenomenon has been the starting point in the development of a new branch of knowledge.

C. V. Raman
What I wanted to do was use literature and different kinds of stories and poems as a springboard, tapping into the creativity of our teens – I wanted teenagers to come up with their own creative responses to literature – using books themselves as a starting point.

Malorie Blackman
Simplicity is the outcome of technical subtlety. It is the goal, not the starting point.

Maurice Saatchi
The loss of the American colonies was the first time the process of British empire building had been put significantly into reverse, and became the starting point for a nostalgic yearning for lost colonies – and the wealth and global influence that came with them – that has become part of our national psyche.

David Olusoga
Writers are looking for a story. Using your own life as the basis for a story gives it an association with reality that’s a wonderful starting point.

Melvyn Bragg
If there’s no limit to how big the entropy can get, then you can start anywhere, and from that starting point, you’d expect entropy to rise as the system moves to explore larger and larger regions of phase space.

Alan Guth
That’s a lovely starting point for me as an actor: the question of what will we – or can we – do with this lot of years with which we’re blessed? More than my other films, ‘The Danish Girl’ is about the gigantic risks involved in being true to one’s self.

Eddie Redmayne
From the third grade, I knew that I wanted to play in the NFL. It’s pretty cool to see the dream about to come to fruition, but it’s just a starting point.

Carson Wentz
That internal ache is the starting point of country music. If it’s a happy song and I can still feel sad in it? That’s my favorite.

Shane McAnally
Interactions between fathers and children are the starting point of education.

Yoshihiko Noda
If you can’t even acknowledge that you have to fix Social Security, that’s not a very good starting point.

Rob Portman
I think a great starting point for a debate and discussion over a national consumption tax is, let’s start with the Fair Tax, legislation that has been written up and, I think, signed up on by 80 congressmen and women.

Gary Johnson
If you haven’t used Bitcoin first-hand, you may not get the inherent advantage of a quicker appreciation and understanding of its potential. Seeing assets move swiftly without intermediaries is an eye opening experience, and that is just a starting point.

William Mougayar
Jazz is not the format where I want to stay, but it really is a starting point for me.

Justin Guarini
The difference between doing a remix and an original track is that when you do a remix, you obviously already have the original track as a starting point. But with the originals you start from scratch.

The struggle isn’t just about being straight or gay or transgender – it’s a human struggle. That’s always really been my kind of starting point: If you’re out there and you’re odd, come over to my house.

Boy George
The starting point for understanding the deterioration in the relationship between the U.S. and Russia lies in Washington rather than Moscow. After 1989, Russia was a defeated power. Despite the fine words and some limited gestures, the Americans have treated it like one. Their policy has been one of encirclement.

Martin Jacques
Really interesting genre films, especially monster movies, evoke the fears of the times intentionally. Our starting point was ‘Godzilla’ – the original movie was released less than 10 years after Hiroshima, and it’s a classic in Japan.

Matt Reeves
There were several possible solutions of the difficulty of classical electrodynamics, any one of which might serve as a good starting point to the solution of the difficulties of quantum electrodynamics.

Richard P. Feynman
My favorite is still the one that I started off with, which is a Les Paul Standard. I’ve played that at every gig I’ve ever had. And that’s my starting point in the studio.

Dan Hawkins
My starting point is always to read a script and have a conversation with the director about what their vision is, and then, after that, I love to do research.

Ludwig Goransson
I’m passionate and I travel the world not just as a tourist but to understand cultures… I’ve lived with Masai tribe… I travel the world and bring it back in the form of a research book that would become the starting point for the collection.

John Galliano
On ‘I’m A Celebrity’ it’s important to have chemistry and to have a friendship as a starting point you can grow from.

Holly Willoughby
A novel is, hopefully, the starting point of a conversation, one in which the author engages readers and asks that they see things from a different point of view than they might otherwise.

Anne Fortier
The Muse should be a trusted destination for answers. A hand when you need one. Someone to talk you through tough decisions or situations. A starting point.

Kathryn Minshew
I realize the responsibility of being a starting point guard.

Lou Williams
The model should only serve the very private function for the painter of providing the starting point for his excitement.

Lucian Freud
We do not evaluate the result but the starting point of the creative process. Precisely, this shows whether the form was discovered by starting from life, or for its own sake. That is why I consider the creative process so essential. Life for us is the decisive factor.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
My goal is always to bring a sense of balance, symmetry, and proportion to each individual face. The brows are an essential starting point.

Anastasia Soare
The starting point for the new history, both in Europe and America, has been the record of births, marriages, and deaths, which most literate societies preserve in one form or another. In colonial America, surviving records of this kind – as of every other kind – are most abundant for New England.

Edmund Morgan
Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It’s the impetus for creating change.

Max Carver
The Affordable Care Act was passed in large part because of recognition that our nation’s health care system is not working. The act is not perfect, but it is a starting point, and we have been using it to improve the health of Coloradans.

John Hickenlooper
When combining the elements on the Total Guide Solution, we believe we are positioning it to be the starting point for consumers to discover and enjoy digital entertainment on their television. And our name changed to Rovi embodied the ability to be that homepage for consumer search through the TV.

Alfred Amoroso
Working improvisationally in my studio with dancers, it’s completely different. We don’t have any starting point; we don’t have an end point. We don’t have anything we are trying to show or do. The picture evolves from nowhere.

Lois Greenfield
You can’t change the world alone – you will need some help – and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.

William H. McRaven
If I examine the circumstances which inspired me to write – and this is not mere self-indulgence, but a desire for accuracy – I see clearly that the starting point of it all for me was war.

J. M. G. Le Clezio
There is nothing wrong with becoming more ambitious along the way, but I think what the government has asked the council to do is a perfectly good starting point.

Estelle Morris
The present level of armaments could be taken as the starting point. It could be stipulated in an international treaty that these armaments should be simultaneously and uniformly reduced by a certain proportion in all countries.

Ludwig Quidde
As soon, however, as capitalist competition has definitively established the equal rate of profit, that rate becomes the starting point for the calculations of the capitalists in the investment of capital in newly-created branches of production.

Rudolf Hilferding
Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.

Napoleon Hill
I think Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens have very carefully plotted ‘The Hobbit’ out so that it does feel like the starting point for ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

Lee Pace
The Republican Party has to be the party of optimism and giving our children a better starting point. We have to make sure we’re broader, more inclusive, and reaching out to every community.

Cory Gardner
You can write a script, but that’s just a starting point as a cartoonist. The heart of the process comes when you start to draw it, and you work out how to lay the page out, how best to tell the story.

Jeff Lemire
The starting point of sanctification is the filthiness, corruption, or stain of sin.

William Ames
If you find a solution with the Cube, it doesn’t mean you find everything. It’s only a starting point. You can work on and find something else: you can improve your solution, you can make it shorter, you can go deeper and deeper and collect knowledge and many other things.

Erno Rubik
Talent is only the starting point.

Irving Berlin
The starting point of all great jazz has got to be format, a language that you can work within that, in some ways, is much tighter than the blues or even gospel. It’s all working towards the same destination – the difference being that Miles Davis flew there, and I’m still taking the subway.

James McBride
All motion is cyclic. It circulates to the limits of its possibilities and then returns to its starting point.

Robert Collier
The starting point of my career in money management in 1973-74 was the time of the only true bear market any living non-Japanese investor has seen in major markets. Equities, real estate, you name it, everyone got run over.

Paul Singer
The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods.

Robin S. Sharma
Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.

John Dewey
Observing humans and observing oneself yields a clear-minded starting point for literature.

Gao Xingjian
I never use nature as a starting point. I never abstract from nature; I never consciously think of nature when I paint.

Adolph Gottlieb
Obama’s starting point was not as low as Manmohan Singh’s starting point, and Obama’s rise was not as sharp.

Sanjaya Baru
From the first place of liquid darkness, within the second place of air and light, I set down the following record with its mixture of fact and truths and memories of truths and its direction toward the Third Place, where the starting point is myth.

Janet Frame
Most moms and dads, they want to be good moms and dads. But it’s an incredibly hard job when you are stressed out, when you are poor, when your life is in chaos. And giving them some of the tools to be better parents, to whittle away at that parenting gap, gives those kids a much better starting point in life.

Nicholas Kristof
Our starting point then was trying to find a way to incorporate mean reversion into the HoLee model.

John Hull
I’m always saying that my books are not autobiographical because they’re not. I can’t choose any one scene and say, ‘Oh, this is exactly what happened to me!’ I just use little snippets of things as a starting point!

Cecily von Ziegesar
My dad made these dough balls and covered them up with a cloth in front of a gas fire, which was stuck on a wall. They were rising. In my head, I think they were the best rolls I’ve ever had. If there was a starting point for me, that was it.

Paul Hollywood
I was never drawn just into fashion. I was drawn into it because I am really interested in serving women and providing women with solutions, trying to figure out what we need and why we need that and why we wear stuff, how it makes us feel. That was always my starting point, you know.

Stella McCartney
Anyone who has ever asked for directions knows you need two crucial pieces of information to get good results: a starting point and a destination.

Mike Quigley