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Definitely, I did not, after 'SNL,' say, 'OK, first I'l
Definitely, I did not, after ‘SNL,’ say, ‘OK, first I’ll go be in Alexander Payne’s movie.’ I thought I might go back to writing, to be honest.

Will Forte
To be honest, romantic comedies are one of my favorite type of movies ever. I’ve seen most of them that are under the sun.

Cody Simpson
To be honest, the only thing I ever really wanted to be was a writer – since I read ‘Charlotte’s Web’ as a child.

Louise Penny
To be honest, I rewrote ‘Wicked Nights’ a number of times. I just wasn’t happy with the end result.

Gena Showalter
When I did ‘Crash,’ to be honest with you, it was just another acting job. I just wanted to do as good as I possibly could.

Michael Pena
To be honest, prestige is probably the last thing I focus on.

Toby Emmerich
You need to be honest, even if you hurt people.

Kolo Toure
To be honest, when you’re running a series and you have an open end, you don’t want to limit yourself too much with the choices you’ve got for a particular character.

Julian Fellowes
When I found out that I was going be Juliet, it felt much more real than ‘Manon,’ because ‘Manon’ is one of those ballets that you probably do after Juliet, so that never really sunk in to be honest.

Francesca Hayward
To be honest I don’t think I was any great shakes as a theatre actor because everything I was doing was really small in size – intimate.

Robert Carlyle
A lot of times when I ran, to be honest, I didn’t know where I was in the race. So I always was looking up at the scoreboard to say, ‘Just call my name to see where I am,’ because I tried to have such tunnel vision not to distract myself.

Gail Devers
I don’t get surprised very often to be honest. I’m the kind of person who you couldn’t throw a surprise party for because I’d figure it out.

Chris O’Donnell
Despite my confidence and self-belief, I’ve always wrestled with feelings of insecurity. To be honest, I think most people in show business are insecure.

Bobby Davro
I’ve got to be honest and say that, growing up, I wasn’t a big sports guy, but I love the camaraderie. I just love people getting together, fighting for a team and getting super-emotional about it.

Aaron Paul
In finding love, I think it’s important to be patient. In being in a relationship, I think it’s important to be honest, to communicate, to respect and trust, and to strive to give more than you take.

Kina Grannis
I tried to be honest and fair, helped the talented and those in need.

Alexander Lukashenko
I struggle to watch myself in any scene, to be honest. What’s done is done. I wish I was able to watch myself, as it would really help me develop as an actor. But I’m not brave enough. It’s a difficult thing to do – looking at yourself as this utterly different person on a screen.

Eva Green
I don’t really consider myself a model, to be honest. I respect designers; I think it’s another art, you know.

Josephine de La Baume
To be honest, in my five years as an electrician, I never got the license.

Nick Flynn
The responsibility of an artist is to be honest with themselves.

Talib Kweli
It’s important to be honest and truthful with your constituents. At the end of the day, we represent them.

Devin Nunes
I’m not big on rap, to be honest. I just don’t get it. It’s angry people shouting. I like a song, melodies, people singing.

Paul Weller
For content creators, it’s really important to be honest. Your audience will appreciate if you’re stingy with the brands you work with.

Franchesca Ramsey
To be honest, TV can portray you in whatever way they want to portray you.

Hennessy Carolina
I went to London and was excited to make the team, but to be honest, I was a bit dissatisfied with my performance there, and I’d really like to make up for that in Rio and get the best out of myself on the Olympic stage.

Eloise Wellings
My instinct is to be honest and make fun of things.

Jim Norton
I’m not mad into raving, to be honest. If it’s not music, I’m chilling. But most of the time, it’s music.

To be honest with you, a lot of directors can be very lazy.

Samantha Morton
To be honest helps you a lot to not waste time. It’s also the way I help the players most. It doesn’t matter if it is the captain or the last reserve player, I try to be honest.

Ralph Hasenhuttl
To be honest, I was kind of a shy kid growing up.

Dave Franco
‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ only shows my life in Miami, and, to be honest, my life is more L.A.

Joanna Krupa
To be honest, I think I have a nice voice. A good voice… and I loved recording.

George Chakiris
To be honest, I deliberately tend not to post things like ‘I’m having a relationship’ or where I live. I’m a bit reluctant to keep this kind of information up to date because people are inclined to see things like that as statements, and I rather keep a little bit of privacy, if possible at all.

Floor Jansen
I wish I could describe anything I do as conscious or strategized. To be honest, in acting, you have so little control. The only control you have is if you’re lucky enough to be in a position, which is not very often, in which you have choice. It’s about what choices you make, and for me, it’s entirely instinctive.

Eddie Redmayne
I can never remember a time when I didn’t want to be an actress, to be honest. And so, all through high school, I knew that I was gonna go to college in Los Angeles. I just didn’t know where. And I knew that I was gonna try to get my theater degree.

Mikaela Hoover
The Dream Act as it’s been written originally is too broad, to be honest. It basically would apply to too many people.

Marco Rubio
Inter’s infrastructure is a shame, to be honest. That such a prestigious club does not find a way to invest in its infrastructure is disappointing.

Xherdan Shaqiri
To be honest, once you’ve driven around for about five, 10 laps, you don’t notice a difference.

Danica Patrick
People want to see politicians who are not afraid to speak the truth. They want them to be honest, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Sajid Javid
You can film me 24 hours a day and you’ll get a very accurate picture of who I am. You see the funny side, I work hard, and I try to be honest and just call it how it is.

Lisa Vanderpump
I prefer to be out of the spotlight, to be honest. I’ve always been that kind of personality.

AB de Villiers
To be honest with you, I love the fans. I mean, I really do.

Philip Rivers
To be honest I live among the English and have always found them to be very honest in their business dealings. They are noble, hard-working and anxious to do the right thing. But joy eludes them, they lack the joy that the Irish have.

Fiona Shaw
I drink a glass of water and half a lemon as soon as I wake up. I heard that it’s supposed to balance your body’s pH. Not sure if that’s true, but to be honest, it really helps with bloating.

Sonoya Mizuno
I’m not really a fan of sleep, to be honest with you. I work out at 9:30 or 10 o’clock at night, and sometimes I just keep going. I’ve never been a big sleeper.

Rob Kardashian
You have to keep a strong sense of who you really are – and I have a pretty strong sense of myself. It gets me in trouble when I say this, but I don’t think of myself as a politician. I’ve always tried to be honest when communicating with people.

Rudy Giuliani
I’m just saying sometimes great to play smaller court, with the crowd very close. We can feel their energy, the passion, yeah, the love in it. I love it, to be honest. It’s great.

Gael Monfils
I told them that I cannot lie when a writer asks me what’s my feeling not doing the game. I said I have to be honest. And my honest reply to you is, obviously, I’m a loyal team player. I will go where my bosses tell me to go.

Dick Vitale
To be honest, I can’t wait to be a dad. I really hope that that’s how the cookie crumbles for me.

Lucas Neff
To be honest, I’m like a sponge so my inspiration and influences really can come from anywhere.

Jonas Blue
I do a lot of media work, I’ve been investing and I’m involved with real estate. It’s totally different from what I had been doing but I find it challenging and fun. To be honest, I really don’t miss the track. I pretty well accomplished what I set out to do and it was time to move on.

Donovan Bailey
I felt like a failure for so long because I wasn’t able to access myself in the way I knew I would have if I was going to make music that mattered. I knew I was going to have to learn how to be honest.

John Grant
To be honest, makeup is a big part of what I do for a living.

Jessica Capshaw
To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of time off.

Nancy O’Dell
To be honest, I’ve made a lot mistakes and I quite like making them because you learn from them.

Deborah Meaden
My mother taught me to be honest, to be selfless, and to touch people in a positive way.

Scott Eastwood
When I was a kid, I really wanted a metal detector for Christmas, convinced I was going to find buried treasure and could retire at 12. Santa Claus brought me one, but sadly, that treasure was never realized. It’s amazing how many bottle caps you have to dig up. But to be honest, that dream is still alive.

Peter Billingsley
Around 16 years old, when I was in Formula 3 and looking at potential options for the future, that’s when I realized that Formula One was in the picture. But to be honest, I really just took it year by year throughout my karting years and stuff.

Lance Stroll
There’s something about witnessing something in the sky that makes people think they’re seeing something unique or special. I don’t really understand the psychology of it, to be honest.

Neil deGrasse Tyson
I am obsessed with cricket. But to be honest, I prefer the IPL format to test matches.

Shilpa Shetty
I can’t remember too much about the ’80s, to be honest with you… I wish that weren’t true, but it is.

Colin Hay
To be honest, I don’t think I’m an actor. I’m a creator – or try to be.

Maximilian Schell
To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself and I’m very proud to say that.

Nicole Kidman
I would have had an easier life if I were straight, but I would not be me. And I now like being myself better than the idea of being someone else, someone who, to be honest, I have neither the option of being nor the ability fully to imagine.

Andrew Solomon
To be honest, if it wasn’t for my daughter, I don’t think I would have gotten out of the situation that I was in before ‘Idol’ because I am a domestic violence survivor.

La’Porsha Renae
To be honest, I hadn’t realised the greatness of film music till I was exposed to film songs after I started living in Mumbai.

Javed Ali
If we turn our back on the people of this country who need to work for a living, we shouldn’t be here, to be honest, because that has to be an essential part of what we do to protect the country, from the standpoint of defense, protect workers and make sure they have jobs.

Barbara Boxer
The women that inspire me to be honest are the women that struggle.

Cardi B
I don’t know any lingerie brands that really embrace transgender women at all, to be honest.

Carmen Carrera
You have to be honest, even when you are upset with your child. Your intentions must be clear. You must never lie to your child.

Sushmita Sen
I focus on myself and my teammates. I don’t really care about what other people have going on, to be honest.

Lamar Jackson
I warm up with my mom and make sure I understand what the songs are about and make sure I’m using the right technique. To be honest with you, I really don’t practice a lot… Usually, I say a prayer and ask the Lord to sing with me and help me and stand on the stage with me.

Jackie Evancho
I don’t listen to music when I run; I like the quiet. It gives me time to think about my family, our businesses, the farm – there’s not much I don’t think about, to be honest.

Chip Gaines
You need to be honest and always see new opportunities coming. So I call it intuition, innovation, execution – these are my working principles.

Roustam Tariko
To be honest, I enjoy all different types of films and experiences.

Abbie Cornish
Sometimes you trust someone who turns out not to be honest. There are a lot of things that happen in life that don’t turn out the way you’re given the impression that they will. And I think that’s all kind of a con. But I think we’ve probably all been hurt.

Sigourney Weaver
To be honest, I joined Facebook as an experiment. I accepted all invitations just to see how many people would ask to be ‘friends’ – it quickly overwhelmed my time to process even the invitations and requests, let alone to actually go there and do anything.

Vint Cerf
If you’re lucky enough to find success at a job that you love then I don’t think you have much right to complain, to be honest.

Killian Scott
I never get used to the red carpets and premieres, to be honest, but when you’re walking down the red carpet promoting stories such as ‘Mabo,’ it means everything to me.

Deborah Mailman
I knew acting was what I wanted to do. I don’t know if I was brilliant at it, but when I was doing school plays, I loved it so much I didn’t want it to end. I feel like I’m exactly the same as when I was doing plays at school, to be honest.

James Corden
I like Chino more than L.A., to be honest.

Lonzo Ball
To be honest with you, most of the time the ingenue roles are a little bit dull and boring, in my opinion.

Carmen Cusack
To be honest, I think for part of my late teens my character didn’t really develop very much. I was in a state of cold storage.

Damon Hill
To be honest, whatever troubles I’ve had, I’ve also gotten the opportunities to do things.

Tim Burton
I don’t think anything can help me socially, to be honest: I have this terrible personality. I don’t really know how to describe it… maybe I’ll go with surly.

Helen Oyeyemi
To be honest my mentor was my mom and dad. I was very blessed and fortunate to have parents like I had.

Robert Parish
I don’t need anything to live, to be honest. Give me a mattress or a futon on the floor and I’ll be the happiest camper.

Ricky Martin
To be honest, I don’t really have my own makeup because when I’m not on television or doing a photoshoot or something I barely wear it.

Carole Radziwill
I’m just this kid from New Zealand, to be honest. My life has changed, but I’m still that same kid, and I don’t think that will ever change.

Julian Dennison
I believe you have to be honest with yourself. If you believe that the direction you want to go is the right direction, then you should do it.

Dave Clark
It’s fun to just get out there and have a nice conversation when I’m running. To be honest, when I do longer runs, the trail that I like to run up in Malibu has mountain lions, so I always feel I want to run with someone else.

I’ve done a lot of work in Hollywood and theatre, but to be honest, the biggest pleasure I’ve ever got is from the TV single plays I’ve written. It’s a format where you don’t mind saying, ‘I want to tackle some important themes head on.’

Peter Morgan
I’m a hip-hop kind of guy, but to be honest with you, I could listen to R&B all day. Give me some slow jams, and I’m a happy person.

Ryan Guzman
Well, to be honest I think I’m a better short story writer than a novelist. Novels I find very hard, hours and hours, weeks and weeks, of conscious thought – whereas short stories slip out painlessly in a few days.

Eric Brown
You know, we – we start with a mentality that we’ll take a sports project if its good. And we’re certainly not on the lookout for them, because to be honest we don’t have to. They walk in the door.

Jim Lampley
To be honest, I think about the clubs when I write. But I should probably start thinking about stadiums, because the songs sound even better there – and bigger.

Young Jeezy
Maybe sometimes you are punished for honesty, but I always prefer to be honest.

Arjen Robben
To be honest, sometimes you have to know your rights.

Corey Hawkins
Bolt put the Mobot on the map, to be honest with you! He’s just an amazing guy.

Mo Farah
I feel it’s much easier to be honest or be myself in songs when I’m playing. That’s why I felt, ‘You know, I’m going to write the truth.’

Alice Merton
I was raised on a farm in East Tennessee, and my first concert was Britney Spears. It’s my job as a country music artist to be honest about that.

Kelsea Ballerini
You’ve got to be honest; if you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

George Burns
I get pretty terrified, to be honest, when I’m on tour. You really have to muster a lot of ego to go our there, which I find rather draining.

Michael Hutchence
I don’t spend my time on farms. I don’t like the smell, to be honest.

Doja Cat
I wish, to be honest with you, for African American films that we could get a few more theaters. They only open them in 1500 to 2000 for an opening weekend, and how do you expect us to compete. How can we go to certain box office levels if they don’t give us more theaters?

Vivica A. Fox
To be honest, I never really had watched much sci-fi.

Jacqueline McKenzie
I don’t think it’s about playing and singing, to be honest. That seems like old news, you know? I wasn’t thinking about that. I just think that’s in my body now. Dancers don’t think about their legs moving one way and their arms moving another. Over time, you incorporate that into your instrument.

Esperanza Spalding
I never really had a career, to be honest with you. I never in my life sat down and planned it. I have thought, ‘Oh, I’d like to do this,’ like anybody would. But I’m not the type that says, ‘If I do this, it will lead to that.’

Dylan Moran
I realised that you have to be honest. When you’re being open, that’s when people connect with you. You just have to be yourself.

Little Simz
The most vital thing for an actor to deliver a great performance is to be honest to the role he or she is playing.

Mahira Khan
To be honest, I don’t have a particular recipe, but I normally start with the chord progression and then I build it from there. I listen to a lot of jazz, so the chords are really important to me.

Tom Misch
I was surprised to make it even to the finals of the Olympics, and to get first is above me. I don’t even know what’s going on, to be honest.

Red Gerard
It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right.

Winston Churchill
I would say I had anger-management issues, to be honest with you. But it was only on the football field.

Doug Baldwin
To be honest with you, I never looked at soccer as a sacrifice.

Brandi Chastain
I know I have a very self-destructive tendency since my mother died, I have got to be honest.

George Michael
I try to be honest in what I do and in everything I do. I try to be honest with my family.

Mo Farah
To be honest, being a fat girl, when people are telling you you need to eat, it’s the biggest thrill of your life.

Keala Settle
What goes on between a father and a son, which is usually such a private matter, is that they are able to be honest with each other, and be honest with me, as a director. It’s just remarkable.

Lee Grant
To be honest, we have no control over what’s going on with a movie, much less what people are going to think of it. Your whole life is wound up in it but you don’t have control and you have to get used to being on that turbulent plane without trying to fly it. The less you think about all that the better.

Mike Mills
To be honest, I am a really simple person, and most of my friends are not from the industry. I am most comfortable with them. They don’t treat me as an actor, and neither would they tolerate me behaving like one.

Shilpa Shinde
I’d fight for free to be honest with you.

Stephen Thompson
I didn’t think I was going to be drafted, to be honest. I’m so serious. I mean, wholeheartedly, too. I don’t know. I didn’t realize it, probably, until about a week and a half, two weeks before the Draft.

Donovan Mitchell
So I wouldn’t see Wings as a band that would go into the Hall of Fame, to be honest.

Denny Laine
I try to be honest. I try to take the high road. That’s all I can do.

Ben Howland
To be honest, my usual makeup is the same as in my music video looks.

Charli XCX
To be honest, I started playing for Belgium in the youth team stages. As a kid, Belgium was all I knew. We played football with my schoolmates as well as at the academy.

Divock Origi
I got into psychology simply because that’s what my sister did, and I grew up in a family that was very, like, ‘Follow your sister’s footsteps.’ I went to the same school she went to, did the same degree she did… really had no interest in it, to be honest.

Lilly Singh
I have to be honest about this, I do skip leg day once in a while.

Alex Hogh Andersen
I don’t look like Catherine Zeta-Jones, so I don’t think Hollywood would be that interested in me, to be honest. I just want nice work.

Anne-Marie Duff
To be honest, I find going out pretty scary and intimidating. Got all those people checking you out, with only one purpose: hooking up. I’m quite the dork, I’d rather sit home and play Scrabble. But that doesn’t get you a girl, does it?

Wentworth Miller
I am an all-around player. I’m like LeBron James. I can drive, I can shoot, I can pull up. To be honest, you can’t game-plan against me.

Deshaun Watson
Simon Cowell seems like a very nice guy, but I think he’s a secondhand Mickie Most to be honest.

Peter Noone
To be honest, ‘Doctor Who’ fans are a mixture of crazies plus solid citizens, but they’re relentless.

Alex Kingston
If you’re going to be in the business of news and telling people the truth… you’ve got to be honest. You’ve got to have the same rules for yourself as you do for everyone else.

Don Lemon
To be honest, the first time round, I didn’t think ‘Fame Academy’ was the worst premise in the world. You got people on, and they would write songs and develop themselves as artists. But then, instead of getting a little bit more credible, it got a little bit more ridiculous.

Paolo Nutini
The Philippines is a country in which a man of morals can’t be president, in which a politician who hasn’t been linked to any wrongdoing isn’t assumed to be honest, but merely better at hiding his corruption.

Raymond Bonner
People who draw tend to think they’re craftsmen, so they really want to hang onto their pens and papers, but it’s not terribly productive. To be honest with you, it’s faster and easier to start with the computer.

Makoto Shinkai
As a citizen of this country, I’ve got to be honest to the people of South Africa.

Jacob Zuma
I don’t really try to give out advice, to be honest.

Scott Speedman
The heartthrob thing came in the late 1960s, and to be honest, it was fun! But I was very aware that well-known actors are two people – who you are and who other people think you are. Life only gets tricky if you confuse the two.

Robert Powell
There’s a great joy in writing about a place you know very well, but there’s also a lot of responsibility in trying to be accurate. It’s a lot like writing about a relative: you can see both their strengths and their shortcomings, and even as you want to be honest, you want people to see the good that’s there as well.

Celeste Ng
Don’t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves.

Albert Camus
To be honest, I really don’t like being the sex object.

Izabella Scorupco
Every mistake you make allows you to be honest because what’s in the dark will come to light, so it’s better to be truthful about it.

Most of us are not real eager to grow, myself included. We try to be happy by staying in the status quo. But if we’re not willing to be honest with ourselves about what we feel, we don’t evolve.

Olympia Dukakis
I don’t really lie about anything, I have to be honest. I like to live with the truth.

Lisa Vanderpump
My first job was working for my dad. He was a used-car dealer, and I used to wash the cars down, clean them out, and so on. I would do stuff for him pretty much every day. It was quite a good job, to be honest.

Tyson Fury
I’m pretty low-key. I’m pretty boring, to be honest.

Benson Henderson
I don’t know if I could write songs if it wasn’t for the female race, to be honest with you.

Christian Kane
As cliched as it sounds, music is my only form of expression. So I have to be honest with myself, and with that comes being vulnerable.

Little Simz
I’m not really that comfortable, to be honest, singing about my darkest moments.

KT Tunstall
You just have to make sure you’re writing about something that’s true. It has to be honest and it has to have a real emotion behind it, regardless of where it’s coming from.

Teddy Thompson
I’m not expecting much work in Hollywood, to be honest. People stick to film because they tend to get offered the same roles over and over again, and it’s safe. But I’m not interested in doing that.

Kim Cattrall
I wish to God I was organized enough to tell you that, ‘Yes, there will be 14 books, and this one will go here, and that one will go there’… but to be honest, I hardly know what I’m going to do when I get up in the morning.

Jeff Lindsay
To be honest, I know that a lot of Asian parents are secretly shocked and horrified by many aspects of Western parenting.

Amy Chua
Because I don’t really think of myself as a hunk, to be honest.

Hugh Dancy
I’m kind of shy, to be honest. If I go to the pool or something, I keep my shirt on unless I’m getting in the water.

Larry Fitzgerald
To be honest, I think kids have got a lot more going on than adults. They’ve got their heads screwed on a lot better.

Amy Winehouse
Dexter-Land is a dark and scary place, and I couldn’t live there permanently. To be honest, I don’t think I even want to visit.

Jeff Lindsay
It’s been up and down in my Arsenal career, to be honest.

Emiliano Martinez
If people can’t expect their government to be honest and clean, they can’t expect anything from it.

Josh Hawley
So many actors get caught up in their technique, and to be honest, I see it really getting in the way. I see them forcing things. I definitely do my best work when I’m free of that. But I think as an actor, I work really hard in preparing the roles.

Gerard Butler
Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.

Joseph Story
I felt disconnected from the decisions made in Washington and, to be honest, really didn’t think my vote mattered because I didn’t have a direct line of sight from my vote to a result.

Carly Fiorina
It’s really important to be honest to yourself.

Neha Dhupia
Also, to be honest, my dad wanted me to be an athlete. And I think all sons want to prove something to their dad. So now, aged 35, I want to see what I can achieve physically.

Joe Manganiello
I think when I dive on the court, I dive not for people. To be honest, I gonna hurt myself for people?… I dive because I want to win the point.

Gael Monfils
I don’t really watch a lot of TV, to be honest. I’m more of a movie girl, or I Netflix stuff.

Adelaide Kane
To be honest, if people thought my performance in ‘The Office’ was the same as my performance in ‘The Hobbit,’ it would tell me everything I needed to know about what they know about acting.

Martin Freeman
My family was very supportive, but also very insistent that I finish school, and to be honest, I wanted to finish school.

Toni Garrn
To be honest, I think I am making normal games targeted towards normal people. But ultimately when I release those normal games, weird people find them to be weird games and enjoy them. Which probably means there’s something wrong with me.

Yoko Taro
To be honest, I owned one suit before I filmed ‘Mad Men’ – the one suit that you have to have as an adult. Outside of that, I never really felt comfortable in a suit.

Aaron Staton
I’m not really sure what defines ‘success in the real world’ to be honest! It’s so objective once you graduate, some people work, some people start families, some go looking for themselves up mountains in Peru.

Zawe Ashton
To be honest, I had a brilliant group of players at Hibs and the support were very fair with me. They didn’t make it difficult.

John McGinn
To be honest with you, there’s nothing that bores me more than sitting around with a bunch of actors talking shop. I love actors and I’ve got friends that are actors. They’re interesting people. But for some reason, usually when it comes round to talking shop, there’s a part of me that doesn’t like it.

Matt Dillon
To be honest I don’t watch the show, I don’t watch any TV, so I have no idea what the show is about. I go to Hawaii, shot my scenes and script and ‘Ciao.’ I’m not a ‘Lost’ fanatic and it’s a disappointment for thousands people and friends that are dying to know what will happen. They know more than me.

Sonya Walger
To be honest, my partner Natasha is my inspiration. She is who I reference when searching for my role. I don’t emulate what she does, but her interpretation of Giselle is so fragile and sensitive and so tender. It constantly inspires me. And I feel like it’s the other way around. We have a great rapport together.

David Hallberg
To be honest, football is my main goal. I never really had a backup plan.

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
I have to be honest with you: I’m a huge fan of Conan O’Brien.

Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
Isn’t it a rare thing, telling hopeful stories now? I think we need more of that, to be honest.

Jamie Parker
To be honest, there is going to be no ‘Top Boy America.’

Ashley Walters
I always wanted to be honest with myself and to those who have had faith in me.

Rafael Nadal
I feel privileged, to be honest.

Shirley Manson
Hogan had the same match every night for years, and so did Warrior. They didn’t tell great stories, to be honest.

Bret Hart
I’m a big supporter of Joe Johnston and I think that ‘Captain America’ is going to be really fun and I gather that the story is really interesting. It just wasn’t what I wanted to do next, to be honest.

Emily Blunt
I feel at home wherever I am, to be honest.

If you look at most mainstream filmmaking, to be honest, some of these films aren’t even asking questions anymore at all.

Karyn Kusama
Kids will not listen to that. They’re going to experiment no matter what, so you have to be honest.

Jenny McCarthy
I hope I don’t get driven to the point where, to be honest, I’m never satisfied. I hope there’s some part of me that can be content.

Ben Schwartz
I always wanted to do something with music, but to be honest, I never thought I’d be good enough.

Alice Merton
In the end, I didn’t think I was good enough to use sax as a stage performer to get where I wanted, and thank God I chose my voice as my instrument instead. You need to be honest with yourself, and I was.

Engelbert Humperdinck
To me, I think I’ve always carried that type of WWE style with me throughout my career, even before I got here, so the transition hasn’t been that difficult. I’ve been enjoying the transition, to be honest with you, because in my opinion, this business evolves all the time, and it changes all the time.

Bobby Roode
I am not that savvy, to be honest. I know what I believe in, and I try to follow people who do the same.

Morena Baccarin
To be honest, I don’t know really what I do on stage.

Peter Hammill
To be honest, I would never have imagined myself acting on a sitcom that I didn’t write.

T. J. Miller
I have to be honest about this: I wouldn’t tell a lot of kids to go and be writers. It’s a tough, tough business. It’s not a business. It’s more like a tough road. It’s a really tough road.

Min Jin Lee
To be honest, more than what I prepare, it’s the directors who do the bulk of the work, researching, collecting data and all that. I like to see myself as a processor: they feed me with the data, I give the output.

I have a problem with telling jokes about physics. Quite often the audience have no idea what you are talking about and, to be honest, I don’t know what I’m talking about either.

Robin Ince
I spent almost 3 months with Bergman, four hours every afternoon. We sat and went through the whole script. To be honest, most of the time we talked about life and other different things. It was really a wonderful time.

Bille August
To be honest, I’m not that much of a reader of Korean fiction, since so little is translated.

Chang-Rae Lee
After college, I was living in New York and wrote furiously, a huge novel that I knew was a failure. I hoped that the book would work, but to be honest, I think I knew it would never work, even as I was finishing it.

Chang-Rae Lee
I could do nice, but it’s just not as much fun. Being nice isn’t my biggest goal in life. I’m trying to be honest about who I am, and that’s not always nice. I’m not always the world’s cheerleader.

Sharon Stone
To be honest, when I’m home, every day is a Friday for me. It doesn’t really matter what day it is for me. A lot of my friends actually have time off during the week, and so it doesn’t prohibit me from enjoying myself when I am home on a Monday or a Tuesday.

Danica Patrick
I just think Trump’s character and some of his values makes him unfit to lead. For someone like him to be president and in charge of our troops? It’s scary, to be honest.

Jaylen Brown
I think everybody in Washington could use a curfew, to be honest.

Jeanne Shaheen
I’ve got to take a break, to be honest. I’m not even going to lie.

Sean Combs
I’m a little bit allergic to the whole brand thing to be honest but maybe it’s just happening around me and I’m not really aware of it.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor
The majority of fragrances are designed by people who have no idea what the house does. But for me, it had to be honest. That’s where it becomes personal.

Stella McCartney
I have always been, and shall continue to be, honest when it comes to bodyweight issues.

Kate Winslet
To be honest, I don’t mind talking about my experiences in life, but details aren’t for everyone.

Ansel Elgort
I’ve always loved Scotland, and I’m not a huge fan of big cities, to be honest. I like them to dip into for a bit, but I’m not sure I would want to live in one again.

Iain Banks
Men mess up. Women create this big illusion in their head that the man they’re going to be with is going to be perfect. Nobody’s going to be perfect, and people are going to let you down. The only thing that you can hope for is someone that’s going to be honest with you.

Jessica White
I’ve been asked a lot lately what message is there in the Lusitania for the modern day. To be honest, not much. Except that maybe hubris and overconfidence are always dangerous things.

Erik Larson
The fight scenes are pretty easy and come pretty naturally for me, to be honest.

Katee Sackhoff
They have decided to tour under the name of Ten Years After which I don’t think is very cool. To be honest, they have had to do that as it’s the only way they can get any work.

Alvin Lee
Someone who will take responsibility for the real welfare of the American people, to be honest with them. I’d like to have that adult in the room.

Steve Wynn
Some have said it is the easiest group at the World Cup, but we realize it won’t be like that. Germany are a tremendous side, but to be honest I don’t know much about Cameroon and Saudi Arabia.

Robbie Keane
Ever since I was 19, I’ve been in a relationship, to be honest. I always go from one to another, for some weird reason, and I always find someone where I connect on a personal level.

Some of us shorten our names or our noses or both… We Jews can be extremely neurotic and are inclined to become easily depressed. Most Jews seldom say, ‘Have a nice day’ or even have one. To be honest, I’ve never heard a Jew say that. We’re just not that optimistic. Life is neither a bed of roses nor a bowl of cherries.

Gene Saks
When I was a kid, to me, all women that I think were beautiful always tend to be ethnic of some sort. To be honest I think it’s the eyebrows – the powerful, strong eyebrows.

Kat Von D
To be honest, the fact that people trust you gives you a lot of power over people. Having another person’s trust is more powerful than all other management techniques put together.

Linus Torvalds
I decided early on to be honest and trust people with the truth.

Leo Varadkar
I think at this point, I’d eventually like to work behind the camera. That’s not to say I would never act again, I’m not quite sure to be honest.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas
I’m not a big fan of options, to be honest. The more options that I have, the less time that I spend actually completing things… ultimately, I think, if you have endless choices, I mean, the tendency to just choose endlessly is there, and that doesn’t do anything for anybody, really.

Devin Townsend
To be honest, I don’t feel like I am able to say that I had a childhood, not in a way normal kids my age had. I had something that was specific to Bosnia in ’90s, something I call a period of survival.

Edin Dzeko
I think it’s such a challenge to tell a story, and I think, to be honest, the shorter, the clearer, the better.

Ashley Williams
Honestly, I never thought we’d get a nomination for a Grammy, period. To be honest, we felt that if we were ever going to get one, we thought we had ‘City of Evil’ and ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Hail to the King,’ and those were all big records, and they never even sniffed at us.

M. Shadows
To be honest, we donate to projects that we think are meaningful. How society views it or how we are viewed by history, well, we’ll let them decide. How others view us is out of our control.

Ronnie Chan
As candidates and elected officials, we have an obligation to be honest.

Cary Kennedy
The first job of a writer is to be honest.

Irvine Welsh
To be honest, I wasn’t the best stand-up comic.

Bradley Walsh
Everyone in the United States asks me about being a woman CEO. To be honest, it has had no impact on my career. While I was at BCG, it didn’t matter whether you were a man or a woman. The only thing that mattered was that you were good at your job.

Maelle Gavet
I’m really interested in older women, to be honest, because they have lived a life that I’ve not yet lived. So I really want to learn from them, and I think culturally we tend to dispose of women once they get to a certain age and they don’t look a certain way.

Amanda de Cadenet
To be honest, I knew pretty much nothing about Watford as a town or a club. But I feel so comfortable – the players, the staff, the board, and the fans have made me so welcome.

You just need to be honest with how you’re feeling. But, a lot of women are afraid of it because they think, ‘Oh, they are going to take my baby away. They’re gonna call me incompetent. I’m going to lose my job. I’ve got to be tough, it’s a man’s world.’

Marie Osmond
When you criticize grown men, it’s a lot easier. They make millions of dollars. They should be able to handle it, especially if you do it in a truthful manner… I’m sure it stings, but my whole objective is to be honest.

Booger McFarland
I asked my daughter when she was 16, What’s the buzz on the street with the kids? She’s going, to be honest, Dad, most of my friends aren’t into Kiss. But they’ve all been told that it’s the greatest show on Earth.

Ace Frehley
To be honest, making albums is really never easy. It’s always a bit excruciating because there’s always this fight to make it great, and then you hit these stumbling blocks along the way.

Jesse Harris
It becomes tricky if you ever try to partition off what might be seen as sexist criticism. To be honest, I just don’t engage. The best way I can rebel against those notions is being competent, good at my job.

Jacinda Ardern
If you’re going to be honest with yourself, you have to admit that you go into show business wanting people to talk about you and wanting everyone to know who you are. But that also means there are going to be a whole bunch of people who don’t like you. No matter who you are.

Ellen DeGeneres
What we want to see is stories that are going to be honest stories about the characters that we’re telling them about.

Greg Rucka
I am intrigued by different religions and respect them all, but to be honest, I feel the most spiritual when I am doing yoga or looking at an ocean. Being spiritual is feeling a connection with a higher power and knowing that life is about more than just achieving goals. It is about feeling good in the moment.

Heather Graham
In the business I meet some beautiful women, but to be honest, 80 per cent of them are raving lunatics and are to be avoided. It’s just insecurity; actors are generally quite insecure. I wouldn’t date, or I’ve never had a fling with an actress, and I’d quite like to keep it that way.

Rory McCann
To be honest, my first film Akhil’ was a disaster and to come out of the negativity it brought, it took a lot of time.

Akhil Akkineni
To be honest, I have no idea what happens after my career.

Franck Ribery
Obviously, I didn’t get looked at and didn’t get recruited by Fresno State or any other school in the nation, to be honest. It has always been my goal to go into every game and show you why you should have recruited me, why you should have offered me.

Josh Allen
To be honest with you, when I got into this I never thought about reviews. I never thought about what people would say about me. I was just a young guy who was excited to become a comedian and an actor and I just wanted to get to do what I got to do.

Adam Sandler
I think we’re all survivors, to be honest. I mean, some of us more than others – some of us have to survive far more horrendous things than others. It’s all relative: whatever your experience is.

To be honest, the acoustic stuff’s my favorite thing to do.

Cody Simpson
To be honest with you, I literally don’t even know how to style my hair unless I’m doing an event because I rely on hair stylists.

Nina Dobrev
I don’t care about that All-Star bonus, to be honest. It’s just about my legacy.

Rudy Gobert
I try to be honest and I keep moving.

Erykah Badu
I would like to say when I turn the project over to the label that I have been successful. And that’s truly the way I feel. But, in addition to the self-pride in ‘making’ a good album, to be honest, I’d love to have a hit record.

Chely Wright
It’s pretty easy to tell who’s garbage and who’s not right away, and most people suck, to be honest, or they’re just really wrapped up in what’s going on with themselves.

Jack Antonoff
To be honest, I look at my Pinball program and feel that it is old stuff. I could do much better.

Bill Budge
To be honest, I have never thought about the intricacies of a script.

Vijay Antony
I would hate the thought of dying full stop; I’ve got to be honest with you.

Craig Fairbrass
I know that BMW is now a sponsor of the USOC – of the United States Olympic Committee – so they offer the use of their aerodynamic speed-tunnel for testing and such for the athletes, which is a great advantage. But to be honest with you, I’d rather have a free car!

Apolo Ohno
I don’t really want followers, to be honest; that’s what Twitter is for. I want people who can make their own decisions and look after their own departments.

Alun Wyn Jones
On my best day, I cannot do Scottish people. I don’t even believe that’s a real accent, to be honest with you. I think they probably sound like us when they’re in the house. It’s how they keep people away from them.

Russell Peters
Oftentimes, you read these pilot scripts that come through for American work, and they don’t sing to you. I’ve got to be honest, not many of them ignite the flame or give you that burning feeling of, ‘Oh, God, I really want to be a part of this.’

Antony Starr
To be honest with you, I get a little fed up with actors who act crazy to make themselves more interesting.

George Eads
I don’t dance anymore. Though I have been approached several times by these dance reality shows to be a part of them, I simply refused them, as, to be honest, I am a very lazy person.

Vikrant Massey
To be honest, I was never expecting to be in a World Cup final, a Euro final, a Champions League final, a Europa League final. I’ve done much more than I dreamt, and that’s incredible.

Juan Mata
I started modeling quite young. I would really recommend to every girl not to start modeling until they turn 17, to be honest. Before that, I think you’re not mature enough.

Anja Rubik
I don’t think I’ll ever be another Steven Gerrard, to be honest!

Jordan Henderson
It’s important to be vocal, and to be fair, I’ve always had that in me, to be honest. One of the things my dad has always said to me is make sure you’re vocal, and before the game, I always get a text off him telling me to do the things well and again, ‘Be vocal, Dec.’

Declan Rice
To be honest, I think I’d become a bit selfish with memories of my father. I wanted to hug them close to me.

Jennifer Grant
If there is one thing I have learnt, it’s that you have to be honest.

Tana Ramsay
I train with young guys in the offseason just to be honest and keep myself sure, to let myself know if I’m ready or will I be ready.

Frank Gore
If children are expected to be honest, parents must be honest. If children are expected to be virtuous, parents must be virtuous. If you expect your children to be honorable, you must be honorable.

James E. Faust
To be honest, I’ve always been really interested in the role of the host, whether it’s our kind of Billy Crystal-style traditional awards show host or when you have someone like Louis C.K. or a more edgy stand-up comedian do their take on a hosting role.

Andy Biersack
My agent asked if I fancied Robin Hood and I thought: ‘Yeah, why not?’ I hadn’t watched it, to be honest, but I’d seen bits and knew it was really popular Saturday family viewing with heaps of action. I thought it would be great fun. I was up for a good old play-fighting and the scripts were terrifically exciting.

Joanne Froggatt
To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything more exciting than an empty stadium. When you see it empty like that, all you see is possibility.

Tim DeKay
My job with Sue on ‘Bake Off’ was to look after the bakers – and to be honest, a lot of that was done off screen as well as on screen. It’s very much the same on ‘Let It Shine.’ You get to know people, you get involved, you want things to be alright.

Mel Giedroyc
To be honest, I make very controversial films. The films that I’ve made have been very, very bold choices.

Michael Pitt
They’re all fake belts. To be honest, I think real belt is Tony Ferguson’s.

Khabib Nurmagomedov
I detest politics, to be honest with you. It’s a cesspool. And I don’t think I would fare well in that cesspool because I don’t believe in political correctness and I certainly don’t believe in dishonesty.

Ben Carson
Just to be honest, like I always am, I tip on my service. I think it’s a difference between good service and bad service, and just having a bad day.

LeSean McCoy
If I’m going to be honest with you, I made a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes in a very short period of time.

Big Cass
I want to prove the naysayers wrong. They’re everywhere. And to be honest with you, they’re all I see, and they’re what motivates me.

Eddie Alvarez
It’s wonderful being out on that pitch, being able to play there, with the fans supporting us. It’s hard to describe, to be honest, when the team is playing well, when the supporters are chanting and singing their songs, when they are really behind the team.

Philippe Coutinho
Most guys open their closet and tend to wear about 10% of what they own – and they wear that 10% over and over again. So the trick is to be honest with yourself and figure out what that 10% is.

Michael Bastian
I used to aspire to being more of a traditional bass player, to be honest. People say I play it like a guitar – and I was a guitar player when I was growing up. I started learning when I was eight, and that’s what I was fascinated with in my teen years.

Justin Chancellor
I don’t think many actors are that good, to be honest. I certainly don’t think I am.

Rupert Everett
I don’t even know what progressive is anymore, to be honest!

Myles Kennedy
The most important thing is to continue to be yourself. The day after the Oscars, you have to get on with your life. To be honest and true to yourself.

Roberto Benigni
I like people to be honest and transparent. It bothers me when people feel the need to embellish stories to make themselves look better.

Jordan Fisher
The key to success is to be honest, follow your passion and not someone else’s path.

Urvashi Rautela
I’ve never been crazy. I’m a very good girl, to be honest. I don’t do anything to hurt anybody.

Leighton Meester
I’d always had quite a privileged lifestyle, to be honest. I’ve never wanted for anything, but I do know the value of things. I’m not, like, a brat.

Abbey Clancy
A lot of people say, ‘Do you feel a lot of pressure?’ There’s not that much pressure, to be honest.

Shaquem Griffin
To be honest, I’m scared to death of rollercoaster rides.

Liam Neeson
All you need is one person in a group to be honest, and then slowly, very slowly, everyone else starts telling the truth. That’s why our lecturers must be former members of Weight Watchers. They must have lost weight our way.

Jean Nidetch
To be honest, after the draft, I’m always excited.

Robert Kraft
To be honest, unless you rocket straight to stardom as a gorgeous young vampire, you can spend a lot of time working behind a bar.

Adam Rayner
The real existential challenge is to live up to your fullest potential, along with living up to your intense sense of responsibility and to be honest to yourself about what you want.

Fei-Fei Li
When people say to me don’t the years go fast I have to be honest and say that whereas I don’t realise where they go in the long term, I pack so much into a year it seems to take forever.

Paul Daniels
There is always something new. But to be honest, if I was to score a goal in a World Cup, I don’t know what I would do.

Daniel Sturridge
I must have been about 13 when I first heard Linkin Park and, to be honest, music had never played that much of a part in my life to that point.

Oliver Sykes
To be honest, acting was something where I got a chance to be somebody else and forget about the situation I was in.

Jason Mitchell
To be honest with you, I still eat whatever I want. It’s all about portion control. I still love pizza, but instead of eating half, I eat a slice.

Bill Engvall
It’s wonderful to feel supported, but there’s a lot of negative energy towards me as well. So I ignore it, to be honest. If I started to read it all it would completely mess up my head.

Sienna Miller
It is annoying to be honest to no purpose.

To be honest, I don’t think there’s any other show like ‘Doctor Who’ at all.

Jenna-Louise Coleman
I don’t think I was a fine game coach. I’m trying to be honest. I think I was a good practice coach.

John Wooden
To be honest, Peter Pan was one of those fairy tales that I sort of related to, and I think that’s the case with a lot of kids. The whole idea of escapism really resonates with a lot of kids.

Robbie Kay
It’s been cool to catch up, but I think I’m done with my exes. To be honest, I went out with flying colors on the majority of them.

Brantley Gilbert
If beautiful movies can influence you to go out and hug your children, then we have to be honest and say that other movies can inspire you to do bad things.

Nick Cave
To be honest, there is no appeal in TV, other than the fact you can fund your project.

Joivan Wade
To be honest, I have never thought about getting into direction.

Mahesh Babu
If there are two kinds of people in the world – DC Comics people and Marvel Comics people – what kind am I? Well, to be honest… I’m a Wildstorm kinda guy. In the interest of full and fair disclosure, I write for Wildstorm. But even if I didn’t, I’d love what they do. No, seriously, I’d love their stuff.

John Ridley
People are always asking me if I work out, but to be honest, I’m doing very little at the moment. The only time I really go to the gym is if I’m staying in a hotel.

Ashley Jensen
To be honest, when a manger is sacked, for me it’s also the responsibility of the players. We have to take responsibility for it – it’s not only the manager and the staff.

Ander Herrera
To be honest, I never went to school for acting, and I never learned to break down a script. I took acting classes my whole life, but they never taught me anything about acting. They just taught me about myself.

Shailene Woodley
Democrats and all public servants just need to be honest. If we have schools that aren’t working … we need to face the facts and fix them.

Gina Raimondo
To be honest, I can live anywhere.

Jay-Jay Okocha
To be honest, sometimes I get in my shell, and I don’t want to do stuff, and sometimes I’m real active.

One thing about me is I try to be honest.

Lou Holtz
Usually with me, the ideas I have for movies just sort of pop into my head. I’ve read a bunch of screenwriting books over the years and, to be honest, they’re mostly pretty crappy.

Leigh Whannell
If you want the best audience, make your way up North to be honest.

Bob Mortimer
I don’t accept my business the way it is, to be honest. I don’t like what it’s become. I don’t blame anyone for it becoming the way it has. It’s got its own hideous natural progression, just like world events.

Rupert Everett
To be honest, many of my well-wishers want me to play the solo lead in films. Maybe, it’s time to think about it. In fact, I have cut down on signing up multi-starrer films.

Vijay Sethupathi
To be honest, I’ve only been to one concert, and it was Aerosmith. Aerosmith and Slash.

Shawn Mendes
Sleepless nights I’m not a big fan of to be honest.

Callum Smith
I prefer the mystic clouds of nostalgia to the real thing, to be honest.

Robert Wyatt
I like to investigate all different kinds of people, I guess, and find out what makes them who they are, and try to be honest in the portrayal, and truthful, and find out how to understand that person, how to communicate that person’s experience.

Jennifer Jason Leigh
To be honest, I’m not a big golf nerd. Golf is kind of boring, not much action.

Brooks Koepka
To be honest, the football and the time is going so fast. I don’t want to say that I’ve forgotten about the World Cup, but for me, it belongs to the past. I don’t have time to make a step backwards and think about the World Cup.

Hugo Lloris
I work with tiny companies, so I don’t really live in unicorn world, to be honest.

Aileen Lee
To be honest, I’m not as goal oriented and ambitious as I once was.

Chantal Kreviazuk
Honesty is a complex and tricky thing, and we don’t want to be honest all the time.

Dan Ariely
I’ve never had white teeth. To be honest, I’ve never been told to do any of those horrible things – get your teeth whitened or your nose straightened.

Helena Bonham Carter
To be honest, I’m one of the least-technical guitar players around. I just want a guitar to feel good and sound good. That’s it, period.

Scott Ian
All I care about, to be honest, is surfing. I love surfing more than anything. To me, there’s nothing like that.

Brody Jenner
To be honest, I don’t listen to much music! I’ve been so engrossed in it my whole life that when I drive around in my car, I’ll listen to college lectures on philosophy and literature and world history, things like that, to kind of catch up on the college experience I missed.

Butch Trucks
To be honest, and this is terrible to admit, I hardly read any teen mystery books at all.

John Allison
I have enough trouble just speaking normal Australian. On ‘Vikings,’ we had a great vocal coach who helped make all of us sound the same. But I’m very bad at accents, to be honest.

Travis Fimmel
To be honest, the real reason I did ‘Drive’ was because of Nicolas Winding Refn, the director.

Christina Hendricks
Everyone says my family are so lucky to be surrounded by so many sweet treats, but to be honest, the novelty has worn off for the kids.

Nadiya Hussain
Pretty much everybody loves music. Like, there are those weird people that don’t like music, and I don’t really understand that at all, to be honest.

Tash Sultana
To be honest, I’ve always been a guy who looks at everything with a pretty positive outlook.

Kofi Kingston
I love the Kerastase Hair Oils and the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer. They’re great for making my hair really soft, but to be honest, any cheap conditioner works. Just leave it on and let it soak in, and it really helps, whatever you use.

Abbey Clancy
When I heard the idea of a Slayer wine, I tasted the wines they suggested for us. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first before I tasted it, but once I tried it, I thought, ‘You know what? This is actually really good. A really fruity and round type of flavor for a red wine.’ It’s very flavorful and tasted awesome!

Tom Araya
To be honest, I still feel like I haven’t scratched the surface of where I want to be. If someone asked me for an autograph, I’d be like, ‘Me? I haven’t done anything yet !’ I have much more to offer the world.

Cory Hardrict
I think you have to be honest and not try to be somebody that you really aren’t.

Heather Graham
If I’m going to be honest about it, I think men get to do this sort of thing all the time. You look at countless performances by great male actors who get to play the whole gamut of human emotions. Women aren’t regularly allowed to do that, and I don’t know why people are so frightened by it.

Rebecca Hall
To be honest, I don’t particularly see myself as an Icelandic artist. I’m a European artist.

Johann Johannsson
I think I’m a great defender, to be honest.

Andrew Wiggins
I have to be honest: I’ve memorized ‘Titanic.’

Sydney Sweeney
To be honest, as an actor, job security is not a trait.

Taylor Kinney
I’ve got to be honest with you: I don’t regard 29 as old.

Roy Hodgson
To be honest, it’s more fun being the underdog.

Stephen Karam
To be honest with you, I worry about concentration of ownership in media, where you have a handful of media conglomerates largely controlling what we see, hear and read.

Bernie Sanders
Out of culinary school, I worked as a pastry cook in amazing restaurants for years. I ended up leaving the pastry cook scene because, though I loved the industry, the restaurants and the chefs I worked for so much, I had to be honest with myself. I was never going to be them.

Christina Tosi
I certainly wouldn’t define myself as a northerner. I’m not even really sure what that means. I’ve lived in London for 50 years. I wasn’t born here, but I have spent most of my life here. So I don’t make much of it, to be honest. I’m just myself.

Ian Mckellen
Oceans are one of the most important things in the world now and that is a national security threat of the United States of America, to be honest with you. That is why seeing the habitat destroyed is so short-sighted by us.

Ian Somerhalder
People ask me all the time, ‘How can I become a successful entrepreneur?’ And I have to be honest: It’s one of my least favorite questions, because if you’re waiting for someone else’s advice to become an entrepreneur, chances are you’re not one.

Michael Dell
To be honest, it was a little bit of a surprise to me that my Broadway debut was a musical.

Ethan Slater
The fact that we’re in the playoffs doesn’t mean anything to us, to be honest with you. Hopefully, we can accomplish our goal of going into the playoffs on a winning note.

Michael Strahan
I never really look too far ahead, to be honest.

Casey Stoner
The most challenging part of my life is probably my anxiety, to be honest. I have to try to keep it under control and to make sure I feel alright.

Vogue Williams
To be honest, I’ve never been interested in how many games I’ve done and seen. It doesn’t mean anything to anybody. All I know is I’m eternally grateful for having been allowed to work so many games.

Vin Scully
Charter hired me – which, to be honest, took some humility on its part, since I have helped lead public campaigns against cable companies like Charter – to advise it in crafting its commitment to network neutrality.

Marvin Ammori
To be honest, my husband and my children are my best friends.

Helen McCrory
Everyone is like, ‘What were you thinking on the podium?’ I’m like, I’m just like probably thinking, like, ‘We’re hungry,’ to be honest.

Aly Raisman
You’ve got to make a decision when you write about your life, and I decided I was going to be honest, and some of those things will be embarrassing.

Rita Moreno
Well, to be honest with you, yes there is and there is not. But as I am a fan of this kind of music as well as the rest of the guys naturally are – and being a fan, we kind of get pleased by our music as fans and as being in SLAYER.

Kerry King
I don’t really like being recognised, to be honest. People say nice things and stuff, but I’m not really in it for that side of things. I just want to play music.

Rag’n’Bone Man
I surf; I skateboard. I’m from Southern California. I never thought I was going to be an actor. And to be honest with you, I never really thought of myself as one.

Paul Walker
I think you have an obligation to be honest.

Charles Barkley
I have exposed so much of my own real life. Like I feel like I always try to be honest and I always try to talk about where I am at and what I want.

Jim Norton
I became so focused on this desire to have a child that it really took over over my life, not in a positive way. It definitely impacted on my work, life, and work opportunities: I couldn’t travel at particular times. I turned down a lot of opportunities, to be honest.

Julia Leigh
I didn’t write a ton before ‘After,’ to be honest.

Anna Todd
I was a professional and did my best to prepare for every fight, but after PRIDE Grand Prix, to be honest, I didn’t have motivation to go on.

Mirko Cro Cop
To be honest, I’m now at one of the best teams in the world. To be part of this club and to have this opportunity is great. I’m very happy to be part of Manchester City’s team, and I look forward to trying to do my best to help the team reach their goals.

Bernardo Silva
I don’t really plan anything in my life, to be honest. I just kind of go with it: whatever comes comes.

Brooklyn Beckham
I just go at my own pace and I like control of the TV and I like to decide when I take a shower and wash the dishes and stuff like that. So I don’t know who would want to live with me to be honest!

Leighton Meester
People watch TV, and think your life perfect. I wanted to be honest and say, ‘I’ve been through tough places and you can make it through too.’

Shannon Bream
To be honest, I’m really not interested on how I’m viewed as. The only thing I’m interested in is to keep creating something special. Whether that something is synonymous to me or not is really none of my concern.

Hidetaka Miyazaki
To be honest, from England Under-16s, through the 17s and 18s, really all the way through my youth career, I played at centre-half. For some reason, when I made my debut at Everton, I just played in central midfield, and it went from there.

Jack Rodwell
To be honest, I wish I had more mom friends.

Britney Spears
A lot of advertising has gotten worse. I think it’s kind of lost its nerve, to be honest with you. I feel like the advertising of the ’60s, they were nervier. You know why? Because there was less at stake.

Jerry Seinfeld
To be honest, proper recognition has only come from the fans. I don’t want to be hard, and I don’t want to be negative, but I want to be honest.

Yaya Toure
It’s very hard to be honest with yourself when something’s just not working.

Shania Twain
I have a really bad memory, to be honest.

Tierra Whack
It’s not anti-Catholic to question, nor is it anti-Catholic to be honest about the previous shortcomings of the church, because that is the only way we can ensure its strength and dignity moving forward. It is, however, very Catholic to forgive each other and to never stop loving each other.

Donna Brazile
I only deal in what is real. To be honest, I’ve never thought about what I could get out of football or where it would take me. I just wanted to play. I’m the same now.

Thierry Henry
To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Hollywood if I hadn’t been offered ‘Ugly Betty’ because I was a wee bit feart. But you have to make yourself frightened. That’s what keeps you alive.

Ashley Jensen
I realized that I had to be honest about where I was, where I was coming from, and what I was trying to do.

Richard Foreman
I’ve been a Cub all my life. I came up here when I was 20 years old and spent my whole career here in Chicago. I’ve always been an optimist; I believe you have to be in order to survive, to be honest with you – in health, with what I’ve been through. That’s the way I am.

Ron Santo
I’m looking forward to ‘Cataclysm.’ I have to be honest: I think one of the things that I worry the most about in the game is the homogenization of the game.

Aron Eisenberg
To work with someone you love is something special, an incredible experience. But it could be a negative. You have to make a strong commitment to be honest; you’re not just being polite, like strangers on an airplane; you’re working.

Diane Ladd
I don’t care what other people think about me to be honest with you.

DeAndre Jordan
After my heart operation, I was given tablets, but, I’ll admit, half the time I forget to take them. I carry them around in the car. Little triangular things – I don’t know what they are, to be honest.

Harry Redknapp
Real men know how to listen, and real men know how to be honest.

Jesse L. Martin
I really respect fashion, but I don’t follow trends to be honest, I’m much more into skateboarder style clothes, but I really like fashion photography, portraits, and stuff like that.

Brooklyn Beckham
I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t do much else to be honest.

Graham Potter
If I don’t think something’s worth saying, I don’t think it’s quite there, I’d rather just not say it, to be honest. In that case, I’d rather wait ’till the thought is ready, ’till I feel like I’m happy with everything.

I don’t believe in wasting anybody’s time. I like to be honest. I like to be clear.

Anna Wintour
The best quality about Kobe Bryant? You want me to be honest? I don’t know. I’ll tell you why. I open my arms to everybody. But he never stepped forward for the embrace. So I never really got to know him. I don’t know anything about him, and it’s kinda sad.

Shaquille O’Neal
I have to be honest: when you have 70 fights under your belt, your priorities change.

Mirko Cro Cop
I think with my book, I wanted to first of all just be completely involved in it. I wanted to write it; I didn’t want a ghost writer. I wanted to be honest about everything.

Vogue Williams
To be honest, I don’t have much to do in ‘Hathyar.’ I won’t call it a pivotal role.

Namrata Shirodkar
To be honest, I am not really excited by most of the offers I get.

Growing up, I felt like I couldn’t talk about certain things until I had the outlets to do so. Once you’re able to be honest and say things as they are, it removes this crazy stigma and fear around it.

Miles Heizer
To be honest, most of the time you leave the theater, and you’re like, ‘Well, that was nice, but where did I park?’ It doesn’t really stick with you.

Joe Carnahan
To be honest, I knew nothing about fashion at all. When I decided to go to college, I just wanted to do something different.

Christian Siriano
People will put restrictions on your ability, on your aptitude, on your talent, on your character, and to be honest, it’s just opinion. Don’t let anyone put you in a box or draw your path for you.

Victoria Pendleton
To be honest, bread constipates me, and I like to have my daily bowel movement.

Jessica Simpson
I think diversity and multiculturalism on TV and on the screen is such a powerful thing. And to be honest, it’s a very American thing.

Charles Melton
Why do I manage myself? I don’t trust anyone else to do it, to be honest.

George Groves
To be honest, it makes you a lot better coach when your boss is in the meeting room. You’re a lot more driven every day.

Kirby Smart
Social media is so weird. I hate it, to be honest, but I feel like we all need it in order to get our voices out there and really speak on things that we care about. That’s the only time I use it.

Isabela Moner
To be honest with you, I am passionate about all the people out there who want to know Jesus, they want to know God, and they are sick of a system that is hung up on a bunch of things that have nothing to do with the love of God.

Rob Bell
To be honest, ‘Ready Steady Cook’ was a great opportunity, but I did compromise myself. I was stood there quizzing chefs on what they were doing when I knew exactly what they were doing and why.

Ainsley Harriott
My job is to tell a story, and the decisions about the casting have to be honest.

Imtiaz Ali
I am more interested in revolutionary beauty than in the great beauty, to be honest. Italian cinema is now mostly a bureau for tourism. We have given up that revolution of the contemporary.

Luca Guadagnino
I wish, to be honest, that there were more myths about me. I wish I was more of a mythical person, and that then I’d have myths to dispel.

I really didn’t even have time to get that many lessons, to be honest, because I was suddenly on the road. I was kind of thrown in the deep end. But that wasn’t a bad thing when I look back at it.

Caroline Corr
I honed my craft in the military, because it’s the only thing that got me through it, to be honest. Working on music – being able to come home and work on music whenever I got off – was essential. If I didn’t have that, I probably would’ve lost my mind.

It isn’t just sports people that need someone to look up to – everyone needs that: LGBT people, the general public. To be honest, it’s nice to feel that I can inspire so many people in so many areas of public life.

Nicola Adams
To be honest, I’m always really interested when people say they can relate to our songs. On the first album, that wasn’t something I’d ever anticipated or thought about.

Dan Smith
To be honest, it’s considered very late to start acting at 11 and a half, for the industry. Most kids are doing it from toddlerhood on.

Mayim Bialik
And to be honest, most actors are incredibly solipsistic.

Molly Ringwald
I think Romney’s talking himself out of the election, to be honest. I was wondering what was gonna happen when the Republican power structure turned the money on, and then they turned on the money and nothing happened.

Lupe Fiasco
I think the things that can define me is that I’m going to be honest, I’m going to be transparent, I’m going to be as open as I can.

Doug Pederson
I’ve got to be honest, there’s no pleasure when you’re working.

Dana Plato
To be honest with you, I always thought I was going to be in the NBA.

Jimmer Fredette
I do most of my vocals – aside from a couple of little one-shot vocal samples. I record everything into the Saffire with an SM58 then scratch it with loads of plug-ins. I don’t do much vocoding to be honest. All my vocals are usually done with Melodyne and a ton of other plug-ins to make it sound weird.

You can’t be afraid to be honest and to be yourself. We all have imperfections and fall short at some point. Showing your human side creates a sensitivity, openness and trust. That’s the beginning of the demise in a relationship – not being honest and not being you.

BJ the Chicago Kid
To be honest with my music… for me to expect anyone to connect it has to come from a place of honesty.

Keri Hilson
I have to be honest – I don’t love guns.

Vanessa Ferlito
Sometimes it’s better to have a benign dictator than a dumb democracy, to be honest.

Serj Tankian
Oddly, I believe that emotional proximity we feel to close loved ones makes it hard to be honest with them about feelings of depression.

Andy Dunn
I want to go to bed richer than when I woke up. The pursuit of wealth is a wonderful thing, but the thing is you have to be honest about it, you have to tell the truth.

Kevin O’Leary
To be honest, you go to a bat mitzvah in Los Angeles, and you can count on at least a few industry people to be there.

Alden Ehrenreich
I’m blessed with a great memory. To be honest, a lot of times, being on my own at such a young age, my memories were all I had. I didn’t have many pictures.

Jaime Pressly
To be honest, all my career I’ve been at one number, I have my fighting weight, my happy place and that’s 78kgs.

Nico Hulkenberg
To be honest, I never really considered myself to be too much of an actress. So, whenever I get the chance to do music, I’m always, like, just in it. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I finally get to do this. I’m so happy.’

Ariana Grande
To be honest, whenever I go to shoots, or I’m on set, it really makes makeup special and allows me to have so much more fun with it – I don’t wear it on an everyday basis, because I like my skin to breathe.

Samira Wiley
To be honest, my life is not really as way-out and myth-loaded as people like to portray it.

Grace Jones
To be honest, if you are not the manager’s cup of tea, you can’t do anything about it.

Wilfried Zaha
To be honest, I used to always procrastinate when I write. I mean, I love writing, but I hate it.

David Grann
To be honest, accents are one of those things for me, personally, that usually come quite naturally by just listening to the people.

Laura Donnelly
Growing up, I’ve had plenty of obstacles, but to be honest, I didn’t always have doubters. I was a standout athlete, so when that happens, you don’t have too many people telling you ‘You can’t do this,’ and ‘You can’t do that.’ I’ve always been a bit of a people person and a hard worker.

Roman Reigns
My working style is democratic and I want people to be honest with me. Reputation makes everyone agree with your point, which is dangerous for any filmmaker.

Sriram Raghavan
I want to be honest about my faith, but not preachy, for my viewers and my readers.

Ainsley Earhardt
I’m not the guy that wants to be famous and make loads of money and sell loads of records. I don’t want that. I just want to be true. I want to be… I want to serve music. I want to be honest.

Damien Rice
The only way for me to be an artist is to be honest in my craft. If I veer from that, I’m not giving the investors what they want. Sometimes it’s my job as an artist to know what I want to do, even when the fans tell me different.

Talib Kweli
I sometimes lie awake at night and wonder why I am still so popular and, to be honest, I don’t know.

I think a lot of women want to be, like… ‘I’m cool with stretch marks and my body changing.’ To be honest, I thought I’d be a lot cooler with it, but I’m struggling with my weight gain. I know I’m healthy… but I was expecting to not be as affected by it… I’m self-conscious.

Kat Von D
To be honest, I don’t even exactly know how to set up a Google alert. My brother has me on Google alert. So do my parents. But I’m not even sure how it works.

Vanessa Bayer
I’m now in my late 30s, and I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and family. To be honest, I’ve decided to push aside thoughts of marriage and personal questions for now.

Gong Yoo
Nicki Minaj, I’m at MTV. I’m going to be honest with you: I love you. I like you. I want you; I want you to be mine. Only reason I’m not telling you this face to face is because I understand that you’re busy.

DJ Khaled
I represent my community, and I represent my people. And I’ve got to be honest if something seems questionable.

Wyatt Cenac
Honestly, like, I fall in love with souls, and I don’t really even see anything but that, to be honest.

Lauren Jauregui
For me, romance isn’t an over-the-top act. It’s someone offering to help and to support me. Or if that person thinks I’m making the wrong decision, he’ll tell me. I want him to be honest, because being that honest takes a lot of guts.

Thora Birch
I can confidently say that if there is any criticism levelled at me, then I have done that already. It’s what happens when you try to be honest and hard-working.

Robert Green
To be honest, I don’t feel pressure. I honestly don’t feel pressure.

Nikita Parris
I asked for the fight with Pulev to be honest with you. I didn’t duck and dive.

Dereck Chisora
To be honest, after all the crap that happened with ‘Summer Heights High,’ I was like, ‘I’m not going to write anything controversial or edgy ever again; I just can’t handle the blame.’

Chris Lilley
I think it’s important to be honest with yourself about what you want and it’s important to be honest with your partner about what you need.

Alison Brie
I think that being on a reality show is difficult. We’re expected to be honest, and especially since we are honest, it creates issues sometimes in relationships.

Kyle Richards
On any longball, people try to outjump each other. I don’t mind a big jump, but to be honest, the only thing you have to do is fight for the spot where the ball is going to land.

Vincent Kompany
After 114 Test matches, 228 ODIs, and 78 T20 Internationals, it is time for others to take over. I have had my turn, and to be honest, I am tired.

AB de Villiers
To be honest, I was never very ambitious. And I still am not.

Christopher Walken
I’ve always been a centre-half, to be honest.

Chris Smalling
To be honest, I’m not even thinking about America. If I was to start thinking about the enormity of ‘Downton’ and the size of the project, then I wouldn’t be able to be very truthful to the work. I would start to watch myself too much. I’m not even thinking about it. Who knows what will happen.

Tom Cullen
I drank more wine when I wasn’t working as much, to be honest.

Thomas Keller
You have to be honest about what kind of films you want to make.

Vikramaditya Motwane
To be honest, I’m shocked the University of Washington’s sports teams are called the Huskies. Why haven’t the Leftists that run this entire state demanded they be renamed the ‘Athletes of Size’ so as to not fat shame anyone?

Milo Yiannopoulos
Be it 120 frames or 24 frames or film or theatre, you’re trying to be a fully formed human being and trying to be honest.

Joe Alwyn
To be honest I never thought the acting thing would get off the ground.

Jill Hennessy
To be honest, I still get awestruck when I meet my heroes and the people I admire. I think that’s only natural.

Barry Keoghan
To be honest with you, I don’t have one track that I consider better than the next because all I’m trying to do is still grow as an artist. I got way better since the early nineties, as far as putting words together. My best energy probably was the ’90s, because I was new.

Growing up in Highbridge was real. Me and all my friends, we never really went to any other places in the Bronx but Highbridge. We always just stayed in Highbridge. It was like territory, to be honest, because Highbridge is like a town.

A Boogie wit da Hoodie
My creative process is a bit manic at times, to be honest. I wake up Monday and Thursday stressed because I don’t have a video. I usually – with the exception of maybe a handful of videos – wake up, write the video, shoot the video, edit the video, release the video all in the same day.

Lilly Singh
We need to be honest with the public.

Mitch McConnell
To be honest, I’m probably more of a comedy person, actually. I really enjoy the comedy stuff, and I’ve got some things I’ll be working on that I think are just different ways of combining genres in comedy and drama and action.

Sharlto Copley
I’ve been successful, but I haven’t had any unwanted attention. To be honest, I’ve never invited or courted attention. I think if you act normal, then people will treat you normally. If you go around with a big entourage all the time, you’re not staying true to yourself.

Bonnie Tyler
I wouldn’t mind working with Queens of the Stone Age, doing some guitar stuff on that. Even Arctic Monkeys. I’d like to do be a bit of guitar with them guys. I’ll play on anyone’s record to be honest with you.

Steve Jones
I just like when a guy dresses for comfort, to be honest. If he takes longer to get ready than I do, that’s a deal breaker.

Ronda Rousey
The rankings – they don’t mean crap, to be honest.

Urijah Faber
To be honest with you, the fact that people vibe with my music is just a really positive byproduct of something that is just a reflex to me. The fact that people even care to listen means a lot to me.

Jessie Reyez
I always market research my books before I hand them in by showing them to five or six close friends who I trust to be honest with me, so they are very heavily re-written already.

Helen Fielding
To be honest, I was never against marrying Kunal.

Soha Ali Khan
I’m not a big fan of prequels to be honest.

Steven Knight
To be honest, while every market is very different, we are all still fundamentally moved and inspired by similar human truths – love, fear, belonging, desire, and so on.

David Droga
One of the key elements is the ability to be honest with yourself.

Bill Toomey
It is better to be quotable than to be honest.

Tom Stoppard
I am a welterweight, so do I want to fight Mayweather or Pacquiao? To be honest, it has not entered my head.

Paulie Malignaggi
From what I’ve seen he keeps his right side forward, he throws his left hand, throws his left leg and likes to throw a few elbows, but to be honest with you, I’m not very impressed by Darren Till – I think Masvidal is a better fighter. I think he brings more to the table than Darren Till.

Stephen Thompson
I’ve always been honest with all my kids. So I – if they did well, they did well. And if they didn’t, actually, I asked, did you try your best? And if they tried their best, then, you know, I back out because I expect them to be honest with me or with themselves. And I can’t make you go out there and work out hard.

Ryan Lochte
To be honest, I am scared of acting, and moreover, I want to be perfect on the musical stage first.

I was an overly young father, is the most polite way of putting it. I think I was rather immature and all I can say is that I think I’ve made a much better grandfather… I don’t think I was ready to be a father to be honest.

Michael Morpurgo
People used to talk about my lyrical content and not about my music, and to be honest, I think I have got lazy with my lyrics over the years.

I always enjoyed sport. I was a bit of a wild child, to be honest, and just loved running around.

Kiki Dee
There’s the dual challenge of wanting to speak from an authentic place, and then being able to be honest about it. Even in the most mannered art, I think that’s what people value, is a voice that comes from a real place.

John Darnielle
I’m not really a book person, to be honest.

Jesse Lingard
To be honest, I’ve been a passionate advocate for the value of tech to help us connect to people in real and emotional ways – and stick up for myself when people say, ‘Sklar! Stop tweeting!’

Rachel Sklar
For the actors, the talent is to serve the demands that I ask of them, to do it with naturality and truth, and to be honest when we were terrified.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve played bad for England, I’ve certainly not been as bad as some people say. That criticism has been hard to take. I don’t think I’ve let the country down too many times.

Ashley Cole
To be honest, there are no problems between me and Messi. People have their own opinions about who they think is the better player. It is what it is, but there is no rivalry beyond games and what happens on the pitch.

Cristiano Ronaldo
To be honest, ‘Jurassic Park’ was before my time. I was super into the superhero movies and stuff. Mum and Dad, they were like, ‘Sam Neill – honey, do you know who that is?’ I’m like, ‘No. I’ll Google him.’ He’s the nicest person and a big kid.

Julian Dennison
To be honest, I don’t think I ever had thought I had to be successful. I just saw a need and I liked to be challenged, that’s my personality.

Anastasia Soare
It’s very important for Christians to be honest with God, which often, you know, God is much more interested in who you are than who you want to be.

Women want honesty but sometimes get upset if you are honest, so you need to know when to be honest.

George Hamilton
I don’t want to lie. Always, I want to be honest and I say,I don’t think about tomorrow. I don’t think about next season.’

Mauricio Pochettino
To be honest with you, it was almost like I could do no wrong after ‘Maxinquaye.’ And when I was putting together ‘Nearly God,’ I was thinking, ‘Will you stay with me if I put out something that radio cannot play?’

To be honest, producing records interests me less at the moment and I really don’t want to get involved in album projects that are going to take up a lot of time.

Phil Collins
I’d never rule anything out, to be honest with you, whether it be the small of volunteer status for a community organization or national politics, who knows?

Vance McAllister
I don’t really want to control anyone, to be honest.

Amber Valletta
Self-confidence is something I’ve always lacked in. But finally, at some point, I just decided to be honest.

Lauren Alaina
I’ve always just focused on the work, and I’ve just tried to be honest with the work. If the work speaks to people, fantastic.

Garth Davis
Some players have got their price, but, to be honest, that’s not the way I look at the game.

Jack Wilshere
I’m really not big on nationalism, to be honest with you. I really don’t think it gets people anywhere except near a pile of dead bodies. I’m Irish, yeah, but I don’t need to get up on a soapbox about it.

Dylan Moran
To be honest, the real money is in merchandising and performances.

I like books. I read a lot, to be honest.

Ada Hegerberg
I don’t know why ‘Midsomer Murders’ is so popular; I’ve asked this many times and I’ve asked the Germans particularly because I’ve become very fond of them, to be honest. And they say it’s the irony, the sense of humour and so on.

John Nettles
To be honest, I’m in love with denim. It hasn’t been my go-to Lion Babe look, but it’s very much my ‘everyday Jillian look.’ I am in denim every single day.

Jillian Hervey
To be honest, the reason I have my cats is to force myself to think about something other than myself.

Marie Helvin
To be honest, I am very comfortable with myself.

Siddharth Shukla
I had a bit of a strange childhood, to be honest.

James Arthur
Soccer players in L.A. can kind of just walk the streets. They have bigger people to take pictures of. They see Sylvester Stallone walking down the street, I don’t think they are going to want an Ashley Cole picture, to be honest.

Ashley Cole
To be honest, I don’t enjoy watching movies much when I’m working. They tend to fall apart on me a bit.

Christopher Nolan
I had more friends on my hockey team than I did on my soccer team. I might have been better at soccer, to be honest. But I think it was more the friendship, and my family was more of a hockey family than a soccer family, so when I had to make a decision, I tried hockey, and it turned out to be a good decision.

Carl Hagelin
I learned a long time ago to be honest when I’m talking to other artists. Up-and-coming artists used to come and say something, they would have a demo reel, and I would try to tell them the truth. I don’t go up and say something unless I really feel it.

To be honest, at the beginning of 2019, I never thought about making my ODI debut.

Vijay Shankar
I don’t look too far ahead, to be honest.

Ashley Cole
You have to be funny about it and honest about it. You can’t leave yourself out of that mix. You have to be honest enough to say, I’m that messed-up one in the family.

Louie Anderson
My whole goal is to be honest and sincere with the music I’m making.

Anderson East
Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.

Walter Anderson
To be honest, I’m not really prepared to do a musical, simply because I think I have a pretty atrocious voice.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Who would I think is the favorite? Well, to be honest, I think the top players. We are all very close, very equal.

Garbine Muguruza
If you’re trying to appeal to my generation you’ve got to be honest.

Katie Hill
I feel like a total hippie right now. I’m passionate about all sorts of things – a lot of boring, cuddly Hallmark things, to be honest.

Dreama Walker
I don’t really know anything about sales figures, to be honest with you.

Jimmy Page
I don’t like the word ‘satisfaction’ – never have. I don’t think I’ll be satisfied with anything, really, to be honest.

Tom Coughlin
To be honest, I would probably rather spend, like, a month in prison than spend a month rehearsing with some musicians, metalheads. I pick prison over that, really. And I say that knowing well what prison is like, so don’t get me wrong here. Prison sucks big time.

Varg Vikernes
To be honest, for me, my main workout is when I’m on stage. Even though I make pop music, I don’t think I perform in the classic ‘pop star’ sort of way. I’m very active on stage; I always end up dripping in sweat afterwards. It’s always like a full-on, wild performance, so that’s pretty much like my exercise, I would say.

Charli XCX
It probably can take me anywhere I want to be, but I have to be honest, being attorney general is a great job.

Lisa Madigan
To be honest with you, getting knocked out isn’t that bad. It’s not what everybody makes it out to be.

Stephen Thompson
To be honest, and I may regret saying this, the idea of playing the same character for a very long time is very daunting to me.

Lucy Punch
I’m not that big of a reader, to be honest.

Ansel Elgort
It might be that you never want to get married, or it might be that you really, really do. Either is fine. What’s not fine is not to be honest about what you want.

Joanna Coles
I’ve always been a person who’s been true to myself and true to others, and I’m not afraid to be honest.

Tamar Braxton
I even agree with the new digital ways of filmmaking, where you don’t even have physical film in the camera, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want to use it.

J. Lee Thompson
If, just because it’s the Premier League, I started trying to play the simple pass instead of trying the harder pass, that is not the type of person I am, to be honest.

James Maddison
I have to be honest, I don’t pay as much attention to women’s fashion, but being a sneaker head, I do like it when a girl can rock a nice pair of sneakers. Not every girl can do it. Every girl looks good in heels – that’s a given – but not every girl can look good in fresh kicks.

Bryan Greenberg
Over a three year period, I gave away half of what I had. To be honest, my hands shook as I signed it away. I knew I was taking myself out of the race to be the richest man in the world.

Ted Turner
To be honest, I just want to go somewhere where I can wear a white Speedo.

Johnny Weir
The Democratic Party now is an extension of this poisonous identity politics on college campuses and to be honest, I can only hope it continues because American by and large are not buying it.

Heather Mac Donald
To be honest, I think, for me, the power is always with art. The art world clearly couldn’t happen without art.

Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Obviously we had to study Shakespeare at school, but to be honest, I was not a fan. I found the language very difficult, and I didn’t enjoy watching it or studying it. I auditioned five times for the Royal Shakespeare Company early on in my career, and I didn’t even get past the first rounds.

Samuel Barnett
To be honest, it was only when I was first in the French Ligue 1 that my manager and other people started to say, ‘Okay, N’Golo recovers a lot of balls.’ Before that, I didn’t consider it to be my job in the team.

N’Golo Kante
I would love to do a track with Will.I.Am. He’s always creating amazing songs. I mean, to be honest, Chris Brown has always been amazing, so I would hop on there and let him do his thing and create some magic there. As for a producer, I would love to work with J.R. Rotem. He’s my favorite producer out there.

Roshon Fegan
When you’re able to be honest with yourself about who you are and finally can present your authentic true self to the world, you feel so much better about yourself, and it makes it easier for everyone else to feel better about you.

Gus Kenworthy
Of course, I grew up hearing Latin music but, to be honest, aside from my personal circumstances, like most kids I wanted to rebel against what I considered to be such old fashioned fare.

Oscar Hijuelos
At the 2012 Olympics, there was a nutritionist in the food hall telling us, ‘Eat that. And eat that.’ After winning my gold, I went to McDonald’s for chicken nuggets and a strawberry milkshake, but that was just for the hell of it. I don’t feel hungry after a match, to be honest.

Nicola Adams
To be honest, there is no place like home.

Katherine Langford
To be honest, neither ‘Satta’ nor ‘Stumped’ needed songs and music. But when we recorded a good soundtrack album, everyone suggested we create credible situations for songs.

Raveena Tandon
When I was a kid, I would mess around on the streets with my mates, winding people up and making them angry. It got to the point where someone called the cops, and we had to run away. But to be honest, now I am a calm guy.

Sometimes what someone else does is really not what you expected them to do, which to be honest, sometimes doesn’t work.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
To be honest, a lot of ride-alongs are not that great. There might be one or two calls on the radio – not a lot – depending on what time you go.

Ramon Rodriguez
I got given a pair of Christmas socks with penguins on. They know you’re obviously not going to wear them. I think they do it just to annoy you, to be honest.

Jamie Vardy
Shakespeare language is fantastic, and to be honest, you don’t need to do anything to Shakespeare.

Sam Heughan
I am not really into paintings, to be honest, but for me, the art I love is when I see singers putting their heart into their song, actors giving the performance of their lives, and books and movies that make me feel something I never thought I could; there’s art in everything as long as it’s made with soul.

Sara Sampaio
Being asked to describe what ‘post-racial’ means is a bit like being asked to describe a leprechaun, cold fusion or unicorns: we know what is meant, but, if we are willing to be honest, we also know that none of the four describe something real, something tangible, something true.

Tim Wise
Music and songs are written at different periods of time, at different times in your life. They reflect the feelings you have and to be honest, I quite like having positive emotions.

Scott Ian
I’m happy to dance with anyone, to be honest. I’ve had some great partners, who have all been talented. But not all of them at dancing.

Anton du Beke
I don’t normally cook, but if I did it probably would be beans, sausage, bacon and eggs. I never really get to eat that to be honest.

Wayne Rooney
Music left my life for a while, to be honest. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it, but you know, I’m not really a solo player.

Christine McVie
I consider everyone a hero, to be honest.

Elliot Knight
Wearing jeans or any kind of long pants, it just sucks for me, to be honest.

Brian Shaw
I have to be honest, I am a true jeans and t-shirt girl.

Emmanuelle Chriqui
To be honest, I grew up with Alan Menken’s music.

Mallory Jansen
I do not work for the shareholder, to be honest. I work for the customer.

Paul Polman
I had a few friends when moving to L.A. but have been so lucky to have made such great friends. I think it’s most important to be honest and real and put out good vibes.

Gigi Gorgeous
To be honest, any one of those guys that I’ve stepped in the Octagon with – Darren Till, Anthony Pettis, Tyron Woodley – I would love to step back in the Octagon with those guys.

Stephen Thompson
To be honest with you, I’m more of a girl’s girl. I’m much more comfortable being around other girls.

Jamie Chung
I am shocked as to how much importance my weight garners in the world we live in. I don’t know why it is so important, to be honest.

I speak my mind. If it offends some people, well, there’s not much I can do about that. But I’m going to be honest. I’m going to continue to speak my mind, and that’s who I am.

Jesse Ventura
If I write when I’m low, it will be a dark song, but I don’t care. I want to be honest with myself at all times.

Ayumi Hamasaki
I love that ‘…Baby One More Time’ video, to be honest; it’s amazing.

Charli XCX
To be honest, sometimes I’m horrified because you don’t really know what you look like. If I really knew what I was doing on-screen, I would try to stop doing it.

Jennifer Coolidge
To be honest, I miss the old Hollywood way of having some mystique about the star.

Nicole Scherzinger
To be honest, I never compare myself with the rookies.

Max Verstappen
I don’t think about my look that much, to be honest. It’s what I’ve always known, it’s what I’ve grown up with, and I wouldn’t ever want to step too far away from my most authentic self.

Mia Goth
To be honest, I sort of feel like ‘movie actor’ isn’t of this time. I love it. But it’s a 20th-century art form.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I just don’t want to fail, to be honest.

Sonny Bill Williams
It took Austria a long time to be honest about its past.

Sebastian Kurz
I didn’t launch the website with any goals in mind, to be honest. I didn’t know that it would have been anything other than a digital portfolio once I graduated college.

Leandra Medine
When you got a great cast around you, it makes the story easier to tell, to be honest.

Josh Segarra
To be honest, in 2012, I was against both candidates, and so I just picked any third party because I thought if more people voted for third parties then they’d have to take third parties seriously.

Ronda Rousey
To be honest, I didn’t even know what the Drama Desk Awards were until I was nominated.

Spencer Kayden
Actually, to be honest, this is a useful time to not be knowing what I’ll be doing in 2013 or 2014, because really, for the last however many years, I’ve known what I’ve been doing for years and years ahead. You get into a cycle of non-reflection, and that gets a bit scary.

Stephen Daldry
If we keep making things based on violence and platform jumping, you don’t need Ellen Page to do this, to be honest. It would be a waste of time and a waste of money.

David Cage
Changing position comes naturally to me, to be honest.

Victor Moses
My guiding principles in life are to be honest, genuine, thoughtful and caring.

Prince William
To be honest, writing comics is a dream come true – the form is unparalleled and is home to some of the most original and innovative storytelling around.

Adam Christopher
I think the key for a child to do well in a divorce is, very simply, you have to be honest with them.

Dale Archer
Dare to be honest and fear no labor.

Robert Burns
To be honest, whenever I run away from something, I land up straight into it.

Shilpa Shinde
To be honest, I feel like I think too much. So I like working out because it makes me kind of relax.

Heather Graham
I had my whole life to write a bunch of crappy songs and then play them in front of people and think, ‘All right, that one out of these seven is really good; it’s a keeper.’ But on this second album, to be honest, I probably wrote about 50 songs where I was just trying to write a hit.

Andy Grammer
I have to be honest: I don’t get many, if any – I don’t know that I’ve ever received a phone call in my office from somebody that says they’ve been discriminated against based on their sexual orientation.

Kevin Cramer
To be honest, I chose romance because writing a book seemed so dauntingly long. I looked around for something short, discovered Harlequin romances, and decided to read a few to see if I could do it.

Lori Wilde
I took a big risk to come to Hull, I have to be honest. But I loved it there, I really did. Great club and great people.

Marco Silva
To be honest, I am not happy about all the publicity.

Jean Alesi
We have to be honest and state that Nazis were involved in all Austrian parties after the Second World War: in the Freedom Party, in the Socialist Party, and also in my party.

Sebastian Kurz
I don’t really have a strict diet. I tend to keep the junk food out, but I tend to follow my cravings as well. I love the chips, the hot wings, fries. I tend to eat it all, to be honest.

Tori Bowie
My mom always told me if I love what I’m doing, and I’m having fun, then just continue to do it. But if it’s not fun for me anymore, and I’m miserable, then I’m going to go back to Texas and quit it all, to be honest.

Selena Gomez
To be honest, before I joined the industry, I knew very little about the fashion world, and I hardly knew any name brands. Probably because the price tags were a little too high, and home girl needed to work.

Halima Aden
To be honest, I don’t really care about any pope. It’s not something I think about much, to be quite honest with you.

Viggo Mortensen
I hate wearin’ sunglasses, to be honest with you. You don’t need sunglasses in Ireland.

Tristan MacManus
To be honest, my friends weren’t really as into making films as I was. But I convinced them all to make some zombie films with me.

Hideo Kojima
You ask men in office to be honest; I ask them to serve the public.

Lincoln Steffens
I never thought I was particularly talented, and to be honest with you, I still don’t.

Willie Aames
To be honest I quit taking training and fighting so seriously and went back to living my life and having fun. I try to teach that to all the guys who come out here to train and live with me.

Donald Cerrone
No such thing as a man willing to be honest – that would be like a blind man willing to see.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
To be honest, it doesn’t matter who is next to me in whatever team.

Max Verstappen
If there’s a responsibility, it’s just to be honest in what I’ve experienced and to put it in my work.

Salim Akil
Stories about the ongoing dramas in our lives as we age are not being told because women find it difficult to be honest about what’s going on – about, for example, our heightened sexuality as we age or about living in a society that only values youth.

Olympia Dukakis
To be honest, I was born in luxury. I never saw the dearth of money, so money is not something which motivates me.

Ranbir Kapoor
To be honest, I don’t love the getting-ready-for-red-carpet thing. I like when it’s done, the final product, but the actual doing of all that is not my favorite ’cause I’m kind of impatient, and I don’t like to be doted on. I’m a very independent, ‘I’ll do it myself’ sort of personality.

Amber Stevens
I’m actually not a very good driver, to be honest with you. I’m a scatterbrain driver. I’m not very focused. I’m always trying to find the right music station or put on a new CD or trying to eat something.

Lauren Lee Smith
To be honest, I don’t know how comedy works.

Bill Hader
God’s forgiveness allows us to be honest with ourselves. We recognize our imperfections, admit our failures, and plead to God for clemency.

Jonathan Sacks
It is very difficult for us to know we love somebody because it is an insecure position to be in. But in the end, it is important to be honest about your love because life is not that long.

Yoko Ono
I am so not hooked into watching TV or listening to the radio, to be honest. Usually, when I do, I get angry.

Fred Schneider
I always find the idea of Britishness a bit of a boring old concept, to be honest. That world of Britishness always comes off a bit twee and only about cream teas and that sort of things.

Giles Deacon
Don’t try to be anybody else, because that’s what I do. I do me. I’m not trying to impress anybody. I’m not trying to please my pastor at church. I’m not trying to even please my mom, to be honest.

Anjelah Johnson
I’m a bit of a cougar, to be honest.

Jessica Origliasso
I love working with Chanel, and long may it reign, to be honest. I hope it lasts forever.

Poppy Delevingne
Being a Deol for me is to be honest; walking with my head held high and never having to bow in front of injustice.

Abhay Deol
When I think of artists I love, like J. Cole, it’s the storytelling that grabs me. I want to be honest with my music.

Dua Lipa
I’m not one who likes to be honored, to be honest with you. That’s never been who I am.

Jerry West
To be honest, there is a special gift for doing voice-overs, and the people who did the voices in the ‘SpongeBob’ cast are excellent at cartoon voice-overs, and they bring something extra to the reads.

Stephen Hillenburg
I have to be honest: in my career, I’ve really had to fight to come in the middle again. A lot of managers told me, ‘You are way more comfortable as a winger than as a midfielder,’ but I always kept my trust and confidence in what I knew about my qualities.

Georginio Wijnaldum
To be honest, I came up with the Carmella character completely on my own.

I wasn’t really big enough when I was filming at school for it to affect anyone too much, but I think my friends that were consistently in my videos during that time definitely got attention that they weren’t anticipating. I’m not quite sure how they felt about it to be honest.

Emma Chamberlain
My whole thing isn’t about being vegan, to be honest. It’s more about a more natural diet.

Ella Woodward
Football is a relatively small industry and there are times, while you want to be honest, that it is best to pull a few punches. You never know, you might need to work with that person again.

Neil Warnock
I don’t wash my hair that often, to be honest.

I left ‘Containment’ for the first time understanding the exhaustion some people have after they’ve done a really demanding emotional and physical project. I wanted a break, to be honest with you, and I needed to recover.

Chris Wood
All my shows are therapy, trying to navigate interesting subjects so I can work them out and to be honest and say some things are beyond the wit of this man.

Marcus Brigstocke
I’ve seen the odd tarot reader and had my palm read in various countries and explained to me in many strains of broken English. Did I believe a word? To be honest, I didn’t understand much, but I loved watching the presentation.

Simon Baker
I have to be honest: I think production is mad – exciting – because, of course, you’re creating the record. When you’re a singer, you’re just singing. Creating the music, directing, and seeing where it’s gonna go in production is very, very exciting.

I was a 19 year old kid; I was 170 lbs soaking wet. I didn’t have an identity. I didn’t have a look. I didn’t have the proper gear. I was just a young guy trying to be a wrestler. So, to be honest, WWE didn’t even give me a second look.

Adam Cole
All I will say is that I’m playing a lot of different roles that, to be honest, are more interesting and demanding than any I’ve played before.

Sophie Marceau
The fun one can have writing books about books is limitless, to be honest.

Jasper Fforde
To be honest, I was Mum’s boy. Always was, always will be.

Frank Lampard
I think with defense especially, you have your core principles. If you do those consistently, then it’s easy to make, sort of, game-to-game adjustments. But, when you’re not doing your core principles consistently, you end up just guessing a lot. To be honest with you, that’s what bad teams do.

J. J. Redick
As a kid, I liked the ‘Halloween’ movies and ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ and all that kind of stuff. But as an adult, I really don’t watch much horror, to be honest.

Corey Feldman
I think that Christians who have an interest in filmmaking need to deepen their love for cinema. To be honest, that’s what I think has been missing historically from the Christians who want to succeed in the Hollywood industry.

Scott Derrickson
To be honest, marriage doesn’t scare me and that, it’s just once you’ve been together for so long, if you haven’t got any kids it’s just a big expensive day out for everyone else to enjoy, isn’t it?

Karl Pilkington
When you’re a kid, to be honest, you could be in the worst situation ever, but you’re still going to have ways to enjoy it.

Halima Aden
I so desperately wanted to be honest, and I so desperately wanted to love myself and accept myself for who I was.

Diane Guerrero
But I think it’s more that when you’re young, you’re invincible, you’re immortal – or at least you think you are. The possibilities are limitless, you’re inventing the future. Then you get older and suddenly you have a history. It’s fixed. You can’t change anything. I find that a bit disturbing, to be honest.

Damien Hirst
For me, I like old-school rap music. There was a time when music was so, so rich overall, and the content of what people talked about was so deep on every level, song-for-song, pound-for-pound, and on radio, there was so much content. I gravitate more towards that type of music, to be honest.

To be honest dinner conversations was the worst bit about being a child and listening to the boring people around me.

Prince Harry
I couldn’t knock on people’s door; if they answered the door and said, ‘I don’t want to speak to you,’ I’d be like, ‘Oh, OK then – I wouldn’t either, to be honest.’

Katherine Kelly
To be honest, because there’s loud music in my ears probably three hours a day, between sound check and the show, I listen to podcasts more than I listen to music on the road.

St. Vincent
To be honest, you don’t get the full picture when you read a script.

Maika Monroe
We all carry extreme heartache and demons. Instead of pretending like we don’t, I like to be honest and real.

Ashlyn Harris
You’ve just got to be honest and straightforward.

Virgil Goode
I love being onstage and I love to perform. To be honest with you, I’m more comfortable performing than I am in an everyday situation, which I can’t quite explain.

Melanie Chisholm
Typically, every 14 to 16 months, we’re putting a new album out. To be honest, I wish it was slower.

Jay DeMarcus
To be honest, I was not very good in studies; I was an average student. I used to work hard, whether it was for wrestling or studies, as I considered myself not that talented. I used to mug up everything during exams.

Sangram Singh
The most valuable insight on choosing whom to love is to be honest with yourself about the man standing before you.

Niecy Nash
I haven’t watched that much TV, to be honest. To be honest, I don’t watch that many films anymore – partly because I don’t have time; secondly, because I watch a lot of sports, and I love watching sports.

Mads Mikkelsen
We’re always working on our communication, which is something that’s important. Instead of going through managers to discuss things, we will sit down and have meetings about things. That’s a process. And you have to be able to be honest with each other as much as you can.

Mike McCready
To be honest, I don’t see anyone out there who plays the way I do.

Andrea Pirlo