Top 70 James Bond Quotes

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I have always hated that damn James Bond. I'd like to k
I have always hated that damn James Bond. I’d like to kill him.

Sean Connery
Having rain on your tuxedo is a pretty good reminder that you’re not James Bond.

Joel Edgerton
People do connect me with James Bond simply because I happen to like scrambled eggs and short-sleeved shirts and some of the things that James Bond does, but I certainly haven’t got his guts nor his very lively appetites.

Ian Fleming
We don’t ask the actor playing James Bond what his sexual preference is. So I don’t know what it is, really, with trying to out actors who portray gay characters on television. But it is some sort of fascination in society.

Jack Falahee
There’s one major difference between James Bond and me. He is able to sort out problems!

Sean Connery
When I was shooting ‘The Bourne Identity,’ I had a mantra: ‘How come you never see James Bond pay a phone bill?’ It sounds trite, but it became the foundation of that franchise.

Doug Liman
That’s it. I’ve said all I’ve got to say on the world of James Bond.

Pierce Brosnan
I have three brothers; we’ve been playing James Bond forever.

Josh Holloway
I was raised with James Bond. I love James Bond movies. I would love to do a James Bond movie one day. Action is very cinematic.

Denis Villeneuve
When you’re a young boy, you’re looking at older men for role modelling. Before I loved De Niro, I loved Clint Eastwood; I loved John Wayne. And James Bond.

Ben Mendelsohn
The reason that Shaft has a dominant theme song is because James Bond has a dominant theme song.

Cheo Hodari Coker
I took the first James Kelman novel, ‘The Bus Conductor Hines’, home to my dad. I thought, ‘My dad will like this; it’s written in Scots.’ But my dad said: ‘I can’t read that.’ He was reading James Bond and John le Carre. That was part of what attracted me to crime – the idea of getting a wide audience.

Ian Rankin
In the ’80s, when I was watching Bond films in the cinemas, Roger Moore was the man. I’ll always have a soft spot for him. His Bond films were light-hearted and silly as well as action-packed. For me, this spoke volumes. It meant that, someday, maybe someone like me with a whacky sense of humour could be James Bond.

Rhys Darby
Everyone wants to be James Bond, and there’s a queue of guys ahead of me – but I will throw my hat into the ring. Bond is such an iconic role, you would have to seriously think how to approach it.

David Harewood
My advice is this. For Christ’s sake, don’t write a book that is suitable for a kid of 12 years old, because the kids who read who are 12 years old are reading books for adults. I read all of the James Bond books when I was about 11, which was approximately the right time to read James Bond books.

Terry Pratchett
One of the bibles of my youth was ‘Birds of the West Indies,’ by James Bond, a well-known ornithologist, and when I was casting about for a name for my protagonist I thought, ‘My God, that’s the dullest name I’ve ever heard,’ so I appropriated it. Now the dullest name in the world has become an exciting one.

Ian Fleming
All I did as a child was pretend to be James Bond or Marlon Brando. When I was about four, I put on my dad’s work boots and went up and down the street with his walking stick pretending to be Charlie Chaplin.

Aneurin Barnard
I don’t think anyone has ever succeeded in putting Ian Fleming’s James Bond up on the screen. The closest in my opinion is Pierce Brosnan.

Christopher Lee
That James Bond movie? The one where Bond skis off a cliff, shucks his skis, and parachutes to the ground? That’s for me. That’s what I want to be. A stuntman in a Bond movie.

Eddie the Eagle
I really wanted to be the American James Bond when I was starting out in the business. Then I got ‘Falcon Crest,’ and the film portion of my career took a back seat.

Lorenzo Lamas
I have been saying to my agent and my wife for many, many months that I am going to be James Bond one day. I hope I’m not too ‘street’ for it.

Ashley Walters
Austin sounds a little bit like Aston Martin, which is the type of car James Bond would drive.

Mike Myers
Danger Mouse’ is James Bond essentially. A rodent James Bond. Oh and slightly Batman too I suppose. And let’s chuck in a little bit Superman while we’re there. He’s an old-fashion swashbuckling hero.

Alexander Armstrong
Anytime I’m locked out of somewhere with another person, I can usually pick the lock successfully. And then I feel like James Bond.

Kevin Morby
When I was a kid, I never wanted to be James Bond. I wanted to be Q, because he was the guy who made all the gadgets. I guess you could say that engineering came naturally.

Grant Imahara
On one level, I would prefer never to hear the words ‘James Bond’ again, but on another level, it is part of my blood and my life. And it’s the only movie in the world that offers a British actor the chance of international recognition.

Timothy Dalton
Comedy. It was just huge in my house. Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness, Monty Python and all those James Bond movies were highly regarded.

Mike Myers
You eventually come to the conclusion that there’s only so much you can do with these established characters, and you start wondering who among us will be the one to create the next ‘Superman’ or ‘Batman’ or ‘James Bond’ or next ‘Lone Ranger.’

Dave Gibbons
One would think that it would be very easy, with an iconic character like James Bond, to keep making the films, but it hasn’t been. But, it sure has been entertaining and rewarding.

Barbara Broccoli
They haven’t said it, but let’s be clear: I would never have been on the list for James Bond, so I’m not labouring under that misapprehension.

Tom Hollander
Sometimes James Bond movies drive me crazy. They’re fun to watch, but they don’t have anything to do at all with what intelligence officers really do.

David Ignatius
I want to play James Bond – are you kidding me? I’m putting my name in the ring!

Orlando Bloom
My favorite movies were ‘Titanic,’ ‘James Bond’ and ‘Pretty Woman’ – people smuggled in pirate copies from China.

Park Yeon-mi
When I was playing James Bond, it was the best job in the world. I mean, it was hard work, all that filming and travelling and tedium on set, but I earned a lot of money, and it was not a taxing job. I just had to say, ‘Shaken, not stirred.’

Roger Moore
There comes a time in every man’s life when he realises he will never be James Bond.

Rhys Darby
I came into music kind of late in life – until I was 17 I wanted to be a spy, wanted to be James Bond, so I had to learn rather quickly and practice longer than most people did to play catch up.

Daryl Davis
I’ve been identified with James Bond or Thomas Crown for so long; suave, elegant, sophisticated men in suits. it’s like you’ve been giving the same performance for 20 years.

Pierce Brosnan
My James Bond wasn’t any different to my Saint or my Persuaders or anything else I’ve done. I’ve just made everything that I play look like me and sound like me.

Roger Moore
I can’t imagine what it would be like being James Bond 24 hours. That must be exhausting.

Javier Bardem
I did a cover of the James Bond theme, and I felt like such a fraud, because the original is so good.

You do a James Bond film, you’re being part of an anachronism, a tradition.

Minnie Driver
In college, my friends called me Mr. James Bond 007 because I entertained everything: blonds, brunettes, redheads. I’m across the board.

Paul Walker
Before Jason Bourne, before Jack Ryan, there was Bond, James Bond, the original two-dimensional, world-saving secret agent.

Alex Berenson
There’s only so long you can play the silent type standing in the background. ‘GoldenEye’ was good for that. I was the villain: James Bond was doing all the heavy lifting. I liked that.

Sean Bean
James Bond has a license to kill, rockstars have a license to be outrageous. Rock is about grabbing people’s attention.

Gene Simmons
Gambhir behaves like he’s a cross between Don Bradman & James Bond.

Shahid Afridi
My wife was a Bond girl, in Diamonds Are Forever, so I play James Bond in real life every day.

Robert Wagner
Whatever you say to yourself about it being just another movie, and you’re going to do the job you always do, it ends up being a ‘Bond’ movie and a sense of what it is to put music to James Bond and to honor the music that exists.

Thomas Newman
I drove from Naples to the Amalfi coast in an Alpha Romeo 1969 Spider, which was lovely. There have been lots of movies made down there, and I felt a bit like James Bond – the driving is quite hairy. The locals have mopeds, but you wouldn’t catch me on a bike on those roads. A tank would be safer!

Paul Hollywood
What kid doesn’t want to pretend they’re James Bond?

Jamie Dornan
See, it’s kind of like James Bond. There’s a new James Bond every couple of years. Maybe I can do the new ‘MacGyver’ and put my own twist on it.

Lucas Till
I don’t understand why James Bond has to be a man all the time. When Pierce Brosnan retires, why not one of us?

Sarah Michelle Gellar
I will forever be a Bond. It’s a small group of men who’ve made this role. Someone said, More men have walked on the moon than have played James Bond.’

Pierce Brosnan
I saw myself as an electronic joy rider. I was like James Bond behind the computer. I was just having a blast.

Kevin Mitnick
I would say the main thing is, don’t just copy yourself, which is what a lot of sequels do. And in some cases, it works. Like James Bond movies. But James Bond is a different type of character.

James Gunn
Sometimes you wanna be James Bond, and sometimes you wanna be Marlon Brando until you realize you can’t be either!

Albert Hammond, Jr.
I wouldn’t want to be a James Bond.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson
I cannot even remember a time before being conscious of James Bond.

Barbara Broccoli
I don’t take modern hip-hop as real. It’s entertaining, it’s fake, like James Bond.

Emmanuel Jal
I saw this man come out. This very handsome, debonair James Bond style man with an incredible voice. All of a sudden I’m becoming a fan and then he started putting his name on the TV screen and it said Michael Buffer and I thought ‘are you kidding me?’

Bruce Buffer
Sable was a character I played for three years, but I am Rena. It would be the same as if Sean Connery went through life being called James Bond.

I believe I can do it, but one of the reasons I don’t really get into the debate is people keep talking about a black James Bond: how a black man should play him.

Colin Salmon
In the last James Bond movie, the villain was a culture captain, a tycoon of culture, a Murdoch figure. It’s not as if people don’t know what is going on.

Thomas Frank
I don’t know how we had about eighteen international stars in it, all playing James Bond.

Val Guest
I’m not handsome enough to be James Bond. Maybe a villain, though.

Matt Smith
There have been so many ‘James Bond’ movies, ‘Spiderman’ films, ‘Mission Impossible’ series, etc. Is there any difference in the basic story? Yet, each time there’s a release, people are excited.

Prabhu Deva
Who actually enjoys skiing? Come on, even Olympic ski masters, even James Bond, think that dressing up in all that fluorescent, insulated kit and having to manoeuvre down a mountain in the freezing cold is no way to spend leisure time.

Claudia Winkleman
I could never be James Bond.

Kevin James
Sean Connery wasn’t the Scottish James Bond and Daniel Craig wasn’t the blue-eyed James Bond. So if I played him, I don’t want to be called the black James Bond.

Idris Elba
I always wanted to make a ‘James Bond’ film, and they only seemed to hire British directors, and I’d made ‘Swingers’ – they were never going to hire me for a ‘James Bond’ film off ‘Swingers.’

Doug Liman