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When I was on 'Saturday Night Live,' all I did was work
When I was on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ all I did was work.

Molly Shannon
I used to watch a lot of Nick at Nite as a kid, and it would play the original ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ and ‘Laugh-In.’

Baron Vaughn
We had to decide: Do we want to do Saturday Night or go to our Senior Prom? We opted for Saturday Night Live.

Mary-Kate Olsen
I mean, sitcoms shouldn’t be doing ‘Saturday Night Live.’ You can’t just do bit after bit after bit. You have to string it together with tight writing and performances. Hollywood seems to have forgotten how to do this.

Joyce DeWitt
I think that’s the thing I learned at ‘Saturday Night Live’ – any time I would try and strategize, I would always, always fall on my face. Things worked out when I tried to make it about what I was feeling at that moment and what I was into in that moment of my life.

Bill Hader
A lot of the original people on ‘SNL’ came through Chicago – and Toronto, I’m sure – but Chicago was the center of it all. When I was there, Chris Farley – I knew him; we hung out and stuff – he went off to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ it was like, ‘It’s possible to be from here and make it.’

Jay Chandrasekhar
I do miss Saturday Night Live, that’s for sure. There’s nothing like it. I just hosted, and I felt I’d only been away for a week.

Mike Myers
I used to sneak up to the 8th floor and watch Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo rehearsing ‘Saturday Night Live’ and could only wonder if I would ever have the chance to be funny. It took me five years to go up the two stories, but it is such a sense of fulfillment to be able to show what I can do on national television.

Dana Carvey
The idea of trying to write sketches the same way we did on Saturday Night Live every day would be damn near impossible.

Chevy Chase
They sent me the script and I thought that there was something very appealing and funny about it. Also, I was familiar with Mike Myers’ work in Saturday Night Live, but I did not know the extent to which he would make this creation.

Michael York
I’ve always had a very dry sense of humor, and I’ve pretty much grown up on Will Ferrell, first on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ then ‘Old School’ and ‘Wedding Crashers.’

Blake Griffin
I’d like to do ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Willard Scott
It’s always nerve-wracking when you’re hosting ‘Saturday Night Live.’ You either sink or swim.

Christina Aguilera
It’s hard to complain when you say, ‘We’re gonna go to the clip where Helen Hunt and Will Ferrell are on ‘Saturday Night Live’ making fun of your song.’

Isaac Hanson
Before I had children, everything about my life was devoted to Saturday Night Live.

Maya Rudolph
Certainly there were so many different people I had as heroes growing up. Steve Martin is always my number one. David Letterman’s show, that was important. And ‘Saturday Night Live,’ obviously.

Will Forte
I don’t think we were shy so much as we were terrified. Especially when we did ‘Saturday Night Live’ on live TV. We looked really animatronic because we were scared, but it came off as being this alien sort of attitude, which served us well, because people were like, ‘Whoa, this is so weird.’

Kate Pierson
I wanted to be the next Dana Carvey. This was my ultimate goal. If I ever cut into a birthday cake and made a wish, I would wish to be on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ If I threw a coin into a fountain, I would wish to be on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ If I saw a shooting star, I would wish to be on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Jimmy Fallon
You know you’re getting older when – well, first off, when you read almost any story that begins ‘You know you’re getting older when.’ But you also know it when you not only never heard of the musical guest on a given ‘Saturday Night Live’ but never heard of the host, either.

Tom Shales
Nihilism in American comedy came along way before ‘The Simpsons.’ There was a fairly nihilistic point of view to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ for instance, back in the beginning, and a lot of really dark comedy had a really anti-sentimental take on life.

Matt Groening
Every time I see Trump on TV these days, I’m waiting for him to burst out, ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!’ That would make sense to me – that this has all been one long ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch.

Maz Jobrani
‘Upright Citizens Brigade’ was a huge influence on us. And growing up we never missed ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Sal Vulcano
I came away from ‘Saturday Night Live’ feeling very well represented. I felt, and I still feel like, they let me do so much stuff that I wanted to do. Stuff that I almost didn’t even know what it was.

Fred Armisen
I wasn’t really qualified to be on Saturday Night Live – I’m not like an impressionist or anything.

Victoria Jackson
I first fell in love with comedy when I’d visit my granny as a kid. Trips to her house meant staying up late drinking Coca-Cola and watching ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Jessica Williams
When I started on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I had the choice of wearing contact lenses, which I had never worn before, or glasses, in order to be able to read the cue cards.

Tina Fey
I grew up watching ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Billy Eichner
Doing Saturday Night Live definitely affects my relationship with my girlfriend and with my family, because you feel so much pressure to do well that night. But I think everyone’s grown to accept that and so they give me my space at the show.

Adam Sandler
We’ve played on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and got not even a Rolling Stone review.

Gord Downie
I know my mom said as early as she can remember letting me watch TV, my one treat a week when I was like 6 was to stay up and watch ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Rashida Jones
Because I have moderated two general election debates – in 2004 and 2008 – I know better than to carp from the sidelines. I am confident in my accomplishment of having had Queen Latifah portray me on ‘Saturday Night Live’ both years.

Gwen Ifill
I remember when I was on ‘Saturday Night Live’ my first year, and I wasn’t getting much. I was down; I was ready to quit.

Tracy Morgan
I started performing non-professionally at birthday parties and family gatherings doing ‘Saturday Night Live’ impressions at four. Then I started for real at seven.

Annaleigh Ashford
I was auditioning a lot in L.A., and I was actually getting called back a lot for sitcoms. But I wasn’t getting jobs. I even tested for ‘Saturday Night Live’ and didn’t get that.

Kay Cannon
You have to understand how lucky I feel. I was on ‘Saturday. Night. Live.’ I played with the Clash! On what planet would I look at anything in my life in any less-than-stellar way?

Fred Armisen
‘Saturday Night Live’ is a show that I think I could have a lot of fun on, just being different characters and maybe singing, too.

Jill Scott
The one thing I could do was voices and impersonations and weird characters, and there was really no call for that, except on Saturday Night Live.

Phil Hartman
In ‘Mother’s Day,’ which is directed by legendary director Garry Marshall, I play a mother figure to the character played by Jason Sudeikis from ‘Saturday Night Live.’ He’s a widower, and I’m a mother who’s helping him to get over the loss of his wife.

Loni Love
I’ve gotta long list of things to do, bucket list things – play ‘Saturday Night Live,’ make a movie. I want a lot of things, but one of my deepest wishes would be to headline – and sell out – Red Rocks.

Grace Potter
I had dreams of conehead aliens when I was little. Before ‘Saturday Night Live’ did it. And then they came out with them, and I went on to be a glorified extra in the movie. When everyone else was laughing, I was scared.

Parker Posey
I went to New York in ’87 to write for ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Bob Odenkirk
I was pretty obsessed with ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Joe Keery
I did a number of local children’s theater plays growing up, but in 5th grade, I had some good times on stage making people laugh as a troll in ‘The Hobbit.’ That solidified my dream to be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ which was hugely influential for me growing up.

Lauren Lapkus
My dream is to be on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ I’m going to do everything to make that happen.

Nafessa Williams
And I watch ‘Saturday Night Live’ religiously, I have since I was a little boy. I watch it basically like one of my favorite sports teams.

Ty Burrell
As a kid I would watch ‘SCTV,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Monty Python’ and ‘The Kids in the Hall,’ and be amazed that these guys got to be different people every week. It spoke to the acting side in me.

Will Sasso
When I got to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ it was a lot like going from pre-school to Harvard, and it took a long time to figure stuff out.

Bill Hader
I never knew what I even looked like in a suit before I worked at ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Andy Samberg
I love ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and I really feel like people who have left before me have always stayed with the show. They never really quite left, which is nice. Everyone kind of stays close.

Fred Armisen
I dropped out of college my junior year to do Saturday Night Live, and I didn’t even consult my parents. They were very supportive because they had no choice.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
It was a terrible blow that was dealt when I was fired from ‘Saturday Night Live’, but I have to say that a few doors opened right away. Movie roles started to roll in, and pretty soon, I was over it.

Joan Cusack
When Rock was on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ that’s what propelled him into the mainstream and made everyone realize, ‘Holy crap, this guy is really talented.’

Randy Orton
I have found that people who really want to work at ‘Saturday Night Live’ and pursue it get pretty close. You have to be funny – but everyone who works there, it was their dream to work there. So it’s kind of nice in that way – there’s a lot of people who say, ‘I just always wanted to do this, and now I’m doing it.’

John Mulaney
I met Adam Sandler through ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and we became friends.

Kevin Nealon
I actually wrote my first zombie book way before I got the job on ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Max Brooks
People would be like, ‘Oh, ‘Saturday Night Live’ is such a stepping stone!’ And I remember being like, ‘A stepping stone?! This is my everything! I could just stop right here! This is the pinnacle!’

Molly Shannon
More than anything, I want to keep working with people of talent like Craig Gillespie, Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood. But there’s also those long-dreamt-of moments: I’d love to host ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I’d love to do a Penguin stand-alone movie at Warner Bros., I’d love to do a Teddy Roosevelt biopic.

Paul Walter Hauser
Well, I loved variety in television, I loved sketch comedy. At ‘Saturday Night Live,’ I stayed almost seven years.

Dana Carvey
My humor is a lot like Kristen Wiig’s from ‘Saturday Night Live’ or ‘Bridesmaids.’ Quirky, off the beaten path.

Nicole Ari Parker
Without realizing it, I think I’ve wanted to do a sketch show since I was, like, 11 years old. Like everybody else in comedy, I grew up watching ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and I was doing characters with my friends.

Nick Kroll
I would love to host ‘Saturday Night Live.’ That’s one of my goals in life – just putting that out there. I don’t know if I’m funny enough, but we’ll see.

Alessia Cara
I think people would want to see Tracy Morgan host ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Tracy Morgan
‘Saturday Night Live’ is live television. Nothing can compare to that.

Tracy Morgan
I don’t miss ‘Saturday Night Live.’ I feel less of a need for the fulfillment that performance used to give… I don’t have to do everything right away. As long as I can walk and jump, I’ll still perform, but I no longer feel such a compulsion.

Gilda Radner
It’s a big deal to have Peppermint and Jiggly, two trans women, be on a pre-taped sketch for Saturday Night Live.’

Bowen Yang
When a show has been on for so long, you lose fans, you gain fans. I remember this from ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Kevin Nealon
I never felt that I was a leading-man type in high school. I was always the goofy guy who was getting attention from girls who could make them laugh by doing impersonations of, like, ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches… I was more James Stewart than James Bond.

James Marsden
I enjoy getting to work on ‘Saturday Night Live’, where I get to do people like David Paterson. And then, its like a different muscle to do someone like a bicycle guy on’ Portlandia’.

Fred Armisen
‘Saturday Night Live’ will always be this amazing, powerful behemoth, but it’s also not the only thing happening in comedy anymore.

Jenny Slate
I love Jerry Lewis. I loved Jim Carrey when I was younger, and Mike Myers and Phil Hartman, all the ‘Saturday Night Live’ people in the late ’80s.

Simon Helberg