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We were emerging from the period of war, of uniforms, o
We were emerging from the period of war, of uniforms, of women-soldiers built like boxers. I drew women-flowers, soft shoulders, fine waists like liana and wide skirts like corolla.

Christian Dior
As a fan, I like watching fighters rather than boxers.

Tyson Fury
I have a great passion for boxing. I have family members who are boxers.

Yoel Romero
I always say the Premier League is like two boxers fighting. The one who is least strong gets tired; he does down.

Patrice Evra
Promoters need you. You don’t need them… The boxer has the leverage, and a lot of boxers don’t know that.

Ryan Garcia
I hate boxers who dance. To me that is a stinky style.

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
When I see great boxers, it’s like reading a wonderful poem.

Liam Neeson
When it gets to the part in life where you’re more afraid of what your wife is going to do to you than if you box, say, Mike Tyson, you’ve got to get a new profession. You don’t get to be a family. I know why boxers never quit, some of them. They don’t have wives.

George Foreman
You were the one who gave me those boxers? I wondered where they came from, I wear those! Although I’m not a big fan of flannel, it gets a little hot down there, if you know what I mean.

Joel Madden
I went with my friends to ‘Boxers and Brawlers’ in San Antonio to train the way I am supposed to train when you are 40, but doing it at a higher level.

Alberto Del Rio
My documentary ‘Split Decision’ examines Cuban-American relations, and the economic and cultural paradoxes that have shaped them since Castro’s revolution, through the lens of elite Cuban boxers forced to choose between remaining in Cuba or defecting to America.

Brin-Jonathan Butler
Arguments over grammar and style are often as fierce as those over IBM versus Mac, and as fruitless as Coke versus Pepsi and boxers versus briefs.

Jack Lynch
Women boxers prefer to focus on the win rather than the bravado. We’ve come a long way. In the ’90s, you only ever saw women parading in heels and a bikini holding a scorecard. Now we’re owning it; we should get some male models in Speedos to do the ring walk.

Nicola Adams
Sculpture and seams are like boxers and broken noses: They go hand in hand.

Charles Ray
My father was champion of North Africa and he beat the European champ. He was very good, a professional for 12 years. We’re from a big family of boxers. My father has seven brothers.

Olivier Martinez
Cuban athletes represent the most expensive human cargo on earth. They are sitting on over a billion dollars of human capital if these boxers and baseball players would come over to any other field or ring in the world and begin to ply their trade.

Brin-Jonathan Butler
I never really understood why guys wear boxers underneath swim trunks.

Nina Agdal
As mayor, I got used to the fact that when you walked out of the house in the morning to pick up the newspaper in your boxers, there could be a camera there.

Martin O’Malley
Being able to train nothing but boxing for a full year made me a much better boxer as I brought in professional boxers helped me make a lot of gains.

Artem Lobov
After doing boxing a little bit, I knew that I wanted to achieve what the other boxers were achieving: the championship and whatever comes with the championships.

Gegard Mousasi
I’m into a casual-dressing girl: blue jeans and a tank top is super sexy. But the sexiest thing on a girl – when I see it I’m like, oh my God – is these little tight boxers. Don’t get me wrong, g-strings are fine, but those cover a little, to where it’s just enough.

Jensen Ackles
For the birth of one champion, there are many young boxers behind them who had setbacks. In terms of that, I think boxing is very dramatic.

Takashi Miike
The Boxer Rebellion is a war that was fought on Chinese soil in the year 1900. The Europeans, the Japanese and their Chinese Christian allies were on one side. On the other were poor, starving, illiterate Chinese teenagers whom the Europeans referred to as the Boxers.

Gene Luen Yang
I’m going to be a happy housewife. I’m going to be washing boxers and cooking and doing all those sorts of housewife duties. I just want to be happy and proud of every single day.

Johnny Weir
Just like many great boxers before me, regardless of where they’re from, they’re not always starting out with the nicest stuff. You don’t need the latest stuff to get where you’re heading – all you need is focus and drive.

Caleb Plant
A man should definitely own a couple of blue denims, white crew neck T-shirt, a versatile blazer, comfortable pair of boxers, and coloured sneakers.

Sushant Singh Rajput
People who have never boxed before, never worked hard in boxing, and they are starting to come in and people forget about the real boxers.

Dereck Chisora
I don’t want to be named myself as one of the elite boxers of Puerto Rico. That’s for the fans and for the people that know about boxing. I just want to do my job the best I can, and I am going to do that the rest of my career.

Miguel Cotto
In boxing, it just seemed to me from the time I was a very small child, we have a peculiarly civilized form in that boxers don’t screech and holler. They don’t use weapons. When the bell rings, they fight; when the bell rings again, they stop.

Katherine Dunn
I make 99 percent of my music sitting down, in boxers, when I’m comfortable in my computer chair.

I’ve trained side-by-side with all these boxers and they make more money than me.

Cub Swanson
People like to see me fight. A name can only take you so far. There are only a few fighters out of the thousands of boxers out there that have name recognition. I’m definitely not upset by that.

Laila Ali
For ‘Boxers & Saints,’ I started by reading a couple of articles on the Internet, then writing a really rough outline, then getting more hardcore into the research. I went to a university library once a week for a year, year and a half.

Gene Luen Yang
It’s a punishment game… only two boxers get in the ring. So when we get in the ring and we’re not angry, then you’re not a real boxer.

Mary Kom
For ‘Boxers and Saints’, the tension between Eastern and Western ways of thinking was very personal for me, and I needed to control every aspect.

Gene Luen Yang
Muhammad Ali was unquestionably one of the greatest boxers of the 20th century and a sincere advocate for his religious beliefs. In his life, he defeated the best professional boxers of his era, some of them more than once, which meant he was easily forgiven the excesses of his ringside braggadocio.

Tom Tancredo
The thing is with boxers we don’t come from Cambridge and places like that, we come from council estates. So in boxing it’s very, very hard.

Ricky Hatton
Boxers box to get ready to fight; wrestlers wrestle. We have so much we have to do to get ready, but fighting is one of them.

Cain Velasquez
I will become the greatest, because all travellers have to be able to adapt. That quality, adaptability, is essential to that way of life. Not many boxers have it but I can adapt before a fight to the opponent, during the fight if necessary.

Tyson Fury
When you’re growing up, it’s always nice to have someone you can relate and look up to. I’m proud of how I conduct my business and how I have accomplished all that I have accomplished, and hope that I can be a positive influence on not only the Mexican community but also young boxers and people all around the world.

Victor Ortiz
When I trained for ‘Creed,’ I had about a year in advance to know what I was doing before. So I lived like a fighter, you know? I went through the workout routine, the diet, training with real boxers, training with real trainers, did the whole thing.

Michael B. Jordan
I feel like, as boxers, we’re not like normal people. After a while doing this, you get that buzz. It can be wild and out of control. I have to try to control myself. That’s what boxing is about – control.

Daniel Dubois
There was nothing special about me; there are boxers in Belfast who are more skilled but I had a bit between my teeth that drives me on.

Carl Frampton
The thing about boxers is that there’s respect there. You beat me, and I may not like it, but you know what, deep down inside, I respect you. And that’s the code of honor.

Sugar Ray Leonard
I used to hear other boxers talk about levels and it used to frustrate me. But now I understand: sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you prepare, there are just people you can’t beat.

George Groves
Kell Brook is a strong fighter. He likes to dictate the pace, which most boxers like to do. He likes to use his jab to set up other punches, like the left hook.

Errol Spence Jr.
My goal is not getting hit and to knock the other guy out. Some people might complain because they want to see boxers beat up on each other, but you cannot last long in professional boxing if you take a lot of punches.

Wladimir Klitschko
I am not like most fighters. I want to be on the list of the greatest, best boxers in history.

Vasyl Lomachenko
Boxing is a great example of it, but in football, sometimes you’re taking greater hits than boxers. When you have one man going full speed against another man, and those heads are colliding, it’s just the fact of science you’re going to have results.

Jim Brown
One can construct a strong legal and ethical argument for minimizing the fees that are paid to world sanctioning organizations in conjunction with championship bouts. It’s not uncommon for skilled fighters to be denied championship opportunities while less-talented but better-connected boxers fight for belts.

Thomas Hauser
Growing up in Vegas there is that complaint that we have no sports team. We have boxing, but no boxers are ever from Vegas, they’re always from the east.

Frank Mir
We’d always said boxers shouldn’t lift weights. Now I realize some champion boxer started that rumor. I noticed if I did weights a couple of times a week, I would be able to hit that jab a lot longer. After sparring, everybody’s gone, and I sneak into the weight room. Spend 40 minutes in there lifting weights.

George Foreman
It’s sad to see boxers sometimes when they’ve come from these massive highs with thousands of people screaming for them. They’re the best at what they do – then, that’s it: stopped, finished.

David Haye
Conor knows how to fight and he knows how to box. He has been boxing professional boxers for his whole life, he has had almost 50 amateur boxing fights.

Artem Lobov
Fresh sneakers are important on a man. It’s like a new pair of boxers or a new pair of socks.

DJ Khaled
We are like boxers, one never knows how much longer one has.

Clint Eastwood
The general public don’t like boxers. They prefer tennis players.

Carl Froch
Wilder is like a windmill, he’s rubbish, he’s one of the worst boxers going.

Nigel Benn
My trainer, George Francis, used to train a lot of African boxers. They’re hungry guys, man. They’ve got no trainers, got nothing. They’re so hungry to do boxing, to make some money.

Frank Bruno
I’m a boxing fan. I’ve seen Kell Brook fight. I’m not one of those boxers who says he doesn’t watch other guys fight or follow the sport. I do.

Errol Spence Jr.
I wanted to win the gold medal and then go home and further my education in college. I had no intentions whatsoever to become a professional fighter because I had heard horror stories about former boxers who made money but, in the end, ended up with nothing. I didn’t want to be one of those guys.

Sugar Ray Leonard
‘I Am Legend’ is quite unusual for its time. I just wanted to write a story about female boxers, and I couldn’t get that going in my mind. I don’t know exactly where the idea of just a man pitting himself against a robot boxer came from.

Richard Matheson
A lot of boxers have too much on their plate.

Andre Ward
When we all retire it will be the happiest day of her life. She’s proud of what we’ve all done but she doesn’t enjoy it. Most mums of boxers only have one to worry about – but she’s got four.

Callum Smith
Boxers, man, except when I have to get dressed up. Then it’s boxer-briefs. But never tighty-whities. Never. But dude! If they brought back Underoos? Dude, if they brought back Underoos, I would rock the Underoos. Like He-Man and Transformers and G.I. Joe and even like Dukes of Hazzard.

Colin Hanks
I can easily get a gold in the 48 kg. category, but 51 kg., it’s difficult because other boxers may have a height advantage.

Mary Kom
While professional basketball, football, and baseball players make millions and their salaries represent well over 50% of the billions generated by those sports, the spoils of boxing don’t often make it to the boxers.

Tahl Raz
You can give me top boxers, Adrien Broner, Mikey Garcia. I would love to get in the ring with them.

Cody Garbrandt
Castro always used the boxers as a symbolic war against American values to demonstrate that they fight for something more than money.

Brin-Jonathan Butler
Boxing’s in my genes. I come from a fighting background. My dad and both my uncles were good boxers. I’m blessed with the art of war.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Boxers don’t tend to come from Cambridge or Oxford. Sometimes the things we say don’t come out well. We are not known for our vocabulary.

Ricky Hatton
Boxing does not favor boxers over 35 who rely on reflexes.

Tony Bellew
I’m close to achieving something that very few boxers ever have – and that is to retire undefeated, like Rocky Marciano.

Joe Calzaghe
Boxers put themselves on the line, they put their lives at risk, so it’s up to the boxers to make sure they are healthy and sharp because we are giving the public what they want to see.

Kell Brook
Boxers Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank would not have missed their rivalry for all the world, and I don’t mind a bit of needle in darts if it helps to pay the bills.

Phil Taylor