Top 75 Burst Quotes

We have collected the best Burst Quotes by famous authors including Howard Nemerov, Louis Freeh, Ellie Goulding, Edgar Ramirez, Marilyn Ferguson and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

Occasionally a student writer comes up with something r
Occasionally a student writer comes up with something really beautiful and moving, and you won’t know for years if it was an accident or the first burst of something wonderful.

Howard Nemerov
The problem was with Bill Clinton, the scandals and rumored scandals, the incubating ones and the dying ones never ended. Whatever moral compass the president was consulting was leading him in the wrong direction. His closets were full of skeletons just waiting to burst out.

Louis Freeh
By the time I got writing ‘Halcyon,’ I was on a roll, and I realized I had so much to write about, I realized I had so much built up inside that I couldn’t really alleviate before, and then all of a sudden it was like reservoir burst.

Ellie Goulding
The reality is that not only were we massively hit in 2008 when the bubble burst, and then we realized how deep the social gap, the economic gap in the world is between the super rich and the poor; also, we realized how impacted the environment has been. So there’s been a physical consequence of that.

Edgar Ramirez
We are going to see a burst of creativity that will make the Renaissance pale in comparison.

Marilyn Ferguson
I used to blame my problems on other people. But my moment of clarity, if you want to call it that, came when I was looking in the mirror one day and just burst into tears. It wasn’t just that I looked bad, it was that I knew my problem was me.

Tom Sizemore
It’s terribly important that you can criticise people’s ideas without criticising them, and if they burst into tears, it means that you tend to hold back from getting at the absolute truth.

Tim Hunt
Every time I see Trump on TV these days, I’m waiting for him to burst out, ‘Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!’ That would make sense to me – that this has all been one long ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketch.

Maz Jobrani
My training is very specific to my sport, so it’s a lot of fast, explosive movements. It’s very pertinent to exactly what I do on the football field, which is fast burst in short spaces.

Christian McCaffrey
I need that on stage. I need a burst of life. That’s entertainment for me.

Tina Turner
I laughed and laughed so much my lip burst open and collagen filler started to dribble out. I’d had a bit too much filler put in the week before.

Rylan Clark-Neal
When Cristiano burst on to the scene here in Manchester, he spent a good chunk of his early career here and enjoyed so much success. That’s why it was a dream of mine to play for Manchester United and I’m very pleased to be here because it’s a childhood dream come true.

Bruno Fernandes
The damage that the human body can survive these days is as awesome as it is horrible: crushing, burning, bombing, a burst blood vessel in the brain, a ruptured colon, a massive heart attack, rampaging infection. These conditions had once been uniformly fatal.

Atul Gawande
We may overcompensate for our feelings of powerlessness by attempting to control and manipulate other people and our environment. Or we may eventually burst forth with uncontrolled rage that is highly exaggerated and distorted by its long suppression.

Shakti Gawain
When I was five years old, I remember watching the opening of the Oscars with my mother and crying as I watched celebrities walk in on the red carpet. Why would any child cry watching the Oscars? For me, the reason was simple: I wanted to be there so badly that I burst into tears.

Ainsley Earhardt
The rise of African nations concurrent with the spread of the Nation of Islam and the civil rights movement gave black America a burst of pride over and above anything they had had since the decline of the movement of Marcus Garvey.

John Henrik Clarke
My first modeling job in Paris, the photographer said, ‘Tue es belle,’ which means, ‘you are pretty,’ and I thought he said, ‘Tu es poubelle,’ which means, ‘you are the trash can.’ I burst into tears. He was not happy about that.

Rachel Nichols
From a little spark may burst a flame.

Dante Alighieri
I was very nervous about everything. I was the girl who would burst into tears at the drop of a hat.

Carrie Hope Fletcher
When it comes to salt, what was really staggering to me is that the industry itself is totally hooked on salt. It is this miracle ingredient that solves all of their problems. There is the flavor burst to the salt itself, but it also serves as a preservative, so foods can stay on the shelves for months.

Michael Moss
Dr. Louis Bush Swisher died from the complications of a brain aneurysm that burst without warning one sunny Sunday morning less than 40 years ago.

Kara Swisher
When I was 17, I had an experience that I later learned could be called a ‘mystical experience.’ It was almost violent. No faces, voices, nothing like that. It is like the world burst and flamed into life all around me. That is not a great image, but it is as good as I will ever do.

Barbara Ehrenreich
My dad constantly tells me I should calm down, but I feel so sad when I see places I’ve known since I was a child closing. I burst out crying when a local pharmacy closed the other day; it’s just going to become a shop that nobody has much of a need for. But I am trying to move with the times.

Zawe Ashton
I think when you’re young and have that first burst of energy and make five or six pictures in a row that tell the stories of all the things in life you want to say… well, maybe those are the films that should have won me the Oscar.

Martin Scorsese
Even when America’s economy has been by all measures healthy and the unemployment rate low, some businesses suffer or fail and lay off workers. But nearly always, a simultaneous and even greater burst of new jobs has been created to offset the jobs lost – millions of new jobs every year.

Elaine Chao
If people think I’m angry, I don’t want to burst anybody’s bubble. I like sometimes for people to be afraid of me. But it’s not really anger; it’s discipline.

Grace Jones
I think I subconsciously knew you needed life experience to direct, and the best films are directed by people who have really lived, with exceptions like Orson Welles, who just burst out of the gate. There are prodigies like that, but for me, personally, I thought I needed life experience.

Reed Morano
I don’t really get heckled! I think it’s because I might burst into song at any moment and even rude people have a weird respect for not interrupting singing!

Rachel Parris
I shot down some German planes and I got shot down myself, crashing in a burst of flames and crawling out, getting rescued by brave soldiers.

Roald Dahl
My own musical ambitions were born when I was five, watching the Ed Sullivan Show on TV. When Elvis Presley burst on to the screen, singing ‘Don’t Be Cruel,’ I felt my first sexual thrill, though I didn’t know what it was at the time.

Suzi Quatro
So many technologies start out with a burst of idealism, democratization, and opportunity, and over time, they close down and become less friendly to entrepreneurship, to innovation, to new ideas. Over time, the companies that become dominant take more out of the ecosystem than they put back in.

Tim O’Reilly
I had a Spider-man costume when I was about three, and I lost the mask. So I went to the underwear drawer and put a pair of red pants on my head. My dad came home and just laughed, and I ran into my room and burst into tears.

Emun Elliott
I was secretary of the Treasury when the credit bubble burst, so I think it’s fair to say that I know a little bit about risk, assessing outcomes, and problem-solving.

Henry Paulson
Big companies are looking closer term, and even the most technological companies spend less than 1% of sales on research. Startups have suffered the burst bubble.

Nicholas Negroponte
First and foremost, I am most proud of how ‘Hee Haw’ did its part to help pave the way for country music to burst from its regional roots to remarkable worldwide popularity.

Roy Clark
A lot of my writer friends – some of whom are brilliant – work when the Muse calls them, for lack of a better description. You know, days of nothing, then this creative burst where they write for 36 hours straight fueled by caffeine and idealism.

G. Willow Wilson
I love songs but am inhibited to have my characters burst out to express themselves through songs. I use the route of using old songs at the right places.

Sriram Raghavan
I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but there is no scriptural or historical basis for December 25th actually being the day that Jesus was born.

Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick
I am, it is safe to say, not a practical man. The few attempts I’ve made to hammer in a nail have ended in broken thumbs, burst pipes, and water spraying everywhere with the house on fire.

John Niven
I’ve been in government and politics my entire career, and while I try to keep a level head and a reasonable tone in my commentary, even I can lose my head sometimes and let anger bubble over and burst out. It feels gross, looks ugly, and leaves a lasting mark.

Dana Perino
I’m a born entertainer. When I open the fridge door and the light goes on, I burst into song.

Robbie Williams
I could always see as a kid that I was good at short sprints, running, throwing things far, jumping… anything that required a burst of power.

Chris Hoy
Concentrating wealth in the hands of the few and deregulating financial institutions and practices lead to speculative bubbles that eventually burst – and that brings the whole country down.

Jennifer Granholm
Songwriting is a burst of inspiration and then a long bit of work and a tremendous bit of desperation.

I don’t watch ‘The X Factor’ any more. Why do I want to see someone say the same old thing – it’s all they’ve ever dreamed about – then lose and burst into tears and go into neurosis? They just want to be famous – it doesn’t matter how.

David Jason
I visited those friends who’d just had a baby, and she was washing dishes and he was cleaning the house, and I burst with happiness. And in their minds, they were in this terrible domestic rut.

Josh Lucas
People think I can burst into song any time of the day, it’s crazy.

Paul Young
Normally, the law of nature is such that one who rises falls, and one who rises quickly falls as quickly. I don’t know how the law of nature will work as far as Modi is concerned. But some time or the other, all bubbles burst. This bubble will also burst.

Kapil Sibal
If you see me when I first burst onto the scene, you see how quickly I could turn for a big lad and how fast I was up and down the pitch. Then I started picking and choosing my time to go forwards because I was scared of my hamstring going or my knee not dealing with it.

Micah Richards
Better belly burst than good liquor be lost.

Jonathan Swift
I’m that dude who will burst into song spontaneously.

Perez Hilton
When tulip mania dies down, all that remains are pretty flowers. When bubbles burst, nothing is left but soapy residue. But the Internet revolution, for all its speculative excesses, really is changing the world.

Adam Cohen
I was once asked to do my Tarzan yell at Bergdorf Goodman, and a guard burst in with a gun! Now I only do it under controlled circumstances.

Carol Burnett
Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through, and you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will.

Thomas Carlyle
I felt the pressure of imagination against the doors of my mind was so great that they were going to burst.

J. G. Ballard
The year 1989 was crucial for me because I had just moved from the country into Sydney to play first-class cricket. That was the time I heard of a teenager called Sachin Tendulkar, who had burst on to the scene and was being annointed as successor to the great Sunil Gavaskar.

Glenn McGrath
There are times this stony heart of mine feels a burst of British pride.

Katie Hopkins
Amazon has reported a loss of nearly $900M in 1999… because, guess what, ecommerce is a business of scale. And, the Internet bubble had burst… which meant that no one was getting funded.

Julie Wainwright
Parents spend a lot of time talking over kids. My son went through a vocabulary burst as I was writing ‘The Bear.’ I thought, ‘What if I just stopped and listened?’

Claire Cameron
In 2000, just before the first dot-com bubble burst, it cost a whopping $5 million to launch a tech startup.

Peter Diamandis
I save all the energy until I get on the stage and then I have a burst of energy and look like I’ve been jamming all day long. But other than that, I’m a granddad, great granddad.

George Clinton
I had a financial page to write in the Mail on Sunday where I’d give tips on shares. I worked there for two and a half years. Nothing compares to the burst of energy felt on a newsroom floor when a big story breaks.

Adam Faith
Getting older is a struggle. I always feel that just under the surface of acceptance and enjoyment of the ageing process is a terrible hysteria just waiting to burst out.

Michael Sheen
When you’re a young kid, you’ve burst onto the scene, everyone want sort be your friend, come out with you, and you don’t actually realise who wants to be there with you and who wants to be your friend.

Jack Grealish
I was not out to paint beautiful pictures; even painting good pictures was not important to me. I wanted only to help the truth burst forth.

Alice Duer Miller
He piled upon the whale’s white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his hot heart’s shell upon it.

Herman Melville
‘Allegiance’ is pretty much a book musical. You know, people talk and then they burst out into song.

Lea Salonga
I called up and said, ‘Dad, I won a MacArthur.’ My father goes: ‘I always thought your sister would win that,’ and I said, ‘Dad, just say congratulations and keep your private thoughts private.’ At that point he laughed, then burst into tears, and it was obvious that he was so happy and proud.

Bonnie Bassler
How sick one gets of being ‘good’, how much I should respect myself if I could burst out and make everyone wretched for twenty-four hours; embody selfishness.

Alice James
In film, there’s always this looking for the ‘If you lay down and burst into tears, you did a good job.’

Nnamdi Asomugha
Threats that could wipe out the bulk of life on earth abound. Planetary catastrophe could come in the form of a killer asteroid impact, the eruption of massive supervolcanoes, a nearby gamma ray burst that sterilizes the earth, or by human-driven environmental collapse.

Ramez Naam
What I needed most was to love and to be loved, eager to be caught. Happily I wrapped those painful bonds around me; and sure enough, I would be lashed with the red-hot pokers or jealousy, by suspicions and fear, by burst of anger and quarrels.

Saint Augustine
I think anger of any kind is valuable. It’s all about learning how to channel it. The worst thing we can do is get bored or complacent or worse – suppress our anger and then see it burst forth in unhealthy ways.

Kameron Hurley
A long sea implies an uniform and steady motion of long and extensive waves; on the contrary, a short sea is when they run irregularly, broken, and interrupted; so as frequently to burst over a vessel’s side or quarter.

William Falconer
I like to tell students, ‘I didn’t burst on to the literary scene.’ I’m never good at things at the beginning. I was terrible at the start. I need to work and work.

Markus Zusak