Top 77 Nurtured Quotes

We have collected the best Nurtured Quotes by famous authors including Richard V. Allen, Deepika Padukone, Joy Reid, Isaac Asimov, Gary Wright and many others, we hope that among them you will find the right thought.

We who have been born and nurtured on this soil, we, wh
We who have been born and nurtured on this soil, we, whose habits, manners, and customs are the same in common with other Americans, can never consent to – be the bearers of the redress offered by that Society to that much afflicted.

Richard V. Allen
I need to be loved. I need to be nurtured. I also need peace and stability in my relationships. I can’t be in volatile relationships.

Deepika Padukone
The goal of the eight Benghazi committees, one of which produced and nurtured ’emailgate,’ has been clear from the start: to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president of the United States.

Joy Reid
There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.

Isaac Asimov
Artists were nurtured back in the ’70s. Their music was developed by the record companies.

Gary Wright
Ethel Merman would stay with a show for years and tour with it. So would Mary Martin, the great stars. They recognized the value of that success and nurtured it. Now, you come from Hollywood, you play 12 weeks and go away. I don’t think that’s the best policy.

Harold Prince
There’s a lot of research behind the scenes that you don’t get to see, but I have an instinct that my dad nurtured from when I was born. I was very lucky then.

Steve Irwin
Our character is not so much the product of race and heredity as of those circumstances by which nature forms our habits, by which we are nurtured and live.

Marcus Tullius Cicero
I don’t think people go to musicians for their political points of view. I think your political point of view is circumstances and then how you were nurtured and brought up.

Bruce Springsteen
Evergreen songs are not made overnight. They are cultivated and nurtured and born out of creative conflicts.

Rajesh Roshan
The spirit of America has nurtured responsibility and community unlike any other country.

Stephen Covey
I was nourished and nurtured at Stratford as a very young actress. They guided me and forgave me!

Diana Rigg
I have nurtured my kids by myself. I am happy that I invested those 10 years in bringing up my kids.

Arvind Swami
C. Peter Wagner was the Donald McGavran professor of church growth at Fuller. He was considered to be the heir of McGavran, founder of the church growth movement. That movement essentially said, ‘Whatever grows a church is good’ and needs to be nurtured.

Anthea Butler
Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured.

Edward de Bono
You make certain assumptions as a parent. And you kind of think, at a certain point, you’ve figured things out. And then all of a sudden, that person that you raised and nurtured and thought that you knew is someone else completely.

Tony Shalhoub
High expectations weren’t nurtured in my neck of nowhere back then – children weren’t fawned over from an early age as ‘gifted’ and groomed for a prizewinning future; self-esteem was considered something you had to pick from the garden yourself.

James Wolcott
Like a lovely orchid, or anything else that’s nurtured, marriage prospers and grows, but if it’s ignored, it withers.

Michael Douglas
Democracy needs to be nurtured and treated with care.

Frank Lowy
They say the music you listen to in your formative years stays with you and leaves an impression for the rest of your life. For me, the things that I fell in love with happened in the ’70s, when artists were nurtured by record companies and it wasn’t about singles.

Nikki Sixx
It’s nature-nurture, right? I’ve been nurtured by Californians.

Gavin Newsom
You must remember, my own philosophy is that you don’t belong only to yourself. You have an obligation to the society which protected you when you were brought into the world, which taught you, which supported you and nurtured you. You have an obligation to repay it.

Jacob K. Javits
Males raised and nurtured on mama’s ‘love’ resent the need that they have for women.

Jesse Lee Peterson
In order to defend the Chinese race, one must first defend the Confucian culture; and in order to defend the Confucian culture, one must first defend the State. This is because what preserves the race relies upon intelligence, which is in turn nurtured by Confucian education.

Zhang Zhidong
Our schools must be places where all are respected and the values of tolerance and peacemaking are taught and nurtured.

Blase J. Cupich
Your circumstances can have an effect on you as a person. If you are nurtured and looked after by the right people, you can be the best version of yourself.

Emma Mackey
I hate the industry even more now, no bands get nurtured anymore. Labels only spend money promoting acts they know will be Top Ten. I find it offensive spending $2 million on a video.

Siouxsie Sioux
I’ve learned to surround myself with women who lift me up and leave me feeling nurtured rather than drained.

Carre Otis
I was in a choir as a kid. It was from those early days that my outlook on harmonies and arrangements were nurtured. I always took that with me, even on the earliest Bad Religion record, which strangely was only about six years after that.

Greg Graffin
I think I’ve nurtured the following that I have to the point where I can consistently do a certain type of numbers when I put a project out.

Raheem DeVaughn
Remember that relationships are important and have to be nurtured and cherished. Also keep in mind that a relationship is a two way street, so be ready to give a relationship just as you would expect the other person to be giving to you.

Chanda Kochhar
My home nurtured in me an early attachment to books and other things of the intellect, to music, and to the out of doors.

Herbert A. Simon
For a first-time entrepreneur, there’s nothing better than being in Silicon Valley because there is so much going on, and there’s such a large number of inventors, that even a B level idea or a C level idea could be nurtured and be given venture capital there.

Jason Calacanis
Since the founding of quantum mechanics in the 1920s, theoretical physics had nurtured an extremely radical tradition.

David Gross
Britain has nurtured me and made me able to make movies that have travelled round the world.

Gurinder Chadha
Men are amazing. I love the way they are. They’re consistently little boys, and they need to be nurtured and loved. But at the same time, they need to feel like men.

Krista Allen
I was nurtured to play music pretty much from birth.

Trombone Shorty
We who work in technology have nurtured an especially rare gift: the opportunity to effect change at an unprecedented scale and rate. Technology, community, and capitalism combine to make Silicon Valley the potential epicenter of vast positive change.

Justin Rosenstein
It is extremely rewarding for me to be recognised by the University of Aberdeen. This is where I grew up and nurtured my dreams.

Brian Binnie
In American politics, there’s a recurring fantasy, nurtured by the press, about ‘courageous’ politicians who do the right thing against their political interest. But really, isn’t it even more encouraging when the right thing has just become good politics?

Ari Melber
I’m a compulsive storyteller, an avid reader, and have always nurtured the secret goal of spending my life as a writer.

Astro Teller
People who want to be singers can be nurtured and taught, and they can make great strides. But, the truth is, if you are completely tone deaf, it is never going to happen for you. It’s just a reality of life. It’s like me thinking I can be an Olympic swimmer. It ain’t gonna happen!

Diana DeGarmo
I always feel blessed because so many people have taken me under their wings, nurtured me, and made me a part of their vision.

Aditi Rao Hydari
Could there have been a better role for Florence Henderson than Mrs. Brady? She nurtured everybody. She was so caring.

Matt Lauer
I mean, I could tell that I really had… a precious gift. And I’m so glad that I have followed through with it and really used that gift and nurtured it, honed it, made it sharp and tried to use it as a tool now to make music and to make a living for my family.

Ricky Skaggs
There are some men who are frightened by strong women and some men who are nurtured by them and feel nervous, with weak clinging vines. And I am very much of the latter category.

Julian Fellowes
‘The Waltons’ was profoundly important after years of wandering around. I was 44 and cut off from family and friends. It nurtured me back to a sense of family and who I am. It was a transforming experience.

Ralph Waite
For decades, universities have nurtured the most lunatic forms of feminism, denying the biological differences between males and females, promoting the idea that Western civilization is endemically sexist, and encouraging in their students ever-more-delusional forms of victimhood.

Heather Mac Donald
It makes my life easier that I don’t have to take my daughter or son to school, that I’ve not got to look after them because they are ill. But then, I’m not nurtured and cherished, so I will seek external love from other close relationships.

Esther McVey
And I was very comfortable with this band even when we disagreed. It takes a long time to feel comfortable enough to disagree with somebody. When everything happened, it just was really confusing. It’s like our weaknesses were nurtured and brought out front by outsiders.

Edie Brickell
I feel this music has nurtured me as I’ve been immersing myself in it. I’ve felt supported by it.

My parents are so supportive of whatever we want to do and completely nurtured that, and they’re so proud of that as well. My sister’s a doctor, and I have an older brother as well. He went into the music industry; he’s very musically talented.

Hannah John-Kamen
In the past, a great library was the result of librarians functioning as guardians of culture, tending and caring, selecting and recommending works that maintained and nurtured a cultural heritage.

David Gerrold
The land and the ocean are living, breathing entities that supported us, clothed us, fed us, and nurtured our culture from time immemorial.

Eden Robinson
I think it’s important that culture is this ongoing thing that needs to be nurtured, because there is no such thing as a quick, arty fix.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Five days a week I drive from our home to the Episcopal Cathedral Center of Los Angeles where I have an office, my computer, and a wonderful sense of community – especially nurtured by the presence of several younger gay men and women who are good friends.

Malcolm Boyd
I was nurtured by Ralph Farquhar and then, later, by Sara Finney-Johnson and Vida Spears, two black women. So, I actually was nurtured by my culture, in a safe environment that allowed me to build my confidence. And Debbie Allen was one of my mentors, along with Stan Lathan.

Mara Brock Akil
Let’s be clear: There is no doubt that the citizens of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea both fear and loathe the United States. Paranoia, resentment, and a crude anti-Americanism have been nurtured inside the Hermit Kingdom for decades.

Mehdi Hasan
The enduring image I will keep of Jane Goodall is of her emotional goodbye to a chimp she had rescued and nurtured, on the day of the animal’s release.

Susie Dent
The marriage of a man and woman is the most enduring human institution, honored in all cultures and by every religious faith. It’s in this institution that children are meant to be nurtured. We know this after thousands of years of human experience.

Jeff Miller
As someone who is a dedicated fan of the NHS, I’m extremely worried, I think its a very precious thing that needs to be nurtured, looked after.

Mel Giedroyc
The way the elderly are treated, and in some cases warehoused and medicated, rather than nurtured and listened to, is distressing.

Bill Nighy
My brother nurtured the love of stand-up comedy in a skinny little black kid named Tony.

Tony Rock
The child in each of us must be nurtured – that often makes us the best.

Maurizio Sarri
Our young people are assets to be cultivated and nurtured; let’s begin treating them that way.

Jane Fonda
Assad’s brutality has nurtured extremism and been its main recruiting sergeant.

Jo Cox
I think that Mr. Obama is not just inexperienced; he is also hampered by a distinct inner emptiness – not an emptiness that comes from stupidity or a lack of ability but an emptiness that has been actually nurtured and developed as an adaptation to the political world.

Shelby Steele
I have nieces and nephews who I’ve nurtured, but when it’s your own it’s hard to put into words how difficult it is.

Nadine Coyle
My chief gifts are – naturally good at all sports with a raw talent for pretty much everything, which if nurtured could develop into improper talent.

Michael Sheen
In my youth, daydreaming nurtured me, provided a safe haven. I’d sleep for twelve hours and even when awake escape to the safe place in my mind.

Sandra Cisneros
Employers have gone away from the idea that an employee is a long-term asset to the company, someone to be nurtured and developed, to a new notion that they are disposable.

Barbara Ehrenreich
One had sown the seeds of corruption, and the other watered and nurtured it. Both the TDP and Congress have played their bit in patronising Satyam.

In Ethiopia, democracy is in its infancy and it must be nurtured along by its leaders.

Jack Kingston
The United States was born in revolution and nurtured by struggle. Throughout our history, the American people have befriended and supported all those who seek independence and a better way of life.

Robert Kennedy
The spiritual self of each of us is that part of us that will never grow old, or ill, or die, but it must be nurtured and invigorated!

Joseph B. Wirthlin
India believes that the world is a family, and the best means of resolution is shared discourse. A family is shaped by love and is not transactional; a family is nurtured by consideration, not greed; a family believes in harmony not jealousy.

Sushma Swaraj
There are no college courses to build up self-esteem or high school or elementary school. If you don’t get those values at a early age, nurtured in your home, you don’t get them.

T. D. Jakes