Top 80 Blue-Collar Quotes

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Some people see writing as a white-collar career, but I
Some people see writing as a white-collar career, but I’ve always approached it as a blue-collar writer.

Joe R. Lansdale
I grew up in a modest neighborhood just outside of Los Angeles. It was an industrial community of blue-collar, working people… some of the hardest-working people I’ve ever met.

Hilda Solis
A lot of what we do at Fox is blue-collar stuff.

Roger Ailes
It’s an experience I’d like to add to the chorus, that these blue-collar, macho men, like my older brother, had the capacity to say: ‘I don’t care, I love you anyway.’ There are young kids thinking: ‘I’ll never come out because it’s too hard in our communities.’ But I’m saying maybe your story can be similar to mine.

Colman Domingo
I served in the Army. I worked at blue-collar jobs. I washed dishes and bused tables.

Richard Cohen
There’s so much built-up camaraderie and sacrifice, and football is such a tough man’s game. I think that’s why it’s so popular. That’s why so many blue-collar communities and people can really feel attracted to this because it is a blue-collar struggle that football players go through.

Troy Polamalu
I understand a lot of celebrities lose weight because they have the opportunity to get in shape and become healthier, but when you get so polished, you can’t tell the story of a blue-collar family anymore.

Cristela Alonzo
Working-class, blue-collar guys who volunteered for Vietnam were ascribed certain political beliefs. It’s time that this was redressed. It had nothing to do with politics. Once these men got to Vietnam, it was a matter of survival.

Michael Cimino
I’m a working-class kid from a blue-collar New England family.

R. A. Salvatore
My experience growing up in a rough and tumble town in the blue-collar world of Western Pennsylvania in the 1970s was that anything a man did was always more important than anything a woman did.

Tawni O’Dell
The blue-collar culture, it’s not really a buttoned-up aesthetic. It’s a heavy-labor thing because you’re, like, sweating.

Virgil Abloh
I much prefer the company of the crew, the sort of ‘blue-collar working person.’ I much more have that sensibility than what the public perceives as what a typical actor would have.

Michael Cudlitz
Many blue-collar families struggling to pay rent would be happy to skip paying optional union dues.

Kevin O’Leary
I got depressed so many times by my blue-collar life and self-conscious about the fact that I didn’t go to college. I was always working super low-end jobs, being the complete opposite of what I wanted to be.

Kurt Vile
People think all wrestlers are millionaires. It’s really a blue-collar existence.

Shane Douglas
I thought I was grounded. I thought from my kinda blue-collar outlook on life that I would call myself a grounded person. I was not. I was like a balloon flying around in the air. And as soon as our first child was born, boom – my feet came right down to the ground.

John Prine
Music doesn’t have to be fancy. I work hard and enjoy the fact that people want to come to my shows. That’s simple, but I’m pretty blue-collar about it.

Patty Griffin
I’m entirely uneducated. I went to public school – public in the American sense – a blue-collar, working-class school. I never got a scholarship, I left when I was 15, never did any exams.

Rupert Graves
Green Bay is a blue-collar community, and it’s all about the Packers. I was able to go there, slow down and focus on the game.

Charles Woodson
The thing about Springsteen, his music, although he’s writing about, you know, New Jersey and Asbury Park, all of them places, it’s blue-collar towns that, like – it’s similar to Newcastle, where I’m from.

Sam Fender
I figure I can be artistic, but I work like a blue-collar person, too, and I’m serious about that.

Joe R. Lansdale
It was a source of shame for my family that I was in rock and roll, which is so blue-collar. It just isn’t done. And I felt it, too.

Liz Phair
I’m not a green like most Democrats would be. I have a blue-collar district.

Gene Green
A picture of me as this super affable sales guy gets painted, but in actuality, I’m pretty driven by hard work and love working with teams. What people discount is, I grew up in a very small blue-collar town in Massachusetts and have basically scrapped my way career wise.

Tim Armstrong
Really, you just play football; that’s all I can do… I don’t change. I’m going to always play tough, hard – that’s the way I was brought up at Nebraska, where I really learned football from the Pelinis and that staff and continue to play hard, play blue-collar football.

Ndamukong Suh
My father had a series of blue-collar jobs and never made more than $20,000 a year. When I was seven, he got injured on a job. That was a very important point – because of the injury, he couldn’t walk, and the company he was working for did not pay him. There was no compensation. So there was no money and no food.

Howard Schultz
When I’m back home in Chicago, since ‘Roseanne’ was such a Midwestern, blue-collar show, that’s what sticks out in people’s minds.

Johnny Galecki
I have that blue-collar mentality. I’ve always played with a chip on my shoulder, and I’ve always been hungry to learn.

Kyle Kuzma
Mr. Trump, you were elected mainly because you found a way to connect with the average blue-collar worker who’s sick of the games politicians have been playing for years. Those same blue-collar folks, who go to church, want to feed their families, have to pay their taxes.

Fabrizio Moreira
Outside of the Moscow elite and a very small urban elite, Russia is one great big blue-collar country.

Fiona Hill
I’m a doofus from the Valley, a blue-collar guy.

Adam Carolla
I’ve tried not to get sucked into the Hollywood hierarchy system. Personally, I don’t like it when people are deferential to me because I’m an established filmmaker. It’s a blue-collar sensibility.

James Cameron
My family moved to York, Pa., when I was eight. As a kid I spent virtually all of my free time at Memorial Park, which was just down the street from my house on Springdale Avenue in our blue-collar neighborhood.

Bruce Arians
I’m a blue-collar kid from Colorado. I grew up on a farm.

Ivan Moody
I’m a blue-collar kid who went on to become a successful entrepreneur. I was the youngest CEO in the history of the New York Stock Exchange. Now I’ve served my country for six years in the House of Representatives.

John Delaney
What is the biggest public forum in the United States? We were told it’s the Super Bowl. The ad shows kids working at blue-collar jobs, and the final statement is just written text: Who’s going to pay for the trillion dollar deficit?

Joan Blades
There’s something about Detroit, man: there’s a serious vibe there. It could be that blue-collar, working-class-mentality person who lives out there. There’s just something about it. It reminds me of Alaska. Texas has the same thing. Detroit is a little heavier than both.

John Gourley
I come from a blue-collar town – and being from that place, you learn not to let anybody take advantage of you. You don’t let people mistreat you. You stand up for what’s right.

For the blue-collar worker, the driving force behind change was factory automation using programmable machine tools. For the office worker, it’s office automation using computer technology: enterprise-resource-planning systems, groupware, intranets, extranets, expert systems, the Web, and e-commerce.

Tom Peters
We’ve got the blue-collar pros here in San Diego.

Xander Schauffele
The blue-collar is not supposed to read Horace, nor the farmer in his overalls Montale or Marvell. Nor, for that matter, is the politician expected to know by heart Gerard Manley Hopkins or Elizabeth Bishop. This is dumb as well as dangerous.

Joseph Brodsky
The beauty of ‘Parenthood’ is that it’s a blue-collar working family, and it reflects attitudinal shifts that occur within people and families.

Craig T. Nelson
I just kind of went into the blue-collar workforce at a really young age and discovered music, in terms of being a musician, around the same time. The good news is, I was probably 17 when I knew that’s what I was going to do with the rest of my life, no matter what that meant.

Chris Cornell
I come from a blue-collar, Irish Catholic, pro-Kennedy, pro-union family of Democrats.

Steve Bannon
I’m a blue-collar Chicago girl raised on wonderful movies my mom took us to, ones that had a lot of heart.

Bonnie Hunt
I was the adoring son of a Welsh-Irish father, a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, a Catholic Knight of Columbus who was a blue-collar, trade union organizer and, not surprisingly, a fervid Nixon-hater.

Bob Gunton
Television is blue-collar work. You clock in in the morning; you work 12, 13 hours – sometimes 18 hours if you’re doing ‘Orphan Black.’

Jordan Gavaris
I chose to personally support Donald Trump for president early on and referred to him as America’s blue-collar billionaire at the Republican National Convention because of his love for ordinary Americans and his kindness, generosity, and bold leadership qualities.

Jerry Falwell, Jr.
If people don’t want blue-collar work, our labour costs will remain high and our competitiveness low.

Abhijit Banerjee
Carl Barks was born in Merrill, Oregon, in 1901, grew up in a farming family, and eventually held a number of blue-collar jobs. He knew what it was to be poor and to work hard for a living.

Michael Dirda
I’m from Buffalo, which is a blue-collar city, and I’ve kind of embraced that.

Chad Michael Murray
I consider myself a blue-collar actor, just chugging away.

Aaron Stanford
My mom was the picture of the blue-collar mom: Two and three and four jobs to make sure that me and my sister never needed, that was her thing.

To me, country music’s about life. It’s about Monday through Friday. It’s the blue-collar, 40-hour week, songs about life. It used to have more of a sound, but I think the heart of that’s still the same. It’s still American music.

Gary Allan
If you study how Ronald Reagan won first the 1980 election and then in 1984, what Reagan did is what Trump is going to do, and that is pull in a tremendous amount of blue-collar workers who have felt abandoned by the Democrats.

Peter Navarro
I represent a blue-collar district: people who work at petrochemical plants and machine shops.

Gene Green
Part of the reason that women go to college is to get out of the food service, clerical, pink-collar ghetto and into a more white-collar job. That does not necessarily mean they are being paid more than the blue-collar jobs men have.

Gloria Steinem
I grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood and was raised by a man who did not emote, ever… I always cry at movies, and when I was a kid, I would try to hide it. It wasn’t something a kid in Oaklyn, N.J., did. So I have these weird hang-ups about emotions.

Matthew Quick
The workplace revolution that transformed the lives of blue-collar workers in the 1970s and 1980s is finally reaching the offices and cubicles of the white-collar workers.

Tom Peters
Once Michigan stood proud. In addition to GM, Ford and Chrysler, it was home base for the United Auto Workers, a powerful escalator transporting hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers into America’s middle class.

Kevin O’Leary
I come from a blue-collar family, and I’m just glad for the work.

Wes Craven
My father’s family came from Virginia and Philadelphia. He wasn’t a brother who talked a lot. He was a workingman, a quiet, blue-collar dude.

Ice T
The NetBeans team tended to be focused on academic purity. Getting them to be a little more blue-collar was a challenge.

James Gosling
I come from a very blue-collar family, and a very hardworking family, and I think that my work ethic is maybe the thing that kept me on the straight and narrow.

Jason Priestley
Montreal is a great town. There’s equal parts blue-collar town.

Jay Baruchel
Once upon a time, it was the Democrats who claimed to be the party of the working man. No longer. They abandoned the working guy. They slammed the door in their face, and now, it’s President Trump and the new Republican Party that is supporting working Americans, blue-collar workers.

Corey Stewart
I was raised in a very blue-collar family.

Jamie Moyer
My parents were blue-collar.

Jim Acosta
Contrary to public opinion and the image people have of me, I grew up in a very lower-middle-class, blue-collar environment 40 minutes outside of New York until I was 11.

David Cassidy
‘Detroit 1-8-7’ – the numbers are police slang for murder – is filmed in that blue-collar Michigan city, providing a flavor of authenticity. Detroit offers a unique visual landscape that tells the story of the city and what it’s been through.

Michael Imperioli
The only honourable work my parents knew was blue-collar. But while my father Robert ran a pawnbroker’s shop, and my mother was a waitress, I moved into a middle-class world with a level of security they never knew.

Norman Foster
In Britain, the idea one could go from blue-collar beginnings to the university was so far out, it was quite unthinkable. I took a variety of jobs to pay for tuition – from ice-cream salesman to night-club bouncer. Whatever earned the most money in the least time.

Norman Foster
We’re a blue-collar band. That’s how we like to think of ourselves. We come from humble beginnings and still have this attitude of really loving to meet people, shake their hands, and talk with them.

Rickey Medlocke
I’m just a normal guy and blue-collar historian, and people keep tuning in.

Rick Harrison
And I come here as a daughter, raised on the South Side of Chicago – by a father who was a blue-collar city worker and a mother who stayed at home with my brother and me.

Michelle Obama
Everybody was a democrat where we grew up. It was a blue-collar town and the democrats represented the working class and the unions. But very, very super-conservative Catholic, very proud immigrant community, very stoic.

John Rzeznik
Well, when you think of Dale Earnhardt, you think of determination. You think of grit. Just a blue-collar, working-class guy that got out there and fought for the checkered flag and fought hard for it. And I got so much out of him. He inspired me.

Michael Waltrip
I come from south Louisiana where everyone has a blue-collar work ethic.

Dustin Poirier
I’d never put all my chips anywhere, because I don’t want to close any doors, but I was raised in a very blue-collar family. I was raised by parents who said, ‘If you don’t go to work every day, you’re not contributing’, so that’s my mentality. I have to work every day; I have to bring home a paycheck.

Katee Sackhoff
But it’s much more exciting to make Die Hard. One of the reasons that I think that movie is so successful is it deals with those very important blue-collar relationship themes. But it’s more visually beautiful to show things blowing up. It just gives you more on the screen.

Penn Jillette