Top 80 Ranch Quotes

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My dad was the manager at the 45,000-acre ranch, but he
My dad was the manager at the 45,000-acre ranch, but he owned his own 1,200-acre ranch, and I owned four cattle that he gave to me when I graduated from grammar school, from the eighth grade. And those cows multiplied, and he kept track of them for years for me. And that was my herd.

Dave Brubeck
Drake’s home is its own fantasia, a single-level ranch that sprawls in various wings over 7,500 square feet, from the game room to the gym to Drake’s master bedroom with Jacuzzi. The pool is like a scene out of Waterworld, with a bar inside a grotto, waterfalls, and a slide that drops thirty feet through the rock.

Michael Paterniti
I spent my summers in Sonoma at my grandfather’s ranch, we called it Rancho Rodeo.

Eric Goode
Besides Slayer, which is a full-time job, I raise animals. I have a ranch in Texas. My wife takes care of the animals when I’m on tour. When I get home, I become a ranch hand.

Tom Araya
I’m not a normal person with normal tastebuds, so I’ll save you all from cringing/dissing on my late night flavour pairings, but I will say when I was a kid, with little to no access to anything but my mother’s pantry, I’d dip everything in ranch dressing, Miracle Whip, katsup, barbecue sauce, honey, mustard, etc.

Christina Tosi
There is no such thing as a weekend for me when I’m at home on my ranch in Oregon.

Patrick Duffy
I grew up in southeastern Oklahoma on a working cattle ranch, and it was always very romantic to me: The West, the cowboy, the Western way of life.

Reba McEntire
The second purchase was my ranch, Mockingbird Hill. The third purchase was Longhorn cattle.

Janine Turner
I would be happy living on a massive ranch in Montana and not seeing anyone except my friends and family.

Nick Frost
Again, President Reagan was sort of an amiable presence out at the ranch by the last 6 months of his presidency. He had no effect on national policy at all.

Paul Begala
I love Doritos – the nacho flavor. The Cool Ranch is good; it’s a good second.

Ally Brooke
Part of the great thing of looking back on how I went from the cattle ranch to the White House was, I was a country music DJ. I saw Garth Brooks perform for free in 1992 at the Colorado State Fair where I met this person who knew about this graduate school program.

Dana Perino
I raise quarter horses. Mine are mostly thoroughbred cross horses, a little bigger horses than some people like. I sell them or use them on the ranch. A lot of them go to the rodeo arena and some of them go to racetracks.

Wilford Brimley
The ranch was raw land when I bought it and, for better or worse, I have designed every aspect of it from the corrals, the arena, to the barn, to the house.

Janine Turner
I remember being a kid and saying, ‘One day, I’m going to have a ranch. One day, one day, one day.’ And now, I’m fighting in the UFC. I’m here making the money, and that one day is here. I can finally go get those things that I want.

Donald Cerrone
I have a ranch and when I sit there and see a little lizard and birds, I really love what I see and I’m love with nature.

Udo Kier
My grandpa was a big cowboy in his values and the way he lived his life. For our family, the ranch represented our family time when we got to drive down through all that desert farmland and Grandpa would wake us up at 5 A.M. to feed the horses if we wanted to earn the right to ride them later. I always had so much fun.

Missouri farm and ranch families are the backbone of this state.

Mike Parson
Now I live in the middle of nowhere on a working cattle ranch.

Ree Drummond
I grew up on a ranch with my father, so he educated us really early on about guns. We used to go target shooting all the time.

Eva Longoria
I’m a widower with three sons and seven grandchildren. One of my sons is my partner on the ranch.

Wilford Brimley
To sit on a ranch horse that’s been broken in, it’s like getting in a Porsche.

Sam Shepard
Usually halfway through a book I have a serious depression, so I go on safari on my ranch in South Africa, or fishing off my island in the Seychelles. When I come back and re-read it, I think: ‘What was all that about, Smith? It’s fine, just get on with it.’

Wilbur Smith
Fulfilling the vision of the Irvine Ranch master plan has been a lifetime dedication and lifetime passion, and I am hopeful the heritage of our Irvine stewardship will live on in many new ways.

Donald Bren
I was so afraid to go out west to my aunt’s ranch. But the only choice my mother gave me was to go for two weeks or all summer. I wound up staying all summer. And that’s where I learned about cattle. I could relate to their behavior, their fears.

Temple Grandin
Brothers Bunk Beds! That’s how we grew up. We grew up in a small house, a ranch style home, with three bedrooms and one bath.

Drew Scott
I go to Yosemite a lot. To get there, you fly from L.A. to Fresno and rent a car. So I know about Fresno. It looks like the entire city was built in 1946 in three months – all these low California ranch style homes. The whole city looks like that.

Teri Garr
A romance novel is more than just a story in which two people fall in love. It’s a very specific form of genre fiction. Not every story with a horse and a ranch in it is a Western; not every story with a murder in it is a mystery; and not every book that includes a love story can be classified as a romance novel.

Leigh Michaels
Horseracing and ranch horses are two different animals. You’re getting race horses out and running and running them. It can be really problematic. A thoroughbred’s very delicate.

Dennis Quaid
Spaghetti is good with ranch, and spaghetti is good with sugar. You put all of that together and make a sandwich out of it, and you get greatness. People shouldn’t judge unless they try it.

Terry Rozier
I have always aspired towards other people’s looks. When I was young, I loved teddy boys; I thought they looked wonderful. Then I was a cowboy in Arizona, really for the clothes! I had a ranch for five years; I had chaps made of bearskin.

Nicholas Haslam
I grew up in Hollywood in an apartment. Then in Tarzana, California, on a mini ranch where we owned horses and chickens.

Juliette Lewis
We spend a lot of time at the ranch. And June and I spend as much time as w can with the kids. I learned with my first two how fast they grow up.

Fred MacMurray
The life my grandparents had was thoroughly American. They built a small ranch into a huge operation and fulfilled my great-grandparents’ dreams. Theirs was… a simpler time of contentment and patriotism.

Dana Perino
I wrote ‘Buried Child’ in a trailer at an old ranch house we had in California.

Sam Shepard
I love long-range rifle shooting. I like anything that deals with precision. I also find that with archery. On my ranch, I have my own range with 3-D targets of animals and hay bales from different distances.

Paul Walker
I love to just be on the ranch and experience life.

George Hill
If you ask me what I’d rather be doing, well, I’d rather be home in California, watching TV, polishing my tools and working around the ranch.

Dick Dale
I am just like my mother. She raised me to love and take care of animals, especially the ones that need it the most and so I started Eddie’s Rescue Ranch. We take in animals that need extra care and attention and the animals that get left behind.

Kelly Clarkson
We live on a 500-acre ranch, beautiful ranch.

Tanya Tucker
It’s just a little ranch. Thirty-five acres. In Texas, if it’s not a thousand acres, it’s considered a ranchette.

Betty Buckley
I spend most of my time at the ranch with my family, and enjoy life – watch the sun come up, watch it go down, thank God for another day, and just be happy.

Marcus Luttrell
I was going to be the head wrangler at a ranch in Wyoming, and the reason I didn’t take the job is because I couldn’t have my family there – the family had to stay in town. I just wasn’t willing to do that.

Taylor Sheridan
I want people to see how hard my husband and kids work on the ranch.

Ree Drummond
One day, I’ll be photographing Kate Moss in Paris, then I’ll be on Stephanie Seymour’s ranch with her hundred horses wondering what exactly it is I’m doing there.

Juergen Teller
Unfortunately, diet is 75 or 80 percent of trying to get in shape, so you do have to try to cut the carbs. The diet’s a huge part! I’m from Kansas, so I love ranch dressing and McDonald’s. When I’m working, I have to stay away from all that!

Colton Haynes
My ranch William S. Hart Park is for the benefit of the American Public of every race and creed.

William S. Hart
I travel so much on stories, so I don’t take vacation much, but one place I go back to again and again is my ranch.

Bill Kurtis
I spend most of hunting season at the ranch. We all love to hunt whitetails, and we have a pretty good supply in South Texas. I also love to hunt elk in Arizona, mule deer in Utah, and I’ve been to Canada to hunt caribou.

George Strait
Western women have been a pretty tame lot – dressed in gingham dresses and consigned to hand-wringing back at the ranch, while the hero is fighting for her honor.

Amanda Blake
In fact, I was one of the few trusted people that Lucy allowed to play with their kids. I spent time at their summer home, rode horses at their ranch, and swam at their beach house. I even spent a Christmas with them at Palm Springs one year.

Keith Thibodeaux
I grew up in New Mexico, and the older I get, I have less need for contemporary culture and big cities and all the stuff we are bombarded with. I am happier at my ranch in the middle of nowhere watching a bug carry leaves across the grass, listening to silence, riding my horse, and being in open space.

Tom Ford
With a free afternoon, I’d probably put on a onesie, find something like a really dark, uncomfortable documentary on Netflix, and order pizza with a lot of ranch on the side.

Italia Ricci
We had a ranch, growing up, that we used to spend a lot of time at. I guess anything from the ranch house would probably be some of my favorite childhood memories.

Haylie Duff
My parents moved from ranch to ranch, valley to valley, town to town, but our roots in Fowler never really faded. For me, it’s a place of history, stories and songs, not just facts and figures.

Juan Felipe Herrera
With the Gap Band coming from Oklahoma, other artists would tease us by calling us cowboys. We didn’t grow up on a ranch, but we took that style to the stage. We knew that it was corny, but at least it was ours.

Charlie Wilson
Who knows? Maybe years from now I’ll be on a ranch in Colorado with 10 kids. The whole point of life is to experience a little bit of everything, and I think it’s better when there are a few surprises thrown in.

Keri Russell
My upbringing was very un-Hollywood… I was born in New York and grew up on a ranch. I was never really smitten by the business in those days, never a fan type – just a basic kid watching TV.

Stephanie Zimbalist
The memories that I have are mostly at our old ranch, out in Agoura. We used to go out there every Saturday. I can smell the oak trees. I can see it so clearly.

Patti Davis
I grew up on a ranch in Walla Walla, Washington. Except for one lawyer, I don’t remember anyone in my family being anything else but ranchers.

Adam West
I co-own the ranch with my brother, and he and his wife are really the backbone of the operation.

Bill Pullman
Three days a week and I’m home at the ranch in Fallbrook with my avocados.

Martin Milner
Spending two years on my uncle’s ranch in Montana as a young man gave me the wisdom and the thrust to do westerns.

Robert Duvall
Judge Aquilina did what Michigan State University officials, USA Gymnastics, and the Karoyli ranch officials did not: Immediately believed the women who had been abused, validated their lives, and ended their perpetrator’s access to them and other victims.

Anthea Butler
I grew up in Rhodesia on my father’s ranch and every year he used to take us on safari in some remote area of the wilderness.

Wilbur Smith
Herbert, my father, was born in Britain but went out to Africa in his teens to join his father and built up an 18,000-acre ranch in what was then Northern Rhodesia, providing work for the locals. He was my hero when I was a boy.

Wilbur Smith
I’m just trying to be the me that I am and not all of this other crap. I just want to be the family man, and if somehow I can make the money to get my ranch and get the hell away from everybody else, that would be awesome.

Chris Kyle
There is no greater feeling than hanging out with my dogs, or just walking around the land with our horses. My rescue ranch is is where I feel the most at peace and where I’m reminded of the simple things in life and let the chaos of my crazy work life fade away.

Kelly Clarkson
I like to describe ‘Yellowstone’ is ‘The Great Gatsby’ on the largest ranch in Montana. Then it’s really a study of the changing of the West.

Taylor Sheridan
I think about my dwindling anonymity, and that’s really scary because a very large part of me would be perfectly happy living on a ranch in Colorado and having babies and chickens and horses – which I will do anyway.

Dakota Johnson
I actually just bought a ranch, and I’m going grow as much of my own foods – I’ve got thirty chickens, and I’m going to try to live as sustainably as possible.

Charlie Hunnam
The theme of the party was Neverland Ranch, so guests were asked to come as anyone or anything associated with Michael Jackson. It was all very disturbing.

April Winchell
When I was 15, we settled in Santa Monica, in a beige suburban ranch house. By then, my father, Ray, was an architect at Welton Becket’s firm. He was handy with a pencil and pen. His figurative drawings were very good, and his talent was intimidating.

John Densmore
I live on a ranch that’s larger than Manhattan. That’s a weird circumstance.

Val Kilmer
We spent our honeymoon at a fabulous place called the Grapevine Canyon Ranch near Tucson, Arizona, and totally fell for the City Slickers fantasy, so it would be wonderful to take the children there now that they are old enough to appreciate the thrill of cattle herding on horseback and sleeping out in the desert.

Mary Nightingale
The federal government does not have the authority to tell landowners and ranchers and farmers that they can’t farm and ranch their land because someday an endangered species might live there.

Josh Hawley
My ‘Big Bang Theory’ costar Johnny Galecki went off the grid. He bought a huge ranch and goes there every weekend. He keeps telling me to do the same thing, but I don’t know if I’m that committed. The Valley is as far off the grid as I’m going to go.

Kaley Cuoco
I’m gonna be the best dad that ever lived. I’ll have a ranch with a race car track and a golf course.

Jeremy London
I live on a ranch in Texas and do my own thing. And I don’t care what anyone has to say about it. My joke is that the only people I’m trying to please are myself and my fans, because they’re the ones buying my records. And I have the best, most loyal fan base ever.

Kelly Clarkson
Just like my parents immigrated from ranch to ranch picking crops, I have migrated from city to city.

Juan Felipe Herrera