Top 88 Accountant Quotes

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The passing of my accountant, Mary Coleman, who was the
The passing of my accountant, Mary Coleman, who was the first person I shouted out on ‘In Memory of…’ was particularly devastating for me. She was beyond my accountant. She was my mother away from home.

DJ Premier
I used to work at a hotel. I was the order-taker for room service. My mom worked at the hotel as an accountant.

Sasha Banks
I’m very much inspired by things that anger me. If I see bigotry, stupidity, or injustice on the news, I’m inspired to find a way to make it into something comedic and relatable. Anger inspires me. Stupidity inspires me. My family inspires me. My accountant inspires me. Everything and anything, really.

Maysoon Zayid
My accountant worships me because I’m so cautious with my money.

Scott Patterson
I’m an accountant. I’m a manufacturer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, who stepped up to the plate, and now I’m a U.S. senator.

Ron Johnson
I am not going to fiddle taxes. I pay my accountant a fortune to look after me.

Harry Redknapp
With chefs, the problem is we have to be very confident because people are looking at us for that. So pretty soon, you think you’re a plumber, you think you’re an electrician, you think you’re an accountant.

Michael Mina
I had the opportunity to go to law school, and my dad, who was an accountant, couldn’t believe I wanted to walk away from that and start cooking.

Curtis Stone
If you didn’t know who I was, if I was to walk out on the street without people knowing who I am, you’d think I’m an accountant or a lawyer.

Christopher Guest
I own a series called ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ that I bought in the Seventies. I purposely didn’t do anything with it, and wouldn’t sell off any clips. My accountant went crazy when I said I wanted to wait until the 20-year cycle, then put it out so the new generation could experience it.

Dave Clark
I think too much of the music industry is for the lawyer and accountant mentality.

Chuck D
My parents thought they were getting an accountant and a lawyer. Instead, they ended up with a PR and an actress.

Gemma Chan
Use an accountant the first time you file your taxes after becoming a freelancer. It will be worth it.

Jean Chatzky
My dad is a bank president and my mom was an accountant and they didn’t think that seeking the life of a freelance writer was very practical, you see. Of course, I was just as determined to do it.

Kevin J. Anderson
It was expected of all good middle-class Indian people to build India and, as you know, Indians – when we say, ‘build India,’ it was all about being an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer. So it was this idea that professionals would build the country.

Shekhar Kapur
I was an accountant in Chicago, and a friend of mine, Ed Gallagher, was in advertising. At 4:30 every day I’d be bored, and I would call him. He’d interview me.

Bob Newhart
I’ve been told to speed up my delivery when I perform. But if I lose the stammer, I’m just another slightly amusing accountant.

Bob Newhart
There is no short-cut to success. Whether you want to be an engineer, a charted accountant or a fashion model you must work hard.

Tanushree Dutta
If I wasn’t singing, I’d probably be, probably an accountant.

Janet Jackson
I’ve got an accountant who’s been with me forty years. If he makes a mistake, he dies.

Don Rickles
The reality is that a person who has always struggled with numbers is unlikely to be a great accountant or statistician.

Tom Rath
Dad is a really sound thinker and an accountant by day. I don’t know anybody more sensible. But when he comes to see the Wiggles, he turns up in a big ‘Emma’ T-shirt and a yellow cap with a bow on it.

Emma Watkins
My father was an accountant and his father was a typographer.

Umberto Eco
I was a very bad accountant; I didn’t care about money, golf or discovering fraud. After about a year I was sacked; then I went into teacher training.

Joanne Harris
One of my brothers is a body builder, and the other is an accountant. Both of them live in Australia, so I rarely get to see them. My sister lives in the U.S.

Jacqueline Fernandez
My generation’s parents told their children, ‘Become an accountant, a lawyer, or an engineer; that will give you a solid foothold in the middle class.’ But these jobs are now being sent overseas. So in order to make it today, you have to do work that’s hard to outsource, hard to automate.

Daniel H. Pink
I’m pretty much a 9-to-5 kind of guy. I usually get to work about 8 in the morning, and I work until 4 or 5, and sometimes I work on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Pretty much I keep the same hours as an accountant or clerk or whatever.

Douglas Preston
I feel like it’s actually everybody’s responsibility to use whatever platform they have to do good in the world, basically, and to try to make our society better, whether you’re an accountant or an activist or an athlete or whatever it is. I think it’s everybody’s responsibility.

Megan Rapinoe
In 2007, Michael Grimm, former Marine, former FBI agent, accountant and attorney, was poised for success as a small business owner. Instead, as alleged, Grimm made the choice to go from upholding the law to breaking it. In so doing, he turned his back on every oath he had ever taken.

Loretta Lynch
Obviously if you are an accountant, a criminal lawyer, a president, or a senator, or if you work in a funeral parlor, you have to wear a tie, but more and more people are wearing very casual clothes.

Jean Pigozzi
The whole point of diaries is that other people find them and read what you’ve put. I did once take to writing my inner thoughts on the computer at the end of other things I was writing and ended up faxing four pages of hideous stuff to my accountant so I don’t do that now.

Helen Fielding
And the big issue here, I think, is that the publisher took over the editorial pages, a guy named Jeff Johnson. He’s an accountant from Chicago, doesn’t know anything about what newspapers are supposed to be about, and he made a decision to get rid of the column.

Robert Scheer
My dad’s side of the family was very poor while growing up, but my dadi raised three kids, got my dad through medical school, sent my uncle to America where he wanted to work and helped my aunt become an accountant, because that’s what she wanted to do.

Amyra Dastur
I worked as an accountant in an auditor’s office, at a textile showroom, a telephone booth, and a fast-food joint while studying. My dad found it odd, but he never interfered in any of my decisions.

Vijay Sethupathi
My parents wanted me to work in a bank or as an accountant.

Bruno Tonioli
The company accountant is shy and retiring. He’s shy a quarter of a million dollars. That’s why he’s retiring.

Milton Berle
I would say that IQ is the strongest predictor of which field you can get into and hold a job in, whether you can be an accountant, lawyer or nurse, for example.

Daniel Goleman
In this business you break a leg and 150 other people are out of work while production is shut down. It’s not like you were an accountant and could still work with your leg in a cast.

Ken Curtis
Herman Melville was supposed to be an accountant. Van Gogh was meant to be an art dealer. I was meant to take the train into New York and work for a bank. To be an artist, you have to say goodbye to your family.

Don McLean
I mean I get loads of money, all from different sources. You give it to your accountant. They manage it. But you pay corporation tax. If you’re then taking it out and spending it on yourself, you have to pay more.

Ken Livingstone
If you can manipulate news, a judge can manipulate the law. A smart lawyer can keep a killer out of jail, a smart accountant can keep a thief from paying taxes, a smart reporter could ruin your reputation- unfairly.

Mario Cuomo
You earn very little money on independent films and I’m the provider for my home, so I do have to think of taking one for the accountant time and again and that means studio pictures.

Vera Farmiga
No, I’m not rich. I had a tax problem in this country, curiously enough, and my accountant said the British government was patently wrong in taxing me, and they were, but we couldn’t persuade them and it cost me everything I had.

Donald Sutherland
One day my wife went and saw the accountant and said she’s pulling the plug. She said you guys are done. I said, how bad can it be? 10 grand? She said you’re not even close. It came out to almost $50,000 in alcohol for two months.

Zakk Wylde
In a relationship where finances are shared, it’s important that both people know what’s going on. If one spouse likes being the family accountant, it’s fine for that person to take the lead, but the other spouse shouldn’t be in the dark.

Jean Chatzky
If I have an accountant that just reports I just invested $10 million in my business, and he doesn’t exactly itemize where every cost goes, it gives a flag to the government. They want to make sure that the reason I’m not paying taxes is because I’m reinvesting in these businesses and not trying to hide stuff.

Damon Dash
Baba Seva – Seva Efraimovna Gekhtman – was born in a small town in Ukraine in 1919. Her father was an accountant at a textile factory, and her mother was a nurse. Her parents moved to Moscow with her and her brothers when she was a child.

Keith Gessen
When you think about accountants, who would want to be an accountant? But, what would we do without accountants? Whether it’s soldiers or garbage men or doctors, everyone has the thing that they love.

Fred Willard
People recognize me once in a while and appreciate the work. It gets a little embarrassing, but it’s good. If you work as an accountant, you don’t have people coming up to you in the streets saying, ‘Hey, great job on tax statements!’

Kevin Nealon
I’d like to see more Asian-American roles where the ethnicity of the character can be swapped to another. We can, of course, play the stereotypical ninja, the martial arts master, the accountant, the doctor, but we can be more than that!

Karen Fukuhara
So this guy, Jeff Johnson, who is an accountant who cares nothing at all about a free press and cares nothing about journalism, he’s a right winger who supported the war, you know, who two years ago told people he couldn’t stand a word that I wrote.

Robert Scheer
I was never a Certified Public Accountant… I just had a degree in accounting. The reason I was never a Certified Public Accountant was because it would require passing a test, which I would not have been able to do.

Bob Newhart
I should have stayed an athlete, body well-tuned, cruising around with my accountant in a Porsche, maroon and chrome.

Jim Carroll
I come from a family of working professionals: my dad is a chartered accountant, and my mom is a professor.

Kriti Sanon
No, when I worked as an accountant I was falling asleep waiting for 5 o’clock.

Heston Blumenthal
If my father had hugged me even once, I’d be an accountant right now.

Ray Romano
I was a very bad accountant. I knew the book theory, but I didn’t have the heart for it. I did it for six months, and my job was to distract the auditors with jokes.

John Pinette
Put you energy into music. If it fails you, you can become an accountant or a dentist. And then if you become a dentist or an accountant, it’s too late to become a musician afterwards.

Peter Tork
Mom was a housewife; Dad was an accountant. They taught me a lot about the value of working hard.

Irene Rosenfeld
April is tax month. If you are having trouble filing your taxes, then you should hire an accountant. They’ll give you the same advice that they’ve given hundreds of corporations – taxes are for douche bags.

Ed Helms
Bankers are the most obvious class of closet freeloaders, but they are certainly not alone. Many a lawyer and an accountant wields a similar revenue model.

Rutger Bregman
Never call an accountant a credit to his profession; a good accountant is a debit to his profession.

Charles Lyell
It’s very hard to respect people on holiday – everybody looks so silly at the beach, it makes you hate humanity – but when you see people at their work they elicit respect, whether it’s a mechanic, a stonemason or an accountant.

Alain de Botton
That’s a compliment reserved only for politicians. You never hear someone say, ‘You know what I love about my accountant? He’s just a normal guy.’ That’s how low the bar is for people in politics.

Jason Kander
I do what I do, and write what I write, without calculating what is worth what and so on. Fortunately, I am not a banker or an accountant. I feel that there is a time when a political statement needs to be made and I make it.

Arundhati Roy
I always loved math in high school and I thought that I would be an accountant. But I also thought I would be better at counting money in the NFL.

Cris Carter
My money goes to my agent, then to my accountant and from him to the tax man.

Glenda Jackson
Brodsky was born in May, 1940, a year before the German invasion. His mother worked as an accountant; his father was a photographer and worked for the Navy Museum in Leningrad when Brodsky was young. They were doting parents and much beloved by Iosif Brodsky, who was their only child.

Keith Gessen
There are three people you need in life: an accountant, a fishmonger, and a bail bondsman.

Guy Fieri
I don’t go to a psychiatrist. I don’t go to a gym. I run away from my accountant, I run away from my dentist. They are all supposed to help you, but I like to stay in bed, where I have a chance to reflect, like Rossellini.

Marlene Dumas
I was born in 1943 and raised in the Bronx, in a high rise apartment complex known as Parkchester, the only child of Max, an accountant who worked in the garment district in Manhattan, and Rose, an elementary school teacher.

Robert Lefkowitz
I don’t think when I decided I didn’t want to be an accountant any more that I was necessarily saying I wanted to be an NBA head coach. I just really wanted to figure out if I could do it.

Nick Nurse
I probably wouldn’t make a good accountant. I don’t even understand what my accountant tells me. But the character is a sort of exaggerated version of me, he’s a little more frightened than I am, everything seems so much bigger to him than it does to me.

Matthew Broderick
I was an accountant for six months, and for the last three, I didn’t do much work.

John Pinette
When you get successful, the money comes in and pretty soon you’ve got to hire an accountant, you’ve got to get up early, and then you’ve got a day job.

J. J. Cale
It would’ve been hard to do something else, to as it were, run away from the circus and become an accountant.

Samuel West
Now is the time to draw a clean, clear, bright line and say if you are engaging in speech over the Internet you do not have to check with your lawyer or your accountant. You are a free American, and you have the opportunity to engage in free speech over the Internet.

John Doolittle
There are a whole lot of little tales told in ‘Presumed Innocent,’ whether it’s about the Hobberly kid, who was an important witness who ends up assassinated, or an accountant named Marcy Lupino, who meets a horrible fate in a state penitentiary. There’s less of that in ‘Innocent,’ and deliberately so.

Scott Turow
When you’re writing plays, it’s possible to believe you don’t have any real world skill. When you’re adapting, it is really all about the mechanics, so you feel closer to, I don’t know, an accountant or someone who has a body of information. It’s not all about temperament.

Richard Greenberg
One weekend, I was driving and in the car next to me on the freeway was a guy who looked like a very conservative Nick Frost, with a short haircut, these horn-rimmed glasses, and he was wearing a jacket and tie. I thought, Oh, there’s Nick if he were an accountant in the ’50s or ’60s.

Robert B. Weide
When you’re dealing with a big amount of money, you should have your own accountant and your own lawyer.

Johnny Van Zant
While I have served in public office for 30 years, my professional training is as a pharmacist, not a lawyer or an accountant.

George Ryan
My parents were very open about what kind of talent I had. They never pushed me to become an accountant because they knew that would be just absolutely ridiculous. So they were encouraging in what I am able to do with some success.

Grace Slick
Did you ever hear of a kid playing accountant – even if they wanted to be one?

Jackie Mason
My neighborhood was rough, but I live a great life now. I don’t fight that much now. I don’t look for it anyway, but if someone hits your mother, whether you’re a star, an accountant, or an astronaut or anything… I mean it’s your mother, so I lost my mind.

Shia LaBeouf
I made $225.81 a week as an accountant, and I went to $400 a week as a stand-up. I was up to $800 a week when I went out to L.A. In L.A., I made $25.

John Pinette
I am the despair of my accountant; I am the plastic bags of receipts.

Val McDermid
I think you could get a good accountant, but I think I am the best accountant for me. Can’t nobody count my money like I can count it.

Yo Gotti