Top 90 Obama Administration Quotes

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The Obama administration does not hate unauthorized lea
The Obama administration does not hate unauthorized leaks of classified information. They are more responsible for such leaks than anyone. What they hate are leaks that embarrass them or expose their wrongdoing. Those are the only kinds of leaks that are prosecuted.

Glenn Greenwald
The Obama administration has been unable to call Jerusalem the capital of Israel because the Palestinians want to claim it as their capital in a future state.

Richard Grenell
The bonds of trust between the United States and Israel have been frayed, but even the hostility and disrespect the Obama administration has shown has not severed those bonds.

Adam Hasner
The Obama administration, seemingly without any concern or worry, funneled money around U.S. law through foreign central banks to provide a state sponsor of terrorism with $400 million in blood money for American hostages.

Jeff Duncan
All the issues that have come up under the Obama administration would be continued under Hillary Clinton.

Bill Flores
The Obama administration likes to say that it is ‘pro-worker.’ But something is amiss when its labor priorities are forcing unionization and labor contracts on American workplaces, and denying union members information on how their dues money is spent.

Elaine Chao
Clinton appears to be the sole holdout in the Obama administration in understanding the catastrophe caused by its foreign policy in Libya.

Pete Hoekstra
An Obama administration truly looking to break with the molds of the past would stop treating Africa as an obligation and start treating it as globalization’s next great opportunity, understanding that Chinese – along with Indians and Arab sovereign wealth funds – are natural partners in this process.

Thomas P.M. Barnett
It’s hardly news that the Obama administration is intensely and, in many respects, unprecedentedly hostile toward the news-gathering process.

Glenn Greenwald
Poor people and working people have not been the focus of the Obama administration. That for me is not just a disappointment but a kind of betrayal.

Cornel West
We know that working with small businesses to create jobs will do more to help our economy than anything the Obama Administration has tried to do.

Marsha Blackburn
The Obama administration will continue to fight for a comprehensive immigration solution that includes AgJobs and a stable workforce for our farms.

Tom Vilsack
I believe the Obama administration, from the president on down, has taken a very weak position regarding granting Palestine statehood at the United Nations.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
To those who say it would be too difficult to repeal and replace Obamacare, I say it’s a two step process. We repeal the Pelosi Congress in 2010 and replace the Obama Administration in 2012.

Mike Pence
Every new revelation about the Obama Administration comes with the familiar musical notes of the Rod Serling TV classic ringing in my head: ‘Do-dee-do-do, do-dee-do-do.’

Mike Gallagher
Bill Nelson has demonstrated that he is a rubber stamp for the Obama administration and he’s out of touch with the solution that we need to implement in order to get America back on the right track.

Adam Hasner
The nuclear deal with Iran’s radical clerics and their military junta is the most dangerous and potentially deadly action that the Obama administration has yet taken.

Mike Pompeo
The extremist agenda of the Obama administration is forcing unwarranted higher energy costs upon Americans and further threatening an already sluggish economic recovery.

Luther Strange
Under the Obama administration, 80-90 percent of individuals making asylum claims with children were released after being processed and given a court date. Inevitably, they started living in the U.S. illegally for years to come. This is the policy the Trump administration is trying to change.

Katie Pavlich
The debt they ran up in the first year of the Obama administration is bigger than the last four years of the Bush combined.

Mitch McConnell
It was definitely during the Obama administration that talking about racism, or calling it out, suddenly seemed taboo. It seemed like talking about race was somehow summoning the evil of racism.

Jordan Peele
On issue after issue, the Obama Administration has openly ignored, defied, and unilaterally tried to change the law.

Ted Cruz
It’s like doctors can’t save all their patients, but, on balance, Bain under Gov. Romney created well over 100,000 jobs, which is certainly more than has been created in the Obama administration because we’re down over 500,000 over the last three-and-a-half years.

Jim Talent
The Obama administration has framed its defense of the controversial bulk collection of all American phone records as necessary to prevent a future 9/11.

Peter Bergen
That’s the underlying tactic of the Obama administration in 2012: push the war on women, the war on the middle class, the war on gay people, and the war on Hispanics, and hope it will carry the day.

Mike Gallagher
I had no difficulty as Secretary of Defense moving from the Bush administration to the Obama administration.

Robert M. Gates
I think the Obama administration, whether it’s in his first term or second term, is totally committed to the search for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and we greatly appreciate the president’s effort, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the first administration, now Secretary of State John Kerry.

Michael Oren
The one thing that I don’t think the Obama administration gets anywhere near enough credit for is the high level of administrators. They meet all the time so they can synergize the federal investments. That’s the way any corporation would do it.

John Hickenlooper
I am heartened by the appointment of Dr. Birx as the Coronavirus response coordinator for the White House. Dr. Birx is a retired Army Colonel and immunologist who was appointed the U.S. Global HIV/AIDS coordinator under the Obama Administration.

Abigail Spanberger
From the outset, the Obama administration has recognized that building a robust skills infrastructure means building strong partnerships with community colleges.

Tom Perez
The Obama administration, like those before it, promotes a disturbingly narrow interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, misapplying the facts of old analog cases to a radically different digital world.

Barton Gellman
Yes, the Obama administration has and will continue to use Hollywood and the entertainment industry to push its agenda.

Jedediah Bila
It seems clear to me that the Obama Administration has no human rights policy. That is, while in some inchoate sense they would like respect for human rights to grow around the world, as all Americans would, they have no actual policy to achieve that goal – and they subordinate it to all their other policy goals.

Elliott Abrams
The Obama administration contends that starting a for-profit business means leaving religious liberty behind. The administration has effectively told the Supreme Court that for-profit companies have no right to act on moral convictions the government opposes. They are about profits. That position is deeply mistaken.

Josh Hawley
The United States and the Obama administration have consistently opposed the delegitimation of Israel. We’ve also consistently pushed for legitimation of Israel across the U.N. system. We uniformly oppose one-sided actions designed to punish Israel, and we will continue to do so.

Samantha Power
I want to use my position of leadership to help move along at a faster pace what I believe and know the Obama administration wants to do around the urgency of climate change.

Kamala Harris
The Obama administration came into Utah and said, ‘We’re not going to listen to what the U.S. Supreme Court said. ‘We, the federal government, are going to recognize marriages in the state of Utah and Utah state law explicitly does not recognize as marriage,’ and that was really, in my view, an abuse of power.

Ted Cruz
Ever since taking office, the Obama administration has sought to accommodate Islamist demands that freedom of expression be curbed, lest it offend Muslims and stoke violence. For example, in 2009, the administration co-sponsored a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution along those lines.

Frank Gaffney
We need to be calling out the flaws and misguided decisions of the Democrats in Congress and the Obama administration.

Tim Pawlenty
The administration has taken its inexcusable apathy a step further, declaring that even abiding by the few token sanctions in place isn’t truly necessary, as evidenced by the now 20 countries to which the Obama administration has granted waivers to continue doing business with Iran.

Trent Franks
The Obama administration would say that if you are a Catholic institution, you can only limit your conscience waivers or exclusions to people of the Catholic Church. That would mean that Catholic institutions couldn’t treat people of other religions, and that makes no sense.

John Fleming
I think isolationism is a mistake, no matter what party you see it in. We have to remember that there are two threats to our freedom: there’s a threat that comes from the federal government, from the Obama Administration policies… but there’s also a huge and significant threat from al-Qaeda.

Liz Cheney
For months, Obama administration officials attacked Snowden’s motives and said the work of the NSA was distorted by selective leaks and misinterpretations.

Barton Gellman
Unfortunately, the Obama administration is more interested in furthering its political agenda than in following the law.

Luther Strange
Ms. Clinton, like the Obama administration more broadly, believes that appeasing Islamists… promotes peace and stability.

Louie Gohmert
After almost half a billion dollars spent on the computer registration system for Obamacare, the website coughed, sputtered, and appeared to descend into an immediate coma as millions tried to log on. One reason is that the Obama administration never fully tested it.

Jonathan Turley
As bad as the Obama administration is at trying to legislate without legislators, all too often, Congress is responsible for handing them the ‘pen and phone.’

Todd Young
For many, the recent disclosure of massive warrantless surveillance programs of all citizens by the Obama administration has brought back memories of George Orwell’s ‘1984.’ Another Orwell book seems more apt as the White House and its allies try to contain the scandal: ‘Animal Farm.’

Jonathan Turley
Donald Trump is talking about the failed leadership of the Obama Administration.

Paul Manafort
The Obama administration has been weak and inconsistent in enforcing immigration laws.

Jack Kingston
The real truth is that the Obama administration is professional at bullying, as we have witnessed with ACORN at work during the presidential campaign. It seems to me they are sending down their bullies to create fist fights among average American citizens who don’t want a government-run health care plan forced upon them.

Jon Voight
The Obama administration has been trying out a new policy toward Syria since the day it came to office. The Bush cold shoulder was viewed as a primitive reaction, now to be replaced by sophisticated diplomacy. Outreach would substitute for isolation.

Elliott Abrams
Perhaps the most striking assault on the foundations of traditional liberties is a little-known case brought to the Supreme Court by the Obama administration, Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project.

Noam Chomsky
To be sure, every White House tries to limit its exposure to difficult and distracting questions. The Obama administration was scrutinized for its use of late night shows and YouTube chats to get the president’s message across in low-risk situations.

Brian Stelter
Our religious liberty was threatened by the Obama administration as part of the Obamacare law. I was in the courtroom when that law was, I think unjustly, held constitutional.

Luther Strange
With its record spending and deficits, the Obama administration has shown little interest in taking fiscal responsibility. That is a mistake.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
I am convinced that the Obama administration and Clinton Dynasty would rather hail the Communist Manifesto than the Declaration of Independence this Fourth of July. And there’s more than enough proof to show how they have been slow-cooking our Founders’ republic into a red-star state like China.

Chuck Norris
I think we would find, if you study the conduct of guerilla-type wars, that the Obama Administration has hit more targets on a broader scale than the Nixon Administration ever did.

Henry Kissinger
We are talking about institutionalizing a program on solar development that will outlast the Obama administration.

Ken Salazar
A complete investment in the Obama administration required that any real opposition had to be demonized. The investment in Barack Obama had to be protected.

Bob Ehrlich
By the time I joined the Obama administration in 2014, it was widely expected that the president of the United States would raise human rights concerns in just about every meeting with a foreign leader, and meet with activists in countries he visited.

Tom Malinowski
The policy of the Obama administration is to employ regulatory strangulation to drive up the price of energy. This must be exposed and opposed for what it is: a policy of forced economic contraction.

Robert Zubrin
European-style interventions to which the Obama administration is inclined will not make America more competitive in the world-wide economy. Such policies will not increase growth, will not decrease unemployment, and will not increase wages for workers.

Elaine Chao
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned, it seems, to direct the Middle East policy of the Obama administration.

Elliott Abrams
Government is, by its very nature, a destroyer of liberties; the Obama administration, specifically, is promising to interfere with the economy and the health care system so profoundly that Washington will soon have us all in chains.

Thomas Frank
Holding Congressional hearings is the purview of the majority, and during the first years of the Obama administration, Democrats could not be bothered.

Matt Gaetz
It was the Obama administration that cut a faux deal with the Iranians that will not disarm Iran of its nuclear capabilities, and will in fact accelerate their nuclear development.

Ben Shapiro
The Obama administration leaks classified information continuously. They do it to glorify the President, or manipulate public opinion, or even to help produce a pre-election propaganda film about the Osama bin Laden raid.

Glenn Greenwald
The Obama administration has refused to back down on the insurance mandate that needlessly pits health care against the rights of the religious… This administration simply doesn’t get it.

Rob Portman
I long ago lost track of the number of times the Obama administration has assured everyone that its vacuum-cleaner approach to electronic surveillance does not threaten the privacy or the rights of Americans.

Andrew Rosenthal
The examples of the Obama Administration ‘stimulating’ jobs everywhere on the planet except here in America are endless.

Bob Beauprez
The Obama administration rarely demonstrated the ability to shift gears and change policy in its first year. Even in the face of historic events such as the continuing demonstrations against Iran’s regime, it stuck devotedly to prior plans.

Elliott Abrams
The Obama administration has an undeniable pattern of using regulatory overreach and intimidation to further its political aims.

Ron Johnson
The Obama administration says we only destroy the privacy of non-Americans. That is not true. The government is spying on Americans.

Glenn Greenwald
The most extremist power any political leader can assert is the power to target his own citizens for execution without any charges or due process, far from any battlefield. The Obama administration has not only asserted exactly that power in theory, but has exercised it in practice.

Glenn Greenwald
The American people deserve to know exactly which laws the Obama Administration is refusing to enforce and why.

Ron DeSantis
It appears that the Obama Administration is attempting to silence public comments and once again pander to extremist mining opponents seeking to undermine a bipartisan jobs bill that is estimated to create approximately 3,700 new jobs and generate $60 billion dollars for our economy.

Paul Gosar
The Obama administration has consistently refused to recognize Jerusalem as Israeli territory, let alone as the capital of Israel.

Ben Shapiro
I am confident the Obama administration will work professionally with any Israeli government.

Ehud Barak
ISIS was able to grow because the Obama administration stuck its head in the sand rather than address the emerging problem.

Will Hurd
If the Obama administration is this afraid of Glenn Beck, how do they deal with the Iranians?

Newt Gingrich
I think we need to significantly reduce the regulatory burden on the private sector. The Obama administration is doing the opposite. They’re loading on more and more regulation on the private respect to how the economy functions.

Dick Cheney
We do need to get to the bottom of what Russia did and their interference in the election. And we need to also figure out how the Obama administration failed so miserably to allow Russia to have this type of impact in our country.

Ronna McDaniel
The Obama administration has vastly expanded the use of armed drones and concentrated a great deal of diplomatic effort on building and maintaining alliances that share information about terrorists, provide access to get near them, and then strike against them.

Elliott Abrams
There clearly was an Obama administration no-holds-barred attempt to clear the path to the presidency for Hillary Clinton.

Tom Fitton
Since the day the Obama administration first launched its duplicitous Benghazi cover story, Judicial Watch has been pressing for the full truth.

Tom Fitton
It’s clear from what we have already learned that the Obama administration freely used our tax dollars for political purposes, including support of the Soros operation.

Tom Fitton
Addressing climate change and positioning the United States as the leader in advanced energy should be a top priority for our country and our economy, and I applaud the Obama administration for the steps it is taking.

John Delaney
Gov. Romney’s policies would be a clear departure from the dubious tactics of the Obama administration.

Jeff Duncan
Let’s face it, the Obama administration was handed a pretty poor deal from the previous administration.

Richard Armitage