Top 95 Bath Quotes

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In the music business, we're much better off staying in
In the music business, we’re much better off staying in Bath – we don’t get involved in the competitiveness, where you’ve got to be seen in the right places and music kind of takes second place.

Curt Smith
We’ve always sung. As I have become a grandmother and become older, of course you have less voice and you notice this in the bath.

Princess Michael of Kent
Christ hath instituted Baptism as a bath, to wash away the anger, and hath put into us the Noble Stone, viz. the water of eternal life, for an earnest-penny, so that instantly in our childhood we might be able to escape the wrath.

Jakob Bohme
The truth is, you know, we need our anodynes. You know that word, anodynes? We need that in life some times. A good warm bath can be one for you, or a whatever.

Al Pacino
I think I’ll take a bath in his blood.

Mike Tyson
When I was 15, I went to see the Stranglers at Bath Pavilion. I saw Jean-Jacques Burnel take off his bass and whack a skinhead over the head with it because he gave a Nazi salute. I thought: ‘This is brilliant!’

Bill Bailey
Bath was hardly known for its rock’n roll. We weren’t part of the London scene or the New Romantics or any of that.

Roland Orzabal
And takin’ a bath in the creek. That’s the stuff that really made it worthwhile. Anybody can stay in a motel.

Chris LeDoux
Bath was dusty and a little shabby when we moved here. It did look its age and you felt its history in its streets and buildings and little alleyways. The sense of the past was palpable. There were some bad modern buildings but there was a patina of age.

Ken Loach
I am terrible at doing nothing. I’m not brilliant at doing one thing at a time, either. Ideally, I would fill out my tax return while watching a film; peel potatoes while reading the post; send emails in the bath.

Victoria Coren Mitchell
I always put on Chanel No 5 after I’ve had a bath or before I go to bed. If I’m going out, I’ll layer other fragrances on top.

Kate Moss
The funny thing about children is that, whichever room we’re in, that’s where they’ll be. If I’m in the bath, they’ll want to be in there too, playing with the toothbrush pot or brushing my hair.

Keeley Hawes
Sprinkling drops of lavender and clary-sage oil into a bath is a totally simple yet complex pleasure.

Isabel Gillies
A hot bath, time with a book, or five minutes of meditation helps tremendously with recharging and grounding us so we are more equipped to deal with everything life throws our way.

Tara Stiles
They tell me a revival is only temporary; so is a bath, but it does you good.

Billy Sunday
I need to be looked after. I’m not talking about diamond rings and nice restaurants and fancy stuff – in fact, that makes me uncomfortable. I didn’t grow up with it, and it’s not me, you know. But I need someone to say to me, ‘Shall I run you a bath?’ or ‘Let’s go to the pub, just us.’

Kate Winslet
All a woman needs is a good bath, clean clothes, and for her hair to be combed. These things she can do herself. I very seldom go to the hairdresser, but when I do, I just marvel.

Hedy Lamarr
My nanny usually leaves around 6 P. M. I take my kids, I give them a bath, I put them to bed.

Shanna Moakler
I’m a big bath person.

Bethenny Frankel
I live on the edge of Bath. It’s really lovely, but its very loveliness freaks me out a bit. It’s peaceful, a great antidote to the craziness of being on tour, but sometimes I feel as though I’ve retired.

Alison Goldfrapp
Now I meditate twice a day for half an hour. In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it.

Hugh Jackman
Living with my grandmother in Bath, I sort of thought I was living in the 19th century. My grandmother was someone who, in a way, was rather defiantly trying to live a pre-World War I existence.

Charles Palliser
I eventually turned the fridge and freezer off – they were empty anyway – and the boiler, desperate to save money, shocking myself awake in the morning with the shortest, coldest showers, and boiling a kettle of water twice a week to bath my young son.

Jack Monroe
I’m a war baby: I was brought up with rationing, and my parents always had to struggle. I remember when I was sent to boarding school – Prior Park College in Bath – my father was asked how he was going to pay the fees, and he replied: ‘In arrears.’

Cameron Mackintosh
Most cities are eclectic. There’s a bit of medieval, Georgian, some Victorian and some 20th century. That’s fine. Bath is different because it was built within 100 years or less. It has a homogeneity.

Ken Loach
I don’t take showers at night, because I take a bath when I wake up. Then I go to bed on the most beautiful Egyptian-cotton antique sheets in the world.

Karl Lagerfeld
My favourite room in my house is easily the top room, which is a bedroom but also a bathroom, with a big, wooden carved bath, two huge fireplaces and a raised bit in the corner for performances. I’ve had some really lovely parties and poetry readings up there.

Deborah Moggach
I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.

Joan Rivers
I never take my work home with me, because when there is a baby in the bath at home, and you rush back for bath-time, as soon as you get through the door, you know that work is work and home is home.

Suranne Jones
Much of my reading time over the last decade and a half has been spent reading aloud to my children. Those children’s bedtime rituals of supper, bath, stories, and sleep have been a staple of my life and some of the best, most special times I can remember.

Louise Brown
In my heart, I’m just a kid from the council houses. I can remember the old cottage and my dad coming round with the tin bath. I’m not a rich man.

Terry Pratchett
The Heidelberg Catechism is like a refreshing bath with cool gospel water.

Kevin DeYoung
Some people feel stronger in their 30s. I’m 34. I’ve noticed I do feel stronger now than when I was 24. But I’m also more sore in the mornings. If I have a bump or a bruise from practice, it takes me a little bit more than just an ice bath to get rid of it. At the end of the week, my body’s ready for a day off.

Holly Holm
I know that some people use lavender, incense, and cake as sedatives, but for me, a ‘nose bath’ in an old book just does something.

Alex Guarnaschelli
After a tough match, I’ll do an ice bath, and that’s really good for recovery because it helps circulation. Sometimes you feel really swollen.

Ana Ivanovic
An ice bath for me is always going to work.

Travis Kelce
I used to juggle from one set to the next. I would start at 5 A. M. in the morning and would sometimes finish only at 5 A. M. the next day. I would then go home, take a bath and set out again. There would be no sleep at all.

Put the kids in a cool bath, then get them to bed, then light a candle. Do whatever you need to do to ease your troubled mind.

Submerging food in a bath of heated water – instead of subjecting it to the uneven heat of flames – means your food will never be overcooked.

Brad Leone
When life catches up with us, we all need space to dream and indulge, so I have created my own special range of bath & beauty loveliness to help you find your happy place.

Zoe Sugg
Living up a hill in Bath affords me lots of walking opportunities.

Kris Marshall
After every bath, I make sure to moisturize my entire body. I’m obsessed with Diptyque: people love their candles, but their body products are also amazing.

Priyanka Chopra
Thats all I ever wanted from my mum. To be held tight in a protective cuddle. To get out of the bath and be wrapped up in a towel, in her arms.

Davina McCall
The only way I’d be caught without makeup is if my radio fell in the bathtub while I was taking a bath and electrocuted me and I was in between makeup at home. I hope my husband would slap a little lipstick on me before he took me to the morgue.

Dolly Parton
The best thing is to lie in a warm Epsom salts bath for 15 minutes and then go straight to bed. You will sleep really well afterwards.

Darcey Bussell
Sometimes, I have to make a point of saying to myself: ‘You know what Stace, if you don’t have a bath one day this week, it’s not going to do you any favours. If you don’t turn your phone off for the day today and say ‘no,’ you’re going to be impacted negatively.’

Stacey Solomon
If I am at home in L.A. on a Saturday or Sunday, I like to start the day with a hot bath and then do an hour of stretching.

Nobu Matsuhisa
I was in the bath at the time, and my dad came running in and said, ‘Guess who they want to play Harry Potter!?’ and I started to cry. It was probably the best moment of my life.

Daniel Radcliffe
I think recovery is around the clock. Are you sleeping enough? Are you hydrating enough? Are you stretching? Are you eating well? Pretty much everything that I do is a reflection of how I’m going to feel on the field. I take great pride in getting in an ice bath after training and just taking care of myself.

Carli Lloyd
I am such a bath girl: we’ve gone to some of the beautiful hotels in the world, and if there’s a shower, I’m so disappointed.

Aerin Lauder
I am proud of all of our products across every category we’re in – hair, bath and body, face, cosmetics, baby, and men’s – because they reflect the highest quality natural, organic, fair trade, and community commerce-sourced ingredients available.

Richelieu Dennis
I’m obsessed with Jo Malone oils. I think they’re so beautiful; they’re exquisite. But it’s not just the oils; I’m obsessed with their packaging. The beautiful glass bottles that you keep on the side of the bath – they’re almost iconic.

Poppy Delevingne
We lived in Dudley, near Cramlington, surrounded by five pits: my father would wash outside in a tin bath. He was the hardest man in the village.

Robson Green
Right now I’m just delighted to be alive and to have had a nice long bath.

Richard Branson
I always soak in a bath with Epsom salts for a minimum of 20 minutes to absorb the magnesium once I get home.

Mirai Nagasu
I daily disconnect and read a good book or listen to a good sermon or call a friend or my mom and talk on the phone with my feet up. I also take baths with bath salts that I make myself.

Kim Alexis
What kind of grandmother am I? I’m a ‘three-dessert’ grandmother. I’m a ‘let’s just skip the bath tonight, honey, watch another video’ grandmother.

Judith Viorst
Unfortunately, I’m heat intolerant. I tend not to go in heat, I avoid the bath, I have lukewarm showers – and now I am throwing myself into the heat of Dubai and trying to run.

Kadeena Cox
I know that some people use lavender, incense, and cake as sedatives, but for me, a ‘nose bath’ in an old book just does something.

Alex Guarnaschelli
I eat pots of honey everywhere I go. I like anything sugary. And baths. I spend five hours in the bath. I eat in the bath.

Suki Waterhouse
There is just something about starting your day with something luxurious like a bath.

Erin Heatherton
I think that Damien Hirst putting a shark in a bath of formaldehyde is nothing.

William Klein
Living with my grandmother in Bath, I sort of thought I was living in the 19th century. My grandmother was someone who, in a way, was rather defiantly trying to live a pre-World War I existence.

Charles Palliser
I’m really old-fashioned. An Epsom salt bath, that’s genuinely better than any massage.

Emilia Clarke
I’m not trying to win an award for being the best vegetarian, just want to be healthy. Take a salt bath. Do things that my parents were never able to do. I’m blessed to do anything I want, so I decide to take the best care of my body and my family in the same way. Holistically. Vitally.

Erykah Badu
An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.

George Bernard Shaw
I use bath gloves in the shower every day. People often comment on my skin and I just tell them that I use bath gloves.

Meagan Good
Cara, ever since you told me at the age of four that you wanted to be Claudia Schiffer, while you were naked in the bath with a sponge on your head, I knew you were destined for great things.

Poppy Delevingne
I have no plans to rock myself to sleep in my bath chair yet.

Bruce Forsyth
I buy sleeping bags, food, gloves and warmers, and I just usually go out in Bath, which is where I’m from, and hand them out. I’ve done it on Christmas Eve, schedule allowing.

Tyrone Mings
There are times when I have to take, I call it a ‘silence bath,’ where I shut off all of the external gadgets. I go walk around, talk to people, and just live life for a while.

Patton Oswalt
Routines may include taking a warm bath or a relaxing walk in the evening, or practicing meditation/relaxation exercises. Psychologically, the completion of such a practice tells your mind and body that the day’s work is over and you are free to relax and sleep.

Andrew Weil
Bath twice a day to be really clean, once a day to be passably clean, once a week to avoid being a public menace.

Anthony Burgess
Pilot season in L.A. is just this blood bath. They make so many pilots, and such a small percentage are picked up. And then if you are picked up, there are so many variables. You have to get a good time slot, and you have to get promoted. And then you have to thrive in that time slot.

Michaela Conlin
To unwind, I like to have a relaxing bath.

Hannah Bronfman
Californians are people who insist on growing their own vegetables, but they won’t dig up the pretty lawn, won’t plant anything for fear of getting dirty, and they use fragrant bath salts from The Body Shop instead of smelly compost.

P. J. O’Rourke
When I feel stress, I put my phone down. I’m quite strict, telling myself not to take anything else on. Then, in the evening when the kids have gone to bed, I’ll treat myself to a hot bath.

Rochelle Humes
It’s like running a marathon race. We train all hours of the day. When you are taking a bath, you are thinking of the flight.

Kalpana Chawla
I will never have anything that is remotely technical near my bath time. I completely zone out and stare up at the ceiling. For me, it’s like a form of meditation. It’s a time where I can just actually turn off.

Poppy Delevingne
I’m a major bath person.

Liv Tyler
I like to have a massage therapist come to my house, get a massage, take a bath, go to bed. That’s a perfect night alone for me.

Stacy Keibler
My mom and I used to always get these Bath & Body Works candles but I like anything that smells warm. I love vanilla.

Jordyn Woods
It’s just an ice bucket with a bottle in it. The two flute glasses are little tray. I got to shut the curtains. I’m in my boxer shorts and shirt. I’m going to take a bath and go to bed. But I want to shut the blinds so it’s really dark in the room.

Danny DeVito
You don’t want to take the world over with a whole hamper full of dirty clothes. That’s the main thing people overlook. And take a shower, take a bath every day.

J. B. Smoove
With beauty, I just try to get as much sleep as possible. I might have a nice hot bath and moisturise with coconut oil.

Courtney Eaton
Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine.

Thomas Aquinas
Field hockey is my strongest sport, and if I lose a game, I take a long, hot bath and moan about it.

Emma Watson
I was told to have an ice bath once, which I did once, and it was the most horrific experience. In my head it sounded like a great idea, so I filled my bath with ice and water, and it was absolutely horrendous.

Antony Starr
Last Wednesday, I stupidly dropped my iPhone in the bath, and my life has sort of spiraled almost out of control.

Patrick Stewart
I used to lie between cool, clean sheets at night after I’d had a bath, after I had washed my hair and scrubbed my knuckles and finger-nails and teeth. Then I could lie quite still in the dark with my face to the window with the trees in it, and talk to God.

Frances Farmer
Telling a teenager the facts of life is like giving a fish a bath.

Arnold H. Glasow
I really enjoy making sure the kids get a healthy dinner, a good bath and several books… I really like to try and end the day with some quality time with my kids. If not, I feel guilty.

Norah O’Donnell
I take a bath three times a day.

Coco Martin
I remember as a child of five or six lying in the bath marvelling at the different languages displayed on the shampoo bottles around me. From that moment on it was always words not numbers that held a fascination for me.

Susie Dent
I’m a real bath addict. I could sit in a bath and soak for days on end, and you’ll never see me again. It’s my easiest, nicest thing. So if you’re giving me something extra to do, an extra step to make bathtime last longer, then I’ll do it.

Poppy Delevingne