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See, I never wrote arrangements for the band for Judy G
See, I never wrote arrangements for the band for Judy Garland; I did strictly special material, special lyrics, put together all of her medleys.

Mel Torme
Most of us have not heard about Master Limited Partnerships. These special financing arrangements allow oil and gas investors to avoid paying certain corporate income taxes, but are not available to clean energy businesses.

Bernie Sanders
Markets are as old as the crossroads. But capitalism, as we know it, is only a few hundred years old, enabled by cooperative arrangements and technologies, such as the joint-stock ownership company, shared liability insurance, double-entry bookkeeping.

Howard Rheingold
The day after my mom died I fly back to California and spend the three weeks before the California primary making arrangements for her cremation, planning and getting the house ready for a memorial service and covering political rallies in Southern California. The normalcy of work helps.

Brianna Keilar
I wrote ‘Actor’ all on the computer. I didn’t touch any instruments until I was in the studio. So while I had all these ornate arrangements, I didn’t have any songs.

St. Vincent
NATO and the EU have also agreed on permanent arrangements on consultation and cooperation between themselves.

Lord Robertson
In the city, I wake bolt upright in the small hours, convinced that intruders are marauding through our apartment despite Swiss bank-style security arrangements.

Mariella Frostrup
My songs are more arrangements than they are songs.

Robin Trower
The kind of music or the kind of arrangements that I do, the kind of musicians I choose, is just what I like to hear.

Erykah Badu
American social arrangements, economic arrangements, the degree of inequality in American life, the relatively small role played by the government in American public life and so forth, compares to exactly the opposite conditions in most of the European societies.

Tony Judt
We urgently need to address the assumption bound up in our employment laws and custody arrangements that women are the ‘natural child carers’ and men don’t really want much to do with their children.

Naomi Alderman
I’ve cried over string arrangements.

Janelle Monae
I think I am more determined than ever in my future plans, and I have quite made up my mind that nothing must be suffered to interfere with them. I intend to make such arrangements in town as will secure me a couple of hours daily (with very few exceptions) for my studies.

Ada Lovelace
It’s writing songs within the structure of telling a story, so it becomes a platform for diverse songwriting, for a writing process that’s broader than just figuring out a song. You’re also dealing with always pushing the story forward, with casting the voices, with the orchestration, with the arrangements.

Alan Menken
It is not white nationalism to recognize limiting principles on liberal universalism, and a justifiable role for particularity – ethnic, cultural, religious – in many political arrangements.

Ross Douthat
Free-trade enthusiasts fret that regional trade arrangements divert more trade than they create.

Zanny Minton Beddoes
The future regulatory arrangements for the newspaper industry need to be done in a much calmer deliberative way, in slower time when we’ve got beyond this media firestorm.

Thomas Watson, Jr.
And over the last ten years, after my work with the Brodsky Quartet, I had the opportunity to write arrangements for chamber group, chamber orchestra, jazz orchestra, symphony orchestra even.

Elvis Costello
I didn’t start writing with band arrangements until I was working on ‘Tramp.’

Sharon Van Etten
To come to the theatre, people have to make arrangements, change their clothes, find a babysitter, find a parking space – and they don’t come after hard work to hear a lecture.

Haris Pasovic
I was in a choir as a kid. It was from those early days that my outlook on harmonies and arrangements were nurtured. I always took that with me, even on the earliest Bad Religion record, which strangely was only about six years after that.

Greg Graffin
I don’t think a lot of bands and artists work as hard as we do on the creation, on the writing, the arrangements and the recording in our format.

Zac Brown
I feel very English. I’m proud of it. I wanted there to be a thread connecting everything, the songs, clothes, artwork, even the string arrangements. It all creates a certain atmosphere.

Gabrielle Aplin
I got a scholarship to Seattle University and I was writing arrangements for singers and everybody. But the music course was too dry and I really wanted to get away from home.

Quincy Jones
I started trying to do my own music at home, and I was like, ‘You know what, I can play the guitar, sort of. And I can do these things, sort of. And I can make these crazy noises on my computer, sort of. But I need a ridiculously good drummer. I need someone to help me with string arrangements.’

Steve Burns
We’re more about other things over odd timings: orchestration, composition, horn/vocal arrangements – that’s where we get super weird.

Synyster Gates
There is still a lot of misinformation being spread about higher education funding arrangements under the new Act. The students page on my website sets out the main points in the Act.

Anne Campbell
I’ve been in all kinds of various arrangements of chain of command, and I was very comfortable – and everybody was – and I think the music shows that. I’m an honorary Foo Fighter, I guess. Or alumni or something. I’m proud to be one.

Joe Walsh
I’m a real musician’s musician: I get really geeky on chords and arrangements.

Natalie Prass
Yes, but I view Frank’s music as fully composed. In other words, the arrangements can work for any idiom such as a rock band or an orchestra. Frank was a brilliant arranger and could make his music work in any context. He proved that tour after tour and album after album.

Dweezil Zappa
There is very, very little chance of bespoke transitional arrangements being negotiated at the same time as the rest of Article 50.

Keir Starmer
Pictures, abstract symbols, materials, and colors are among the ingredients with which a designer or engineer works. To design is to discover relationships and to make arrangements and rearrangements among these ingredients.

Paul Rand
The vocal arrangements are a big part of the formula for a Bad Religion song – layered harmonies and background vocals. So when I start to describe the elements of Bad Religion’s sound, it starts to sound like a Christmas choir.

Greg Graffin
I don’t think you can replaces great themes. But I think people do want to hear fresh arrangements of them. They don’t want to hear them played the same way all the time.

Stan Kenton
In the early days, I had very little idea about arrangements, and I wrote songs a little flat, as it were, just on an acoustic guitar. They didn’t really have quite enough nuance.

Graham Parker
We must examine then the concerns of the Government of Japan about the language of the treaty itself – of SOFA – and of the interim and further arrangements that have been made since 1995, and see whether or not we need to make any changes. Those are decisions I cannot make.

Howard Baker
I like having a big band because it gives you more options. They can always not play and I can do the quiet stuff, but when we want to do the big arrangements, we can.

Samuel Ervin Beam
In high school, we had a really great jazz program that I finally was able to be a part of. They only wanted instrumentalists; they didn’t want any singers. But I made my way in, and I remember the conductor of the band wrote a lot of arrangements and asked me what I wanted to sing.

Dianne Reeves
For you, the state is an entity with purposes of its own that the people can be required to serve. For us the word is only a label for the arrangements by which we the people delegate to some among us responsibility for things that concern us in common.

Elliot Richardson
Any new legal measures, or cooperative arrangements between government and companies meant to keep people from organizing violence or criminal actions, must not be carried out in ways that erode due process, rule of law and the protection of innocent citizens’ political and civil rights.

Rebecca MacKinnon
The social arrangements that produce responsibility are arrangements that create coercion, of some sort.

Garrett Hardin
I aim my arrangements at what will fit and colorfully frame the song in the best way possible.

Les Baxter
If we’re talking about someone creating something new, those rights are fairly well defined (in the United States, at least) under existing copyright law. But then there’s often discussion about the rights of people who produce works under work-for-hire arrangements, which can be far more subtle and nuanced.

Chris Roberson
Most groups today aren’t groups. In a true group all the members create the arrangements among themselves.

Robby Krieger
I am about the arrangements and the layers of depth in the music.

Van Morrison
Many alternatives to traditional marriage have emerged. People feel free to shop around, experimenting with several living arrangements in succession. And when people do marry, they have different expectations and goals.

Stephanie Coontz
Cash-strapped cities in nations from Argentina to Albania have begun to turn over their municipal water systems to Big Water, often under lease arrangements that can continue in force for decades.

Charles C. Mann
Only the U.K. can trigger Article 50. And in my judgement, we should only do that when there is a clear view about what new arrangements we are seeking with our European neighbours.

George Osborne
This result was confirmed by different researchers using various experimental arrangements.

Walther Bothe
One of the arrangements I’m really proud of is ’21 Guns’ because the chorus has this descending bass line with a suspended type of progression that immediately screamed ‘Bach’ to me.

Tom Kitt
As a singer, the biggest joy I have are the arrangements.

Mel Torme
We were playing popular music, but we were doing our own arrangements because we were too lazy to sit down and figure out the originals.

Tommy Shaw
My musical director, Mark Cherry, is the most wonderful person who ever lived on God’s good green Earth. He’s my director, he does the arrangements. Really, he does everything – including certain janitorial chores!

Brett Somers
We were an ill-matched pair, my husband and I, from the very outset; he, with very high ideas of a husband’s authority and a wife’s submission, holding strongly to the ‘master-in-my-own-house theory,’ thinking much of the details of home arrangements, precise, methodical, easily angered and with difficulty appeased.

Annie Besant
When I was a kid in the late ’60s and early ’70s, my parents and their friends would play the records of Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Perry Como, music with string arrangements and men singing songs that sounded sad whether they were or not.

Mark Lanegan
Me and Stormzy. We’re gonna do an album. We’re gonna do an album of Nelson Riddle arrangements in grime form. It’s gonna be called ‘Griddle’.

Bradley Walsh
Those of us who were part of creating the Scottish parliament believe we must always test constitutional arrangements. The real test is where do the powers lie? Is it in the best interests of Scotland?

Johann Lamont
Although globalization and technological change have disrupted traditional work arrangements, both processes have the potential to benefit everyone. The fact that they have not suggests that the wealthy have captured the benefits for themselves.

Angus Deaton
There’s sort of an open offer to work with a guy in Los Angeles who does big band and orchestra arrangements who was at least an acquaintance to Les Baxter before he passed away.

Jello Biafra
I’m not going to reduce the choices of Canadians at the ballot box by backroom deals or secret arrangements. I think that’s a cause for cynicism more than anything else.

Justin Trudeau
But I think traveling around and going around the world and making arrangements for moving around is the most difficult thing, ‘cuz you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Brian Epstein
We hope that through these trade arrangements, through collaboration in training, in manpower development, and what have you, ASEAN in, say, ten years’ time, will be a very different ASEAN.

Sellapan Ramanathan
Why English music is being taught in some schools? The government should make arrangements to promote Indian classical music among students.

Shankar Mahadevan
We’re not gonna write a fusion song for Avenged Sevenfold, obviously, but I love having those elements and blending it in, and having the eclectic arrangements and stuff like that.

Synyster Gates
Asymmetric balance creates greater reader interest. Pleasure derived from observing asymmetrical arrangements lies partly in overcoming resistances, which, consciously or not, the spectator adjusts in his own mind.

Paul Rand
There’s only one cook in the kitchen, only one chef. I let the soloists do their thing – you’ve gotta let a man do a solo the way he wants – but as far as picking the tunes and working on the arrangements, I take full responsibility for it.

Gregg Allman
People around the world are asking their political leaders legitimate questions about their tax arrangements. And yet, in the case of David Cameron, it is his failure to provide complete answers that has aroused the desire for further scrutiny.

Wes Streeting
The Countrywide scandal is a lesson for anyone who tries to downplay the significance of crony capitalism, which moves far beyond perks and favors for politicians. These corrupt arrangements influence policies that impact all Americans, and never for the better.

Tom Fitton
Israel made peace with Egypt, the largest Arab State. There are militant Islamists there, but there is also law. There are agreements and also defense arrangements there.

Ayman Odeh
I write and do all my arrangements on my Mac. And um, I use Logic Pro, which is a great software program.

Wang Leehom
Too often the desire for peace has been expressed by women while the stewardship of the mechanisms which are used to attempt to secure peace in the short and medium term are dominated by male decision-making structures and informal arrangements. This must change.

Jenny Shipley
When I did ‘Unforgettable,’ it wasn’t appropriate for us to take liberties with that music. There had to be kind of a fine line between what had made it so great and the fact that a woman was singing it. We changed some of the arrangements, but not too much.

Natalie Cole
I used to rely too much on arrangements and production, things like dancers and explosions.

I struggle with arrangements. I take forever doing them. It gets to a point where I’ve been playing around with things on loops for days. I always paint in broad strokes – very quickly, I’ll feel out the larger structure – but it’s putting the details in that I find the hardest part.

It has endless possibilities, and but what we do with our arrangements, we move the borders of cello playing and discover new ways of new techniques of cello playing.

Luka Sulic
When I think back now to the recording sessions, there is more improvisation than one hears. It’s an ideal combination of arrangements and improvisation. Only a few people are able to listen and say what is composed and what is improvised. It’s a unit.

Eberhard Weber
There’s not much in the way of written-down arrangements – just things that Gerry and I have worked out, from playing spontaneously together and hanging on to whatever seems to fall in right.

Chuck Mangione
I write arrangements. I’m sort of a wannabe composer.

Joshua Bell
The location of Trump Tower in the heart of America’s largest city requires more complex security arrangements than have been needed for past presidents.

Dan Donovan
I do try to structure everything in a way that’s very much like a pop song. I try to keep the arrangements really simple, just to make everything essential.

Washed Out
Frank Skinner was a terrible flatmate in some respects. He never cooked and the cleaning lady refused to go into his room. But he was brilliant because he was very, very funny. You could just sit around at home and have a laugh without having to rely on any social arrangements.

David Baddiel
People who are in power make their arrangements in secret, largely as a way of maintaining and furthering that power.

Don DeLillo
I can make a record with six-part string arrangements and the best musicians in the world and have it be not genuine. I’d rather make a genuine record that I truly stand behind and have it fall where it may.

Julien Baker
I learned a lot from that first record and I learned a lot from my experiences touring, but really the biggest education I got over the past two years was learning the importance of arrangements.

Vanessa Carlton
As far as arrangements after the basic track is cut, if I’m writing a horn arrangement or playing strings, I might arrange that, plan that out. Other times, I’ll just sit and roll tape.

Bernie Worrell
Simon Hale, the British arranger, does all string and wood arrangements on my records.

Duncan Sheik
As the financial experts all over the world use machines to unwind Gordian knots of financial arrangements so complex that only machines can make – ‘derive’ – and trade them, we have to wonder: Are we living in a bad sci-fi movie? Is the Matrix made of credit default swaps?

Richard Dooling
Jon Anderson and I, we really liked a lot of classical music, and we wanted to get some orchestral arrangements going on ‘Time And A Word.’

Chris Squire
After playing so many songs in churches for eight or nine years, I’ve learned what songs people react to. Then I just had fun with the arrangements. That’s how this album came together.

John Tesh
I want to see the guitar in a non-linear sense that encompasses tones, arrangements, songwriting, audio production, and everything else – you have to do it all.

Jim Root
There’s a guy at the record company who’s 30, and he says, I would not listen to these songs except in this context. Somehow the recording process, the arrangements, make it more accessible.

Tom Wopat
An understanding is perhaps better than an alliance, which may stereotype arrangements which cannot be regarded as permanent in view of the changing circumstances from day to day.

Edward Grey
It’s not for the president to determine the arrangements between Israel and the Palestinians, and the Arab world, but to be the bridge between opinions and to facilitate dialogue and understanding.

Reuven Rivlin
I wouldn’t go so far as to make ‘You Don’t Own Me’ a tango or ‘It’s My Party’ a hip-hop thing. Believe me, those things have been suggested to me. But I thought if I could stay true to the song, the arrangements would work. I’m really enjoying singing them.

Lesley Gore
If the individual is to be happy in the contemporary order, he must be open-minded with respect to new values and new arrangements.

Thomas Cochrane
I didn’t really hear any other music other than what my dad was working on until I was 12. My recollection of hearing other music was that I liked some things that I heard but I always thought, ‘Where’s the rest of it?’ It didn’t have the same amount of detail or instrumentation or imagination in the arrangements.

Dweezil Zappa
A marriage is a solemn affair. The tempest of emotions and the myriad of arrangements are giddying, and when one is faced with these, clothing seems to be the last of one’s priorities.

Daphne Guinness
I lived in a world where social arrangements were taken for granted and assumed to be timeless. A child’s obligation was to learn these usages, not to question them. The complexities of racial deportment were of a piece with learning manners and etiquette more generally.

Drew Gilpin Faust
‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’ is not a direct-to-video, low-budget sequel: it’s a big film. And it’d be fantastic to have the opportunity to see it on the IMAX screens at the same time, and IMAX has made arrangements with us for that to happen.

Ted Sarandos